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The files begin with our earliest American Pioneer, Thomas Cresap of Skipton, Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

Each person is identified further by a line citing Cresap ID #. Thomas the immigrant is 1.1 with the number to the left of the decimal indicating the generation level and the number to the right indicating the number assigned that person in The History of the Cresaps 1987 edition. A letter following this second number indicates the person is the spouse of a descendant with A indicating the first spouse; subsequent spouses, are given sequential alpha-identifiers (i.e., 1.1B, 1.1C, etc).

The Society welcomes additional information on these individuals and their descendants. When providing such additional information, PLEASE cite the Cresap ID# from the 1987 edition.

An N in a colored circle by any name means there is some text which may be of interest. Click on the N to access it.

Additions, corrections, emendations and comments may be sent to: The Genealogist.


The basic documents in the Descendants pages were created using an HTML generator and doing the necessary clean-up editing by brute force. This has resulted in an unevenness of style and format which will be further cleaned up once all the families are represented.

The generators used included GED2HTML, WEBBIT, GEDHTREE, Legacy Family Tree, and PAF.

ONLY the first five generations of descendants are represented here to preserve privacy.
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