A Few Thoughts From Dawn

A Few Thoughts From Dawn

   I moved to Windsor Locks, CT in 1998.  Until 1854, Windsor Locks had been apart of the town of Windsor.  I began doing my own genealogy research after the birth of my second daughter in 2001.  When she was a little baby I spent many afternoons with her tucked away in her Baby Bjorn as I flipped through old books, went through town vaults, and walked through cemeteries.  Even now when I go to libraries, the librarians are looking past me for my daughter! 

   My immediate family research takes me to the hills of Berkshire County in Massachusetts.  However, I couldn't help get interested in the history of the area that my family and I settled in.  And it wasn't long before I found out that I did have ancestors (Thomas and Miriam Dibble & Giles and Katherine Gibbs) from Windsor, and they came from Dorchester to settle the town!  If you drive down Route 159 in Windsor, you cannot help falling in love with the town.  Windsor has many, many of the historic houses preserved, as well as the Congregation Church on the Palisado.  And speaking of palisado's, Windsor does a fantastic job of caring for the cemeteries.  I have been to many, many cemeteries, and I am very impressed by how Windsor takes of her cemeteries.  The historical society is well worth a visit, and a membership, because they do an excellent job of preserving Windsor's history, and the people who work there are extremely friendly.

   I can't help but love my town of Windsor Locks, too.  We are the home of the first Christmas tree in New England.  A German Hessian decorated one during the Revolutionary War when he was kept a prisoner at Noden-Reed House.  Windsor Locks also has a railroad, a canal, and an international airport, even though the town is only 9.2 square miles!  Windsor Locks is the birthplace of Ella Grasso, the first woman governor of the United States and Connecticut.  Windsor Locks was the 1965 Little League Champions.  Windsor Locks is the home of the New England Air Museum and the Connecticut Firefighter's Memorial.

   Windsor and Windsor Locks are ideally located fifteen minutes from Hartford and Springfield, Massachusetts (home of the Basketball Hall of Fame & Dr. Suess.)  Even though we are so close to so many wonderful attractions, our towns are quiet places where there is a lot of community involvement from wonderful people in the towns.

    I hope you have a chance to visit these wonderful towns.

    Dawn Newton Quinn