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Historical Information about Sedgwick County

Sedgwick County was created April 9th, 1889 from the northeastern corner of Logan County. It was named for General John Sedgwick. The route of the Leavenworth and Pikes Peak Express, the first regular stagecoach service to be established leading to the Colorado gold camps, entered the state in what is now Sedgwick County. One of the stations on this route was Julesburg, named in honor of Jules Beni, a French fur trader. For about 6 months in 1867, Julesburg was the western terminus of the Union Pacific Railroad (and had quite a reputation as a wide-open, rip-roaring, wild-west town). The present town of Julesburg was laid out July 2, 1884 by the Union Pacific Railroad Company and incorporated in 1886.

Correction to the above information.

The original route of the L. & P. P. Ex. entered Colorado along the south side of the Republican River in Yuma County. The first stage arrived in Denver on May 7, 1859 and the last on that route arrived on June 7, 1859, when the route was relocated to the Platte River [Julesburg] route. The first stage on the Platte River route arrived in Denver on July 7, 1859.

In October, 1860 the stage line was renamed "The Central Overland and Pikes Peak" and continued over the Platte River route. In February, 1862 the line was sold to Ben Holliday who ran it under the C. O. C. & P. P. name and later changed the name to Holliday's California Express. Sometime in the later 1860s Holliday was bought out by Wells Fargo.


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Hi, my name is Greg Brown and I have volunteered to maintain the Sedgwick County web pages. I do not live in Colorado yet, so I can not do any local research myself, but please take advantage of the information and resources available on these pages.

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