Sperry, Sereno C.


Sereno C. Sperry, secretary and treasurer of the Pond Lily Company of New Haven, in which city he was born September 23, 1865. The Sperry family is of Irish extraction and was founded in America by two brothers, Richard and Thomas Sperry, who came to the United States in the early part of the seventeenth century. The grandparents of Sereno C. Sperry were Clark and Abiah (Baldwin) Sperry, and his father was William Wallace Sperry, now deceased. The last named was a ship builder throughout his active business life, but at the time of the Civil war he put aside all business and personal con-siderations and responded to the country's call for troops, enlisting in the Thirteenth Connecticut Infantry, with which he served as sergeant major throughout the entire period of hostilities. He married Rhodella Armstrong, a native of New Haven and a daughter of Sereno and Selina (Clark) Armstrong, both representatives of old families of this state. Mrs. Sperry is still living. By her marriage she had two children, the daughter being Mary E. Sperry.

The son, Sereno C. Sperry, whose name introduces this review, attended the public schools of New Haven and when a youth of between fifteen and sixteen years started out to earn his own livelihood, being first employed as an office boy by Williams, Wells & Company. He continued with that firm for twenty-one years, a fact which stands in unmistakable evidence of his fidelity, capability and trustworthiness. He next became pur-chasing agent for the United States Finishing Company of New York city, continuing with that house for twelve years. In March, 1912, he first entered into association with the Pond Lily Company as its secretary and treasurer and has since continued in those official capacities. Since 1914 Mr. Sperry has been giving his entire time and attention to the business. The business of the Pond Lily Company is that of dyeing and finishing cotton piece goods. The plant covers an area of between three and four acres and employs on an average of seventy-five people. The output is largely for the automobile trade and the product is shipped to all parts of the United States and Canada and to a considerable extent abroad. Since the organization of the company success has attended the new undertaking and the business is growing along substantial lines, having already reached a gratifying figure.

On the 26th of June, 1890, Mr. Sperry wedded Miss Nettie A. Alling, a daughter of James E. and Addie (Denney) Alling. They have three children, Sereno C., Paul Alling and Armstrong W.

In his political views Mr. Sperry is a republican, having supported the party since age conferred upon him the right of franchise. He is a firm believer in its principles but at local elections, where no party issue is involved, he casts an independent ballot. He holds membership with the New Haven Home Guard and he belongs also to the Union League Club, the Quinnipiac Club, the New Haven Country Club, the Automobile Club and the Yacht Club. He is a lover of outdoor life and sports and has always found much pleasure and recreation in hunting and fishing. He possesses several very fine specimens of moose and deer, which he secured in the wilds of New Brunswick and which he had mounted. Outside interests, however, are not allowed to conflict with his business affairs and his time and attention have been so given to his manufacturing interests that substantial success has rewarded his labors, while the Pond Lily Company, through the efforts of its officers, has gained a place among the leading manufacturing concerns of New Haven.

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