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Axial .
Blue Gravel Ghost town located near confluence of Blue Gravel Creek and Fortification Creek. It began as a placer gold mining town and at one time had a hotel/restaurant, livery barn, saloon, general store and a blacksmith shop. It was abandoned in the 1870s and no structures remain.
Blue Mountain .
Brown's Park .
Craig County Seat
Craig Place .
Craig South Highlands .
Dinosaur .
Elk Springs .
Fourmile Gold was discovered on Fourmile Creek by Hugh Morrison in 1891. In 1893 hydraulic mining was begun and several ditches were dug to bring water to the site, including a ditch that ran 38 miles to Dixon, WY. The town was founded in 1894 and grew to a population of of 400. By 1898 the town began to decline and nothing remains except a Colorado Dept of Highways maintenance building.
Goodlys This town was spotted 3 miles south of Timberlake in 1912. Only the ruins of 2 cabins remain.
Greystone .
Hamilton .
Hiawatha Historic Oilfield camp
Housels Located 5 miles S of Goodlys on Housel Creek. Nothing remains.
Iles Grove .
Jack Springs .
Juniper Hot Springs .
Lay .
Loyd .
Massadona .
Maybell Located 25 miles west of Craig, uranium ore was processed here between 1954 and 1967. The US Department of Energy encapsulated the tailings in a disposal cell in 1998.
Offield Place .
Powder Wash .
Robinson Place .
Sunbeam .
Timberlake B.L. Law built a dredge at the site on Timberlake Creek in 1900. The town was abandoned about 1904 when the dredge burned. Some lode mining was also down near the site at the head of Housel Creek. Timberlake has 5 structures remaining.
Wilson Place .
Dino Tracks

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