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Salmon Treat 41
1:41  Whereas we the inhabitants of Preston have bene formerly manifest ... the Reverend Mr Salmon Treat to take upon him the pastoral care and charge in the place & to procede ... and we desire good man Fobes and Good man Branch to signifie this our request unto the Revd. Mr. Salmon Treat ... Pr me Jonathan Tracy Town Clarke.  The same day 13 Jun 1698 by a vote the whole town manifested their willingnes to contribute to the charge at the ordination and by a free and full voate then a comitte Serjt Tracy, Ensigne Parke, Hopestill Tiler, Thomas Stanton and Joseph Morgan ...

Tracy, Jonathan 45, Thos Tracy 45,
John Richards Land
1: 45  30 Oct 1699 at a Town meeting whereas the Town granted unto John Richard 4A of swamp ... Layed out to him.  3 Jan 1700

Whereas thare was 120A of Land granted unto Thomas and Jonathan Tracy by the Town of Preston at a Town metting as appears by record by way of exchange for Land that Lyeth nere the ministers house we the subscriber being appointed by the town to Lay our the sd Tract of Land ... part of the sd Land to John Richard of Preston and we have laid out 25A Lying by Norwich ... commonly called the Stony brook ... 17 Jul 1697 Caleb Fobes, John Parks.  Ent. 3 Feb 1700 Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder

Salmon Treat 59
1: 59  High Amos of the town of Preston for 12L sold 15A unto Mr. Salmon Treat ... this tract of upland & madow is by me said Amos given to the wife of Henrie Wolbridge called Annah Wolbridge both of them now living in this colony at a place called Iingscomset ... in my will already made which I intend shall by my Last will ... 12L received by the sd Henrey Wallbridge in consideration of the sd Land to his full satisfaction ... the sd Hugh Amos I being theire father ... land which Hugh Amos bought of Leut Leffingwell of Norwich & is commonly called ye Long Meadow & the upland ye sd Amos bought of Ornaco as apperes by deed baring date the 11 Dec 1683 ... dividing line between sd Amos and Thomas & Jonathan Tracy ... 5 Dec 1698.  Signed:  Hugh I Amos his mark, Henry Walbrig, Annah Walbridg her H mark.  Wit:  James Noyes, Nathaniell Tracy, Judith G Guile her mark.  Ack: 27 Mar 1698/9 by Hugh Amos in Preston.  Ent: 17 Oct 1700.

Thos Tracy 61,
Tracy, Jonathan 61,
1:61  Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy inhabitants of the Town of Preston ... for certain considerations ... 100A ... 50A of which sd town have given us ... other fifty is a part of 100A sd Town granted to Robert Hale preacher of ye gospel ... we do sell to Robert Hale ... 57A ... fence of Hugh Ames ... 2 May 1695.  Signed Thomas Tracy, Jonathan Tracy.  Wit:  Samuell Sterry, Gorg Halkins his mark.   30 May 1695 ack. Before James Fitch.  Recd 30 Oct 1700 pr me Jonathan Tracy.

Thomas Park 73,
1: 73  Edward Stallion of New London Mariner doe with the consent of Margaret my wife for divers valuable considerations ... sell to Thomas Parkes of Stonington 150A of upland ... east side of Mohegan River ... bouned by land belonging to Obadiah Br??? ... 10 Dec 1677.  Signed:  Edward Stallon, the marke of Margrett Stallon.  Wit:  Daniell Wetherell, Thomas Marrill. Entred in the book of records pr me William Douglas Recorder 4 Jun 1688 Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

Thomas Park 75,
1:75  Robert Lovelands of the Towne of New London ... for vallueable considerations ... sell to Thomas Parkes of Stonington ... 100A ... that was sold me by Abraham Daynes and to him made over by Thomas Crocker of the Towne of New London .. Bounded by Edward Stallion ... Obadiah Bruins ... 27 Oct 1668 ... Signed:  Robart Loveland.  Wit:  Daniell Wethrell, Alexander Pigan.  Ent. 11 Jun 1688

Thomas Park 77,
1:77  James Avery Senr of New London ... to Thomas Parke of new London 200A ... which I had of the Town of new London for money paid unto sachem Uncas ... land of Tho Parkes originally Thomas Crockers ... corner marked tree of Mr. Brewsters ... neare the great pond before the house of Thomas Parke ... Goodman Morgans medow ... 20 Dec 1671.  Signed:  James Avery.  Wit:  Charles Hill, Alexander Pygon.
Ent. 12 Jun 1688 Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder

Thomas Park 79,
1:79  Oanaco Sachem of Mohegan for Divers good Reasons ... parcels formerly purchased of Capt. James Avery, Edward Stallion and Mr. Robert Loveland all of New London viz. Of Capt. James Avery 200A and all that part of Land sould by Edward Stallion ... I the sd Oanco doe herby Rattify & confirme allinate and pass over unto Thomas Parke Senior to him ... Declareing myselfe the true and Lawfull proprioter of sd Lands before the signing this present Deed ... 25 Jun 1686 Signed:  Oanaco his marke.  Wit:  ?oma Dohk X his marke, John Bennett.  Stonington 25 Jun 1686 ack.  Recd; 14 Jun 1688

Thomas Park 81,
1:81 Starke, Aaron 81 [copy]
1:81  The Deed of Thomas Park Senr
A Generall Court held at Hartford October 12
This court Grants Aron Start fifty acres [1670]
of Land provided he doe take it up where it may not
prejudice any former Grant or plantation
extracted out of the Court records:
Pr John Allyn, Secretary
Thes may signifie that I Aron Start
doe sell allinate & pass over unto Thomas Parke
Sener the fifty acres of Land speasified a
bove & acknowledge to have recved of him full
sattisfaction for the same as witness my hand the 19 of
September 1678.  Aron X Start mark
Aron Start appeared before me this 19th of Sept 78
and acknowledged this to be his act & deed
Samuell Willis Assist.
Entered in the Book of
Records folo 2 Pr Charles Hall Recorder
Entered in the pub records fo 92:lib:1: Pr John Allyn Secy
This Deed entered June 14th 1688 Pr me
Jonathan Tracy Recorder

Thomas Park 83,
Abigail Beaman 83
1:83 Wit: Abigail Beaman 83
1:83  The deed of Thomas Parke sener
these presents testify that I have sould my in
trest of a grant of two hundred acres of Land
given me by the Collony of Conecticott unto
mr. Thomas Parke senr & doe hereby ingage
to procure coppy of the court record for the
same & to assigne it to him with an order annexed
for persons appointed to Lay it out which sd Parke
is to satisfy allsoe I ingage to satisfy the indy-
ans for there intrest in the said two hundred
acres provided it be Layd out within Unkas or
Oanoacoes bounds on the East side new London
River as witness my hand this 3th of Aprill: 1679.
Edward Palmer
Abigaill Beament
Entred in the records folo 48 Pr Charles Hill, Recorder
entred in the pub records fo 92 lib:1
Pr John Allyn secry
This Deed entred September 12th 1688
Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder

Thomas Park 85,
1:85  Samuell Rogers of new London do assigne & make over all the right & interest ... unto Mr. Thomas Parke Senr of the same towne having received full satisfaction therefore from Edward Palmer of said town ... 25 Nov 1679.  Signed:  Samuell Rogers.  Wit:  Edward Palms.  Recd: 16 Jan 1688.

Thomas Park 87,
1:87  I under written doe assigne over the within Deed unto mr. Thomas Parke ... as witness my hand in New London this 25 of November 1679 Samuell Rogers.  Wit:  Edward Palmes.  Recd: 20 Jan 1688.

The bounds of the land which Thomas Parke bought of James Rogers and Aron Starke being fifty akers apece these two fifty akers being one hundred akers was Layed out in one pece to Thomas Parkes this parsell of Land lies upon Pochog River & ....
On prsell of Land containing 200A Layed out to Thomas Parke sener this piece of Land lies in the forme of aroman ell ???  ... Layed out the 23 May 1678 by Thomas Tracy, Thomas Leffingwell


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