Tyonek Census 1900 - 1950


1898 Tyonek
Photo taken by Walter Curran Mendenhall

There are several of reasons to suspect potential errors in the following Federal Census Records:

1. The early Native population had no written records, so the census taker used phonetic spellings.

2. The information is only as accurate as the census taker was (or was not).

3. The Federal Census Records were hand written, therefore many of the records are very hard to decipher.

4. If a family was out of the village on the day the census taker arrived, their information
   was usually given by a "neighbor" and therefore subject to error.

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KUSTATAN AND SUSITNA  1876, 1872 and 1882

1900   Tyonek, Alaska

Finch, Durell 38   b. Illinois  To Alaska 1896      Farmer / Miner
McKeon, William 34  b. Pennsylvania To Alaska 1898  Railroad / Miner
Harvey, Daniel  41 b. Pennsylvania To Alaska 1896  Farmer / Miner
Lambert, Charles 35 b. California To Alaska 1896   Teamster / Miner
Melvourne, Ivan 23 b. Connecticut To Alaska 1898  Silversmith / Miner
Madison, John 49 b. Sweden (left Sweden 1870) (To AK 1890) Stone mason / Miner
Madison, Anne 34 b. France (left France 1870) (To AK 1898) Teacher / Homemaker
Madison, Minnie 2  (daughter) b. Alaska
Lambert, M______ 46 b. New York To Alaska 1899  Farmer / U.S. Government Expedition
Callahan, William 23 b. New York To Alaska 1898  Medical Student / Miner
Meehan, William 35 b. Pennsylvania To Alaska 1898  Laborer / Miner
Dinneen, Michael 35 b. France (left France 1892) (To AK 1898) Laborer / Miner
Monteith, William 46 b. Michigan To Alaska 1898   Paper maker / Miner
Clyde, George 27 b. Minnesota To Alaska 1898   Farmer / Miner

Peter   49  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Fishing-Hunting
Peter, Polekea 35 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Home maker
Peter, Ivan 22 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Fishing-Hunting
Peter, Vasili 12 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Fishing-Hunting
Peter, Inga 5 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Peter, Theodore 2 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Peter, Ivan 22 (adopted son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Peter, Stepenita  20 (daughter-in-law) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe Fishing-Hunting
Alexandria 70 (mother-in-law) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Home maker

Teranden  70  Head of House  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting  
Teranden,  Agrifina 60 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Home maker
Teranden, Nicholi 23 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Teranden, Savah 16 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting

Teranden, Stepan 25  Head of house b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe Fishing-Hunting
Teranden, Olga 20 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Home maker
Teranden, Binah 21 (adopted son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe Fishing-Hunting

Chaska  40  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Chaska, Marpha 31 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Chaska, Bulbka 6 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Chaska, Groful 4 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Chaska, Eugenia 1 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe

Nicholi  31  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Nicholi, Stepaneta 31 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Home maker
Nicholi, Eli 12 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Fishing-Hunting
Nicholi, Stephan 10 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe

Chemashka   26  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Chemashka, As_____ 22 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Home maker
Chemashka, Vasili 3 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe

Eukom    31  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Eukom, Stepaneta 21 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Home maker
Eukom, Alexandria 10 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Eukom, Stephan 3 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Eukom, Inga 1 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe

Stephan   43  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Stephan, Katrina 31 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Home maker
Stephan, Deacon 17 (nephew) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting

Humah  50  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Humah, Bariskolga 32 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Home maker
Humah, Nichofal 20 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Humah, Bellia 16 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Humah, Marpha 12 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Humah, Ugenia 5 months (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe

Nestesia   25  Female head of house b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe Fishing-Hunting
Nestesia, Nadalia 5 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe

Pete   31  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Fishing-Hunting
Pete, Terindian  15 (son)  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Fishing-Hunting
Pete, Dalhea 4 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe

Maria   50  Independent Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe Home maker
Maria,  S_______ 16 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting

Feagle   65   Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Feagle, Nicholi  8  (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe

Feagle, Nickoli  25  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe Fishing-Hunting
Feagle, Katyina 20 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Fishing-Hunting
Feagle, Nikah 2 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe

Karup   34  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Karup, Nastashia 20 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting

Alexa   32   Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Alexa, Anna 20 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Fishing-Hunting
Alexa, Nukila 2 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe

Christina 85  Independent widow   b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe Home maker
Polekea 35  Independant  widow   b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Home maker
Olga      40 Independant  widow   b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Home maker

Deacon   50  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Deacon, Sikar 15 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Fishing-Hunting
Deacon, Nickoli 14 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Fishing-Hunting
Deacon, Katrina 10 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Deacon, Polakea 15 (adopted daughter)  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe Fishing-Hunting

Lundquist, Chas 41  b. Sweden (left Sweden 1892) To AK 1898 Miner
Hicks, Harry 34 b. Illinois To Alaska 1895    Miner
Hicks, Al____ 27 (wife) b. Alaska  Matanuska Tribe  Home maker
Hicks, Minnie 1 (daughter) b. Alaska Matanuska Tribe mixed
Perry, Frederick 28 b. England (left England 1884) To AK1895 Miner
Churchill, Frank 35 b. Nova Scotia (left Nova Scotia 1884) To AK 1898)   Miner

1900 U.S. Census for  Old Tyonek, Alaska

Stephan  28  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Stephan, Eugenia 31 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Stephan, Humah 6 (son)  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe

Pete    35  Head of house   b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Pete,  Pavel  10 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Pete, Negintine 2 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Pete, Anna  25  widow (cousin) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Pete, Pete 20  (cousin) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Fishing-Hunting

Karup   31  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Karup, Eugenia 20 (wife)  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe   Fishing-Hunting
Karup, Affanance 2 (son)  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Karup, Oakalena  41 widow (mother-in-law) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe Fishing-Hunting
Karup, Pete 10 (brother-in-law)  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe

Hoomah     50  Head of house  b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Hoomah, Katrina 41 (wife) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Hoomah, Alavan 11 (son) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe  Fishing-Hunting
Hoomah, Anna 10 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Hoomah, Butiskodia 10 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Hoomah, Danyia 5 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe
Hoomah, Oonga 2 (daughter) b. Alaska  Tyonek Tribe


1910 Old Tyonek, Alaska

Culip, John 40 (head of house) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Culip, Eugenia  30 (wife) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Culip, Alfred 9 (son) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Culip, Dalia 7 (daughter) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Culip, Simon age? (son) Knaiakhotana Tribe

Pete, Niketa 70 (head of house) Knaiakhotana Tribe  Widower
Pete, Eugenia 9 (daughter) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Pete, Paul 20 (son) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Paul, Barbara (daughter) Knaiakhotana Tribe

Jemoska, Will  30 (head of house) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Jemoska, Anna 20 (wife) Knaiakhotana Tribe

Damval, Nick 15 (Single) Knaiakhotana Tribe

Bates, James 50 b. Massachusetts
Paul, Ent. D. 48 b. Minnesota
Neketa, Carl  40 Knaiakhotana Tribe

Nicholi   31 (head of house)  Knaiakhotana Tribe
Nicholi, Anna 30 (wife) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Nicholi, Minnie 10 (daughter) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Nicholi, Little 8 (son) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Nicholi, Leff 3 months (son) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Tranden 70 widower (lodger) Knaiakhotana Tribe

Shaska  49  (Widower) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Shaska, Bola 13 (son) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Shaska, Crawford 12 (son) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Shaska, Eugenia 11 (daughter) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Shaska, Negifer 8 (son) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Shaska, Anna 6 (daughter) Knaiakhotana Tribe

Stephan  60 (head of house) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Stephan, Lugenia 50 (wife) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Stephan, Cathrina 8 (daughter) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Stephan, Alexandre 4 (son) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Feomia 18 (male lodger) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Olgia 12 (female lodger) Knaiakhotana Tribe
Oliver 20 (male lodger) Knaiakhotana Tribe

McConnahay, Arthur 51 b. Iowa

After the 1918 Spanish influenza epidemic, which devestated the Native populations
of Upper Cook Inlet and Susitna, many of the survivors relocated to Tyonek, including
orphaned children. A small orphanage was built and teachers were hired.

As the children got older, and needed a higher education, the orphanage was moved
(in about 1922-1923?) to a Native vocational school near the new railroad tracks at

Tyonek Village  1920

Dunagan, David F. 28 b. Washington / Teacher U.S. Government Native Orphanage
Dunagan, Lora M. 27 b. Michigan / Teacher    U.S. Government Native Orphanage
Dunagan, Alberta M. 1 b. Alaska / Daughter
Hancich, Edward L. 25  b. Washington /
Hancich, Helen E. 22 b. Minnesota / School teacher

Petroff, Billy  32  b. / Orphanage Superintendent
Alexan, Nayjha 14 b. Alaska Native Athabascan / orphanage pupil
Longcarp, Orfina 13 b. Alaska Native Athabascan / orphanage pupil
Trenton, Leo 13 b. Alaska Native Athabascan / orphanage pupil
Shedel, Oxina 13 b. Alaska Native Athabascan / orphanage pupil
Evan, Freona 7 b. Alaska Native Athabascan / orphanage pupil
Longcarp, Mary 8 b. Alaska Native Athabascan / orphanage pupil
Evans, Mike 8 b. Alaska Native Athabascan / orphanage pupil
Petroff, Versenia  7 b. Alaska Native Athabascan / orphanage pupil

McCord, Nick 29 b. Alaska Native Athabascan / Fisherman
McCord, Matrona 18 b. Alaska Native Athabascan / Fisherman
Chudocken, Sava 19 boarder b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Chudocken,  James 19 boarder b. Alaska Native Athabascan 

Chiutt, Paul 39 widower b. Alaska Native Athabascan / Fisherman
Chiutt, Steve 12 son b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Chiutt, Nestor 3 son b. Alaska Native Athabascan 

Barvel, Paul 32 widower b. Alaska Native Athabascan / Fisherman
Barvel, Steve 7 son b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Barvel, Bobbie 2 son b. Alaska Native Athabascan 

Carp, Blind 48 widower  b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Carp, Simeon 13 son b. Alaska Native Athabascan 

Alexan, Bulo   Head   28 b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Alexan, Nickefor 18 brother  b. Alaska Native Athabascan 

Longcarp, Carlson 27  b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Longcarp, Olga 22  wife  b. Alaska Native Athabascan 

Phillips, Chilligan 38 b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Phillips, Ocolena 36 wife b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Phillips, Lawrence 9 son b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Phillips, Zora 6 months daughter b. Alaska Native Athabascan 

Petroff, John 42  b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Petroff, Martha 22 wife  b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Petroff, Coley 17 brother  b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Petroff, Teddy 3 brother   b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Kroto, Paul 16 boarder b. Alaska  Native Athabascan 

Allowen, Robert 31  b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Allowen, Daria 21 wife b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Phillip, Allie 12 boarder b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Phillips, Freona 9 boarder  b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Kroto, Charley  16 boarder b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Longcarp, Trechen 22  b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Evan, Nickoli 23  b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Phillip, Davy 6 boarder  b. Alaska Native Athabascan
Petersen, William 26 b. Denmark immigrated 1909 / Fisherman
Pond, Ent N. 58 b. Minnesota / Fisherman

1930 US Census for Tyonek

Leise, William R. 25   Teacher  born Washington
Leise, Clara 30          Teacher  born Washington
Nannini, Angelmo 14  (ward) born Washington
Nannini, Amando 11   (ward) born Washington

Phillips, Feona 17 Athabascan

Petroff, John 51 Athabascan
Petroff, Martha 27 wife Athabascan
Petroff, Teddy 13 brother Athabascan

Kroto, Charlie 29 Athabascan
Kroto, Josephine 16 wife Athabascan
Kroto, Paul  19 brother Athabascan  (Widower)

Trenton, Harry 29 Athabascan
Trenton, Sava 45 brother Athabascan
Trenton, Sophia 47 wife Athabascan

Stephan, Eli 56 Athabascan
Stephan, Nellie 37  Athabascan....2nd wife
Stephan, Steve 26 son Athabascan
Stephan, Jacob 20 son Athabascan
Stephan, Terry 15 son Athabascan
Stephan, Billy 35 brother Athabascan  (Widower)

Longcarp, Techen 31 Athabascan
Longcarp, Martha 22 wife Athabascan
Longcarp, Orphena 3½  daughter Athabascan
Longcarp, Ralph 2 son Athabascan

Longcarp, Basil  25 Athabascan
Longcarp, Alexandria 20 wife Athabascan
Longcarp, Maggie 2½ years old  Athabascan
Longcarp, David   1 month old Athabascan

McCord, Nick 37  Athabascan
McCord, Matrona 26 wife Athabascan
McCord, Kathryn 7 daughter Athabascan
McCord, Loyd 5 son Athabascan
McCord, Everett 5 son Athabascan
McCord, Willard 2½ son Athabascan
McCord, Ray  10 months old Athabascan

Pete, Walter 33  Athabascan
Pete, Tatiana 53 wife Athabascan

Allawan, Robert 45 Athabascan
Allawan, Daria 29 wife Athabascan

Chickalusion, Simeon 51 Athabascan
Chickalusion, Annie 33  wife Athabascan
Chickalusion, Olga 9 daughter  Athabascan
Chickalusion, Kaherine 6 daughter Athabascan
Chickalusion, Annie 4 daughter Athabascan
Chickalusion, Theodore  9 months old  son  Athabascan
Chickalusion, Mary  10  niece  Athabascan
Chickalusion, Agrefina 11 niece  Athabascan
Chickalusion, Maxim 7 nephew Athabascan

Barbel, Mary 51  Widow  Athabascan
Barbel, Steve 17 son Athabascan
Barbel, Billy 11 son Athabascan
Evan, Simeon 11 grandson Athabascan
Peter, Alex 37 widower  son-in-law  Athabascan

Phillips, Chilligan 46  Athabascan
Phillips, Ocalino 45 wife Athabascan
Phillips, Lawrence 19 son Athabascan
Phillips, Zora 11 daughter  Athabascan
Phillips, Annie 8 daughter Athabascan
Phillips, Jennie 5  daughter Athabascan

Carp, Blind 58  widower  Athabascan
Carp, Simeon 19 son Athabascan

Chuit, Paul 41 Athabascan
Chuit, Allie 26 wife Athabascan
Chuit, Steve 17 son Athabascan
Chuit, Nestor 12 son Athabascan
Chuit, Polly 5 daughter Athabascan
Chuit, Jane 3 daughter Athabascan
Chuit, Irwin  10 months old  son Athabascan

Alexan, Nickafor 27 Athabascan
Alexan, Nandy     20  sister   Athabascan

Kalafonsky, Tania  30  widow  Athabascan
Kalafonsky, George 13   son     Athabascan

Constantine, Nestor 25 Athabascan
Constantine, Peter 17  brother Athabascan

George, Peter 45 Athabascan
George, Jeanne 36 wife Athabascan

Goosmer, Pedro 38 Athabascan  Widower

Longcarp, Carlson 33 Athabascan   Single

1935 BIA Census Tyonek, Alaska

Census taker said all residents spoke "Tabowna" dialect

Alexan, Nickefor 33    Fisherman              Full Indian
Alexan, Martha 38      Wife                   Full Indian
Alexan, Nandy 24       Sister                 Full Indian

Allowan, Robert 40     Fisherman              Full Indian
Allowan, Annie 30      Wife                   Full Indian
Allowan, Tommy J. 22 Step-son      Fisherman  Full Indian(born Tommy Stephan)
Allowan, Olga    18      Daughter-in-law      Full Indian
Allowan, Moses    1      Step-grandson        Full Indian
Stephan, Nora 13   Full Indian
Stephan, Pete 4     Step-son                  Full Indian
Allowan, Sophie   1             daughter      Full Indian
Allowan, Feonia 2 weeks    daughter           Full Indian
Stephan, Anderson 45        Fisherman         Full Indian
Stephan, Sava 14

Antone, Nick    21  Orphan                    Full Indian

Avakumoff, Agraphina 20          Deserted     Full Indian
Avakumoff, Lecon     3  son                   Full Indian
Avakumoff, Louise    1  daughter              Full Indian

Barval, Mary 54  No occupation listed         Full Indian
Evan, Simeon 12  Fisherman                    Full Indian   

Bismark, Steve 43        Fisherman            Full Indian
Bismark, Doris 31        Wife                 Full Indian
Bismark, Free 11           daughter           Full Indian
Bismark, Laura 7          daughter            Full Indian

Carp, "Blind" 60                              Full Indian
Carp, Simeon 30 son        Fisherman          Full Indian
Avakumoff, Agraphena 18  (female)             Full Indian
Avakumoff, Lecon 6 months  (male)             Full Indian

Chickalusion, Simeon 60        Fisherman      Full Indian    Village Chief
Chickalusion, Annie 60          Wife          Full Indian
Chickalusion, Olga 14            daughter     Full Indian
Chickalusion, Katherine 11     daughter       Full Indian
Chickalusion, Annie 9            daughter     Full Indian
Chickalusion, Theodore 6      son             Full Indian

Chuitt, Paul 45                    Fisherman  Full Indian
Chuitt, Allie 25                   Wife       Full Indian
Chuitt, Polly 15                   daughter   Full Indian
Chuitt, Jane 8                    daughter    Full Indian
Chuitt, Irvin 5                    son        Full Indian
Chuitt, Ponto 3                   son         Full Indian
Chuitt, Gladys 2                 daughter     Full Indian
Chuitt, Phillip b. 5/28/1935  son             Full Indian

Chuitt, Steve  30     Fisherman          Full Indian

Kaloa, Albert 34             Fisherman        Hawaiian
Kaloa, Alexandria 26      Wife                Full Indian
Longcarp, Maggie 7         daughter           Full Indian
Longcarp, David 5           son               Full Indian
Longcarp, Gilbert 3         son               Full Indian
Kaloa, Benny 2                son             Indian-Hawaiian
Kaloa, Ester 2                 daughter       Indian-Hawaiian 

Kroto, Charlie 35          Fisherman          Full Indian
Kroto, Josephine 22        Wife               Full Indian
Kroto, Edward 5             Son               Full Indian
Kroto, Adam 4                Son              Full Indian

Pete, Sam 35                    Fisherman     Full Indian
Pete, Billy 14                    son
Pete, Mary 12                   daughter 

Pete, Walter 55                    Fisherman  Full Indian
Chickalusion, Maxim 12                        Full Indian

Stephan, Terry 19     Fisherman               Full Indian
Stephan, Alexandria 19            Wife        Full Indian
Stephan, Terry Jr. 17 (I think this age is a census error)

Goozmar, Pedro 43 Widower  Fisherman          Full Indian
Goozmar, Nick 13  son                         Full Indian
Goozmar, Nola 16  daughter                    Full Indian
Goozmar, Christine 3 months  

Longcarp, Techen 37     Storekeeper           Full Indian
Longcarp, Martha 27     Wife                  1/2 Indian
Longcarp, Orphena 8     daughter
Longcarp, Ralph   7     son
Longcarp, Floyd   4     son
Longcarp, Louise  2     daughter
Phillips, Annie 13                            1/2 Indian

McCord, Nick 41         Storekeeper       Full Indian
McCord, Matrona                      Wife     Full Indian
McCord, Katherine 14                daughter
McCord, Lloyd 12                      son
McCord, Everett 12                   son
McCord, Willard 9                    son
McCord, Ray 6                          son
McCord, Lawrence 5                 son
McCord, Emil 2                         son

Stephan, Elia 68                 Fisherman   Full Indian
Stephan, Natalie 55              Wife        Full Indian
Stephan, Jacob 27                son
Stephan, Steve 35                 son

Stephan, Robert 45                Fisherman  Full Indian
Stephan, Katherine 35             Wife       Full Indian
Stephan, Nellie 14                  daughter
Stephan, Theodore 12            son
Stephan, Olga 10                   daughter
Stephan, Dick 4                     son
Stephan, George    1               son

Trenton, Harry 34                Fisherman   Full Indian
Trenton, Feonia 22               Wife        Full Indian
Phillips, Jennie 11                          1/2 Indian

Trenton, Sava 55                             Full Indian

1938 BIA Census Tyonek, Alaska

Alexan, Nickefor 35 Head Full Native
Alexan, Martha 38 Wife Full Native
Alexan, Nandy 31 (sister) Full Native

Allowan, Robert 53 Head Full Native
Allowan, Annie 37 Wife Full Native
Allowan, Pete 6 (step-son) Full Native (born Pete Stephan)
Allowan, Feona 2 (daughter) Full Native
Allowan, Sophie 1 (daughter) Full Native
Allowan, Tommy 22 (step-son) Full Native (born Tommy Stephan)
Allowan, Olga 18 (daughter-in-law) Full Native
Allowan, Moses 1 (step-grandson) Full Native

Antone, Nick 21 (orphan) Full Native

Avakumoff, Agraphina 20 (Deserted) Full Native
Avakumoff, Lecon 3 (son) Full Native
Avakumoff, Louise 1 (daughter) Full Native

Barvil, Mary 66 Widow Full Native

Bismark, Steve 45 Head  Full Native
Bismark, Doris 32 Wife Full Native
Bismark, Fred 14 (son) Full Native
Bismark, Laura 10 (daughter) Full Native
Bismark, Alec 2 (son) Full Native

Califonski, Sergi 23 Head Full Native
Califonski, Nola 17 Wife Full Native
Califonski, Christine 2 (daughter) Full Native

Carp, Simeon 28 Head Full Native
Carp, Jennie 14 Wife Full Native

Chickalusian, Simeon 57 Head  Full Native
Chickalusian, Annie 48 Wife Full Native
Chickalusian, Catherine 15 (daughter) Full Native
Chickalusian, Annie 13 (daughter) Full Native
Chickalusian, Theodore 9 (son) Full Native
Chickalusian, Maxim 17 (nephew) Full Native

Chuitt, Paul  48 Head Full Native
Chuitt, Allie 29 Wife Full Native
Chuitt, Steven 26 (son) Full Native
Chuitt, Nestor 20 (son) Full Native
Chuitt, Polly 14 (daughter) Full Native
Chuitt, Jane 11 (daughter) Full Native
Chuitt, Ervin 10 (son) Full Native
Chuitt, Ponto 6 (son) Full Native
Chuitt, Patrick 2 (son) Full Native

Constantine, Corneil 26 Full Native
Constantine, Peter 25 (brother) Full Native
Constantine, Annie P. (wife of Peter) Full Native
Constantine, Nester 31 (brother) Full Native
Constantine, Annie 15 (wife of Nester) 1/2 Native

Kaloa, Albert 38 Head  Hawaiian
Kaloa, Alexandria 29 (wife) Full Native
Kaloa, Maggie 10 (step-daughter) Full Native (born Longcarp)
Kaloa, David 8 (step-son) Full Native (born Longcarp)
Kaloa, Bert 6 (step-son) Full Native (born Longcarp)
Kaloa, Bennie 5 (son) 1/2 Native
Kaloa, Esther 3 (daughter) 1/2 Native
Kaloa, Albert Jr. 1 (son) 1/2 Native

Kroto, Charlie 38 Head Full Native
Kroto, Josephine 26 Wife Full Native
Kroto, Edward 8 (son) Full Native
Kroto, Adam 6 (son) Full Native

Goozmer, Pedro 45 Widower  Full Native
Goozmer, Nick 15 (son) Full Native

McCord, Nick 44 Head   1/2 Native
McCord, Matrona 34 Wife Full Native
McCord, Lloyd 14 (son) Quarter Native
McCord, Everett 14 (son) Quarter Native
McCord, Willard 11 (son) Quarter Native
McCord, Ray 8 (son) Quarter Native
McCord, Lawrence 7 (son) Quarter Native
McCord, Emil 4 (son) Quarter Native
McCord, William 2 (son) Quarter Native
McCord, Nancy 1 month (daughter) Quarter Native

Mishakoff, Dick 36 Head Full Native
Mishakoff, Nellie 17 Wife Full Native

Nicholi, Wilson 19 Full Native
Panchine, Mildred 12 (listed as destitute orphan)  Full Native
Panchine, Jennie 10 (listed as destitute orphan) Full Native
Panchine, Margaret 7 (listed as destitute orphan) Full Native

Peter, Alec 44 Widower Full Native
Peter, Jerry 17 (orphan) Full Native

Petroff, Teddy 21 Head  Full Native
Petroff, Martha 30 Wife 1/2 Native
Petroff, Orphena 11 (step-daughter) Quarter Native (born Longcarp)
Petroff, Floyd 7 (step-son) Quarter Native (born Longcarp)
Petroff, Louise 4 (step-daughter) Quarter Native (born Longcarp)
Petroff, Bonnie 1 (step-son) Quarter Native (born Longcarp)

Standifer, Robert 16 (orphan) 1/2 Native
Standifer, William 17 (Brother) 1/2 Native
Standifer, Frank 10 (Brother) 1/2 Native
Standifer, Elsie 9 (Sister) 1/2 Native

Stephan, Anderson 38 Widower Full Native
Stephan, Sava 18 (son) Full Native

Stephan, Elia 62 Head Full Native
Stephan, Nellie 57 Wife Full Native
Stephan, Jacob 30 (son) Full Native
Stephan, Doris 17 (daughter-in-law) Full Native
Stephan, Steve 37 (son) Full Native
Stephan, Nora 15 (daughter-in-law) Full Native
Stephan, Terry 22 (son) Full Native
Stephan, Alexandria 22 (daughter-in-law) Full Native
Stephan, Terry Jr. 3 (grandson) Full Native
Stephan, Serafin 2 (grandson) Full Native
Stephan, Elizabeth 1 (granddaughter) Full Native

Stephan, Robert 43 Head Full Native
Stephan, Catherine 38 Wife Full Native
Stephan, Feodora 15 (daughter) Full Native
Stephan, Olga 14 (daughter) Full Native
Stephan, Dick 6 (son) Full Native
Stephan, Paul 3 (son) Full Native
Stephan, Catherine 1 (daughter) Full Native

Stephan Tom 25 Head Full Native 
Sunrise, Archie 17 Orphan Full Native
Sunrise, Vera 20 (sister-in-law) Full Native

Sunrise, Gordon 3 (son of Vera) Full Native

Toman, Nick 59 Head Full Native
Toman, Jennie 57 Wife Full Native

Trenton, Harry 37 Head 1/2 Native
Trenton, Feona 25 Wife Full Native
Trenton, Leo 28 (1/2 brother of Harry) Full Native
Trenton, Catherine 16 (wife of Leo) Full Native
Trenton, Ephrasin  9 months (son of Leo) Full Native
Sunrise, Annie 12 (orphan sister of Archie Sunrise) Full Native

Pete, Nick 48 Single Full Native

Zaochney, Alex 33  Head Full Native
Stephan, Marion (daughter of Jacob Stephan) Full Native
Sunrise, Larry  (son of Vera Sunrise) Full Native


1940 BIA Family Sheets Tyonek, Alaska

Stephan, Jacob   b. 12/18/1907  b. Kenai
Stephan, Doris     b.  8/23/1921 Kenai

Allowan, Tommy 23 b. Susitna
Allowan, Olga  b. 9/2/1920 Snug Harbor
Allowan, Moses  b. 9/12/1936 Tyonek
Allowan, Pauline  b. 8/27/1939 Tyonek

Trenton, Harry b. 2/3/1901 Tyonek
Trenton, Feona b. 9/5/1916 Tyonek
Oskalokoff, Agatha  b. 11/19/1926 Kenai

Trenton, Harry  b. 2/3/1901  Tyonek
Trenton, Feona  b. 9/5/1916  Tyonek

Bismark, Steve  b.  3/4/1893  Hope
Bismark, Doris  b. 2/6/1908 Hope
Bismark, Laura b. 4/6/1927 Anchorage
Bismark, Fred  b. 4/6/1923 Anchorage

Kaloa, Albert 40  b.   5/10/1901  Utah  (Hawaiian)
Kaloa, Alexandria  v=b. 9/26/1909  Kenai
Longcarp, Maggie 13  b. 4/19/1927 Tyonek (step-daughter)
Longcarp,  Gilbert 8  b. 4/21/1931  Tyonek (step-son)
Kaloa, Benny 7  b, 1/18/1933 Tyonek (son) 1/2 Native
Kaloa, Albert Harvey  b. 7/3/1936 Tyonek (son) 1/2 Native
Kaloa, Ester  b. 6/7/1934 Tyonek (daughter) 1/2 Native
Kaloa, Agnes b. 7/4/1938 Tyonek (daughter) 1/2 Native

Chuitt, Paul 63  b, 7/12/1877  Tyonek
Chuitt, Allie 32   b. 5/6/1908  Chuitt River
Chuitt, Nester 22 b. 11/24/1918 Tyonek
Chuitt, Jane 13 b. 12/14/1917 Tyonek
Chuitt, Ponto 8 b. 12/18/1931 Tyonek
Chuitt, Patrick 4 b. 5/28/1936 Tyonek

Chuitt, Steve 31 b. 1/9/1909  Tyonek
Avakumoff, Agraphena 23 b. 8/20/1917 Kenai
Avakumoff, Lecon 5 b. 10/1/1934 Tyonek
Avakumoff, Louise 4 b. 12/17/1936 Tyonek

Petroff, Teddy  b. 1/9/1917  Tyonek   (died 9/29/1943)
Petroff, Martha b. 6/23/1907  Kenai   (died 7/23/1946)
Longcarp, Orphena b. 4/30/1926 Tyonek  step-daughter
Longcarp, Ralph  b. 10/21/1927    Tyonek  step-son
Longcarp, Louise  b. 9/6/1933  Tyonek  step-daughter
Longcarp, Floyd  b. 11/21/1930  Tyonek step-son
Longcarp, Bonnie  b. 2/25/1936  Tyonek   step-daughter

Pete, Nick  b. 7/16/1886  Tyonek

Allowan, Robert 38 b. 4/19/1902  Susitna
Allowan, Alexandria 38 b.  3/13/1902 Susitna
Allowan, Pete 9 b.  9/12/1930  Susitna
Allowan, Feona 5 b. 5/11/1935 Tyonek
Allowan, Sophia 3 b.  12/4/1936 Tyonek
Allowan, Tatiana born 6/16/1939 Tyonek

Stephan, Elia 65 b. 7/6/1875   Kenai
Stephan, Nellie 57 b. 8/20/1883 Tyonek
Panchine, Jennie 12 b.  11/7/1927 Anchorage
Panchine, Margaret 10 b. 3/5/1930 Anchorage

Stephan, Terry 26 b. 12/19/1914  Kenai
Stephan, Alexandra 26 b. 11/4/1914 Susitna
Stephan, Terry Jr. 5 b. 7/8/1934  Tyonek
Stephan, Seraphim 4 b. 12/22/1935 Tyonek
Stephan, Elizabeth 3 b. 1/28/1936 Tyonek
Stephan, Evelyn born 11/24/1938 Tyonek

Carp, Simeon 30 b.  4/15/1910 Tyonek
Carp, Jennie 16 b.  1/6/1924  Tyonek
Carp, Maria born 2/25/1940 Tyonek

Stephan, Steve 39 b.  9/14/1901 Kenai
Stephan, Nora 18 b. 8/16/1922 Tyonek
Stephan, Susie born 5/8/1940  Tyonek

Toman, Nick  3/15/1880  Tyonek
Toman, Jennie  1/6/1889  Kenai

Chickalusion, Simeon 60 b.  4/10/1880 Tyonek
Chickalusion, Anna born 2/15/1890 b. Kenai
Chickalusion, Annie 14 b. 6/10/1925 Kustatan
Chickalusion, Maxim 18 b.  10/15/1921 Tyonek (nephew)
Chickalusion, Thdodore 12 b.  2/28/1928  Kustatan
Standifer, William 20 b. 4/11/1920 Tyonek (son-in-law)
Standifer, Catherine 18 b. 3/16/1922  Snug Harbor (daughter)
Sunrise, Annie 14 b.  8/24/1926 Kenai

Peter, Alec 46 b.  6/22/1884 Tyonek
Barvel, Mary age 67 b. Tyonek
Standifer, Elsie 12 b.  10/4/1928 Kenai

Trenton, Leo 30 b. 7/4/1910 Tyonek
Trenton, Katherine 18 b. 9/11/1921 Tyonek (white race)
Trenton, Jefferson 3 b. 4/2/1937 Tyonek (white race)
Trenton, David 1 b. 4/27/1939 Tyonek (white race)

McCord, Nick 44 b.  4/13/1896 Tyonek  (1/2 white)
McCord, Matrona 34 b. 9/1/1906 Tyonek  Full Native
McCord, Lloyd 16    b. 9/17/1923 Tyonek
McCord, Everett 16 b. 9/17/1923 Tyonek
McCord, Ray 11 b. 12/3/1928  Tyonek
McCord, Willard 13 b. 12/12/1926 Tyonek
McCord, Laurence 9 b. Tyonek
McCord, Emil 7 b. 5/14/1933 Tyonek
McCord, William 4 b. 11/21/1935 Tyonek
McCord, Nancy 2 b. 12/20/1937 Tyonek

Stephan, Bobby 49 b. 9/6/1891 Susitna
Stephan, Katherine 42 b. 2/2/1898 Susitna
Stephan, Olga 14 b. 4/14/1926 Tyonek
Stephan, Dick 8 b. 6/5/1931 Tyonek
Stephan, Paul 5 b. 10/19/1934 Tyonek
Stephan, Alfred born 9/7/1939 Tyonek

Constantine, Corneil 30 b. 9/26/1909  Kenai
Constantine, Mildred 17 b. 5/3/1913 Kenai
Nickannorka, Fred 38 b. 12/2/1902 Kenai
Nickanorka, Andrew 12 b. 1/12/1928 Kenai

Alexan, Nickefor 37 b. 6/12/1902 Tyonek
Alexan, Martha 44 b. 4/17/1896  Tyonek
Alexan, Nandy 35 b. 3/6/1905 Tyonek

Stephan, Anderson 40 b. 5/20/1900 Tyonek
Stephan, Sava   20 b. 1/18/1920 Tyonek
George, Henry 28 b. 7/5/1911 Susitna
Nicoli, John 29 b. 7/4/1901 Hope

Goozmer, Pedro 47 b. 6/17/1893 Susitna
Goozmer, Polly 16 Wife b. 11/21/1923 Tyonek
Goozmer, Nick 19 (son) b. 12/5/1920 Tyonek
Anton, Nick 25 b. 6/15/1915 Tyonek

Constantine, Nestor 35 b. 12/29/1905  Kenai
Stephan,  Fedora 17 Wife b.  12/2/1923 Susitna
Constantine, Alex 1½ b.  10/19/1938 Tyonek
Ephim, Buster 27 b. 3/2/1927 ?) Knik
Mishakoff, Nellie 19 b.  4/12/1913 Tyonek

Constantine, Peter b. 3/2/1913 Kustatan
Constantine, Annie b. 4/20/1923 Kenai   1/2 Native
Standifer, Frank b. 2/7/1926 Kenai  1/2 Native  (brother-in-law)

Californski, Sergie 24 b. 8/10/1915 Kenai
Californski, Nola 19 b.  12/30/1920   Kenai
Californski, Christine 5 b. 3/21/1935 Tyonek
Californski, Daria 1 b. 4/9/1939  Tyonek

Pete, Sergie  b. 12/29/1879

Kroto, Charlie 40 b. 3/16/1900  Susitna
Kroto, Josephine 28 b. 10/17/1911 Tyonek
Kroto, Edward 10 b. 3/16/1930 Tyonek
Kroto, Adam 8 b. 12/22/1931 Tyonek
Standifer, Robert 18 b. 8/1/1921 Kenai

Zoachney, Alex 36 b.  12/25/1903 Atka
Constantine, Annie 18 b. 5/10/1922 Tyonek
Zoachney, Leona born 9/29/1939 Tyonek

Mishakoff, Nick 42 b. 4/8/1898 Kenai
Mishakoff, Doris 32 b. 10/2/1908   Kenai

Stephan, Tommy 26 b.  10/23/1913 Tyonek

Mishakoff, Dick 38 b. 5/12/1902  Kenai

1950 BIA Census   Tyonek, Alaska

Goozmer, Pedro born 1893 Susitna
Goozmer, Polly (Chuitt) born 1923 Tyonek
Goozmer, Nick born 1920  Tyonek  son
Goozmer, Barbara born 1944  Tyonek  daughter
Goozmer, Kathryn born 1946 Tyonek  daughter
Goozmer, Alfred born 1949  Tyonek son

Kaloa, Albert S. born 1900 Utah  Hawaiian
Kaloa, Alexandra (Stephan) (Longcarp) born 1909 Kenai
Longcarp, Gilbert born 1931 Tyonek  step-son
Kaloa, Benjamin born 1933 Tyonek son
Kaloa, Esther born 1934 Tyonek daughter
Kaloa, Albert born 1936 Tyonek son
Kaloa, Agnes born 1938  Tyonek daughter
Kaloa, Bertha born 1940 Tyonek daughter
Kaloa, Harvey born 1944 Tyonek son
Stephan, Jacob born 1907 Kenai brother-in-law

Kroto, Charlie born 1900 Susitna
Kroto, Edward born 1930  Tyonek son
Kroto, Adam born 1931 Tyonek son

McCord, Lloyd born 1923 Tyonek
McCord, William born 1935 Tyonek brother
McCord, Nancy born 1937 Tyonek sister   
McCord, Roy born 1940 Tyonek brother    

McCord, Roy born 1928 Tyonek
McCord, Everett born 1923 Tyonek brother
McCord, Laurence born 1930 Tyonek brother
McCord, Emil born 1933 Tyonek brother

McCord, Willard born 1926 Tyonek
McCord, Nora (Stephan) born 1922 Susitna
Stephan, Susi born 1940 Tyonek step-daughter
Stephan, Philip born 1942 Tyonek step-son
Stephan, Stevie born 1946 Tyonek step-son
McCord, Irene born 1948 Tyonek daughter
McCord, Harold born 1950 Tyonek son

Mishakoff, Nellie (Stephan) born 1920 Tyonek
Mishakoff, William born 1941 Tyonek son
Mishakoff, Stanley (Ephim) born 1944 Tyonek son
Mishakoff, Martha born 1946 Tyonek daughter
Mishakoff, Theodore born 1949 Tyonek son
Mishakoff, Maxim born 1950 Tyonek son

Standifer, William born 1920 Tyonek
Standifer, Catherine (Chickalusian) born 1922 Tyonek
Standifer, William Jr. born 1941 Tyonek
Standifer, Daniel  born 1943 Tyonek
Standifer, Olga born 1945 Tyonek
Standifer, Joseph born 1947 Tyonek
Standifer, Mary born 1949  Tyonek

Stephan, Anderson  born 1900 Susitna

Stephan, Bobby born 1891 Susitna
Stephan, Katherine born 1898 Susitna
Stephan, Paul born 1934 Tyonek
Stephan, Alfred born 1939 Tyonek

Stephan, Sava born 1920 Tyonek
Stephan, Annie (Chickalusian) born 1925 Kustatan
Stephan, Sava Jr. born 1942 Tyonek
Stephan, Isaac born 1944 Tyonek
Stephan, Ralph born 1946 Tyonek
Stephan, Agraphena born 1949 Tyonek

Nickanorka, Fred born 1901 Kenai
Nickanorka, Doris (Bismark) born 1904 Hope
Nickanorka, Andrew born 1928 Kenai
Nickanorka, Violet born 1942 Anchorage
Bismark, Frederick born 1923  Anchorage  step-son

Nickoli, Olga born 1926  Susitna
Stephan, Agraphena born 1941 Tyonek daughter
Nickoli, Marina born 1947 Tyonek daughter

Peter, Alex born 1884 Tyonek
Barvel, Mary born 1878 Susitna  Mother-in-law

Peter, Mike (Noltan) born 1905 Kenai
Peter, Jerry born 1921 Kenai brother

Standifer, Frank born 1926 Kenai

Standifer, Robert born 1921 Tyonek
Standifer, Jane (Chuitt) born 1927 Tyonek
Standifer, Paul born 1942 Tyonek son
Standifer, Patricia born 1947 Tyonek daughter

Stephan, Terry born 1914 Kenai
Stephan, Alexandra (Goozmer) born 1914 Susitna
Stephan, Seraphim born 1935 Tyonek
Stephan, Elizabeth born 1937 Tyonek
Stephan, Evelyn born 1938 Tyonek
Stephan, Abraham born 1940 Tyonek
Stephan, Mary born 1944  Tyonek
Stephan, Walter born 1948 Tyonek

Trenton, Harry born 1901  Tyonek

Toman, Jennie born 1889 Tyonek

Alexan, Nickefor born 1902 Tyonek
Alexan, Martha born 1896 Tyonek
Alexan, Leona born 1939 Tyonek
Backoff, Nick born 1870 Kenai     lodger
George, Henry born 1911 Susitna friend

Allowan, Robert born 1886 Susitna
Allowan, Alexandra (Stephan) born 1902 Susitna
Allowan, Peter born 1930  born Susitna son
Allowan, Feona born 1935  born Tyonek
Allowan, Sophia born 1936 Tyonek
Alloan, Tania born 1939 Tyonek

Califonsky, Sergie born 1915 Kenai
Califonsky, Nola (Goozmer) born 1919 Kenai
Califonsky, Christine born 1935 Tyonek  daughter
Califonsky,  Daria born 1939 Tyonek  daughter
Califonsky, Florence born 1942 Tyonek daughter
Califonsky, Ruth born 1946 Tyonek daughter
Califonsky, Martha born 1948 Tyonek daughter
Califonsky, John born 1949 grandson

Carp, Simeon born 1910 Tyonek
Carp, Maria born 1940  Tyonek daughter
Carp, Myra born 1941  Tyonek daughter
Carp, Vera born 1945 Tyonek daughter
Carp, Helen born 1947 Tyonek daughter
Carp, Annie born 1948 Tyonek daughter
Carp, Mary born 1949  Anchorage daughter

Chickalusian, Simeon born 1880 Tyonek
Chickalusian, Anna (Temoska) born 1890 Kenai
Chickalusian, Maxim bron 1921 Kenai
Chickalusian, Theodore born 1928 Kustatan
Allowan, Thomas born 1916 Susitna  son-in-law
Allowan, Moses born 1936 Tyonek grandson (deaf)
Allowan, Pauline born 1939 Tyonek granddaughter

Chuitt, Nester born 1917 Tyonek

Chuitt, Paul born 1879 Tyonek
Chuitt, Allie (Phillips) born 1908 Tyonek
Chuitt, Ponto born 1931 Tyonek son
Chuitt, Patrick born 1935 Tyonek son
Chuitt, Clara born 1940 Tyonek daughter
Chuitt, Agnes born 1942 Tyonek daughter
Chuitt, Laurence born 1947 Tyonek son

Constantine, Nestor born 1905 Kenai
Constantine, Fedora (Stephan) born 1923 Susitna
Constantine, Alex born 1938 Tyonek son
Constantine, George born 1942 Tyonek son
Constantine, Julia born ???? Tyonek daughter
Constantine, Billy born 1947 Tyonek son
Constantine, Margie born 1949 Tyonek daughter
Constantine, Peter born 1913 Kustatan  brother

Tyonek Cemetery

Martin "Mike" Alex

David Carl Allowan

Moses Allowan

Peter Allowan
9/12/1930 Susitna
7/29/2009 Anchorage
Sister - Nora McCord
Sister - Sophia Chuitt
Sister - Tania Bismark
Thomas (Stephan) Allowan
7/24/1917 Susitna
10/18/1996 Anchorage
Parents - Yagu (Jacko)  and Annie Stephan
Raised by:
Robert and Annie (Stephan) Allowan
Wife - Olga Chickalusion
Brother - Pete Allowan
Sister - Sophie Chuitt
Sister - Tania Bismark
Sister - Nora McCord
Son - David Allowan
Son - George Allowan
Son - Glen Goozmer
Son - Thomas Goozmer
Elizabeth "Beth" (Stephan) Baker
1/28/1937 Kenai
11/4/2009 Anchorage
Parents - Terry  and Alexandria Stephan
Husband - S. Hugh "Tom" Baker
Brother - Seraphim Stephan
Brother - Terry Stephan
Brother - Walter Stephan
Brother - Abraham Stephan
Sister - Evelyn Merryman
Sister - Mary Chuitt
Sister - Isabelle Davis
Son - Ernest Baker
Son - Robert Baker
Daughter - Jane Standifer
Helen (Bismark) Baker
1/29/1955 Tyonek
10/14/1997 Tyonek
Parents - Fred and Tania Bismark
Brother - Fred Bismark Jr.
Brother - Robert Bismark
Brother - Stanley Bismark
Brother - Eugene Bismark
Brother - Steve Bismark
Sister - Dorothy Bismark
Sister - Sharon Bismark
Sister - Arlene Bismark
Sister - Laura Bismark
Sister - Alice Bismark
Daughter - Lisa Bismark
Son - Ernest Bismark
Sister -
Charles Anthony "Sonny" Bartels
12/21/1957 Anchorage
11/13/2001 Anchorage
Father - Lee Bartels Sr.
Mother - Sue Tumbleson
Step-father: Harvey Tumbleson
Brother - Lee Bartels Jr.
Sister - Betty Valka
Sister - Susanna Moon
Grandmother - Nora McCord
Elliot Gabriel Bartels
4/22/1995 Anchorage
4/22/1995 Anchorage
Father - Henry Bartels Sr.
Mother - Donna Chuitt
Maternal Grandmother - Clara Chuitt
Uncle - Danny Alexan
Uncle - Harry Hartels
Uncle - John Bartels
Aunt - Victoria Chuitt
Aunt - Jenny Stephan
Aunt - Rosella Smith
Aunt - Betsy Chuitt
Aunt - Mary Bartels
Brother - Joey Standifer
Brother - Henry Bartels Jr.
Brother - Joshua Bartels
Sister - Raychel Chuitt
Sister - Rae Gene Bartels
Sister - Gena Bartels
Harry Bartels
11/1/1922 Knik
3/12/2007 Anchorage
Parents - Johann and Minnie Bartels
Son - John Bartels
Son - Doug Bartels
Son - Clyde Bartels
Son - Sam Bartels
Son - Harry Bartels
Son - Carl Bartels
Daughter - Margie Bartels
Daughter - Melissa Bartels
Daughter - Min Bartels
Daughter - Dori Bartels
Daughter - Chris Bartels
Henry Joseph Bartels Sr.
8/22/1960 Anchorage
Parents - Johann and Leona Bartels
Step-father - Edward Deck
Wife - Donna Bartels
Mother-in-law - Clara Chuitt
Brother - Danny Alexan
Brother - Harry Bartels
Brother - John Deck
Brother - Johann Bartels Jr.
Sister - Shelly Bartels
Sister - Sally Henderson
Sister - Jenny Stephan
Sister - Mary Bartels
Sister - Rosella Standifer
Son - Joseph Standifer
Sister - Rae Bartels
Sister - Rachel Filoi
Brother - Henry Bartels Jr.
Sister - Gena Bartels
Brother - Joshua Bartels
Sister - Hannah Bartels
John Bartels Jr.
Father - Johann Bartels (buried Anchorage)
Lee Bartels Sr.

Lee "Dinker" Bartels Jr.

Leona Aquelina Bartels
9/29/1939 Tyonek
6/4/1993 Anchorage
Son - Danny Alexan Sr.
Son - Henry Bartels Sr.
Son - Harry Bartels
Daughter - Sally Larson
Daughter - Jenny Bartels
Daughter - Rosella Smith
Daughte - Mary Bartels
Brother - Spike Zeochaney
Brother - Henry Dirks
Eugene Bismark
6/23/1968 Anchorage
10/24/2014 Tyonek
Parents - Fred and Tania Bismark
Brother - Fred Bismark
Brother - Steve Bismark
Brother - Stan Bismark
Brother - Robert Bismark
Sister - Alice Weber
Sister - Laura Alimi
Sister - Dorothy Bismark
Sister - Helen Baker
Sister - Sharon Bismark
Sister - Arlene Reiser
Frederick Theodore Bismark
4/6/1923 Anchorage
1/10/2000 Anchorage
Parents - Steve and Doris (Nikanorka) Bismark
Wife - Tania
Son - Fred Bismark Jr.
Daughter - Alice Bismark
Son - Steve Bismark
Daughter - Arlene Reiser
Daughter - Sharon Bismark
Daughter - Dorothy Bismark
Son - Robert Bismark
Son - Stanley Bismark
Son - Eugene Bismark
Daughter - Laura Bismark
Daughter - Helen Bismark
Lloyd Edwin Brown Jr.

Sergie Californsky

Jenny Carz

Helen Chickaloon

Nick Chickaloon

Herman Chickalusion *
Marion Chickalusion *
Bernice Chickalusion*
Dorothy Chickalusion*
Theodore Chickalusion
Evelyn Stephan Chickalusion Merryman
Peter Sunrise Merryman

*Children died together in a house

Katherine Florence Chickalusion

Maxim Chickalusion
10/5/1921 Polly Creek
9/16/2013 Anchorage
Parents - Theodore and Doris Chickalusion
Wife - Nellie Stephan Chickalusion
Son - Theodore (Chad) Chickalusion
Son - Max Chickalusion Jr.
Son - Leonard Chickalusion
Son - Daniel Chickalusion
Son - Jimmy Chickalusion
Son - Maniel Chickalusion
Son - Larry Chickalusion
Son - Stan Mishakoff
Son - William Mishakoff
Daughter - Katherine Chickalusion
Daughter - Norma Chickalusion
Daughter - Doris Baker
Daughter - Virginia Hudson
Daughter - Martha Chase
Natalia "Nellie" Stephan Chickalusion
11/21/1920 Susitna
Husband - Maxim Chickalusion Sr.
Sister - Fedora Constantine
Brother - Alfred Stephan
Brother - Paul Stephan
Son - Theodore (Chad) Chickalusion
Son - Max Chickalusion Jr.
Son - Leonard Chickalusion
Son - Daniel Chickalusion
Son - Jimmy Chickalusion
Son - Maniel Chickalusion
Son - Larry Chickalusion
Son - Stan Mishakoff
Son - William Mishakoff
Daughter - Katherine Chickalusion
Daughter - Norma Chickalusion
Daughter - Doris Baker
Daughter - Virginia Hudson
Daughter - Martha Chase
Theodore Chickalusion

Agnes Chuitt

Allie Chuitt
Son - Patrick Chuitt Sr.
Son - Lawrence Chuitt
Daughter - Clara Chuitt
Daughter - Polly Goozmer
Nester Chuitt

Paul Chuitt

Shirey Chuitt

Steven Chuitt

Alec Constantine
10/19/1938 Tyonek
Wife - Olga Constantine
Mother - Fedora Constantine
Brother - Ray Constantine
Sister - Julia McCord
Sister - Margie Standifer
Sister - Betty Bismark
Sister - Freida McCord
Son - Cornell Constantine
Daughter - Caroline Notti
Daughter  Corrine Constantine
George Constantine
8/21/1942 Tyonek
7/28/1997 Tyonek
Wife - Emma Christine Constantine
Mother - Fedora Constantine
Brother - Ray Constantine
Brother - Alec Constantine
Sister - Julia McCord
Sister - Margie Standifer
Sister - Betty Bismark
Sister - Freida McCord
Son - George Constantine Jr.
Son - Robert Constantine
Daughter - Fedora Constantine
Daughter - Gloria Constantine
Daughter - Tina Constantine
Daughter - Anna Constantine
Joyce Constantine

Michael Lewis Constantine
Father - Daniel Standifer
Mother - Julia McCord
Grandmother - Fedora Constantine
Brother - David Constantine
Brother - Simeon Constantine
Sister - Marlene Braun
Sister - Sharon Shadle
Sister -  Melissa McCord
Olga Constantine
5/1/1945 Tyonek
Brother - William Standifer Jr.
Brother - Daniel Standifer Sr.
Brother - Joseph W. Standifer
Son - Cornell Constantine
Daughter - Caroline Notti
Daughter - Corrine Bismark
R. L. Constantine

Polly Chuitt Goozmer
11/11/1924 Tyonek
Parents - Paul and Allie Chuitt
Brother - Laurence Chuitt
Sister - Clara Chuitt
Son - Alfred Goozmer
Son - Glenn Goozmer
Son - Thomas Goozmer
Daughter - Barbara Doss
Daughter - Kathy Smith
Daughter - Annabell Goozmer
Daughter - Marie
Louise Chuitt Slawson Standifer
Daughter - Pamela Paelom
Jane Chuitt Standifer
Husband - Robert Frank Standifer
Son - Robert Frank Standifer
Edward Francis Deck
Son - John Deck
Daughter - Carla Deck
Step-son - Dan Alexan Sr.
Step-son - Henry Bartels Sr.
Step-son - Harry Bartels
Step-son - Johann Bartels
Step-daughter - Jenny Stephan
Step-daughter - Mary Bartels
Step-daughter - Rosella Smith
Shirley R. Ekstrom


Howard Edwards Evans Sr.
Parents - Howard and Margaret (Panchine) Evans
Wife - Ellen Evans
Son - William Jesse Evans
Daughter - Sheryl Ann Evans
June Evans

Nick Goozmer

Pedro Goozmer

Alexandria Goozmer Stephan

Anne "Auntie Annie" Standifer Hynds
Father - Frank Standifer
Mother - Doris (Peter) Standifer
Brother - Frank Standifer
Albert Kaloa III

Albert Soloman Kaloa
Violet Elizabeth Yeltatzie
Married in Ketchikan 9/5/1956
Charles G. Kaloa

Aggie  King

Adam  W.  Kroto

Charley  Kroto

Edward Kroto

Viola Lynn Kroto

Floyd Longcarp

Louise Longcarp Serrano

Bonnie McCord

Britany McCord

Carl R. McCord

Emil McCord Sr.

Marilyn Rae McCord

Nick T. McCord

Norman "Bim" McCord
Parents - Willard and Nora McCord
Willard Theodore McCord Sr.
Wife - Nora McCord
Brother - Ray McCord
Brother - William McCord
Brother - Laurence McCord
Sister - Nancy Wesson
Son - Steve Stephan
Son - Harold McCord
Son - Ron McCord
Son - Wayne McCord
Son - Willard McCord Jr.
Daughter - Nancy McCord
Daughter - Janis McCord
Peter Sunrise Merryman
Alex Knikoff Sunrise of Copper River
Alexandria Chickalusion of Tyonek
Larry Sunrise (died in fire 1937)
Vera Peter(died in childbirth 1939)
Adopted by - Ruth Merryman
Maternal grandparents:
Pete and Pauline Peter
Wife - Evelyn Sonja Stephan
Brother - Gordon James
Brother-in-law - Seraphim Stephan
Sister-in-law - Mary Chuitt
Sister-in-law - Isabell Davis
Sister-in-law - Georgia Stephan
Step-son - Howard Chickalusion
Step-daughter - Frances Chickalusion
Step-son - Herman Chickalusion *
Sep-daughter - Marion Chickalusion *
Step-daughter - Bernice Chickalusion *
Step-daughter - Dorothy Chickalusion *
*Step-children died in a fire 4/15/1966

NOTE: Peter Sunrise was adopted by Ruth
Merryman of Juneau after Peter's parents
Marina Mishakoff

Irene McCord Sandstol
Parents - Mr. and Mrs. Willard McCord Sr.
Maternal Grandmother - Alexandra Allowan
Husband - Ed Sandstol
Daughter - Angela Sandstol
Brother - Steve Stephan
Brother - Harold McCord
Brother - Ronald McCord
Brother - Norman McCord
Brother - Wayne McCord
Brother - Willard McCord Jr.
Sister - Susanna Tumbleson
Sister - K. Nancy McCord
Sister - Janis McCord
Minnie Nelson
age 2 in the 1960's
Given name - Tuxanna
First Husband - John Bartels
Second Husband - ________ Nelson
Doris Ann Nickanorka

Nick Nickol

John T, Nickolai

Pamela Paelom
Mother - Louise Chuitt Slawson Standifer
Alexey Peter

Andy Peter

Jerry Peter

Mike Peter

Reka Peter

Richard Peter

Christine Retirer

Geoffrey Joseph Rider-Sorden
Grandfather - Peter Merryman
Elizabeth  "Liz" Stephan Baker
1/28/1937 Tyonek
11/4/2009 Anchorage
Parents - Terry and Alexandria Stephan
Brother - Seraphim Stephan Sr.
Brother - Terry Stephan Jr.
Brother - Walter Stephan
Brother - Abraham Stephan
Sister - Evelyn Merryman
Sister - Mary Chuitt
Sister - Isabell Davis
Son - Ernest Baker Sr.
Son - Robert Baker
Daughter - Jane Standifer
Husband - S. Hugh "Tom" Baker

Eddie Sandstol
Perry Merryman said this is
possibly Irene' McCord's  husband
from Norway.
Elsie Alice Standifer Shane

Steven T. Slawson

Daniel Standifer Jr.
October 2002
Lost at sea
Daniel "Dubby" Standifer Sr.
4/13/1943 Tyonek
8/11/2015 Tyonek
Father - William Standifer
Mother - Catherine Chickalusion
Wife - Kate E. (Maillelle) Standifer
Brother - Bill Standifer
Brother - Joe Standifer
Son - Daniel Standifer Jr.
Son - Michael Constantine
Son - David Standifer
Son - Simeon Standifer
Daughter - Sharon Williford
Frank Standifer Sr.
Son - Frank Standifer
Daughter - Anne Standifer Hynds
Frank Standifer Jr.
Father - Frank Standifer
Mother - Doris Peters Standifer
Herman Standifer

Katherine Standifer

Katherine Standifer
3/16/1923 Polly Creek

Kathrine "Kate" Standifer
1/5/1944 Holikachuk
10/21/1985 Anchorage
Wife of Daniel Standifer Jr.
Mary Lou Standifer

Patricia Lynn Standifer

Paul Standifer Sr.

Robert Frank Standifer Sr.
8/1/1921 Kenai
10/19/1989 Tyonek
Wife - Jane Chuitt Standifer
Son - Robert Standifer Jr.
Son - Arthur Standifer
Son - Ernest Standifer
Son - Arnold Standifer
Daughter - Patricia Chappell
Daughter - Carolina Kompkoff
Daughter - Harriet Burnell
Daughter - Victoria Chuitt
Sister - Elsie Shane
Robert Frank Standifer Jr.
8/20/1950 Tyonek
10/17/2011 Anchorage
Father - Robert Frank Standifer Sr.
Mother - Jane Chuitt Standifer
Brother - Arthur Standifer
Brother - Arnold Standifer
Brother - Ernie Standifer
Brother - Paul Standifer
Sister - Violet Kroto
Sister - Harriet Kaufman
Sister - Carol Kompkoff
Sister - Vickie Bartels
Sister - Patti Standifer
William Standifer Sr.
Father - Frank Standifer
Mother - Doris (Peter) Standifer
Alfred Stephan
9/7/1939 Tyonek
4/2/1996 Tyonek
Father - Bobby Stephan
Mother = Katherine Stephan
Brother - Paul Stephan Sr.
Sister - Fedora Constantine
Annie Stephan
Wife of Sava Stephan
Jacob E. Stephan

James Stephan

Ralph D. Stephan
7/3/1946 Tyonek
2/15/1987 Anchorage
Father - Sava Stephan
Brother - Isaac Stephan
Brother - Sava Stephan Jr.
Sava "Chudda" Stephan Sr.
1/18/1920 Susitna
6/1/2013 Anchorage
Parents - Anderson and Inca Stephan
Wife - Annie Stephan
Son - Isaac Stephan
Son - Ralph Stephan
Son - Sava Stephan Jr.
Daughter - Ellen Stephan
Daughter - Agrifina Stephan
Sava Stephan Jr.

Steven Stephan

Terry Elia Stephan

Walter Stephan
Mother - Alexandria Stephan
Brother - Abraham Stephan
Brother - Seraphim Stephan
Sister - Elizabeth Baker
Sister - Isabelle Davis
Sister - Evelyn Merryman
Sister - Mary Chuitt
Wesley Terry Stephan
Father - Seraphim Stephan Sr.
Mother - Selina Joshua
Brother - Seraphim Stephan Jr.
Brother - Ben Stephan
Brother - Bobby Stephan
Sister - Michalene Stephan
Archie Sunrise
11/28/1921 Kenai
12/6/1983 Tyonek
Father: Alex Knikoff Sunrise
Mother: Alexandria Chickalusion
Brother - Larry Sunrise
Sister - Anna Sunrise Munson
Feona Trenton

Harry Trenton

Jefferson Trenton
Father - Leo Trenton
Keith Waldo Trenton

Leo Trenton
Father of Jefferson Trenton
Elia Harryboy Valka
Parents - Nick and Annie Valka
Wife - Betty Valka
Brother - Pete Valka
Sister - Angie Valka
Sister - Lisa Valka
Son - Shaun Valka
Son - Lee Valka
Daughter - Vanessa Valka
Daughter - Analisa Valka
Daughter - Cheyenne Valka
Abraham Stephan
6/3/1940 Tyonek
Abraham Stephan is buried in Anchorage.

Obituary says  his father was Terry Eli and his
mother was Alexandra Goozmer Stephan.

Wife: Georgia

Brother - Terry Stephan Jr.
Brother - Walter Stephan
Brother - Seraphim Stephan
Sister - Elizabeth Baker
Sister - Evelyn Merryman
Sister - Mary Chuit
Sister - Isabelle Davis

Steve Zubeck, Terry Nystuen, Bruce Stephan,
Charlene Stephan, Lisa Olrun, Mark Preston
Matthew Stephan
Larry Sunrise
1913 Tyonek
1937 Kenai
Larry Sunrise is buried in Kenai.

Wife: Vera Stephan

  I found the following Tyonek names
(or Tyonek associated)names listed in the WWII
military registration records

Robert Allowan
4/19/1886 Susitna
Nickefor Alexan at Tyonek
Simeon Pete Chickalusion
4/10/1880 Tyonek
Libby Cannery Kenai
Walter V. Ashworth Postmaster at Tyonek
Pedro Goozmer
6/17/1893 Susitna Station
Nickefor Alexan at Tyonek
Nick T. McCord
4/13/1896 Tyonek
Nickefor Alexan at Tyonek
Nick Pete
7/16/1885 Tyonek
Nickefor Alexan at Tyonek
Alex Peter
6/22/1884 Tyonek
Nickefor Alexan at Tyonek
Bobby Stephan
9/6/1891 Susitna
Nickefor Alexan at Tyonek
Nick Toman
3/15/1880 Tyonek
Nickefor Alexan at Tyonek
Nick Stephan
12/15/1885 Knik
Self Employed
Mrs. Nick Stephan in Wasilla
Simeon Carp
4/15/1910 Tyonek
Jennie Carp (wife) in Tyonek
Nester Paul Chuitt
10/22/1918 Tyonek
U.S. Engineers Ft. Richardson
Paul Chuitt in Tyonek
Nickefor Alexan
6/12/1902 Tyonek
Tyonek Native Store
Nick McCord in Tryonek
Jimmy McCord Chudocken
12/15/1915 Tyonek
Ida Mize in Anchorage
Alex E. Kakoonch
3/20/1906 Tyonek
Libby Cannery
Louis Nissen in Kenai
Leo Lief Trenton
7/4/1907 Tyonek
Catherine Trenton (wife) in Tyonek
James Bartels
4/12/1910 Tyonek
Self employed - fishing
Henry C. Museth in Juneau
Everett C. McCord
9/23/1923 Tyonek
C. C.
Matrona McCord in Tyonek
Nick Petro Goozmer
12/5/1920 Tyonek
Petroe Goozmer in Tyonek
Willard Theodore McCord
12/12/1925 Tyonek
Nick McCord in Tyonek
Teddy T. Petroff
1/9/1916 Tyonek
Josephine V. Kroto (sister) in Tyonek
Lloyd Peter McCord
9/17/1923 Tyonek
Libby Cannery
Nick McCord in Tyonek
Steve Pete Ephim
12/15/1897 Tyonek
Libby Cannery
Mrs. Tanie P. Ephim in Kenai
Buster William Ephim
8/13/1914 Knik
Mrs. Mike Ephim Alex (sister) in Eklutna
Steve Varvell  
(aka) Henry George
7/5/1911 Susitna
Self employed
Nicolai Varvell (brother) Susitna
Nickoli Anton Chicaloon
Point Possession
Pedro Goozmer (Uncle) in Tyonek
Mike Nicoli
Point Possession
Self employed
Kathryn Nicoli(wife) in Point Possession
Peter S. Constantine
3/2/1913 Kuskatan
Annie Constantine (wife) in Tyonek
Charlie V. Kroto
3/16/1900 Kroto
Nickefor Alexan in Tyonek
Albert John Yakasoff
6/18/1918 Matanuska
Mrs. Stnley Young (mother) Fairbanks
Frank Standifer
2/7/1925 Kenai
Bill Standifer in Tyonek
Dick P. Mishakoff
12/24/1900 Kenai
Nickefor Alexan in Tyonek
Terry Elia Stephan
12/9/1915 Kenai
C.C.C. Camp
Alexandria Alex Stephan (wife) in Tyonek
Andrew Nikanorka
11/1/1926 Kenai
Self employed - fishing
Fred Nikanorka in Tyonek
Robert Frank Standifer
8/1/1921 Kenai
Nikefor Alexan in Tyonek
Fred Nick Nickanorka
2/25/1901 Kenai
Nikefor Alexan in Tyonek
Sava Anderson Stephan
1/18/1920 Susitna
C.C.C. Camp
Anderson Stephan (father) in Tyonek
Thomas Stephan Allowan
7/24/1917 Susitna
Robert Allowan in Tyonek
Maxim Theodore Chickalusion
10/15/1921 Polly Creek
Nikefor Alexan in Tyonek
Anderson S. Stephan
5/20/1900 Susitna
Nikefor Alexan  in Tyonek
Fred T. Bismark
4/6/1922 Anchorage
Self employed - fishing
Doris Bismark in Tyonek
Thomas Stephan
1/23/1913 Susitna
Charley Eavon Kroto (Uncle) in Tyonek
Alex Makar Zoachney
12/25/1904 Atka died 4/4/1942
Nikefor Alexan in Tyonek
William V. Constantine
12/20/1899 Kenai
Nikefor Alexan in Tyonek
William Standifer
4/20/1920 Kenai
Self employed - fishing
W. N. White in Tyonek
Jerry Nulton Peter
4/15/1921 Kenai
Nikefor Alexan in Tyonek
Jacob Elia Stephan
12/17/1908 Kenai
Doris Stephan (wife) in Tyonek
Corneil Constantine
9/26/1910 Kenai
Self employed
Midred Constantine in Tyonek
Timothey Mac Maxim
6/26/1909 Kenai
C.C.C. Camp
Tinia Maxim (mother) in Kenai
Nick Steve Mishakoff
4/8/1898 Kenai
Nikefor Alexan in Tyonek
Nester Sorovikoff Constantine
12/30/1906 Kenai
Mrs. Nester Sorovikoff Constantine (wife) in Tyonek
Steve Elia Stephan
10/14/1901 Kenai
Mrs. Elia Stephan (mother) in Tyonek
Sergie Nick Califonsky
8/10/1915 Kenai
Nola Califonsky (wife) in Tyonek

The following names are a good example of how
census takers phonetically changed the spelling
of Indian names over the years.....

1876 - 1877 - 1882

Extracted by Coleen Mielke  Wasilla


These "charge accounts" were dated 1876, 1877 and 1882 and have a wealth of original names in them.

When reading the information below, remember that the ACC agent spelled the names AS HE HEARD THEM :

Example: In 1876, the agent heard the name as IVAN KERLIFF.........in 1877 the agent heard it as EVAN KERELOFF, etc.

If you see a blank column, that just means that the customer had no ACC debt for that month

Luckily, in 1882 (the third column), the bookkeeper hyphenated some of the names which makes it a little easier to pronounce.

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IN 8/16/1876 THE 
agent spelled the name like

IN 5/19/1877 THE 
TYONEK agent
spelled the same name like

 IN 3/31/1882 THE
TYONEK agent spelled the same name like

Ivan Kerliff       Evan Kereloff         
Vassilla Kesnatookta       Vasselly Kesdatookta  →  Wasilii Kus-ack-a-tookta
Fador Yahtanah             Fador Yatanah         Fadoar Yak-a-tanna
Pavil Chesnalookta         Pawel Chesnatoukta     Pavil Ches-na-tookta

Bolshoy Pavil's  wife       Pavil Bolshoys wife  
Bolshoy Pavil's 2nd wife   Pavil Bolshoys 2nd wife     
Nickoli (Chedahan Shurew)   Nicholi Chudaughen     Nicholi Ched-a-chan  Suring
Vera  (Foma's sister)       Vara (Fomar's sister) Verra (Fomar's sister)
Ivan Tiel Kouch             Evan Tilhouch
Tirenta                     Terenter               Terrentin
Judah (Mattway's son)       Judah (Matwai's son)   Juda  Kostatan
Foma (Chesnalookta's son)   Foma Chesnatookla     Old Foma
Fador Chedahan             Fador Chudaughen
Kerilla (Constantine's brother)   Kerelo (Constantine's brother)   Korrillia
Michaloff Malenka                 Michelo Malinky
Michaloff Malenka's wife         Michelo Malinky's wife
Michaloff Malenka's daughter     Michelo Malinky's daughter
Ivan (brother of Koskatan Peter) Evan (brother of Kostakan Peter) Evan Kostatanski
Ivan's wife (bro. of Koskatan Peter) Evan's wife (brother of Kostakan Peter) Evan Kostatanski's wife
Blind Nickoli           Nickoli Blind         (Tyonek Blind Nicholi was dead in 1882 at Susitna)
Blind Nickoli's wife     Nickoli Blind's wife
Gregori                 Gregarie           Gregory
Constantine Tantsalun   Constantine Yantsalin   Old Constantine Ton-ce-lune
Christina               Christina               Christina
Constantine (Dirella's brother)   Const  (Kerelo's brother)   Constantine (Korrillia's brother)
Foma                             Foma 2nd                     Young Fomar
Stephan Kinickoski               Stephan Kuskoskie           Stephan Kinnickski
Peter Bolshoy                     Peter Bolshoy              

Old Ched-a-chan

Big Peter
Peter Chickalushen               Peter Chicolushin           Check-a-lucen
Peter Tyon's son                                            
Tyone Peter
Tyone Peter's wife
Peter Tyon #2
Michaloff (Constantines nephew)   Micholo                     Michealer (Constantine's nephew)

Old Nicholi Kostatan 
(dead in 1882) at Susitna

Tyone Peter
Tyone Peter's wife
Simeon Kon Kow-cueth
Peter #1
Deaf John
Tyone Peter
Evan Ty-ettre-coetu (YakFunua's brother)

Kustatan agent
spelled the name like....
Kustatan agent
spelled the same name like....
3/31/1882 Kustatan
Nickoli                            → Nicholi  
Oklina                             → Akolina
Peter 2nd (Tyon's son)     Peter 2nd (Chief's son)
Tyon Peter                 Chief Peter
Tyon Peter's wife           Chief Peter's wife
Simeon                     Simeon
Pavil (Tyon's son)         Pawel (Chief's son)
Peter 1st                   Peter 1st
Deaf John                   Deaf John

Susitna agent
spelled the name like....
Susitna agent
spelled the same name like...
Susitna spelled the same name like.......

Alexander Melenka       Alexander Malinky
Ivan (Pavil's son)       Evan (Pavil's son)
Alexander 1st           Alexander 1st
Alexander 1st  wife

Phillip                 Phillip
Ivan Yahatootile         Evan Yahulookta Evan Yak-a-to-tuctte
Alex (Ivan's brother)   Elex Sai (Evan's brother)
Alexa Cooka             Alex Sai Cookao Alixa
Yahalootels wife

Kincheslookta                                                  →

Alexander Lick-a-la-stookta



Pavil (Nickoli's brother)

Peter (old man)

Peter (2nd son)

Peter (1st son)

Peter Totolashtookta

Vassilly (old man)

Tu'nuch Tollush

Evan (Goladney's son)


Pavel Kenskestookta 

Pavel (Nichol Chief brother)

Evan (Alexanders brother)
Kus-ack-a-lookta's wife

Kus-ac-a-lookta's son

     Ocha Michealer

Ocha Michealer's wife

Ocha Michealer's daughter





Evan Toot-ech-took-ta

Peter Toot-la-stookta

Old Vassilie

Pollack's brother

Big Pavel, Chu-datch-ki

Big Pavel's son Stephan

Big Pavel's wife




Chen-Tool-chen-tookta  (dead in 1882 at Susitna)

Vladimir Stafeev, a Russian (who first worked as an RAC agent at St. Nicholas Redoubt in the 1860's), married a Dena'ina woman named ______. He worked at St. Nicholas Redoubt and Tyonek, as an agent for the ACC from 1884-1888.

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