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Name: Anna

E-Mail: acg13666@yahoo.com

My Location: ???????????????????

Date: June 20, 2009


I am looking for anyone that might has information about:
John Bailey Alexander Westfall
b. Aug 8, 1852 in Scipio, Meigs, Ohio
d. Jan 26, 1925 in Littleton, Co...buried in Araphoe, CO

In my grandmother's writing (this was her father) she says that he was a sheriff in Julesburg for many years. It would nice to verify this and find out more.

Does anyone know where I might find information about Julesburg's sheriffs way back then.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




Name: Millie Alexander

E-Mail: ishkanian1234@sbcglobal.net

My Location: ???????????????????

Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 18:28:59 -0700 (PDT)



Looking for descendents of John H. Hiatt (21 Aug 1861- 19 Jun 1939) and his wife, Elizabeth Howell Hiatt(1863 - 25 May 1925). Both are buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Ovid, Colorado. Thanks,


Name: Sharon Sifuentes
E-Mail : svsifuentes@sbcglobal.net

My Location: ???????????????????
Date: 9/22/05

I am looking for information about Abraham J, Brundage and his Daughter, Mary Elmira Brundage. The last info on them was the 1930 census. They were living together in Julesburg. Any help would be appreciated.


Name: Tamra Vallejos
E-Mail : Tlvallejos@aol.com

My Location: ???????????????????
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 14:41:43 EDT


 I am looking for any information regarding the Vallejos family in Julesburg. My family roots are in Julesburg, but records are sparse as many family members were born at home. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Name: Norma Seibold

E-Mail : Seiboldn@aol.com

My Location: Tacoma WA

Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 03:14:02 EDT


I have a photo of the gravestone of Wm. F. Huston and his wife Mary Margaret (Kammerer) who lived near
Julesburg from 1910 until his death in 1919. I also have a photo of the family. His wife lived until 1960 and died in Sterling, CO, 16 May 1960. I also have a photo of their son Albert Huston. He is buried in the cemetery you can see from the ramp off of the freeway coming into town from the west.



Name: Sharon Sifuentes

E-Mail : svsifuentes@sbcglobal.net

My Location:

Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 23:00:06 -0700 (PDT)


I am looking for information about Abraham J. Brundage and his daughter, Mary Elmira Brundage. Their last known place of residence was Julesburg in 1930 census. Mary was mentioned in my grandfathers (her brother) obituary in 1938. any information on them would be appreciated.



Name: Nancy Felton

E-Mail: NFe7323980@aol.com

My Location: FL

Date: Sat 11/1/2003 11:04 PM


I am looking for info about GEORGE HENRY HARNISH b1889 in KS working 1920 on the RR as forman and living in Sedgwick Co, with his wife Rose  and two sons Leroy and Harold. In the 1930 census I find the two sons, no sign of George or Rose. Would appreciate any ideas about sources in your area.



Name: Sandy Francisconi

E-Mail: mhimmel@nu-world.com

My Location:

Date: Sat 7/26/2003 11:04 PM

My great grandfather Charles Samuel Rice was said to have been born in Julesburg, CO around 1882 to  Christopher Phillip Rice and Elizabeth Ann Rice (Trounce).  Are there any verifiying records to that effect. Thank you for your help.


Name: Dolores Glaser

Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

E-mail in care of: tadolf@justice.com

Date: April 20, 2003

The daughter of JENS LANG and MAMIE MCDONOUGH seeks information on her natural parents and any other family.  Their daughter DOLORES was born in Julesburg on October 21, 1927. Dolores was adopted by her mother's brother, Chester Taylor and raised with his family. It is believed that Jens and Mamie were not married, although Mamie may have married at a later date. Nothing else is known about Jens Lang.

Name: ???????

E-Mail: TPCanoe2@aol.com

My Location: ???????

Date: Sat 1/25/2003 4:03 AM

I am interested in information on Joseph C. Spratt, born about 1875, his wife, Annie Ella (Black) Spratt, born in 1881, and their four children: George (1903), Clarissa (1910), Josephine (1912), and Mabelle (1917). They lived in Julesburg where Joseph was a farmer.



Name: Barbara Brown

E-Mail: chabar@earthlink.net

My Location:

Date: Wed 10/9/2002 5:00 PM

I'm looking for information on the family of Edward & Mary Kelley & Elsie Brown (Beirow) buried in Julesburg, Sedwick Co.

Edward Kelley was born 1856 & died 1948. Elsie was born 1895 & died 1981. Thanks



Name: Chantele McPhee

E-Mail:  cd_mcphee@shaw.ca

My Location:

Date: Sat 9/28/2002 12:06 AM


I am looking for information on my grandfather (Earl Smith) and his parents (Henry Philip Smith and Mary Lavina Corp).  Earl was born in 1895 in Julesburg.  Henry and Mary were married in Holyoke in 1892.  Earl had a younger sister, Lottie Smith, who I believe stayed in the Julesburg area after the family moved to Canada sometime around 1908 or so.  Any information would be appreciated.


Name: Jen

E-Mail:   Jen3892@earthlink.net

My Location:

Date: Thu 8/1/2002 5:25 PM


I am looking for information on Lawrence & Evelyn Anna Vossberg.  They lived in Julesburg around the 1930's & 1940's.  They had two children, named Gerald & Arlene.  I know that they had a farm near town, & Evelyn owned & operated a beauty shop in Julesburg.  Evelyn died at the age of 32 of a stroke.  I remember someone in the family mentioning to me that it was on Halloween night.  I'm not exactly sure the year.  It would have to be sometime in the late 1940's.  Thank you for your time & effort.


Name: Jen

E-Mail:  Jen3892@earthlink.net

My Location:

Date: Thu 8/1/2002 5:21 PM

My name is Jennifer Bebbington.  I am searching for information on my grandparents, especially my grandmother.  She passed away at the age of 32.  She sounds amazing & I wish I could of met her.  Their names are Lawrence & Evelyn Anna Vossberg.  Her maiden name was Johnson.  They lived in Julesburg around the 1930's & 1940's.  Any information would be helpful. 



Name: Karen Homan

E-Mail:  kh2x@cox.net

My Location: Carpinteria, CA

Date: Mon 4/22/2002 10:19 AM


Looking for information about Homan. Lived in Sedgwick in early 1900's. William and Emeline Brooks Homan. Children were Carl, Edward, Fred Joe (m. May McCarthy in Victor, CO), Anna Homan Doughty, and Tena Homan (m. ?) Brothers may have had a photograph studio named "Homan Brothers Photographs". Thanks


Name: Karyn Parsons

E-Mail:  dead email

My Location:

Date: Sun 3/3/2002 11:13 PM

I am trying to get information on my husband's grandfather - Charles Roseland Parsons, Born in March,1875 in York, York County, Nebraska. He lived in Trenton, Nebraska from around 1905 to about 1907 - His mother's name was Jennie A. Parsons, his father's name was Roseland Parsons. He was married to Ida C. Kittleson in Colorado in Montrose, Colorado - against her parent's wishes and then they apparently fled to Trenton. They had one child who died in infancy. Charles disappeared around 1907 and Ida moved back to Montrose, CO and gave birth to Orville A. Parsons, my husband's father. We have a lead that he may have come back to Colorado, specifically Sedgwick County around 1907.  If you have any information concerning him, or any history it would be very helpful for our family history.


Name: Sue Ellen (Hauser) 

E-Mail:  OllieSEB@aol.com

My Location: Berendsen, Wisconsin

Date: Mon 2/18/2002 1:45 PM


Looking for anyone with information on John CROWFOOT family, which includes his wife Lydia, sons Clyde & Gayle/Gail. The family homesteaded in Sedgwick County sometime in 1895. John's bro. David CROWFOOT & his family were residents of Harris, Arapahoe, CO.

My gggrandmother, Thirzah CROWFOOT ~ HAUSER is sister to John & David. Will very much appreciate any information on this family. Especially interested to find out if John CROWFOOT is buried in Sedgwick County.

With many thanks for any help. Regards.

Name: Billie

E-Mail: softball@bossig.com

My Location:

Date: Thu 1/3/2002 5:08 PM

Trying to find out any and all info on my great grandfather Achillis Lital Morris who died 1-3-1951 and is said to be buried at Julesburg, Sedgewick county Colorado he was said to have farmed with his eldest son Mountie Allen Morris his other son was my grandfather Achillis Leroy Morris. looking for info on all but this  query is mostly about Achillis Lital Morris and His wife  Rhoda Lirley she died in1890 s something  and is  buried in Union Grove cemetery ,near Gilman, Davies county, Missouri  her parents were Ransom Lirley and Elizabeth Robeson thank you so much for any help!!!

Name: Lisa M. Wood

E-Mail:  flash28us@yahoo.com

My Location:

Date: Sun 11/18/2001 4:22 AM


I'm trying to find information on my Great- Grandparents John Henry Potenski, and Henry A. and Eva Michael They are also my Great Grandparents.

Name: Kristi Waite

E-Mail:  krisnkids@earthlink.net

My Location:

Date: Wed 11/14/2001 10:44 PM

Information on the Waite, Buchanan, Johnson, and Mckinstry families.

Name: Lisa VanDyke

E-Mail:  vandykeall@hotmail.com

My Location:

Date: Sun 11/11/2001 7:56 AM

I got your e-mail address by visiting the COGENWEB site for Sedgwick County Colorado.  I would like to knew how to get more information about the Gone, But not forgotten: Hillside Cemetery Book that was recommended on this web site.  I looked under the alphabet that was listed and could not found any of my relatives that should be buried in one of the cemeteries.  My great grandfather was killed in Sedgwick County on December 26, 1912 his names was Lewis Bradshaw Tate.  His spouse died on Sedgwick on December 21, 1936.  They had a total of 11 children and a lot of tem died during some type of epidemic in 1989 June or July timeframe.  I can found nothing about this but have written to the society that was on the site.  Also my records state that the children were born and or died in Nolan and Weld Colorado.  I can found nothing on these areas.  I'm assuming these towns have had name changes.  I'm stationed in the military! overseas or I would go to Colorado to do some research.  Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance.



Name: Torrey Scott

E-Mail: TScottMGM@aol.com

My Location:

Date: Fri 9/28/2001 10:50 PM

Rickard and Nettie Roos parents of Ted , Virgie, and Betty Jodell. Rickard and Nettie both passed and are burried in Haxtun. Ted married Geneva, Daughter Linda and son Steve who still resides on the family farm with Ted. Betty (Jodell) married Wayne Scott and have 4 sons, Michael, Torrey, David and Gary. They all live in California. Wayne Scott's parents Ralph L. Scott and Hazel I. (Kullgren) both passed in the 1970's and are burried in Haxtun.



Name: Ilene Newberg Fox

E-Mail:  IleneFox@aol.com

My Location:  

Date: Fri 9/21/2001 4:15 PM


My mother --Sadie Maye Snyder Newberg--may have been married to a Dewey Law for a short period of time in about 1916-1918.  They both lived in Julesburg.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.



Name: Joe Thurstenson

E-Mail:  jthurste@ipa.net 

My Location:  Siloam Springs, AR

Date: Fri 4/13/01 5:22 PM

I am trying to find information on my GG Grandparents Isaac Nelson (Isak Nilsson) and his wife Christina (Lina Stina Johnsdotter). Isaac was born in Hreda Parish, Smaland, Sweden on 3/12/1817. Christina was born in Bckseda Parish, Smaland, Sweden on 5/6/1813. I found them listed on an 1880 census for Cumming Twp, Cumming County, NE. I have not been able to find a trace of them since that point. Their son, Frank Otto Nelson moved his family to Julesburg, CO from Oakland, NE in 1888. After difficult years farming near Julesburg, Frank moved his family to Wausa, NE in 1895. We are checking to see if Isaac and Christina may have moved with Frank and his family to Julesburg and possibly died there before the move to Wausa, NE. I do not have a date for the death of either Isaac or Christina. If anyone has any clues on this family, we'd appreciate hearing about them.  , AR

Name: Jeff Taylor

E-Mail:  Jeff.Taylor@roch.edu 

My Location:  ?

Date: Sat 1/20/01 10:09 AM

I'm researching Levi MUNCY (or MUNCEY, MUNSEY, MUNCIE), born about 1810 in Pennsylvania. He married Mary MILLER in Jefferson Co. OH in 1834. Their children included David (born abt 1836), Ada J. (abt 1837), Moses (abt 1840), Margaret N. (abt 1845), Mary E. (abt 1847), and Levi Jr. (1849). All of the children were born in Ohio, with at least Levi Jr. being born in Belmont Co. OH. Levi Sr. died about 1853 and his wife Mary died about 1860. Levi Jr. married Georgianna Pontzious (pron. "Poncy") in 1874 in Louisa County. Their children were Nora Lee Muncy (1875) and William H. Muncy (abt 1877). Levi Jr. and Georgianna lived in Louisa Co. and Mills Co. IA, and ended up in Sedgwick Co., Colorado. By the time Levi Jr. died in 1912, he was spelling his name "Muncie." Any help would be appreciated.

There was an old Levi MUNCY ("Muncey") who died in Belmont Co. OH in 1850. He may have been the father or an uncle of Levi (born abt 1810), but there is no Levi mentioned as a child in his will. This old Levi's will does mention his children Francis Asbury MUNCY (insane), Deborah COMBS (COOMBS), Isabell MOORE, and Nancy WALLAS (WALLACE?). I think my Levi, who married Mary Miller, may have been a brother of James MUNSEY (born abt 1822 in PA), who married a Margaret and was living next-door in Jefferson Co. OH in 1850. I'm confident my Levi was part of the big Francis Muncy family of Washington Co. PA-Brooke Co. VA/WV-and Ohio Co. VA/WV (all close to Belmont Co.), but I don't know how he fits in!

Name: Ginger France

E-Mail:  gfrance@revealed.net

Location:  ?

Date: Tue 2/8/00 12:54 PM


Looking for ancestors and descendants of my great-great grandmother's brother, William John MCCOY and his wife Florence Josephine LORD. William John MCCOY b. 18 Dec 1871 at Princeton, IA the son of Adam and Sarah Jane (LEWIS) MCCOY. He died 20 Oct 1928. I have a old photo of his tombstone labeled "Julesburg, Colorado". He is not listed in the Hillside Cem. Book. He married Florence Josephine LORD on 14 June 1900 at Aledo, IL. Florence Josephine LORD was b. 11 Nov 1874 in Aledo, IL the dau. of Henry H. LORD and Caroline LEMAR. This union produced at least four children: Helen Lemar, Virginia Ellis, Lois Earline, and Howard E. I have no dates for these persons. You can also write to me at: 1016 Calvin St., Davenport, IA. 52804-4245.

Name: Dee Jackson

E-Mail:  sstaten994@aol.com

Location:  ?

Date: Thu 1/20/00 3:44 AM

Looking for any info on parents of Eileen Marie Fisher: my Mother, born June 6, 1917 in Julesburg. She had a sister, Rita, and a brother, Joe but not sure of his name. Also was told, that he was killed when she was young, also the mother... when she was around 10-12 in a fight. The father may have come from Il, or Missouri.

Name: Elsie Rarey,

E-Mail: rarey@fairfieldi.com  

Location: Lancaster, OH 

Date: Wed 9/22/1999 1:26 AM

Am attempting to locate any information and/or descendants of MRS. ANNA LABAREE who was living in Julesburg, Colorado in January, 1928.   She was the former ANNA RAREY of Valpariso, Indiana, the daughter of Charles and Ellen (Beaver) Rarey.  Any information will most certainly be appreciated. Elsie Rarey, 1160 Stoney Creek Ct. ,Lancaster, OH 43130-8438

Name: Virgil Ralph & Beverly (HIMES) BARGER

E-Mail: dead email

Location: Bosque Farms, New Mexico 

Date: 6/7/99


Searching Sedgewick Co, Colorado for ancestors, descendants related and allied surnames. Frederick Henry WEGMAN*,(son of Henry WEGMAN* & Mary Ann (__?)*, b.23 April 1857 Marietta, Washington Co, Ohio d.17 march 1921 Julesburg, Sedgwick Co, Colorado buried Valley Cemetery married 16 March 1881 Martel, Lancaster Co, Nebraska Katherine BOHL*,(daughter of Nicholas BOHL* & Margaret GETTEL*), b.8 May 1857 Muscatine Co, Iowa d.13 July 1934 Farwell, Parmer Co, Texas buried Oklahoma Lane Cemetery. Children: 1.Margaretha WEGMAN* b.19 March 1882 Martel, Lancaster Co, Nebraska d.13 Feb 1963 Chehalis, Lewis Co, Washington buried Greenwood Memorial Centralia, Lewis Co, Washington married 17 Dec 1903 Lancaster Co, Nebraska John Frederick KLOEPPER* b.11 nov 1879 Clatonia, Gage Co, Nebraska d. 28 March1959 Chehalis, Lewis Co, Washington buried Greenwood Cemetery Centralia, Washington; 2.George Nicholas WEGMAN b.15 May 1884 Martel, Lancaster Co, NB d.11 June 1937 Ovid, Sedgewick, Colorado m. abt 1910 NB Mary Louise BOHMONT; 3.Henry Edward WEGMAN b.11 Dec 1885 Martel, Lancaster Co, NB m.27 Jan 1916 Julesburg, Sedgewick Co, Colorado Sylvia Marie LAWSON; 4.John William WEGMAN b.1 April 1891 Lancaster Co, NB d.4 Jan 1980 Julesburg, Sedgewick Co, Colorado m. 26 March 1919 Sedgewick Co, Colorado Vida Lee SCOTT; 5.Mary Ann WEGMAN b.13 July 1895 Martel, NB d.22 May 1983 Brush, Morgan Co, Colorado m. abt 1916 Sedgewick? Co, Colorado Arthur Joseph MILLER; 6.Esther Catherine WEGMAN b.7 Feb 1901 Martel, NB d.24 Oct 1918 Julesburg, Sedgewick Co, Colorado m.19 June 1918 Sedgewick? Co, Colorado Lee Edwin HAROLD; Thank you for your time

Name: Sue McQueen

E-Mail: smcqueen@cal-micro.com


Date: 6/7/99  


Am looking for any information on William Clinton RICE from a time period of the early 1960s. He is my biological father and I don't know anything about him. He died somewhere around 1967 to 1970 and would have been around 40 years of age. The details of his death are sketchy, but apparently happened around Ft. Collins or Ft. Lupton. I understand there were other children from other marriages. Any information on any living relatives would be appreciated.

Name:  Nola Fan

E-Mail: nfanger@jdv.net


Date: May 26, 1999


I found my grandfather had a sister KATHERINE JEPSEN who married Nels HJELMI who lived at Julesburg. I found some of the other Jepsen's born in the 1860. Anything would be helpful. Thank you.

Name:  Marcie Garnett

E-Mail: MarGarn@aol.com


Date:  August 1, 1998 


Looking for descendents of John H. Hiatt (21 Aug 1861 - 19 Jun 1939) and his wife, Elizabeth Howell Hiatt(1863 - 25 May 1925). Both are buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Ovid, Colorado.

Name:  Phyllis Martin

E-Mail: topgen@vcn.com


Date:  July 13, 1998


I am seeking the descendents of the following family: Elmer E. Berry b. April 1862, IA and his wife Anna Minnie Hoover, b. abt. 1871, IL. (Anna's brother, Albert Hoover was living in Sedgwick County in 1910.) Elmer and Anna's four oldest children were born in Nebraska: Harry E., 1889; Albert H., 1890; Mable V., 1882; Susan S., 1893; their youngest Murrill, b. 1895 may have been born in Colorado. I have some information on the Hoover family name to share.

Name:  Ilene Newberg Fox

E-Mail: gugin@oregontrail.net


Date:  July 10, 1998


Researching Snyder family. John Henry and Eva Adeline Hubbard Snyder. John born 1869, died 1935 in Julesburg, Sedgwick Co, CO; Eva died April 1960, also in Julesburg; had a daughter named Sadie Maye who we believed. was married to a Mr. Cleveland in 1916-1919. Does anyone have any info available?

Name: Robert R. Lowery Jr.

E-Mail: arffpmff@erols.com


Date:  May 24, 1998


I am researching the surname Lowery in Sedgwick County. Please contact me with any information.

Name: Lisa Newton

E-Mail: lisanewton66@yahoo.com (updated 6/28/2009)

My Location

Date: March 10, 1998 


I'm looking for researchers or descendants of George Douglas, b. Jun 1863, WI; d. 1936, Sedgwick, CO and his wife Matilda (Tillie) Halterman, b. 1870, IA; d. 24 Dec 1949, Sedgwick, CO. I will share what I have.

Researching the above surnames in Sedgwick County. Anxious to share information with others searching these families.
Date: February 15, 1998         Contact: Billi Johnson

Researching the above surnames in Sedgwick County.
Date: December 10, 1997         Contact: Bob Riffenburgh

Searching for information on Charles Henning. He was a brother to my grandfather Frank Henning. Their father was Gottfried Henning. Charles was originally from Charter Oak, Crawford Co., IA. He moved to Colorado because of his wife's health. The last information I have on him is a 1922 article from the Charter Oak newspaper that states he was back in Iowa for a short visit; that his wife had passed away several years earlier; and that he was employed as a carpenter and lived near Julesburg, CO. I do not know what his wife's name was, but they may have had two children, Walter and Luella. If anyone has information, please contact me.
Date: July 27, 1997         Contact: Jerry Riessen

Andrew Jackson McCarty, born 1838, Bath Co., KY; died 1919, Sterling, Logan Co., CO. "Jack" and wife Mary moved to Colorado by 1889 with family; sons Elroy M. and Charles L.; daughters Mary "Molly" and Bertha. Bertha and husband John W. Johnson resided in Julesburg, Sedgwick Co., in 1900. Also a Wesley Waddle married to Lucy Farrier in 1899 lived a mile from Jack and Mary McCarty. Would like to hear from anyone that knows anything about any of these families.
Date: April 27, 1997         Contact: Joanne Pezzullo


If you know of any corrections or missing information please contact me.

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