Adopt A Town
Litchfield County, CT
Adopt a Town

American History and Genealogy project.

By Adopting a town that you have some knowledge about, and pasting what you have you will be helping others in their quest for ancestors and knowledge.

When you adopt a town you create the AHGP website for the town. You may post all types of information that would be helpful to others including:

Genealogy information

Historical Information

Town links

Photo's of the Town

All information of Interest.

Basically, use your own judgment, what would you want to see if you surfed onto your site, as a researcher? Links to useful information, links to data, etc.

What must be on your town page:

Place a Link to AHGP on your Town Site

AHGP Logo on main page near top

Links to data or information to help researchers of the Town

Thank you for considering adopting a town in Litchfield County.

Ray Brown

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