Summit County, Colorado: 
Mining History

The following is a transcription from Historic Sites in Summit County, Colorado,
A Consultant Report to the Board of County Commissioners, written by Douglas S. Walter. Published in May, 1976 by the University of Colorado.

Pages 55-56

ArgentiferousRock or ore bearing silver.
AssayTo find the percentage of a given metal in ore or bullion
AssessmentAmount of work required by teh mining laws to be done on a mine annually to perfecet and hold title
AuriferousRock or ore that bears gold
BonanzaA Spanish term, signifying good luck and prosperity; a large and rich ore body
CribbingA timber or plank lining for a shaft
Cross CutA level driven at right angles to the direction of the lode
DepositA body of ore distinct from a ledge; a pocket of gravel or pay dirt
DiggingsName applied to placers being worked
DriftsTunnels leading off from the main shaft
DumpThe pile of ore or debris taken from mines, or tailings from sluicings
FlumeA box or pipe for conveying water
Fissure VeinA fissure or crack in the earth's crust filled with mineral matter
Free GoldGold easily separated from the quartz or dirt
HeadingsIn placer mining, the mass of gravel above the head of sluicing
Hydraulic MiningSeparating gold from gravel or sand through use of moving water and gravity
InclineA slanting shaft
Inch of WaterA miner's inch of water equals a discharge fo 712.5 gallons per hour, about 2.5 cubic feet per minute
LodeA longitudinal fissure or chasm filled with ore-bearing matter and having well-defined side walls. Lode, lead, vein and ledge are synonymous
MineA mine compromises a certain amount of territory on a lode or vein, together with the developments which generally consist of shafts, levels, tunnels, or adits, winzes and stopes; they may be connected with this machinery on the surface for hoist-ing the ore and water. There may be several mines on one lode.
PatchA small placer claim
PlacerAlluvial deposits; earth containing gold dust
PocketA particularly rich spot in a vein or deposit
ReducingSeparating the metal from the ore
Salting A MineThe act of introducing rich ores into a mine or gold dust into a claim, for purposes of deception
SluicesBoxes or troughs through which gold-bearing gravel is washed
SmeltingReducing the ore in furnaces to metals
Stamp MillUsually water powered, contained machines to crush the ore and separate various minerals by chemical and mechan-ical means
StopingRemoving ore either overhead or underfoot; excavating a hori-zontal level
StrikeA find; a valuable mineral development made in a sudden or unexpected manner
TailingsThe material left after minerals have been crushed or washed out
TunnelA level drive at right angles to the vein, in order to reach it
"Adapted from Crofutt's Grip-Sack Guide, k885, pp. 169-174 and Fossett's Colorado, 1879, pp. 208-214.

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