The Cresap Store

The Cresap Store

The Cresap Society maintains a modest supply of the following items. Current Rootsweb policy does not permit us to indicate prices. Please Inquire Within.

Miscellaneous merchandise

Caps -- White with black Cresap logo. Baseball style, adjustable. $

Caps -- Tan with brown Cresap logo. Baseball style, adjustable. $

T-shirts -- White, 50% cotton-50% polyester, Cresap logo in black. Youth sizes 6/8 and 14/16; adult sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. $

T-shirts -- Tan, 50% cotton-50% polyester, Cresap logo in brown. Youth sizes 6/8 and 14/16; adult sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. $

Coffee mugs Tan with brown logo $ postage paid.


Ord Circle Chart -- 36"x36"; royal purple with white print. Drafted by James and Ellen Frances Ord in 1934; shipped in tube. $ postpaid.

Cresap Family Circle Chart -- by Lt. James C. Cresap and Mrs. Georgiana Ord Holladay, 1894. $

Photocopy of engraving -- on Thomas Cresap tablet presented to Skipton, (Yorks) England, 1931. $

Photocopy of letter -- from Col. Thomas Cresap to Gov. Sharpe (of MD), 1763. $

Photocopy of account -- of Capt. Michael Cresap's Funeral procession in New York City, Oct 23, 1775, in New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury. $

Souvenir print -- of Cresap cabin, peace pipe, and big spoon, by Larry Collins for 1987 Cresap Reunion. $.

Logan Elm -- photocopy of picture. $


1884 -- reproduction of map of Thomas Cresap fort and vicinity with Joseph Cresap's fort and vicinity (1 item). $

Cresap-Nemacolin Trail -- map with insets of Cresap historical sites; 1926 souvenir by Alvan Tallmadge. $

Books and Pamphlets

The History of the Cresaps. -- First published in 1932, the volume presently available is the 2003 edition. Over 11,000 known descendants. The book is clothbound, 935 pages, every-name index. US Domestic postage paid.

Who Will Mourn for Cresap? A study of Logan, Cresap and Jefferson by T. Don Scott; c 1996. $. [ Currently OOP]

The Cresap Society, A History, 1916-1991, 75 Years -- by Bernarr Cresap. $ postpaid

A Cresap Family Tree -- by Nina Cresap Higgins; a starter genealogy book, ideal for newborns and newcomers. $

A Van Swearingen-Cresap Register -- 1940. $

From the Caesars to the Cresaps -- Louis T. Payne, comp, 1943. $ postpaid

The Story of Thomas Cresap: A Maryland Pioneer -- by Lawrence C. Wroth, 1928. $ postpaid

Meeting at Cumberland, Maryland, June 24, 1919 -- Proceedings of the Unveiling of Riverside Park Memorial. $ postpaid.

There is no additional charge for items listed as Postpaid if addressee lives in the US. For the current address of the store, please e-mail and use STORE ADDRESS in the subject line.

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