Cresaps in the Wars

Cresap Descendants in American Wars

Listed below are the Cresaps, their descendants, or their spouses who are either deceased or who have given us specific permission to list their names here. There are several spouses of Cresap descendants who fought in The Great War or World War II who were factually citizens of what is now known as the United Kingdom.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all who fought in any way, it is merely a list of those of whose service we have record. Additions are welcome.

Conojacular War

French And Indian Wars

Lord Dunmore's War

American Revolution

War of 1812

Mexican War

War Between the States

Spanish-American War

Phillipine "Insurrection"

World War 1

World War II


Viet Nam Era

Desert Storm

Register Your Veteran

If you are a Cresap Descendant and you'd like YOUR Veteran's name to appear on this public list, please let me know. Send Name, Cresap ID#, and which war. If he or she served in the War Between the States, please specify which side. Any war up through and including Iraq II will be posted if names are received.

HOWEVER: if the veteran is still living, he or she MUST notify the genealogist in writing that we might list his/her name.

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