Herning Diaries 1898-1947 Knik and Wasilla Alaska


Written by Orville George "O.G." Herning

1898 - 1917  Knik, Alaska
  1917 - 1947 Wasilla, Alaska

Orville George Herning 1868 - 1947

Transcription of Herning's original leather
 journals was done between 2005-2011
by Coleen Mielke of Wasilla

Permission to publish this diary was
given to me by O.G. Herning's grandson,
Bud Herning in 2005

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1. Some (very few) minor spellings have been corrected for clarity only.
2. Herning was a phonetic speller, so keep that in mind when searching for surnames.
   Example: MacLean, McLean, McClean and Maklun are all the same person.
3. Herning uses the term "passed out" when a person dies.

Notes inside cover of 1898 diary:

O. G. Herning Naugatuck, Ct., Manager of the Fourth Expedition of the Klondike and Boston Gold Mining and Manufacturing Company to Cooks Inlet.  E. C. Davis and Co., official Brokers 244 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. The 4th Expedition left Boston Wednesday evening, March 23, 1898 by special car, bound for Copper River or Cooks Inlet by way of Seattle, Washington with the following men (and next of kin):

O. G. Herning Naugatuck, Ct.(father E. S. Herning of Laird, Minnesota)
Edward C. Kirkpatrick West Medford, Mass. (mother and sister in West Medford, Mass.)
George H. Brown Hope Valley, R. I.  (sister Mrs. AM Jillson Hope Valley R. I.)
Fred M. Young East Bridgewater, Mass.  (wife Florence M. Young)
William H. Thorne Winchester, Mass.  (wife Jeanie)
George F. Butler Winchester, Mass.  (wife Millie)
George F. Burrows Bedford Basin, Halifax Nova Scotia (sister, Mary Moore)
Michael Dineen West Surrey, Mass.
H. P. Daniels Concord Junction, Mass.  (wife Julia)
Daniel Coleman Wellesley, Mass.

1898 Supply Outfit:
Three suits medium underwear        1 Tool chest and tools
2 suits heavy underwear             1 Stencil complete
½ dozen all weather sox             1 revolver and 150 rounds cart.
½ dozen medium sox                  2 pair wool pants
2 jersey shirts                     ½ dozen Turkish towels
2 wool blankets                     2 common towels
1 rubber blanket                    1 muffler
1 rubber mittens                    1 hydraulic outside coat
2 rubber boots                      1 compass
1 rubber ankle boots                2 dozen bachelor buttons
1 Hy oil tanned shoes               1 suit hy. wool
1 felt knit boot                    1 suit water proof hat
1 rubber hat                        2 suits overalls and coats
1 rubber coat                       1 sail bag
1 hunters knife                     2 snow glasses
Hooks and lines                     5 pair mittens
1 magnifying glass                  1 water proof sleeping bag
1 barber sheers                     1 money belt
1 barber brush                      1 sweater
3 saw files                         2 money bags

230 sheets writing paper            1 pair creepers
1 account and receipt boot          1 suit mackinaw
1 oil stone and razor strap         10 Asbestos shirts    
1 hair clippers and comb            1 4’ man saw
Needles and thread                  1 box CR rivets
¾ dozen handkerchiefs               5 pair creepers
1 flannel shirt                     1 auger
medicine outfit                     transparent window glass
2 spools wire                       2 lb. citric acid
16 yds. sailcloth                   Dutch oven
100 lb. 12 cut nails                mosquito netting
24 lb. fig bars                     magnet    
5 cakes tar soap                                     

Address Book:
Seattle Trading Company 111 Occidental Avenue Seattle, Washington
Mosquito Proof Tent Company 706 2nd Avenue Seattle, Washington
Aetna Life Insurance Hartford, Connecticut
J. N. Johnston Knik Station, East Side of Inlet
Dr. S. E. Kostright 112 Jane Street Seattle, Washington
A. Beverly Smith (leader of Tanana Mining Company)
J. O. Buzzard Hope City, Alaska
Paul Revere Mining and Supply Co. Revere, Mass.
J. B. Mathews, Agent A. C. Co.

Expedition no. 4 left Boston March 23, 1898 arrived Seattle, Washington March 29, 1898.


April 1, 1898 Paid fare from Seattle to Tyonek, $40 per man.

April 12, 1898 Left Seattle for Turnagain Arm Cooks Inlet, Alaska on SS Dirigo from Yesler Wharf.  

April 17, 1898 Seventy miles out in Icy Strait, condenser broke and we had to put back to Juneau.

April 18, 1898 We rammed a hole in the SS Czarina then tied up for repairs.

April 26, 1898 Midnight, left Juneau for Valdez.

April 29, 1898 Arrived 6 miles from Valdez 10:30 AM, got off course, stuck bow in mud.  7:30 PM pulled off then grounded 8:30 got off and started for Valdez.  Arrived Valdez 10:00.

April 30, 1898 Left Valdez at noon for Cooks Inlet against snow storm, took on 4 men.

May 2, 1898 Arrived at Tyonek 11 AM had dinner on boat then commenced landing baggage and freight by lighter.  Got freight ashore 8 PM.  Got up two tents, one over the other to sleep in got to bed at 12:00 rained all night.  

May 3, 1898 Re-piled freight put up 3rd tent for baggage.

 May 4, 1898   Put up 4th tent for kitchen.

May 5, 1898 Cleaned rusty hardware and fixed handles, axes and picks.  Went with steam launch to find coat which was 5 miles down Inlet.

May 7, 1898 By mutual consent of Party, Manager Herning bought one Sea Otter boat, anchor, one pair oars, two row locks, complete for the sum of $75, from J. N. Johnston of the A. C. Co.

May 10, 1898  Drew up and signed contract with J. N. Johnston of the A. C. Co. to locate company no. 4 in gold belt off Sushitna River, $100 down, $300 note payable May 1, 1899. Was not to charge more than $15 for guide and notary fee.  No bargain if the claim doesn’t suit no. 4 party.

May 17, 1898 A convention of no. 4 party took place in sleeping tent with Manager Herning as presiding officer. On motion carried, George Burrows was elected to go with party to investigate gold placer mines on Gold Creek as first representative of no. 4 party. Daniel Coleman was elected as reserve in case representative failed to go north on investigating tour of gold fields on Gold Creek off the Sushitna River. Brown and Daniels were elected to manage and sail our new Sea Otter boat while moving our supplies from Tyonek to A. C. Co. store on the Sushitna River.  William H. Thorne was elected to the high honor of chief cook until no. 4 party got into regular camp and with the power to appoint his two assistants.

May 25, 1898 Got ready to go on investigating expedition for gold according to contract with J. N. Johnston.  Left Tyonek on Johnston’s sail boat in PM.  Anchored off Fire Island overnight.

May 26, 1898 Arrived at A. C. Co. store on Knik at noon.

May 27, 1898 Started with two men, 150 lbs. provisions and 2 Indian guides for Willow Creek Mining District.

May 29, 1898 Arrived Willow Creek Mining District at 8:30 PM.

June 6, 1898 Staked the Martha Claim, 160 acres.

June 11, 1898 Held miners meeting and formed the Willow Creek District with R. L. Herndon Recorder.  Staked 7 claims and started for A. C. Co. store on Sushitna.  Arrived at store 2:30 PM, had dinner and with 2 Indians, went in canoe down to mouth of river and found our camp.  Cost for canoe, $6 for 30 minute ride. Cost of recording claims $11.

June 19, 1898 Came down to Tyonek with our own boat.

June 21, 1898 By mutual consent of the Party, Manager Herning bought 19’ dory, sail and three pair oars complete $20.

June 22, 1898 Paid over deposit money, $100 on Johnston locating deal to Thomas H. Hanmore, agent of A. C. Co. store.

June 25, 1898 Stored our placer machine with A. C. Co. owner Reed.

June 27, 1898 Left Tyonek with last two loads for camp at mouth of Sushitna River.  Had to leave part of load at Three Mile Creek and wait for next tide.  

 July 2, 1898 with Indian guide, six men and two boat loads, started on fuel trip to A. C. Co. store on the Sushitna River.  Arrived the 6th, returned the 7th.

July 8, 1898 with 9 men and 800 lbs. provisions and tools, started for Willow Creek Gold Mines from camp at the mouth Sushitna River by way of Knik River. Indian guide, Knik Station to Willow Creek, $6.

July 10, 1898 At Knik Station  

July 11, 1898 At Palmer’s store Matanuska.

July 12, 1898 Came back to Knik Station

July 14 to 17, 1898 At the mines. Bought fish from Indians 25¢.

July 22, 1898 Trail work on Andrews Claim

July 25, 1898 Went to foot of mountains for balance of provisions.  Clean up on Andrews Claim $18.60.

July 29, 1898 Moved over to Martha Claim

July 31, 1898 Turned creek on Martha Claim

August 6, 1898 Clean up on sluice $1.

August 8, 1898 Departed from mines.  Paid for mail delivery $3.75.

August 10, 1898 Noon, arrived at government camp.

August 11, 1898 3 PM at Knik store.

August 12, 1898   Left Knik for Goose Bay

August 13, 1898 Left Goose Bay for Crescent Bay

August 15, 1898 Left Crescent Bay for Kirk camp

August 17, 1898 Arrived Kirk camp, Sushitna River.  Bought fish from Indian camp 25¢.

August 18, 1898  With 3 loads provisions left Kirk camp for Sushitna store.

August 24, 1898 Arrived at Sushitna store, located camp across the river at camp Comfort and proceeded to build cache and cabin, for winter load quarters.

August 27, 1898 Business meeting of Expedition no. 4 at camp Comfort, manager O. G. Herning chairman.  The question whether all of the party should winter in Alaska was brought up.  By an agreement read by O. G. Herning that all or any portion of the party could winter in the states if they so desired, by unanimous vote of the party.

September 4, 1898 Bought 80 lbs. quick silver from A. Beverly Smith $30.

September 5-9, 1898 With 3 men, in Sea Otter boat, left Sushitna Station for Tyonek.  Camped at mouth of river on account of rain and wind.

September 9, 1898 Arrived at Tyonek.

September 10, 1898 Bought provisions at Tyonek, $9.85, flour, sugar and nails from A. C. Co. $15.45.

September 18, 1898 Three men with boat returned to Sushitna Station.

September 19, 1898 Nine men waited at Tyonek for boat for Seattle.

September 22, 1898 Col. Marr and I played for a Ball (dance) at the Priests house, 6 ladies and 30 miners present, left at 10:30 PM.

September 24, 1898 9:30 on Saturday, left Tyonek on steamer Dora for Juneau, arrived Saturday October 1st.

October 5, 1898 Wednesday 5 AM, left Juneau on SS Al-Ki for Seattle, arrived Seattle Sunday 1 PM,

October 9th, 1898 Boat fare from Tyonek to Seattle, $65 per man, 4½ days.

Gold Dust Report for 1898            ounces        dwt        gr.
Prospects at Martha Claim                           10        10
September 12th from Homestake        38             15         4
Total amount of Gold Dust 1898       39              5        14

Gold Dust paid out 1898
August 10th, Sent E. C. Davis and Co.  6             0          0
September 12th Paid Members no. 4      19           12         19
November 11th Delivered 2 Nuggets to Company        16          1

The balance of gold dust due to the company was used to buy provisions at mines and to keep the boys together and give those who were sick, privilege of saving enough to come out on.  $35 was expended for Brainard's flume and sluice boxes.  $25 for the Maklun cabin and provisions and the company still has $201.55 worth of provisions now at the mines.  While the amount is small, and does not conform to my contract, I trust it will prove satisfactory to the company.

Distance pointers on Cook Inlet from Tyonek: To Sunrise 65 miles, Knik Station 70 miles, Sushitna Station 53 miles, Sushitna River 25 miles, Sushitna River Forks 107 miles, Sushitna River Falls 153 miles, Indian Creek 145 miles, Government trail on Knik 82 miles, no. 4 party mines 110 miles, Knik River 90 miles, Matanuska River 90 miles, Crescent Bay on Knik 55 miles, Goose Bay on Knik 60 miles, Ladd’s Station 5 miles, Beluga River 15 miles, Fire Island 30 miles, Seattle 6-7 days 1425 miles.

Distance pointers from mouth of Sushitna River: To Forks 82 miles, Indian Creek 120 miles, Falls 128 miles, Talkeetna 65 miles, Willow Creek 70 miles.

Population: Tyonek 25 to 500; Sunrise 200 to 3000; Hope City 50 to 200; Sushitna Station (winter 1898-1899) 50; Knik 25.


April 2, 1899 Left Seattle on schooner General Siglin - Capt. Johnston for Tyonek Alaska, direct by outside passage via Cape Flattery to Cape Elisabeth, was towed by Tug Doctor to Port Townsend then set sail.

April 3, 1899 Noon, passed out straits to open sea.  Head wind the 4th to 8th south east winds, made good time, 600 miles 9th to 10th, snow squalls and rough, 11th to 12th very calm.

April 12, 1899 Sighted land, Mt. St. Elias, 120 miles NE, was 375 miles S. E. Cape Elisabeth.  It was calm on the 13th and fair wind on the 14th.  At 4 PM was 194 miles Cape Elisabeth, Cook Inlet.

April 15, 1899 Noon sighted Middleton Island and entrance to Prince William Sound also Resurrection Bay and Kenai coast.  Range 94 miles from Cape Elisabeth was very calm afternoon and evening.

April 16, 1899 Fair wind, sailed from Point Gore to Cape Elisabeth, 100 miles in 9 hours, arrived at Cape 4 PM  Sunday.

April 17, 1899 Monday noon, arrived at Seldovia, Kachemak Bay just inside Cook Inlet.  Started out for Anchor Point then came back and anchored in Seldovia Bay.  Left letters there for Dora.  Passed steam schooner Jennie just up from Frisko and a Bark with cannery supplies.  Evening visited on A. C. Co. and Northern Commercial Company agents Black and Smith at Seldovia.

April 18, 1899 Left off a few things for the tug Perry and left Seldovia for Tyonek at (no wind, didn’t go).  1898 - 1899 was a mild winter, no sickness reported.  4 PM steamer Walcott arrived from Sitka.

April 19, 1899 5 AM left Seldovia for Tyonek, took on the delayed mail.  Arrived at Anchor Point just opposite of Mt. Iliamna.  Took picture of mountain.

April 20, 1899 Calm, dropped anchor at noon.  PM got wind and got up as far as East Foreland fine weather.

April 21, 1899 Light wind got up as far as West Foreland, anchored in Trading Bay about 12 miles from Tyonek, rained all night.

April 22, 1899 Still raining, weighed anchor at 9 with the tide and easterly wind, started for Tyonek.  Arrived at Tyonek at noon, found all well and the no. 2 party all gone up to Willow Creek.  All the ice went out and of the Inlet on April 12th.  Our boat, General Siglin, was the first to arrive and bring mail dated September 20, 1898 to April 4, 1899.

April 23, 1899 Heavy wind and rough sea.  Wrote letters to wife and company at J. N. Johnston cabin.  Will go north on 24th at noon.  Fair weather but cold wind.

April 24 - 25, 1899 Clear and warm.  Developed 8 plates in Johnston cabin.  Still waiting for the Perry to come up from Seldovia with registered mail.  April 25th very fine day.

April 26, 1899 Perry arrived from Seldovia Bay brought up delayed mail from Homer post office, also my $200 left there last October.

April 27, 1899 With J. N. Johnston, Harry Millish and Mr. Wade, left Tyonek on sloop for Knik Station.  Left at 11 AM in a rain and snow storm arrived at the mouth of Knik Arm at 8 PM.  Next tide 8 AM.

April 28, 1899 7:30 AM started for Knik Station, snow all gone out of woods.

April 29, 1899 Left Knik with Mr. Lee and his pack train for Willow Creek Mines.  Camped at 2nd Lake on the 1st day.

April 30, 1899 Reached foot of mountains, camped.

May 1, 1899 Crossed over mountains arrived at camp 7 PM found boys living in tent on Willow Creek had up 10 saw logs to mines, two sawed and fire wood cut.

May 2, 1899 With Daniels, Dineen, Young and Butler, took up 3 loads fire wood to Andrews Claim.  Found cabin in good shape with bank of snow front of door.

May 3-5, 1899 Hauled logs and fire wood to Andrews and Martha Claims.

May 6, 1899 Moved camp from cache to Martha Claim.  Set tent over board floor.  PM cut 27 logs for cabin on Martha Claim 13’ x 15’.  Hauled up four loads fire wood and took picture sledding on the trail.

May 7 - 8, 1899 Sledded to Martha Claim.

May 9, 1899 Grover and Fonda came up from Canyon Mines.

May 13, 1899 Heavy snow storm.

May 15, 1899 Finished sledding to Andrews.

May 16, 1899 Sledded last of logs to Martha Claim.  Mail arrived from Knik, 2nd mail.

May 17-18, 1899 Built cabin on Martha Claim and dammed creek on section no. 1 ready for sluicing.

May 19, 1899 Whipsawed etc.

May 20, 1899 With Fred Young and Mr. Perry, left 2 AM for cache over Bald Mt.  near Little Sushitna.  In PM packed 300 lbs. up to summit of Mt.  Left summit with 3 sled loads for Willow Creek. Perry arrived home 6 AM Young was sleep and I sprained my ankle so left loads on bench, 2 miles from Andrew Claim.  I arrived there at 9 AM.

May 22, 1899 AM pulled home sleds.  First rain of the season.  PM shoveled out snow from flume and sluice boxes on Andrew Claim.  First commencement of breaking up of Grubstake Gulch.  Willow Creek commenced to break up May 20, 1899.

May 29, 1899 AM Bates and Cameron came up from canyon to Martha Claim.

May 31, 1899 Moved into new cabin on Martha Claim.

June 1, 1899 First set sluice boxes on section one Martha Claim.

June 2, 1899 Snowed all day.

June 3, 1899 J. N. Johnston, with Natives, came in to mines took dinner and supper with us on Martha Claim.  Evening went down to Andrews cabin had 10 PM lunch.  Shot ptarmigan on roof of cabin.  

June 5, 1899 Commenced sluicing on section one of Martha Claim.

June 7, 1899 Fonda, Falkner, Hayes and Churchill came up from the canyon.  Sluiced 2 days then broke camp, gave it up on account of too many boulders.

June 8, 1899 Bought Mr. Johnston’s provisions.  Johnston left for Knik Station with Fonda.  Sent out 1st mail out from Willow Creek to go east.  Bought 5 lbs. sugar off Fonda $1.

June 11, 1899 First cleanup on Martha Claim 4 days work, 6 dwt. 2 gr.  Shoveled in 3 box lengths down 4 feet and no bedrock

June 12, 1899 With Butler and Coleman left Martha Claim for Homestake Andrews Claim to get ready there for sluicing.  Left Young, Daniels and Dineen on Martha Claim to sink down to bedrock

June 17, 1899 First cleanup of Andrews Claim, 2 men 1 day, 5 p. 20 gr.

June 18, 1899 Second cleanup on Martha Claim

June 22, 1899 Third cleanup on Martha Claim total 10 p. and 10 gr.  Three men sluiced 2 weeks, 4 box lengths, 16’ wide and 6’ deep.  Got coarse gold, 5¢ to 13¢ pieces.  Daniels, Young and Dineen started to move down to Andrews Claim, to live in Brainard’s cabin.

June 24, 1899 Third cleanup on Andrews Claim got 2 oz. 19 dwt.  Five and a half days, one man, about $6 per day to the man.

June 25, 1899 PM Butler and Coleman went up to Martha cabin for personal baggage.

June 28, 1899 Commenced working double shifts on Andrews Claim.  Coleman, Butler and self went on 1st shift at 3:30 AM.  Daniels, Young and Dineen on 2nd shift at noon to 8 PM.  2 PM six Indians arrived with 300 lbs. provisions sent by J. N. Johnston of the A. C. Co. from Knik Station.  Gave Indians their dinner.

June 29, 1899 Found 70¢ nugget on Andrews Claim also 10¢ to 35¢ pieces.  

July 2, 1899 Prospected creek above 1st bar and first setting of flume and sluice boxes got good prospects.  Will set flume and boxes on the 3rd.  Chapman and Hayes came up in PM, was working for Jifkin on Willow Creek near Wet Gulch.

 July 4, 1899 Butler and self set sluice boxes on 2nd move, Daniels, Dineen and Young didn’t work.  

July 6, 1899 Noon finished dams and sluiced in PM.  Got good prospects 25¢ to the pan.

July 7, 1899 Saw a gray wolf going up mountain across from Andrews Claim.

July 9, 1899 Faulkner, Russell, McLane, Callahan and Donahue visited in PM they were up on the mountain and saw two caribou.  Donahue brought up letter from Johnston.  Took out one pan $1.25, one nugget went 90¢, another pan went 35¢, three other pieces went 50¢. This was on 2nd move up Andrews Claim.

July 12, 1899 Rained all day.  First heavy rain of season and snowed on the mountains.  

July 13, 1899 Was asked over to Brainard’s cabin by Young, Daniels and Dineen, they talked of going out and wanted to know how much money was coming to them.

July 14, 1899 Cleaned up on 2nd mine of big boxes got about 4 ounces.

July 16, 1899 Rained no one worked.  Callahan and Zorn came up PM.

July 17, 1899 Cleaned up ¾ ounce from bar.  Moved boxes to 3rd setting by 2nd set of flume boxes.

July 19, 1899  First heavy rain washed out trail box and over flowed flume dam. Did considerable damage on Gilbert’s Claim and to dams on Willow Creek.

 July 23, 1899 Coleman and myself worked 6 hours in AM, too much rain for such sports.  In PM Gilbert and his crowd visited at cabin, said Perry and Romig were going out by via Knik Station.

July 24, 1899  Monday Fred M. Young, Michael Dineen, H. P. Daniels, Daniel Coleman and George Butler visited for their share of the gold dust, divided up same:  Company ½, each man received 1 oz. 5 dwt. 7 gr. = $19.31.  Heavy rain, no work.

July 27, 1899  E. Cameron came up to Homestake Claim, wanted work, finally decided to go to Sunrise City and appointed me Deputy Recorder of Willow Creek until June 11, 1900.   Very warm fine weather.

July 30, 1899 Last cleanup on 2nd set of flume boxes, got 9 ounces 4 dwt. 22 gr.  Six days work by six men = $23 for week to the man.  In PM went down to Gilbert’s cabin took picture of cabin and Gilbert’s miners.

July 31, 1899 Were to reset flume boxes up creek.  Removed sluice boxes and dug ditch for 3rd setting of flume boxes.

August 3, 1899 Gave F. M. Young balance of gold dust due him 0-14-14.  He said he was going out to Knik, he might possibly return again.

August 4, 1899 Ready for sluicing on 3rd move of flume boxes. Gave H. P. Daniels balance of gold dust due him 0-14-14.

August 8, 1899 Mail came in, sent out letters cost me $1.40.  Rainy day.  Also received 1st letter from company.  H. P. Daniels and Young finished.

August 10, 1899 Sent E. C. Davis and Co. gold dust due to him 6-0-0.

August 15, 1899 H. P. Daniels visited at Homestake cabin and we settled up personal account to date. Gold dust due to him 0-8-18½, for provisions 3-16-0.   Said he was going out to Knik the 16th.  

August 16, 1899 H. P. Daniels and F. M. Young left Willow Creek for Knik.  Rained hard all day.

August 17, 1899 Still raining and snowing on the mountain peaks.  Called on Gilbert and paid for 50 lbs. rice bought in March.

August 19, 1899 Very fine day.  Gilbert, Zorn and MacLean came up to our mine brought back shovels.  Took picture of whole gang sluicing came out OK.

August 20, 1899 Light cold rain.  I picked 1 quart blueberries and moss berries in 10 minutes.  Had 2 large shortcakes for dinner 1st of season.

August 23, 1899 First cold spell of season.  

August 24, 1899 Coleman finished work.  Paid J. W. McLean gold dust for provisions 0-3-22.

August 25, 1899 Coleman quit work said he was not able to work would try and recuperate up for final trip out in September.

August 26, 1899 Al Gilbert and his six men, with four of no. 2 boys, left on final trip for the Sushitna Station down Willow Creek.  Took picture of Gilbert Party in front of cabin I bought off MacLean, Callahan and Zorn.  Boston Claim no. 50 Willow Creek located by James Bates August 31, 1898.  Irene Claim no. 47 Willow Creek located by Frank Churchill August 31, 1898, sold to Romig and Lightcap June 20, 1899.  Lucky Strike Claim no. 44 Willow Creek located by G. Cameron August 31, 1898.  Rock Claim no. 37 on Rock Creek located August 18, 1898 by G. Cameron and W. M. Litchfield.  E. C. D. and Company no. 2 Claim no. 57 located by M. Cameron September 1, 1898.  Assay work recorded June 9, 1899 by H. L. Grover, manager. McLean’s share of gold dust for cabin 1-12-19.

August 27, 1899 Rained all day, parky stew and blueberry shortcake.

September 1, 1899 With Butler and Dineen, done assessment work on the Little Wonder Claims.  Built two dams and prospected same. Went up to head of left hand fork of Grubstake Gulch went up on Mt. range between Grubstake and Rock Creek, shot ptarmigan.  Came down on ridge to cabin, got home at 7:30 PM saw caribou and bear tracks also.

September 2, 1899 Someone rifled my private papers.  Coleman only man in cabin.  Paid Carlson off in dust PM.  

September 4, 1899 Very fine weather September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Finished sluicing on Homestake Claim, cleanup 1 ounce, 3 men, 1 days work.  Change of weather cold with rain.

September 5, 1899 Went down to my new cabin on Grubstake Gulch, piled up provisions and covered them over with rubber sheeting.  Washed up dishes etc.  Made shutter for window, cut lot of wood for future use.  Hansen and Big George went to Knik.  Morris said he was going out on the 7th after his mail.

September 6, 1899 Butler and I went up on west fork of Grubstake Gulch prospected the Herning and Polar Claims and came back over the hogback.  Shot 4 ptarmigan, 1 wee rabbit, 1 parky and 1 whistler, got home 6 PM.  Made pea soup and blueberry shortcake only ate 3 pieces apiece.  

September 7, 1899 Built wing dam down near mouth of creek and set up small boxes and sluiced in PM on the rim.

September 8, 1899 Cleaned up at noon, 17 dwt. .

September 10, 1899  Light rain.  Butler trimmed up my hair, made mince and apple pie.  Had rice cabbage for dinner.  PM went up to south hogback picked 4 quarts blueberries, had shortcake for supper on Sabbath day.

September 12, 1899  Noon finished sluicing on rim took out 2 ounces 12 dwt. 23 gr. = $5 to the man.  Closed up Homestake Mine for 1899.

September 13, 1899  Doc Callahan arrived from Knik.  Pouring rain snow on mountains.  Heavy rain and wind, expect to go out to Knik Monday 18th of September.  

September 18, 1899  Transferred A. B. Smith power of attorney to me, to Wm. H. Callahan to act in my stead until April 1, 1900 on Smith goods at Sushitna Station.  Goods at Ward’s cabin $81.50.

September 19, 1899  Butler, Dineen and myself went up to Martha Claim, piled up our 12 sluice boxes in good shape, dried out the cabin, took inventory of provisions, tools, etc. and returned to Homestake Claim by way of left hand bench and in a pouring rain, shot ptarmigan. Doing assessment work on Bear Claim right hand fork of Willow Creek.

September 21, 1899  Sledded firewood from cache to cabin went up on west bench and shot 7 ptarmigan.  All ready for Knik on 23rd if weather will permit to cross mountains.

September 23, 1899 With Butler and  Coleman, left Homestake cabin Willow Creek for Knik Station.  Crossed over mountain, snow 18” deep, reached timber line near Little Sushitna at 6 PM camped for the night.

September 24, 1899  Crossed river, ate dinner arrived at small lake at 5 PM,  found Govt. pack train 6 horses in charge of squaw man, H. H. Hicks, on way to Willow Creek to meet Govt. pack train from Sushitna River who were on way to Knik Station for winter.

September 25, 1899 Passed Big Lake ate dinner at 1st crossing of creek.  Bill Morris and Chris Hansen came along from Knik Station with two pack horses on way to Willow Creek, reached Cottonwood City at 5 PM, camped at Millish cabin, shot two grouse.

September 26, 1899 In AM came down on tide flats to Knik left packs half way down.

September 27, 1899 Butler and I took dory, went up after our packs.  Noon of September 26th when we arrived at Knik Station, Mr. Tuell (ACC agent) gave us our dinner consisting of new potatoes, turnips, moose meat, etc.  Doc Callahan and Mike Dineen arrived from Willow Creek just as we were through with dinner.  Mr. Tuell gave us use of the Beedy cabin.  Five bachelors took possession to wait there for the Perry to take us to Tyonek on or about October 2nd.  All summer yet at Knik, was winter at mines when we left.  

September 29, 1899 Left Knik on Perry for Tyonek, arrived at midnight met heavy seas between Fire Island and Ladd Station slept on board got breakfast went ashore Saturday 8 AM, took up quarters in Revere cabin.  The big steamer Cleveland, with Govt. supplies, was anchored in front of Tyonek.  The SS Kodak arrived looking for passengers.  

October 2, 1899 Paid Brainard balance on sluice boxes for Homestake Claim.

October 3, 1899  Doc Callahan and Mike Dineen left with A. C. Co. sloop for Sushitna Station.  I transferred power of attorney from R. C. Smith, F. L. McGuire, James O. May, Fred H. Mills, F. M. Twitchell and Judge Herbert L. Hotchkiss to William H. Callahan, to locate mines for same in my name place and stead.  

October 9, 1899 Steamer General Siglin arrived from Seattle at Tyonek.  PM, went to Sunrise with freight for U. S. M. Co., expected to return to Tyonek and take on passengers for Seattle.

October 14, 1899  Butler shot 9 grouse,  big roast expected noon of 15th.

October 15, 1899  The SS Excelsior arrived to take out Capt. Glenn’s outfit to Valdez left at once for Knik Arm.

October 17, 1899  Left Tyonek on the General Siglin for Seattle had 67 passengers on board.

October 25, 1899 Off Cape Flattery head winds prevented us from entering the straits.

October  31st Port Townsend 6 PM  Arrived in Seattle, time 14 days.


Herning spent part of the winter in Boston, Mass., where his employer was based. Only the journal entries that pertain to Alaska are listed here:

Beginning of diary says:
Name: Orvel G. Herning 250 Cherry Street Naugatuck, Conn.  
Wife:  Same address as above
Make of my bike: Putie number 2880
Number on case of my watch: 22665
Number of the works: 7,853,821
My weight: 175 to 185 lbs. on October and December 1899
My height: 5’ 10½
Size of hat: 7¼          gloves 8½            hosiery 10½       
collar 15½-16    cuffs 10½ shoes 8½-9 shirt 15 to 15½    drawers 36

January 7, 1900 Received views of H. Henshaw, Sacramento, California, of Sunrise City, Alaska.

January 18, 1900 Got letter from Klondike Director, A. M. Bridgman, Stoughton, Mass.

January 21, 1900 At home answered Butlers letter sent bill etc.  Sent Frank Haskell 5 Alaskan views.  

January 25, 1900 Got letter from E. C. Davis and Co. and Bridgman  about mines.

February 4, 1900 Sent F. M. Young 43 proofs of Alaskan views. Sent A. B. Smith views of Willow Creek mines.

February 13, 1900 Wrote to A. M. Bridgman and telegraphed Gilbert of Frisco about his claims. Received returned letter from Al. Gilbert. Sent E. C. Davis and Co. my report to stockholders.

February 15, 1900 Sent E. C. Davis and Co. my report to stockholders.

March 23, 1900 Received letter from Davis and Co., could not raise money to buy the hydraulic plant.  Wanted me to set a price to go to Willow Creek and Cape Nome.

March 25, 1900 Took picture with Klondike rig.  Answered Companies letter, Cook Inlet $1,000, Cape Nome $2,500, to invest $25,000.

March 28, 1900 Wrote Davis and Co. that I would do assessment work on Willow Creek for $1,000.  Put K and B stock on market for 10¢ share.

April 18, 1900 Received Power of Attorney from Al Gilbert to do assessment work on his claims, Willow Creek, Alaska.  

April 20, 1900 Received letter from E. C. Davis and Co. to get ready to go to Cook Inlet, Alaska.  

April 24, 1900 Received letter from previous employer, accepting my resignation to go to Alaska for E. C. Davis Co.  Received letter from E. C. Davis Co., to get ready to leave for Alaska May 1st.  $1,000 salary was ready.  Also letter that J. O. May for the boys to finish R. I. then get through for the season.

April 27, 1900 Received letter from Davis and Co. to arrive at their office, Boston, 2:30 PM, money was ready.

April 29, 1900 At home, packed up for Alaska via Boston.  Alaska next, via Willow Creek Mining District, Cook Inlet.

May 1, 1900 Boston, Mass.  Went in to see E. C. Davis and Co., got tickets, etc. for Seattle.  

May 2, 1900 Received $1,000 of Klondike and Boston Co. before leaving

May 7, 1900 Seattle, bought outfit off Seattle Trading Co.  Bought Eastman camera, had business cards printed, bought personal clothing.  Had Freise take my picture to send home.

May 8, 1900 Finished buying goods for Alaska. Butler wasn’t up to do assay work.  Saw Daniels, was going to Nome.

May 9, 1900 8 AM passed Port Townsend weather cloudy. Passengers on Board 80, 160 miles from Seattle at 8 PM.  First stop Ketchikan Bay, cold and cloudy no snow.

May 10, 1900 On SS Bertha, passed several fishing stations.  Weather was cold and cloudy no snow on mountains thus far. Crossed Queen Charlotte Sound was just a little rough made a few sick, chicken for dinner.

 May 11, 1900 Passed the SS Al-Ki going south.  Took picture of water fall and the Narrows, on Hurricane deck all day.

May 12, 1900 8:30 Arrived Ketchikan.  Ketchikan is 135 miles south of Juneau copper ore district.

May 13, 1900 On the SS Bertha, arrived at Juneau 11 AM saw Dr. Ballance and Gus Benson.  Took 3 views of Juneau. Left Juneau for Sitka 5 PM. Took on freight at Treadwell took snap midget train and one of Douglas.

May 14, 1900 SS Bertha arrived at Sitka 1 PM.  Took picture of Greek Church and water front.  Left Sitka at 5 PM. Next stop Latuya Bay.

May 15, 1900 Arrived Latuya Bay 7 AM, left 2 PM.  Took snap of Bay and seals.  Yakutat next stop.

May 16, 1900 On SS Bertha arrived Yakutat 2 AM, took on 40 Indians for Icy Bay.   Landed Indians among floating ice at 2 PM, part of Malaspina Glacier. NE wind and sea  getting rough, could not land at Kayak - high surf.

May 17, 1900 Arrived at Nuchek 2 PM left lumber for A. C. Co.  Departed at 4:30 PM for Orca, some rain and cold north wind.  Now entering Prince William Sound.  Arrived at Orca 10 PM left a few passengers.  Departed 4:20 on for Valdez.  

May 18, 1900 Left Orca 4:30 AM, arrived at Valdez 11 AM. Loaded Government cattle and freight on scow and they got her aground on beach.  Looked Valdez over. Government had, at Military Post, 108 soldiers and 50 helpers - their post was across from Valdez on east side of sound.  Had not commenced to build yet.  

May 19, 1900 On SS Bertha. Got scow off beach at Valdez loaded on Capt Abercrombie’s freight,
towed across to the U. S. Post, left scow and departed at 2:30 PM.  Took snap of Abercrombie and the Launch Killie in front of post.  There were 125 people at Valdez and 50 had gone over Glacier to Copper River.

May 20, 1900 Midnight arrived at Landlock Bay left freight.  1 PM arrived at Post. Dick left freight for P. D. G. M. Co. and Paul Buckley and wife and 4 men.  5 PM left for Seldovia.  Cook Inlet very calm all along Kenai Penn., weather fair.  

May 21, 1900 Rounded Cape Elizabeth at 8:30 PM, arrived Seldovia 3 AM found Perry and Siglin there, Siglin with hole in her.  Arrived Homer 5:30 left freight and passengers, left 7 AM arrived Kasilof and Kenai at 4 PM left mail.  Arrived at Tyonek 9 PM took cabin back stock  Had Davis launch inspected.

May 22, 1900 Arrived 8 AM had boiled egg, cheese, crackers, butter and coffee for breakfast.  Pumped out Davis launch. Perry left for Sunrise.  Had pea soup, fried ham and eggs for dinner.  Took picture of D. Finch and his two dogs.  Perry was to return and take us to Knik - very fine weather.  Doc and Mike had gone to the Point.

May 23, 1900 Still waiting for the Perry to return from Sunrise City. Went up on the hill to see Hanmore's farm and gun for grouse.  

May 24, 1900 Bought powder and fuse.  Made skate protectors went out gunning.  Perry arrived, took load off the schooner Pearl for Hope and Sunrise left at 10 PM,  sea getting rough.  Wrote letter to Seattle Trading Co. short 11 pack, Royal Yeast and 5 lbs. baking powder, got soda instead.

May 25, 1900 Cloudy and windy, rough sea.  Perry took balance of freight from schooner Pearl for Sunrise and Hope.  Pearl left for Kodiak.  P. S. Pacific, S. W. Co. tug boat are at Tyonek with fisherman.  Supt. Gompertz took launch E. C. Davis and Co.  no. 1 on trail.  Was to paint and put her in A-1 order and return her from Kenai if price and launch did not suit.

May 26, 1900 Palmer arrived at Tyonek, went down to coal mine for road coal, returned to Ladd Station  with Butler and Indian, left Tyonek with freight and baggage in Dory for Ladd Station, visited on Harvey.  On way up at Ladd Station saw Churchill.  Bought 6 lbs. N. C. tobacco, 2 suits underwear and corduroy coat on sale at Ladd Station.  Left Ladd Station with Palmer for Knik 11 PM.

May 27, 1900 Tide left us on mud flats in sight of Pt. McKenzie and abreast Pt. Campbell at 11 AM.  Started for Knik 2:30 flood tide at Knik.  7:30 took up quarters in Beedy cabin had flapjacks, ham, butter, cream and coffee for supper.  Raining, turning to snow.

May 28, 1900 Bad brook trout for breakfast, still raining some snow.  Engaged the two white horses of George Palmer  to pack 300 lbs. grub from Knik to Bald Mt.  Snowed at Little Sushitna River and Bald Mt., Indian came in from there.

May 29, 1900 Snow and rain, breakfast, fried salmon, hotcakes, coffee, cream etc.  Dinner, turtle soup, baked potatoes, stewed corn, bread, crackers coffee and cream.  Went up on the bank to view Bald Mt. was covered with snow.

May 30, 1900 Repacked provisions had six packages - 392 lbs. - all ready for pack horses.  Had boiled brook trout, potatoes, corn, coffee etc. for dinner. Expect to start for the mines Sat. weather right.

May 31, 1900 Left Knik by boat with freight for the Cottonwood arrived 10:30.  Took pack from Cottonwood with Lee’s 2 white horses to Willow Creek.  George Palmer agreed to send in-mail last of June.

June 1, 1900 Left Cottonwood for Willow Creek with two white horses, Bill Morris in charge.  Took dinner 1st crossing of creek.  Arrived at Big Lake 5:45 PM went into camp.  Had boiled rice, sugar and cream, coffee, saloon biscuit and butter, boiled ham for supper, spruce bows for bed.

June 2, 1900 Left Big Lake 8:30 AM arrived at Little Sushitna River 1 PM.  Had dinner, took picture of pack train crossing river.  Jumbo (horse) fell over bank near river, broke open box goods but no harm done only sugar.  Made camp about 1 mile from Bald Mt.  Rice and salmon for supper, weather fine.

June 3, 1900 Arrived at Herning cabin.  Reached summit of mountain 1 PM left provisions on a rock, returned to camp at foot of mountain. Morris left for Knik with 2 pack horses at 4:30. Shot 4 ptarmigans and had supper 11 PM.  Reached summit at 2 AM Monday. Snowshoe'd over to Willow Creek arrived at my cabin at 5:30 AM, shot 5 ptarmigan.

June 4, 1900 Things at Homestake and Gilbert cabin in fair condition, pork was rusty and several things gone according to list.  Took out bedding, sugar, fruit, axe, some cooking utensils.  Cleaned up my cabin, ate 4 ptarmigans for dinner.  No snow on Willow Creek but considerable on Grubstake Gulch and mountains.

June 5, 1900 Remodeled bunks in my cabin. Started for mountain by way of Grubstake Gulch to sled over provisions.  Got sleds to 1st summit, was storming on mountains so we returned, arrived 2 AM.

June 6, 1900 Storming on the mountains.  Tore down and removed Gus Benson tent cabin to make calidoor in front of my cabin.  Took off saddle boards and weather strips, covered roof with heavy duck to keep out storm.  Tyoon Bill’s dog left at noon to Knik most likely.

June 7, 1900 Snow storm covered creek bottom white. Went up to Homestake cabin, brought down Jack and rubber boots, rain coat, tools etc. to my cabin.

June 8, 1900 Very clear after the storm.  Left for Bald Mt. to sled over grub by way Grubstake Gulch.  Saw bear on gulch, arrived mountain 11 PM with two sled loads, left mountain for Wet Gulch, no snow other way.  Remember coasting down the mountain 40 miles per hour.

June 9, 1900 Sledded grub as far as right hand fork on Wet Gulch, no more snow, cached it there. Air full of smoke, forest fire below.

June 10, 1900 AM done washing and baking.  Made my bunk mosquito proof - dude will have to stay on the outside.  Wrote one sheet to Mattie, made shammie bag for gold watch.  Put shelves up in cabin.

June 11, 1900 Butler and I went over to Wet Gulch and packed over 100 lbs. grub.  Cut gable end in calidoor and oil sheet over roof of cabin.  Made garden. Mosquitoes thick tonight.  Baked 1st raised bread.  Put lock on my cabin door.

June 12, 1900 Went up to Martha Claim found provisions etc. in good shape except bacon which the mice had eaten.  Found two old channels where we could turn the creek which prospected.  Killed 4 parky’s, will move up to Martha Claim Wednesday.

June 13, 1900 Went up to Martha Claim started ditch abreast of cabin to turn creek into old channel.  Packed up what grub we needed and teamed out trail.  Shot 2 ptarmigans and caught 2 parky’s on way up.  

June 14, 1900 Moved up bedding from my cabin to Martha cabin.  Worked on ditch near cabin on Martha, considerable frost in the ground.  Fixed up two bunks with mosquito proof.  Caught 2 parky’s, very fine weather, mosquitoes just ripe.

June 15, 1900 Worked on dam and ditch.  Very nice weather snow on mountains nearly gone, the creek is a  foot high.  Had ptarmigan and parky stew, beans, biscuit, butter and coffee for dinner.  Panned out two pans of dirt in ditch and got good colors.

June 16, 1900 Worked on dam and ditch, blasted out rock in ditch, most completed.  Some fog on mountains tonight, made table suitable for two, after supper.  Menu - pea soup, baked pork and beans, bread and butter, rice with sauce, apple sauce, coffee with cream.

June 17, 1900 Worked on ditch 2 hours to finish but was stopped by rain, got good prospects in ditch.  Went down to my cabin for supplies.  Had dinner bean soup, baked beans, boiled potatoes, bread and butter, coffee and cream, mince pie.  Evening made and put up table.  Rainy day.

June 18, 1900 Rained all day.  Let creek into ditch and built about 30’ of dam got soaking wet.

June 19, 1900 Rained all day.  Lowered dam some and made flume gate for dam also put one of the old tents over roof of Martha Cabin as she was leaking.  Bear came down side of mountain south of cabin during early noon.  Evening wrote a few lines to Mattie.

June 20, 1900 Still working on dam, completed to 2nd fork of channel.  Dam 4’ high and 4’ to 6’ wide.  

June 21, 1900 Worked on dam, had to widen ditch as it wouldn’t carry the creek when she was high.  Made the ditch 12’ wide at mouth.  

June 22, 1900 Lowered ditch and raised up wall in case high water.  Carried up head sluice box from last years prospect hole down creek at foot of claim.  Everyone went down to my cabin for more grub.

June 23, 1900 Finished dam wall which is 100’ long by 3’ to 5’ deep by 2’ to 4’  wide.  Built same and cut ditch 100’ long 12’ wide by 3’ deep in 8 days, two men at work.  Cut ditch wider and got ready to set sluice boxes just below Martha cabin on north side of basin.

June 24, 1900 Didn’t do much only cooking cut wood, etc., hands very sore after building dam.  Sunday dinner parky stew, baked beans, bread and butter, coffee and cream, rice pudding.

June 25, 1900 Carried up sluice boxes from foot of claim to north side of creek in front of Martha cabin.  Built part of sluice dam.  Set boxes in creek bed and had to widen ditch where we turned the creek on account of high water.  Shot a ptarmigan with a stone.

June 26, 1900 Set riffles and got water running through sluice boxes. Now got ditch as wide as Willow Creek, water still high.  Sunny and very fine.  Small mosquitoes began.

June 27, 1900 First sluicing.  Raised up 100’ dam 1’ finished sluice dam.  Now have control of water OK.  Small mosquitoes very savage.  All ready now for actual sluicing.  

June 28, 1900 Removed a ton of rock from ditch and then corked dam to stop a couple of leaks.  Went down to Homestake cabin for rubber boots, sluice boxes, etc.  Shot black duck in creek.  Mosquitoes very savage.

June 29, 1900 Commenced actual sluicing on Martha Claim.  Got 5¢ pans in gravel, shortened one box length.  Rain and lots of it raised creek highest of season,  put patches on my old boots. Evening wrote to Johnston and Gilbert.

June 30, 1900 Rained all day.  Dug small ditch from sluice dam to relieve and shut off water from sluice boxes, got good prospects in ditch.  Cut up stove wood and looked after big dam, water very high.

July 1, 1900 Patched boots and did some cooking, parky stew with dumplings, mince meat and beans for dinner.  

July 2, 1900 Sluiced all day one box length.  Creek gone down one foot.  Grass knee high, mosquitoes very calm.  Sluiced 9 hours.

July 3, 1900 Shoveled in 4½ hours. Left Martha Claim for my cabin,  5 PM left my cabin for cache over on Wet Gulch with butter, packed over case of cream, 25 lbs. potatoes, 15 cond. milk, eggs etc. 112 lbs.  Met Morris coming in from Knik.  Got 6 letters from Mattie one from J. O. May.

July 4, 1900 Went up to Homestake prospected Gilbert’s Claim above canyon.

July 5, 1900 Sluiced on Martha Claim 5 hours.  Left 7 letters with Bill Morris to go out with Indian.  

July 6, 1900 Sluiced all day, 10 hours.  Found 10¢ nugget, 1st coarse gold.  Nearly down to bedrock, ½ of 1st set up done.  Cloudy and foggy all day and the band plays on.

July 7, 1900 Sluiced 11 hours cleaned up on riffle got 1/3 oz. fine gold.  Cloudy and foggy.

July 8, 1900 Got 5 parky’s ready for the pot. With Butler went up to Bear Claim and  put up new notice board and prospected up to head of Martha Claim.  Got sample of black sand for assay, got colors in every pan.  Went through pass to head of Little Sushitna River came home soaking wet.

July 9, 1900 Sluiced 10 hours found some coarse gold. For dinner fried parky’s, bean soup, baked beans, bread and butter, coffee with cream, mince meat.  Supper cold parky, granulated potatoes, coffee, cream.

July 10, 1900 Sluiced 10 hours with better prospects in sight.  Finished 1st set up about 75 cubes of gravel.  Wrote few pages to Mattie about packing up for trip to mines.

July 11, 1900 Sluiced 8 hours. Bill Morris came up after onions from our garden had ¾ oz. Willow Creek gold taken from 4 box lengths.  Indian went to Knik with our 1st mail out from Willow Creek.

July 12, 1900  Finished 1st set up on Martha Claim, time for one man 164 hours. Hail storm for 15 minutes clear and cool in evening.

July 13, 1900 Tore out sluice dam, turned outside channel in small cut. Took out sluice boxes, got ready for 2nd set up.  Cut the willows down that hung over the creek.  Trout for supper.

July 14, 1900 Built sluice dam set boxes now ready for working out 2nd set up.  Parky stew for dinner.  shot big parky with hatchet out of cabin door, dandy shot.

July 15, 1900 Rained all day, did not work.  For dinner, had parky pot pie, vegetable soup, onions, vegetable Alaskan style, bread and butter, coffee and cream.  Went down to my cabin for more grub.  Called on Bill Morris who was sluicing at 7 PM, dog was sick

July 16, 1900 Finished sluice dam and opened drain ditch.  Rained most of PM saw beautiful rainbows at head of Willow Creek.  Weighed up 1st clean up had 8 dwt. and 23 gr.  45¢ for day for digging drain ditch.

July 17, 1900 Sluiced 9 hours, found some coarse gold 6” above clay bedrock  Dinner pea soup, beans browned in the pan, bread and butter, coffee with cream.  Supper baked peas, rice, peaches etc.

July 18, 1900 Sluiced 4 hours, heavy rain and hail storm.  Put soles on boots, cut fire wood and ground axes.  For supper parky stew with green peas, rice, peach sauce etc.

July 19, 1900 Snow on mountains at the head of Willow Creek.  Hard weather on skeeters.  Took picture of 2nd set up.  Sluiced 5 hours turned over big boulder found no coarse gold under it as expected.

July 20, 1900 Sluiced until 5 PM, heavy rain, no skeeters to bother but the sand flies are getting in their work.  Caught 2 parky’s in traps, shot one with a club, parky stew tomorrow.

July 21, 1900 Sluiced 3½ hours, cleaned up got 8 pwt. and 8 gr., three box lengths.  Morning got stitch in back evening put on large mustard plaster.  

July 22, 1900 Back some better, done my washing.  Butler caught 2 dozen brook trout and I chinked up and corked up big dam. Trout day, 3 dozen fried trout, potatoes, brown gravy, bread and butter, coffee and cream, apple dumplings for Sunday dinner. Temperature 65.

July 23, 1900 Went prospecting up to forks of Martha Claim found gold in every pan and some cent pieces.  Had fried ptarmigans for dinner, caught 4 parky’s in traps. Bill Morris still sluicing on Willow at mouth of Grubstake.  Temperature 65.

July 24, 1900 Put in celloid window in my private cabin, done baking etc.  Prospected canyon on Gilbert’s Claim got 36¢ in 12 pans.  Cleaned out 4 boxes on Homestake got 7 pwt. 15 gr. - $6.10 in 2 hours.

July 25, 1900 Prospected on Homestake, took out 2 pwt. 3 gr., $1.70 in 5 pans. Cleaned out and re-corked 6 boxes and got 11 pwt. $8.80 and built sluice dam ready for sluicing.  Parky stew for dinner.  

July 26, 1900 Set up 6 boxes built sluice dam to sluice on bank, half way between Johnston’s and Homestake cabins. Cleaned up Homestake cabin and fixed up the stove got home 8 PM.  Already to commence sluicing Friday morning.

July 27, 1900 Moved up from my cabin to Homestake with provisions, filed man saw and did some baking.  Sluiced 6 hours 1st sluicing on Homestake 1900.  Found all coarse gold mostly bedrock digging.  

July 28, 1900 Sluiced all day 10 hours. Cleaned up 1st riffle got 15 dwt.  11 gr. 6 hours most coarse gold,  1¢ to 5¢ pans Caught a weasel in trap under cabin, we let him go free. Mosquitoes and sand flies quite bad.

July 29, 1900  Butler and I left Homestake for Martha Claim, at dinner there was baked beans, mince sauce, pea soup, bread and butter, coffee and cream.  Butler caught 17 nice brook trout.  Brought back tools.    Stopped at my cabin and got clothing, cream, etc.  

July 30, 1900 Sluiced on bank 10 hours. Fog and rain all day. Seventeen brook trout, potatoes, brown gravy, bread and butter, peach sauce, Birthday Dinner.

July 31, 1900 Sluiced 10 hours then cleaned up got 1-19-15.  Two days work $8 to the man avg. to date $5.50 to the man.  Got one nugget 56¢ total with dust from joints of boxes 2-4-6 $9 to the man.

August 1, 1900 Moved boxes up the creek 8 lengths, got $4 from joints of boxes.  New set up to sluice bank left hand side up as far as where Andrews left off. Blasted out boulder.  Quit work at 8:30 PM, parky supper.

August 2, 1900 Built 2nd sluice dam - Homestake Claim sluiced, very heavy rain. Morris said if the mail didn’t come in by Sunday August 5th he would go out to Knik to get it and some  tobacco.

August 3, 1900 Sluiced 8 hours rain most all day.  Found one pay streak in bank 1 to 5¢ pieces.  Creek up, cool rains and quite a bit of snow still on left fork Grubstake.  Evening wrote few lines to my wife.  

August 4, 1900 Sluiced 8 hours. Indian arrived with mail and 1 bag flour, 20 lbs. sugar.  

August 5, 1900 Got up at 7 AM, Indians were ready to start for Knik.  Sent letter and $10 to Palmer for provisions, told him I would pay $2 to get mail out on SS Bertha August 20th. Dinner 3 lbs. fresh salmon, taters, bread and butter, coffee and cream, peach pie.  Rain in evening.

August 6, 1900 Rain, creek very high, could not sluice.  Moved 6 flumes down creek 220 yards. Floated boxes down creek, got wet from head to foot. Parky's for dinner.

August 7, 1900 Prospected, water still high, sluiced 4 hours.  Packed up and cut up firewood very warm after the 24 hr. rain storm.  Caught weasel in trap.  Commenced wearing leather shirt.

August 8, 1900 Cleaned up got 1 oz. 1 dwt. and 21 gr.  23 hours work.  Fixed up dam and ground sluiced away bank.  Evening made an Alaskan flute out of tin it was dandy.  Got 40¢ nugget.

August 9, 1900 Sluiced 7 hours water high, prospect run out on bank.  Took picture of Homestake Claim from foot of same. Rain cold like fall weather 1st real fall day, windy.

August 10, 1900 Cold rain all day with snow on mountain peaks.  Sluice dam went out, did not work.  Butler picked first mess of bog and blue berries made tin flute, a dandy, made drawing of Martha Claim.  Cold fall rain, snow on the mountain peaks. 1st shortcake.

August 11, 1900 Cleaned up boxes to move up creek and work creek bed where Andrews left off.  Set up flume boxes and repaired some that was broken by snow slides winter 1899 and 1900.  Water very cold and hats leaking badly.  Skeeters gone.

August 12, 1900 Cold rain and foggy, creek very high.  Went down to my cabin for potatoes and cream.  Cut firewood etc. Flume dam to build Monday - Called on Morris.

August 13, 1900 Built flume dam,  moved boxes to third set up on Homestake. Creek high and water cold worked 11 hours.  Now ready to work in creek bottom where E. Andrews left off 1898, set up 6  flume, 7 sluice boxes.

August 14, 1900 Sluiced 8 hours got $1.17 on pan on bedrock  Supper boiled rice and blueberry shortcake 4” a cube each, coffee, cream, bread etc.

August 15, 1900 Genuine old fashioned fall rain.  Cold wind with snow on mountain peaks, creek high.  Did no sluicing cut fire wood put more rock on flume dam, etc.

August 16, 1900 Creek very high, took out our flume dam during night.  Snow on the mountain peaks and highest water of season.  Went down to my cabin and made a pump for bedrock use. Made over dam gate, double the size, cut wood.  Had blue and bog shortcake for supper.

August 17, 1900 Cold rain all day creek higher, can not sluice until creek goes down.  Located claims, Hillside Bench Claim – A. M. Bridgman, Big Bolder John R. Newman, Jos. H. Allen, Thos. E. Griver, Elevated claim,  H. A. Stearns, Claud L. Allen, Edw. C. Davis.

August 18, 1900 Rain harder than ever, creek on the rise. Our sluice boxes moved off of foundation but did not float away.  Cut down bank on left hand side.  Cut fire wood etc.

August 19, 1900 Rain 90 hours, streams are highest known since 1896.  It took out front of Morris Claim and filled up drain ditch.  Made notice boards for Big Bolder, Elevated and Hillside Placer Claims.  Took down Klondike cloth bag to my cabin.  For supper blueberry shortcake.

August 20, 1900 Went up to Martha Claim took picture of down Willow Creek.  Big dam on Martha Claim stood flood OK.  Butler caught 18 beauty brook trout. Turned water off sluice boxes put more rock in dam.

August 21, 1900 Heavy rain all day.  Wrote to E. C. Davis and Co. about the conditions of things at the Mines.  140 days one man 10 to 14 hrs. mostly on Martha Claim - Morris $6.18 ground sluicing.  Look for dust last of October.  Washed Out.

August 22, 1900 Sluiced one hour on bank got 4 dwt. and 3 gr.  Cut rods to fix up dam.  Evening Bill Morris came up and stayed for supper, had rice and blueberry shortcake, coffee with cream, bread and butter. First clear sunset in August clear and colder, first frost.  Ending of a 144 hour rain, longest and heaviest rain known here.

August 23, 1900 Clear as a bell.  Rebuilt flume, dam creek going down fast.  Put on sod on dam 15’ long, a Jim dandy.  Got wet as usual, blueberry shortcake for supper.

August 24, 1900 Back-walled flume dam, rebuilt sluice and reset boxes, opened drain ditch.  Now ready for work where we started on the 14th and got washed out.  Weather most perfect.  Rover visited on us all day.  Wrote a few lines to Mattie.

August 25, 1900 Sluiced 10 hours, blasted out drain ditch at noon time.  Creek down to normal size.  Sent Rover home with tag on his collar for Bill Morris.  

August 26, 1900 AM done cooking etc. cut hair and whiskers. Morris visited to get his dog Rover.  Put up location board on Big Boulder Claim.  Went down to my cabin to sharpen crowbar. Had big blueberry shortcake for supper, 4” x 8”.

August 27, 1900 Sluiced all day in cold wet rain, picked up 19 gr. small pieces on bedrock.  Put in two blasts to open drain ditch, evening painted drill bar.  The devil and rain seems to be with us, when will the sun shine again!

August 28, 1900 Sluiced 10 hours. Got one side worked up to sluice dam.  Evening brought down flume that was broken by snow slide, will joint it on to rear of flume tomorrow to help out drain ditch back water etc.  Got up last night in my sleep.

August 29, 1900 Cold rain with snow on mountain peaks. Brought down broken flume fixed it up and set it in as tail flume box.  Bill Morris came up at 5, stayed for supper - going to Knik tomorrow.

August 30, 1900 Sluiced 7 hours put in several blasts to open bedrock - found in creek a 10 gr.  nugget.  Cut and packed up firewood to last a week.

August 31, 1900 Sluiced on left side of boxes 10 hours.  Found good paying bedrock, took out 49 grains in 3 pans, gold in sight all day.  6 PM came on rain as usual.  Butler’s bread went back on him so we made raised donuts of it.  Found several 10¢ nuggets.

September 1, 1900 Sluiced 10 hours.  Gold in sight all day, took out 1 dwt. to the pan.  Cleaned up one riffle and took out 5 dwt. 11 gr. Found good paying bedrock that run into right hand bank.

September 2, 1900 Sluiced 5 hours, took out $1 pan and 1 - 30¢ nugget.  Went up to Martha Claim took out sluice boxes, cleaned up cabin.  Caught 18 fine brook trout, shot 2 ptarmigans and 2 parky’s, got home at quarter of nine.  Evening dressed game.  

September 3, 1900 Cold and rain came on. Got $51.56 for 7½ days work by two men.  Had fried brook trout for dinner.  Evening much colder, snowing on mountains  Got 5 more days work we would like to do but the weather is doubtful. Clean up 3-4-11.

September 4, 1900 Cold rain all of AM. Sluiced 4 hours creek on the rise again.  For dinner fried parky’s.  For supper fried ptarmigan.  Caught weasel in trap, making it 6 in all.

September 5, 1900 Finished sluicing.  For 13 hours work cleaned up 19 dwt. and 12 gr.  $15.60.  Pay streak run under flume so had to give up sluicing unless we moved over the flume.  Weather cold and clear.

September 6, 1900 Ground sluiced on Gilbert Claim took 10 gr.  Cleaned out Homestake sluice boxes got 11 dwt. 8 gr.  Piled boxes on bank just below cabin.  Put tools in cabin, closed up business for season of 1900.  Knik Next.

September 7, 1900 Left Willow Creek for Knik Station.  Left Homestake cabin at 11:30 AM crossed over mountains, shot 9 ptarmigans with 4 shots in timber near Little Sushitna River. Had beans, coffee and donuts for supper.  Made a lean to, to sleep under retired 11 PM.

September 8, 1900 Had boiled ptarmigans and donuts for breakfast.  Broke camp 8 AM arrived at 1st lake for dinner had coffee at small creek crossing for supper 5:30 PM, at the Cottonwood 8:30.  Stayed over night with a prospector there came down to Knik Sunday AM.

September 9, 1900  Arrived at Knik 11 AM, took up quarters in Shorty’s cabin.  Had no breakfast on account of tide being high. Dinner boiled ptarmigans, whole wheat biscuits, cream new potatoes from Palmer’s garden, lettuce, coffee etc.

September 10, 1900 Palmer says this is Tuesday but I don’t believe it yet.  Very fine day got up at 8, had a boiled dinner, 2 ptarmigans, carrots, parsnips, turnips and new potatoes from Palmer’s garden with cranberry mince on the side.  Recorded claims and assay work.  Waiting for the boat to Tyonek.

September 11, 1900 Not much doing only enjoying vegetables from Palmer’s garden.  Shot one grouse.  Had mess of green peas with new potatoes.  Bought parky robe, 2 moccasins, ladle and bidarka from Palmer.  Tyonek tomorrow if weather permits.

September 12, 1900 Left Knik on way to Tyonek with Indian Goosmer and his sail boat.  Arrived Fire Island for dinner, went hunting, got 3 blue grouse and 2 large rabbits.  Camped over night on the beach.  Saw plenty of markings from moose on the Island.  Grouse for supper, rabbit for breakfast.

September 13, 1900  Left upper end of Fire Island at 8 AM had good voyage across,  had to row all the way, no wind, arrived Ladd Station 2 PM.  Frank Churchill was in charge he gave us a good warm dinner and supper.  Left Ladd Station at 6:30 AM, got to Tyonek 7:45 PM.  Took quarters in cabin next to no. 2 Boys cabin got letter from Mattie.

September 14, 1900 Got 2 rolls film and registered letter Mattie sent with birthday present.  Butler got registered letter containing divorce from his wife, he was much surprised and will now stay in Alaska.  Found Davis Launch returned, was housed over but P. W.  Co. but couldn’t use her.

September 15, 1900 Old fashioned tail wind.  Noon took surf scene and a picture of Davis Launch. Sold Butler shotgun and Indian Stephan old sweater, gloves, shirt, etc.  Took order from Butler for 1 can Carnation cream and 12 lbs. Elgin butter to ship from Seattle on SS Bertha Oct. 8th with his baggage and watch from Blake Hotel, Seattle.  High surf.

September 16, 1900 Repacked my clothing washed white shirt collars.  Bought 2 more moccasins for speculation, sold two handkerchiefs and arctic sox for 50¢.  Read over Mattie’s letters.  Finished letter to my sister Clara.  Started letter to Mattie.  Expect SS Bertha the 23rd.

September 17, 1900 Butler and I went up to Ladd Station in small dory and got balance of A. B.  Smith goods and dumped them off  to Butler for $7.  Arrived at Tyonek 3 PM. Hanmore beached the Davis launch for the winter.

September 18, 1900 Done washing. Talked with Thomas Hanmore about oil wells down the Inlet, will take out samples of it.  Early morning Butler went out and shot 5 grouse.  Had stuffed and baked duck and grouse for dinner.  Butler filed up saws.  Evening mended clothes.  Wrote to Cleghorn about photos.  Steamer Roland from Nome came in and left off 5 prospectors.

September 19, 1900 At Tyonek, helped Butler build a cache near no. 2 Boys cabin.  Tore down the Revere Boys donkey barn to build same.  Bought another pair moccasins very fine warm day.  Had fried grouse for supper.  Mended clothes in evening.

September 20, 1900 Had grouse pot pie for dinner. Tried our hand at laundering white shirts etc. Evening, Hoover of Mills Creek visited on us.  Butler gave me special power attorney to sell his interest in mines.

September 21, 1900 Perry arrived from Sunrise with 15 passengers for SS Bertha.  Met Com. Brooks from Sunrise and Mr. Cook of Hope.  Received from Butler the balance on A. B. Smith outfit from Ladd Station $7.  Mailed letter to A. B. Smith and Cleghorn.  Called on Humpy Stephan his Bobbie was sick.

September 22, 1900 At Tyonek helped Butler on his new cache.  Took picture of cache and the Hanmore cabin we were living in.  Looking for the SS Bertha on morning tide 4 AM  Wrote to Dr. Glancy.

September 23, 1900 No SS Bertha.  Looked at Hanmore’s undercurrent sluice box and apron.  Had Mrs. Cook and Passwater with us for supper. Evening got sample of Cook Inlet lubricating oil from Mr. Hanmore.  Rain evening bought birch baskets.

September 24, 1900 No SS Bertha yet, I think she visited at Kodiak first.   Mrs. Fred Smith and Bob Mickelson of Sunrise City visited on us. Cold rain with wind and the surf getting rough -- they run the mink into the creek. Two men arrived from Nome via Iliamna Bay.  

September 25, 1900 At Tyonek, rain and no SS Bertha.  Mr. John Sudan of Palmer Creek and New York visited. Nome report 600 people coming over from Bristol Iliamna Bay to catch SS Bertha out Oct. 20th.  

September 26, 1900 Rain and rough surf.  Perry drug anchor and had to put for Ladd Creek.  Mr. Cook came around with a petition for a Deputy for Cook Inlet mines and oil.

September 27, 1900 Perry returned on high tide but no SS Bertha yet.  Noon took picture of Government buildings.  Traded clock and old pants for bidarka canoe and got 2 bitts to boot.

September 28, 1900 SS Bertha arrived at Tyonek 6:30 AM, left Tyonek 11 AM, arrived Kenai 3:30, left mail and freight. Left Kenai for Kadiak,  Mr. Passwater roommate.  

September 29, 1900 Passed out Cooks Inlet by Cape Elizabeth and Barren Island 3:30 AM, arrived at Kadiak 2:30 PM to leave off over 100 tons freight.  Took picture approaching the dock and back view of town from hillside.  Evening, attended Russian church, also took picture of church.

September 30, 1900 Left Kadiak at 1:30 PM for Valdez, weather very fine, smooth sea.

October 1, 1900 Arrived Montague Island, Prince William Sound 8 AM.  Arrived at Naked Island 5 PM. Left off a Russian and family who will look after foxes on island for 2 years.  Latouche Island, one mine.  Smooth sea, passed the SS Newport on her way out.

October 2, 1900  Arrived Alaska Commercial Co. wharf, head of Military Port Valdez  12 AM,
transferred some coal.  Arrived Valdez at noon, took three pictures.  Crossed over to U. S. Post Swanstown 4 PM.  Left off freight, took on several and Mrs. Capt. Abercrombie.  Left at 6 and arrived Virgin Bay 8 PM.

October 3, 1900 Arrived at Virgin Bay, tied up at Neenach’s Dock.  Took on 300 tons copper ore taken from beach at low tide.  Now sinking shaft to drift underneath tidewater.  Left Virgin Bay for Orca at 6 PM.

October 4, 1900 On SS Bertha, arrived Orca 12 PM, left 4 AM.  Smooth sea out of Prince William Sound and to Kayak.  Passed Bering Glacier at 5 PM also the SS Excelsior bound for Orca.  Arrived at Kayak 8:30 PM left off a few tanks oil and freight.  Left Kayak 10 P M.

October 5, 1900 Arrived 12 AM Yakutat, left 5 AM.  Arrived near Lituya Bay midnight headwind and choppy.
October 6, 1900 Wind and rain, only made 4 knots per hour.  Saturday night hoved too near Lituya Bay.  

October 7, 1900 On SS Bertha, passed Lituya Bay,  rain and head winds.  Arrived across sound, had to dodge large cakes of ice floating out of sound. 6 PM Inside, smooth water and lots of floating ice all came down to dinner.

October 8, 1900 Arrived Juneau 6 AM got letter from Mattie at post office.  Tied up along SS Dirigo to take on coal,  left Juneau at 10 PM, Seattle soon to follow.

October 9, 1900 Arrived Wrangle Narrows noon finished at 2:30 PM.  Cloudy with some rain.  Passed tug boat in Narrows. No SS Dirigo or Seattle yet in sight.

October 10, 1900 On SS Bertha, arrived Dixon Entrance at 8 AM passed out 11:30. Passed SS Humbolt on her up-trip.  Rain most all day.

October 11, 1900 Passed the SS Al-Ki 11 AM and the small town Bella Bella at 11:30 took snap of the SS Al-Ki and Indian graveyard.  Turned over Butler’s watch to purser Linden to be repaired and returned.

October 12, 1900  Passed through the Seymour Narrows after dinner, arrived at Comox, B. C. 8 PM, could not go in was dark could not see the buoys dropped the mud hook till 5 Saturday morning.

October 13, 1900 Union Day, arrived Comox, B.C., 7 AM arrived to take on 260 tons coal for SS Bertha’s up-trip.  Coal bunkers are 7 miles from town.  SS Farallon was taking on coal.

October 14, 1900 Passed Victoria 8:30 AM arrived Port Townsend at 2 PM went into quarantine until 3 left at 3:35 for Seattle.  Arrived Seattle 8:30 PM  took rooms at the Northern.

October 15, 1900 At Seattle bought goods for Butler and got his gun and bag ready to ship to Tyonek.   Left on Great Northern Railroad   8 PM train St. Paul to Chicago.

October 29, 1900 Cleaned my gold.  

October 30, 1900 Mattie’s birthday, gave her Alaska parky robe.  .

November 16, 1900 Dust 5-10-6, nuggets 5-11.

November 23, 1900 Sent 6 oz. gold dust to U. S. assay office, Seattle by American Express Co.

December 14, 1900 Evening, worked on map of Willow Creek.

December 15, 1900 Got 10 nuggets, 5 dwt. 11 gr. mounted for stick pins, made up, they weighed 10 dwt. and 20 gr.  

December 28, 1900 Sent Davis and Co. report on Willow Creek Mines, also drawings and pictures of Willow Creek Mines.  Draft $56.61; dust 1 oz. 2 dwt. 18 gr., also location notices to new mines and assessment work.  


CLAIM            DATE                     OZ        DWT        GR
MARTHA        7/12  SLUICING                         8        23
MARTHA        7/21                                   8        08
HOMESTAKE     7/24 CRACKS                            7        15
HOMESTAKE     7/24 PROSPECTING 12 PANS                        11
              7/25 PROSPECTING 5 PANS                2        03
HOMESTAKE     7/25 CRACKS                            11       00
              7/28 1st CLEAN UP                      15        11
              7/31 2nd CLEANUP               2        4        06
              8/8  3rd CLEANUP               1        1        21
              8/11 4th CLEANUP                        5        10
              8/22 5th CLEANUP                        4        03
              9/3  6th CLEANUP               3        4        11
              9/5  7th CLEANUP                       19        12
PROSPECT        9/7  GILBERTS                                  10

GROSS TOTAL                                10        14        0
CLEANED OUT                                           4        9
NET TOTAL                                  10         9        15
CRACKS AND PROSPECTING                               20        15
NET BALANCE SLUICING                        9         9         0


January 5, 1901  Received letter E. C. Davis Co. acknowledging receipt of draft, dust and report and map of Willow Creek.  Was well pleased with my work for season of 1900.

January 7, 1901 Answered company  letter stating my price on the Willow Creek mines and to help organize a new Company.

January 22, 1901 Received letter from Bridgman said he was well pleased with Alaskan report.

January 27, 1901 Answered  Allen’s letter referred them to A. B. Smith to help sell the mines.  Asked them to close my interest out.   

February 1, 1901 Replied to A. B. Smith letter that I would give him $50 if sale was made and I sold my 1/10 interest otherwise all I could promise was a salary with the new company-to-be.  Wrote to E. C. Davis Co. that A. B. Smith would serve them in NY.

February 4, 1901 Sent A. B. Smith letter in detail about Willow Creek Mines also a Johnston and Herning map and sketch map of Willow Creek.

February 12, 1901 Received letter from George Palmer Knik Alaska.

February 14, 1901 Wrote A. Beverly Smith, advised him to get option if saw chance to make money for Smith and Herning.

February 19, 1901 Received letter from Al Gilbert of Bakersfield, Cal. would take $100 for his tools, rights etc. to his two claims on Grubstake.

February 21, 1901 Received letter from Smith and Bridgman about forming Syndicate Co.

February 24, 1901 Wrote A. B. Smith about Syndicate Co. and Gilbert property and working mines.

February 26, 1901 Wrote Allen that they must either sell my interest or for a Syndicate to develop, not buy the mines.

March 6, 1901 Answered Al Gilbert’s letter, gave him news of Willow Creek, sent bill of sale $100 for Lottie and Last Chance claims, tools boxes, etc.  Sent note for amount to be paid Nov. 1, 1901.

March 8, 1901 Griffith and wife visited, showed them pictures of Alaska and had genuine old fashioned Alaskan talk.

March 9, 1901 Wrote Bridgman, told him I would stop sale of Willow Creek mine unless I was guaranteed sum of $2,600.

March 11, 1901 Wrote A. B. Smith that I had written Bridgman that I must get $2,000 or would stop the deal.  Also wanted A. B. Smith to dictate letter to send to Davis and Co. about the mines.

March 12, 1901 Received letter from Mr. Cartwright with film negative of camp on Tyonek beach.  Also one from George Hadlock - boats on Tyonek beach.  Also silver quartz from Dr. K of the Lucrative Mines Bonanza, Colo.

March 20, 1901 Received bill of sale from Al Gilbert for Lottie and Last Chance Mines on Grubstake. PM letters from Mr. Bridgman wanted me to come to Boston.

March 22, 1901 Wrote to Bridgman final result. Was to telegraph if my plans suited.

March 26, 1901 Sent Bridgman sample of Cook Inlet lubricating oil.

March 27, 1901 Received letter from Mrs. G. F. Butler inquiring about her husband. Wrote A. B. Smith that the company would raise the dough and that I may come east before going to Alaska.

March 28, 1901 Received two letters from A. W. Bridgman said they would have all the money that I needed inside of 30 days and Allen would write.

March 29, 1901 Received letter from J. H. Allen (Davis and Co.) saying they would have all the cash I wanted inside 30 days.  

March 30, 1901 Sent supplies to Butler to leave Seattle April 8th on  SS Bertha from Seattle.  Received letter from Passwater and Bridgman.  Passwater was going north on SS Bertha April 8th.  

March 31, 1901 Sent Allen dictated letter.  Gave KB Co. up to April 15th to fulfill agreement to sell out and get me $2,600.  Would not agree to work for them after that date.

April 1, 1901 Must leave here 4th if to do assessment work they were to telegraph the money.

April 3, 1901 Letter from Bridgman about oil in Cook Inlet also letter from Smith about K and B deal. Wrote to Hanmore and Passwater on SS Bertha in route to Alaska.  Told Passwater that I would try and call him at Hope City, May or September.

April 4, 1901 Received telegram from Davis and Co. read: had meeting with Bridgman and friends would have assessment funds by 15th and pledges for plant they believed.  Wrote F. A. G. M. Co. that I would sell for $15,000, I to be retained as manager.

April 5, 1901 Wrote Bridgman that we had no oil property that the no. 2 Boys could have had.  Wrote Smith that I did not take him up on assessment fund.

April 6, 1901 Received letters from Allen and Bridgman saying assessment fee would be ready 15th and hoped to have pledges for plant.

April 8, 1901 Wrote Al Gilbert to address me at Seattle, send note to Sylvester Bros. or Scandinavian American Bank for collection if discounted.  Send key to cabin and amount dust taken out 1897, 1898, 1899.  Wrote Allen that things must be closed up April 15 or would start with a clean slate.  Wanted $800 for assessment work.  Also wrote Bridgman.

April 9, 1901 Received letter from Moulton, Turnagain, wanted option for 90 days lowest price on mines.

April 12, 1901 Sent Dr. Moulton another map (Johnston and Herning) could give option on Grubstake.  Received message from E. C. Davis Co. read: Farnsworth reports pledges meeting 16th unquestionably favorable.  Will that do?  Answered 8 PM would wait had traffic to Seattle engaged.  Wrote letter would wait for plant.

April 13, 1901 Letter to Davis and Co. would wait for plant, wanted to send men and horses in to get ready, would come to Boston if money for plant came forth.  Received letter from Davis and Co.  With circular letter sent out 10th to stockholders.

April 17, 1901 Noon Received message from Bridgman: come and meet new company at once, wire Allen.  Worried I would arrive Boston 19th at 3 PM by Boston and Albany R .R.  

April 18, 1901 Wrote Butler of new deal, to keep quiet until I arrive.

April 19, 1901 Arrived at Boston, put up at Hotel Essex room 265 (1.50 day).

April 20, 1901 Visited on Davis and Co. were surprised to see me, failed to get my message. Bridgman came in and met Mr. Farnsworth the promoter.  Was with Farnsworth all day.  Had dinner with Allen.

April 21, 1901 Went out to Mr. Farnsworth’s house in Roxbury had dinner showed my views Seattle to Willow Creek.  

April 22, 1901  Called on Davis and Co. at Mr. Farnsworth’s office, 7 Exchange Place, met Mr. French, Mr. E. B. Estes, Hon. J. O. Burdett Chairman Republican Com. and Mr. Church.

April 23, 1901 Called on AONW Mr. Burt. Evening met Hon. Senator Morse at Adams house.  Also met Mr. Phelps. On street met W. N. Jacobs of Revere Party.

April 24, 1901 Was with Mr. F. Estes and Church all day met Senator Morse evening.  Seven men now pledged for new company.  Evening wrote J. O. May he was to wire, wanted him to join new Co.

April 27, 1901 Introducing J. O. May to new Syndicate and Davis and Co.  

May 1, 1901 Bt. 1,200 shares Dirigo oil stock,  I am to pay $150 next Oct. or when I get the money.  

May 2, 1901 Gold mining in Boston.

May 3, 1901 Talking gold mining.

May 6, 1901 Received message from Frank McGuire that he wanted to go in on new Syndicate.  Also letter from J. O. May that he could furnish two pool men.

May 15, 1901 Held 1st meeting of new company at Davis and Co. office.  Mr. Clough was elected trustee for company. Farnsworth and Mr. Urann were elected new directors.  

May 16, 1901   Directors meeting and money paid in.  J. O. May Pres., E. B. Church Treas., W. A. Farnsworth Secy., myself Manager, of the mines.  Mr. Soule of Gardner Maine arrived and joined the pool.  

May 17, 1901 Re-organized K and B Co. Directors meeting at Davis and Co. office.  Dr. Tracy and Mr. Soule took dinner with us at the Essex.  Phoned Frank about his share.  

May 18, 1901 Davis and Co. paid over to me $1,000 first money to buy plant etc.  

May 20, 1901 Received $100 check and 400 shares Crescent Oil stock of Davis and Co. total $150 on account of $500 due on company deal.  

May 31, 1901 Looking up men horses and machinery in Seattle.

June 3, 1901 Met 3 of Mulligan party, wanted 7½ day to go to Alaska.  Met miner from Unga wanted to go to Alaska - rented typewriter.  

June 4, 1901 Visited at Conway Bros. stables, in Seattle, looked over 4 horses and rode after them.  Sent pictures and letter to A. B. Smith about write up etc.  Wrote Farnsworth must have $500 more.

June 5, 1901 Looked over horses, decided on 2 bay and black was to see saddle horses.  Gave in order for plant at Mitchell Lewis and Co.  SS Bertha heard of at Union Bay.

June 6, 1901 Bought three horses from Conway Bros.  Paid down $100, balance due $170.  Brown pony $45 (4 yrs.), black gelding $125 (4 yrs.), bay $100 (8 years).

June 7, 1901 Friday looked at harnesses etc. Drew contract with C. E. Hovey to go to Alaska for 1 year, salary $240 fair and board. Put in order for provisions with Sylvester Bros. and Co.  Saw A. C. Co. about freight and fare to Knik.

June 8, 1901 Brought horses to harness shop to get fitted. Opened bank account with Scandinavian American Bank, private and for K and B Co.  Ordered K and B stamps.  Bought double and single harness, 3 blankets, 3 pack saddles, riding saddle and bridle.  Bought hardware evening packed.  

Fare for 3 to Tyonek        $180
Freight on 3 horses         $181
Balance                     $174
Check Sylvester Bros.       $ 37
Cash for OGH                $100
Mdse. for Butler            $ 28.92
Mdsc.                       $215.78
Harness                     $ 69.97
Freight on merchandise      $ 28.80
Check for OGH               $ 50

June 11, 1901 SS Bertha left Seattle for Cook Inlet via Juneau.  Hired C. E. Hovey, Elliott and Lewis
to go to Willow Creek and shipped three horses with pack saddles and harnesses.  Tickets for Elliott and Lewis to Juneau $24, for typewriter $1.50, hack $1, feed $1, putting shoes on horses etc. $3.40.

June 12, 1901 2 Passed through Seymour Narrows. British boat overhauled us on way to Skagway.  Purser on SS Bertha wanted more money on account of mistake made in Seattle.  PM passed Queen Charlotte Sound was a little rough several were sea sick.

June 13, 1901 Cloudy fine sail.  Evening passed Dixon Entrance very calm.

June 14, 1901 Passed the SS Topeca on her way to Seattle.  Very nice scenery.  From 5 to 7 PM passed through the Wrangle Narrows, passed a wrecked ship.  Wrote to Farnsworth and Sylvester to wire W. A. Farnsworth to accept terms on plant, pay $1,000 down ship August 8th on  SS Bertha.

June 15, 1901 Arrived Juneau 8 AM. Did considerable trading, bought mattress and pillow, shoes for horses, rubber coats for Elmer and Mattie, medicine, etc.  Left Juneau at noon for Sitka cool but fine.   Sent $90 check to Sylvester for Gilbert, $30 check for singletrees and whiffletrees to be shipped with plant.  Wrote Mitchell and Co. $1,000 down.  Message to W. A. Farnsworth, pay $1,000 on plant ship plant Aug. 8th on SS Bertha.

June 16, 1901 Arrived at Sitka 8 AM sent M. L. Urann, Gilbert location notices.  SS Cottage City arrived with excursionists.  Left Sitka at 10 AM by straits passed out to open sea at noon, smooth seas.  Evening showed Alaskan views in dining hall.

June 17, 1901 Arrived at Yakutat took picture of town.  Put off freight, left at 3 PM. 10 PM passed Icy Cape upper end of the Malaspina Glacier.

June 18, 1901 Passed Cape St. Elias went in a new channel to Kayak.  Left off some freight for oil and coal company located out the mouth of the Chilkat River just east of Copper River, departed at noon.  Took picture of Chilkat River.  6 PM opposite Copper River,  9:30 arrived Nuchek, 10 PM entered Prince William Sound.

June 19, 1901 12:30 AM hit rock going in to Virgin Bay arrived at Virgin Bay 2 AM.  Arrived at Swansport 9 AM put off cattle for government.  Arrived at Valdez 11 AM put off 10 horses and freight onto lighter Perry.  Left Valdez for Latouche 7 PM raining as usual.

June 20, 1901 6 AM Latouche, put off freight and men for A. K. Beatson.  Left Latouche 9 AM for Cook Inlet, passed Seal Rock 6:30 PM, the rocks were covered with sea lions took picture.  Calm sea with ground swell, birthed light and rolled badly 10:30 passed Pt. Gore could see Cape Elizabeth.  

June 21, 1901 4 AM rounded cape Elizabeth into Cook Inlet arrived Seldovia 6 AM.  Arrived at Homer at 8, left off Mr. Stone, Mr. DeWeese, Mr. Dowling and several others. Left Homer at 10 AM.  4 PM arrived Kasilof, 6 PM arrived Kenai.  Took photo of Mt. Iliamna and Mattie and Elmer on board the SS Bertha.

June 22, 1901 Arrived Tyonek 1 AM, schooner St. Paul was waiting for freight and passengers.  Went ashore took breakfast with Butler, dinner with Hanmore, Judge Brooks Chef.  3 PM boarded St. Paul with freight horses etc. for Knik.  Arrived Palmer’s storehouse 10 PM.  Wind left us, would not land horse on right hand side.  Moved over to left side and waited for flood tide to land horses and freight.

June 23, 1901 Sunday 5 AM commenced landing horses.  Bay swam ashore 1st then Nig swam ashore. Then he jumped in again and swam nearly to Crescent Bay. Got freight and passengers landed at 10 AM.  Made camp opposite deep water harbor.  5:30 retired 11 PM had to get up, high tide flooded our tent.  Cooked oatmeal and coffee at midnight.  Took horses up to Goose Bay.

June 24, 1901 Took picture of camp on the beach.  8 o’clock started with baggage for Knik Station.  Left Elliott and Lewis off at Goose Bay to bring up horses along the beach to Knik.  Arrived Knik 1 PM boys arrived with horses 8 PM.  Made camp in the Beedy cabin.  Contracted with Palmer for oats and hay $25.  Alaska Commercial Co. store closed. N. A. A. Co. all out of supplies expected.  Mattie’s 1st cabin experience.

June 25, 1901 Sent boat down to mouth of Knik Arm after provisions.  Returned to Knik Station at 2 PM,  short box of butter.  Cut firewood, hitched up team on sleigh and hauled up wood and supplies.  Stored supplies in the Beedy Store.  Took picture of team and supplies.  Let Palmer have one slab of bacon and ¼ sack flour.  

June 26, 1901 Mosquitoes quite lively but not bad enough to wear net.

June 27, 1901 Made table, stools, etc., and blankets for horses.  Horse flies very bad.  Bought 52 lbs. moose meat at 10¢ lb., moose meat for dinner grouse for supper.  Waiting for Northern Commercial Co. supply boat, want sugar and salt before starting for Willow Creek.

June 28, 1901 Warm and very fine.  Capt. Northern Commercial Company supply boat arrived had only flour and sugar, removed Knik Store.  Palmer put in a stock of goods on his own account.  Evening Mattie sang with flute accompaniment, audience Judge Brooks, George Palmer and many others.

June 29, 1901 Supplies delivered from Northern Commercial Company boat.  Evening Judge Brooks left for Valdez with Indian curios for sale.  Offered Northern Commercial Company $200 for a 40 to 50 ton scow to be delivered in Knik before Aug. 20th was to let me know early about delivering scow.  Wrote W. A. Farnsworth, T. W. Hanmore and Linden about butter lost on SS Bertha - June trip.  

June 30, 1901 Got provisions ready and boated same up to Cottonwood from Knik.  Went by summit, came back outside, got stuck 2 miles out on mud flats anchored boat and walked ashore, arrived Knik 10:30 PM.  Bought butter and sugar from Palmer.  Ready to start for Willow Creek July 1st.

July 1, 1901 Took baggage out to boat on flats.  Butler and Hovey boated up to the Cottonwood, Lewis and Elliot took up horses.  I stayed with Mattie and Elmer.  Wrote Sylvester Bros. and Co. not to send any hay but add ½ box soap to order.

July 2, 1901 Left Knik 5 AM arrived at Cottonwood (on Frank) 6:30, left Cottonwood at 8:30 with 3 horses 4 men and 600 lbs. grub for Willow Creek.  11:30 reached 1st crossing Trout Creek, cooked dinner.  5:15 arrived at 1st small lake beyond Big Lake made camp for the night.  

July 3, 1901 Left camp 9:20, arrived at Little Sushitna River 11:30, crossed over and made camp.  Grouse and moose meat for dinner.  Left 3:20 arrived at timber line 7:15.  Nig was played out, saddle hurt him.  Grass shoulder high on bench to Bald Mt.

July 4, 1901 Arrived Willow Creek, left timber line to cross over Bald Mt.,  reached summit 9:30.
Reached forks of Wet Gulch 11:30, heavy rain.  Warmed up a pot of beans, reached Homestake cabin 2 AM.  Everyone wet,  Nig’s back scalded very bad.  Went down to my private cabin to sleep, skeeters kept me awake till 3.

July 5, 1901 Horses were gone from Homestake. Lewis and Elliott started out after them over to Wet Gulch.  At 5:30 I went up on bench back of Homestake cabin and found horses feeding, went up on mountain and saw boys came back,  fixed up store and doctored up horses.  Nig’s back was very bad from saddle sore.  

July 6, 1901 With Elliott and two pack horses went up to Martha cabin for hardware and supplies.  Boys cut firewood.  PM cleaned out J and B cabin for a cache to store supplies.  Filed saws light rain.

July 7, 1901 Run pipeline survey and lined up the Homestake claim.  Arranged to build dam just below forks on Grubstake Gulch.  Cleaned up my cabin, built cord bed and removed some things from the Gilbert cabin, minded store.  Rain PM ready for Knik 4 AM.

July 8, 1901 4 AM heavy rain so did not start for Knik.  Cooked breakfast, cleaned up calidoor etc.  4 PM left Homestake cabin with 3 horses for Knik, reached forks of Wet Gulch 6 PM, summit of mountain 7 PM, timberline 8 PM and Little Sushitna River 11 PM.  Coffee and donuts for supper set up tent retired at 3 AM Tuesday morning.

July 9, 1901 Sausage for breakfast, had to hunt up horses in woods.  Left camp Little Sushitna River at 9:30, river was belly deep.  Arrived Big Lake at 2 let horses feed, left at 3.  Arrived at the Cottonwood 7:30 and at Knik 9:15, found Mattie and Elmer well, but worried, because I was 1 day late.  Took bath.  Palmer had started for Sunrise but had to turn back on account of Turnagain Arm blow.

July 10, 1901 Hitched up team hauled up 3 barrels lake water.  Doctored up horses back, open in 3 places.  Left 4 men at the mines to cut timber for flume gate for dam.  Cut up wood and got ready to build pipe dam.

 July 11, 1901 Doctored up horses backs.  Mattie washed.  Palmer sold the Beedy store building  to Shorty so will have to move my supplies elsewhere.  Palmer and Shorty went down to storehouse for boat scow and load of coal.

July 12, 1901 Doctored up horses.  Moved part of goods into Beedy cabin where we live.  Palmer and Shorty did not return.

July 13, 1901 Palmer returned with boat load of coal from Point Campbell on early tide.  PM hitched up Tom and Nig and moved all our supplies from Beedy Store to Alaska Commercial Co. cache.  Shorty bought the Beedy store off Palmer for a residence.  Cleaned salted and smoked the bacon.  Got ready to leave for Willow in morning.

July 14, 1901 Bought 2 salmon and pair gloves.  Made grub box.  Rest of moose for dinner.  PM hunted up horses, they were up near Millish place on the creek.  Nig’s back much better waiting for clear weather.

July 15, 1901  Wrote to Secretary W. A. Farnsworth about what was going on with Jacks mine and F. A. G. M. Co. and boys on Sushitna River and Caribou Creek  Wrote Urann duplicate letter about supplies ordered and to bill freight to Knik.  Got ready for trip to mines with family.  

July 16, 1901 On trail with 3 horses, wife Mattie and son Elmer. Left Beedy cabin at Knik Station for Willow Creek at 7:15, arrived Cottonwood 9 AM.  11:30 arrived grass flat creek crossing, ate dinner.  2nd crossing of Trout Creek, arrived Big Lake 2:30.  Arrived Little Sushitna River, camped for the night at 6:30.  Mattie rode Frank astride, Elmer and I rode Nig.  Tom carried 200 lbs. provisions.  Trail muddy in places weather fine AM rain PM.

July 17, 1901 In the morning, our horses, Tom and Nig were gone, found them at 2nd bench from river on way to Knik.  Left camp at Little Sushitna River, arrived timber line 1:15.  At summit of Bald Mt. began raining.  We were caught in heavy fog, crossed over and hit Wet Gulch OK, arrived at my cabin on Willow Creek 5:15.  Hours actual travel 15.  Mattie was done in from riding and Elmer’s pants were wet.

July 18, 1901 Had oatmeal, bacon and moose meat with bread butter and coffee for breakfast.  Put out all the blankets to dry and air.  Mattie cleaned up shelf, made broom, cleaned up cabin in general.  Butler came down about noon, out for moose and game.  Hovey came down evening.  Cleaned out a few things from the Gilbert cabin, skeeters bad after 4 PM.

July 19, 1901 Carried up 4 sluice boxes, to carry water by dam, so we could lay the foundation for dam.  Found prospects of gold in digging into bank for dam.  Got wet in placing sluice boxes.  Butler made frame for wheelbarrow.  Boys had sods all cut and whipsawed, 2 logs for gate in dam.  Mattie and Elmer came up for first time.

July 20, 1901 Week ending July 20th exceptionally fine for rainy season.  Laid ½ of foundation to hydraulic dam.  Set in flume gate.  Boys packed mossy sand into dam with old Tom.  Mattie and Elmer came up and watched operations.  Prospect 21 gr. = 70¢.  Butler nuggets $1.  Made breast collar for Tom.

July 21, 1901 Worked around cabin all day. Elliott and Lewis went out hunting up Martha Claim way, they saw 2 moose. Mr. Hovey came down from Homestake cabin.  Took out prospect below my cabin and got 2¢ piece in the pan.  Skeeters very bad.

July 22, 1901 Very fine and warm, got in all  the bottom to the dam.  Rigged up breast collar for old Tom and used sled to move sods to dam.  Mattie did the cooking and Hovey the cook helped on the dam work.  Evening covered roof of my cabin with 10 oz. canvas sacking.

July 23, 1901 Made stone boat. Got dam wall high enough so the water ran through the flume, put 3 rock on dam from 1 to 5 ton.  Mattie. got dinner and supper at Homestake cabin.  Took out prospect below the Homestake cabin. Mattie quite homesick.

July 24, 1901 Elliott brought down horse and packed back a  load of wood on Tom.  I took Nig and with Elmer rode down to Jifkin cabin.  Got 10 lbs. no. 2 dynamite, full coil fuse, part of a box of caps and borrowed a crowbar.  Got home 1:30 PM. Worked with boys on dam, blasted one rock.  Mattie cooked dinner.  

July 25, 1901 Blasted out rock and built up dam very fast. Now ready to cover flume in dam.  Dam built up 6’ high.  Evening worked on covering roof of cabin with canvas.  Took out 5¢ pan of dirt on bench near dam.

July 26, 1901 Boys came down to my cabin with horses and packed up 4 logs to cover top of flume in bulkhead dam.  Got top of flume packed and covered and wall up above flume box. No rain for 9 days.  

July 27, 1901 Dug through ledge for intake to hydraulic pipe and panned out 1¢ colors.  Run head line for 14” pipe with bend of 35°.  PM very foggy, got dam up within 2’ of grade. Coarse gold on bench.

July 28, 1901 Hovey and Butler came down and went down Willow Creek and prospected on Johnston’s Claim got 1¢ pieces and 30 colors to the pan. Butler took out 4 gr. to the  pan, right fork above new dam and 5 gr. right fork below of dam.  Horses came down for salt.

July 29, 1901 One more layer rock finishes dam.  Run line for first 500’ of pipe from dam.  Boys were to finish dam and build crib backing to strengthen dam. Ready to go to Knik for mail 4 AM 30th.

July 30, 1901 Left my cabin on Willow Creek  for Knik to get the mail, rode Nig.   5 AM arrived Forks Wet Gulch 6 AM, arrived summit of hog back 6:35, arrived south summit Bald Mt. 7:15, arrived Timber Camp 7:45,  arrived Little Sushitna River 9:35, left Little Sushitna River 10:35,  arrived Small Swamp 11:15, arrived 1st Lake  11:30, arrived 2nd Lake 11:45, arrived Big Swamp 12.05, arrived 3rd Lake  12:25,  arrived Big Lake 1:35,  arrived Upper Creek Crossing 2:30,  arrived Lower Creek Crossing  3:00, left Lower Creek Crossing 3:30, arrived Fish camp 4:30, arrived Cottonwood 5:25, arrived Knik Station 7 PM.

July 31, 1901 Got mail from Palmer, 5 letters for Mattie, 2 for Hovey, one from company, forwarded from Seattle, no word about plant.  Answered company letter - wanted another team - would raise price of my interest in claims if were not bought by October.  Bought Jifkin’s tools  and outfit from George Palmer for $15.  Paid Palmer grocery bill in full $33.55.  Palmer was going to Wood Island on the 5th - agreed to look after scow and send mail back from Tyonek.

August 1, 1901 Left Knik for Willow Creek with Nig, mail and 50 lb. pack.  Knik Station 7 AM, Cottonwood 8:45, Fish camp 9:35, left Fish camp 10:00, Lower Creek Crossing 11:00, Upper Creek Crossing 11:30, Big Lake 12:15, left Big Lake 1:00, 2nd Lake 2:00, Big Swamp 2:15, 3rd Lake 2:35, Small Swamp 3:00, Little Sushitna River 3:45, left Little Sushitna River 4:00, Timber camp 5:45,  summit of Bald Mt. 6:50, my cabin 9:00,  Trip in 14 hours.  Found Mattie and Elmer gone to bed.  Remember the run that Nig gave me on Bald Mt.  

August 2, 1901 Moved the flume boxes so we could sluice out bank on right hand side of creek on Homestake where we left off season 1900.  Skeeters about gone, much cooler evenings.  Rain was cold.

August 3, 1901 Packed up flume gate from Gilbert’s dam to place in top of big dam.  Blasted rock out of pipeline ditch near dam.  Mattie came down to my cabin 3 PM, Elmer and I came down 6 PM had rice, peaches and cream, hot biscuits and coffee for supper.  

August 4, 1901 Hovey relocated the Brainard claim on Willow Creek.  

August 5, 1901 On Grubstake, worked on dam.  PM with Elmer, Nig and Frank went down to Jifkin cabin and packed up the following:  2 draw knives, 1 iron plane, 1 chisel, 2 bitts and bit stalk, (1) 2’ plumb level, small monkey, 1 nail, 1 ball peen, 1 smoothing, 2 handsaws, 1 counter scale, 1 dozen asst. files, 30 cans sweet corn, 20 bars Ivory soap, 20 lbs. bayo beans, 8 lbs. baking powder, 3 lbs. salt, 15 lbs. dynamite coil fuse.

August 6, 1901 Worked on dam all day, got 2/3 of it up to grade.  Put extra brace in flume, pressure of dam crushed it in. Evening split wood.  Mattie put out washing.

August 7, 1901 Rain all day with wind and quite cool.  First storm that prevented working on dam.   Sorted bayo beans.

August 8, 1901  Heavy rain last night, with snow on mountain peaks at head of Willow and Grubstake.  With Hovey and horses, packed up 4 loads of firewood from my cabin to Homestake cabin.  PM finished dam on right side of pipe and got up rock enough to finish dam.  

August 9, 1901 Mattie, Elmer and self went up to Homestake Claim.  Got dam up within 1 row of grade and filled in, in front of dam.  Mattie baked bread. Cut Elmer’s hair, fixed steel trap to catch parky’s.  Skeeters all gone.

August 10, 1901 Peaks all white with snow down to Homestake cabin.  Fixed up calidoor of Gilbert cabin for horses. Evening raining in valley snowing on peaks.  Put up shelf under my calidoor.  Elliott gave us a blue grouse.  Took picture Willow and Grubstake.

August 11, 1901 Hovey came down after flour and coffee, sent up sack tobacco, was all out of sugar.  Butler came in with one ptarmigan. Had baked blue grouse beans coffee rice and cream for dinner.

August 12, 1901 Brushed out trail between my cabin and the Homestake Claim.  Finished main wall of big dam.  With Tom, hauled up rock to fill in around intake to pipeline in dam and rock for back-walling big dam.  Finished big dam.

August 13, 1901 Set sluice boxes by flume on bank of creek direct below the Homestake cabin.  Fixed up riffles and 4 men commenced to shovel from right hand bank.  Took out several pans 5¢ to 10¢ to the pan.  Mattie did the cooking, Elmer helped to shovel.  

August 14, 1901 Sluiced 4 hours, found coarse gold on rim of bank. Laid foundation to brace wall back of big dam. Evening half soled Mattie’s shoe.  

August 15, 1901 Sluicing 4 hours from bank as heretofore, worked on back wall, got wall half way up.  Mattie came down from Homestake to my cabin to bake bread etc.  Elmer and self came down at 6:30.  Ginger bread, rice and baked beans for supper.

August 16, 1901 Cold rain from the east, men layed off. I went up to Homestake took up bread and milk to boys.  Fixed sluice dam.  The flume was running full and water was within six inches of top of flume.  Brought down the horses to Gilbert cabin.  

August 17, 1901 Gulch very high, 2nd day of rain, water ran over flume dam and sluice boxes and washed out sluice boxes.  Water came up to top of pipeline dam, filled the flume and pipe ditch
overflowing. Began to clear 6 PM clear sky.  

August 18, 1901 Me, Elliott and Lewis and horses went down to Jifkin cabin brought back 2 sacks flour and shot 6 grouse.  Took inventory of tools etc. Went up to the Homestake Claim framed out one box that was washed out by the flood and got  5 dwt. 16 gr.  Pulled out one flume box.

August 19, 1901 With men and horses went down to Jifkin cabin, 2 miles below my cabin, to build a winter barn for horses while sledding in hydraulic pipe.  Made basement barn, cut logs and pulled up same with old Tom, got up 3 layers of logs. Had grouse for dinner, ptarmigans for supper, shot 10 grouse.  Cloudy but fair.

August 20, 1901 With men and horses went down to Jifkin cabin to work on horse barn.  Got up sides ready for his roof.  Had 5 grouse boiled for dinner tomatoes bread and coffee.

August 21, 1901 With men and horses went down to finish the barn near Jifkin cabin at mouth of Wet Gulch on Willow Creek, Hovey went down with us.  Got roof on barn door made etc.  Butler stayed down all night to hang door and finish up Thursday AM.

August 22, 1901 Rode Frank, led Nig with pack down to Jifkin’s, finished barn.  Nig came home, had to pack up tools etc. on Frank, arrived home 8.  Hovey, Elliott and Lewis completed back wall to big dam.  Flume boxes to be taken out of creek - now ready to go back to Knik.

August 23, 1901 Left mines AM went up to big dam took two views of dam, old Tom, boys. Picked up tools and boys, took out the sluice boxes and one flume.  Picked up things in general.  With Mattie and Elmer on Nig and Frank packed, left my cabin for Knik.  Arrived Little Sushitna River 7:45.  River was high camped in tent over night.  Rained all night.

August 24, 1901 Got up at 5 AM broke camp at 7:30.  Mattie and Elmer crossed the river on log jam, water was up to horses belly.  Arrived 1st crossing of creek for dinner.  Arrived Cottonwood 4 PM, at Knik 6 PM.  Everything fairly good shape in our cabin.  Had supper at 8, peas, hot biscuits, molasses, cream and coffee.  Shorty had returned from Tyonek no mail.  Palmer gone out for goods.  Rain all day.

August 25, 1901 Got up at 7:30.  Mattie baked bread. Cut wood and fixed up Tuell's cabin, ready for the boys.  Knik Station boys arrived from the mines with old Tom, had wet trip and old Tom rolled down the bank near Sushitna River, no harm done.  They left part of pack at the Cottonwood.

August 26, 1901 Rainy all day. Men sore and tired from trip out from the mines.  Had fried grouse for dinner.  Palmer expected in last of week with goods for his store and a scow from Northern Commercial Company to lighter my plant from ship.

August 27, 1901 Hitched up Tom and Nig and hauled in 3 loads of fire wood.  Mattie cooked a barrel of beans and baked bread all day for the guests?  

August 28, 1901 Went down and looked over Government quarters with view of fixing up the same for winter quarters winter of 1901 and 1902.  Hauled up 2 barrels of  lake water and Mattie done the washing.  Went up to the Cottonwood and brought back our Sea Otter boat. Hovey cut up firewood.  

August 29, 1901 Building winter quarters.  Cut windfall stumps and roots out of Government trail from Knik to government camp.  Tore down storehouse 14’ x 24’ and commenced remodeling for storehouse and cabin.  Also had logs cut for shakes for roof.  Mattie came down to look over winter quarters.  

August 30, 1901 Hauled up 2 barrels lake water, took stone boat down to government camp.  Hauled up moss and shake logs.  Elmer rode Frank up to Knik alone.  Mossed and laid up logs to one cabin and cleaned out Capt. Glenn cabin.  Full moon weather clearing.

August 31, 1901 Helped Mattie with baking etc.  Boys got up shake logs, commenced to split shakes, got cabin ready for roof.  Butler shot 10 grouse in one covey. Boys hauled up water for washing.

September 1, 1901 Sunday,  trimmed hair etc.  Mattie baked 6 loaves of bread.  Had 10 fried grouse and cranberry sauce for dinner.  Boys did their washing.  Gnats very bad.    Patchell returned from prospecting on Matinuski.

September 2, 1901 Building winter quarters.  With Elmer on Frank, went down to government camp and dug cellar in the Capt. Glenn cabin. Men worked cutting shakes and hauling up moss and logs.  Elmer rode Frank home to Knik alone.

September 3, 1901 Clear and much cooler.  Hauled up saw logs to government camp, put up ridge pole on the men’s cabin and cut the rafters etc.  Evening addressed letters to W. A. Farnsworth and M. L. Urann.  Sent Urann bill of sale of the Gilbert Claims.  Ready to go after the mail and steam launch, weather permitting, tomorrow.

September 4, 1901 With Butler in Sea Otter boat, left Knik for Tyonek to bring up the Davis steam launch to Knik Harbor.  Had fair wind from Goose Bay and Pt. McKenzie to Fire Island.  Arrived half way down the Island at 4 PM.  Had fried grouse for supper.  Went down the beach looking for more grouse returned at 7:30.   Set up tent on beach retired 9:30 at 10 the high tide washed into our tent.  Turnagain Arm wind and high surf.

September 5, 1901 Got up at 7:20 oatmeal for breakfast.  High surf Turnagain Arm wind.  Started out across the island for a hunt, being too rough to cross the Inlet.  Returned at 3 PM with 5 grouse.  Butler came in with one rabbit and no moose.  Cloudy all day with a good clear sunset.  Surf smoothing down.

September 6, 1901 Fried rabbit and grouse for breakfast. Left for Tyonek at 11:15 AM.  Arrived at 3 mile at 7:15 PM, at Ladd’s 8:30 PM, very short and sluggish tide.  Called on Churchill had coffee and lunch.  Morris was there from the Sushitna River.  Arrived Tyonek 11:45 made camp in steam launch.  Hanmore way gone down the Inlet.

September 7, 1901 Kodak arrived on way to Knik with G. W. Palmer’s stock of goods.  Hanmore came back from down Inlet.  Took up quarters in no. 2  cabin.  Kodak left at 6 PM, sent letter to Mattie.  

September 8, 1901  Excelsior arrived.  Received letter from Gilbert and A. B. Smith.  Sent letter to A. B. Smith with OK for Densmore machine, shoes, etc., and magazines.  Excelsior left at 2 PM.  The Capt. wanted to buy the Davis launch.  I set the price at $350.  He wanted the launch next April.  Took apart engine found reverse link broken.

September 9, 1901 Saw Hanmore about scow, bought it for $50, anchor $8.50.  Paid off bill against launch $129.15.  PM fixed slide to reverse lever and broke the other.  Cut off slides were badly rusted in.  

September 10, 1901 Rain wind and big surf.  Worked on repairing up launch.  Fixed reverse link took out shaft and cleaned journals.  Capt. Oliver Smith, Kodak returned from Knik received letter from Mattie with plug for condenser pipe.  Kodak steamed down the Inlet at 2 PM - now ready to steam up the launch.

September 11, 1901 Bought 30 lb. anvil $3, vice $4, 5 gallons coal oil and groceries off Alaska Commercial Company $22.87.  Steamed up launch pump or injector would not work.  Pipe to steam gauge rusted out.  Evening Everhardt visited.  PM tide Litchfield left for Ladd’s on way to post on Sushitna River.

September 12, 1901 Drilled hole through reverse link broke drill and had to make new one.  Steamed up launch but pump wouldn’t work.  Put tackle on scow ready to pull her into the creek on high tide.  Schooner, St. Paul, arrived from Kodiak with Sleepers plant bound for Hope.  Hanmore agreed to get our mail at Sunrise and leave same at Knik harbor.

September 13, 1901 Got eccentrics loosened up.  Steamed up launch pump, Everhardt helped us. Tide not high enough to float the scow. Sent May and Farnsworth sample of Homestake gold by registered mail.  

September 14, 1901 Worked on fitting up scow.  PM got Indians to help to launch scow, pried her up and moved her 15’, took 1½ hours.

September 15, 1901 With 2 dozen Natives and tackle, pulled scow into the creek.   Used the Lindquist cabin for anchor to pull on, took 1 hour. Took pump all apart put her together and she worked fairly well.  Steamed up to 160 lbs.,  ran engines a little.  Now ready to launch the steam launch.

September 16, 1901 Wind and showers at Tyonek.  Got pump working and adjusted the engines.  Took out left hand shaft cleaned journals and broke off set plug in removing same. Bored out set plug and cut new threads.

September 17, 1901 Got shaft in place run engines and pump and packed stuffing boxes. Put skids under launch ready to slide her into creek.  Tide was too short to float launch.

September 18, 1901 Mail day. Pulled launch into creek with luff  tackle.  High tide 7:30 run launch down to mouth of creek got bow stuck on bank.

September 19, 1901 Tides growing short, couldn’t get scow or launch out of creek.  Picked up 2 ton of beach coal and put same into scow.  Bought 2 pair rubber boots off Alaska Commercial Co., $13 groceries $3.

September 20, 1901 Tyonek, put 2 ton of coal on scow and same on the launch.  Bought swivels for anchor chain $1, figs for Elmer 50¢.  Duck supper then put provisions and bedding aboard launch.  Got scow out on high tide anchored her out in deep water but couldn’t get launched, out too late on the tide.  SS St. Paul arrived with 30 passengers for SS Bertha.

September 21, 1901 Tide very short only came to mouth of creek. Took out pump head cleaned same repacked stuffing boxes put pump together and she worked alright.  Retired 12:05 waiting to see if tide would raise the creek.  Oh that screwing tide was no good.

September 22, 1901 Left Tyonek for Knik.  The devil and tide are against us.  Noon tide didn’t reach creek so proceeded to dam up the creek and boom out the launch.  Floated launch down to dam but the tide failed to reach our dam.  Litchfield arrived from Sushitna Post, Morris and Churchill from Ladd’s.

September 23, 1901 Got launch out of creek, tore out dam and the tide just reached the launch at 1 PM.  Picked up scow and at high water started for Harvey’s to take on more coal.  Couldn’t stem the tide above Tyonek spit so had to anchor 8:15 PM, weighed anchor for Fire Island and Knik Arm very dark night.

September 24, 1901 Reached Fire Island with scow and Sea Otter boat in tow.  Exhaust pipe to pump blew out at 2 AM and check valve failed to work. Before we could make repairs and cross the Knik Channel, the tide turned and carried us back toward the Beluga.  9 AM tried it again, reached Fire Island and a Sushitna wind blew us in to mouth of Turnagain Arm, anchored scow and run the launch under lee of the Island 4:30.  1st real meal in 48 hours.

September 25, 1901 Got up at 4 AM, sky very clear, bright moon.  Found the wind had sent our scow adrift,  more trouble in Alaska. Cooked oatmeal and coffee and kept launch afloat till daylight then loaded launch with beach wood at 8 AM, run out to scow where she had held anchor on edge of the  bank of  Knik channel.   Wind blew from Knik so put back to Fire Island, before reaching island wind died out with flood tide so steamed back, picked up scow and put for Knik Harbor, arrived 3 PM. Anchored scow at Knik Harbor.

September 26, 1901 Tide ebbed so had to beach launch near Fish Creek, 3 AM found launch floating, got up steam and just made the Knik Channel.  Arrived Knik 4 AM.  Palmer had returned with mail from Sunrise. AM discharged launch and  cut fire wood.  PM left at 6 with full crew and arrived Knik Harbor 8:30 PM.  Anchored and retired for the night.  Had 5 men to help handle plant that was to arrive on SS Bertha and be delivered at Knik Harbor.

September 27, 1901 Woke up at 4 AM and found launch had broken her anchor rope and gone adrift up near Crescent Bay.  On ebb tide, steamed back to Knik Harbor, tied up along scow cooked breakfast then boys went ashore to cut wood.  Scow dragged anchor so cut launch loose and stemmed the tide up to storehouse. Palmer and Shorty with coal left on PM tide for Knik and agreed to come back for load of freight off SS Bertha.

September 28, 1901 At Palmer’s storehouse at mouth of Knik Arm. Went up to point above harbor and towed back scow.  PM got out logs for wharf near storehouse.  Beached the launch for the night as we had lost the anchor.

September 29, 1901 Heavy north winds.  Had to re-pipe connections to pump.  Built a wharf 30’ long to hold part of hydraulic pipe.  Had dinner ashore.  Scow drifted to point above harbor toward Crescent Bay.  7 PM with launch started out to find scow, had to buck tide to Crescent Bay.  Anchored at midnight didn’t see the scow.

September 30, 1901 Steamed in to Crescent Bay 4 AM, cut fire wood and put back to Knik Harbor.  Noon found scow, it had come back and anchored herself on edge of channel at Knik Harbor. Towed scow ashore and tied the darn critter to a tree.  On ebb tide, towed scow down below storehouse and beached her.  Shorty came down for load of goods brought us bread milk and sugar.

October 1, 1901 Let launch go aground, anchored scow at low water mark, cut wood. Heavy wind from the north with sleet rain.

October 2, 1901 Towed Mr. Jonah scow into creek below storehouse on Knik Harbor and tied her up to two big stakes fore and aft.  Went up creek after wood, got launch aground trying to turn around.  Left for Knik City 5:30 PM, arrived Knik City 8 PM.  No SS Bertha or plant arrived.  Out of grub so went home.  

October 3, 1901 Butler and Hovey cut wood.  With Elliott and Lewis and Elmer, rowed up to Cottonwood after the horses, shot 2 grouse.  Looked at hay near Chief’s house.  Hauled up 2 barrels of water and 2 loads of wood for launch. Sharpened saws and axes couldn’t see any boat in sight at mouth of Knik Arm.

October 4, 1901 Finished cutting wood for house and launch. Went down to government camp to complete work.  Finished roofing cabin and got up saw logs.  Chinked ceiling to Capt. Glenn cabin, found dead rabbit in cellar. Bought 85 lbs. turnips off Shorty at 3¢ - $2.55 was charged to my account with Palmer.

October 5, 1901 Boys cut poles for chinking cabin.  Helped Mattie till 10 then went down to winter camp and cribbed up cellar.  Self hauled in big load of small poles and packed up load of moss on Nig and Tom.  Evening hauled up 3 barrels of lake water.  Whip sawing lumber for floors, then cabins complete.

October 6, 1901 At Knik warm and fine. Turned over and piled up last of hay near Chief’s house. Made old connections to pump with oil cap attached.   Evening flute and voice concert.  Mattie loomed up in a new waist, Yolly!!  Bill of fare potatoes, turnips, pink beans with soup, bread, butter, coffee, sugar and cream.  Men did their washing.

October 7, 1901 Mail arrived.  With boys went up to Chief’s house, built crib to dry hay on then went down to government camp and whipsawed until noon.  Noon Patchell arrived from Sunrise with mail.    Plant and provisions to arrive on SS Bertha.  Father had left for Seattle on way north.  PM whipsawed floors for cabins.

October 8, 1901 Moose meat for breakfast at only 5¢ a pound.  Went down to winter quarters, flumed spruce log.  Started boys to whipsawing had to file and set saw.  Fitted one window in Capt. Glenn cabin.  PM whipsawed myself.  Elliott and Lewis stacked hay near Chief’s house.  I brought horses down from the Cottonwood so we could haul logs and water.  

October 9, 1901 Hauled up 3 barrels of lake water then sent team down to Capt. Glenn camp to haul in 3 saw logs and small poles.  Not feeling well, stayed at home in Knik. PM finished sawing log and fitted stops to window and put in door casing to my cabin.  Sent horses down to Fish Creek to feed on creek grass.

October 10, 1901 Whipsawed and fitted door and windows to winter cabins.  Bought window 10” x 12”x 6 lights, off McConahay for Capt. Glenn cabin. Put up hay until 3.  Mattie and Elmer then went down to the winter camp.  Married 7 years today.  New potatoes, turnips and moose meat bill of fare.

October 11, 1901 Cloudy and felt like snow.  Whipsawing and laying floor in boy’s cabin. Finished stacking hay at Chief’s house.  Fitted door to my cabin, came home in Sea Otter boat 6 PM.  Bought off Palmer coal and wood, cook stove $5, 8 joints of pipe $2.  Palmer, Shorty and Patchell went up to the Cottonwood to hunt ducks.

October 12, 1901 Raining, cold south east wind. Hovey finished laying floor to men’s cabin.  I hung door in Capt. Glenn cabin and whipsawed 3 cuts,  cabin ready for floor.  All caulked and ready for fixtures.

October 13, 1901 Worked on cabin.  Made flue boxes for chimneys.  Set up cook stove in Capt. Glenn and Lee cabins - whipsawed.  Mattie came down in PM.  Nig and Frank came up from Fish Creek, Tom didn’t come.  Morning froze ice ¼”.  Evening felt like snow.

October 14, 1901  At Knik.  Worked on cabins.  Boated down Butler’s traps and 8 bags of oats.  Set casing for chimney flue.  Noon went down to Fish Creek looking for old Tom and found him dead, looked like poison,  poor old horse dead.  Evening ordered sugar, flour, oatmeal, cornmeal, lard and butter off of Palmer.  Will get same at Hope City.

October 15, 1901 Got up blue clay for chimney flues.  Jointed 10 boards for Capt. Glenn cabin.  Butler went down to Fish Creek to take the hide off old Tom. Now keeping Nig and Frank in krell and barn.  

October 16, 1901 AM boated down clay for flues at winter quarters.  Boated up barrels of water, went down to Fish Creek to examine Tom.  Decided he died with wind colic.  There was no signs of poison or a struggle where he was.  The inside of his stomach had busted.  PM built clay chimney in Capt. Glenn cabin.  Commenced laying the floor.  Rain.

October 17, 1901 Boated down barrel of salmon, beans, etc., to winter quarters.  Boys mudded flue to their cabin and I finished laying floor to our cabin.  Nig sneaked away and went up the beach toward Cottonwood.  

October 19, 1901 AM got launch ready for trip to Tyonek.  Left Knik at 12:30 noon with all hands aboard.  Arrived at harbor mouth of Knik Arm 3:30 PM.  Elliott and Lewis boated around to Point Campbell, will remain and hunt moose until we return from Tyonek.  Hope to return by the 25th. Picked up 1/3 ton of coal, located vein on beach near Point opposite Pt. McKenzie.

October 20, 1901 Left Knik Harbor at 11 AM on steam launch with Butler as pilot, self engineer and Hovey as flunky.  Arrived Ladd Station 6:30 PM, visited on Churchill, 11:45. Left Ladd’s, arrived Tyonek 12:45 morning.  Anchored in front of government camp.  Got up at 7 went grousing.

October 21, 1901 Breakfast at seven, went ashore delivered mail to Hanmore, wrote Hovey personal check for $24.50.  Got Elmer 3 pair stockings, Mattie oranges and gum.  Left Tyonek at noon.  Went up as far as Harvey’s, picked up one ton of coal.  Arrived Ladd’s 9:45, anchored for the night.

October 22, 1901 Left Ladd’s at 9 AM, pipe in boiler sprung a leak.  Sushitna River wind held us back. Anchored 10 miles off Fire Island 1:30 PM, boiler leaking badly.  Weighed anchor 8 PM, arrived lee of Fire Island Wednesday morning.  Had to run the pump constantly and one man baled out the ash pit.

October 23, 1901 Weighed anchor 10:30, drifted until 12:30, got up steam.  Arrived at harbor 3:30.  Butler went ashore for coal.  When he came back to ship she commenced to drag anchor.  Got up steam and got her into the eddied tide outside Pt. Campbell on flood tide.  Evening left for creek in harbor.  With Sea Otter boat, left midnight for Knik for more grub and the boys.

October 24, 1901 Sailed up off Fish Creek when the tide turned, couldn’t make landing until I arrived off lower point of Goose Bay. On flood tide, started again for Knik.  Arrived Knik 12 PM, was out all night, had only an orange for breakfast.  With Elliott and Lewis, left camp 5 PM for Knik Harbor.  Arrived in creek 7:45 PM, couldn’t get boat up to scow and launch.  Boys slept in Otter until 3 AM when the tide floated them in.  I waded through mud up to launch.

October 25, 1901 No SS Bertha as yet. Butler and Hovey had leaky pipe in boiler plugged.  Boys cut firewood for launch.  Butler got mast and yards for sail on scow and we put in rubber packing in connecting couplings to feed pipes to the boiler.  Hovey was busy cooking for the crew. Expect SS Bertha with plant and supplies on any tide.

October 26, 1901 Cloudy but fair at Knik Harbor.  Left creek, with launch, for beach coal at lower end of harbor - packed up ¾ of a ton. Returned to creek, cut more fire wood and mast for launch.  Pipes in boiler commenced leaking but not badly.  Had fried potatoes, bacon, biscuits, butter and coffee for supper.  No SS Bertha on PM tide.  Evening clear and bright moon.  

October 27, 1901 No SS Bertha as yet.  Sent Butler and Lewis down to lower end of harbor for more coal.  Elliott and I fitted mast and square rig sail on scow, split wood, etc.  Hovey was busy cooking all day and hemmed sail sheet for launch.  Tide covered grass flats, Butler shot mallard duck.

October 28, 1901 Fitted mast in launch and made anchor for scow. Sighted SS Bertha off of Fire Island, she arrived at Knik Harbor 3 PM. Towed scow out to SS Bertha from creek, then she moved up in front of Palmer’s storehouse.  Loaded scow and put oats and one load of pipe ashore.  

October 29, 1901 Wind and snow.  Launch went aground, burnt out plug in pipe.  Ate supper on SS Bertha and had stateroom.  4 AM found scow had gone up to Crescent Bay.  She came back 10 AM - caught her and run her on the beach below creek.  SS Bertha finished discharging at 3 and left at 3:45.  Got launch off 6:30 and went down to scow.

October 30, 1901 Hovey and self kept watch to keep boats afloat Tuesday night.  Against head wind, 5 AM,  steamed with launch and scow loaded with 16 tons of hydraulic machinery for Knik.  Off Goose Bay, tide turned and we landed  at point below Goose Bay. Wind blew up on the flats of Fish Creek landed at Knik at 8 PM.

October 31, 1901 Cold Matanuska wind.  Boys cut logs for a platform to land the hydraulic pipe on, on the beach just above Palmer’s house.  With Hovey and Butler, took some supplies down to winter quarters.  Packed 1,200 lbs. up the bank from tide water to cabin. Launched scow but the steam launch wouldn’t float so couldn’t leave for Knik Harbor for more pipe and horse feed.  Cold and windy.

November 1, 1901  Tried to launch the launch, got her up on skids and hope to slide her in on high tide with Elmer, went down to Capt. Glenn camp for oil and cream.  Put 4 cases of cream in cellar to keep from freezing.  Channel in front of Knik was filled with anchor ice.  Some alarm felt about Palmer overdue from Sunrise City by boat.

November 2, 1901 Wind died out, has been blowing hard from NE since Oct 28th.  Slush ice making fast in Arm.  Got blocks and pulled launch off of bank into channel. Getting ready for trip down to Knik Harbor for rest of pipe, horse feed and balance of provisions.  High tide at 11 PM.  Boat would not float so had to wait over a tide.

November 3, 1901 Got launch afloat 11:30.  Condenser pipe was frozen up, floated down on tide just below winter camp then had to beach launch and scow.  Put steam hose on condenser pipe, got it clear and at went up to Knik with Mattie and Elmer.  Boys slept on launch.  I came down at 11 PM, got up steam and steamed off for Knik Harbor; made the run of 25 miles in 3 hrs and 10 minutes.

November 4, 1901 Still cloudy but mild weather.  Arrived at Knik harbor at 4:10 AM.  Beached launch and scow near pile of pipe below Palmer’s storehouse.  Worked on getting pipe out of mud up to high tide noon.  Plenty of ice and high surf had washed pipe on beach full of mud and sand.  Very wet and cold job.

November 5, 1901 Heavy surf and great fields of anchor ice running in Arm.  Got pipe below storehouse loaded, except 2 nests buried deep in mud. Midnight tide, steamed up to storehouse, beached scow and launch. Decided to leave scow and tied her up to Palmer’s storehouse because of running ice - half loaded with pipe.  Cleaned and put all the pipe we could above tidewater mark.  Palmer arrived, lost his boat on Pt. Campbell.

November 6, 1901 Got fire wood and 42 sacks of oats and 7 sacks provisions aboard launch, put 18 sacks oats on Sea Otter, anchored launch out, ready to leave at low water for Knik.  Departed 11 PM with launch and Sea Otter boat for Knik, had all we could do to steam through ice crossing channel to Goose Bay.  Up at Goose Bay, run into another field of ice, went around it and got into open water in Knik channel.

November 7, 1901 Arrived at Capt. Glenn camp 2 AM, beached launch, boys went up to cabins and self walked up to Knik - retired 4 AM.  Got up at 7 and got wood and lake water for Mattie. Went down and got launch ready to steam up to creek at winter camp to discharge freight. Discharged freight and steamed up to spring at Knik - Elmer and Mattie were aboard.  Beached launch for the night.

 November 8, 1901 Got ready to move down to Capt. Glenn camp for the winter.  Condenser pipe was frozen up on launch so had to boat our goods down in Sea Otter and Palmer’s scow.  Arrived at camp 6 PM packed up bedding etc. Rather cold in cabin, stove wouldn’t burn up.  Retired at 11 and slept warm for the night.  

November 9, 1901 Stored away provisions and got things ship shape in general at winter quarters.  Elliott went up to Cottonwood for Nig and Frank - snowed heavy 3 hours soft wet snow.  Got heater and cook stove connected and she warmed things up A-1.  Elliott arrived with the horses and they were as fat as butter living only off lowland grass.

November 10, 1901 Cloudy but warmer with little running ice.  Worked around our new winter cabin, put up cupboard, pins for clothing, etc.  Boys packed up hay and provisions that remained on beach below cabin. Went up to thaw out condenser pipe on launch that lay on beach near spring at Knik Station, got pipe cleared.  Called on Palmer, he wanted to sell the hay that was taken down to Knik Harbor for Sunrise parties.

November 11, 1901 Sunshine and warmer.  Worked around cabin. PM went up to Knik with team to get bobsleighs, found draw bolts to be 2” short, put sleigh together and started with a bag of blacksmith coal and iron rod for winter camp.  Frank didn’t like the whiffletrees and made his heels fly.  Talked with Miller about making trip to Tyonek in launch.  Dandy hotcakes for breakfast.  

November 12, 1901 Worked around cabin. 3 PM went up to spring, steamed up launch, pumped tanks dry, blew off boiler and opened all vents, got timbers ready to float her Wed. at high tide.  Butler lengthened draw rods on new bobsleighs.  Snowing hard evening.

November 13, 1901 With Elliott and team went up to get sleighs, much colder. Filled barrels with water, had rabbit for dinner.  

November 14, 1901 Much colder.  Drove up to Knik, put nails, hydraulic hose, iron rods, boxes, etc., into A. C. Co. cache.  Bought overalls for Elmer, axe handle, 7 files, ball of sewing cord, from Palmer.  Evening made table for our typewriting machine, the Densmore.  Made contract with Shorty to go to Tyonek for mail and money for $15.

November 15, 1901  Both Elliot and Lewis packed up 42 sacks oats on Nig and Frank from beach below Capt. Glenn cabin to storehouse.  Worked in shirt sleeves as though it was 10 above.  Hovey made cover for launch, snowed 2”, 1st that come to stay.  Cut Elmer’s hair Mattie cut mine.  

November 16, 1901 Carried up barrel water and cut wood.  Elliott drove up to Knik and got 2 x 4’s,  enough to make bottom for box of sleighs.  Foggy on Arm and trees in woods covered with white frost.  Evening bought 16 lbs. moose meat from Goosmar at 5¢ lb., gave the men each roast.

November 17, 1901 Trees covered with frost. Sunday dinner baked rabbit with dressing, boiled turnips, boiled peas, squash pie, coffee, cream, bread and butter. Boiled moose meat, oatmeal, baked beans, for breakfast peaches with cream for supper.

November 18, 1901 Elliott and Lewis drove up to Chief’s house after hay.  Put tarpaulin cover over aft of house on steam launch.  Took picture of winter K and B Co. camp.  Cut fire wood and dubbed around cabin getting ready to develop pictures taken during summer.  Ordered moccasins for Elmer and Mattie.

November 19, 1901 Elmer and Mattie walked up to Knik, got cloth for lantern and cupboard.  I stained the table, bed, wood box and cupboard, walnut.  Got much warmer during day with wind during evening.  Evening developed 2 film rolls.

November 21, 1901 Went up to Palmer’s store, got sheepskin mittens for Elmer (40¢).  Bought Hicks single barrel  shotgun off Palmer and a dozen brass shells for $5 (16 g. breech loading). Bought boys axe for Elmer ($1). Mattie sewed new moose skin soles on Elmer’s moccasins.

November 22, 1901 Fried grouse for breakfast.  Chimney caught fire, put it out and had to cut out part of box flue and re-mud it with blue clay. Made canvas bunk for Elmer and he commenced sleeping alone.  Hovey visited during evening.

November 23, 1901 Pulled out the Sea Otter boat with Nig and laid her up against bank below winter cabin.  Raised ceiling to small pen in barn and fitted it up for a night stable for horses.  Evening took dose of R. salts sent from Stewart and Holmes.  

November 24, 1901 Full moon tide came up to grass flats and bank. Elliott hauled over jag of hay from Lee’s cabin then we went out in the woods and got a load of boughs to side up horse barn. Made fried donuts, Mattie laughed at me thought I couldn’t make them.

November 25, 1901 Patchell visited and looked over my pictures of Alaska and took dinner with us.  PM filed man saw and cut wood.  Evening wrote order for McConahay to get my mail and money at Tyonek.

November 26, 1901 Highest  fall tide.  Re-handled axe and fixed the bed.  Mr. McConahay visited.  PM went up to Knik got Mattie a pair of moccasins with hair lined legs.  Made price of salary to Butler at $300 for 11 months - up to June 1st 1902.  Evening with Mattie and Elmer, went up to Knik to look after launch and pipe. Weighed Mattie, 127, Elmer 48, self 179½.

November 27, 1901 Cut fire wood and fixed around barn carried up barrel water.  Evening, with Hovey, went up to spring and tried to list launch over on her left hand bilge.   Got her up level and made guy line fast.  Last of full moon tide which was higher than the Oct. tides, channel full of ice. Wrote to my sister Clara.

November 28, 1901 Thanksgiving Day, dinner menu - two baked ducks with dressing and cranberry sauce, boiled turnips and potatoes, bread and butter, coffee with cream, squash pie and oranges for dessert.  Shorty visited gave him 10 lbs. pork, 14 lbs. saloon biscuits, tea and sugar for trip to Tyonek.  Oysters for supper. Hovey visited.

 November 29, 1901 Three below zero.  Made money bag for McConahay to carry back my $1,400 from Tyonek.  Wrote letter to Churchill about contract for trap poles and sent short letter out by way of Iliamna Bay to Mattie’s folks.  PM went up to Knik,  got tea and sugar for Shorty.

November 30, 1901  Cold west wind. Shorty started for Tyonek after our mail and my money.  I carried up a barrel of water,  sawed wood, split wood, cut insoles for moccasins. Developed 5th film role. Mattie made Elmer pair drawers out of my old shirt.

December 1, 1901  Light snow falling west wind. Cut insoles out of deer skin for Elmer and my moccasins.  Took the soles off Mattie’s and Elmer’s moccasins, cut larger ones and Mattie siwashed them in.  Put numbers on 4 dozen films, done some printing.  Horses left camp for the Cottonwood Saturday.

December 2, 1901 Went up to Knik, cut a log 1 foot through by 18’ long, put it under the bilge of the launch.  Loosened lines and she sat square on keel.   Stephan and Efim visited.  Bought parky robe (63 skins) off Efim for $4.  

December 3, 1901 Carried up barrel of water and put sand on path.  9:30 AM left camp for the horses, found them eating heads off wild rice at 1st creek by Cottonwood, got them home at 1:30, traveled 12 miles.  PM got pack ready for trip Wednesday over trail to Little Sushitna River.

December 4, 1901 With Butler and Stephan commenced swamping out sled trail to Little Sushitna, got as far as 2nd lake.  Team trail Knik to mines Indian Stephan guide.  

December 5, 1901  Left camp 8 AM to swamp out trail to 2nd lake and picked out trail over to 3rd lake.  Got home at 4 PM.  Palmer sent Indian down after outgoing mail.  

December 6, 1901 Fairly cloudy and storm brewing. Sent out first overland winter mail,  9 letters in all via by Indian to Sunrise.  Made 2 mile of team trail out to 3rd lake from Knik.  Trees covered with snow making it disagreeable chopping.  About 4” of snow in woods.

December 7, 1901 Took 7½ hours to reach end of new trail cut to 3rd lake except 1,200’ open timber.  Mattie and Elmer came part way out on trail.  Bought 2 new axes off Palmer.  Ready to take out team and gang Monday morning.

December 8, 1901 Got ready for trip over team trail with horses.  Mattie fried 48 donuts.  I cooked 10 quarts of beans and piece of corn beef.  Also got saloon biscuits, bread, beans, rice, rolled. oats, butter, coffee, etc.

December 9, 1901 AM -2, PM -8.  Left home with team and camp outfit, guide, and axe man to swamp out trail Big Lake to Little Sushitna River thence to mines.  Cut out 1,200’ to reach big lake, crossed lake 2 miles made camp at 3 PM.  Dinner over at 4:15, retired at 8:30,  camp lean-to, big fire in front.  

December 10, 1901 Goosmar and Efim arrived for breakfast and to help swamp out trail.  With Stephan and Butler, made trail over to brook on swamp.  Left Sushitna River trail at noon, followed hunting trail to river, made camp at 2:10.  Goosmar went home after his breakfast.  Very cold for camp life big fire all night.

December 11, 1901 Trail work 3rd camp, left camp 9:30.  Cut one mile to Fish Creek, went up
creek 2 miles, crossed black spruce swamp to birch grove, made camp.  Light rain and warmer feet wet snow most all gone.

December 12, 1901 AM +40, left 3rd camp, cut out 2 miles of trail through thick black spruce.  Indian boy arrived with note from Mattie  saying McConahay had arrived with mail and money from Tyonek.  Fed horses, ate lunch and left camp at 2:15 arriving at Knik 4:15 - home 5:00.  Shorty came down with mail and money $1,200 cash in fives, tens and twenties.  Paid Shorty $20.
December 13, 1901 Got up water for Mattie left home 11, Knik at 12.  Arrived back 3rd camp 2:30, light rain. Boys cut 1½ mile, had to come back to camp, no water ahead.  Mattie and Elmer rode out as far as 2nd lake.  Paid Palmer $100 on account.

December 14, 1901  Light rain all day, +40.  Men left camp 9:30, self loaded up camp outfit, left up trail 10:30. Reached the burnt district made camp edge of timber (no water).

December 15, 1901  Light rain during AM +30.  Cut through burnt district to small creek, made camp. Evening windy another caller for lunch.  Nig rolled and broke his hame. Frank lost cock eye feeding.

December 16, 1901 Left camp, 8 ½ mile cut through burnt district to small creek.  Went up creek 2 miles plenty of air holes and very icy, snow gone.  Nig broke in a mire hole went down to hips, took 6 men to lift him out.  Made 18’ bridge to get off creek bottom on to ridge.  

December 17, 1901 Cut out trail through ridge ½ mile, reached swamp went up swamp 2 miles (horse, Frank came back).  Went through another icy pass to swamp and heavy timber, had to make camp (no water) one mile from 4th lake.  Making trail - Knik to Willow Creek.

December 18, 1901   Left 7th camp, cut through to 4th lake, crossed lake ¾ mile, cut through black spruce swamp 1½ mile to 5th and last lake on trail.  Made camp beside a small open brook, quite windy.  Beans, milk and sugar all gone.

December 19, 1901  Eighth camp. clear colder but very fine.  With guide, crossed 5th lake ¾ mile blazed out trail 2 miles. Arrived Little Sushitna River and three miles on other side on foothills going in to Willow Creek.  Boys cut trail to within 1 mile of river no snow on river bottom and ice in river breaking up.

December 20, 1901  First freeze in 8 days.  Broke camp 7:30 for Knik.  Cached camp outfit at 5th and last lake to Sushitna.  At 2nd creek had to take the horses along the bank.  Men pulled the sleigh on ice  and on Fish Creek.  Both Nig and Frank fell on ice because they aren’t  shod.  Arrived home 2 PM. camp to Knik 5 ½ hours.

December 21, 1901 Paid Indian guides $32.  First nights rest with clothes off for one week.  Took care of horses.  Elmer helped to cut boughs to side up barn.  Cut load of birch wood.  Evening made out part of Elliott’s, Lewis and Hovey's store account on credit.

December 22, 1901 Hooked up on sleighs with Mattie and Elmer drove up to Knik, left them at store, drove around point to Stephan’s house for jag of hay.  Arrived home 2 PM Got Palmer’s store bill  up to date.  Bought moccasins off Goosmar, for Elmer, 75¢.  

December 23, 1901 Mattie and Elmer walked up to Knik.  Wrote to company. and W. A. Farnsworth - wanted $1,000 for help and my salary guaranteed.  Wrote to A. B. Smith about Litchfield leaving river and Palmer making a change Knik to the Post.

December 24, 1901 Monday evening snowed 1½”.  With Elmer walked up to Knik to find out if Stephan was going to Sunrise with the mail.  PM with team, Mattie Elmer and Mr. Hovey drove up to Chief’s place for balance of hay.  Shot ptarmigans on way back.  Paid McConahay account in full.

December 25, 1901 Christmas Day Knik Alaska. Christmas dinner - 3 fried ptarmigans, boiled potatoes and turnips, fig bars, squash pie, tea. Mattie finished sewing new bottom on skirt and made Elmer pair drawers. Elmer got Indian sled from Santa.

December 26, 1901 Miller visited and wanted pay for fixing up saw.  Evening wrote to W. A. Farnsworth - wanted $300 to $400 to  fix up the launch, wanted anchors and fittings shipped in on April boat, also to know if company would carry me over another season - wanted $1,000 for helpers wages.

December 27, 1901 PM 18 below zero. Worked around cabin.  Mattie made deerskin and wove mittens for Elmer.  Stephan visited, paid him for Elmer’s sled.  Gave him Rhinitis for to break up colds.  

December 28, 1901 PM 18 below zero.  Hazy all day, light snow.  Cut wood, made can water bucket and fixed sugar barrel for flour barrel. Hauled in load of birch wood.  Left sleigh over at Butler’s shop to have bolts headed up. Miller came after cook stove.

December 29, 1901 PM 22 below zero.  Fog bank in front of the sun. I cut the wood and Mattie did some fancy cooking.  Figured future expenses to June 1st 1902, expenses $862.48 cash on hand $860.  Evening played the flute and sang.

December 30, 1901 AM 32 below zero. Clear bright sun average wind, coldest weather to date.  Printed pictures to send to K and B Co.  Sewed up Nig’s blanket.  Mattie fixed over her underskirt, yollie!  Evening Hovey visited.

December 31, 1901 AM 26 below zero.  Warming up, westerly wind in evening.  With Mattie and Elmer walked up to Knik.  Bought lining for horse blankets, sheepskin flannel for mittens, etc.  Evening Mattie made a new chest protector for Elmer.  Self made skin mittens.

GOLD DUST REPORT                ounces        Dwt.    Gr.                                
Martha        July 12th           8                    23
Martha        July 21st                         8      08
Homestake     July 24th  (cracks)               7      15
Prospecting   July 24th  (12 pans)                     11
Prospecting   July 25th  (5 pans)               2      03
Homestake     July 25th  (cracks)              11      00
Homestake     July 28th  (1st clean up)        15      11
Homestake     July 31st  (2nd clean up) 2       4       06
Homestake     August 8th (3rd clean up) 1        1     21
Homestake     August 11th (4th clean up)         5     10
Homestake     August 22  (5th clean up)          4     03
Homestake     September 3rd (6th clean up)3      4     11
Homestake     September 5th  (7th clean up)      19    12
Prospect      September 7th  (Gilbert’s)         10

Gross Total                    10                14    0
Cleaned Out                                       4    9
Net Total                      10                 9    15
Cracks and Prospecting                           20    15
Net Balance sluicing            9                 9    0

A. Beverly Smith 416-A Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn, New York
A. M. Bridgman Director of K and B Gold Mining Co. Stoughton Mass.
A. Rogers 19 Lewis St. Everette Mass.
J. E. O’Brien  Orford Inn So. Manchester Conn.
Frank Haskell 4 Adams St. Charleston Mass.  (Revere Party 1898)
Al Gilbert 915 Market St. San Francisco, California                
H. Henshaw Sacramento, California
William H. Callahan 209 Park Ave Utica, New York
J. W. Macklean  522 Columbus Ave. Boston Mass.
R. C. Russell  3400 Fillmore St. San Francisco, California
H. D. Nash  Marin County San Rafael, California
Gus Benson  (on the hill) Juneau, Alaska
G. W. Passwater Hope City hydraulic mining
J. H. Cook  317 Smith Bldg. Pittsburg PA  (hydraulic mine at Hope City)
John Sudan  Indian Creek Sunrise City  (from New York City)
Capt. Dunn Quartz Mines near Homer (from New York City)
J. D. Meenach  Virgin Bay Prince William Sound  (copper mines)
Mr. Gompertz   Kenai Cook Inlet Supt. Pacific W. Co.
J. N. Johnston Seattle, Washington
C. D. Ladd  528-501 Kearny St.  San Francisco, California
A. K. Beatson  Latouche Island  Prince William Sound  (copper mines)
Dall DeWeese   Homer Alaska  Canon, Colorado   (hunter private collection)
F. M. Young  Box 192  East Bridgewater, Mass  Expedition no. 4 1898-1899
G. H. Brown    Hope Valley,  Rhode Island    Expedition no. 4    1898-1899
G. F. Burrows  Bedford Basin  Halifax, Nova Scotia     Expedition no. 4   1898-1899
Michael Dineen 28 Hall Place West Quincy, Mass.    Expedition no. 4 1898-1899
William H. Thorne Winchester, Mass.  Expedition no. 4 1898-1899
G. F. Butler Tyonek Alaska    Seattle, Washington    Expedition no. 4 1898-1899
Edw. C. Kirkpatrick West Medford, Mass.    Expedition no. 4 1898-1899
H. P. Daniels  Concord Junction, Mass.  Expedition no. 4 1898-1899
Daniel J. Coleman  Wellesley, Mass. Expedition no. 4 1898-1899
Dr. S. E. Kartright 818 Willow Ave. Hoboken, New Jersey
George Hadlock 37 Lake Place New Haven, Conn.
George Vandover 785 Baldwin St. Waterbury, Conn.
Reid and Orr Co. Rochester, Minnesota  (jewelers)
Claud L. Allen 209 Wash St. Boston, Mass.         (attorney)
Marcus L. Urann 50 Bromfield St. Boston, Mass.

Purchased at Palmer’s store-- Knik 1901
Tin ware 60¢, beans 20¢, blanket 75¢, boating supplies $6, 52 lb. moose meat $5.20, stove $8, tub and board $2.50, 60 lb. sugar $4.80, 30 lb. butter $10.50, tobacco 50¢, two pair sox $1.20, pail 50¢, leather shirt $3.50, med. for horses 25¢, two money bags 25¢, 10 lb. salmon 25¢, smoked tan gloves 50¢, 15 gallons cranberries $1.10,  10 lb. sugar $1, 85 lb. turnips $2.55, 80 lb. moose $4, 80 lb. potatoes $2.40, 4 lb. rope (no price), 10 lb. lard (no price), shotgun $5, parky robe $4 (on consignment by Efim), 10 lb. salt and 5 lb. sugar for brine bought at store in trade for Stephan work, hat $1 bought at store in trade for Efim work ,moccasins 75¢ (made by Goosmar).


January 1, 1902 Warming up westerly winds.  Got up 5:45 AM cut load of fire wood and riveted up bolt heads on sleighs, drilled holes in strap iron on Nig’s broken hame.  Filed man saw.  Evening sewed fur lining in cap.  Winter quarters K and B Co. Knik, Alaska

January 2, 1902 Clear and fine all day. Printed pictures for K and B Co. office in Boston. Elmer and self went down to Fish Creek after ptarmigans,  got none.  Evening made typewritten list of pictures for Co.   

January 3, 1902 Fixed and sewed on horses blankets. Opened Box no. 1 K and B Co. outfit, brought home tap and die, pipe cutter, monkey wrench, 1 ball peen hammer.  Fittings for hydraulic pipe OK.

January 4, 1902 Snowed during  night 1¾”, total snow fall at Knik to date 5½”. Hauled up two loads of birch wood. George Palmer visited and asked me to come up to Knik Station and doctor up sick Indian,  Nicketa and Ephim’s Bobbies both sick, also two boys with colds and fever, gave fever med, Dover powder and treatments.

January 5, 1902  Light snow during the day. Ground my axe, cut open water hole. Drove up to Knik with Mattie and Elmer.  We gave Nicketa’s sick wife rice and bread, also Ephim’s wife bread.  Got  A. C. Co. old bellows, ours was too small.  Evening wrote answer about Wood Island Station.  Mattie wrote home as usual.  Rabbit for dinner.

January 6, 1902  PM 6 below zero, light snow. Designed and cut out Mountain sheepskin mittens for self and wife.  Mattie sewed on mittens and self on horse blankets.  Evening wrote to W. A. Farnsworth, told him that I intended to build a cache at Knik and I looked for the $200 short on money sent in, in October 1901, also about pictures.

January 7, 1902  PM 26 below zero. Went out with guide Stephan to look up easier team trail from Knik Lake to 1st lake on summit, decided to use old trail, cut out and fixed up part of it.  Mattie and Elmer were at Palmer’s store when I came in.  Very cold day.  Lunch was frozen stiff at dinner time.  Gave Ephim’s wife crackers.

January 8, 1902  PM -30. Wrote order $10.05 for clothing of MacDougal and Southwick Co. Seattle, to be shipped through S. Bros. and Co. on first boat in April or May.  Mattie baked bread, cake etc.  PM cut wood and nursed bronchial cold.  

January 9, 1902    Very cold day, PM -36.  Stephan and Ephim visited.  Gave Ephim crackers and rice for his sick Bobbie.  PM cut wood and carried up lake water. My cold some better.  Chimney caught fire breakfast time, no harm.

January 10, 1902  Thermometer was frozen up, too cold to do much outside, -36.  Cut wood, banked up stable etc.  Sewed on horse blanket and patched leather mitten.  Mattie sewed new soles in Elmer’s big moccasins.  Palmer reported -40 9 AM at Knik.

January 11, 1902  AM -40, cut wood, sewed on blankets  etc. Indian caller for dinner,  Matt’s fellow.  Growing a little warmer.

January 12, 1902  AM -24.  Fixed can over into a water bucket, carried up barrel of water.  Cut out Mattie and Elmer a pair each of mountain sheepskin mittens. Goosmar visited, wanted work, said his Bobbie had only 2” of tea.

January 13, 1902  PM +5. Stephan and Goosmar, worked on leveling up team trail through timber north of Knik Lake.  Morning, Native visited and helped Mattie make her twilight.  Bought piece of moose skin off of Goosmar.  Mattie fell down cellar (4’ deep).

January 14, 1902 With Goosmar and Stephan worked on trail on other side of Knik Lake.  Mattie and son came up 2 and came home with me.  Evening looked up pipe fittings.  Hovey visited.

 January 15, 1902 Finished trail work by Knik Lake, 3 men 3 days to fill in holes and fix up trail across Knik Lake.  Paid off Natives.  Hovey came up to inspect trail.  Got a pair of hame’s off of Palmer to fix up Nig’s broken one.  

January 16, 1902 With Elmer went up to launch to measure fittings.  PM cut wood, took down stove pipe and fixed same.  Had another fire in chimney. Mattie got on her high horse about tobacco, etc.

January 17, 1902 First mail arrived, received 6 letters, sent out 6 letters. Elmer and self finished team trail near Knik Lake. Palmer came down after the mail out 9 PM.

January 18, 1902 Snowed 2”.  Ash storm AM made snow gray color, melted one foot of snow and cleaned up 2 ounces ash. Went to look up horses, were out overnight, they came back at noon. Mattie and Elmer walked up to Knik.  Evening sewed strap on field glass case.

January 19, 1902 Big wind last night.  Worked on fixing Nig’s hame.  Wrote letter to J. O. May about the plant supplies wanted for launch and cash to carry me over etc.  Stephan returned Elmer’s sled repaired.

January 20, 1902  Got hame finished and horseshoes toed and caulked. Mattie sewed new soles onto my  moccasins.  Sewed on blankets.  Evening wind and light rain.

January 21, 1902  Rained most all night. Shod Frank and Nig.  With Elmer, cut wood up on the Government trail near the swamp.  Evening wrote to Capt. Johanson about the 5 nests of pipe they dumped below tidewater, now ready to move the hydraulic pipe.

January 22, 1902 Commenced moving hydraulic pipe.  Drove up to Knik from winter camp, one mile below and loaded on 12 lengths, 144’ of hydraulic pipe and sledded same to summit above Knik Lake, distance 2 miles.  Brought home load of birch wood and cut up same.  

January 23, 1902  Moved two loads 276’  hydraulic pipe to summit above Knik Lake.  Mattie took pictures of  team and load.  

January 24, 1902  Hauled to summit 2 loads, 288’. Mattie sick with neuralgia in her jaw.  Left sleighs at shop and cut off drill steel to make hook for log chain.  Cut wood and made this ink.  

January 25, 1902  Light snow. Hauled 2 loads 288’  hydraulic pipe to summit above Knik Lake, pipe half up.  Brought home load of birch wood.  Evening wrote to father at Sioux Falls, S. D. said we would be out in Nov., to write up to Sept. 1st.

January 26, 1902  Evening light snow.  With Elmer and Mattie, drove up to Knik and hauled load of pipe to the summit, making 8 loads and total 1,152’. Put front shoes on Nig and caulked up extra pair and made clamp for evener chain connections.  

January 27, 1902 Rained last night and all day, turned to snow 9 PM and still a coming. Cut legs off moose skin moccasins and cut 3 pair soles out of same.  Mattie sewed 1 new moccasin, I cut soles, uppers and legs.  Covered oats with canvas.

Hydraulic pipe delivered at Knik  October 30th, 1901 landed pipe at Knik at 8 PM.
19    lengths of    14”        228 ft.
19    lengths of     13”        228 ft.
19    lengths of     12”        228 ft.
40    lengths of     11”        480 ft.
25    lengths of     10”        300 ft.
38    lengths of     9”        456 ft.
1     flanged        9”         12 ft.
1     flanged        10”         12 ft.
Total number of feet 1,944

January 28, 1902 Storm near, snowed 2”.  Had Frank shod.  With  Elmer, walked up to Knik.  Checked up box no. 7 and remainder of pipe, total 1,944’  landed at Knik ready to sled to mines.  Evening Hovey visited and said that Lewis and Elliott expected $4 per day for 300 days in the year, which is all rot, as they are now finishing their 3 months vacation as agreed and was to get $200  fare, one way and grub for 1 year.

January 29, 1902 Water pools from rain all frozen. Went up to Knik and bought Tuell’s cabin for $50.  Patchell came in, had lost his way on our team trail to the  Sushitna River. With Mattie and Elmer took canvas up to the Tuell cabin to cover the ceiling.  No sale, see February 12, 1902.

January 30, 1902  Evening clouded up and warming up.  With Elmer drove up to Knik, bought camp provisions off Palmer.  Notified guide Stephan we would leave for foothills by trail Friday. Got provisions for trip with full gang to swamp out trail to summit.  Evening sewed moccasins.  Mattie baked bread and donuts.

January 31, 1902 Total snow fall to date 19½” at Knik.  A storm prevented trip to the Sushitna River.  Mattie sewed soles in Elmer’s moccasins.  Elmer tried his new snowshoes.  Evening clearing.

February 1, 1902 Second trip out for trail work.  Left winter camp with team and 6 men to build halfway camps on the Little Sushitna River and swamp out trail to summit of foothills near Willow Creek.  Left Knik 10 AM, trail very heavy and trees covered with ice and snow. Arrived at camp no. 6 at upper end of Crooked Creek and made camp.  Cloudy all day.  Star light evening.  Colder.  Retired at 11 PM.

February 2, 1902 Made camp no. 9, north side of last lake on trail to Little Sushitna River. Arrived camp 8, 1 PM, picked up camp outfit,  crossed 2nd of twin lakes and made camp.  Snow knee high, couldn’t make through to river.  Dinner at 3 PM. Two moose had crossed Twin Lake no. 2. Patchell  was camped at  camp no. 3.

February 3, 1902 Left camp no. 9 at 9 AM.  Cut out end of trail, reached Little Sushitna River 11 AM.  Went across river to open the  trail to 1st bench.  Ate dinner on bank of river.  Cut out trail ¼ mile and established river camp on 1st bench, made camp by 5 PM.  Evening much cooler, slept cold in sleeping bag and 1 blanket  on the banks of the Little Sushitna River.

February 4, 1902  Left the Boys swamping on trail with team.  Left river at 10:15 AM, arrived at Knik 3:45.  Actual time out to Knik from river 5 hours, fed horses at camp no. 6.  All sand over trail and covered with snow.  Came to Knik  for load of pipe.

February 5, 1902 Left Knik with 6 hydraulic pipe and 230 lbs. of oats at 10:30 AM.  Arrived at Sushitna River camp 6 PM, actual time traveling 6½ hours.  Fed horses at 3rd camp.  Weather clear.  Found Patchell camped on river, out for moose and martin.  Saw a dozen moose tracks on lakes and creeks, one wolf.  Moved 1st load of hydraulic pipe.

February 6, 1902 Left Sushitna River camp at 9:30 AM, arrived at Knik 2:45 PM, actual traveling time 4 hours 45 minutes.  Found Mattie and Elmer at Palmer’s store.  Got bundle of hay from Palmer. One Copper River Indian arrived at Knik.  Evening got salmon, beef and potatoes, ready to take out to half way camp.

February 7, 1902 Left Knik 9:15, loaded 9 pipe on summit,  left summit 10:20, arrived Sushitna River camp 5 PM. Actual hours travel six, Mattie and Elmer came with me across Knik Lake.  Stephan and Neketa commenced work.

February 8, 1902  Hauled load of birch wood to camp and left Sushitna River camp at 9:15, arrived 3rd camp at noon, fed team.  Arrived at Knik  at 2.  Draw rod on aft sleigh broke, made a new one, Mattie helped.  Mattie and Elmer came up to summit to meet me.  Brought home load of birch wood.

February 9, 1902 Left summit with 9 pipe and 2 cut oats at 11 AM, arrived at Sushitna River camp 5:30 PM, had snowed 2” during the night, trail sticky and sleighs pulled heavy.  Boys had cut through to end of ridge, 8 miles above the Sushitna River.  Snow on ridge about 2’.  

February 10, 1902 Got tent camp ready and hauled in load of birch wood, left Sushitna River camp 10 AM, arrived 3 PM, did some smoothing up on trail on way to Knik.  Evening got more supplies ready for camp.  Patchell shot a moose on ridge, bought half of it for $8.  Evening Morris and Herndon visited, I bought their claims on Willow Creek for $100 (2 claims).

February 11, 1902 Left Knik, Mattie and Elmer went with me 10 AM, arrived Sushitna River camp 5:15.  Wind drifted in track on twin lakes.  Set up small tent.  Boys had made brush barn for horses and built a platform cache.

February 12, 1902 Morning all at Sushitna River camp, evening 42 above zero.  Morning moved Sushitna River camp to summit of 4th bench, left for Knik 11:40, arrived 5:15.  Shot one ptarmigan on way home.  Gave Morris and Herndon each my personal check for $50, payment for Little George and Telluride Claims on Willow Creek.  Bought McConahay's two cabins and  boat at Knik Station for $110 ($35 for boat).

February 13, 1902 Left summit with 9 hydraulic pipe 10:45, arrived at Sushitna River camp 5:15.  Patchell came up for moose meat provisions, 10 lbs. apples, 10 lbs. rice, 10 lbs. corn meal, ½ lb. baking powder, 2 lb. can butter, 1 lb. coffee.  Big wind broke off many tree tops and blocked trail some.  Guide Stephan shot a cow moose. Evening fixed up tent to stand strong wind.

February 14, 1902 Left camp 8:30, arrived Knik 3 PM,  shot 2 ptarmigans and 1 blue grouse on way home.  Brought load of birch wood down to McConahay cabins at Knik.  Evening developed 5th roll all came out good.  Photos of Big Lake, Fish Creek and inside quarters.  Got birds ready for breakfast.  Paid Palmer $4 for Patchell account.

February 15, 1902 Left Knik 9:20 with 12 hydraulic pipe, arrived at Sushitna River camp 5:15. Patchell had moved up on 4th bench by our camp.  Butler came down stayed for supper, had moose meat, rice, bread, coffee.  Boys swamping out trail five miles above river, alders very thick

February 16, 1902 7 AM drove up to 3rd bench with 7 hydraulic pipe.  Brought Neketa and Lewis out with me to fix up grades on trail, brought out half of moose for Stephan.  Neketa took mail over to Sunrise, time 12 days.

February 17, 1902 Loaded 14 pipe at Knik and put on 6 more at the summit.  With Lewis, arrived at Sushitna River camp at 6 PM.  Lewis went up to trail camp no. 11.  I shoveled snow on trail around camp where it had been covered with brush.

February 18, 1902  Hauled out nest (6 pipe) up on 4th bench above Sushitna River camp, got back at 9:45 to camp.  Took up supplies for Hovey and he was down to pipe landing after same.  Arrived Knik 3:30, did considerable fixing on the trail.  Elmer and Mattie came up to Knik helped me get hay for horses.  

February 19, 1902 Noon, +36. Left Knik with 12 pipe.  Mattie and Elmer went with me to the Sushitna River camp at summit, took on 3 more pipe, making 15 in all.  Arrived at Sushitna River camp 5:15 PM had ham, beans, rice, coffee and bread and butter for our supper.

February 20, 1902 Evening 26 above zero.  Hauled 6 pipes to 4th bench above Sushitna River.  Left camp at 9:30, arrived Knik 4 o’clock, did some work on the trail.  Hovey came down, wanted to move camp farther up toward summit.  

February 21, 1902 Took in 17 hydraulic pipe.  Warm weather and sun making trail bare in spots.  Shot one rabbit and three grouse on my way to camp.

February 22, 1902 Hauled one nest of hydraulic pipe up to camp 11, then moved camp  up to the summit, about 7 miles from the Little Sushitna River.  Snow 3’ deep and had to break trail.  Got back to river camp 6:30 PM and camped for night.

February 23, 1902 Mattie cut my hair.  At winter quarters, Govt. camp, Knik Alaska.

February 24, 1902 Left camp with 17 pipe and 100 lbs. oats, got hung up in grade at camp no. 3.  Butler came down to my camp on river and reported trail cut through to Willow Creek.  Matinuski Indians arrived at Knik.

February 25, 1902 Took pipe to camp no. 10 then drove up to summit for boys and camp outfit.  Got back to river camp 1 PM.  Horses tired so camped for the night.  Stephan walked to Knik, worked 20 days.

February 26, 1902 With all hands, left Sushitna River camp at 7 arrived at Knik at noon. Shod Frank and made draw rod for sleighs.  Shot 2 grouse on way out.  Evening loaded shells.

February 27, 1902 Mail arrived, received 10 letters.  Left Knik summit 10 with 14 hydraulic pipe and 3 bags oats.  Reached Sushitna River camp 5:45.  Had grouse, beans, rice, toast and coffee for supper.

February 28, 1902 Hauled 8 pipe up to 4th bench got back to camp 10 AM.  Arrived at Knik camp 4 PM.  Martha and Elmer came up on trail above Knik Lake to meet me.  Had Boys cut 1 cord birch wood each along bank for steam launch.

March 1, 1902 Mattie and Elmer made their 3rd trip with me to Sushitna River camp.  Beans, rice and ham for supper.  Evening cloudy and warmer, Boys cut 40 logs for barn at Knik.

March 2, 1902 Evening 15 above and snowing.  Hauled 7 hydraulic pipe up to 4th bench.  Met Patchell on way to Knik with 2 wolverine specimens.  Left camp 10 AM arrived Knik camp 4:10. Evening ground coffee.  At both cabins chimneys caught fire. No harm as usual.

March 3, 1902 Snowed 1”, total to date 20½”.  Lewis and Elliott helped load logs for barn at Knik, delivered 12 logs.  Hydraulic load for mines consisted of 5 pipe, 1 gate, 3 Y’s, 3 boxes of lugs and stem for head gate.  Also 2 sacks oats, total one ton.  Trail drifted full on Big Lake, arrived at Sushitna River camp 7 PM. Had Boys cut corner posts for barn and small poles.

March 4, 1902 Left Sushitna River camp 10 AM, arrived Knik 4 PM.  Broke draw rod on sleigh, made new one before supper.  Evening cut thread on draw rod.  Hovey visited, agreed to fix up packsaddles.  Let Palmer have one can of coal oil for Copper River 2nd Chief.

March 5, 1902 Hauled up 2nd load of logs for barn at Knik.  Lewis and Elliott went with me to summit.  Took in last of hydraulic pipe, one 1” iron rod, 2 sacks oats, 1 valve stem.  Trail on Big Lake drifted full, rest of the road good going.  Arrived camp 5:30.  Moved last of hydraulic pipe from Knik to Little Sushitna River (53 pipe up on 4th bench).

March 6, 1902  Hauled 10 hydraulic pipe up to 4th bench.  Left Sushitna River camp for Knik at 10 AM,  arrived home 4 PM.  Hauled down load of birch wood from other side of Knik Lake to Shorty’s cabin for fire wood,  evening cut wood.  Hovey sewed sheepskin on Nig’s harness to prevent chafing.  Mattie fixed my mogs and mittens.

March 7, 1902  Hauled up 3rd load of logs for barn.  Loaded at Knik 3 gate valves, 1 box misc., 3 bundles hydraulic hose, 2 bundles baling wire, 1 rod drill steel, 1,850 lbs.  Arrived at Sushitna River camp 6 PM, much colder.  

March 8, 1902 Left Sushitna River camp about 8 AM.  At Birch Grove took on load of fence rails, delivered same at Knik to fence in garden, cabins, etc.  Arrived winter government camp at 4:30.  Evening gave Frank a treatment, oil and salt, mended mittens.

 March 9, 1902 At home all day, first day off in 5 weeks.  Horses worn and tired.  Chimney and roof caught fire.  Got supplies ready for mines.  Cut firewood (Mattie helped to saw).  Evening wrote to Whitney and Lehnes for U.S. inspection on steam launch.

March 10, 1902 Left home 7 with 7 sacks oats and 2 of wheat flour.  At Knik, bought from Palmer, 12 sacks flour, took standard gate, coil wire rope, keg 12d nails, box rivets.  Arrived Sushitna River camp at 6 PM.  Very cold.  Stephan was camped with family at camp no. 6.  Met Neketa with load of goods from Tyonek for Palmer.

March 11, 1902 Left Sushitna River camp 9 AM took on load of fence rails and fire wood at summit above Knik Lake, left same at Knik cabins,  arrived home 5 P M.  Everhardt was at Palmer’s store.  

March 12, 1902 Moving Day.  AM packed up and moved from winter camp  to Beedy Store and cabin at Knik. Evening wrote to Churchill and Finch.  Sent $60.47 by Everhardt to Alaska Commercial Co. at Tyonek.

March 13, 1902 Boys hauled in balance of logs for cache and barn at Knik.  Worked around new cabin at Knik.  Evening talked with Palmer about supplies, he was all out and doubtful about getting more.

March 14, 1902 Windy, cloudy, evening warming up. Fixed stove and pipe, cut wood. Went down to Capt. Glenn camp after load of supplies.  Evening put up shelves.

March 15, 1902 Light snow.  Went down to government camp got load dry logs and blacksmith tools, delivered same at Knik cabins. Put up shelves, had Ephim cut wood.  Evening paid account in full at Palmer’s  $265.70.

March 16, 1902 Light southerly winds, warming up.  Bath morning. Had Ephim cut wood.  Loaded shells, put covering on side of launch to keep sun off.  Evening got supplies ready for final trip to mines.  Evening found black dog in water closet pit, had to pull him out with a rope.

March 17, 1902 Last trip, off for the mines.  Left Knik at 8 with load of provisions and men for the mines.  Arrived Sushitna River camp 4 PM.  Camped for the night, took pictures of twin lakes and crossing the Little Sushitna River. Mattie and son remained at our new cabin at Knik.

March 18, 1902 With men, camp outfit and provisions, left Sushitna River camp for summit of mountains.  After dinner, shoveled out trail ½ mile on summit, snow 3’ deep and crusted from snowshoeing on same.  4 PM self with team left for Sushitna River camp for more provisions.

March 19, 1902  Left Sushitna River camp with 800 lbs. provisions.  Arrived summit camp 12:30, snowed 2”.  With men, shoveled out trail to small creek on summit.  5 PM left for Sushitna River camp, arrived 7:30.  Evening sewed moccasins, retired at 11.

March 20, 1902 With 14 sacks flour, left Sushitna River camp, arrived camp 12-1:30.  Loaded on camp outfit and moved same 1½ miles to creek on summit.  Had boys build brush barn and cache and platform for the hydraulic pipe.  Left summit 3:30 PM, arrived Sushitna River camp 6:30.  Shot 2 grouse.

March 21, 1902  Left Sushitna River camp with 700 cwt. oats, other small stuff to total of 1,000 lbs.  Trail heavy, arrived summit camp 1 PM.  Boys finished cache and barn and had bridged the creek.  Made go-devil to break out trail.  Stayed at summit camp.

March 22, 1902 AM finished go-devil.  PM broke out trail from summit camp down to long hill between 12 and 11.  Also broke out trail 1 mile north summit camp, then made landing for hydraulic pipe and shoveled out 1 mile of trail.

March 23, 1902 Snowed 8” last night.  Drove go-devil over trail above and below summit camp.  Men shoveled out trail, drove over trail above summit  camp about 2 miles.

March 24, 1902  Light snow all day. Broke out trail from Sushitna River to summit.  Hauled up 3 sacks oats on go-devil.  Men shoveled out trail.  Evening 2” snow, Gave Patchell note for Mattie.

March 25, 1902  Broke out trail to Big summit swamp.  Went to find Willow Creek, found good trail and reached the creek 3:30, 1 mile below R. and L. cabin.  Arrived summit camp 6:30.  Elliott and Hovey  hauled 2 loads supplies from no. 12.

March 26, 1902  Made a go-devil.  PM broke out 1 mile trail to ridge for camp no. 14.

March 27, 1902  Went over trail with go-devil and then moved summit camp to ridge camp 14.  PM ran trail line to small creek.  After supper drove back to summit camp so the team could have shelter.  Made a tent for self, retired 11 PM.  Traded sack flour for 60 lbs. moose meat with Native.

March 28, 1902 AM, drove both go-devils over trail from 12 to 14, drifted some on swamp.  PM broke down ½ mile trail north of 14.  Left summit 5 PM for the Sushitna River camp for load of oats and my tent and camping outfit.  Arrived 7:30 had moose steak, bread and peaches for 8 supper.

March 29, 1902 Left Sushitna River camp with 7 cwt. oats and moved camp outfit (300 lbs.) to summit.  Put up camp then drove to no. 14 with 7 oats and 3 cwt. flour.  Had supper and returned to summit.  Snow settled and going fast.

March 31, 1902 At Knik “attending” to wife.  Men opening up trail from 14 to Willow Creek.

April 1, 1902 Left Knik with 100 lbs. sugar, 200 lbs. (20 pieces) iron, 2/3 case cream.  Arrived Sushitna River camp 3 PM.  Took on 2 bundles hydraulic hose 255 lbs.  Draw rode broke at foot of big hill, trail soft.

April 2, 1902 Took small load and pulled go-devil behind sleigh to camp 14, broke out trail about 2 miles.  Arrived summit camp 9, retired 11.

April 3, 1902 Hauled load of provisions from summit to camp 14.  Finished trail from 14 to Willow Creek bench.  Supper at 14 then drove to summit camp.  Evening sewed up moccasins retired 11:30.

April 4, 1902 Hauled balance of provisions from summit to 14. Run over trail with go-devil.  Evening wind and snow, boys fixed up R. and L. cabin. Ready to move camp 14 to Willow Creek.

April 5, 1902  Drove from summit to 14, broke trail to Willow Creek.  With Mr. Hovey moved camp 14 to Willow Creek.  Boys sledded camp outfit up creek one mile to K. and L. cabin.  Light snow all day.

April 6, 1902 Drove go-devil over trail from summit to Sushitna River camp, found 1’ water over ice on river.  Brought back bag coal and box lugs.  Frank played out.

April 7, 1902 Wrote note to Palmer and Mattie.  Frank was sick so didn’t drive down to river.  Patchell went out to Knik.  Drove to 14, put on light load and drove up to Willow.  Willow is 5 miles from summit camp.  Men shoveling out trail on bench to Willow Creek.  Arrived camp 5 PM.  Made wooden bottle, gave Frank dose of red pepper and lard oil.

April 8, 1902 AM let horses rest, gave Frank more oil and capsi.  Drove to 14, took on ½ ton provisions, delivered same on bench of Willow Creek.  Moose steak, potatoes for supper.

April 9, 1902 Drove from summit to 14.  Met Lewis, said he couldn’t make trail on Willow because of shell ice.  Drove to 14, took on ½ ton and drove to Willow, found men in cabin.  I gave orders to make single trail up creek.  Found hole under horses tongue.

April 10, 1902 With Nig, drove to 14.  Took on 800 lbs. feed and provisions and hydraulic hose, landed same on Willow Creek at noon.  Men couldn’t make trail on creek because of shell ice and holes.  Stephan delivered letter from wife, traded provisions for the moose meat.

April 11, 1902 Sent letter to Mattie to send medicine for horse. Drove from summit to Sushitna River camp with Nig, brought back bundle hydraulic hose.  Patchell had caught another wolverine and brought letter for Butler and Hovey.  Evening new soles on moccasins.

April 12, 1902 With Nig, took over balance of outfit to Willow, found men taking the day off sewing moccasins.  Hired Evan and 2 partners to sled  at $1.50. Boys broke trail and got 3 sleds from Gilbert’s on Grubstake.

April 13, 1902 First thaw in 5 days.  Left summit, took shortcut to 14 arrived Willow 8:20.  Helped Elliott pull 425 lbs. to R. and L. cabin.  Left off 200 lbs. oats, then sledded up to Linder’s, half way up creek, 3 Natives loaded 600 lbs.,  Butler and Lewis 350 lbs.  PM Natives and Lewis took up 750 lbs.  Had Butler and Elliott bring up coal, lugs and oats and cache same at R. and L. cabin (12 sacks oats).  I left at noon for summit, packed over packsaddles, broke camp, left summit with team and sleigh, arrived Sushitna River 6:10.  Put up tent, had supper, on way to Knik with horses.

April 14, 1902 Got up 4 AM, left Sushitna River camp 6:30 river frozen solid, arrived camp 10:30.  Arrived Knik 2 PM.  Met Mattie at water hole on Knik Lake.  Gave Frank a treatment, 12 cathartic pills, put up feed boxes under calidoor.  Frank ate oats and seems to be on the gain.  Patchell moved in to Knik from spring hunt around Little Sushitna River, camped on our trail, so did the Natives.

April 15, 1902  At Knik with sick horse. Drove down to Capt. Glenn camp with Nig and got floors in cabins.  Put same under A. C. Co. cache at Knik.  Palmer got off for Hope (open boat).  Hauled 2 barrels water and load of birch wood for Martha.  Doctored up Frank, the horse.

April 16, 1902 Got up 2 barrels lake water, intended to leave at noon for mines, but was too warm and soft.  Doctored up Frank, cauterized hole under tongue.  Evening wrote order for Palmer to get supplies for launch and 3 pair boots, 2  size 8 and  1 size 9, leather soles.

April 17, 1902 Got up at 4 AM, left Knik on foot for Willow.  Arrived Little Sushitna River camp at noon, cached stove and tent, left at 1:10 with 50 lb. pack, arrived summit camp at 4.  Cooked lunch, left at 5, reached R. and L. cabin, Willow Creek at 8 PM, actual travel time 10½ hours.  Fish Creek overflowed, rest of trail very good.

April 18, 1902 Got up at 4:30 left R. and L. cabin at 6 with pack and 25 lbs. coal on Indian sled, trail very soft, had to wear snowshoes.  Met Evan and partners half mile below Jifkin cabin, they had sledded each 5 days, paid them each $5 and gave them credit at Palmer’s for $2.50 each.  Arrived Jifkin camp at 9 AM.  Gave men orders to get out frame for cache and cabin.  Left at noon with half case milk and bedding, arrived my cabin at 1.  Wolverines had been in cabin, turned everything upside down, ate a tub of butter and ate up 500 lbs. bacon in the cabins.  

April 19, 1902 Got up at 5:30 pulled sled down to Jifkin camp.  Pulled back load of poles for cache.  Load went in snow bank out of sight. Hauled up part of stove and 1 stick firewood.  Opened Morris cabin,  roof leaking badly, found a lot of our no. 2 outfit in cabin.  Evening looked over medicine case and greased up tools.  

April 20, 1902  Went down to Jifkin camp for dinner.  Hovey came back with me, he blew the end off my 16 g. shotgun, because it was full of snow.  After supper, went down to Morris cabin.  Sledded back 13 lbs. berry coffee, 2 cans matches, 1½ lbs. L. W. beans,  1 pt. vinegar, 5 lbs. spices, 1 caribou skin.  Evening big easterly wind, put cloth in window frame of  my cabin at Willow Creek.

April 21, 1902 Hired Billy the Native to sled.  Pulled fire wood out to bank on Willow Creek.  Hauled 4 loads of fire wood up to the Gilbert cabin and made sled team up the bench to canyon falls. Evening scoured up pots etc.  Evening clear and colder, snow soft and settling.  Lewis hauled out timbers for cache.  Butler sledding over mess house timbers.  Now living at my own cabin.

April 22, 1902  Finished hauling, cut firewood  and cache timbers and part of mess house frame. All hands agreed to commence work at 2 AM.  Evening cooked beans and fruit, men to take dinner at 7 AM at my cabin hereafter,  ptarmigans very plentiful and tame.

April 23, 1902 Got up 1:30, self sledded up 5 loads firewood.  Men didn’t show up, they thought it too soft to sled but the crust was hard and good up to noon. Got 3 loads of tools from Morris cabin.  Launch supplies should arrive at Knik Harbor.

April 24, 1902 Got up at 2 AM trail would not bear without wearing snowshoes.  With Elliott and Native, got up six loads of firewood.  After dinner (7 AM) went over to the Morris cabin, took up floor and roof and cloth covered ceiling in annex and sledded over roof and floor lumber to Gilbert Claim.  Lewis sick.  Billy finished, sent small pack to Mattie at Knik.  Shot 6 ptarmigan.

April 25, 1902  Southeaster all day.  Cleaned up around my cabin.  Had peach dumplings and boiled ham for dinner etc.  After supper, broke out trail down to dump on bank on Willow, snow soft.  Sewed sole in moccasin, retired 10:30.  1st mail boat should arrive.

April 26, 1902 Sleet and snow at Willow Creek, westerly storm all day.  Men didn’t show up for work.  AM  got up 1 load for cache.  Cut off barrel of shot gun and put on new sight.  Shot 2 ptarmigans in front of cabin door.  Evening made out sluice box. Evening, colder and clearing.  Loaded up shells.

April 27, 1902 Sun shining but light snow fell all day.  AM went up to Martha cabin found things alright shoveled snow off sluice boxes.  Hovey came up and helped me sled back cooking gear, 100 lbs. LW beans and tent.  Arrived my cabin 12:30.  Hovey ate dinner with me.  Evening cleaned up cooking utensils and sewed up my gloves.

April 28, 1902 AM got up 9 loads cache timbers and firewood. Tore down sides of Morris cabin, sledded over 3 loads to my cabin and cache.  Lewis worked, laid off sick since 24th.

April 29, 1902 Got up 2 AM trail good and hard.  Finished sledding cache timbers (21) and firewood logs (60) and got up some of mess house frame work and made trail from bench to the canyon.  Ordered Butler to sled out mess house timbers. Got out 21 in 2½ days. Men ate dinner at my cabin.

April 30, 1902 Hovey, Elliott and Lewis each bought a load of provisions from camp at Jifkin.  Got up all long frame timbers. Supper at 1 PM in order to do the sledding on the crust.

May 1, 1902 Elliott, Lewis and Hovey sledded up 3 loads of provisions from Jifkin.  Sledded balance of framework up on canyon bench.  Butler laid  in bed, thought it too soft to sled.  Cleaned out Gilbert cabin for bunkhouse. Butler came up to my cabin, wanted to sell out his interest in the mines for $400, denied that Thorne staked him in 1898, said he bought 450 shares stock and gave it to his wife.  I offered him $300 for his interest right now.

May 2, 1902 Sledded until 11 AM, got up all of framework,  then hauled down 12 loads of Morris cabin logs for cache and annex to my cabin.  Boys brought up 4 loads, balance of provisions.  Two Natives arrived from Knik with letter from Mattie.  Ice didn’t go out yet in front of Knik.  SS Bertha on the rocks.  Miller brought home by Palmer and Patchell, was living on crows, crazy.  Frank better but has sore foot.

May 3, 1902 Moved camp, Jifkin to Gilbert’s.  On way down my sled struck a dry stick, the end flew into my right eye and nearly put it out, very painful. The boys sledded over roof and floor of annex to Morris cabin.  I nursed my eye.  Hovey took quarters in my cabin to do the cooking for the camp, rest slept in Gilbert cabin.  Sent out letter to Mattie by Natives.

May 4, 1902  Cloudy weather, very soft snow going fast.  Nursed my eye, very sore, did no work.  Had ptarmigan stew with dumplings for dinner.  Now all camped on Gilbert Claim.

May 5, 1902  Men, went up to Martha cabin and claim, took off roof of cabin, brought back 4 loads.  PM started to side up calidoor on my cabin with barn logs.

May 6, 1902 Clear, started to sled at 2:30, took up 4 loads of roofing to canyon for mess house then went up to Martha Claim for balance of roofing and 13 sluice boxes. Got stringers and house logs from Morris cabin, worked on calidoor until noon. I  broke new trail to canyon and Morris cabin.  Snow well crusted.  Took boat down to Knik Harbor for Urann.

May 7, 1902 All hands up at 2 AM.  Delivered 78  12’ boards on canyon bench.  Knocked down 5 of Morris boxes and got 4 small boxes from Homestake for mess house.  Delivered 11 of Gilbert boxes near mess house.  Got one load hydraulic  from Morris cabins. Cleaned up 12 gr. dust in Morris boxes.  Demanded cabin keys from Butler.

May 8, 1902  Went down timber line 3:45 AM, cut 3 saw logs, delivered same at 1899 saw pit.  Brought back two  6” sticks for calidoor  doors, windows. Lewis rode his sled over the bank into Willow Creek, nearly broke his ankle and leg.  Hauled him on sled back to cabin gave him ¼ morphine and removed the swelling with hot water, bathed with wood alcohol.

May 9, 1902 Up at 5 AM, I sledded up box from lower end of Morris Claim.  Worked on my calidoor got floor laid, door hung and end boarded up, now about completed.  Lewis came out on crutches, but had to soon retire.  8 PM,  two light earthquake shocks. Willow Creek half open.  Very warm daytime, freezing nights.  Shot 8 ptarmigans front of cabin door, ptarmigan very plentiful, parky’s out.

May 10, 1902 Completed my calidoor which made a kitchen 8’ x 10’, 2 windows and 1 door, cabin now 10’ x 20’.  Snow  2/3 gone on north side of Willow Creek. This is the day we were to go out to Knik and get up balance of hydraulic pipe from Knik Harbor but because of the accident to Lewis, cannot get away, waiting for his foot to mend.

May 11, 1902 Self got up at 3:45, sledded windows and Morris table from my cabin to mess house location above canyon on Grubstake and delivered 10 of frame work for mess house. Sled down 2-40 gate to my cabin.  After breakfast made kitchen table and sideboards in new kitchen and sideboards for my bed.  Men loafed, Lewis on the sick list, not improving very much.

May 12, 1902 Started to build cache, 8’ x 12’, between my and Gilbert cabins, set her up in the air 10’ on 4 posts.  Got up stringers  and floor plates from post holes, took out two pans of dirt, one had 12 colors, other eight, went ½¢ to the pan.  Evening cut down door sill between annex.  Evening freezing.

May 13, 1902  Got up cache ready for the roof. Shot 10 ptarmigans in 6 shots, had baked ptarmigan pie for dinner.

May 15, 1902 AM completed cache, time for one man 9 days, which does not include delivering stock.  Capacity of cache 10 tons, put provisions in cache.  With Butler and Elliott broke trail up Grubstake to summit of mountains, delivered tent.  Evening packed up now ready to sled Lewis over Bald Mt. to timber line. Had Hovey salt down 3 dozen ptarmigan.  Snow all gone on Craigie hog back.

May 16, 1902  Left Willow Creek 3 AM  for Knik with men.  Sledded Lewis over to timber line of Bald Mt. by way of Grubstake.  Had to pull sleighs to summit with long rope, grade 65° for 200 yards.  Arrived timber line 3 PM had to sled down Bald Mt. on bare ground 1 mile.  Set up tent and camp stove.  A few mosquitoes but not to bother, saw 2 brown bear.

May 17, 1902 With Hovey and Elliott, left timber line camp at Bald Mt.  With 40 lb. pack.  Arrived Little Shushitna at 9, dinner at Big Lake, arrived Cottonwood 5:30, Knik 7:30 PM.  Rained from 5 to 7, trail on beach very slippery.  Met Native of Cottonwood with letter from Mattie – Frank the horse had died and Nig was lame.

May 18, 1902 At home with family at Knik.  Mail had arrived and provisions and launch supplies had been delivered at Knik. Left Butler with Lewis at Bald Mt.  Elliott and Hovey bunked him in Tuell cabin.

May 19, 1902  Started Elliott on Nig with provisions for Elliott and Butler and to pack out Lewis.  Nig went lame, so Elliott had to return.  Sent Native with grub, 25 lbs., cost $2.  Started to paint and fix up launch.  Evening lanced Nig’s foot, gave him relief at once.  

May 20, 1902 Got engines cleaned up, sides and top of launch painted.  Elliott broke cross to main steam pipe, sent for another one by Palmer who was going to Sunrise.  Evening doctored up Nig.  Got Mattie water from Knik Lake.  Nig’s foot much improved.  Native arrived from trip to Bald Mt. paid him $2.

May 21, 1902 With Elliott and Hovey fixing up launch for trip to Knik Harbor for the remainder of the hydraulic pipe.

May 22, 1902 Got piping finished, sail made for launch, put her in the water.  PM with Nig, Elliott and Hovey and Natives moved her 50’ evening tide floated launch.  Mud flats cut away up to 200 yards below spring.  Self worked around launch until 10 PM.  Now ready to steam her up.

May 23, 1902 Got wood, water and supplies aboard steam launch.  With Elliott, Hovey and two Natives (Stephan and Neketa) steamed off for Knik Harbor to get balance hydraulic pipe, took Elmer with us.

May 24, 1902 Got up 5 AM found scow sitting on cake of ice, put on tackle but couldn’t pull her off, tide no where near here.  Had to return to Knik for more help, brought 3 bags oats.

May 25, 1902 Mattie spent two nights alone, Elmer with me at Harbor. Lewis and Butler arrived from Bald Mt.  Elliott and Butler  scrap over vest and compass.

May 26, 1902 Bought Butlers 1/20th interest in K and B Willow Creek placer mines, then paid him up and let him go for disturbing the camp.  Got provisions out of Palmer’s cache.  Let Palmer have 32 sacks flour, barrel cube sugar, chest of tea.  Evening got ready to go to Knik Harbor.

May 27, 1902  Left Knik with launch, 9 Natives, Hovey and Elliott for Harbor.  Arrived 11 PM.  Natives slept in storehouse, Neketa was interpreter.  Got scow off of ice berg.  Cleaned out dozen nests of pipe on beach near storehouse.  Worked 10 hours.

May 28, 1902 Launched scow at 5 PM, had to move her 75’ and unload all of the pipe. Reloaded the hydraulic pipe, worked 13 hours.  Elliott and Hovey worked 15 hours.  Anchored scow out on high tide ready to start for Knik.  Light rain evening.

May 29, 1902  Left Harbor at 6 with launch and scow, load of pipe (2,640’) arrived Knik 9:30.  Left boats on flat.  Midnight took scow up Cottonwood channel to Stephan’s house to discharge pipe.

May 30, 1902 With 11 Natives, made log platform and unloaded hydraulic pipe.  Time: 11 Natives 3 hours.  PM got ready for last trip to Harbor and expect to go to Tyonek for mail and money.

May 31, 1902  Made out bill of provisions to be ordered  through George Palmer.  Paid Lewis half of salary $103.50 for hay $6.50 extra.  Paid Elliott to balance $104.50, paid Hovey to balance $8   with Palmer and outfit, started for Tyonek got stuck on bar had to wait over.

June 1, 1902 Launched scow, Lewis and Butler passengers, left for Tyonek arrived Knik Harbor 7 AM.  Left, coaled up launch 2 PM, head wind all the way, arrived Ladd’s 11 PM.

June 2, 1902 Arrived Tyonek 3 AM found no mail or money.  Had king salmon for dinner, got orders and checks ready to send out with Palmer.  Tonquin left for Seattle with Palmer and furs etc.

June 3, 1902 Left Tyonek  2 AM for Ladd’s had to buck the tide, took 4 hours  Saw Mr. Sater, foreman of cannery, he gave me some king salmon. Arrived Pt. Campbell took on 700 lbs. beach coal.  Anchored for flood tide, left Pt. Campbell at 11 AM stopped at ship and scow.  SS Kingfisher also came in.

June 4, 1902  Arrived at Knik with steam launch 3:30 AM, slept till 10:30.  Got ready for trip to harbor for balance of pipe.  Brooks George survey party off for Mt. McKinley.  First mosquitoes to bother.  

June 5, 1902 Left Knik 6:30 with launch and 6 Natives to pick up balance of hydraulic pipe at harbor.  Pipe busted in boiler while at anchor, evening took out and plugged same.  Got all loose pipe, feed and hay aboard scow.  Delivered salmon to Capt. on Occidental ship.

June 6, 1902 Bought moose meat off Indian Jim, got balance of pipe loaded at 4 PM.  Anchored scow at low water mark, now ready for Knik with last load of hydraulic pipe  and horse fodder.  Self on watch, low water at  midnight.

June 7, 1902 Missed scow so had to buck tide and steam back, got up scow anchor 3 AM tide, turned before we arrived at Fish Creek.  Anchored scow at Fish Creek with launch, bucked tide to Knik.  PM tide brought up scow, landed feed at Knik., Scow at Stephan’s house.  Elliott burst out tubes in boiler.

June 8, 1902 Got up 2 barrels water and put 18 sacks oats in cabin.  Paid off  6 Natives for 22 hours at 15¢ = $19.80.  Evening rowed out to launch, weighed anchor and set her over on the mud flat.  Pumped her up and found 1 pipe leaking caused by Elliott running her without water.  Skeeters bad.

 June 9, 1902 Unloaded scow, 2nd and last load of hydraulic pipe from Knik Harbor.  Last Nov. 1 load, making 3 loads in all with provisions and horse feed.  About half of hydraulic pipe filled with mud and gravel, took 2 hours and 11 men to un-nest one nest of pipe.  Ice had jammed up pipe considerable.  

June 10, 1902 Plugged leaky pipe in boiler.  Cut wood for launch.  Left Knik 10 PM with launch and scow to meet Tonquin at Knik Harbor.  Arrived coal bank at harbor 3 AM.  Mattie and Elmer went along.

June 11, 1902  At harbor, Mattie and Elmer and men laid down for a nap, self went ashore for coal, got boots full of water.  Tonquin arrived 8 with 11 hydraulic pipe and 2 boxes fittings.  Horses from Homer did not come up.  PM got more coal, left harbor 7:20, arrived Knik midnight, ground swell on beach, Mattie afraid.  Natives all drunk at Knik, also Patchell.

June 12, 1902 Arrived from Knik Harbor 1 AM, had to anchor scow at Fish Creek.  Bucked the tide with launch, retired 2:30, got up at 8 AM, got up water and wood for launch. Elliott cut wood for launch.  Hovey fixing Sea Otter boat.  

June 13, 1902  Completed annual report to K and B Co., cash expended $4,366.53, year ending May 31.  Cost of hydraulic plant $4,394.22 at Knik.  Company Dr. to self $244.09, Mattie $184.  Elliott made new stone boat.  Hovey repaired Sea Otter boat. Brought up scow from Fish Creek, mosquitoes fierce.

June 14, 1902 After mail wrote letters to K and B Co., Mr. Urann.,  Sylvester Bros. order for sleigh and Palmer’s Seattle order for medicine.  Steamed up launch, pipe in fire box blew out, so had to wait over a tide, fixed same ok.

June 15, 1902 Left Knik 2 with launch and scow in tow with Hovey Pilot, Elliott Engineer, Herning Captain and Simeon mail carrier.  Arrived Harbor 5:30 left scow.  Arrived Fire Island Turnagain Arm side at 8 AM.  

June 16, 1902 Anchored at Fire Island sent Elliott with Simeon after mail at Sunrise.  Mailed report to K and B Co.  Hovey and self wooded up launch.  Boys didn’t come back as expected.

June 17, 1902 Boys arrived from Sunrise with mail, left at once for Knik.  Sailed launch, pipe blew out in fire box, put out fire.  Had to anchor at Goose Bay 4 PM.

June 18, 1902 Left Goose Bay 12 midnight, head wind, arrived Knik. Palmer’s scow sunk.

June 19, 1902 Dismantled launch and laid her up on flat above Knik.  Oiled all the tools etc.  Made ready to leave Knik for Willow Creek on 3 AM tide via Knik to Cottonwood.  Mattie and Elmer to go along.

June 20, 1902 Left Knik for Willow Creek second trip season.  Outfit, Hovey and Elliott, 2 Natives, family and self packed 200 lbs. provisions on Nig, boated up to Cottonwood.  Started too late on the tide looked like rain so laid over 4 hours at Cottonwood.

June 21, 1902 Left Cottonwood 6:15 AM arrived for dinner, 2nd lake 11:15, arrived Little Sushitna River 3:30, very hot mosquitoes lively, trail fine.  Commenced to rain, all got wet, arrived timberline camp 6 PM.  Tents stood ok and was dry inside.  Cleared in evening got clothes dried out.

June 22, 1902  On trail 5 hours.  Left timberline camp 11:30, Nig had wondered off, found him halfway up Bald Mt.  Arrived at my cabin 3:15. Mattie and Elmer saw a brown bear crossing Bald Mt.  Simeon and Ephim came in to whipsaw lumber.

June 23, 1902  At the mines.  Took Monday off for Sunday.  Men fixed up bunks and laid floor in Gilbert cabin.  Self fixed brine on meats and butter.  Mattie was very busy cooking.

June 24, 1902  Light showers over Craigie Creek.  Hovey and Elliott did 1st work at mines on 3 month contract.  Natives whipsawing, Simeon and Ephim 10 hours each.  Hovey built water closet.  Elliott hauled frame logs up to canyon on Grubstake.

June 25, 1902 Natives whipsawing penstock.  Elliott and Hovey fixing over sluice boxes.  Cut down tree in front of cabin window.  Men worked 10 hours.

June 26, 1902 With men and Nig, went down to timber “1899 saw pit”, cut up penstock in short lengths.  Packed 3 logs up to the Gilbert Claim in two loads. Ephim and Simeon 5 hours each.

June 27, 1902 Framing mess house. Simeon 10 hours, Ephim 10 hours at  $1.50. Got frame up and sides on mess house.  Skeeters very bad.

June 28, 1902 Mess house enclosed, roof half on, floor 2/3 laid.  Simeon 10 hours, Ephim 10 hours.  Elmer and self cleaned up gold from 2 old boxes.

June 29, 1902 Natives finished work and left for Knik.  Tore out old bunks in my cabin, put side rail on double bed.  Hovey went prospecting.  Baked Ptarmigan pie for dinner.

June 30, 1902 Mess house completed except ½ roof and ¼ of floor, short of lumber. Nig’s  feeding ground is on Homestake bench, comes down to cabin every night and stands around the smudge.  

July 1, 1902 Working on mess house.  With Elliott and Nig, packed up ½ dozen slabs from 1898 saw pit.  Also penstock pieces and 2 sluice boxes from Homestake sawpits. 1 window and door fitted.

July 2, 1902 Got doors fitted and 2nd window and roof on mess house, except a dozen battens.  Started to frame penstock wide sluice boxes.  Mattie went panning for gold got 3½ ¢ with $100 worth of mosquitoes.

July 3, 1902 Mess house completed outside.  Total hours for one man 205. Creeks very low everything very dry.

July 4, 1902 Sharpened up saws and planes, put fly over sluice box material.  Commenced to joint up sluice boxes.  Dinner fried ptarmigans and onions, baked beans and potatoes, coffee, mince pie.  Evening covered roof with canvas.

July 5, 1902 Made 3 large sluice boxes size 12’ x 21” x 22¾” x 11” deep. Evening quite cool took a bath.

July 6, 1902 Jointed penstock on one box. Tore out Callahan bunk in my cabin put up shelf 10’ long by 21” wide.  Elmer and Elliott  went out for a hunt, they brought in ptarmigan.

 July 7, 1902 With Elliott packed up 5 roof  boards to mess house then went up to Homestake and blocked up flume boxes in creek.  Went up to hydraulic dam, found 1 sluice box broken in half by snow slide.  Bank of snow in creek below hydraulic dam.

July 10, 1902 Cut  hay near big boulder.  Hovey put last of battens on mess house roof.  Covered big boxes with  brush.  PM lined off grade for ditch around canyon.  

July 11, 1902 Simeon brought in first mail (8 packs in all).  AM started to dig ditch around canyon on Gilbert Claim. I stacked ½ ton hay near boulder.  

 July 12, 1902 Sent out-mail by Simeon and arranged with him to go and get July SS Bertha mail and August SS Excelsior mail.  Received word from Hanmore that lost box of medicine had arrived.  Wrote  Sylvester Bros. about headless nails and ordered 30’ of  3/8” machine steel.  Sent J. O. May maps of Willow and duplicate to W. A. Farnsworth.  Simeon arrived with the mail OK and not  having change enough, I gave  him credit at Palmer’s store for one dollar.  I paid him $1 for taking my part of the mail over to Sunrise as agreed, and $10 to bring the mail back, $5 Sunrise to Knik and $5  from Knik to Willow Creek.

July 13, 1902 Elmer caught a parky and magpie in steel trap.  Elliott shot 3 parky’s.  

July 14, 1902 Resumed work on ditch around canyon.  Ditch half done, average depth 5’. Mattie and Elmer visited to inspect ditch and pick up “nuggets” on the dump.

July 15, 1902  Working on ditch around canyon found fair amount colors in ditch.  Took out 2 pans above falls, got 7¢ equals $3.50 to the yard.  Evening Elmer and I dressed 4 parky’s, Elmer caught them in trap.

July 16, 1902 Got ditch down another 9” of grade.  Took pictures of ditch, falls and Mattie panning out gold (1¢).

July 17, 1902 Finished canyon ditch total time for one man 150 hours.  Size of ditch dug: 2’ wide, 5’ deep by (left blank) long.  PM with Elliott, set up sluice boxes in old ditch  above canyon.

July 18, 1902  Commenced sluicing in old ditch above the canyon.  Set up six small boxes, got from 1
 to 2¢ to the shovel of gravel.  This ditch connects the new canyon ditch sluicing to clean out ditch and made same deeper.  New ditch has 5’ loam on top of gravel.

July 19, 1902 Sluiced 9 hours in old ditch cleaned up half of the riffles.  Skeeters about gone, wore no net since Thursday. Creek very low, Elmer fell in.

July 20, 1902 Took scythe up to mess house, cleaned up balance of boxes, got 2 dwt.  Elmer and Elliott went out for ptarmigans, they shot five.  With Mattie and Elmer, went up to Homestake, took out 15¢ one pan 6½ another. Evening changed the boxes.  

 July 21, 1902 Finished shoveling in on 1st set up.  Took from joints 2 5/8 dwt.  Started to build dam across creek above canyon to run water through new ditch around canyon.  Two heavy showers, got dam half done.  Evening cut wood.

July 22, 1902  Fog beginning of the rainy season.  Got dam about completed set up sluice boxes in upper end of old ditch, ready for shoveling in.  Took out 10¢ pan in ditch.  Evening cut wood as usual.

July 23, 1902  Light rain all day and colder.  Worked 7 hours in old ditch, cleaned up ¾ of 1 oz.  some 10¢ pans.  Total time sluicing to date 81 hours.  Made  $4 each, average to date 24¢ per hour to the man.  Mattie picked first blue and salmon berries.  Fixed up my old boots for Elliott.

July 24, 1902 Sluiced 8½ hours, total hours to date 106½. Found one 51¢ nugget, struck clay bedrock.  Evening cleaned up gold and cut wood.  

July 25, 1902 Went up to hyd-dam pulled out loose boards from flume.  Caught Nig, brought stone boat down to canyon ditch.  Hauled rock to finish bar of dam to turn water into ditch.

July 26, 1902 With Nig hauled up rock and sods to finish ditch and wing dam on creek above canyon.  Built part of dam that turns creek from old ditch into the new one.  Finished 50’ dam across creek above old ditch and built sluice dam.  

July 27, 1902 Cut hay up on the Homestake Claim. Took snap of left hand fork and a general NE view.  Came back over mountain, could see Knik Arm, Fire Island and Mt. Sushitna. Had 1st blueberry shortcake.

July 28, 1902 Got sluice dam in shape, removed 3 big rock from ditch. Now at head of ditch and down to bedrock (clay).  

July 29, 1902 AM finished sluicing out old ditch, sluiced 6½ hours, clean up was 7 dwt.  Total hours 1 man to date 126.  Average per hour 32 cents.  Total 41.27.

July 30, 1902 Turned water around canyon.  Finished dam between old and new ditch and started water through ditch.  Now sluicing walls of ditch, old ditch 120’, new one 300’.  1st cold fall rain.  Mattie put new soles on moccasins.  

July 31, 1902 Cleared foundation for annex to mess house.  Worked on widing out new ditch around canyon.  Took out 6¢, 3 pans below canyon falls. Mattie picked pail of blueberries  and wrote copy of location notices of K and B Co. claims. Evening cut wood as usual.

August 1, 1902 Got ditch sluiced out 2’ wide nearly carries the creek.  Started to make a road from canyon bench down on to the Last Chance Claim basin.  Took out 3 pans above canyon falls got 3¢.  

August 2, 1902 Old ditch 120’ long, new ditch 300’ long, dam 50’ long. Stephan came in with mail from SS Bertha.  Palmer arrived.  Finished road above canyon.

August 3, 1902 Received 2nd letter from Farnsworth saying $1,500 had been deposited for me at Scandinavian American Bank. They had protected my personal checks. Shot 4 young ptarmigan with 2 stones, Elliott got 7.  Mattie and I took out 5 pans  on the Homestake, got 3 dwt. and 5 gr. total for 2½ hours $2.57.  Blueberry pie and ptarmigans for dinner.

August 4, 1902 Commenced building road off of bench down to Willow Creek. I, with Nig and 150 lb. pack left Willow Creek for Knik.  Arrived timberline camp 7 PM. Went out by pass between Grubstake and Wet Gulch.

August 5, 1902 At the Little Sushitna River, met ACRR survey party running line from Resurrection Bay up Big Sushitna River, across divide to the Yukon District.  Arrived Knik  found Knik on the boom.

August 6, 1902 Had to anchor launch nearer shore.  Put 2 tons hay and 2 tons of oats into Beedy cabin.  Men at Willow Creek swamping out trail cutting hay, etc.

August 7, 1902 Put down stake and aft line on steam launch. Men cut hay at Jifkin cabin.

August 8, 1902 Gave Palmer order for medicine and camera supplies.  

August 9, 1902 Left for mines at 5 AM, took 30 lbs. sugar, 2 sides bacon, 3 cans beef.   

August 10, 1902 Mattie and self went up to Homestake, carried down box from hydraulic dam.  Did some sluicing and in 1 hour cleaned up 1 dwt. lost more than that in cracks.  Elmer and Elliott went out for ptarmigans got 5.  Hovey picked a pail of blueberries.

August 11, 1902 Men graded road from bench down on to Willow Creek. I cut out road from my cabin to new road 1,000’. Evening dressed ptarmigan  Blueberry shortcake for supper.

August 12, 1902 Finished road from bench to Willow Creek. Cleaned out canyon ditch.  Mattie took picture of road.  Light cool rain, feels like fall.

August 13, 1902 With Nig got up rock and sods to build sluice dam above canyon falls. Got 6 boxes  set and commenced to shovel found good prospects, lots of rock.  Evening cut wood as usual and half soled Mattie’s shoe.  

August 14, 1902 Heavy shower raised creek - overflowed canyon ditch and sluice boxes.  Took out 1 dwt. 3 gr. silvered in tail riffle.  

August 15, 1902   Cold rain, had to clean out canyon ditch.  

August 16, 1902 Sluicing above Canyon Falls, total one man to date 43 hours.  Clean up today 15 dwt. 4 gr., total to date 1 - 2 - 19. Blueberry shortcake and rain and an ugly cook for supper.  

August 17, 1902 Took up tent, split some wood. Went up to Homestake took out 2 dwt. in 6 hours.  In all 6 dwt. 5 gr. in 14 pans all coarse gold.  Found 2 - 10¢ nuggets.  Elliott and Elmer went out for ptarmigan and  Hovey picked pail of blueberries.

August 18, 1902 Sluicing above Canyon Falls.  Clean up 18 dwt. 8 gr. = for 3 men 9 hours, 1 nugget 27¢ and 3 at 10¢ each.  One piece of silver 10¢ and one ruby.  Average per hour per man today 58¢.  Elmer panned out 7¢.  Evening Mattie called me a fool for correcting Elmer.  

August 19, 1902 Sluicing above Canyon Falls.  Clean up 11 dwt. 15 gr. (two boxes).  Average per man today 35¢.  Had to move several big rocks. Went out and shot ptarmigans, then dressed them.  Evening, raining quite hard.  Streams wet very low.

August 20, 1902 Creek raising a little. I cleaned out ditch and back-walled ditch dams.  Clean up 6 dwt. 3 gr. 6 hours work.  17 hours for 1 man = 22½¢ per hour.

August 21, 1902 Very fine day first frost.  Put men to swamping out trail up on bench to mess house.  Elmer and I cleaned up balance of bedrock got 12 dwt. 7 gr. and took out 1 dwt. 22 gr. in tail riffle (total 14-6).  Only sluiced 2 hours made $9.83.  PM cut hay near boulder rock  

August 22, 1902 Total hours sluicing above Canyon 116.  Took out 3-19-11 average per hour 54¢.  Took boxes out of creek got  6 dwt. 6 gr. in cracks. Men finished trail from Willow to mess house.  

August 23, 1902 Located Gopher and Nutmeg Claims for R. C. Smith and J. W. Rogers.  Housed tools and got ready for Knik.  Left Willow Creek at noon with family Nig and men, arrived Timber camp 4:30.  Took up camp outfit arrived at Little Sushitna River at dark.  Made camp at junction of Willow and ACRR trails.  Pleasant all day.

August 24, 1902 Started to build cache.  Mattie ran the camp, ptarmigan stew for dinner.  

August 25, 1902 Steady rain until 4 PM. Got foundation and sides up on cache ready to cover with tent roof.  

August 26, 1902  Left Sushitna River at 6 AM.  Arrived Big Lake 8:30 and ate lunch.  Arrived at Knik 3:15 PM.  Got up at 2:30, cached camp outfit.  Arrived Cottonwood 12:15.  Mattie, Elmer, Elliott and self came down Knik in Sea Otter boat.  Hovey came on Nig.

August 27, 1902  Received mail from SS Excelsior.  Horses arrived at Knik.  Palmer gave us new potatoes and lettuce. Found one new horse at Fish Creek.

August 28, 1902  Building cache at Knik.  Got sills down and floor layed to cache and started side walls.  Mattie brought new waist and sailor hats for herself and Elmer.

August 29, 1902  Working on Knik cache.  Cut Elmer’s hair, Mattie cut mine.  

August 30, 1902 With Elliott, rowed down to Goose Bay for sleighs and scraper.  Found no signs of horses,  Miller was there, had mail from Sunrise. Brought up one horse from Fish Creek, went out to look up bay and white horse couldn’t find them.  

August 31, 1902 Hovey and Elliott’s time up: Hovey 88 days, Elliott  91 days. Due Hovey $231.95, due Elliott $237.50.

September 2, 1902 Worked on cache.  Mr. Chalk and Tuell ACRR survey arrived, brought out pack train, had reached the Big Sushitna River, they went to Tyonek with Miller. Went down to Lee’s for more logs to finish cache.  Evening took down boat so we could tow up logs on morning flood.  Sent mail down to Tyonek.

September 3, 1902 Morning towed up logs to spring.  Got up wood and lake water. Had men cut hay near Stephan’s house.  Self hauled in hay off of trail and cached sleds and scraper.  Evening towed up logs from spring to cache at Knik.  Mattie helped me move launch down to the beach  by the spring, then got grub ready for trip to Knik Harbor.

September 4, 1902 With Elliott left Knik with Sea Otter boat for Knik Harbor to bring scow up to Knik.  Stopped off at Goose Bay to look for horses, arrived at harbor at noon.  Found scow drifted down near coal bank.  Left harbor 3:40, set sail on scow but no wind. Didn’t get out of harbor until 7.  Got across channel and anchored 8:30. Tide turned, rained all night, slept on scow.  

September 5, 1902 Weighed anchor near Goose Bay.  Palmer also lay at anchor, he caught up to us at upper end of Goose Bay; he had his lost scow in tow, found her off the Little Sushitna River.  Arrived Knik at 8 AM anchored scow near the spring. Self with Nig went up to summit above Knik Lake looking for horses.  Chalk (ACRR) with Miller returned from Tyonek, Alaska Commercial Company had no shingles.

September 6, 1902  Hauled up 2 barrels water, got  salt  pork, beans and rice out of  Palmer’s cache and box of hams. Put hay in back of Stephan’s.  Time cutting, 3 men 22 hours.  Evening put salt pork in barrel.  

September 7, 1902  Cleaned up hams, took care of horses.  ACRR man arrived from the Cottonwood in Miller’s boat.  Had oyster supper.

September 8, 1902  Big wind.  Got ridge pole and ends up on cache.  RR men left for Knik River to run a line from there up Eagle Creek over to Bird and around Turnagain Arm.  Grouse stew and new potatoes for dinner.  1st gale, cold, high surf.

September 9, 1902 Big wind filled scows anchored at spring, floated out part of floor and scattered oars and planks along the beach. Deepest channel on the Arm now in front of Knik.  Worked on cache.  Evening developed pictures taken at mines.  Hanmore wrote to Palmer that the Tonquin would call for Mrs. Herning at Knik Harbor September 15th.

September 10, 1902 Cache completed except shingling roof time for one man 76 hours.  Started basement for barn in back of my cabins.  Wrote to W. A. Farnsworth about lost horses.  Mrs. Sheldon and son visited.  

September 11, 1902 Started barn in back of my cabins at Knik with teams and scraper, cleaned out a place 18’ x 24’, 6’ into the bank.  Made road from barn out to Patchell's cabin.  Now ready for logs. Got gold ready to send up to K and B Co. Boston.  Sample weighed 5 oz. 9 dwt. 3 gr. = $87.30.  Check for silvered gold 6 oz. 12 dwt. 7 gr. = $105.83.  

September 12, 1902 Bought the Lee dance hall off Palmer for $10. Tore down dance hall and got 70 logs, sided on both sides, hauled out part of the logs to bank on beach.  

September 13, 1902 Hired Elliott for the winter.  Got balance of logs over bank at Lee’s and hauled them out on the beach and made a raft out of them (70 logs).  Evening made copies of location notices K and B claims on Willow Creek. Palmer left for Sunrise.  Goosmar and family came up from Fire Island, had plenty of moose meat.  

September 14, 1902  Finished making copies of placer location notices and attached same to Morris and Herndon and Butler deeds to Co.  Elliott went out and got 4 grouse. Elliott went out to look for lost horses.  I took Sea Otter boat down to log boom at Govt. camp.  Evening Mrs. Sheldon and son visited.  

September 15, 1902  Had Elliott get out timbers to make derrick to hoist pipe.  Got ridge pole for new boom.  Boarded up roof on cache.  Went down to float up dance hall logs, tide not high enough.  Hovey started to make sail for Sea Otter boat.  

September 16, 1902 Started up raft of logs from government camp. Tonquin came in to Goose Bay, sent up boat with Palmer.  Mattie, Elmer and Hovey got ready to go out to the States.  Went down in Sea Otter, bucked tide. Tonquin anchored at Fire Island on account of tide.

September 17, 1902 Left Tyonek, anchored off Kenai for flood tide.  Midnight went in to Kenai.  Mr. Bass, the hunter, came aboard AM.  Called at Kasilof, took on two English hunters and Mr. New and Fletcher.   Midnight arrived at Seldovia.

September 18, 1902  At anchor on board the  Tonquin, Seldovia Harbor, waiting for the SS Bertha via Seattle.  Buzzard’s went clamming, chowder for dinner.  

September 19, 1902  On board the  Tonquin at Seldovia.  Mr. Richardson and Deweese  was at Seldovia hunting.  Mr. Bass went out for bear and moose.

September 20, 1902  Seldovia waiting for SS Bertha.

September 21, 1902   Halibut.  Seldovia, waiting for my old tub to come along via Seattle.

September 22, 1902 Weather windy.  Evening the SS Bertha arrived.  Mattie and Elmer went aboard had lunch with them.  The SS Bertha sailed at midnight.  Helped load freight on Tonquin.  Left early Tuesday for Kenai.  Funds didn’t arrive on SS Bertha.

September 23, 1902 SS  Newport came in on the way to Juneau, left Seldovia for Kenai.  Saw SS Bertha on her way to Iliamna Bay.  Windy but had good trip to Kenai arrived there 8 PM.

September 24, 1902  Decided to remain at Tyonek as none of my freight came up from Seldovia.  Mrs. Tuell came up on the SS Bertha to winter with Charley at Sunrise, was homesick.

September 25, 1902 Tonquin left for  Sunrise.  Was invited to stop with Eberhardt  and Anderson.

September 27, 1902  Weather windy.  Eberhardt and Anderson building a new cabin boat on Tyonek beach.  Tonquin on way to Seldovia for another load of freight.

September 28, 1902  Big wind and surf, high tides broke up two of Hanmore’s boats and nearly washed out the cannery at Ladd’s.

September 29, 1902  Miller came down with Chalks party, went back in blow and was thought to be lost on way Tyonek to Knik.

September 30, 1902  At Tyonek waiting for Tonquin to deliver freight from Seldovia.

October 1, 1902  At Tyonek, went out gunning, got 2 grouse.

October 2, 1902  At Tyonek, helped boys pick up ton and a half of beach coal.

October 3, 1902  Freight arrived from Seldovia.

October 4, 1902  Bought bill of goods from A. C. Co., 6 pair boots, 6000 shingles, etc.  Got ready, loaded freight in Hanmore’s sloop for trip to Knik.

October 5, 1902  Cloudy with wind and rain.  Tyonek to Knik, got sea sick, left Tyonek with load of freight for Knik.  Had Hanmore’s sloop, Butler and Harvey in charge, off Fire Island at  dark, anchored on mud flats for the night.  Center board broke off, boat filled half full of water, corked it back up.  Very rough tide got sea sick.  Burr, got lost with Palmer’s boat.  Saw Miller’s boat beached on Sushitna River flats.

October 6, 1902 Calm sea at 4 AM, weighed anchor and made into Knik Harbor.  Laid over for next flood, left harbor 2:30 AM, at Knik 6:30.  Found Ladd’s cat in cabin, dishes all knocked down and cat sh--t  all over floor.  

October 7, 1902 Got up 5:30 cooked ham, eggs and hotcakes for breakfast.  Started to shingle cache at Knik.  Barrel of sugar and crackers were damaged by water on trip up from Tyonek.  Harvey and Butler went down to government camp.  Mrs. Sheldon is on the high horse.  Miller arrived at Knik  OK.

October 8, 1902 Mrs. Sheldon left Knik for Tyonek by Miller’s boat.  Finished shingling cache. Paid Mrs. Sheldon 2 weeks board for Elliott $14,  4 days labor her son $6, total $20.

October 9, 1902  Rowed up to Cottonwood to look up horses, found 3 and other “gray” cast on the flats.  Got rig ready to hoist up the gray horse.  Palmer put up three poles and with luff tackle put gray on her feet .  Had to leave her swung up as she was sore and very weak.  

October 10, 1902  Married 8 years today. With Elliott  and Native, went up to get gray mare, found her swung up OK.  Took off sling, hind leg swollen badly, walked her down the  beach to trail on bank.  Too weak to climb trail on bank, she fell down, so had to leave her. The path so narrow between bank and channel, couldn’t raise her except to roll her into the boat.  Got home 2 PM rained hard all of PM.

October 11, 1902 On flood tide took Palmer’s scow and went up after gray mare.  She was dying so dumped her into the channel.  One side was all rotten and her head was rotten.  Blood poison had set in and she had kidney trouble.  Evening wrote to ACRR Anderson for a pair of his horses. Also wrote to Mattie.

October 12, 1902 Blew a gale all PM.  Thought that we could see a wreck across the Arm.  Did washing and baked bread, had fine luck with bread, my 2nd trial.  PM Elliott rounded up the horses.  

October 13, 1902  Cloudy with snow flurries.  Moved provisions and oats into cache.  Moved flour and beans out of Palmer cache into our own, also moved oats out of boat house.  Miller arrived from Tyonek OK, was out in the blow Sunday.  Patchell walked up to Goose Bay, from there he came up in my Sea Otter boat.  He left rest of the gang down on Sushitna River flats waiting for high tide to float Palmer’s boat.

October 14, 1902 Put barrel goods and feed in cache, 12,974 lbs. Hauled in logs for barn, short a few sides for barn.  Evening cloudy looked like snow.  

October 16, 1902  Started to whipsaw ceiling for barn.  Goosmar arrived from Goose Bay. Burr and Hall came up with him, they sunk Palmer’s sloop on the Sushitna River flats.  Evening Palmer went down to try and get the sloop.  Miller left with all his gear for Sunrise.  

October 17, 1902  Weather freezing.  Whipsawed 90’ of  2 x 6.  On evening tide, moved launch and scow from springs up to Knik in front of cache.  Evening Palmer got back, both his  sloop and river boat were lost and he couldn’t find them.  Evening baked rice pudding, had codfish for breakfast.

October 18, 1902 Elmer’s birthday.  Whipsawed 108’.  Evening pulled scow and launch up near cache,  tide not high enough to float them up on the bank.  Evening Mr. Hall visited.  Codfish la-mode for supper.

October 20, 1902 With Elliott, Sea Otter boat went up to Cottonwood to get ceiling stock, got back with boat load at 12:45,  sawed  2 x 4’s.  

October 21, 1902  Evening snow.  A tough day at boating.  Went up to the Cottonwood for raft, for ceiling of barn.  Wind off of land, had hard work to get to Cottonwood Creek.  Coming back wind got stronger, blew us out to middle of Arm, anchored raft and didn’t make shore until we struck Goose Bay Point.  Towed boat up to Fish Creek. Evening went down after boat.  Baking bread until 11 PM.

October 22, 1902 Arranged with Palmer to pay Native labor.  Got quarter moose meat off Palmer.  Sent out letters to Mattie and Mr. W. F. Chalk about using RR horses. Goosmar and Stephan off for Tyonek.

October 23, 1902 Rowed down to Fish Creek to locate raft, it was not there.  Snow commenced 8 AM and covered the ground white by noon, then abated. Mr. Hall visited, said he was beginning to find Burr out as a liar.  Put horses in barn.

October 24, 1902 Hauled in 10 logs on sleighs. Hall and Elliott whipsawed ceiling stock. Hung barn door and sided up casing and logs to same. Oiled up flute. Palmer’s squaw got back from Moose Creek.

October 25, 1902 Snowed quite hard during the PM.  Finished whipsawing ceiling for barn. I  sailed up to Stephan’s to see if RR horses were eating our hay.  High-toned funeral of the season for Mrs. “Squaw” Palmer, buried at Eska.  Evening got bread ready.

October 26, 1902  Boys finished laying ceiling and started to crib up above ceiling.  Self baked bread.  Goosmar got back from Tyonek but mail boat had not arrived, so  no mail.  

October 27, 1902 Got ridge pole and rafters ready to raise. With Sea Otter, rowed up inside channel to summit after horses, they were gone up to Cottonwood.  Goosmar left with Burr for Sunrise and will bring back the mail.  Put wash to soak.

October 28, 1902 Started to clean hydraulic pipe.  Got up tackle and hoist and cleaned 3 nests , 7 pipe.  With men rowed up to Cottonwood for horses.  They were 1½ miles above Cottonwood and it got dark, so we couldn’t catch them.  

October 29, 1902 Patchell came down from the Cottonwood, said Nig and Joe was not there.  Saw swans ducks and geese flying north.  Saw first ptarmigans along the beach this fall, out early.  Evening baking bread from 10 to 12:30.  Bought a pair  of house moccasins from Palmer.  

October 30, 1902  Mattie’s Birthday.  Cleaned 28 hydraulic pipe.  Light snow storm all day, ground white since 21st.  Evening exchanged moccasins, others were too small.  Knik Lake frozen over.

October 31, 1902 Clear and colder, will freeze hard tonight.  Morning sent man down to government camp to look up Nig and Joe got them OK.  Used Nig to hoist the pipe, raised a flanged nest of five took all day to clean them. Total cleaned to date 54. Evening cooked moose stew.  Put Nig and Joe in the barn.  

November 1, 1902 First anchor ice on Knik Arm.  Cleaned nest of 6 pipe that the SS Bertha dumped near low tide, was full of gravel and hard to un-nest.  Goosmar arrived with the mail.  Got two letters from Mattie from Valdez and Juneau, she had a very rough voyage.

November 2, 1902  Cleaned a nest of pipe, total cleaned 63 pipe. Noon while splitting wood, Elliott cut off  his forefinger on the left hand, I  Bandaged it up with iodine antiseptic, it didn’t work. I went down to Govt. camp brought back Sea Otter boat.  

November 3, 1902  Noon pulled out our Sea Otter boat and Goosmar’s sloop with Nig.  Dressed Elliott’s hand then got bread ready to bake.  Goosmar gave me 12 lbs. moose meat for pulling out his boat,  I gave him 8#  sugar.  Navigation about  closed by anchor ice.  

November 4, 1902 Henry, Hall’s friend, came for  dinner. PM dressed Elliott’s hand.  Shell ice all over the upper Arm from Knik.  Indians sledding across Knik Lake.

November 5, 1902 Evening helped Elliott dress his hand.  Evening Hall wanted to quit cleaning pipe, he thought that I thought he was no better than an Indian because he couldn’t make fast the rope on a lift.  Evening talked to Palmer about funds.

November 6, 1902  Cleaned last of pipe nests that were dumped on the beach at Knik Harbor.  Stephan and self cleaned 6 pipe, total 93.  Evening got my bill from Palmer.  Cut Palmer’s hair and got pair of house slippers  for 6 bitts.  Helped Elliott dress his hand.  Freight measurement 12.6 tons.

November 7, 1902 Worked on hydraulic pipe, cleaned last of graveled nests and 35 of others, Stephan worked.  Evening paid Hall wages due to date $31.  Hall wanted to work again and said he would work up to December 15th.  Took down tent that the men lived in, in front of my cabin.  Fired Native out of cabin, he was drunk.

November 8, 1902 Hall commenced work again at $2 per day.  A. W. Hall commenced work again.  Worked on hydraulic pipe;, tackle rope broke in raising a heavy nest that was full of mud, weight over a ton.  

November 9, 1902  Cleaned up the cabin, did my washing and got up 2 barrels of water.  Hall moved down to our cabin.  Evening started letter to Mattie.  Helped Elliott dress hand.

November 10, 1902 Worked on hydraulic pipe. First Native of season arrived from Sushitna River Post.  Lakes frozen over, traveling good.  Letter to Palmer from Litchfield stated there was a letter for me at Tyonek  with money and it came up on last SS Bertha.

November 11, 1902 Got hydraulic pipe nearly cleaned.  Paid Palmer $100 of company bill  from my personal account.  Got pair  caribou moccasins from Palmer.  

November 12, 1902 Finished cleaning hydraulic pipe.  Stephan on pipe to date 10½ days, Elliott, Hall and self 32½ days total 43 days for one man. Wages $80.75, board $20, total $100.75.

November 13, 1902 Started to put roof on barn. Got up ridge pole and rafters.  Stephan had sore eye didn’t work.  Started to rip 12” boards in 4” strips for roof boards with whipsaw.  Got vegetables from Palmer.

November 14, 1902 Whipsawed ( 24) 1 x 4 x20’  strips, got east end of barn 2/3 up.  Stephan commenced work again at $1 a day and dinner.  Evening put bluestone on Elliott’s hand for proud flesh.  Tides over bank.

November 15, 1902 Pulled up scow and launch with Nig on evening tide. Evening burnt alum to cut proud flesh off Elliott’s cut finger.  Evening light rain.

November 16, 1902 Joe rode up to Cottonwood to get Tony. Evening baked 6 loafs of bread.  Tide floated scow got blocking under her, tide came within 6’ of cache.  Rabbit stew for dinner.  Largest fall tide, full moon.  Evening Joe and Nig skipped out to Govt. camp.

November 17, 1902 Got gables finished and one side of roof boards on barn. Tony rode down to government camp for Joe and Nig they were gone, found them at Fish Creek.  Beach very icy, tide high, had to come back through the woods.

November 18, 1902 Whipsawed roof boards for other half of roof on barn. Evening got up two barrels of water. Wrote two pages on typewriter to my “Bobbie and papoose”.  Cooked peas for tomorrow.

November 19, 1902 Snowed about 2”. Hall and I nailed on two bunches of shingles on barn and put on roof boards on south side.  Evening brought shingles in house to thaw out.

November 20, 1902 Southerly storm, high wind blew snow into cache and cabin attic, now 4” on the level. Finished boarding up roof and laid two bunches of shingles.  Evening baked bread till 11 PM.  

November 21, 1902 Hung attic door, put small poles over cracks in barn, finished shingling south side.  Stephan came to  work,  got up 2 barrels of water from lake.  Lakes possible for teams, 7” of ice.

November 22, 1902 Trail in woods good, swamps too soft.  Cleared snow and manure out of barn, banked up snow.  With team on sleigh, crossed Knik Lake went up to summit and got load birch poles to build manger in barn also got in 1st jag of native hay.

November 23, 1902 Fixed up harness, put new tongues in snaps that were broken. Sewed up my gloves.  Evening wrote to Mattie and took a bath.  Boiled dinner today cabbage etc.

November 24, 1902 Cut off log for shingles, split 300, want 300 more to finish roof on barn.  Cut out artic socks out of sheep skin.  Evening sewed up same and mended other artic sox.  Had fried ham and eggs for supper.  Evening snowing.

November  25, 1902  Total snow 8”. Hall and I built mangers in the barn for horses.  Got up 2 barrels of lake water.  

November 26, 1902 Finished manger and started to put partitions in stables.  Coldest day of season to date, -3.  Evening baking bread up to 12 midnight.

November 27, 1902  Thanksgiving day, clear and cold all day, 16 below.  Got partition in stall finished.  Tied horses in stall.  Had rabbit, assorted cakes nuts candy and raisins for dinner.

November 28, 1902  AM  -26. Got mountain sheep skin off Palmer.  Evening made slippers to wear inside of moccasins.  Fell out of cache door and bruised my right thigh badly.  Fish Creek froze over.

November 29, 1902 Hauled down load of birch and cleaned out trail up to summit above Knik Lake.  Got timbers for bed to sleigh. Made temporary hay rack, hauled in load of hay from Stephan’s.  Evening until 12, worked on fixing watch.  

November 30, 1902  Sunday, no work.  Rabbit with dumplings and apricot pie with vegetables for dinner.  Evening got smoked tan moose skin from Palmer to make me a leather coat, also 8 yard canvas to cover blankets for horses, Joe and Tony.

December 1, 1902  Hauled in balance of hay from Stephan’s slough and from government camp.  In all about two tons in the barn.  Got up load of birch (dry) wood.  Evening cut out coat from moose skin.  

December 2, 1902  AM 12 below. Cleared out trail over to swamp beyond birch grove hauled down two loads of birch firewood.  Evening sewed muskrat skins in cap to protect ears and neck.  Gave Palmer’s woman leather coat to make.

December 3, 1902  Made bed for sleigh to haul pipe on. Made 8 loaves of bread.  Evening designed and cut out sheepskin gauntlet mittens.

December 4, 1902  Morning, windy.  Made go-devil for breaking out trail.  Made 6 loaves of bread to use on trail.

December 5, 1902  Morning 10 below.  Hall cut wood. I fixed up water barrels and bunched shingles etc.  Evening got moose skin coat finished, a dandy.

December 6, 1902 Drove over to Fish Creek cleaned out trail and swamped out short cut  to avoid hill just below forks of K. B. and Sushitna River trail. Fish Creek OK, 8” of ice. Brought back pole  for tongue on the go-devil.

December 7, 1902  Made 4 galvanized iron (6” stove pipe 10’ long).  Fixed extractor on shotgun. Evening sewed canvas cover on 4 horse blankets.  Even steady cold weather.

December 8, 1902 Put pole in go-devil, made whiffletree draw strap and two draw rods for red sleigh.  Evening cut threads on rods (5/8) and oiled and cleaned up dies.

December 9, 1902 Drove new go-devil over trail from Knik to jump off place.  Ate camp dinner, graded down hill, got home at 8 PM.  Clear bright moonlight.

December 10, 1902 First warm spell in 15 days. Drove go-devil over trail to camp no. 3.  Fixed grades at camp no. 3 and at junction of K. B. and Sushitna River trails.  Trail now in A-1 shape to Meadow Creek.  Got home at 8, shot one ptarmigan.  Evening gave horses each an oil treatment.

December 11, 1902 Warmer, finished shingling barn had to make 250 shingles. Evening cut out canvas feed bags for horses.  Got blanket cleaned to mount on parky robe.  Getting ready to leave for Willow Creek. Snowed 3”.

December 12, 1902 Broke out trail across Knik Lake and over to hydraulic pipe at Stephan’s house.  Simeon ready to go to Tyonek for money, mail, etc. there.

December 13, 1902  Sent Simeon to Tyonek.  Very busy day getting ready for 1st trip to the mines over winter trail.  Made coal oil-can stove, fixed hooks on chain and whiffletree.  Finished Joe’s blanket and made bread retired at midnight, 38 above.

December 14, 1902  Left Knik for Sushitna River with camp outfit and go-devil on sled, drove Joe on the lead.  Fish Creek was overflowing.  Meadow Creek just froze enough to bear up team but broke in places.  Camped at Trail camp no. 6 at the  head of Meadow Creek, snow 2’ deep.  

December 15, 1902  With go-devil, cleaned out trail from camp no. 6 to Sushitna River.  River frozen over and in fine shape.  Everything alright at river camp except barn.  Swamps not frozen in places Joe broke through on Beaver Swamp.  Swamps rough full of holes.  Evening sewed up mittens etc.

December 16, 1902 AM broke camp at no. 6 and moved outfit over to Sushitna River.  Bridged mush hole on Beaver Swamp and lowered grade 2’ at trail camp no. 7.  Made camp near barn on Sushitna River, laid down pole floor covered with boughs.  

December 17, 1902 Tore down and rebuilt brush barn, made it big enough for three.  Drove go-devil over trail from Sushitna River camp to the bears den.  Evening sewed up Nig’s blanket.

December 18, 1902 Broke out trail up to long grade on ridge, snow 20” deep, holes not filled with ice as they were last year and not frozen underneath in places.  Found Patchell camped at no. 11, he had caught one martin.  

December 19, 1902 Broke out trail to camp. no. 12, snow 3’ deep on ridge.  Very cold day got home (Sushitna River camp) 8:30 PM.  Old Joe fagged out.

December 20, 1902 Fixed up camp and barn at Sushitna River then drove to Knik. October  mail, that had been held at Sunrise, arrived overland.

December 21, 1902 Sent out 1st overland mail of season. Sent Mattie 6 pair fur lined slippers for myself, Elmer and Grandma.  Sent Mattie $100 for X-mas present.

December 22, 1902 Sun shown 4 hours. Made galvanized iron stove pipe and baked 8 loaves of WW bread.  Evening cut button hole in winter coat fixed up same, Elliott filed saw.

December 23, 1902 Mounted galvanized pipe on roof plate for Beedy cabin.  Elliott gunning out and filing man saw. Got 3 dozen canned meat from Palmer for trail and lunches.

December 24, 1902 K and B money arrived from Tyonek.  Simeon got back with $650 and a box of clothing from Mattie that arrived in October.  Paid Palmer and Elliott in full.  Made chocolate cake donuts.

December 25, 1902 Busy getting ready for 2nd trip to open up trail Sushitna River to mines.  Baked bread etc.  X-mas dinner was potatoes, turnips, cabbage, lima beans, rice, fine chocolate cake, assorted nuts and candy.  Our turkey broke out of the coop.

December 26, 1902 Left Knik at 10 with men and two weeks provisions for mine and horses to open up trail over summit to Willow Creek.  Had dinner at camp 3, very cold N. W. wind.  Trail on Big Lake drifted over.  Joe went through on Meadow Creek right down to his hips but we got him out OK.  Arrived Sushitna River at 8 PM.  Got dark after leaving Meadow Creek.

December 27, 1902 Got up at 6:45. Drove go-devil over trail to Twin Lake.  All grades from Knik to Sushitna River now in A-1 order.  Evening made sleeping bag out of parky robe.  Old Joe in bad shape but eats well.

December 28, 1902 Drove go-devil over trail up to swamp above no. 12, had to do considerable swamping and filling in.  Snow 3½’ deep above no. 12, saw several fresh moose tracks.  Patchell came out from Knik to trap.  Evening clear and colder.

December 29, 1902 Too cold for trail work, PM 40 below, remained at camp.  Thawed out and sewed up small tent for summit camp. Elliott caught cold and had a bad attack of the asthma.  

December 30, 1902 Too cold to leave camp. Elliott quite sick with cold and asthma.  Evening put turp and lard on his chest and back and gave him aconite every hour till 1.  Sewed up Nig’s blanket.  Old Joe badly done up from the severe cold weather.  Evening the thermometer froze up at 44 below zero.

December 31, 1902  Still around the 40 below mark.  Evening part cloudy and warming up a little.  Evening Elliott very bad could hardly catch his breath, I sat up with him mostly all night and gave him olive tar and aconite water.  Patchell left for Knik, we decided to go in the morning.  

February 4th    5 men        7 hours        35 hours
February 5th    3 men        7 hours        21 hours
February 6th    3 men        7 hours        21 hours
February 7th    5 men        7 hours        35 hours
February 8th    5 men        7 hours        35 hours
February 9th    5 men        7 hours        15 hours
February 10th   5 men        7 hours        35 hours
February 11th    built cache and barn
February 12th   5 men        7 hours        35 hours
February 13th   5 men        7 hours        35 hours
February 14th   5 men        7 hours        35 hours

Size of Cache 8’ x 12’ with 3’ sides
Used north side Morris cabin for sides - Used east side Morris cabin for ends - used roof annex Morris cabin for roof -  used door Morris cabin for door - wanted 24, 9’ poles for floor.

Used floor annex for floor in Gilbert cabin, used Gilbert cabin for ____ house 1902. Used Gilbert cabin for tool house 1903.

Mess House 12’ x 20’ with 6’ sides
Used roof Morris cabin for floor in mess house, used roof Martha cabin for ½ roof in mess house, used old sluice box lumber for roof in mess house, used old sluice box lumber sides and ends for roof in mess house, used door Morris cabin for door in mess house, used floor Morris cabin for floor my cabin, used window Morris cabin for window my cabin which will enlarge my cabin to 10’ x 20’.

Martha Claim sluice Boxes
10 boxes will make 5 large boxes
2 old boxes will make 6-12’ boards
Sides of old boxes 10-12’ boards   (20 boards)

Gilbert Claim sluice Boxes
20 boxes will make 10 large boxes
Sides boxes will make 20-12’ boards
Broken boxes will make 15-12’ boards
Small boxes Homestake 12 -12’ boards (47 boards)

 Morris boxes will make 36 boards
Total no. 2 boards for buildings 103-12’. long
Wanted for mess house roof 30 boards
Wanted for mess house sides 48 boards
Wanted pinestock for 15 large sluice boxes
Wanted 2 saw logs for Pinestock delivered.


Undated, inside cover of 1903 journal, Herning wrote: “This Diary begins the new year in Alaska and the thermometer -25 with O. G. Herning and his men out on the trail at Sushitna camp. One man caught cold and was threatened with pneumonia, so had to bring him to Knik Station. Getting trail ready to move balance of the hydraulic plant from Knik to Willow Creek. This diary closes the year with O. G. Herning and family wintering in Seattle Washington.

January 1, 1903 Sushitna camp to Knik Alaska.  Elliott bad last night gave him medicine most all night.  Left Sushitna camp at 10 AM for Knik, came right through arriving at Knik 3:30. Had no trouble crossing Meadow Creek, 1st time over without breaking in.  Beaver Pass was overflowing, trail blowed full on lakes but very good through the timber.  Nakeeta came back with the outgoing mail, was so windy and stormy he couldn’t cross the divide over to Turnagain.  Palmer sent another Native but will arrive Sunrise too late to catch the out-mail boat for December.  Evening Elliott much better gave him fever tablets put mustard plaster on his chest.  Broke my thermometer.

January 2, 1903 At Knik.  Hall quit and moved his bed and baggage up on the hill to the Tuell cabin. I cared for the horses, cut wood, baked bread and cleaned up the cabin. Chief Tyoon came down to trade, are having a powwow tonight in his honor.  Snowed 1” last night cloudy and snowing tonight.  Elliott nursing his cold and asthma - much better.  Evening sewed up leather shirt and moccasins.

January 3, 1903 with Nig and Joe, hauled the first load of hydraulic pipe from Knik up to summit, brought back load of birch wood.  Elliott helped to saw and cut firewood.  Gave Joe ½ lb. Epsom salts.  Evening cut out chest protector for Elliott, patterned after mine and sewed binding in mine.  Evening clear bright and colder, -20.

January 4, 1903 Cleaned stove pipe and fixed collar connecting cook stove to heater.  Elliott shot 14 ptarmigans between Knik cabin and spring.  Evening, borrowed Winchester from Palmer and bought box of 45-70 cartridges 80¢. Loaded up grub box for 3rd trip out on trail, loaded up shells for shotguns.  Gave Joe dose of nitro.  Matinuski Indians visited my cabin wanted to buy our dishes etc.  Two Indians stood 6’ 6”.

January 5, 1903 Third trip out to open the trail.  Got up at 6 put on 8 cwt. hay, 3 cwt. oats and provisions enough to last two weeks.  Was snowing when we left Knik. Ate dinner at trail camp no. 4 in the burnt district.  Arrived Sushitna camp 6 PM had snowed 4”. Had Old Joe on the lead, his cough began to smell rotten.  Evening stewed mess of ptarmigan.  Expect to establish summit camp tomorrow.

January 6, 1903 Got up at 6 loaded up camp outfit, 4 cwt. hay, 5 cwt. oats and started out for the summit.  Snow on ridge 4’ deep, cached part of forage at summit of ridge.  Went without dinner in order to get through to summit, arrived there at 4:30, found cache in good shape but barn settled at one end so we couldn’t stable the horses.  Had dinner - ptarmigans, beans, bread and coffee.  Old Joe smelling very rotten, could hardly go near him.  Retired at 11:30 pitched tent on old camp ground.  

January 7, 1903 Snowed 4” last  night, growing warmer.  Raised up and fixed roof of barn. Snow covered barn all over except the front.  Got up dry wood - got very wet working in snow - let horses rest.  Evening sewed up mittens.  Old Joe began to run at the nose and seemed to be some better.

January 8, 1903 AM reset our tent put in boughs and established this camp for the winter. Drove go-devil over trail down to long ridge and hauled back 400 cwt. of forage.  Had Elliott cut wood and dry out tarpaulin and horses blankets.  Morning found Old Joe cast, got him up - seemed to be better but poor and weak.  Evening sewed up Joe’s blanket.

January 9, 1903 Drove go-devil over trail from summit to camp no. 12, opened trail from summit to 2nd swamp toward Willow Creek, snow 4’ deep. Found Old Joe cast again, had hard work to get him up - was discharging from both nostrils gave him aconite and red pepper. Creeks overflowing so will have to wait for zero weather before we can return to Knik.

January 11, 1903 Finished swamping out trail to no. 14.  Swamps very soft not frozen, would have mired the horses only for the deep snow which held them up. Had Elliott make snow plough attachment for sleighs.  Got back to camp at 8:30 and baked 2 loaves of bread and boiled ham.  4th day of big wind, snow settling fast.

January 12, 1903 Opened up trail from no. 14 to small creek two miles from Willow Creek. Drove go-devil over trail twice packed her down in good shape.  Horse broke through on swamps. Snow going fast, now only 2’ deep.

January 13, 1903 AM drove to long ridge for balance of forage.  Met Patchell there, he was just in from Knik, said lakes were flooded and full of air holes.  At high noon came on a blizzard and snowed 6”  by 6 PM then storm abated.  Sewed up Joe’s blanket and baked bread.  Getting short of both provisions and forage.

January 14, 1903 Largest tide of fall and winter, made a lake out of swamp in back of Stephan’s and floated scow off timbers at Knik.  Northeaster and sleeting.  Drove go-devil over trail from summit to creek beyond no. 14.  Last nights snow filled trail full on swamps. Out of bread, beans and candles – 30 MPH wind.

January 15, 1903 Clear and cold. Opened up trail from small creek to within ½ mile of Willow Creek.  Elliott finished grade at no. 14 and cut brush out of trail.  Self went without dinner, Elliott had the lunch pail but no matches so did ditto.  Arrived summit camp, found Old Joe cast again and nearly a goner, gave him aconite.  Had to bridge small creek.  Much colder.

January 16, 1903 Clear and cold. Finished opening up trail over to Willow Creek found creek in bad shape, had been high and broken up and covered with shell ice and not possible for team.  While at the creek a hawk rode down a mallard duck --- I caught the duck it was very fat.  Went without my dinner. Old Joe some better. Knik tomorrow if we can move Old Joe.  Tony a little “off”.

January 17, 1903 Trail now open from Knik to Willow Creek.  Old Joe a little better so left summit camp  for Knik, actual traveling time 9 hours.  Brought go-devil out to trail camp no. 6 at Meadow Creek had camp fire lunch there.  Twin Lakes flooded and full of air holes water 6” deep, creeks frozen up OK.  Big Lake soft at upper end. Sat up until 2:30 reading letters and caring for horses.

January 18, 1903 Cleaned up cabin and started to get mail ready, 2nd mail out overland. Now ready to commence moving hydraulic pipe away from Knik to mines.

January 19, 1903 Jointed up new sleighs and broke out trail across Knik Lake and over to hydraulic pipe at Stephan’s. Writing letters and doing cooking, was up all night letter writing.  

January 20, 1903 Hauled up 2 loads hydraulic pipe to summit above Knik Lake, 27 pipe in all. Talked with Palmer about RR horses, he had nothing to offer but wanted to buy feed.  Colder again -6.

January 21, 1903 Made snow plow attachment for sleighs.  Hauled 18 pipe up to summit above Knik Lake, brought back some firewood.  Evening did some sewing, took bath.  Gave Old Joe ½ lb. Epsom salts and a quart of oil, what shall the harvest be?  Matinuski, Sushitna, Tyonek and Knik Chief’s are now holding a “potlatch” at the Vacelof’s house.

January 22, 1903  Self sick all day, being up 2 nights letter writing too much for the old man.  Ate nothing, took Warburg's tincture fixed me up OK worked all day just the same.  

January 23 1903   Clear, 1st trip moving hydraulic pipe toward mines. Landed 18 pipe at upper end of Meadow Creek and returned to Knik, will sled it all to Meadow Creek first then from Meadow Creek to long ridge above Little Sushitna thence to Willow Creek.  Left Knik 9 AM road very heavy had to make platform to land pipe on.  Tony a little sick, didn’t get home till 9 PM.  Doing chores up to 2 AM.  Andrew got back with 5 pair snowshoes and 2 of my sleds from timber line on Bald Mt.  Gave him 1 sled and $1 for going after them.  

 January 24, 1903 Hauled up 16 pipe to summit above Knik Lake, brought back load of birch wood.  Met Bill Morris with sled and outfit on way to Knik from Sushitna and Tyonek.  Tony’s heels sore from trail making and a little off his feed so didn’t cross over to Meadow Creek.  Had baked ptarmigan pie for dinner , Yolly!!  Sushitna Chief and aides left for Sushitna Post, Natives report 10 RR men on way Sunrise to Knik.  Evening took bath.

January 25, 1903  Did baking and washing cut Elliott’s hair and he cut mine.  Baked 10 loaves of bread.  Elliott bled horses for lampers.  Old Joe on the mend but looks tough.  Bill Morris a guest at Palmer’s.  Had rice cakes and bannocks for breakfast.  Retired at midnight, 22 below.

January 26, 1903 AM -30. Had Elliott wash and oil up double harness halters etc.  Mended Joe’s blanket.  Cold wave hit Old Joe hard.  Nig knocked him over in the barn, we had to help him up with a 4 gallon can and 10’ of rubber hose, made a fountain syringe and pumped soap suds into him,  seemed to do him no good, very weak again. Meadow Creek tomorrow weather permitting.  

January 27, 1903 Took over 2nd load of pipe to Meadow Creek. Light snow all day, trail heavy, landed 20 pipe.  Evening put extension on snow plough to use under the pole on sled.  Gave Goosmar 5 lbs. sugar, he is to give me moose meat for the same.  Two young white men arrived from Sunrise.

January 28, 1903  First time above zero in 14 days.  Hauled over 20 pipe to Meadow Creek.  Arrived home found Old Joe lying down in barn and about breathing his last,  gave him aconite camphor and 4 Dover powder.  Snow yesterday made trail heavy, met Bill Morris on his way out to Meadow Creek to try and get a moose.  Men from Sunrise went back to Little  Sushitna where they have been trapping all winter. Fried ptarmigan for breakfast.

January 29, 1903  Hauled over 20 pipe to Meadow Creek, total delivered 78.  Meadow Creek was overflowing, nearly got stuck near horseshoe bench.  Brought back go-devil, left the sleigh at lower end of Meadow Creek,  go-deviled trail out to Knik.  Morning found Old Joe dead, probably had the epesudic and lung trouble and liver complaints.  Bill Morris was camped on Willow Creek living in Patchell’s tent.  Elliott set 7 snares for rabbit.

January 30, 1903  Buried Old Joe in the briny deep, took picture of his departure.  Hauled 17 pipe to summit above Knik Lake, brought back some birch wood.  Let horses rest during AM as they were very tired from yesterday trip.  Cut firewood and filed man saw.

January 31, 1903  Hauled 20 pipe over to Meadow Creek and brought back heavy sleighs. Bottom on trail granulated and doesn’t pack, both horses and sleighs cut through.  Tony not feeling right, indications show that he is not yet acclimated. Morning -24.

February 1, 1903 Snow and wind all day.  Baked 10 loaves bread  and two mince pies.  Elliott cared for the horses.  Elliott and Patchell had a talk about K and B  outfit and the RR horses.  He gave Palmer away about the price to sell them for.  Palmer was to sell them for $50 but he asked Elliott $75 each.

February 2, 1903 Snowed 9” last night and Sunday.  Broke out trail, up as far as swamp beyond birch grove, brought back load of birch wood. Hauled 18 pipe to summit above Knik Lake. Elliott cut up firewood.  Evening got three ptarmigans ready for a stew.  Had creamed codfish for supper.  Knik Lake overflowing again.  Prince shot a young moose that crossed the Big Lake Saturday.  Patchell shot one of the RR horses, it had frozen its nose.

February 3, 1903 Self broke out trail to Meadow Creek, took over 9 pipes.  Met Bill Morris on his way back to Knik, snow was too light to  follow the moose.  Had Elliott cut birch wood at summit above Knik Lake, brought down a load.  Evening wrote to Mattie.

February 4, 1903 Snowed 3” last night  with a cold NW wind. Hauled over 14 pipe to burnt district, trail drifted full and heavy.  Elliott  and I wore our snowshoes which helped to pack down the   trail.  Total pipe delivered at Meadow Creek 121.

February 5, 1903 Hauled 15 pipe over to burnt district. Hauled down load of birch wood from summit.  Two Natives came over from Sushitna Post.  Lakes overflowing again.  

February 6, 1903  AM blizzard, hauled over two loads of pipe from Stephan’s to Knik Lake to save time in starting off in the morning.  Sold Matinuski Natives my field glasses for $10 and hand axe for 4 bitts.  Evening Bill Morris visited, said he would go out with us in the AM and try to get a moose.  Evening wrote more to Mattie about cooking deal, landing at Goose Bay and that I would be at Knik 1st week in May.  

February 7, 1903 Hauled 13 pipe over to the burnt district and broke out trial, total pipe delivered 149.  Snow granulated and impossible to get a hard bottom on trail. Mail carrier one week behind time.  Knik Lake overflowing.  

February 8, 1903 Baked 10 loaves of bread.  Had roast moose meat and browned potatoes on the side for dinner.  Washed my flannels.  Frank a Matanuski Native, visited and said Palmer told him my glasses were no good and I asked to much for them.  Sold him some baking powder and medicine 60¢.  Much colder again.  Filed down Tony’s grinders.  

February 9, 1903 AM 34 below. PM hauled 3 loads and last of hydraulic pipe from beach at Stephan’s to trail on Knik Lake. Evening much colder.  Evening developed one film roll pictures of pipe, boats etc. at Knik.  Made a ginger bread for supper - was too rich.  

February 10, 1903  AM -42. Elliott cut wood and cared for horses and I did the cooking.  Printed 20 pictures. Goosmar’s brother came over from the Sushitna Post.  Numbered my pictures 102 to 110.

February 11, 1903  AM -32.  Ice on the water  bucket, first time this winter.  We think the thermometer was wrong, probably -44.  Too cold to go out on trail, Knik Lake overflowing again from air holes and pressure of snow on ice.  Mended up my leather shirt and sewed new bottom on Tony’s nose bag.  Evening wrote Sylvester Bros. about the horses and Butler order.  

February 12, 1903  Zero degrees, cloudy warming up some.  Hauled over 12 pipe to burnt district, made the trip in 8½ hours.  Big air hole opened up on Knik Lake, 6’ off trail, water flooding ice.  Brought  home a few dry sticks from the burnt district.  Stephan gone out to Twin Lakes for moose. Second mail arrived 10 PM, took about 23 days.  

February 13, 1903 Landed 15 pipe at burnt district  Trail soft again and lakes flooding.  On way home, when I drove down onto Knik Lake, Nig got frightened at pile of pipe and some kid, and tried to run away.  His first brake, of that kind, since I owned him. Got mail this morning 2 letters and calendar from Mattie.

February 14, 1903 Westerly storm, lakes flooding and warmer. Brought home load of birch wood, now making the round trip in 8½ hours.  Had Nakeeta make me a pair of moose skin mittens with knitted wristers 60¢.  Friday a big lump of snow fell from trees and went down my back, today I  have a cold in my head.  Evening read Valdez papers up to Jan. 22.  

February 15, 1903 Very soft today, lakes flooded with water.  Had Nakeeta put facing on sheep mittens and sew new soles in moccasins.  Self darned up my darn old wool mittens.  Got 98 lbs. potatoes from Palmer.  As February mail was in, decided not to send over again until March.  Baked 10 loaves of bread.  Made moose stew and boiled pot of beans.  Evening wrote to Mattie about K and B Co. affairs.

February 16, 1903  Landed 15 pipe at burnt district, lakes flooded and load cut through.  Three moose crossed the trail on Maidens Alley.   Total pipe delivered 205.  Trailed 2 logs behind sleigh from Big Lake to Knik to smooth down the snow into water on lakes.  Traded Yukon sled for 40½ lbs. moose meat with Nakeeta.  Temp. 36 above.

February 17, 1903 First trip that snow was packed down and the sleigh run easy. Fish Creek overflowing.  Not feeling well today, cold in the head and throat swollen outside.  Evening wrote another sheet to Mattie.  Knik Lake very bad shell ice, water a foot deep under snow.  

February 18, 1903 Some water on the Big Lake.  Total pipe delivered 239, a few more loads to go.  Had Elliott to stay home and cut fire wood.  Moose crossed  trail just above Knik Lake and 2 crossed near Fish Creek.  Three white men from Sunrise arrived.  Prince shot his 2nd moose this year.  Evening answered Elmer’s letter and read Matt’s earache about trip on the SS Siglin, etc.  

February 19, 1903  Light rain so didn’t take the team out of the barn.  Elliott went after the moose above Knik Lake, “he no ketch him”.  Fitted horse shoes on Tony and had to weld on toe calk, a daisy job.  Nailed 1 shoe on Tony, put oakum and sole leather under shoes. I am not feeling well, acute pain in the head,  took Warburg’s and applied snow to head. Two prospectors in town on way to McKinley District.  

February 20, 1903 Evening Elliott had the “blues” wanted to quit the last of March.  I told him he could quit right now but he decided to stay.  Evening did cooking and read over Matt’s “1000 mile” letter.  Self shot rabbit with 45-70 rifle.  

February 21, 1903  Landed 17 pipe on Meadow Creek, only 6 more to go and one  Y.  Total pipe delivered 272 at burnt district - 146 on Meadow Creek 126 - yet to come 6,  total 278.  Drove to upper end of Meadow Creek, it was open on both sides of road about half way up, will have to make road along the bench. Creek overflowing at south end.  Saw fresh tracks of 3 land otter and 1 moose and a wolf stole a rabbit from Elliott’s trap. Rabbit stew for supper.

February 22, 1903 Shod Nig and Tony.  Evening baked 12 loaves bread and wrote 3 sheets to “Dear” Mrs. Herning. Evening began to rain and continued until morning.  Shot a ptarmigan near cabin.

February 23, 1903 After rain, the trail was too soft to travel over. Had Elliott put snow plough attachment on new go-devil and widened the runners to 1’ in width.  Self welded ring on small binding chain and drew out the ax Hall broke - got the temper alright - my 1st experience.  PM re-sacked 24 sacks oats, put them in double sacks.  Put oatmeal and rice in canvas sacks making 156 pounds rolled oats and 40 pounds of rice.  Evening mended my suspenders retired 11 PM.

February 24, 1903  Hauled with go-devil 3 cwt. hay, coil of cable and one Y to Meadow Creek.  Broke out new trail around rapids on Meadow Creek, got home 7:30.  Trail very soft lakes flooded with water on top of ice, Fish Creek overflowing at upper end.  Nakeeta shot 3 moose and Prince got one down at fish camp.

February 25, 1903  with load of forage and provisions, drove over to trail camp no. 6 on Meadow Creek to open up trail over to Little Sushitna.  Put up fly for camp on Meadow Creek.  Shot a rabbit with my 45-70.  

February 26, 1903  Snowed 2” last night, made a new short cut at upper end of Meadow Creek to avoid driving on the creek as it was opening up and not safe. go-devilled trail on creek and up to Beaver Pass.  Horseshoe Swamp covered with moose tracks, 22 above.

February 28, 1903  Finished opening up trail from river.  Twin Lakes flooded with water.  Found tent at Sushitna camp crushed down by the snow.  River opening up on channel side, ice 8” thick under trail.

March 1, 1903  Left camp no. 6 Meadow Creek, for Knik, for more grub and forage.  Now ready to sled pipe from Meadow Creek to ridge.  Trail open to Little Sushitna.  Trail open from Meadow Creek to river. Trail work harder on horses than a months sledding.  Saw moose tracks every direction.

March 2, 1903  Baking and getting ready for 2 week trip out on trail.  Elliott put wood in shed cabin, fixed camp stove. Took a bath and changed clothes.  Vacilof came after his dog “”.

March 3, 1903  Left Knik with load of provisions and feed for horses.  Brought road scraper, balance of gate and 2 pipe.  Trail fine out as far as Twin Lakes then the bottom gave out and horses broke through 18”, took 2 hours to come from last lake to Sushitna camp.  Sushitna River up 2 inches over ice.  Supper at 7 retired at 9, horses all tired out.  Evening soft “Tom” came back to camp, 30 above.

March 4, 1903  Braking trail, went over trail between Twin Lakes and Sushitna camp twice with snow plough and once with go-devil.  Just below freezing all day much colder in evening.  Had to put more filling on road that comes onto river, river open within 6’ of road.  Shoveled snow off pipe at Sushitna
camp.   A moose followed our trail from Meadow Creek to Beaver Swamp and three on Twin Lake no. 2.  Trail now in good shape for hauling pipe.  Nig stepped into an air hole on Twin Lake.

March 5, 1903  Froze hard last night, froze up overflow on river and lakes. Had Elliott build manger in barn, make platform to land pipe on, fix road at Sushitna camp also made cache for meat.  Evening sewed mittens, buttons on shirt and pockets in pants.  

March 6, 1903  Another cold snap, 10  below zero. AM landed 200 cwt. hay at Sushitna camp.  Shot 2 ptarmigan.  Met Billy coming from Willow Creek, he had shot 3 moose.  Evening stewed ptarmigans and boiled pot of peas. Tim-Buck-Two left camp.

March 8, 1903  Took picture of pipe haul while on Meadow Creek.  Moose crossed trail near Twin Lake no. 2,  I  followed him, he went down the river, got dark so had to give up the chase, got back to camp 7 PM.  Broke my 16 gauge gun stock on Tim. One year ago today landed last of hydraulic outfit at Sushitna.

March 9, 1903  Total pipe at Sushitna 114. Goosmar came out to trap.  Fifth day of freezing weather, trail A-1.  Evening sewed up my moccasins.

March 10, 1903  Freezing all day. Had Goosmar at supper.  Ink frozen up not much good.  Got stitch in back  Hydraulic outfit landed year ago at Little Sushitna.

 March 11, 1903 Goosmar shot a moose gave us some liver.  

 March 13, 1903  First thawing weather in 8 days.  Landed last of pipe at Sushitna camp.  Landed 40 pipe and 200 cut iron, total pipe landed 277. Bought 4 quarters of  moose from Goosmar, 175 lbs. for $7, and 2 sacks flour, 20 lbs. sugar.  PM had Elliott build cache for meat and cut wood.  Billy and gang came over for the 3 moose he shot.

March 14, 1903  Opened up trail from Sushitna camp to pipe landed last winter near no. 11 and fixed grade on 1st bench.  Snow 4’ deep off trail and about 20” deep on road we broke out in January.  Elliott having 2nd attack of asthma.  Goosmar left for Knik, sent note to Palmer to send in-mail if we were not out by Monday evening 16th. Horses foot bleeding again.

March 15, 1903 Drove go-devil up as far as bear den,  broke out ½ mile trail.  Snow froze out on old road bottom, very hard  on horses. AM put up and mended tent that snow crushed in, in January  at Sushitna camp.

March 16, 1903 Crazy Ephim from Old Knik visited at breakfast time, out for a hunt, had bow and arrow and no gun, he said Nakeeta had not arrived with the mail from Sunrise.

March 17, 1903  Broke out trail up to top of long ridge.  Snow on top of ridge 5’ deep will have to do some shoveling.  Elliott made place to land pipe near summit of ridge.  4 PM heavy snow storm.  

March 18, 1903 Drove snow plough up to holes on trail.  Drove go-devil back to Sushitna camp.  Trail up as far as 3rd ridge and  finished a place to land pipe and filled up holes on trail. Trail up as far as 3rd ridge very good.  Now ready to go to Knik for provisions - supplies for summer at mines -also expect March mail.  Evening cloudy and hail storm.  Horses worn out from breaking out trail.

March 19, 1903  Came out for supplies for summer at the mines, forage, etc.  Left Sushitna camp 9 arrived Knik 4:30 partly cloudy.  Had to break out trail all the way, 8 inches snow.  No mail arrived.

March 20, 1903  Sent Elliott out with 10 bales hay, 2 sacks of oats and 4 pipe as far as Meadow Creek.
Self baking bread, 2 ginger breads and rib roast.  Started letter to Mattie about fitting up the cabin and what to get: 15 rolls rope, 72 cabot, 300 ft. flooring (18’), 2 bedsteads and fittings, clothing, etc.  Come August.

March 21, 1903  Sent Elliott out with 4 bales hay and 14 sacks oats to Meadow Creek .  I baked bread, beans, etc.  Fixed stalk to 16 gauge  gun, got cartridge for six shooter 44 cal.  Sold Patchell 4 sacks oats for RR horses at $3 sack.

March 22, 1903  Let horses rest.  Self still baking bread, now got 33 loafs.  Oiled up clock and watch, did my washing.  Looked up accounts, over $800 due me from company for payments on their accounts.  Cut Elliott’s hair, Elliot mine ditto.  Freezing.

March 23, 1903  Sent Elliott out with load of forage and provisions, oats, beans, peas and fruit 25 cwt.  He arrived home at 5, broke cross bars to bed of sleigh a and had to put in new ones.  Self peeled mast pole for Sea Otter boat. Put new set harness in cache got out what was needed to go - about 1½ tons.  Elliott said Hall wanted to work again.  Told Palmer I would take back provisions he bought from me last June.  Palmer wanted to set up credit accounts so I could hire the Natives.

March 24, 1903  Sent Elliott out with ton of supplies.  Hauled over from Palmer’s store 32 sacks flour and put it in the cache, 3 barrels  sugar, a chest of tea, barrel of butter, 100#  salt box, hard tack, 25# lima beans, 10#  nails 6d.  Took back tea, sugar and flour I sold to Palmer last spring.  Self busy packing up mining stoves, drew out ax and ground up 2 axes.  Bought four quarters of a moose from Prince.  Indians reported the wolverines had eaten up our meat at Sushitna camp. Now ready for final trip to mines.

March 25, 1903  Left Knik 9 AM arrived Sushitna at 6 with last of provisions and incidentals for mines.  Had to break out trail from Meadow Creek - wind had blown trail full.  Goosmar came out.  Sent Shorty note to send me 6 Natives  on April 15th to saw lumber.  Wolverines, or Natives, stole 1 quarter of meat and bag of bacon from cache while we were gone to Knik. Patchell got Johnny Kon Kaw.

March 26, 1903  Drove over to Meadow Creek for load of provisions.  Landed 25 cwt. at Sushitna cache.  Heavy snowfall after dinner.  Billy came out to Willow Creek, trail was heavy.  Evening cleared.

March 27, 1903  Hauled coil, cable, scraper, part of gate and one Y to summit ridge, pulled snow plough behind sleigh coming back.  PM go-deviled out trail up to pipe I landed last winter beyond 3rd ridge.  Filled up low places  on trail, cut new water hole near road from river to camp.  Colder and freezing hard.  Evening sewed tie strings on Nig’s blanket.  Ephim and Pete were on way to Willow Creek, mail had not arrived.

March 28, 1903  Drove over to Meadow Creek for load of provisions, landed 26 cwt.  Trail drifted in on lakes and swamps.  Shot a ptarmigan.  Freezing hard tonight.  Steak and potatoes for supper.  Evening cut up steaks and stewed ptarmigan.

March 29, 1903  Landed last of forage and provisions at Sushitna cache from Meadow Creek, 14 bales hay, 7 cwt. oats and 4 hydraulic pipe.  Looked up short cut from Lake no. 5 to Beaver Swamp, blazed out same, shot a rabbit.  Had ptarmigan stew with dumplings for supper. Tim-Buck-Two left camp for Knik I guess.  Evening boiled beans.

March 30, 1903  Commenced moving pipe Sushitna to summit ridge.  Trail soft, holds up sled but horses break in, 2’ in places. Elliott troubled with asthma again, he remained in camp.  Stephan was to come to work today and bring out-mail, didn’t show up, I think the March mail had not arrived.

March 31, 1903 Had Elliott shovel out trail at ravine crossing and pipe.  PM wet snowstorm, let horses rest, loaded up shells.  Evening sewed up overalls put in watch pocket.  Evening still snowing.  No mail yet.  

April 1, 1903 Snowed 7” last night. Had to drive go-devil over trail from Sushitna camp to ridge.  PM landed 13 pipe.  Trail wouldn’t hold horses, pulled snow plow behind sleigh coming back to camp.  Simeon and wife and two Natives camped on river on way to Knik from Willow Creek. Hired Simeon and 4 Natives to help open up trail from ridge to Willow Creek.  Elliott’s winter contract up, hired him for $2.50 per day up to June 1st 1903.  

April 2, 1903 PM landed 16 pipe at ravine crossing and shoveled snow off pipe left there last winter.  Traded Simeon 5 # tea for quarter of moose meat, I am to give him the tea when I come back to Knik in May.   Sent Palmer word to make me a fly 12’ x 18’ out of cabot and send it out to Sushitna camp.  Billy and Goosmar went out to Knik.  Evening young Nakeeta came out looking for Ephim, he said Nakeeta had not arrived as yet with the March mail.  

April 3, 1903 Tony broke through trail at no. 12 and was so weak he could hardly get up on his feet. Total pipe landed at ridge 93. Evening Evan from Old Knik visited wanted to work, gave him supper.  Evening trail soft NE wind, cloudy and warm.  Sushitna cache about broken down with weight of provisions.  Ephim and Little Nakeeta went out to Knik.  The Natives think that Chief Nakeeta is dead, been gone after mail 30 days.

April 4, 1903 Landed 15 pipe, total 108 at ridge.  Tony getting very weak, fell down several times and could hardly raise.  Gave him ½” advantage on evener.  PM trail too soft to sled on, let horses rest.  The cache Butler built last winter broke down, had to put new timbers under it and re-cache provisions.  PM shoveled out pipe below Sushitna camp.  Snow 3½’ deep on pipe.  Evening Crazy Ephim visited said he was going up the Big Sushitna.  

April 5, 1903  Snowed 6” last night and 10 more today very heavy storm.  Self drove up over trail to ridge to keep it open, landed 2 cwt. iron.  Had Evan and Pete for supper will commence work tomorrow.  Crazy Ephim went over to Willow Creek.  Evening cooking until 11 PM., what shall the harvest be?  Snow balls!  came back to camp, had been to Knik, he soon left camp with a cord wood stick as a rudder.  Elliott remained in camp.

April 6, 1903  Landed 11 pipe, total 119, then broke trail ½ mile on ridge, snow even with Tony’s back.  Had Elliott make another landing place for pipe.  Hired Evan and Pete to work for $1.50 day, sent them over to cache on summer trail for shovels and camp outfit.  Native Afinassi  came to camp wanted to work 1 month so I hired him as he had no sick babies or Bobbie to call him away.

April 7, 1903  Freezing all day, 10 below.  Landed 12 pipe, total 131.  Started Natives in shoveling trail out over ridge.  Evening 5 more Natives came out to work from Knik: Stephan, Simeon and brother, Ephim and ________ (left blank), fed them supper.  Affinassi commenced work.  Palmer sent out fly 12’ x 18’.  

April 8, 1903  Very cold last night, froze 3” on running water.  Setup camp 1 mile beyond ridge for trail makers.  Sent Elliott up to do cooking and look after the Natives and work. I packed up camp outfit and delivered same on ridge at noon.  PM landed 12 pipe and 4 cwt. oats. Dull heavy pain over left eye all day, kidney trouble I guess.  Eight Natives working.  Ink frozen up solid

April 9, 1903  Landed 10 pipe, total 153.  Discontinued trail making by Natives as it cost $33 for ½ mile and more snow coming.  Made contract with Natives to sled provisions from ridge to cache for 2½¢ lb., they to board themselves.  Landed 5 cwt. provisions on ridge and broke out trail coming home to S. camp.  Goosmar for lodger tonight.  Nothing heard from mail.  Mills and Teck  back to Knik  from Matinuski.  

April 10, 1903  Snowed 14” last night.  When breaking out trail, the whiffletrees slid in 14” more on sides.  Evan wanted to continue by the day.  Sent Elliott with Natives to Gilbert cabin for sleds.  Evan and I broke out trail and landed 1,000 lb. provisions.  Tony very weak.  Moving provisions from Sushitna to top of ridge.  

April 11, 1903  Elliott and Natives got back at noon from mines.  Affinassi shot a moose near Linder’s cabin.  Evan and I sledded up provisions to ridge.  Moved mess camp back to landing place for hydraulic pipe at ridge near crossing.  Gilbert cabin covered over with snow.  Snow level with top of door at OGH cabin.  Evening packed up balance of provisions retired at 12.

April 12, 1903 Delivered last of provisions on ridge.  Natives sledding to Willow Creek setup camp on ridge, men to build cache for forage.  February mail arrived. Company sent PO orders for $1,200. F. W. Lloyd coming in with horse and provisions wants to work.  Mail man arrived 5 PM, met him at bears den.  Palmer sent small rope.  

April 13, 1903 Elliott and men had posts up and logs cut for cache. I worked on cache, broke out trail coming “home” to Sushitna camp. Loaded up pipe for early morning trip.  Found someone had been into my camp and ate ½ pt.  sauce and ½ loaf bread, part of gingerbread, meat, sugar and drank a can of cream.  Son-of-a-gun was living high. I saw tracks down river but don’t know where he came from.  Evening reading Christian papers sent in my G. Langdon, Plymouth Ct. Clear 20 to 34.
April 14, 1903   Windy, snow squalls 32 above. Evan went home, sister reported as sick.  Elliott finished cache. Evening big NE wind, read over last mail again.  Expect to go over to mines to cache provisions in the morning.

April 15, 1903  AM delivered balance of forage at ridge cache Elliott put crib under pipe. Encountered blizzard crossing from ridge to Willow Creek, in half hour no trail to be seen, snowshoes sank 1’ and covered with heavy wet snow.  Reached creek 8 PM found Natives with provisions camped at R. and L. cabin.  Hardest trip in all my time in Alaska, took 7 hours to cover 2½ hour trip.  Left Indian camp 9 PM for my cabin on Grubstake had to break trail. It got dark at 11 PM so camped under tree, siwash fashion, near Linder’s cabin.

April 16, 1903 Started out at daylight reached my private cabin at sunrise found long shelf in end of cabin covered with 1’ of snow, cleaned it out, then got breakfast, no sleep or supper last night. Natives delivered 1,290 lbs. provisions at cache weighed up and cached same.  

April 17, 1903  Snow squalls.  Natives delivered 1,829 lbs. provisions at cache on Grubstake, I weighed up and cached same.  Started yeast for bread.  Ephim shot a brown bear on bench, one hundred yards from my cabin, it was  just out of his den.  

April 18, 1903   Natives delivered 1,642 lbs., last of provisions - total 4,761 lbs. gross at 2½¢ lb. = $119.02.  Gave Natives credit at Palmer’s for $117.05.  I got camp outfit provisions ready for lumber camps and del. 150 lbs.  Made contract with Ephim and Affinassia to cut and deliver dry wood at mess house at 50¢ per sled load and to deliver oats at cache from R. and L. cabin at 75¢ per sack  Evening baked bread.  

April 19, 1903 Clear and freezing.  Self sledded 200 lbs.  provisions and camp outfit from private cabin to lumber camp.  Barn completely covered with snow and loft of cabin full of snow.  Shoveled out same, setup stove and arranged camp for arrival of swampers and sawyers, got back at 7, went without dinner.  PM went up to the Gulch, mess house was part full of snow, other cabins OK.  Snow on Homestake bench 30 to 40’ deep and creek full of slides.  Brown bear visited all cabins today.  

April 20, 1903 Left private cabin for trail camp.  Stopped at lumber camp and put window in cabin.  Arrived at Sushitna 8 PM.  Elliott had all the pipe delivered at ridge except 68.  Evan had not returned to work. Now sledding nights, trail too soft in day time.

April 21, 1903 Got up at 2 AM, Elliott and I delivered 37 pipe at ridge, through at 3 PM.  Natives all gone to Knik to spend their wages and attend funeral of Stephan’s baby.  Ephim and Affinassa sledding at mines.

April 22, 1903  Fair and warmer.  Landed 17 pipe and a load of gates etc. at ridge from 4 to 12 AM.  Two more loads to come and Sushitna camp outfit.  PM Evan came back reported his sister very sick, paid him off - 8 days $12.   Sent Palmer P.O. order $100 to apply on account.

April 23, 1903  Got up at 3 AM landed 17 and last of pipe and a load of machinery at ridge.  Heavy rain for 2 hours during AM.  Moved Sushitna camp to ridge.  At noon contracted with Chief Nicoli and partner to deliver 30 pipe at mines for $2 per pipe. Chief ½ day at $1.50, Evan ½ day at $1.50.  Evening got outfit ready for mines,  440 pipe delivered on ridge.  

April 24, 1903  Fair and warmer.  Got Elliott off for the mines with Natives at 7 AM.  Sledded their camp outfit over ridge with horses. Evening Peters arrived from Knik wanted to work, had him sled scraper to mines.  Took Inventory of pipe supplies etc. in cache at ridge.  Evan 1 day, Chief 166 lbs.  Retired 11 PM ready for Knik.  

April 25, 1903 with horses, deep snow and soft weather, closed up teaming.  Got up 3 AM, cached camp outfit in forage cache with 20 sacks oats, 11 bales hay.  Left sleighs, had about 150 lb. pack on Nig.  Left ridge 9 AM very soft,  trail down to Sushitna camp would not hold,  some places horses go in 3 to 4’,  Little Sushitna opening up.  Twin Lakes flooded with 8” water.  Snow 2½’ deep Sushitna to Fish Creek.  Old trail  no good.  Fish Creek flooded from rim to rim - water over ice knee to belly deep on horses.  Snow 2’ deep, Fish Creek to summit above Knik Lake.  At Knik snow all gone on banks along beach only 1’ over to lake.  Knik Lake covered with snow and but little water on ice no air holes.  Arrived at Knik 10 PM.  Palmer got off for Sunrise the 23rd.  

April 26, 1903  Up at 6 AM, cared for horses gave them a good grooming, both about half shed off.  First cut on Nig’s feet this winter - got down with a pack on and cracked his right foot when getting up.  Tony cracked himself as usual.  They broke through on trail ridge to Sushitna.  Had I waited another day, lakes, creeks and river would have been hazardous crossing.  Rained while coming down Meadow Creek yesterday and with both feet wet, caught cold, pain in right ear and tonsil badly swollen.  Used tincture iodine outside, peroxide water inside, very painful tonight.  Sold Prince old broken shotgun $2 and 16 brass shells $1.  Patchell came for another sack of oats for RR horses.  Bread raising tonight expect Palmer with mail any tide.

April 27, 1903  At Knik. Elliott working Natives at mines - getting out firewood and saw logs.  I am sick today, right ear and glands below same very sore and painful.  Using peroxide, Vaseline, Warburg’s and treatment,  tongue badly coated.  Hired Prince to cut up wood and store in cabin.  PM we cut two loads green birch wood.  Baked 10 loaves bread and good enough for a king.  Developed film roll last night, pictures came out fine, numbered them today - 113 to 125.  Had Prince for dinner and supper.  Evening took a bath and changed my “old rags”.  Gave Simeon tea for moose meat.  

April 28, 1903 Feeling some better today.  Had Prince help me haul in two loads of birch wood.  Put forage in barn out of small cabin.  Split up a lot of birch and stored in my cabin for future use and safe keeping.  Bill Morris agreed to feed and care for the horses until I came out after them in June.  Put sleighs in loft of barn.  Printed and toned a few pictures, are very good.  Evening wrote two typewritten sheets to my “Bobbie and papoose”.  Palmer didn’t come with April mail.  

April 29, 1903 PM had Prince help to clean out small cabin.  Put barrels overhead and balance in cache, cleaned up engines in launch.  Evening wrote Mattie late news about trip out from the ridge to Knik and about coming out next fall. Evening Pete and young Goosmer did my washing, “, Yolly!!”  Feeling some better, throat sore and ear aches some.  

April 30, 1903   Clear and windy. Made lock for attic door in barn and put up medicine box. Sorted over papers and old letters until 11 PM.  Mounted Elmer’s, Mammas and my pictures and hung on the wall over table. Nothing heard or seen of Palmer, think that the mail boat is late.  Knik flats covered with ice,  channel open but full of ice.  Had can of pineapple for supper for a change.  Gave Pete and Goosmar 10¢ each for doing washing.  

May 1, 1903 Sent off my report of money expended June 4 to date.  Amount to date $1,469.07 received from company, balance paid out from my own funds.  Evening Palmer got back with April mail, came up on the SS Bertha. Cook Inlet Trans. Co. bought the SS Tyonek.  Received  letter Scand. Bank saying $2,000 more shipped on the 1st boat.  The Pacific Alaska Ex. sent card, a valuable pkg. was at Sunrise awaiting my orders.  Got prospectus of K and B Co. illustrated.  

May 2, 1903 Made out statement of bills payable and cash on hand at Knik May 1/03.  Due self, money advanced to K and B Co. $986.09. Due labor to date $364, due Palmer $119.26, total $1,469.35.  Cash available $2,200, net $740.65, asked for $819.35, total season 1903 $1,560.  Personal checks issued on Scandinavian American Bank $1,325.91,  due salary 1902  $674.09, due salary 1903 $2000, total due $2,674.09.  Wrote Mattie not to accept stock as part payment on claims.  

May 3, 1903  Put window in small cabin and put up galvanized iron stove pipe.  Made wooden shutter for attic window in big cabin.  Made cover for oat box in barn. Cleaned hair out of horses.  Paid March mail service.

May 4, 1903  Mailed statements of funds on hand and bills payable to W. A. Farnsworth,  wrote Hanmore about proposed new trading company here on the Inlet.  Wrote A. C. Co. Kodiak about gate valve handle.  Paid Palmer $100 on store account.  Bought new pair  leather boots, cut price $2.25.  Acknowledged receipt of money to Scandinavian American Bank.  Left 10 letters with Palmer, 2 letters and 1 pkg. for Mattie, retired 12:30.  

May 5, 1903 Didn’t hear the alarm, got up at 5 left Knik at 7 with pack on Elmer’s Indian sleigh, fairly good going over as far as Fish Creek, creek flooded - took to the woods.  Snow all gone at burnt district and Meadow Creek.  Water knee deep in ravens on trail.  Meadow Creek open so cached sled and cut across burnt district and came out at 1st Twin Lake.  Swamps  flooded beyond 2nd Twin Lake,  had to take to woods, feet wet and nearly frozen.  Arrived at Little Sushitna 10 PM,  legs nearly paralyzed from ice water.  River open and high so camped Indian fashion for the night under a tree no blankets or grub.  Sick all day, vomited many times, I drank river water, stayed with me.

May 6, 1903  Left camp under spruce at 4 AM, fell tree across river - half of it was under water.  Took off shoes, with pack on back, scaled the log, gee wasn’t the water cold!  Put skids under go-devil at Sushitna camp.  Snow most all gone up ridge. Arrived ridge camp 8 AM, had pot of coffee, cakes and mutton for lunch.  Looked after pipe, left at noon for mines, snowshoeing on mountains good, arrived at lumber camp 9 PM.,  Natives had delivered 30 loads of firewood. Elliott had up 30 saw log posts sawed up.  

May 7, 1903 Six Natives were sawing logs below my cabin on Gilbert Claim.   Elliott peeling logs and lining up same. I was very sore from trip from Knik to mines on winter trail.  Set sponge for bread.  Snow on creek basin level with sawpit horses.

May 8, 1903   Logs sawed - about 2,200 ft. to date.  Had Stephan saw firewood 5½ hours $1.10, boarded himself.  Made out estimate for penstock for 40 sluice boxes.  Dug water hole on Grubstake no ice and snow 10’ deep on creek.

May 9, 1903  Elliott finished peeling the 30 logs and lined up balance of same.  Stephan fell from top of saw pit and broke tiller hole in saw. Easterly winds and snow settling fast .

May 10, 1903 Logs all sawed but 2.  Elliott and I re-piled lumber and covered it over with tarpaulins.  Went up to mess house to get measurement of poles to build bunks.  Got grub ready for lumber camp.  Expect to get out and saw up 15 more logs.  Natives bought more grub.  

May 11, 1903 Natives finished sawing up 1st lot of 30 logs. Three Sushitna Natives came in to work.  Palmer sent Simeon Jr. back to get Natives time so he could cash my orders.  Wrote six orders on Palmer for $72.05.  Borrowed $25 from Elliott to pay labor.

May 12, 1903  Got up at 1 AM Elliott and I got out 14 saw logs.  Sushitna Natives sledded up 7 logs to Gilbert saw pit.  Knik Natives laid off, now living at lumber camp 2 miles down Willow Creek from my cabin.

May 13, 1903 Elliott and I finished getting out 20 saw logs, makes 50 in all.  Too soft to sled logs up to creek, so we went to Gilbert cabin, peeled and lined up 5 saw logs.  Andrew quit, gave him credit at Palmer’s for $10.80.  Lloyd and Harcus arrived timber line on Bald Mt.  Sent Native over with 2 pair snowshoes  to cross over mountain.

May 14, 1903 I peeled 1 log and started bread.  Stephan finished, gave him credit at Palmer’s for $15.95.  Snow going fast, ½ Craigie Hog Back now bare.  Brush on Willow Creek beginning to show up through snow “and the band plays on”.  Lloyd and Harcus arrived at lumber camp worn out from trip Knik to Willow Creek, 3 days, wanted to work.

May 15, 1903  Natives sledded up 2 logs and whipsawed today.  PM exciting time, Natives saw 3 bands of caribou coming down Craigie Mt. to Willow Creek, 14 in one bunch, 7 in another bunch up on top of mountain,  Nakilla went after them, shot 4 and wounded 2 out of 7, rest took to the top of mountain.

May 16, 1903 Natives finished sawing 9 more logs at Gilbert saw pit, 39 in all.  Too soft to sled logs up from timber so will move down and saw logs in woods, snow going fast.   

May 17, 1903 1st Sunday off in weeks. Baked 10 loaves of bread.  Moved down to lumber camp to help with the balance of logs.  Lloyd and Harcus, Elliott and myself now eating at lumber camp.

May 18, 1903  Up at 4 AM. Elliott and I got out 4 logs and the Native 2 logs, up to saw pit ground.  Built saw pit large enough so 6 men could saw on it.  

May 20, 1903 Natives finished whipsawing 48 logs in all about 5,000’.  Nakilla sledded 4 loads of lumber from timber up to Gilbert Claim.  Paid off Sushitna Natives $19.75 net.  Saw wolverine opposite lumber camp near Wet Gulch. Natives finished working.

May 21, 1903 Got tools and lumber ready to sled from lumber camp up to Gilbert Claim.  Natives sledded up 300’. PM settled up with Natives, paid Chief and Peter $14.30 by credit at Palmer’s. Number of logs sawed 48, cost to saw them $131.80, cost each log $2.95½.  Flume boxes penstock bottoms 3 x 4 x 3.6 long.  Penstock posts 3 x 3½ x 3 ft long penstock collars 3 x 6 inches 3½ ft. long.  Had Elliott knock down old boxes at Jifkin’s.

May 22, 1903  Elliott and I hauled up 120’ of old sluice box boards from Jifkin’s to mess house.  PM re-piled lumber off snow onto ground at Gilbert Claim.  Evening clear and freezing.

May 23, 1903 Got up at 1 AM and sledded 262’, balance of lumber from timber up to Gilbert Claim.  Delivered 420’ slabs and boards at mess house for kitchen addition, finished with sledding at noon. PM repaired roof on lumber camp.  

May 24, 1903  Elliott moved up to my cabin from lumber camp.  Lloyd and Harcus came up, had them at dinner, they decided to go out to Knik.  PM sledded lumber across creek from Gilbert saw pit, put 8 sacks oats into cache, full to roof.  Put pork in brine, salted down 8 ptarmigan.  Put up single bunk over my bed.  Got grub ready for trip to Knik for horses.  More help and money at Sunrise.  

May 25, 1903  We got up 4 AM.  Left my cabin at 6:30, snow shoed up Grubstake through Wet Gulch Pass, snow deep to summit of Bald Mt.  Grubstake Creek filled from bank to bank.  Snow 1/3 gone on north side of Willow.  Arrived timber line 11 AM. Elliott sprained his ankle coming down from Bald Mt. trail down to Little Sushitna.  Camped for the night. Supper roast beef corn bread coffee.

May 26, 1903  Up at 3:30 left river at 5:30 cleaned out trail over to Big Lake.  Caught mess of trout in Native’s fish trap at Big Lake, trail good.  No rain during this trip for once.  Ate lunch at Big Lake arrived Knik 6 PM.  Elliott came in on 3 legs, ankle swollen and very sore.  Found horses doing well. Palmer and mail still at Knik.  Up till 12 cooking.  Paid Affinassi $5.25 on account.

May 27, 1903  Fried trout for breakfast.  Started to overhaul Sea Otter boat, put on new sail, fixed rudder irons, wash board and cut a foot off aft deck  Gave Stephan sail for Ruby L.  Andrew and Hall at Knik going up Knik River, claim to have struck $5 diggings.  Evening typewrote 1 sheet to “Dear Mrs. Herning”.  Mixed up bread.  Paid Ephim $1 on account. Sold Elmer’s accordion, total due Elmer $1.  

May 28, 1903 Got carpenter work done on Sea Otter boat, sail made, boat caulked and partly puttied.  Worked on sail and baked 10 loaves of bread.  PM Lloyd and partner arrived from Willow Creek, had them for supper.  Evening changed clothes and took a bath.  Got 2 R. beef, 2 R. mutton and ½ dozen sardines from Palmer.

May 29, 1903 Elliott, Chief Nicholai and I left for Sunrise with Sea Otter boat.  Arrived Fire Island 4 AM  but had to row all the way.

May 30, 1903  Arrived Sunrise 9 AM found $2,000 awaiting me at Express Companies office.  Bought bill of goods from A. C. Co. store.  Fine trip - sailing breeze up Turnagain Arm.  Express on money $40, supplies A. C. Co. Sunrise $18.70, meals hotel $3, paid Chief in full $30, paid Elliott back for borrowed cash $25, took up personal check given to Elliott $100, sent Mattie $200.

May 31, 1903 Left Sunrise for Hope, met Buzzard ate supper with him.  Sent Nicholai over to Sunrise to get Harry Watson for camp cook.  Slept in Buzzard’s store house, meals at Hope $3.  Did some trading with A. C. Co. store.  Went up to hydraulic on Bear Creek.  Mrs. Smith, Sleeper and Mrs. Watson on tear.  Hot time in Hope tonight Sleeper and Smith fighting Mrs. Watson.

June 1, 1903  Bought box of dynamite off Buzzard. Ate dinner at Buzzard’s Bear Creek camp, meals at Hope $2.50.  Finished trading at A. C. Co. store.  At midnight BIG EARTHQUAKE - strongest one felt since in Alaska - threw dishes off shelves in store.  Ready for Knik but too much wind so had to lay over.  Elliott is to get $3 a day from this date through mining season.

June 2, 1903  Midnight left Hope for Knik took along Watson for camp cook.  Contracted with Harry Watson to cook for 3 months at $75 a month.  Dynamite from Buzzard $5, supplies from A. C. Co. Hope $20.45, meals at Hope $3, iron handle 25¢, cartridges 35¢.

June 3, 1903  Came right through, had lunch on Fire Island in Knik 11 AM.  Pulled out Sea Otter to dry.  Paid Nicholai for 4½ days boating to Sunrise $6.75, paid Ephim balance on account $35.80.

June 4, 1903  Painted up Sea Otter boat and front of cabin.  Got grub ready for prospecting trip to Eagle Creek.  Harry Watson commenced work.  Steamer Tyonek came to Knik for Palmer’s supplies.  Paid Palmer in full $189.13, paid Peter $20, paid Affinassi $8.

June 5, 1903  Left midnight - Knik to Eagle Creek - with Lloyd, Harcus and Elliott.  Crossed Arm to Crescent Bay.  Killed a porcupine.  Agreed to give Lloyd and Harcus work at mines at $3 and board 9 hours work.

June 6, 1903  On noon tide, went up creek to tide water level on Eagle Creek.  PM looked up route up creek, camped at ACRR old camp.  Packed up Eagle Creek and only got half way up.  

June 7, 1903  Made up to canyon on Eagle Creek, prospected  some, found no gold.

June 8, 1903 Went up to canyon, grub all gone so had to turn back, had to shoot rabbits for meat.

 June 9, 1903  Left camp near head of Eagle Creek for Crescent Bay.  Fish and coffee for supper, arrived at camp 11 PM, had beans, sauce, pilot bread, cakes and cookies etc. for supper.

June 10, 1903 Left for Knik, rowed out to Goose Bay bar, waited for flood tied arrived Knik 4 PM.

June 11, 1903  Put timbers under scow got outfit ready for mines.  Paid Nakeeta $1 for use of boat.  Paid Palmer in full to date $16.35, paid Morris $5 for care of horses in May, paid Elliott for wages due Dec. 27, 1902 to June 1, 1903 $303, moose meat 8 lb. 40¢.  Hired Lloyd and Harcus to go to prospect headwaters of Eagle Creek, furnished guide and grub and each to get $1.50 per day.  Hired Stephan for guide at $1.50 per day.  Sent them out at 8 PM.

June 12, 1903 Closed up Knik camp at 7.  Sent Elliott up to Cottonwood with horses.  Had Native take out self and cook in boat, paid Natives 50¢.  Left Cottonwood at 10:30, dinner at creek, arrived Little Sushitna 7 PM went into camp, trail very fine.  Quite a few mosquitoes around lakes and swamps, self packed grub.  Horses packed 1 box dynamite, 1 box cheese, 1 bag rice 50 lbs., 1 bag rolled oats 40 lbs., 1 ball small rope, canvas for bunks, 50 lbs. oats, small grip, USA tent, 1 set harness.

June 13, 1903  Little Sushitna up, left camp 7 AM cut new trail along creek to avoid alder swamp near timber line on Bald Mt.  Snow for 300 yards on summit of mountain so had to unpack horses, crust held them half way across, snow 6’ deep.  Patches of snow on Wet Gulch hog back and along mountain bench around to Grubstake.  Gulches just beginning to open up.  Canyon full of snow - Willow Creek up.  No green grass for horses.  Nig turned over pack and fell on side of mountain came up on his feet.  Elliott lost box off Tony in Wet Gulch.

June 14, 1903  Elliott went to look for box, found it on Wet Gulch.  Harry baking and cleaned up cabin.  Self mended stockings etc.  Now have good cook all the same as married “except”.  Raw cold wind, cloudy, snow about ¾ gone in gulch.

June 15, 1903  Elliott and I put up frame for mess house kitchen.  Snow in canyon for 500’ and 50’ drift above falls.  Canyon ditch full of snow at lower end.  Water tore hole in ditch above falls and let water back into creek.  Evening put up canvas bunk in my cabin for Harry the cook.  

June 16, 1903  Got up sides and ends to mess house kitchen, now ready to lay floor and roof. Nig and Tony went over on Craigie hogback looking for grass, large patches of snow over there yet.  A few skeeters hatched out today. Using my cabin for mess house until mess house at canyon is completed.  

June 17, 1903 Started to lay floor in kitchen out of slab, got frame to door ready.  Evening horses came back to cam, they were gone 2 days up Willow Creek both looking fine.  Lloyd and Harcus prospecting on Eagle Creek for me, they ought to be on way to Knik. Put screen over bed - skeeters hatching fast but not troublesome.  Harry planted potatoes and radishes.

June 18, 1903  Got floor laid and door made and windows cut in mess house.  Put up canopy over Harry’s bunk.  Skeeters bad this AM the small kind.  Evening wrote a few lines to Mattie.
June 19, 1903  Got work tables up and door hung in mess house kitchen. Went up to Homestake,  creek full of snow from saw pit up to dam and crushed 2 flume boxes.  Brought down some cooking gear to mess house.  Evening skeeters very bad made a smudge for horses.  Creek opened up below canyon today canyon full of snow direct below the falls.  

June 20, 1903  Made dining room table to seat 10 men, put windows in kitchen.  Warmest day as yet creeks high and mosquitoes quite lively. Evening made smudge for horses.  Radishes up.

June 21, 1903  Put up large shelf 8’ x 4”  loft of kitchen for to store supplies on etc.  Put cloth around sides of cabin in bunk house to keep out skeeters.  Packed up 4 slabs - my cabin to mess house.  Evening skeeters very bad made big smudge for Nig and Tony.

June 22, 1903 Lloyd and Harcus arrived from Knik, reported the Little Sushitna overflowing its banks.  Got duplicate mail from Tyonek.  Elliott and I took horses and packed up shingle bolts from timber to mess house also packed up a dozen slabs in 1 load and got roof on kitchen.  Lloyd and Harcus packed up their outfit from our lumber camp.  Mosquitoes very bad down in the timber.  Creeks going down a little.  

June 23, 1903 All hands pulled the flume out of the creek on Homestake, knocked flume apart to make sluice boxes.  Made bench for table, put perlin plates under kitchen roof.  Went up to hydraulic dam, snow all gone above and below dam.  Gulch full of snow above Homestake water place.  Elliott fell in creek while getting out flume.  Parky’s ate my shoe.

June 24, 1903  Lloyd and Harcus making large sluice boxes. Elliott and I  working on mess house.  Packed up 144’ of slab on Nig and Tony.  Put canvas on roof of kitchen and setup stove.  Lloyd and Harcus with Stephan as guide, were gone 7 days prospecting Eagle Creek, found 3 locations, one made by Patchell who sneaked in after them.  They made no locations.  Gulches had all been swept out.  Glacier at head of Eagle Creek.  Stephan time 7 days, Lloyd 3½ days, Harcus 3½ days.

June 25, 1903  Setup stove and put up shelves in mess house kitchen.  Started to put up bunks.  Lloyd and Harcus making sluice boxes.  

 June 26, 1903  Light snow on mountains and light rain since yesterday.  Got up 4 bunks, packed down 2 bunks from Homestake cabin.  Lloyd and Harcus making sluice boxes.  Evening very cool.  

June 27, 1903  Lloyd and Harcus finished making 9 sluice boxes, put Lloyd to getting out riffles 1½ x 2 inches and Harcus sharpening up picks and drills.  Elliott and I put up 6 bunks, cut attic window in kitchen of mess house.  Started to get grade for hydraulic pipeline.  Horses looking fine, creeks lowering fast.  Upper Grubstake covered with snow.  Snowed on mountains last night.

June 28, 1903  Lloyd sawing out riffle poles, Harcus sharpening up tools.  Elliott and I finished grade level for hydraulic pipeline at dam for 400 yards.  Evening got ready to go to Knik for plough and June mail and the NE farmers Farnsworth was to send up on SS Bertha   (*this page has sketch of creek, pipeline, bench, etc.)

June 29, 1903 with Nig and Tony left mines at 5:30 AM arrived Knik at 6:30 PM.  Elliott and Harcus started to dig hydraulic ditch at dam.  Lloyd making riffles.  Found no mail or men at Knik.  Found plough delivered at Knik from A. C. Co. Tyonek.

June 30, 1903 At Knik, got plough ready to pack to mines also scythe, whiffletrees, box of can goods, 1 dozen cream, oil cloth, etc.  Left oil cloth pattern on sale at Palmer’s.  Paid store bill at Palmer’s $5.90.  Washing 50¢, paid Goosmar 50¢ for getting gloves that were  left on Fire Island June 3rd.  Hired Hall and Burmburg to work at mines for $3 for 9 hour day.  Sent after mail to Sunrise.

July 1, 1903  Left Knik at 5:30 put all of pack on Nig, rode Tony part of way.  Arrived Little Sushitna 2 PM  fed horses, arrived mines 8:30 PM.  Rain and hail storm coming over mountains and down Wet Gulch.  Very smoky no rain at mines.  Hall and Barmburg left Knik same time.  Got feet and legs wet,  cold rain.  Warmest day as yet of summer.

July 2, 1903  Lloyd finished riffles and started in on hydraulic ditch for pipeline.  I and Tony packed 15 cwt. provisions form cache to mess house.  Mess house now ready for occupancy.  Lloyd and Harcus moved up to mess house.  Hall and Bramburg as yet on trail Knik to Willow Creek.

July 3, 1903  Moving day.  Harry and I  packed up camp outfit from my cabin to mess house.  Self put blanket cover on table under oilcloth, put oilcloth on kitchen work table, fixed up 3 bunks.  Hall and Henry arrived, was 2 days coming from Little Sushitna.  All hands sleeping at mess house except Elliott and I at my private cabin.  Evening first meal in mess house.

July 4, 1903  Packed up plough and scraper to dam.  With horses opened up 60’ ditch, men finished 240’ ditch.  Mosquitoes very bad, small kind.  Evening talked with Elliott about moving plant to mines next winter.  Said I would pay wages for actual time and $50 for month between moving plant and getting out lumber.  Had oyster supper at mess house no red lemonade or peanuts.  Hall and Henry commenced work.  Evening wrote Mattie.

July 5, 1903  AM run grade to hydraulic ditch intake of dam, men digging ditch.  Elliott made go-devil to haul pipe and sluice boxes on. Whitney brothers arrived from Boston, hired to work for the company for one year, stipulation each to get 5,000 shares of stock, $150 fare and board for 1 year.  Put them in Gilbert cabin.  Natives shot at brown bear over on Craigie Creek.

July 6, 1903 The Whitney brothers helped me set stakes in PM.  Put Whitney’s to scalping sods.  Elliott and I opened up 300’ of pipeline ditch with horses plough and scraper.  Men got ditch at hydraulic dam about completed.  Hauled up a few sluice boxes on new go-devil.

July 7, 1903 Cut sods with horses, men filled in two low places on pipeline grade.  Ditch near intake down to bedrock, have to blast out 25’ of same.  PM finished wall at intake at hydraulic dam.  Boys working on pipeline grade.  Evening heavy rain quiet cool.  Wrote a few lines to Mattie.  Mosquitoes fierce and furious.

July 8, 1903 Elliott and I made road from saw pit on Grubstake up on left hand bench.  go-deviled up lumber for gates at dam.  Men got lower end of ditch about down to grade.  Evening Frank Whitney panned on Willow Creek found fine colors.

July 9, 1903  Elliott go-deviled up hydraulic pipe to dam. Lloyd put in gate to ditch and dam.  Men finished pipeline ditch.  Put Hall and Bahrenberg to clean out canyon ditch PM.  Self run grade to ditch, handled 4 stone hammers and helped to cut out team trail up Grubstake. Elliott got horses over the dump no harm done, horses and load rolled over and over.

July 10, 1903  Got up balance of pipe and riffle poles to Homestake claim. Hauled up hydraulic hose and sluice boxes.  Lloyd finished gates at hydraulic dam, 2 men finished cleaning out canyon ditch.  Self and Harcus made collar to connect hose to Y, sharpened drills, etc.  Started to connect hydraulic pipe. Mosquitoes doing business today.  Evening riveted bale on pail.

July 11, 1903 Got pipe connected with ditch ready for operation.  Run ditch down to end of Homestake Claim with horses.  Got canyon ditch cleaned out, ready to build in dam washed out last fall.  All material delivered on ground with horses.  Put in two blasts in canyon ditch, it threw rock on the mess house roof.  Expect to turn water in pipeline ditch tomorrow.

July 12, 1903  Worked with men and horses on last of pipeline ditch. Self with horses scraped out 150’ ditch.  Turned water into pipeline.  Gate in hydraulic dam stuck.  After supper Elliott helped me to raise gate, it broke in 2 pieces, dam filled to within 4 inches of top.  

July 13, 1903 Finished pipeline ditch, made new gate for hydraulic dam built up low places along ditch.  Used horses to cut sods and move up lumber for gates.  Now ready to commence sluicing.  Mosquitoes quite bad.  Mail man 3 days overdue with June mail.

July 14, 1903 Blasted out ledge for overflow at hydraulic dam to let water around dam when creek is high.  With horses, hauled rock to dam to cover gate frame guide.  Placed 2nd new gate in dam flume, gate worked OK, shut down gate and run water through pipeline and pipeline ditch.  Hall and Bahrenberg got dams closed in and water running through canyon ditch.  Now ready for sluicing.  

July 15, 1903  Got canyon ditch and dams completed.  Ditch carrying 4/5 of creek, creek high.  Corked sluice boxes and built wing-dam on Homestake.  Whitney brothers finished ditch for high water at hydraulic dam.  Evening cleaned out under cache and put up canvas on two sides for storm barn for horses.  Took a 1¢ pan of dirt out of canyon ditch.

July 16, 1903  Got in wing dam and boxes set on Homestake. Water high, hard work, to cope with water.
Got canyon ditch in shape to carry creek.  After dinner several large rocks slid into ditch, cleaned them out and raised dam 6 inches.  Ditch carrying creek OK.  At 5 PM land slide went into ditch, stopped all water and the force broke a 6’ hole in side of dam. Elliott laid off sick.  Evening Whitney boys went fishing for trout on Willow, went as far as Boulder.  Sold Clarence pair gum boots $7 cash.  

July 17, 1903  Very cold storm with wind, creek still rising, no work today.  Self looked after pipeline and boxes, water within 9” of top of hydraulic dam. Water running through pipeline and ditch OK.  Packed up 350 lbs. provisions from cache to mess house.  Made window frame for dining room window.  Put new handle on claw hammer.  Some snow yet on south side of Craigie Mt. Sixth day of cold rain.

July 18, 1903 Got hydraulic hose working. Had Harcus make new drill and sharpen up picks.  Elliott and Lloyd ran hydraulic hose.  Self, with Whitney’s and Tony, packed up lumber for flume in sidewall of canyon ditch, made same.  Canyon ditch wall now ready to close-in again.  Had Hall and Henry build back wall to ditch wall.

 July 19, 1903  Elliott, Lloyd and Harcus running hydraulic hose, finished 1st setup, time day and half.  Self with rest of gang rebuilt ditch wall at canyon.  Once more got canyon ditch carrying all of creek, now ready to sluice in canyon.  Evening put cloth in window frame for mess house dining room.  Put handle on another hammer.  

July 20, 1903 Had men put in another line of hydraulic pipe to carry surplus water.  Self worked at canyon, setup small boxes and worked  on ditch with Hall and Henry.  Evening cleaned up 3 riffles, got 4-14-4, one 35¢ nugget, 3 dwt coarse gold.

July 21, 1903  First fair dry day since July 11th.  Finished 2nd pipeline, moved sluice boxes to bend of gulch, put in 5 boxes to carry creek.  Sods all scooped  off bench and ready to set sluice boxes.  PM sluiced in canyon, 2 men with small boxes.  Evening prospected canyon by panning.  Haven’t powder
enough to open pot holes under falls. Five days work, 1 man cleaned sand out of 1st clean up, net weight 4-3-13 for 40 yds.   No mail man yet.

 July 22, 1903 Got setup about ready on 2nd move up creek on Homestake. For 3 hours, piped into boxes, creek down about one half .  Self, with Whitney’s, pulled balance of boxes out of creek.  Hall and Henry sluicing in canyon.  Canyon ditch cutting at lower end, down 30’ deep.  Last of snow at foot of Homestake just gone.  Snow yet spans the creek above Homestake cabin, 100’ long.

July 23, 1903  Three men piping on 2nd setup 9 hours.  Whitney’s scalping sods.  Hall and Henry sluicing in canyon.  Now ready to run 2 shifts on squirt gun and 1 hand sluicing.  Elliott and Hall on morning shift, Lloyd and Harcus on PM shift,  Henry and Clarence hand sluicing in canyon.  Frank, rock man, self on clean ups and running squirt gun while men eat their meals.

 July 24, 1903  Three AM Elliott and Hall commenced on morning shifts.  Noon Lloyd and Harcus went on PM shift, piping finished at 9 PM.  Put Clarence Whitney on hand sluicing in canyon with Bahrenberg.  Put Frank Whitney to handling rock, day work 7 to 5 PM.  Self run nozzle while morning and evening shifts eat their meals.  Help to handle rock and make moves clean up etc.  Evening cleaned rock out of canyon ditch.

 July 25, 1903  On shifts, 6 PM ditch broke out.  Self with Lloyd and Harcus repaired ditch, finished at 11:30 PM.  No bottom as yet to pothole in canyon.  PM self made nugget riffle for small boxes.
July 26, 1903  Sunday, cleaning bedrock, ready to clean up on 2nd setup in morning.  Finished pothole in canyon prospected poorly at bottom.  Evening did washing.

July 27, 1903 Cleaned small boxes in canyon, moved boxes up to near falls.  Cleaned up big boxes and moved up in gravel bank on bend of creek.  Pay streak 15’ wide, 3’ deep, worked until 10:30.  Clean up on 2nd move 4-11-17.  Canyon 11 dwt,  total 5-2-17.

July 28, 1903  Creek lowest of season, commenced piping in on 3rd setup.  Hand sluicing under canyon falls.  Self working from 6 AM to 6 PM.  Snow slide over creek below Homestake cabin, just broke in over creek, 100’  long on rim of creek yet.

 July 29, 1903  Finished 3rd  setup on bench of creek, opened channel to carry creek.  Next setup in creek bottom, started wing dam to turn creek.  Not much gravel below canyon falls bedrock high up.

July 30, 1903  Built wing dam to run creek over bench, now ready to setup boxes for 4th setup, 2nd shift only worked 5 hours.  Clean up on 3rd setup, time 10 days for 1 man, 2-7-16 or $38.13, $3.80 per day.  This setup was on bench.  Piping out ditch to carry creek, found one 43¢ nugget.  Evening self with  Tony packed up 175 lbs. provisions from cache to mess house.  

July 31, 1903 Had Harcus  make bed rock scrapers.  Natives arrived with mail, letters from Mattie with birthday presents AV and fountain pen.  Sent National Grocery Co. order for 6 tons groceries, wrote Mattie would come out Sept. on SS Bertha.

August 1, 1903  Sluicing on 4th setup. Worked bedrock by hand took out 50¢ pan.  Elliott finished, got the “belly ache”.  Natives left for Knik with mail. Natives packed in 94 lbs. fresh salmon, cost 10¢ lb., delivered to the mines.  Mail service $4.

August 2, 1903  Sunday, no work today, wind and rain.  Self  looked after ditch and pipeline,  dam full to the top.  Cleaned up on Homestake, 4th setup, 1 man 15 days, piped only day and half 3-18-18, $63 = $4.20 per day.  Actual time for piping $8.40 to the man. Evening cleaned and weighed gold.

August 3, 1903 Reset boxes for 5th setup. Self and Harcus cleaned bedrock, found 83½¢ nugget in canyon under rock slide.  Hall finished, he is going prospecting up Knik River.  Cash on hand $585, bills payable $322, net cash $263.

August 4, 1903  Self sluiced canyon, cleaning bedrock, lots of fine gold in sight.  Lloyd, Harcus and Frank Whitney on day shift, piping at 5th setup on Homestake.  Elliott and Hall left for Knik.

August 5, 1903  Self helped to clean up so as to add on 2 boxes on 5th setup piping. Got 13 dwt  18 gr. under 1st riffle.  Clarence sluicing in canyon.  Evening started a letter to Mattie.  Only 6 men now in camp.

August 6, 1903  Frost last night. Got reset of boxes going on Homestake, took out 6 dwt from bedrock work.  Sent Frank over on Craigie hogback to cut hay.  Self worked in canyon.  Evening did washing.

August 7, 1903 Cleaned up in canyon, got 1-4-2 for 1 man 6 days.  Reset boxes for ground sluice. Went up to look after squirt gun got 50¢ pan on bedrock and 25¢ pan on rim gravel.  All swept in, ready to add on more boxes.  Good bedrock in sight, have to clean same  by hand.  Frank mowing hay “by gosh”.  

August 8, 1903 Arranged to add on boxes to 5th set up piping.  Took out 5 pans on bedrock got 6 dwt  18g. = $5.40 or $1.08 to the pan.  PM cleaning bedrock, lots of gold in sight. Had Frank and Clarence stack and cover over hay about ½ ton.  Evening horses came down to camp, Tony’s left knee badly swollen, had bruised it in some way.  Tony getting fat, ribs don’t show.  

August 9, 1903  Sunday cleaned up boxes on 5th setup, got all told 6 oz. 9 dwt 21 gr. =  $104.40, 20 days 1 man including dead work, average $5.22 per day.  Average actual time piping $6.52 per day to the man.  Last 3 days paid $10 to the man.  Put on 2 more boxes, now got 19 boxes set up. PM piped 3 hours.  Clarence ground sluicing in canyon.  Warmer and more rain.  Creek lowering a little, yet a sluice head above normal.

August 10, 1903 Three men piping,  self helped to finish ground sluice in canyon, clean up 10 dwt 21g. for one man, 4 days.  Mosquitoes biting more today.  

August 11, 1903  Finished piping up to wing dam, stopped operations in canyon.  Put Clarence to cleaning bedrock after piping.  AM all worked on bedrock  

August 12, 1903 Finished bedrock and boys scalped sods, had to blast out ledge to reset boxes.  Cleaned up half of boxes, got 2 oz. 11 dwt more in boxes, now through with 5th set up.  Creek lowest of season, about down to normal.  Last of snow slide in creek below Homestake just melted away.  Salmonberries ripe also a few blues.

August 13, 1903  Cleaned up 2 oz., bedrock work, paid $5 a day to the man.  Got 3 dwt of nuggets, one went 80¢. Moved boxes, started piping on 6th setup.  Blasted out part of overflow at hydraulic dam.  Evening couldn’t catch horses, wanted to go to Knik Friday.  Evening pulled rock out of canyon ditch.

August 14, 1903 Worked on blasting out overflow at hydraulic dam and worked on bedrock, Lloyd and Harcus piping.  Took all hands to drive horses down to camp 5 PM.  Evening staked Tony out, he broke his rope and got away, caught them at mess house after a long chase.  Got ready for Knik.

August 15, 1903  Started for Knik, with horses at 5 AM, packed sacks oats, tarpaulin, wrench, 2 hammers and man-saw over to Sushitna cache and covered with canvas.  Arrived at Knik 8 PM very warm day.  Got 2 May letters from Mattie, 8 letters for men, no company mail.

August 16, 1903  At Knik. Got Morris to look after Natives cutting hay. PM went out to show Natives about cutting hay.  Got ready to return to mines.  Wrote to Urann and May about  Whitney’s and my salary and about connecting claims, Willow Creek and Grubstake.  

August 17, 1903  Tony’s knee badly swollen from fall at mines so didn’t return to mines.  AM men finished adding on boxes, piped and worked bedrock  Sent mail over to Hope, paid Native for July mail $2.75,  paid Morris for June mail $3, traded at store $1.40.  Horses started for the Cottonwood, caught them at 1st creek.

August 18, 1903  Left Knik 6 AM for mines, packed in sack of flour and 50 lbs. provisions, odds and ends.  Creek high, Harcus and Lloyd cleaned up boxes, no work.  Clean up 3 oz. 12 g. for 2 days work by 4 men = $48.60 or $6 to the man. Self arrived at mines 8 PM no work today sluicing.  Had red currants and sugar and 3 saloon pilots for dinner at Little Sushitna and tea.  

August 19, 1903  No sluicing, creek high.  Left with Whitney’s, swamped out trail along bench to 1st mountain gulch,  trail from mess house around mountains to Knik.  Evening found  out clean up and logged same.  Now have $519.76, have been sluicing 1 month, one half of time doing dead work.  Started to use new fountain pen works OK, Yolly!!  Had 1st blueberries at mines, Yolly!

August 20, 1903  Started sluicing, creek high. Worked on bedrock, 5 men all day.  Clarence paid $2.30 on mail service.  Had 1st mess of ptarmigan since May.

August 21, 1903  Finished cleaning bedrock on 6th setup. Cleaned up got 4-2-3 and several 50¢ nuggets, most all coarse gold.  Now ready to make 7th move up creek,  got out over 3 lbs. of gold since July 20th,  actual sluicing about half the time, balance dead work.  Creek high all summer.

August 22, 1903  Got boxes set up and commenced sluicing on 7th setup.  Took out $1.20 pan on bedrock, creek lowered some.  Will soon close up mining and finish dead work so as to be ready for early operation next season.    Stewed moss berries for supper.  Nig and Tony came down to camp,  Tony’s knee some better, swollen some but not lame,  both hog fat. Nig got his usual lump of sugar.

August 23, 1903 Lloyd and Harcus finished work.  With Whitney’s, cleaned rock out of canyon ditch. Two and a half hours on bedrock, Frank cut hay, Clarence and I piping.  Evening paid off Lloyd, $177.90 and Harcus $179.40.  Sent out 2 letters to Mattie, one to Juneau, one to Hotel Stevens Seattle.  Also wrote to Sylvester Bros. about delayed mail to write me at Juneau if my wife was not coming as per arrangement.

August 24, 1903  Lloyd and Harcus left camp for Knik.  With Whitney’s piped in and cleaned boxes, got $21.10.  Built wing dam up center of creek got ready to add on 3 more boxes. Cold NE rain with wind.  Blues for supper and ptarmigans for dinner.  Now only 4 left in camp, cost to run camp $5 per day.  Service alone costs $1 each man.

August 25, 1903 Finished putting on 3 boxes had to put in 4 blasts to open up grade on bedrock. Whitney’s worked bedrock and I piped in on rim, took out 2 pans got 1-18 or $1.40.

August 26, 1903  Showers all day.  Piped in 2/3 of day, boys on bedrock   Found 17¢ nugget, took out 80¢ pan on bedrock in the rim.  Finished 7th setup ready to clean up in morning.

August 27, 1903  Cleaned up boxes, got 2-5-3 = $36.10 about $5 to the man for actual time sluicing, average $8 to the man. Removed boxes and made new setup on left hand bank of creek.  Evening Clarence and I  split up 3 blocks that Harry couldn’t split.  Weighed up gold.  Evening clear sunset and cooler.  First  snow fell on Craigie and Martha peaks last night.  Mosquitoes all gone, creek lowest of season.

August 28, 1903  Very fine white frost last night.  Piped gravel down to boxes all day, boys piled rock.  Evening horses came down, Tony’s knee swollen and some leg peeling off, washed it good put on turp. and oil and lard.  Evening loaded up shells. Self caught a young ptarmigan on the wing, half grown.

August 29, 1903  Piped in all day, boys handled rock. Had Frank put up hay on Homestake bench to feed horses next week, while gathering up tools, boxes and running balance of pipeline grade.  Blueberries right in prime.  Third frost came last night.  Clear and quite cool this evening.  Expect to finish piping for this season tomorrow, creek down to normal, water getting cold.     

August 30, 1903 Finished mining for this season.  Total time mining, dead work included, 38 days.  Clean up 1-6-22, net 10-1.  Piped in 2½ days, 3 men, no hand work on high rim, no gravel, loose barren schist.  Fourth frost, shot 3 ptarmigan.  Had 1st “blue” shortcake for supper of season.  Always stewed blues with hot biscuit heretofore.

August 31, 1903  Fifth frost last night.  Hauled boxes out of creek to dry out, took up hydraulic hose, cleaned out pipeline ditch and fixed holes cut in wall of ditch.  In 1½ hours pounded out 8 sluice boxes and got 1-4-15 = $19.70 - ten more to clean up.  Had ptarmigan stew for dinner, blueberry shortcake for supper, berries and cream.  Harry picked a pint bottle full of large “blues” for me to take below.

September 1, 1903  Cleaned out ditch at discharge of pipeline.  Took down part of  13” pipe and removed 6” Y.  Lowered grade of pipe and got double row of 13” and 14” pipe connecting ditches about installed.  Cleaned out 5 more and last of sluice boxes.  Evening, Harry had a blueberries picked, 12 quarts in 1½ hours.  Horses came down, tied Tony up, will commence working them tomorrow.

September 2, 1903  Got small boxes out of canyon, took horses up with us to pipeline, got 2nd double pipeline about connected. Finished pipeline and ploughed sods with horse and built up low places to protect pipeline from snow slides.  Hauled up rock to brace pipeline and sod wall at foot of dam ditch, hauled hydraulic hose to the Brainard cabin and brought load of hay down to Gilbert cabin on stone boat.  

September 3, 1903  Working with go-devil and horses all day.  Hauled up  dynamite from Gilbert cabin to Brainard cabin,  moved all of  17 sluice boxes down to foot of Homestake claim, also moved five 14” pipe down to lower end of ditch and three 13” pipe down to connect ditch with hydraulic hose.  Put tools in Brainard cabin, also coil baling wire.  Hauled down another jag of Homestake hay to Gilbert cabin.  Now ready to open up in early spring on Homestake.  Expect to pack hay down to lumber camp tomorrow and go down creek.

September 4, 1903 with  horses, packed 300 cwt. hay down to lumber camp and packed out trail down as far as Linder cabin, found good possible sleigh trail from Jifkin’s down to Linder’s.  Frank and Harry chinked up Jifkin cabin. All hands ate grouse supper at lumber camp, got home 9 PM.

September 5, 1903 Repaired flume box in hydraulic dam and  filled  in below flume box with rock, cold and wet job.  Took 3 hours to remove flume gate.  Let water out of dam and got things in shape for winter weather.  Snowed last night on mountains at head of Grubstake and Craigie Creek.  

September 6, 1903  with horses, worked on pipeline ditch 60’ long to connect with main pipeline.  From pipeline ditch, run ditch 100 yards to foot of Homestake Claim for ground sluice to hydraulic hose outfit for next seasons work.  Heavy showers got wet.  Had the boys put hose on roof of cabin to dry and put tarpaulin on roof to keep Brainard cabin dry.  Quit work at 5, made shutters for windows on mess house.  Evening did my washing.

September 7, 1903 Finished work on hydraulic ditch, self corked up hydraulic dam.  Put balance of tools in Brainard cabin, hauled scraper and plough down to the Lottie - Gilbert Claim. Graded on road from foot of Gilbert Claim around hogback on left of gulch.  Decided to leave for Little Sushitna tomorrow noon.  Evening, cleaned up silver, got 6 dwt 15 gr.  Total clean up for this season 48 oz., 6 dwt, 1 gr.  Getting cabins ready to close up for this season.  Snow on mountains last night.

September 8, 1903 Finished road up hogback on the Gopher Claim, got ready to leave  for Sushitna camp. Sent Frank down to close up lumber camp, he ate dinner there and started out for Bald Mt.  Harry left camp and met Frank on Wet Gulch. Clarence and I and horses got away at 4:30.  It got dark after reaching timber line, we didn’t arrive at Sushitna camp until 10:30.  Frank and Harry were not there, they lost the trail on Bald Mt.  

September 9, 1903 Frank and Harry, our cook, arrived Sushitna camp,  lost the trail on Bald Mt., went down right hand gulch 3 miles east of Bald Mt. They were out all night, no supper, found trail at timber line near dark so had to camp. Self with Frank and horses left for ridge camp on winter trail via on RR trail from Little Sushitna, arrived ridge camp at dark. Clarence and Harry cut hay at Sushitna camp.

September 10, 1903  Re-piled gates etc.,  pipe piles stood OK.  Ridge cache and contents in A-1 order.  Showed Frank over trail beyond the ridge.  Left ridge 3 PM arrived at Sushitna  camp on summer trail at 7.  Boys had sides up on cache, ready for roof. RR trail fairly good some mush holes near ridge.  

September 11, 1903  Got up ridge pole and rafters on cache, covered roof with tarpaulins.  Packed hay up to cache now ready for Knik.  Cached harness, axes, grub box, etc. in cache.  Caught a dog salmon with hook and line.  

September 12, 1903 Got off at 9:30 for Knik, ate dinner at upper creek crossing, arrived Cottonwood at 4 PM, tide out so boys had to walk down to Knik.  Tide flats very muddy, arrived Knik 6:30 with horses.  Boys came in at 7 all wet and tired out, trip down beach worse than all the rest of the trip.  Palmer back from Seattle, received July and Aug. mail.

September 13, 1903  Sunday off today, light rain. Breakfast of new potatoes from our garden, grouse stew, biscuits and coffee.  Boys all very lame from trip.  Made out list of work to be done on trail, supplies to get etc. for the Whitney’s. Indians only cut 1/3 ton hay, no Natives at Knik.  Rain and wind and no way to get over to Hope to catch local boat down for the SS Bertha.

September 14, 1903 Self and Frank went with boat to Cottonwood to get Sea Otter boat. I shot 6 yellow legs and two ducks, Frank couldn’t hit anything. Got ready to leave for Tyonek.  Settled up with Palmer, arranged with him for $50 credit at store.  With Morris and Frank left Knik at midnight for Tyonek.

September 15, 1903  Wind abated some so decided to try for Hope or Tyonek.  Busy making out list of work for Whitney’s, for lumber etc.  Engaged Bill Morris to go down to Tyonek with me.  Got baggage ready to leave Knik on morning ebb.  Squared up account with Palmer and opened credit account for $50 to run the house.  Arrived Fire Island 6 AM, left Fire Island 7 PM, arrived Susitna 11 PM.

September 16, 1903 Left Susitna for Tyonek, Morris remained at Susitna.  Had hard work to reach 3 mile, got fair wind and came down on flood tide.  Arrived Susitna 2 AM, slept in work shop at cannery.  At Tyonek received August 18th letter from Mattie.  Were guests of Mr. Finch.  Paid A. C. Co. for plough and scraper, got $9 rebate of money sent up October 1901.  Bought can goods $1.50 for return trip to Knik.

September 17, 1903 SS Tyonek arrived 7 PM left at midnight for Kenai.  Left smooth tide.

September 18, 1903  Arrived Kenai AM, arrived Seldovia midnight, no boats had arrived.  Thirteen passengers who came down to go on Excelsior were wandering about the beach.

September 19, 1903  Got another duplicate letter from Mattie.  Met Andrews, he thought his stock was no good but was satisfied when he found out it was the same old company.  Took dinner with Andrews at the Seldovia Restaurant.  

September 20, 1903  Some went to church. No boat today.   Evening had music, flute and guitar.  Smith (AC) and  Mrs. Shaw did the waltz act.  Mrs. White Smith and Mrs. Collins were at Seldovia.

September 21, 1903   3 AM the SS Bertha arrived reported SS Excelsior caught fire on up-trip and  they had to sink her.  SS Bertha passed Newport just outside the Cape.  Got August 18 and Sept. 2 letters from Mattie she had not received my July and August letters telling her when to leave for Juneau.  K and B freight came on SS Bertha but no horse.  Had to pay the freight of $102.25 Seattle to Seldovia,  $46.20 Seldovia to Knik.  Paid in gold  dust 9 oz. 5 ½ dwt SS Newport arrived westbound.

September 22 1903  SS Bertha got away late last night. Went over to Homer and Aurora, were just off Anchor Point, Tyonek on way to Sunrise.  SS Bertha full up, had to take room off dining room.  Mr. Riley and Hagley, hydraulic men from Kenai River, were roommates. PM arrived Iliamna  and Inherskin Bay, took on oil men from Government Survey. 6 PM off for Kodiak.

September 23, 1903 SS Bertha  arrived at Kodiak 11 AM put off 120 tons of freight.  Some miners, on way outside, stopped off on account of recent beach diggings just found near Kodiak.  Several rich quarts veins were located this summer.  Left Kodiak 8 PM for Valdez district.

September 24, 1903 In route, Kodiak to Valdez, very smooth tide no one sick.  Arrived at Latouche Island 6 PM weather very fine.  A few men got aboard at Latouche.

September 25, 1903  Arrived at Valdez 3 AM.  About a dozen passengers got off and some four dozen got on, mostly were “Hooks”.  Left Valdez at 11 AM.  Left Fort Liscum at noon took on four soldiers. Met James Fish Sr. and Gus Benson.  

September 26, 1903 Arrived Kayak at 5 AM took on several passengers.  Quite a few remained, couldn’t get berths.  Left Kayak 7 AM, Yakutat next stop.  Took two snaps of Cape St. Elias.

September 27, 1903 Arrived at Yakutat, 3 AM, took on salt salmon.  Natives came aboard ship to sell curios, they did a big business.  Got away from Yakutat at 1 PM, very fine weather still prevails.  Juneau next.  Took on several passengers all have to bunk on the floor.  Caught light cold last night door was open near my head.

September 28, 1903 Got inside straits early this morning.  Ice very thick in Icy Straits.  Arrived at Juneau 5:30 PM went to Post Office and got letter from Mattie, said she would leave Sleepy Eye (Minnesota) about Sept. 17th and Seattle Sept 24th for Juneau.  Lynn Canal boats all late, bunched together on sailing dates.  Expect Seattle in the 30th.  Took quarters, at the Occidental, in a $6 room. Retired 9 PM.  Put gold dust in hotel safe.

September 29, 1903  Fine weather still prevails at Juneau. Got hair cut 50¢, clothing $10,  200 cwt.
w. w. flour off Decker Bros. for D. Finch at Tyonek $5.40.  Had shoes topped $1, Florida water 25¢, daily papers 30¢, fruit 40¢.  Retired at 10:30 got up at 11:30 to meet Mattie and son on SS Dolphin they were not on board.

September 30, 1903  2 AM met City of Seattle, found wife and son on board.  All retired at 3:30 AM.,  room 16 Occidental Hotel.  Had breakfast with wife and son 9 AM.  After lunch took a walk up to hydraulic plant in Silver Bow Basin, got back at 5 PM.  Dinner at 6:30, Mattie and Elmer quite tired from trip.  Paid Hotel Occidental for 1 week, up Oct. 7th, $5.50 per day for suite 16 and 18,  electric lighted and steam heated.

October 2, 1903 Elmer had earache. PM went for a walk went up by court house thence north along beach about 2 miles.  Got fruit 25¢, spoons 25¢, whiskbroom 25¢, nuts 5¢.

October 3, 1903 Mattie, Elmer and I went over to see the great Treadwell Mine.  Saw the Glory Hole and went down the shaft to the 600’ level.  Took in the concentrators and stamp mill.  Evening not well  myself, powder effected my head.

October 4, 1903  The SS Topeka arrived, got no mail.  Light showers, stayed in rooms most all day.  Elmer’s earache much better.  Made out and checked up lumber list for flume boxes, 1904, at mines.

October 5, 1903 Made out list to complete 60 boxes.  Lumber on hand, 82 - 1½” bottoms, 102   1” for sides,  22 - 3 x 4  sills,  41 - 3 x 3’.x2” posts.  Made out order for 38 -  1½” bottoms, 290 – 1” sides, 260 - 5/8” cleats, 46  - 2½” x 7 collars, 12 - 3 x 4 sills, 20 - 3 x 3½ posts.  Estimate of logs - 75, all to be 12’ 6” long.  1½ bottoms, 10” small end, 1” from 7”, small end.  Mailed above list to  Whitney’s at Knik.

October 6, 1903 Last evening they held a banquet at Occidental in honor of Capt. Greely who laid the Government cable from Juneau to Sitka.  Cottage City arrived last night no mail as yet.  Elmer feeling A-1 now.  Hotel rooms all taken.

October 7, 1903 Mr. Jarrett and wife visited to see my gold.  Jarrett is interested in hydraulic and quartz near Juneau - engineer for his company.  Paid 2nd week board in advance $37.50.

October 8, 1903 Mattie went out to look up rents.  PM Elmer went to school.  Self worked on accounts.  Evening wedding supper at Hotel Occidental.  Kids shivereed, them got $2.  SS Dirigo came in.

October 9, 1903 Elmer 2nd day at Juneau school. Mattie and Mrs. Jarrett out looking for diamonds.  SS Topeka came back, reported Cottage City broke down 75 miles below Juneau, engine low pressure business, broken.  Talked with  Graham the cigar man about river boat on the Big Sushitna.

October 10, 1903 White frost last night.  SS Farallon came in on way south. Bought a pair pants  $6.50, shirt $1.50, drawers $1, socks (3) 60¢, towels 50¢, apples and candle 20¢.  Evening went to hear concert at Kauffman's store. SS Dolphin arrived from Seattle expect mail.

October 11, 1903 SS Al-Ki arrived north bound with explosives.  Elmer went to Sunday School. Evening large crowd at dinner at Occidental Hotel.  Evening visited in parlor, Mattie sang.  Received letter from Knik boys, got back OK, provisions arrived 25th Sept. Received letter from Sylvester, F. S. could raise money if I pulled out from K.B.  his own offer.

October 12, 1903 Wrote to Palmer, sent him draft for $50 to apply on K. B. account.  Wrote to Whitney brothers Knik, sent list of provisions that I want sledded into mines.  

October 13, 1903 Drew map of trail, Knik to Little Sushitna, showing all the bad places.  Sent same to  Whitney at Knik.  SS Bertha due tonight, left Seattle the 8th 8 PM.  Evening summed up sluicing days for one man, 124 days piped 24½ days 8 hours.

 October 14, 1903 SS Bertha arrived 8 PM.  Got letters from Farnsworth saying he had wired $500 to Seattle Scandinavian American Bank for Mrs. Herning’s  use - had no funds to send to Knik until November.  Letter from Scand. Bank stated there was $510 in bank subject to my personal checks.  Only 4 passengers on SS Bertha, had full load of freight. SS Humbolt arrived.

October 15, 1903  First snow at Juneau arrived last night. No frost as yet in the ground, down to 34, froze some last night. Wrote to Scand. Bank not to pay out my money on K. B. accounts.  Wrote father I could not take charge of the farm at present.

October 16, 1903   At Juneau,  30 to 45, everything white with snow this AM.  Received message from Farnsworth and Urann saying $500 sent to Scand. Bank and 20,000 stock mailed.

October 17, 1903 Wrote Sylvester Bros. that we would come below after I received mail from Boston.  SS Humbolt arrived on way to Seattle loaded with Dawson people.  Reported 6 below at Dawson and the rivers closing up.  River boats stalled and many tons of freight at White Horse yet to go (Dawson).

October 18, 1903 Snow all gone south.  Elmer’s birthday, 8 years old, gave him a blow accordion.  Evening Herning family visited Jarret family in hotel parlor.  Talked with Davis the assayer about assay on rock from Matanuski Dist.

October 19, 1903  No boats in.  Wrote father we would come down last  of month, invited him to come to Seattle.

October 20, 1903 SS Dolphin arrived got no mail.  Answered Gilbert’s letter, wrote all the Cook Inlet news.  Wrote Gilbert would be in Seattle last of month.  Evening the Valencia arrived had only paper mail.

October 21, 1903 Went to the head of Silver Bow Basin.  Two quartz mines in operation - hydraulic shut down and practically worked out. SS Dolphin returned from  Skagway  via to Seattle. Paid for one week to date $37.50 at Occidental Hotel Juneau, Alaska.

October 22, 1903 Heavy rain caused land slide on Swede Hill (Juneau) - drove three cabins down to the beach.

October 23, 1903 Took several snap shots of Juneau court house, hospital, etc.  Mrs. H. visited on Mrs. Jarrett at her new home. Entered Natives accounts on day book.

October 24, 1903 Invited out to dinner at Jarrett’s.  5 PM  SS Seattle arrived,  got letter from Farnsworth and Urann with balance K. B. stock due 20,000 shares.  Total K. B. stock 62,600 shares.

October 25, 1903 SS Dirigo arrived at noon.  Acknowledged receipt of K. B. stock.  Requested Farnsworth to return my personal check vouchers.  Urann to return papers for Gilbert Claim.  Was asked to represent Knik at Territorial Convention held at Juneau October 26th.  The SS Jeannie arrived from the west, was 5 days from Valdez to Sitka 2½ days travel.

October 26, 1903 Attended Territorial Convention at Juneau.  Judge Delaney, ex-Governor Swineford, gave up the contest and quit the convention.  Territorial form of Government was voted down.  Meeting adjourned 4 PM until October 19, 1904.  Evening Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett visited.  Entertained them at Whist.

October 27, 1903 Saw Inspector Lenhers about Davis launch engineer license, I am to apply next spring.  He said I could get a special engineer license to run my own boat.  SS Seattle left for Seattle with full load of passengers mostly from Dawson.  9 PM with family left Juneau for Seattle on the SS Valencia.  

October 28, 1903 In route on SS Valencia.  Arrived at Wrangle 2 PM.  Run under slow speed all night so as to arrive at  Kasann at morning.  AM put off some freight at the Olympia mine.  Lehners and Whitney got aboard at Wrangle.

October 29, 1903 On SS Valencia arrived at Kasaan Cannery and Quartz camp,  took on passengers.  Noon, after a rough trip, arrived at Loring fish camp to take on 200 tons of salmon.  Both Mattie and Elmer got seasick for the first time.  Lenhers and Whitney left for Ketchikan on small steamer SS Alaskan.  The bark,  William H. Macy at wharf loading salmon.

October 30, 1903 On SS Valencia at Loring.  Took on 8,000 cases of salmon.  Left Loring at 4 PM arrived at Ketchikan at 6 P M, took on a few passengers.  Valencia loaded down to the sea hole.  Passed through Dixon Entrance during the night.  Mattie’s 34th birthday.

October 31, 1903 Passed through Dixon Entrance last night, head wind today.  Took picture of Elmer and Mattie in stateroom.  Passed through Millbank  7 to 8 this PM.  Mamma was afraid and said “New York” several times, Elmer laughed.

November 1, 1903  Passed through Queen Charlotte Sound, not very rough.  3 PM Passed through Seymour Narrows.  

November 2, 1903  On SS Valencia arrived at Victoria 4 AM, left at 7.  Arrived at Port Townsend 10:30, left at 12 noon.  Arrived Seattle 3:30 PM took quarters at Hotel Stevens.  

The Herning's spent the rest of 1903 in Seattle. I have included only those entries that are connected, in any way, to Alaska.

November 4, 1903 Sent Gilbert $100 balance due in full on claims.  

November 6, 1903 Met Passwater and Hunt from the Inlet.

November 7, 1903 Saw Doc Herndon just out from Knik.  .

November 10, 1903 Received letter (Oct 7th Knik) from Whitney’s.

November 11, 1903  Deposited gold dust with Sylvester Bros.  30 oz., 1 dwt, 15 g. = $481.30.  Bedrock gold  in  hand 2 oz., 4 dwt, 15 g. = $35.70.  Elmer’s nuggets  2-18 = $2.20.  Total of dust $525.

November 18, 1903 Met Buzzard.  Made preliminary arrangements to ship powder on schooner to Cook Inlet next spring.  

November 23, 1903  Told J. O. May how the Whitney’s were hiring help etc. and not to count me as a Syndicate member.  

November 27, 1903  Met Hanmore, Gomper and the Litchfield Bros.  SS Excelsior in from the north but no mail.

November 29, 1903 Mr. Hovey visited on us.  Talked over affairs in Alaska.  

November 30, 1903 Received letter from May returned from Juneau which stated the results of the K. B. meeting.  May said all approved my plans and work that they would raise 3,000 at once by company notes.  

December 1, 1903  Wrote to J. O. May about Gilbert Claims that I would send in report when Farnsworth returned 1901 vouchers and my personal check vouchers.  

December 6 ,1903 Report came from Sitka that the “Cutter Rush” found only wreckage of the SS Discovery, no signs of dead or live bodies.  The SS Discovery was lost in a storm off Yakutat Nov. 9th.  Had about 30 passengers from Nome and way ports.  

December 11, 1903 No mail from north.  Mailed dozen and a half trail views to W. H. Elliott at Hope Alaska.  PM got mail ready to send to Knik.  Wrote Palmer and Whitney’s that I wouldn’t send any money - would be there in time to pay off Natives.  Wrote Harry Watson that I wouldn’t send his $100 as A. C. Smith had come out and that I might come in early.  

December 14, 1903 Got K. B. books ready to post in ledger rough balance sheet shows  cash received $5,550  gold dust $879.56 total $6,429.56.  Cash paid out for mining supplies provisions labor horses transportation etc. $6,687,  balance self $257.76.  Received letter from J. O. May come east.

December 16, 1903  Wrote May sent balance but not as official report.  Grand total expended at mines June 1901 to date $17,233.74.  Received out of this $1,825.91 on my first year salary.

December 19, 1903 Sent J. O. May moccasins, gold nugget pin and comb holder box. Received letter from Urann said he would forward my papers if requested.  

December 20, 1903  Wrote Urann to send on papers connected with companies option on the Gilbert Claims.  Wrote J. O. May that I wouldn’t come east and that the company must come up by April 1, 1904.  

December 22, 1903 Wrote to W. A. Farnsworth to send vouchers for horses, bobsleighs, etc. and told him about the interview with the Nat. Groc. Co., also wrote to May about the same.

December 25, 1903  Santa Claus day.  Elmer got 2 books, steam engine, necktie, pair suspenders and ring.  Mattie  (from home) gloves, fancy collar, self necktie, pair gloves.  Had 8 lb. turkey for dinner and all that went with it , Yolly!  Self printed and toned Alaska views all day.  Santa put 5¢ in Elmer’s stocking and $5 in Mammas.  

December 28, 1903  with Elmer went downtown had Elmer’s hair cut bought him a $3 coasting wagon.  Met W. J. Morris had been in town 2 weeks.  Got two letters from J. O.  May said K and B Co. would pay my salary and wanted to give 9 months 6% interest notes for my interests in K. B. mines.  

Sylvester Bros. Room 66 Union Blk. Seattle Washington
Sylvester Bros. 214 Republican Street Wash.
Marcus L. Urann 77 Summer Street  Boston Mass.
Thomas W. Hanmore c/o M. F. Wright  Bailey Bldg.  Seattle Washington
E. Andrews Sta. A. Seattle Washington
Harrison Hot Springs British Columbia (near Seattle)
Rouble Hydraulic Elevator cost $600  (300 lbs. pressure) Wolf Creek Oregon
J. F. Riley   470  Duglass St. San Francisco California  Supt. Kenai Placer Mining Co. Mr. Heggland his foreman.
A. Beverly Smith    260-262 West Broadway New York   

August 21 clean up for 2 days 4-2-3  $65.70  by 6 men or 9 days actual time for 1 man
August 22 1 pan on bedrock  $1.20
August 24 1-6-9 part of cleanup  $21.10
August 25 Two pans 1-18  $1.40
August 26 1 pan rim rock  93¢
August 27 Cleanup 2-2-5  $33.77  7 ½ days for 1 man sluiced 4 ½ actual time . Avg. to man $5
August 30 last clean up 2-1-7  $33.03

Canyon $54.17 - Homestake $719.56 - Total $773.73

July Clean ups Homestake and Canyon
July 21 4-3-13 Homestake
July 27 4-11-17 Homestake
July 27   0-11- 0   Canyon
July 30 2-7-16 Homestake
Aug. 2 3-18-18 Homestake
Aug. 2  1- 0-17 Canyon
Aug. 3  0 - 1-1 Canyon (nugget)
Aug. 7 1-4-2 Canyon
Aug. 8   0-6-18 Homestake  (5 pans off bedrock)
Aug. 9    6-3-3  Homestake
Aug. 10  0 -10-21  Canyon
Aug. 12 4-11- 0 Homestake
Aug. 18 3-0-12 Homestake
Aug. 19 6-0-0 Homestake
Aug. 21 4-2-3  Homestake
Aug. 22  0-1-12  Homestake (one pan)
Aug. 24 1-6-9  Homestake
Aug. 25 0-1-18  Homestake (two pans)
Aug. 26 0-1-4  Homestake (one pan rim rock)
Aug. 27 2-2-5 Homestake
Aug. 30 2-1-7 Homestake
Total  48 oz. 7 dwt 4 gr.
3 oz. 7 dwt 17 gr. Canyon       44 oz. 19 dwt 1 gr. Homestake

January 1903 Expenditures at Knik
Box 45-70  .80
For making moccasins     .50
Paid  Palmer mail service $3.75
overalls     .50
lamp wicks  .05
Paid Native to bring back snowshoes and sled from Bald Mt. $1
Paid Goosmar to bring letter   .50
Box Lady Grace 1.50

February 1903 Expenditures at Knik
36 lb. moose meat  1.80
Hunting axe .50
Box Lady Grace 1.50
moose skin mittens .60
Bottle ink .10
40 lb. moose meat 2.00

March 1903 Expenditures at Knik
74 lb. moose meat 3.70
matches .25
175 lb. moose meat 7.00
Rent on cabins at Knik, 1 year 60.00

April 1903 Expenditures at Knik
Paid Evan of Old Knik-credit at Palmer’s store 12.00
Paid Natives by credit at Palmer’s store 117.05

May 1903 Expenditures at Knik
Paid Palmer March mail  6.50
ankle boots 2.50
Paid Chief Nicolai for whipsawing 30.00
Paid Chief and Peter by credit at Palmer’s store 14.30
Paid Sushitna Natives 22.02
Paid Stephan by credit at Palmer’s store 15.95
Paid Ephim by credit at Palmer’s store 1.00
Paid Affinassi by credit at Palmer’s store  5.25

June 1903 Expenditures at Knik
40 lb. box dynamite 5.00
Paid Nicolai to guide Knik to Sunrise 4½ days  6.75
Paid Ephim for work at mines 34.80
Paid Affinassa for work 18.00
Paid Nakeeta for use of boat 1.00
5 lb. chewing Lloyd 3.00
2 lb. smoking Lloyd 1.50
Paid Morris for caring for horses for May 5.00

July 1903 Expenditures at Knik
Groceries from Palmer’s store 5.90
5 lb. chewing - Lloyd  3.00
2 lb. smoking - Lloyd  1.50

August 1903 Expenditures at Knik
Paid Palmer for June mail  3.00
Paid Native for July mail      2.75
Pick  from Palmer  1.40
bottle ink   .10

September 1903 Expenditures  at Tyonek
29 lb. anchor  2.90
24 lb.  5/8 rope    1.92
Seattle to Seldovia  102.25
Seldovia to Knik      46.20
Seldovia to Juneau  30.00

1904 Part of year spent stateside, I have included only the entries that mention Alaska.

First page: This diary begins the New Year at Seattle Wash. Self and family living at 1743 Melrose Place.  One year ago self was in Alaska with the glass down to 50 below. This diary closes with OGH and family living in our own home at Seward Alaska.

January 1, 1904 Wrote May I would take cash for 1/10th interest and time on the Gilbert Claims salary must be paid  

January 7, 1904 Took off balance sheet K and B Co. account of operations etc. in Alaska:
Total      $19,492.65
Due labor  $ 2,247.62
Balance    $17,215.03
           $    64.50
Balance    $17,279.53

January 9, 1904 Made duplicate copies of balance sheet and statement of how cash was received and paid out by Supt. mines. Took Elmer to Dr., he prescribed for heart trouble which he claimed Elmer was effected with, vaccination worked OK.  

January 11, 1904 Wrote my ultimatum and sent balance sheet of ledger account from May 17, 1901 to Oct. 27, 1903.  Demanded salary due $1,960.47 paid in 60 days.  Gave K and B Co. option on my interest in mines,  $500 cash and 5,000 shares in stock for 1/10th interest in 1898 location to be paid by April 1 1904.  $20 and 20,000 shares of stock for the Gilbert Claims, stock to be delivered at once and K and B Co. note bearing 6% interest payable in 1 year or claims revert back to me.  All mailed today to W. A. Farnsworth fiscal agent for K and B Co.

January 25, 1904 Received reply from Urann acknowledging receipt of my report.  Return cards with my report.  Mattie received letter from Mrs. J. O. May said May had been sick was in N. Y.

January 29, 1904 Wrote to J. F. Riley, S. F., about prospecting season 1904.  Wrote to Griffith about taxes.  Received letters from J. O. May in regard to my report and from Ruble Elevator Co., also letter from W. A. Farnsworth acknowledging receipt of my report.  

January 31, 1904 On K. B. books checking down $3.45 out of balance.  PM with Mattie and Elmer took trip on ferry over to West Seattle found it to be a nice place but no paved streets or trolleys.  Excelsior sailed for Valdez, full cargo and passengers some freight for Valdez and Tanana.

February 3, 1904 Answered Farnsworth and Mays letter told them it would cost $2,000 to install Ruble Elevator, ready for operation.  PM went downtown received letter from James Bates 21 Waban St. Naugatuck Mass. wants to get hold of Alaska oil land.  

February 4, 1904 Many passengers leaving for the north going to new Alsek diggings via Dalton Trail.  

February 5, 1904 Wrote letter to the Whitney’s at Knik Alaska.  SS James Dollar sails this evening at 8 PM, outside course for Seward and Valdez direct.  PM wrote to Bates about oil land said I would look it up.   Nelson, Ensign and Sylvester offered me an option on 640 acres oil land in the Kayak Oil District, $3.50 per acre and 1/3 of Syndicate stock in Co. to be.  Evening Elmer was sick with the belly ache.  Got Elmer’s vaccination certificate - Dr. McCulloch Bailey Bldg.

February 6, 1904 Drew map of Kayak Oil Fields.  Wrote James Bates his company could get option on 640 acres oil land near Octolee Oil Co. at Kayak.  Terms $3.50 acre and 1/3 of Syndicate stock. Sent Bates sample of Kayak oil and booklets on Kayak oil fields.  Got option on 42 oil claims from Thomas Hanmore at $1 per acre and stock consideration.

February 7, 1904 Called E. Andrews over the phone, got verbal contract from him on 800 acres oil land at Kamiska Bay Cook Inlet for 50¢ acre cash and 1/3 of Syndicate stock in new company to be. Made new map showing Kayak, Cold Bay and Cook Inlet Oil Fields.

February 8, 1904 Wrote to Bates about Andrews and Hanmore oil land in Alaska.  Quoted the land at $1 per acre and 1/3 of Syndicate stock but advised him to buy the Kayak oil land in preference.  

February 10, 1904  Received letter from Urann said company had arranged to place $2,000 in bonds and funds would come forth. Wrote Urann about the oil in Alaska.  

February 11, 1904  Received a letter from J. O. May said they had arranged to float $10,000 bond at 85¢, that the stock had been ordered sent to me and $652.30 in money that he may come to Seattle to see me.    Got tracing paper to make maps of K and B Placer on Willow Creek and medicine for Elmer.

February 12, 1904 Big wind last night one ship dragged anchor and brought up on Alaska cable. Self made new drawing of K. B. mines on Willow Creek worked on it until midnight to get it off the table.  

February 13, 1904 Finished map which shows up all the K and B Co. property in the Willow Creek Mining District as located and purchased by me since 1898.  

February 17, 1904 Getting out estimates for connections on pipeline with elevator.  Decided to put in two different lines one from canyon to run elevator on Willow Creek.

February 18, 1904  Received letter from J. O. May with call for stockholders meeting in the Sherman Mining District, Hindale County Colorado 14th March 1904 to issue $20,000 of 6% bonds and to change the Co. office to Denver. PM worked on estimates for pipeline and connections.

February 19, 1904 Mailed Mattie’s and self’s proxy to vote, to W. A. Farnsworth 62,000 shares self, 650 shares Mattie. Saw Andrews attorney, Sauter, talked over K. B. affairs and oil.  Saw M. L. and S. Co. about elbows etc.  Elbows $6 and $9, 12-0 hydraulic 6” hose 3 stitch, 29¢ ft., hydraulic nozzle $12, no. 1 giant $55, no. 2 giant $75.

February 20, 1904  Wrote to May, asked for $400 to buy horse and mower rake etc., and $500 to pay deposits on goods needed to be ordered here.  Heard from Riley, he wanted 7 months work at $100 and found, plus all expenses.

February 22, 1904 Elmer went to school.  Received letter from Farnsworth, K and B Co.  With check for $652.30, $500 and 5,000 shares of K. B. stock for my original 1898 locations jointly for K and B Co. in Willow Creek Mining District Alaska.  Engaged births on April SS Bertha room 16.

February 23, 1904  Made out deed of my 1/20th interest in 1898 locations on Martha, Bear, Balm, Herning and Little Wonder Claims to the Klondike and Boston Gold Mining and Mfg., consideration $500
cash and 5,000 shares of the K and B non-assumable stock  Mailed deed to the K and B Co. Boston office today.  Received letter from Fred C. Gruber Campello Mass. asking about Kayak oil and K and B Co.  Deposited $652.30 in Scandinavian American Bank.  Received drawing and pictures of the Ruble Elevator.

February 24, 1904 Went downtown looked up cost to ship schooner to Cook Inlet 26’, 8½’ beam $25.
 Talked with King and Winge boat builders W. Seattle.  Received letter from Bates about oil, and Ruble about the Ruble Elevator.  SS James Dollar’s 2nd trip outside course to Seward and Valdez and Yakataga. Wrote to Palmer to say I was coming on the April SS Bertha.

February 25, 1904  Made an inventory of Homestake, Herning, Morris, Gilbert and Jifkin tools, provisions etc.  PM made out order for hydraulic supplies, sent list for estimates to Joshua Handy and Co., Schaw Ingram and Batcher Co. S. F. and Sacramento California.  Answered Fred. C. Gruber Campello Mass. letter about oil and K and B Co., said I would buy stock for 5¢ wouldn’t sell same for less than 50¢.

February 26, 1904  Answered Rubles letter would let him know if I decided to go to Oregon to see elevator.  Draw $25 on bank. Sent Gruber booklet about Alaska Petroleum and Coal Co.

February 27, 1904  Wrote May that I preferred the bonds to cover the Gilbert property.  Wrote Riley not to count on job, would let him know by March 15th.  Received letter dated January 20th at Hope from
W. H.  Elliott, acknowledged receipt of pictures and wanted to work for me next season in Alaska.  Looked over furniture beds iron spring and mattress complete $10.50, oven range $34, at Homes Furniture Co.  Got sox for Elmer and Mattie.

February 28, 1904  SS Queen reported on fire off Oregon coast.

February 29, 1904  Answered Elliott’s letter said there may be an opening.  Received letter from Farnsworth about transfer of claims D and Co. to K and B Co.  Queen arrived lost 14 passengers through fire at sea.

March 1, 1904 Made out list of K. B. claims and map of the same:  Martha group - 8 claims, Bear - 1 claim, Balm - 2 claims, Herning - 1 claim, Little Wonder - 3 claims.  Davis and Co.: Elevated - 3 claims, Boulder - 3 claims, Hillside - 1 claim.  By purchase:  J. O. May Group - 3 claims, Whistler - 1 claim, Little George - 1 claim, Telluride - 1 claim, Homestake - 1 claim.  Total 29 claims.  Forward same to K and B Co. Called on Sauter he received Andrews stock  J. A. Becker, agent for Caldwell Bros. Co., wanted to bid on hydraulic supplies.

March 2, 1904 Got another option from Andrews on oil land - 800 acres.  Andrews wants 100,000 promoters stock and 250,000 Treas. stock or 1/6th of production for land, I am to get 100,000 shares for promoting company.  Wrote A. B. Smith about above oil deal.  Ordered shirts for Elmer and self at $2.50 and $3.50 respective.

March 3, 1904  Letter from Murry and Tregurtha Co. South Boston, said they couldn’t furnish size of pipe connections on launch.  Made out list of supplies for launch etc. and hydraulic hose to present to the Caldwell  Bros. Co. 115 Jackson St. for prices.  Met Mrs. Capt. Shaw on Pike St.  Capt. Shaw was on The SS Queen when on fire last week.

March 4, 1904  Received reply from Schaw Batcher Co. Pipeworks Sacramento that my order for hydraulic supplies was turned over to their agents at Portland, J. R. Bowles.  Wrote to A. B. Smith in full about 800 acres oil land at Kamishak Bay and 640 acres at Kayak.  

March 7, 1904 Went down to see Capt. Shaw about taking sloop from Seldovia to Knik, also about dynamite.  Gave Caldwell Bros. list of hydraulic  outfit to quote prices on.  Made out power attorney. to send to Jos. to sign and return.  

March 9, 1904  Went to Ballard to see sloop, PM went over to West Seattle to look at sloop - King Winge wanted $175 to build sloop  27’, 7’  beam covered in without sail fittings.  Received Joshua Hendy estimate on hydraulic outfit.  Received letters from J. O. May wanted some of my Litharge water to have examined.

March 10, 1904 Received letter from W. A. Farnsworth said funds would come forth and bond out the 15th.  Received telegram from A. B. Smith of N. Y., said he couldn’t  handle oil land.

March 11, 1904  Printed and toned out 4 dozen Alaska views.  Took Elmer downtown after school, had his hair cut and got him a new pair of shoes “for bad boys”.  SS Santa Ana arrived from Valdez.

March 12, 1904 Capt. Shaw talked over best way to get our powder up to the mines. SS Bertha arrived no word from Knik thus far his winter.

March 13, 1904  Printed pictures. Evening made up estimate for lumber needed in Knik cabin, 1,000’ tongue and grooved. SS  Portland sailed for Cook Inlet in place of SS Bertha.

March 14, 1904 Bought sewing machine the “Arlington”, drop head, for $10 to take to Alaska.

March 15, 1904 Went down to Schwabacher Dock to see about landing Columbia river boat, said I could put it on the wharf.  PM printed more views and toned out 40, ready to mount.  

March 16, 1904  Went over to Ballard and bought a Columbia river boat fitted with forward cabin and sail gear complete price $80 - owners name, Louis Davidson 265 Ballard Ave.  PM toned out 53 views of Alaska.  

 March 17, 1904  Earthquake last night for 20 seconds no damage.  Wrote to Jos. J. O. M. and for land laws on Alaska at  D. C.  Mattie had toothache.

March 18, 1904  Mattie went downtown had dentist drill hole through her toothache tooth which relieved it. Ordered two hydraulic hose reducers 15’ long each, 10” large end,  6” small end to cost $20  Puget Sound Tent and Dock Co.  Bought wire pliers 50¢ and bevel square 25¢, overalls for Elmer and myself $4.80.  Looked at some horses to mate Nig.

March 21, 1904  Met Hanmore he said schooner would take up powder to the inlet.  

March 22, 1904  Went downtown with Elmer and Mamma.  Got Elmer hoop. Met Hovey at office of Loeb Lumber Co.  gave them list of lumber needed.  Called on Andrews at office of P. S. Dredging Co. he would go prospecting for me if wanted.  

March 23, 1904  AM made out my contract for 1904 with K and  B., sent it to president and secretary to sign. Met Sweeney on 2nd Avenue, wanted one of my Alaska maps to help  make ACRR map.  Received stock from Co. for the Nutmeg and  Gopher Claims.

March 25, 1904  Mattie not feeling well. Elmer went before the Teachers Institute at High School to give exhibition with 5 other kids from Cascade School mostly singing. SS  Excelsior in port and old SS Dora ready to sail - to take run from Valdez to the Westward as mail boat, in place of the SS Newport.

March 26, 1904 Made out receipts for stock received for Nutmeg and Gopher claims to send to J. W. Rogers and R. C. Smith the 28th. Received telegram from W. A. Farnsworth stating funds would be telegraphed to Scandinavian American Bank Monday 28th.  Wrote Rouble I would be at Wolf Creek the 30th.

March 28, 1904 Met Buzzard, visited on Caldwell Bros. hadn’t prices on 7” pipe.   Called on the N. S. Blow Pipe and Hydraulic Works,  gave them chance to figure on hydraulic outfit.  No funds came to bank as wired would arrive by W. A. Farnsworth

 March 29, 1904 Gave Mr. Buzzard my order for 500 cwt. giant powder, 1,000 caps, 3,000’ fuse,  paid cash $72.50 out of own funds.  Freight to be paid at Hope, Alaska.  Placed order for hydraulic supplies with N. S. Blow Pipe Co. for $280.50, FOB Seattle.  Gave Quaker Drug Co. order for Med. stores to take to Alaska.

March 30, 1904 Wrote Riley that I thought best not to prospect this year in Alaska.  Answered McGuire’s letter about his claim, advised him to take stock for claim.  PM Mattie and self bought furniture at Holmes to take to Alaska also bought cook stove for the K and B Co., $34.  

April 1, 1904 Got credit for $350 on personal account wired from N.Y. by K and B Co.  PM took Elmer down to dentist had one tooth out and one filled.  Bought Elmer new drum and ball.  Mattie came downtown got paper for dining room at Knik. Ordered 10 gal. asphaltum paint for hydraulic pipe.

April 2, 1904 G. L. Holmes Co. balance on furniture $71.60.  Cook stove for K and B Co. $34, furniture for self $57.60, total $91.60, extra bake pans 50¢. Bought rubber goods from C. R. Winslow and
Co., 9 pair giant boots $54, for help for K and B Co., rubber goods for myself $29.44, total check $83.44.  Ordered fly blankets, nose bags, rope.  Received letter from J. O. May said that funds would be deposited in bank after I had gone to Alaska.

April 3, 1904  Wrote May that company must come up with funds before I left for Alaska. Mattie and I went over to Ballard to see if my boat was OK. Took pictures of Mattie and Elmer with their Klondike hats on,  took picture of Elmer with his drum.  

 April 4 ,1904 Ordered supplies from the Puget Sound Duck and Tent Co., hose canvas etc. $57.51.  Received letter from Farnsworth about the bond issue, answered the funds must come forth by 8th.  PM met some boys who wanted to go to Alaska to work in the mines.  Company wired $400 to Scandinavian American Bank.  Clara wrote that Grandma Herning died March 3rd.

April 5, 1904  Got prices on mower etc. of the Polson Implement Co. Ordered lumber for cabin at Knik from  the Loeb-Cutter Lumber Co., bill $40.79.  

April 6, 1904  Minted 7.32 oz. dust at U. S. Assay Office then went to Ballard to see about my boat which arrived at Seattle OK, moored her at boat house by Schwabacher Wharf.  Bought mower $55, hay rake $27.50 and plough $16 (for Alaska) discounted cost $90.  Ordered sewing machine to be at wharf the 8th.

April 7, 1904 Received first mail from Knik.  Boys landed pipe on Grubstake in February.  Reported 35 days in opening up trail up Willow Creek.  Received Mining Laws from Washington D. C. on homesteads and mining in Alaska.  Wired J. O. May that plant was on ground OK not to fail on funds.  

April 8, 1904 Met Sprauge and Shaw they wanted to buy my steam launch at Knik.  Received message from J. O. May, said contract would be fulfilled.  Freight all delivered at wharf except giants  and pipe.  Changed sailing date as SS Bertha agreed to call at Seldovia, billed to leave Seattle the 17th.  Got shipping bill of most all freight billed for Knik.  Deposited $110.72, returns from 7.32 oz. dust in bank.

April 11, 1904 Got wire from W. A. Farnsworth that $600  was sent to Puget Sound Bank, same from  J. O. May, said all funds ready the 20th would that do?  Bought small bill of groceries at Nat. Groc. Co.,  clover, timothy, rye and seed potatoes from E. J. Bowen.  Two 4-tine forks, one spading fork  Whiton Head Co. $12.50.

April 13, 1904  Arrived at Wolf Creek  8:30 AM, walked out to Golden Oregon and met W. N. Ruble.   Went up to placer mine and took a look at the Ruble Elevator.  Had rock stumps etc. piled up 30’ high, all done by nozzle.  Ruble was re-setting his giants.  Remained with Ruble overnight at Golden Oregon.  

April  14, 1904 Saw Ruble Elevator working.  Drove the heavy rock over grizzly 20’ high.  PM bought right to use Ruble Grizzly in Alaska for $180, paid for it by personal check. Golden to Wolf Creek to catch train.

April 16, 1904  Called at bank, W. A. Farnsworth funds that was to come forth the 12th not at hand.  giants from Frisco yet on way.  Ordered chains made to use to joint up hydraulic pipe.  All of  outfit on wharf except hydraulic pipe.  

April 18, 1904  PM bought tickets for Elmer $23.50,  Mamma $47, my self $47 - Seattle to Seldovia, Alaska $117.50.  PM got $2,000 by wire from K and B Co.  

April 19, 1904  Paid N. S. Blow Pipe hydraulic bill $342.45, freight on general supplies $160.95, storage on boat $2, rent, lights, etc. $9.10, laundry 30¢, drew $18 out of Scandinavian American Bank  got $1,200 in certificate of deposits from the Puget Sound National Bank.  We leave Seattle 9:45 on SS Bertha for Knik Alaska.  Had dinner with Ed. Sylvester, they saw us off on the boat, also Mr. Hovey.

April 20, 1904  Mamma, Elmer and myself in room 16.  New Capt. and Purser on SS Bertha also Steward.  Breakfast was bum.  SS Bertha went Outside route, 10 AM passed out straits by Cape Flattery, choppy sea and most everybody sick  Elmer was first to holler “New York”, Mattie 2nd, myself third.  Sitka first stop.

April 23, 1904  Rough last night, aft wind and big seas all day.  Arrived Sitka 6 AM too late to get in , so anchored outside.  Wrote to W. A. Farnsworth, bought Ruble Elevator, funds needed:  Elevator $1,000, grub $500,  1904 salary due $3,000 total $4,500,  received $3,350. Gilbert property $2,000, incidentals $150, total of bond $10,000.  Deposit all funds to my  Scandinavian American Bank.  Wrote arrangements made with Whitney’s.  Snowing while leaving Sitka.

April 24, 1904  Weighed anchor at 5 AM arrived at Sitka 6 AM.  Mailed K. B. papers, certificate of Incorporation at Sitka to be filed with Secry. Wm. L. Distin for District of Alaska situated at Sitka.  Left Sitka at 8 AM, Yakutat next stop.  

April 25, 1904 Arrived Yakutat at 8 AM departed 9:30 AM for Kayak.  Took two snapshots of Yakutat.  8 PM near Cape St. Elias, had smooth sea up to 8 PM a little wind and swell coming up.  SS Santa Ana just left Yakutat, was held up 2 days  for wind, it had ACRR engine aboard for Seward.

April 26, 1904  Arrived Kayak 8 AM, fine voyage from Yakutat. SS Santa Ana lay at anchor at Kayak.  Took snapshot of ACRR engine aboard the Santa Ana and snap of Kayak.  New gasoline schooner “Northland” and old Perry were at Kayak.  Couldn’t land oil supplies, had no lighter, so left them aboard.  French Pete and family and English oil man got off at Kayak.  Left Kayak 8:15 PM for Valdez SS Santa Ana followed.  Snow squalls all day.

April 27, 1904 Arrived at Prince William Sound 6 AM, Valdez 11 AM.  Mattie visited with  Mrs. Fish Sr.  and missed her lunch on the boat.  Filed 2nd set of K. B. certificates etc.  With Clerk Dist. Court at Valdez cost 50¢.  Met Judge Gallegher of Kodiak.  Left Valdez at 11 PM for Latouche.  Snow and rain last night.  Sent Jos. and Dick their stock 2,000 shares each.  

April 28, 1904  Arrived at Latouche 8 AM, put off first for the A. K. Beatson Copper Mine.  Sent deposit book to Scandinavian American Bank in Seattle with order to place $500 in their savings dept. and return vouchers.  Arrived Seward 5:30 PM, had a pleasant trip from Prince William Sound, there were  about 100 people on wharf and as many working, Seward is booming.  Six miles of grade ready for RR.  Met Judge Hildreth Chief Engineer ACRR, agreed to give Herman Person and partner work June 90 days.  Left Seward 8:30 PM for Seldovia.

April 29, 1904  Arrived at Seldovia 11:30 AM.  The Steamer Tyonek was up the Inlet, lightered all freight ashore.  Scow loaded full up from Portland.  Ate dinner and supper on SS Bertha.  Short no. 1 giant and can paint.  Took up quarters in Herbert’s cabin,  Buzzard and Anderson slept on floor.  SS Bertha left port at 10:30 PM on return trip.

April 30, 1904  Living in Herbert’s cabin. SS Tyonek, went to Hope and Glacier Creek with hydraulic supplies, will take us to Knik next trip.  Nine men and 3 horses also here bound for  Knik.  SS Dora arrived on westward trip, had quite a few passengers for the Inlet. SS Tyonek left 4 PM with Tyonek and Hope passengers and Glacier Creek freight.  Took  snapshots of Seldovia. Eating our meals at the Greek and Russian Restaurant OK.

May 1, 1904  Not much doing today Sunday observed.  One hotel up and another, building another storehouse.  Natives whipsawing.  Large coal scow under construction.  Boats building  Evening Native dance in hotel.  

May 2, 1904  Nothing doing except building operations at Seldovia.  Got books out of trunk and posted on same.  PM boat party, Elmer, Native kids, Mamma and myself. Evening played flute, Mattie sang.  Expect SS Tyonek in port tomorrow.  Elmer and Cleghorn kids went after barrel water in boat.

May 3, 1904  At Seldovia. Took down no. of certificates of deposit with the Puget Sound National Bank as follows: 27 certificates in $100, $50, and $25, No. 109059 to 62 (3) $100 each, 109062 to 74 (12) $50 each, 109074 to 85 (12) $25 each, total amount $1,200. Very fine day.  Elmer playing with the Native kids boating etc. SS Tyonek arrived 9 PM 3 days round trip Seldovia to Hope and Glacier Creek.

May 4, 1904  SS Tyonek commenced loading at 2 AM.  Got up at 5 AM and brought boat out of creek to SS Tyonek.  Sailed from Seldovia for Knik 9:30 AM, 15 passengers, 3 horses, 25 tons freight for Knik.  Took scow load of freight in tow for Hope.  Dropped anchor 8:30 PM off Kasilof to wait for flood tide.  

May 5, 1904  On SS Tyonek, raised anchor at 1:30 AM off Kasilof in route to Knik.  At noon anchored off Point Possession to wait for flood tide.  Farmer boys went ashore to hunt.  Weighed anchor 4:30 PM, arrived at Hope 10 PM to leave scow and freight.  Warm and fair today could see Mt. McKinley.  Left scow loaded with saw mill etc. at mouth of Bear Creek.

May 6, 1904  Left Hope, it was very muddy on flats around wharf.  Anchored off Fire Island to wait for flood tide for Knik.  Some of the Boys went ashore to hunt moose, grouse etc.  SS Tyonek arrived Knik at 9:30 PM.  Hired Natives to handle freight, cost $2.95.  SS Tyonek left on ebb tide.  

May 7, 1904  Up at 8 AM stored most of freight in cache.  Put lumber in barn,  hydraulic pipe along side cache. Paid off Simeon $23.60, Peter $22.18, Billy $20.20, Andrew $19.80, Total $85.79.  Received for grub $39.19. Used horses to cache freight.  

May 8, 1904  At Knik.  Got bill rendered at Palmer’s from Sept. 15, 1903 to date, $190.67 as follows: Burr $26.50 launch, Hall $52.50 trail, Stephan $23, Native labor $2.88,  tools and axes $2, fork 80¢, 1 man saw $3, scythe $2, cook stove $16, utensils $3.65,  total $192.17 .

May 9, 1904  Harcus and myself set up mower, hay rake and plough. Whitney’s and balance of Natives arrived from Willow Creek.  Paid off Sushitna Evan and his brother for labor at mines $117.67, received for grub $27.29, net cash $90.38.

May 10, 1904  Paid off last of Native labor at mines.  Stephan labor $59.65, Stephan grub $11.75, Ephim labor $52.90 Ephim grub $11.09.   Paid Palmer’s Store account Sept. 15, 1903 to May 9, 1904 total of $192.17 - Oct. cash $50 May 10, $142.17.  Had Harcus and Clarence shingle peak of barn.  Frank and self ploughed garden in front of cabin at Knik.  PM planted 65 lb. potatoes front of cabin 1/7th acre.  

May 11, 1904  Ploughed up Stephan’s and Nakeeta garden back of Stephan’s old place, sowed rye on same. Stephan agreed to take 1 box of potatoes for use of his garden.  I also ploughed up his garden at Knik.

 May 12, 1904  Finished planting rye and made hike across flats to Stephan’s old place and rebuilt fence around rye field about ½ acre. Self and Frank drove down to government camp and broke up small piece and planted to rye and clover.  Now ready to pack grub to Shushetna cache.

 May 13, 1904  Packed 450 lbs. from Knik to Sushitna cache on Tony and Nig.  Everything OK in cache.  Set up new 10’ x 12’ tent.  Clarence fenced in garden at Knik.  The “farmers” were camped at RR cache.  Got 100 lbs. rice from Palmer.

May 14, 1904  Left Sushitna camp, caught up to farmers at 4th lake and helped them build a bridge. Took dinner at Big Lake.  Arrived at Knik 6 PM.

May 15, 1904  SS Tyonek arrived at 6 AM to take out Palmer and his furs etc.  Received letter from Sylvester Bros.  With tel. from W. A. Farnsworth saying $2,000 had been wired to Seattle.  Also a  letter from Secretary of Alaska about filing company papers.  Evening painted bottom of Sea Otter boat black.  Got 76 lbs. sugar and 50 lbs. gran. potatoes from Palmer. SS Tyonek brought my Columbia river boat.

May 16, 1904 Getting ready to hit the trail Knik to Willow Creek.  Launched the Sea Otter boat, leaked badly so pulled it out and covered it over with canvas.  Put spar in Columbia river boat, will boat our outfit in same to the Cottonwood in the morning.  Boys put wood in cabin.  Got packs ready for mines. Promised John Downing work June 1.

May 17, 1904 Weather fair.  With 4 men and family left Knik for mines.  With Columbia river boat, boated up horses, packs and men to creek below Cottonwood.  Left Knik 6:30, left Cottonwood 9:30, had lunch at Big Lake, arrived Sushitna camp at 6:30. Trail from Big Lake to river quite wet.  Set up two tents at river.  In party - Harcus, Watson, Whitney brothers, Elmer, Mattie and myself with Nig and Tony.   

May 18, 1904 Sushitna cache to Willow Creek. New snow on approach to Bald Mt. made it very hard climbing.  Mattie got sick on mountain, she  ate too much snow.  Snow 4’ deep between  mountain swamp and draw to wet Gulch.  Had to leave most of pack on mountain.  Nig broke trail about 400 yards then patches of snow from head of Wet Gulch to Willow Creek.  Came up Willow Creek from Jifkin’s on what was winter trail.  Ate supper at my cabin, men then went to mess house.

May 19, 1904  At mines.  All quite sore from trip over mountain.  Mattie sick with sore throat.  Looked over pipe and lumber.  Enough sticks to make 26  flume. Shot 4  ptarmigan.  Evening horses started off on winter trail caught them half way to Jifkin’s. Packed grub to mess house on horses.

May 20, 1904  PM snow squalls covered valley white.  Snow all gone on Craigie Mt. and hogback except a few streaks in draws.  Snow 2/3 gone on south sides of Willow Creek and all gone in Willow Creek basin.  Grubstake open up to Homestake.  Trail open from my cabin to Homestake. Had men sharpen up tools.  Sent Frank down to Jifkin cabin for utensils etc.  Mattie throat some better.  Put canvas lining in cache.  

May 21, 1904  Froze last night.  Started to get out material for hydraulic flume.  Cut 30 collars, sills 8x4 ft., 7 posts  26 x 3’ 8”.  Cut 60 center sills 3½ x 4 x 4’ and  120 posts 3 x 3½ x 3’ 8” in all to make 30 flume, 27 wide 3’ 8” high by 12½’ long.  Use 2½ - 1½” boards for bottoms 4-10” boards on each side.  Put up shed roof to keep tools dry.  Evening washed and doctored up Tony’s sore back.  

May 22, 1904 Men working on penstock for hydraulic boxes, jointing up bottoms. Started with horses  for Bald Mt. to get pack left there on way in to mines.  While shoveling out Gulch crossing, 1 mile from cabin, horses got away and came back to cabins, then too late to make trip. Some snow on mountain trail.  AM went up Grubstake to hydraulic dam no snow in reservoir.  Creek most all opened up, snow 2/3 gone on bench.  Evening burnt off hogback on Grubstake.  

May 23, 1904 Jointing up bottoms and sides to hydraulic flume also collars.  Went over to Bald Mt. for pack left there on trip from Knik mines.  Went over by bench trail around mountain to Wet Gulch (3 hours) came back via Wet  Gulch and up Willow Creek bottom. Pack weighed 300 lbs. (2 nozzles, leveling inst., log chain, boots, rice, lard, box sundries and clothing).  

May 24, 1904 Jointing up flume. Self and Elmer with horses went down to timber line and packed up 5 bags of spruce boughs to put in bunk. Used 3 planks for floor 2½”. Used 1” boards for sides, 3” strips to brace collar posts 2’ 4” long.  Used 2 x 4 to brace center posts.

May 25, 1904  Making hydraulic flume.  One of the “farmers” mushed over from timberline Bald Mt., said they had their garden planted.  Two were going to Knik to build winter quarters and two were going prospecting up Mt. McKinley way.

May 26, 1904  PM sent Elmer and his Mamma up to the boulder on Willow Creek to burn off the grass.  Made a big fire they had to take to the creek bottom.  Whitney brothers done up from ripping up lumber “muscles all in”.  Harry planted garden up at mess house on Grubstake Gulch.  Nig crawled into the Gilbert cabin.  

May 27, 1904  Self with horses went over to Sushitna cache to get balance of provisions etc., arrived at cache 6 PM.  Shot 2 ptarmigans on Bald Mt.  With some stones, ate them for supper.  Reset tent and got packs ready.  Retired 10:30 PM went over by mountain trail from my cabin.

May 28, 1904  Snow hail and rain.  Got up 5:45, ate coffee, bread and ptarmigan  Got horses packed and left river for mines at 8:30.  Packed over 385 lbs. came back on mountain bench trail from Wet Gulch.  Lost can baking powder.  Arrived at mess house at 3:30 PM, feet wet to knees.  Men building flume.  Evening cleaned up Elmer’s “22 Special”.

May 29, 1904 Whitney brothers laid off today.  Harcus did some blacksmithing. Self and family went up to hydraulic dam spiked in flume that was loose.  Evening took out 3 pans on Willow Creek below my cabin, got colors in each pan.  Boys put old tent over mess house roof.

May 30, 1904  Windy and cold. Downing arrived from Knik to work for season. Self and Frank made road from lumber at saw pit to road up to mess house by Gilbert Cabin.  Evening Person and partner arrived from Seward to work for season, 90 days, brought in-mail dated May 9th.  

May 31, 1904  Fair and sunny.  Downing commenced work.  Men jointing flume, sawed riffle poles in half and hauled up same to Gilbert basin.  Harcus, Clarence and Downing on flume.  Frank hauling riffle poles. Self and new men put partition in mess house and put up two more bunks making 8 bunks in bunkhouse.  

June 1, 1904 Person and Tookalsen commenced work on 90 day contract at $3.  Started to un-nest and smooth up joints of hydraulic pipe.  Self finished work in mess house.  Frank hauling riffle poles and penstock  Harcus and Downing jointed hydraulic pipe.  Person and Tookalsen cleaned out canyon ditch, AM on hydraulic pipe PM.  Clarence jointing up boards for flumes.

June 2, 1904 Men finished rounding up ends of hydraulic pipe, found taper joints OK.  With two men walled up canyon ditch, was breaking through at lower end, took 2½ hours. Got out stock and took up tools to hydraulic dam to fix flume.  Put seats in bunkhouse.  Harcus, Downing, Person and Tolkasen 1 day on hydraulic pipe.  Clarence jointing up sand and shear boards.  Frank hauling up flume material.  

June 3, 1904 First heavy rain of season.  Men working on hydraulic pipe and flume. Self measured line for hydraulic pipe: main line 1,800’, branch line 1,200’.  Started to rebuild old boxes for hydraulic hose work.  Evening raining.

 June 4, 1904 Snow all gone above mountain trail from mess house to Wet  Gulch.  Getting hydraulic pipe and flume ready for use.  

June 5, 1904 Harcus started to rebuild 7 of the Andrew boxes 18 ¾” the clear and 18” high. Self helped to fix stone boat.  Made horse to file saws on at mess house.  Elmer and Mamma helped to survey line for pipe PM.  Evening Elmer and self shoveled snow drift off approach to hogback near lumber pile.

June 6, 1904 Getting flume boxes and pipe ready to lay and use.  Got about ¼ of pipe hauled up to pipeline.  Boys about finished riveting on lugs.  Got 600 riffle blocks sawed. Self helped  with pipe and run pipeline down basin.

June 7, 1904  Had men clean out pipeline ditch. Self on rock work in ditch supt. work etc.  Now ready to joint up hydraulic pipeline.  Evening light rain snow all gone to and above hydraulic dam on Grubstake, no snow on Grubstake benches.

June 8, 1904 Finished ditch to connect hydraulic pipeline.  Put in two dams and turned creek into right hand channel on the Gilbert basin.  PM started to connect up pipe, commenced at ditch end.  

June 10, 1904  Had to dig through small ridge to let pipeline run down from ditch to Gilbert basin, blasted out big rock.  Got Y connected to connect hydraulic hose.  Harcus finished rebuilding small boxes.    

June 11, 1904  Heavy frost. Got pipeline laid down to Gilbert basin at upper end.  Harcus and Clarence finished putting lugs on 9 and 10 pipe and cut pipe to fit giant.  Put in one blast to remove large rock from pipeline. Frank hauling pipe from foot of Grubstake to the Gilbert basin.  Evening told Harcus all about the work to be done on pipeline, hose, etc. Elmer got 93½¢ gold dust.

June 12, 1904 Got all the pipe etc. landed on the ground ready to set up and connect giant.  Got half of pipeline connected up.  Harcus made connecting pipe to fit giant.  The no. 9 pipe being the same size wouldn’t fit.  Elmer his Mamma and Harry the cook panned out 56¢ at upper end Gilbert basin. Frank finished hauling pipe to Gilbert basin from foot of Grubstake.

June 13, 1904  Self with 3 men jointing up 10” pipe down Gilbert basin.  Harcus and Whitney’s putting gate in ditch and building in head of ditch where pipeline connects. Self with family and horses left Willow Creek for Knik.  Arrived at river cache at 6:05 PM light rain from razor back to river.

June 14, 1904 Arrived at Knik at 1:30 PM, mosquitoes were quite numerous on trail.  Tide was out so had to leave boat at Cottonwood.  Found everything OK at Knik.  5 gallon can of lost paint was returned by SS Tyonek (no mail).  Got from Palmer, on credit, 126 lbs. sugar at 8¢ = $10.08, 2 lbs. butter 70¢, moccasins for self and Elmer 50¢, 10 lbs. moose meat 50¢.

June 15, 1904 Got up at 5 AM rowed up to Cottonwood for Columbia river boat got back at 9:30.  Rigged sail on boat, ready for trip to Hope for powder.  Agreed to buy Mallery mare for $100.  Left Knik at 8:45 PM with family, Mallery and Isaac Bainter, headed for Hope in Columbia river boat.  

June 16, 1904  Arrived Fire Island lower spit at 2:30, rainy, no wind until we arrived at Knik Harbor.  Bucked tide half way along Fire Island, ate lunch on Fire Island.  Left Fire Island at 4 AM.  Wind out of Turnagain Arm so anchored off island.  PM tide windy so made camp on Island.  Had hard work to get boat out of surf.

June 17, 1904 Snowed on mountain peaks.  Big wind and surf today, couldn’t leave island.  Got 1 salmon, 8 lbs. flour, 1 lb. lard, from Natives. Grub about used up, caught a mess of smelt.  Under fly near campfire all day, evening quite cool.  Nakeeta had paper mail.  Mr. Mallery gave us use of one of his blankets.

June 18, 1904 Got up at 4 AM left Fire Island 5 AM.  Fair wind to begin with.  Wind came out of Turnagain Arm, tide rips quite bad had to put in at island on right of mouth of Turnagain Arm in Chickaloon Bay.  Made camp under spruce tree.  Salmon and bannocks for lunch, windy all day.

June 19, 1904  Camped at island on Chickaloon flats.  Rough tide AM.  Grub most gone so decided to all go overland to Hope.  Left island at 8 AM.  At summit of 1st mountain, old man Mallery fagged out, sent Simeon with him to beach, rest of us and Mr. Bainter came over mountains to Hope, arrived 11 PM.  Had no supper until 12 midnight.  Old man came down beach to Hope, reported us lost and without grub.  Hope people sent out two parties with grub, one overland and one by boat, but we didn’t see them.  Took up quarters in Mother De’Hotel, Watson’s cabin.

June 20, 1904  Weather at Hope fair.  Got up at 8 AM had 6 hours sleep. Elmer got up at noon.  Overland party got in at 4 AM.  Boat party got back at 10:30 AM.  Had gone over as far as our boat at island in Chickaloon Bay, all on account of old man Mallery reporting us lost. Ordered a few supplies from AC Co.  PM family and self went up to see Bear Creek hydraulic mine.

June 21, 1904  Weather at Hope cloudy.  Got 500 lbs. powder, 1,000 caps, 300’ fuse from Buzzard.  Put it in Affinassi boat ready to go out on midnight tide.  Supplies from AC Co. Hope $25,  for recording fees $20.80, draying $1.50, paid Buzzard freight on powder  $15 to apply.  Gave Mattie $265, board at hotel $6.  PM went up Bear Creek as far as Sleepers mine.  Evening visited on Buzzard.

June 22, 1904  Left Hope with Elmer, self and 500 lbs. powder in Affinassi sloop for island in Chickaloon Bay where we left our boat, arrived at 2:45 AM.   Camped under big ledge slept until noon.  Tide rough so didn’t go to Fire Island.  Paid Affinassa $4.  Left Mamma at Hope to go out to Juneau.  Elmer felt bad to leave his Mamma.  Noon two Natives arrived to hunt moose for Buzzard.

June 23, 1904  Left Chickaloon Bay at 1:30 AM via Fire Island to Knik.  Wind came up, strong seas rolled choppy had to cross mouth of Turnagain Arm to get lee. Gunnel  went under one time.  Shipped a barrel of water, boom guy came loose, let boom into water, caused trouble.  Elmer scared at first then slept through the rest of 2 hours of rough seas.  Made it up to Pt. Campbell left on flats, 1 mile off shore, waited 7 hours for tide then got up to upper end of Knik Harbor at 2:30.  Waited for tide until 9 PM.  Arrived at Knik 1:30.

June 24, 1904 Arrived at Knik this morning at 1:30.  Tak  gave us tea. Took powder up to Stephan’s old place put it in root  house.  Paid Tak  store bill at Palmer’s $43.25.  Getting ready to leave for mines.

June 25, 1904 Made out order for hydraulic and provision supplies, sent it to Sylvester Bros. Took Columbia river boat up to slough by Stephan’s old place and anchored it.  Got 300 lbs. ready to pack to mines.  Tak helped me finish hoeing potatoes.

June 26, 1904 Water made me sick, threw up breakfast.  Got horses packed left Knik at 8:30.  Packed  Tony with sugar, cheese, macaroni, etc.  Packed Nig with 100 lbs. giant powder.  Arrived Big Lake 2 PM.  Arrived Sushitna cache 6 PM.  Elmer and I had peas, minced ham, crackers and coffee for supper.  

June 27, 1904  Elmer and I, with horses, left Sushitna River cache at 8 AM arrived at mess house at 1:45 PM.  Boys had pipeline completed and giant set up and were cleaning out canyon under falls  and operating hydraulic hose at upper end of Gilbert claim.  Harcus cleaned up one box got 5 oz. 10 dwt. = $88.  Evening Elmer cried because he couldn’t run the hydraulic hose said he wished that he went with Mamma.

June 28, 1904 Took charge of work cleaning out canyon under falls.  Harcus running hydraulic hose at upper end of Gilbert claim.  Cleaned up on box in canyon got 10 dwt. 3 g. = $8.10.  Clarence and Whitney wanted to work by day for wages instead of annual contract for stock and cash, agreed to let him do so.

June 29, 1904 Started to bail out and clean up Glory Hole under canyon falls.  Went down 81’ found a smooth bottom but not a color of gold.   Found several large boulders and 4’ of gravel in hole took 3 men 8 hours each.

June 30, 1904 Covered all the mountains white with snow last night. Pulled boxes out of canyon, cleaned up 4 dwt. 22 gr.  Sent men up to clean bedrock at hydraulic hose setup. Two farmers that went prospecting up Big Sushitna arrived and ate dinner with us.

July 1, 1904  Cleaning bedrock hydraulic hose setup, I  piped down to bedrock to set flume boxes for giant. Had 2 men on rock cutaway bank on upper side of canyon ditch to  keep from caving in on flume.  

July 2, 1904 Got canyon ditch ready to set in flume boxes.  Had to put in 3 blasts.  Cleaned up hose boxes, 2-12-17 = $40.56.  No skeeters quite cool creeks low.

July 3, 1904 Started to build flume boxes in canyon ditch.  Had to blast out bedrock to get grade, ran hydraulic hose (wet job).  Put Harcus in charge building flume boxes.  Evening did washing for Elmer and myself.

July 4, 1904 Piping with hydraulic hose.  Had Frank and Downing repair hydraulic ditch.  Clarence and I  finished piping in 2 boxes at a low place in creek.  Harcus and Swede’s building flume in canyon ditch got 6 set up.  Elmer got up for breakfast, 6 AM, for first time, usually sleeps until 10 AM.

July 5, 1904  Rainy.  Two Natives arrived from Knik last night with a paper to get signers for post office. Self running hydraulic hose.  Harcus got 7 flume boxes set and most of block riffles in.  Cleaned up 2 boxes hydraulic hose, got 1-17-10 = $29.98.  Hired Nicholai Jr. and partner to handle rock at $2 day, they are to board themselves. Sold them grub - flour 25 lbs., rice 6 lb., crackers, 4 lbs. tea, ¼ lb. sugar.

July 6, 1904 Froze, scale ice last night.  Hired Nicholai and Evan to handle rock at $2 and they to board themselves, commenced work today.  Had Natives pile rock, other boys cleaning bedrock, self doing piping.  Evening cloudy and cold.

July 7, 1904 Snowed on all the mines and down as far as mess house.  Had 3 men and 2 Natives on hose boxes.  Had boys put in 2 water gates to turn out water.  Started giant to pipe into flume boxes.  Evening fixed lock on cache.

July 8, 1904  Water very low only enough to fill small boxes.  Started to clean out direct above canyon falls to set in boxes.  Put Downing and Frank working roustabouts around giant.  Evening Elmer tried to make a flying machine out of two pieces of slab.

July 9, 1904 Got canyon ditch piped down to grade up as far as gate in side dam.  Men got rock cleaned out of creek bed above canyon falls. Got bottomed up ready to set in 3 more boxes hydraulic hose.  Evening Harcus sharpened drills, made small 7/8 bar to open bedrock  Sold Person 2 pair boots.

July 10, 1904 Men setting up more flume, added 4 to run in canyon ditch making 11 in all.  Self bottoming up with hydraulic hose took out 50¢ pan on bedrock on bar 50’ from creek.

July 11, 1904  Hose busted last night, I sewed it up.  Did no piping, AM, bottoming up plenty of gold in sight.  Harcus with men adding 7 more flume to giant boxes.  Natives too much sick, quit work. Paid them for 6 days each $12 each, grub $4.55.

July 12, 1904 Mail arrived.  Doubled up hydraulic hose 30’ from nozzle where it kept breaking out.  Got bottomed up, clean up tomorrow, lots of gold on bedrock  Got giant moved back so as to pipe into 2 run of boxes ditch and creek above canyon. Four Natives arrived from Knik, they brought 3 salmon $1, Whitney 3 letters 75¢, Downing 1 letter 25¢, Watson 2 letters 50¢, myself 4 letters $1.

July 13, 1904 Harcus got double run of boxes completed. Had 2 men tear down Homestake cabin and Frank hauled it down to mess house.  Billy and Andrew went hunting for caribou.  Sold Ephim some grub.  Clarence and I got bedrock cleaned ready to move hose boxes.

July 14, 1904  Got bedrock worked down to move hose boxes.  Cleaned up, got 8 oz., 2 dwt. = $129.60.  Started giant on double run of boxes in ditch and above falls.  Ephim commenced work.  Billy and Andrew got back with 2 qtrs. moose meat, killed it at the head of the Little Sushitna. Ephim Jr. and Pete went to Knik.

July 15, 1904  Billy and Andrew commenced work around hose boxes at $2 a day “eat themselves”.  Took down first setup of hose boxes and reset same farther up creek.  Made one new shear board got ready to pipe in.  Evening panned above canyon got colors in every pan (giant work).

July 16, 1904 Piping in on 2nd setup hose boxes and working bedrock  Took one pan off bedrock $1.30.  Creek raised a little, hose boxes carry it all.  

July 17, 1904  Sent Frank to Knik for flour sugar and boots. Started to pipe in bench at head of Gilbert claim.  Found pay on bench right hand side of canyon.

July 18, 1904  Got bench piped down to bedrock with hose.  Found slide on top, willows buried in, gold in gravel and bedrock on upper end Gilbert claim.  Took out half dozen  pans on bench near mess house, got colors and good prospect in top gravel. Elmer complained last 2 days of the toothache - has Negefal for playmate.

July 19, 1904  Frank at Knik for supplies gone 3 days.  Got set to pipe in upper end of bench.  Hose boxes piped out tailings 5 to 8 - 4 men on giant.

July 20, 1904 Frank arrived from Knik. Bought from Palmer on credit 1 pair overalls (for Stone) $1, 1 pair sox (for Stone) 50¢, 3 chewing  (for Persson) $1.80, 2 sacks flour (for company) $3.  Ready to bottom up for first time with giant. Elmer’s jaw swollen up from tooth.  Frank packing Sushitna cache to Grubstake.  Sold boots to Frank, Clarence and Tookalson.

July 21, 1904  Had to pipe tailing away from hose boxes,  started to set up Homestake cabin adjoining mess house with 12’ calidoor between.  About ready to move flume out of canyon ditch and attach to line dumping over canyon falls.  Elmer bad toothache.

July 22, 1904 Doing piping with hydraulic hose.  Harcus got ditch run with giant bottomed up.  Two men rebuilding Homestake cabin at mess house.  Evening put carbolic acid into Elmer’s tooth.  Elmer sleeping until noon lately.

July 23, 1904  Looked after rebuilding Homestake cabin, made cleanup flume in canyon.  Got 2 oz. out of clay gravel in ditch and 4-11-17 from head of ditch = $105.37 from ditch.  Noon Mallery’s partner arrived from Cottonwood to work at mines and 2 other men came in to prospect on Willow Creek down at canyon.  Got calidoor covered in attachment to mess house.

July 24, 1904  Cramer and G. H. Mallery commenced work at mines $3 and grub.  Having trouble with tailing hose boxes.  Hose busted twice.  AM pulled flume out of canyon ditch.  Evening cleaned up canyon flume got 6-14-16 out of gravel.

July 25, 1904  Sunny very fine day.  Blasting out bedrock to bottom up and add on more flume to canyon boxes.  Got Homestake cabin about ready, put partition in, made room for 4 bunks. Clarence piped out tailing hose boxes.  Evening Natives finished work, plenty fish come at Knik.

July 26, 1904 Natives left for Knik.  Water lowest of season not enough to fill pipeline for hose and giant.  Cleaned up 4-2-3 gravel gold. Frank and I on hose run and fitting bunks etc. in annex to mess house.  Evening weighed and cleaned up 17 oz. 8 dwt. 12 gr.  Tied up horses to go to Sushitna cache for grub.

July 27, 1904 Got annex to mess house, bunks, etc. completed,  4 bunks and 6’ x 10’ storeroom. Theodore arrived with 66 lbs. fresh salmon. Sent Frank over to Sushitna cache for balance of grub there.  Huff visited, camped at cabin below Jifkin’s.  Walt the farmer went to Knik for 6 weeks grub.  Clean up giant run 9-1-10.

July 28, 1904 Weather rainy.  Frank arrived from Sushitna River cache with flour, milk, salt and potatoes, then hauled up load of 10” pipe and slab.  Harcus blasting out bedrock and jointing on  more flumes for 2nd run with giant. Got gravel all in ready to bottom up hose run.  

 July 29, 1904  Got Frank, Clarence and Persson working on hose run. Bottoming up hose run plenty of water.  Harcus blasting out bedrock and jointing on flume for 2nd move up creek with giant.  Got a total of 22 oz. 7 dwt. 19 gr. first setup, opening up ground with giant.  Harry and Took both got toothache Elmer tooth OK.

July 30, 1904   Heavy rain.  Got 2nd move up creek ready to operate giant, jointed up 11 flume.  About ready to clean up hose boxes and 3 more will commence on Homestake claim.  Now ready to work shifts on giant run.  Evening worked around annex to mess house to stop leaks etc.  Thirty sixth birthday  today.

July 31, 1904  Sunday first day off this month. Started shifts on giant run at 2:30 AM. Men worked AM, self all day bottoming up with hydraulic hose.  Palmer back with goods, sent in no mail.  Harry about sick with ulcerated tooth.  Elmer getting new molar.

August 1, 1904 Got hose run bottomed up ready to clean up.  Clarence and I running hydraulic hose. Started shifts on giant run,  3 men on each shift, Harcus day piper.  Lots of gold in sight on clay bedrock  Evening made Elmer two small sluice boxes, put sail on boat.

August 2, 1904 Cleaned up hose boxes 2nd setup got 21 oz. 15 dwt. in all this run,  $426.33 for 66 days work for 1 man. Started to set up 3rd run of hose boxes.  Elmer started sluicing with his midget boxes found a small nugget.  Got 8 dwt. 12 gr. nugget in hose clean up, one weighed 2 dwt. 6 gr. $1.80 one went 50¢ several 30¢.

August 3, 1904  Got boxes in for 3rd setup,  hydraulic hose now ready to pipe in beginning Homestake claim.  Evening had to go up to dam and shut off water from ditch on account of storm (plenty of water).  Elmer made his first clean up from midget boxes got 60¢.  Had land slide near giant from high bank.

August 4, 1904  Rain. Clarence and I got up shear boards and had to put on 200’ of new hose, old hose worn out.  Ground sluiced into hose boxes PM.  Harcus got bottom in on giant run now ready to pipe in bench.  Lots of gold in sight on both giant and hose setups.  Evening wrote notices on boards to put up on claims big blasting today.

August 5, 1904 Got hydraulic hose 3rd run ready.  Doubled up 60’ of hose to stand the pressure, water low today.  Harcus got creek bed bottomed up now ready to pipe in bench.  Will have to move pipe and giant to work bench.  Mail arrived, wife is at Valdez. Natives arrived with 118½ lbs. fresh salmon.  Put up May group stakes.  Evening Elmer and self put up Boulder stake 2 claims below Craigie.

August 6, 1904 Elmer and I  left mines for Knik,  arrived  6:05 to put up hay and pack grub to mines.  Found Mattie back from Juneau and party of RR men at my cabin.  Mr. Bellaine, ACRR Construct Co., Judge Hildreth, Marshal Sexton, Bill Buckley and millionaires Shed and Johnson from Chicago on inspection trip of Knik Valley, they  ate supper at our cabin.  Mattie and I got up at 4 AM to get breakfast for RR party.

August 7, 1904   Sunny and fine at Knik. Morning helped RR party pack horses.  All left for the Matinuski Coal Fields.  Got mowing machine ready, hauled 2 barrels water.  PM cut grass on flats by Stephan’s old place (smooth and dry).  3 PM Mattie taken suddenly sick had to leave off work.  Paid Stephan $2 for old root house where I kept my giant powder, bought some  mountain sheep 75¢.

August 8, 1904  Warmest day of season 75.  Run mower all day cut 8 acres on tide flats.  Had roast mountain sheep for dinner was very fine.  Took pictures of hayfield and pictures of rye field.

August 9, 1904 Run mower at Knik, stacked 1 ton hay.  Bought case coal oil from Palmer.  Men mining at Willow Creek, Mr. Harcus foreman.

August 10, 1904 Finished mowing hay and put up ½ ton. Built crib to stack on, Elmer and Mamma helped, raining.  Brought down 800 lbs. hay to barn on stone boat covered hay stacks with tarpaulins.  Evening wrote to K and B Co. sent deed in escrow to Puget Sound Bank Seattle for K and B Co.

August 11, 1904  Rain, rain, rain, heaviest rain of the season.  Ordered supplies from Palmer for mines.  Fixed our pack bags, got sample of gold ready to send to K and B Co., 5 oz. 12 dwt. 21 gr. = $90.30.  RR party got back  (good and wet) from the Matanuski Coal Fields.  Had Mr. Bellaine, Judge Hildreth and Mr. Johnson to tea.

August 12, 1904  Rain and wind, high water at mines.  SS Tyonek came up from Goose Bay for RR party at 5 AM, sent out-mail and sample of dust.  Paid Palmer for supplies $91.68, discount $12.97, net cash paid $78.71.

August 13, 1904  Left Knik 11 AM for mines.  Had 3 of Palmer’s horses to pack in grub.  Arrived Little Sushitna 7:45 PM rained last hour of trip got legs and feet wet.  With 5 horses packing supplies to mines Knik to Willow Creek.

August 14, 1904 Left Sushitna cache at 8:45 arrived at mess house at mines at 2:30 with 5 pack horses and 800 lbs. supplies, credit Palmer’s horses to 504 lbs.  High water at mines but did no damage.  Harcus cleaned up 1 box giant got 6-7-20 one 80¢  nugget.

August 15, 1904  Got Stephan off at 7 AM for Knik with Palmer’s horses, paid Stephan $5 for 3 day trip.

August 16, 1904  Bottomed up work on bench with giant clean up 12-9-17.  Now ready to move giant up creek, 3rd move, and joint on more flume.  Cramer’s 8th day jointing material for more flume.  Had Frank haul up flume and riffle poles to Gilbert basin.  

August 17, 1904 Got hose run (no. 3) bottomed up ready to clean up.  Took out 1-12-22 more from flume.  Got 2 bits to block riffle below cleaned riffles. Double head of water since rain the 11th.  Elmer’s clean up 10 gr.  Total gold out : 87-12-13 = $1,402.03 hose ahead of giant.

August 18, 1904  Cleaned up hose boxes last of 3rd setup and about last of sluicing on Gilbert claim  with hose got 2-2-21 bedrock.  Gilbert claim got 5-15-18 gravel bench on Homestake claim total 7-18-15.  About ready to sluice at foot of Homestake.  Total gold 95-11-4 = $1,527.93.  Expense to date $1,726.90.

August 19, 1904   Wind and rain squalls.  Got 4th setup hose run completed ground sluiced  3 hours,  very wet but had to work to complete setup ready for high water should it come.  Cost 10½ days at $3 = $31.50 to joint up 10 flume boxes.

August 20, 1904 Got 4th setup, hose boxes ready at noon.  Piped off gravel on small bar at foot of Homestake claim.  Found gold on bedrock but little in gravel.  Took out 37¢ pan on bedrock by head box, cached it in Elmer’s “gold bottle”.  Harcus got most off bedrock blasted out for 3rd setup of flume.

August 21, 1904 Running hydraulic hose, got down to bedrock on bar, foot of Homestake, took out 50¢ pan coarse gold.  Harcus got bedrock blasted out for flume boxes.  Evening fixed my boot.  Put 50¢ pans into Elmer’s gold bottle.

August 22, 1904  AM ditch broke out, took 4 men 2½ hours to rebuild it.  Double sluice head of water for hose boxes.  Harcus got in 11 more flume on 3rd setup of giant, now ready to pipe in good pay gravel.  Evening, cleaned one pound of gold.

August 23, 1904 Commenced raining hard at midnight, everything flooded at the  mines. 5 AM Grubstake coming up fast.  7 AM water going over reservoir dam.  4 PM hose boxes flooded.  Morning  Harcus and men put in shear board giant run and built up dam.  Clarence and self looked after hose boxes, ditch and big dam - 4 to 7 had Harcus and 2 men put in two shots in overflow at big dam.

August 24, 1904  Water going down fast, boxes stood the flood OK.  Men not working on account of high water. Did washing and cleaned some gold.  Evening made window frame and put in mica in place of glass window for mess house dining room.  Sam shot mess of ptarmigans, Frank and George saw brown bear above Martha claim.  

August 25, 1904 Freezing nights. Snowed on mountain peaks last night - remained today.  Harcus got 3rd setup of giant completed pipe ¼ day. Clarence and I rebuilt wing dam and cleaned up hose boxes got 18 dwt. 2 gr.  bedrock gold when setting head box.  

August 26, 1904 Took out hose boxes and repaired those damaged by flood and reset same, ready to operate.  Men went on shifts again this morning.  Go to work at 3 AM off at noon.  PM shift go on at noon  off at 9 PM.  Opened up fine pay gravel with giant in Gilbert basin.  Snow on mountain peaks.  Evening went up to head of gulch for horses couldn’t find them.  Intended to go to Knik tomorrow evening packed up.

August 27, 1904 Started piping with hose again.  Finished balance of  bar, picked up 20¢ nugget on bedrock.  Got 50¢ to the pan in gravel above clay on giant run.  Frank found horses up gulch about 2,000’ above creek - now ready to go to Knik in the morning.

August 28, 1904   Left mines, with horses, 6:50 AM arrived Knik 6:30.  Mamma and Elmer OK.  Received word from Scandinavian American Bank that no funds had been deposited by K and B Co.  Left Harcus in charge of the mines.

August 29, 1904 At Knik, too wet to cut hay, started to clean out little cabin to make bunk house for the men.  Knik Chief and Stephan commenced work on hose run at mines.  Bought 18 lbs. bear meat off Stephan at 10¢ = $1.80.  Bought sorrel mare from W. A. Edmunds for $100.  Put feed box in stall for 3rd horse at Knik.

August 30, 1904 Scattered out a bunch of hay to dry, hauled it to the barn PM.  Removed launch pump engines and boiler tubes from little cabin to barn.  A. Litchfield and Red Jack brought in English hunter, a Mr. Littledale.

August 31, 1904  Hired Ephim to cut wood and help fix up little cabin.  Self started to put up bunks in cabin.  Had duck dinner with potatoes out of our own garden, Yollie!  

September 1, 1904  Completed bunks in little cabin at Knik. Started to mow more grass with machine on tide flats.  Men working at mines: Harcus, Tooklasen, Persson, Cramer, Mallery, Downing.  Gold dust at Knik: coarse 2-6-0, fine 43-4-18 = $728.60.  Ephim cut wood built fence around hay stack.

September 2, 1904  Cutting hay and rye at Knik, hauled it off flats to dry. Developed 5 film rolls, all quite good. Ephim half day on hay.

September 3, 1904 Had Ephim and Andrew helping to stack hay.  Hauled ½ ton hay to barn.

September 4, 1904 Stacked balance of hay, had ½ ton of rye.  Put fence around 2 stacks and covered with canvas.  Paid Palmer for use of pack horse to take 504 lbs. of provisions Knik to mines on 13th $25, supplies  $33.13.

September 5, 1904 Left Knik with Nig, Tony and Maud for the mines.  Rode Maud, packed Nig and Tony with provisions.  At Cottonwood took on Cramer’s horse.  Got Nig down near Big Lake had trouble with horses.  Arrived Sushitna cache and camped for the night, big wind many windfalls.  Lost my grub when Nig fell in mud hole, so had to cook a duck and potatoes for supper and breakfast.

September 6, 1904  Fine day, froze got up at 4:30, duck and “taters” for breakfast.  Left Sushitna cache 6 AM arrived mess house at mines 11:30.  Froze ½ inch on gulch last night, ice remained on bench all day.  Men finished working shifts.  Harcus gave Stephan and his brother “Chief” work on hose for 6 days.  Inspected work, bench paying well (giant).  Bill and Spack arrived from Upper Susitna via to Valdez.

September 7, 1904 Took charge of  hose, bottomed up ready to clean up. Sent Frank out for ptarmigan, he shot all of three.  Harcus bottoming up bench with giant.  Water low again but enough as yet.  Had Sam repair old Yukon sleds.

September 8, 1904 Cleaned up hose boxes got 7-9-8 off Homestake and 1-18-4 off Gilbert bar, total 9-7-12. Frank and Downing moved boxes out of creek, closed down hose.  Total taken out with hose 63-13-15 = $1,018.90 (50-8-13 off Gilbert bar and 13-5-2 off foot Homestake bar). Harcus and I started to clean up flume boxes.

September 9, 1904  Snow and rain. Paid off six men mostly in gold dust.  Finished cleaning up last of flume, 25 boxes got 15-14-18 (silvered) fine gold below 3rd box got (left blank) coarse gold in first 3 boxes.  Total clean up for 11 days work by 6 men.  Noon boys left mines for Knik.  Packed all their blankets on Cramer’s horse took picture of party leaving camp.  Evening cleaned gold dust.

September 10, 1904 Got riffle blocks back in place, built dam along shear board, piped in with giant.  Cleaned and weighed up 15-19-17 gold dust.  Mountain tops covered with snow last night.

September 11, 1904  AM bottomed up with giant.  PM cleaned up, got 17-16-0 = $284.80 piped in 1 day - three men’s work and last for the season.  Closed down giant at noon.  Average to the man piping with giant last day $71.60 now in good pay dirt.  Evening cleaned and weighed up 17 oz. 16 dwt. of gold.  

September 12, 1904  AM packed up tools around giant, turned water off pipeline in creek and tried to remove gate in reservoir dam.  Fixed bottom in gate of dam and back wall.  Harcus made a rock hook to pull sods out of dam in front of big gate, failed to raise gate.  Evening cleaned and weighed up 16-12-7 last of gold dust.

September 13, 1904  Total gold taken this season to date 171-11-12 = $2,745.20. Herning gold (25-14-03) = $411.30 total $3,172.50 before cleaning.  AM pulled out gate in hydraulic dam and got water off pipeline laid in creek bed. Harcus fixed up saw handles, chain, etc.  Frank and self sawed 94 riffle blocks.

September 14, 1904 Had Harcus iron over bobsleighs that the boys smashed up last winter.  Frank and self ripped out enough penstock for 15 boxes, 20 all total ready.  Re-piled lumber. Hay and hose yet to put under cover, waiting for a dry day.  Will take inventory tomorrow.  Took measurement of bolster to be made at Knik.

September 15, 1904 Hauled up penstock to Gilbert basin enough to make 17 boxes, put up stakes on winter trail. Hauled down ½ ton hay from Grubstake and ¾ ton from Willow near Boulder - put it in Gilbert cabin. Harcus fixing tools - made brake and draw rods for bobsleighs.  Took inventory of tools etc. in Gilbert cabin.  

September 16, 1904 Snowed on mountain tops most all day, evening clear and cooler.  Cached hydraulic hose and grub left over at mess house in cache. Now ready to close up camp and leave for Knik tomorrow. Used team to haul in hose, wood and grub.  Maud fell on the mountain skinned eye and side.

September 17, 1904 Frank hauled down balance of hay to Gilbert calidoor, in all about 1 ton at mines.  Dust from Gilbert claim 158-6-10, Homestake 15-5-2.  Put up notice board on Homestake. Wrote notices for Balm claim and relocated bench claims on Grubstake visited Gopher claims (R. C. Smith, J. W. Rogers and W. H. Rogers locators).  Got 200 ft. of hose dry and put in annex.  Closed up camp at mines.  Self with 3 horses and 3 men Harcus, Whitney and Watson, left mines for Knik.  Arrived at Sushitna cache and camped for the night.  Shot only 2 ptarmigan

September 18, 1904 Fixed roof of cache, took down tent, packed tent and my bedding to Knik.  Encountered many windfalls - ate lunch at 1st creek crossing, arrived at Knik 6:30 PM.  All the boys had gone to Hope to catch the boat out.  Found Cramer and Edmunds stopping in little cabin - wind had downed their tent.  Columbia river boat was caught by a drift log and sunk in the slough above Knik.  Let boys stop in little cabin - big wind all day.  Let Watson ride Maud out from mines to Knik.  

September 19, 1904  Froze quite hard last night at Knik. Self cleaned 25 oz. gold.  Paid Harry Watson for meat bill run last February $11.30.  

September 20, 1904 Dug first crop of potatoes raised in garden at Knik, got one ton - cached them in the barn until root house is built.  Tak arrived from Sunrise - no mail.  The SS Tyonek had not come back from trip to meet the SS Excelsior the 12th.  Herman and Stone, Downing and Huff went over trail from Sunrise to Seward.  Clarence and Mallery waiting for SS Tyonek at Sunrise.

September 21, 1904 Worked on drying out 2 stacks of hay which had heated.  Scattered out and restacked it.

September 22, 1904 Put handles on 2 axes, double bit and pole axe.  Got out 30 spruce logs near lake by spring to build a new root house.  Swamped out windfalls on trail from Knik to lake back of spring.  Evening checked up farmers outfit - tools net value $28.50, horse gear $17, camp outfit $10.  Had offer of 3¢ per lb. for my ton of potatoes.

September 23, 1904 Cleaned out cache ready to receive 1905 supplies. Shoveled out bank for root house in back of little cabin, annex to be 8’ x 12’ inside.  Evening weighed up balance of gold dust on hand:  coarse (flat bottle) 12-11-18,  nuggets (square bottle) 1-12-08,  fine (cream bottle) 42-10-09.  Total on hand 56-14-14,  fine in sack 9-18-18.  Grand total 66-13-5 at $16 oz. = $1,066.56.

September 24, 1904 Frank rode Maud to Cottonwood looking for Nig and Tony.  Nig and Tony showed up at 11 AM had been down to the government camp. Cut Elmer’s hair and puttied and painted window in barn. Hunted up stick in woods for go-devil to skid in logs on, made same but of birch.  Farmers set price of $300 on outfit, 2 horses and pack gear with hay to winter horses, camp outfit tools and shotgun.

September 25, 1904 Made Y go-devil, put mower under cache. Frank cut logs for ceiling in little cabin.  Self hauled in logs for root house.  Evening sold Harcus pair ankle boots $2.50.  Harcus and party getting ready to go up Knik River to investigate Hall’s prospect on bar.  Evening offered Cramer $150 for his horse and hay camp outfit and tools as listed.

September 26, 1904  Not freezing at night, snow all gone on mountain peaks that came the 16th.  Made two horses for saw pit, placed them between house and barn at Knik. Hauled up Cottonwood logs to whipsaw for ceiling of little cabin.  Harcus and party of 3 left on morning tide for Knik River.

September 27, 1904 Got out saw logs for ceiling and root house.  Had Natives rip 10 logs, 17’, cost $4 for sawing at 20¢ a cut, borrowed the farmers whipsaw.  Ceiling now ready to joint up for little cabin.  Got out birch runners for stone boat.  Traded Stephan sack flour for hind quarter of young moose meat – the flour to be delivered to Stephan when supplies come in.

September 28, 1904 Cut hole for window in little cabin on east side and started hole through logs for door from cabin into root house.  Laid first row of logs on root house.  Heavy rain all day.

September 29, 1904  Hauled in balance of logs for root house.  Got up saw log and had Natives saw up 8 – 15’ boards – 120’ cost $3.60 - to use for saddle boards on barn and roof boards for root house.  Laid logs in root house.  Sold Stephan my dollar 22 gun for $1.50 also 2 boxes of 22 at 35¢ to be paid for later.

September 30, 1904 Froze ice ¼ inch thick last night.  Got logs 2/3 up on root house.  Natives labor getting moss 60¢.

October 1, 1904 Freezing nights - dark at 6 o’clock  Got logs laid up in root house and rafters up, roof and ceiling yet to place.  Evening looked up price of iron bed landed at Knik complete - bed $5, freight $1.60,  springs $4, freight $3.15,  mattress $4.50,  freight $6.75.  Cost in Seattle $13.50, cost at Knik $25.  

October 2, 1904 Got roof on root house used 5 bunches of shingles (1,250 shingles).  Evening repacked medicine chest.

October 3, 1904 Jointed up 21 slabs for ceiling in little cabin.  Tore out old ceiling which was covered with about a ton of dirt, now ready to place new ceiling also in root house.  Evening packed rubber goods on top of medicine and nailed up box and marked it for Seward Alaska.

October 4, 1904  Coldest night this fall 16 above.  Jointed up 3 logs to raise ceiling in little cabin.  Got ceiling laid and chimney in and mostly mossed cracks.  Hauled up barrel water for house with Maud.  Bought minimum thermometer from Palmer for trail use $1.50.  Root house ceiling and door yet to joint up.  

October 5, 1904  Laid ceiling in root house, cut door between little cabin and root house.  Made door, put on hasp and lock.  Cabin and root house finished except corking up and banking up root house with dirt.  Harcus and Cramer got back from prospecting trip up Knik River.

October 6,1904  Had Frank bank up root house with sod and sand.  Self finished woodwork  in cabin.  Threaded draw rods for sled  and tallowed the dyes.  Evening boxed up hardware, clothing and typewriter.  Mr. Littledale the English hunter returned to Knik.  Expect boat in the 7th.

October 7, 1904 Got up shelves and moved cooking gear into little cabin.  Put new runners on stone boat and moved sled out of barn.  Evening wired and marked boxes for Seward Alaska.  Made out lumber list 125 logs.  Left 2 oz. dust with Frank.  Evening paid store bill at Palmer’s to date $15.70.

October 8, 1904 Frank hauled down balance of hay to barn also hauled up 10 bags of moss to finish chinking little cabin.  Finished chinking ceiling in root house and cabin and commenced to cover with dirt.  With Nig pulled up Sea Otter boat.  Evening bought Cramer’s roan horse and tools for $125 also 1/3 of hay.

October 9, 1904  Cloudy and warmer not freezing.  Had Frank put poles in for lining in root house and finished banking ceiling etc.  Self put glass in barn window - made fork rack.  Fixed up pack saddle Stephan broke coming out form Willow Creek.  Evening tide floated both scow and launch,  anchored scow out to receive supplies and moved launch farther up bank.

October 10, 1904  Frank got out poles to make crib lining in root house.  Self made crib to pull launch upon and corked up scow. SS Tyonek arrived with supplies got freight discharged at 6 PM, short 2 grizzly rails and no. 2 giant and 1 ton of feed and nails.  6:30 PM left Knik for Seward.  Self and family had 10 boxes freight.

October 11, 1904 Arrived at Tyonek at midnight the 10th.  Left Tyonek 7 AM arrived at Kenai 11 AM.  Paid Cramer $5 for 2 man saw 2’ square, gold for scythe and smooth old hand saw,  flask of quick 4 lbs. 1 gold pan odds and ends.  Went up town in Kenai to take snap of church farm and cross foxes.  Left 5 PM for Seldovia.

October 12, 1904 Arrived at Seldovia 2:30 AM was a little rough around Anchor Point.  Paid freight bill $101.75 by check on Scandinavian Bank.  Company freight $73, Knik self freight (10 boxes) $3.75, Seward self fares $25 via Seldovia - total $101.75.  Now boarding on SS Tyonek, 50¢ meals,  waiting for SS Excelsior.  Wrote to Whitney F. H. sent shipping bills with what provisions to leave at Knik.  Sent Scandinavian American Bank deposit book no. 10983 with order to pay $100 to my open account.

October 14, 1904  SS  Tyonek left Seldovia 8:30 AM for upper Inlet.  Meals on Tyonek $7.50, meals at Kafoury’s $1.  Noon, left Seldovia on SS Dora at 1 PM with family ½ ton freight for Seward.  Left 28 passengers at Seldovia waiting for the SS Excelsior via Seattle. Went to Homer and came back to Seldovia with passengers.

October 15, 1904 Left Seldovia 2 AM on SS Dora had fair weather to Seward.

October 16, 1904  Arrived at Seward, took up quarters at Hotel.  Met Sheriff Sexton and family.  Chief ACRR Engineer Swanitz, invited me to take trip over the summit road, about 12 miles, road was graded to Kenai Lake some 20 bridges.

October 17, 1904 SS Santa Clara arrived, had 125 tons for Cook Inlet, it left at 1 PM for Cook Inlet,  had on board a school master for Hope. Talked to ACRR man, Bellaine,  about a building  lot,  looked up lumber prices, made arrangements with Brown  and Hawkins to furnish cash for gold dust 42-10-9. They to mint dust and  credit me to same less express etc.

October 18, 1904 Made arrangements for lot 30’ x 100’, $250 cash in 30 days. Finished lumber 35 per M, rough $25.  Hired help to clear our lot on 3rd Avenue. Total clean up 171-11-12, $2,300 in dust.

October 19 1904  Bought 4th lot from corner of Adams on 3rd Ave. west side of street, from Ballaine ACRR net $250 - 30 days time.  Opened account with Brown and Hawkins 42-10- 9 in dust to be sent out and melted and I to get the net on same.  Evening SS Santa Clara returned from Seldovia, had Carter’s dredger on board, couldn’t land it, no lighters at Seldovia.  Mr. J. Girdwood 28 White St. New York wanted me to send dimensions of launch.

October 20, 1904 Commenced clearing lot on 3rd Avenue.  Looked at several cabins for rent all leaked but one.  Sleeting today.  

October 21, 1904  Got lot cleared of trees brush etc. ready for foundation of house.  Part of lumber delivered on ground.  Evening got $75 on account from Brown and Hawkins.  Evening Mamma and son attended Sunday School social.  Evening wrote to F. H. Whitney at Knik enclosed $50 to pay Natives etc.  Wrote Blodgett to be sure to land me a no. 2 giant at Knik.

October 22, 1904 Got lot cleared and foundation down for house on 3rd Avenue Seward.  Had shingles and dimension lumber delivered on lot.  Evening SS Bertha arrived on up-trip, no mail or lost giant on board.  Huff and Downing left Seward for Knik. Sent Frank Whitney $50 in currency.  PM crazy man hung himself in the jail. Got 125 lbs. nails off Brown and Hawkins.

October 23, 1904 Elmer attended Sunday school.  PM we were invited out to dinner at Judge Hildreth’s.

October 24, 1904  Snowed 4” last night.  Men had to lay off on building house.  Paid E. G. Stokes order $3.50 for work clearing lot and $10 each on stove and bed.  

October 25, 1904 Got roof on, ready to shingle.  Got ready to get our own meals in McNeely’s back kitchen.  Bought small bill of groceries at Brown and Hawkins.  

October 26, 1904 Got cottage shingled and put on some rustic on north side.  Had safety flue made - galvanized iron - for chimney and put same in, cost $11. SS Bertha got back from Cook Inlet.  Sleeper, Smith, Collins, White arrived on way to court at Valdez also Harry Watson got no mail.

October 27, 1904 SS Santa Ana arrived.  Ballaine and money men for ACRR arrived also new engineer to take Col. Swantz place.  Bainter and four mushers arrived from Sunrise via winter route.  Bed, mattress and springs - got dresser small table linoleum and cooking utensils from Mrs. Tecklenburg all cost $52.75.  Mrs. Teck and mother left for Seattle on SS Santa Ana.  

October 28, 1904 Finished cottage on outside and ceiling on hangers up in attic.  SS Dora arrived on westward trip.  Surveyors for Alaska Central Railway left for Knik and Turnagain Arm. SS Corwin arrived from Nome via to Seattle.  Reported strike of $1,800 to the pan in tundra near Anvil Creek at Nome.  

October 29, 1904  Snowed 4” last night.  Got walls ceiled up inside window and wood frames ready to put in - laid T and G floor also.  Bought heater from Merrifield $12, paid down $5. Nelson Bros.
delivered ½ cord 10” stove wood at kitchen back of hotel.  Made Elmer a sled.

October 30, 1904 Put new heater in cottage to dry out walls.  Gray and Col. Swanitz offered me $600 for steam launch if delivered at Seward.  Mattie’s birthday.

October 31, 1904 Carpenters worked on inside of cottage, laid attic floor, put in stairs, got in one window and door.  Halloween.  Elmer and Mattie White put tick-tacks on barbershop and restaurant.  Evening story party at McNeilly Hotel office.

November 1, 1904 Carpenters finishing inside of cottage.  Got in all the windows and outside doors.  Got stairway finished.  Self corked casings around windows and doors and started to make china closet.  

November 2, 1904 Got partitions in cottage.  Bought man saw from Brown and Hawkins $4 and made a flour box.  RR party of millionaires left for Lake Kenai.

November 3, 1904 Carpenter finished cottage (McNeilly contractor). Self  jointing up china cupboard.  Mattie swept out the rooms now ready to move in.  Total 28½  8 hour days 1 man building cottage 20’ x 26’ - 6 rooms.  Help 157 hours at 50¢ = $78.50, boss 59 hours at 60¢=$35.40.  Cost of labor $113.90 contract price $150.

November 4, 1904 Moved cooking utensils furniture etc. from hotel to new cottage 3rd Avenue Seward. Paid Stokes $20 balance on stove and bed outfit.  Paid freight $2.80 on box clothing from Portland.  Got cook stove set up and one bed.  Had beans, donuts, bread and  Postum for supper.  Nelson Bros. delivered another half cord of firewood.  Bought kitchen table $1.25.

November 5, 1904 Worked on china closet and fitting up cottage inside.  Got parlor stove set up.  4 PM met RR party, Osborne and Thomas talked over future prospects of ACRR gave them data etc. on country around Knik, they wanted some of my views.  Got partition collar for stove pipe 75¢, key hole saw 35¢.

November 6, 1904 Got china closet finished except doors.  Put up shelf for water pail wash dish etc.  Elmer attended Sunday School.  Thawing today snow about gone at Seward Alaska.

November 7, 1904 Made step for back door.  Got 25 lb. lead, 5 gal. oil, 1 gal. terps, 5 lbs. ochre (dry).  Put priming coat on front of cottage. Checked up bill of dry goods that came from Portland everything was OK.  

November 8, 1904  Cloudy with light rain last night.  Put on priming coat on one side and end of cottage.  Evening made doors for china closet.  Windy tonight.

November 9, 1904  Snowed 4”. Helped Mattie do washing and hung china closet door. Mr. Osbourne visited to get some of my pictures of Knik.  Sold him 4 of my maps of Cook Inlet and our new rabbit robe for $15. Evening Mattie “Smith” White visited on Elmer.  Played Pit.  Elmer saw her home to Hotel McNeilly.

November 10, 1904 H. C. Osborne, 40 of Toronto, Canada wants 3 sets of Knik views sent to above address through Mr. Keelar of Alaska Central Railroad Co.  Made kitchen table, put pulls on drawers and completed china closet.  Got pulls for drawers 3 at 10¢ = 30¢.

November 11, 1904 Had H. Reese help cut down large tree back of house, got out posts for wood shed.  Mr. Osbourne visited, Mrs. Smith visited, Mrs. Brownell visited, wanted us to join magazine club.  

November 12, 1904  with helper got up shed for to cover firewood 8’ x 14’ covered in on 2 sides north and west.  Ordered lumber for closet and rough boards for woodshed.  Sent back to lumber yard 40’ door jam 130’ 1” x 6” casing.  Evening put up curtains in front of house.  

November 13, 1904 Got woodshed all housed in on west and north side filled under firewood and lumber.  Evening Mrs. Sexton and son Neil visited.  Almost a blizzard toward evening big NW wind.  

November 14, 1904 Freezing weather all day.  Laid linoleum in kitchen.  Evening made out statement of account:  supplies wages etc. $5,492.89, March 12, balance due Herning $2,020.47, May 17 Salary due $2,000, total $9,513.36.  Cash received in April K and B Co. $3,350 dust (gross) $2,761.20 other sources $1,36.55, total $6,247.75.  Balance due Herning $3,265.61 above, not from my ledger account.

November 15, 1904  Fair and colder, freezing hard all day.  SS Excelsior arrived from Seattle.  Received notice from Puget Sound Bank that K and B Co. took up option on Gilbert claim, paid over the $2,000 and 20,000 shares K and B stock.  Received from Puget Sound Bank $500 in certificate of deposits credit above to K and B Co. November 1, 1904.  Sent K and B Co. statement of account April to November.

November 16, 1904 Paid Yakutat Lumber Co. bill rendered for lumber for cottage $291, Young for lumber $17.86, Brown and Hawkins for lumber, McNeilly for door $3. Paid W. A. McNeilly for building cottage $150. Paid Bellaine on lot $100.  Paid Brown and Hawkins on account by draft $50.  Had electric fixtures put in, lights turned on tonight 1st time.

November 17, 1904 Own home at Seward.  Had Nelson Bros. deliver cord wood.  Refinished iron bed, in grass green.

November 18, 1904 On inside work varnishing and staining cottage at Seward.  Paid Seward Lumber Co. bill $17.86.  Put finish coat on Elmer’s bedstead.  Evening jointed leaf in table.  Started to make up bill of clothing etc. order to be sent to Portland Oregon.  

November 19, 1904  Snowed 2” last night big wind today.  Got kitchen stained and front bedroom sitting room varnished.  Put up Elmer’s bed in kitchen bedroom.  Evening bought Mattie new tub boiler and wringer.  Evening cut Elmer’s hair.

November 20, 1904 Started to cloth front bedroom.  Elmer attended Sunday School.  Sunday roast 90¢.

November 21, 1904 Finished lining bedroom and varnished base boards etc. now ready to paper.  Evening Mattie was a little sick.  Ordered 2 x 6 ’s and flooring for back and front veranda.

November 22, 1904 Evening papered ceiling in parlor bedroom. SS Dora arrived from westward trip 10 days overdue, didn’t call at Seldovia where large crowd were waiting to come out.

November 23, 1904  Snowed 2” last night. Finished papering parlor  bedroom, total time 6 hours.  SS Portland arrived in place of SS Bertha.  Mamma attended school exercises PM.

November 24, 1904 Turkey day but no turkeys in town. We had  dinner with U. S. Marshals folks, George Sexton, at corner 3rd and Adams, in Seward.  Evening attended  a party, proceeds to go to pay school debt raised $29.

November 25, 1904 Put up bed in parlor bedroom and varnished parlor floor.  Evening Mattie made out order for clothing from Portland Oregon.

November 27, 1904 Not much doing. SS Portland returned from Seldovia with 17 passengers from the Inlet.  Mrs. Shaw visited on Mattie, she and Capt. on way to Seattle.  Made out order for provisions to send to the National Grocery Co. in Seattle $125.

November 28, 1904  Started to build water closet in our own back yard, dug pit and cut frame. SS Santa Clara arrived 2 PM, it came on the SS Santa Ana run.  Made out small order for drugs.  Wrote Sylvester Bros. about Seward’s business outlook.  Bought ½ ton Wellington soft coal $9 delivered.

November 29, 1904  Got closet up except door and roof.  SS Santa Ana expected December 12th with another RR engine for Alaska Central Railway Co.  Sent J. Girdwood 28 White St., NY, specifications of steam launch.

December 1, 1904  Rev. Mr. Sly visited said he was going to establish a reading room in Seward.  Shingled closet put in door frame and part of cornice.  Evening Mamma and Elmer went downtown.  Self put leaf on table which makes table 45” x 42”.  Five hours on closet.

December 2, 1904 Paid electric bill for wiring house, 4 lights $10.20,  groceries $3.75, lathe 25¢, “rotten sausage” 25¢.  

December 3, 1904  Heavy showers rained last night and all day today some wind.  Finished closet seat and stained it.  Put 3 more boards on wood shed and cup up balance shiplap 6’ long for floors on veranda.

December 4, 1904  Still raining this morning turned to snow. Had pork roast for dinner.  Evening all went to church to hear the Rev. Mr. Sly.

December 5, 1904 Put wood under shed and put up 2 shelves in kitchen. Evening Sexton “kids” visited, played Pit. Evening played flute and Mattie sang. 10 PM Mattie took sick.  

December 6, 1904 Called Dr. Sleem, Mattie had labor pains 2 AM.  She gave birth to a son at 7:10 AM., Mrs. Stokes nurse Seward, Alaska.  No sleep last night.  Hustle bustle today. Mamma and baby son both doing well.  According to reckoning only a 7 month babe but fully developed hair nails etc. and weighed 6½ lbs.

December 7, 1904 Put outside casing on closet door.  Bought lumber to make closet door and wardrobe in bedroom $2.85, hauled it home on Yukon sled.  Bought new rip saw $1. Mamma and son doing well.  Seven K. of P.’s in town.  Invited to play for school Ball on Xmas eve.

December 8, 1904 Made and hung door on water closet. Mamma and son Jr. quite well 3rd day on terra firma.  Evening Elmer coasting with kids down 4th Avenue Seward, Alaska.

December 9, 1904 Finished water closet and painted it. Elmer had to buy a new sled $1.50.

December 10, 1904 Tenth day soft weather not enough snow left for sledding.  Bought another cord of wood put most of it under shed. Notices out for masked Ball for benefit of school fund Xmas evening.  

December 11, 1904 Mattie had several callers.  Self and baby getting along nicely.  Elmer attended Sunday School.

December 12, 1904 First mail arrives from Hope and Sunrise by overland route, got no mail.

December 13, 1904  Not much doing.  Had some location notices filed of Willow Creek placers.  Wrote to Sylvester Bros. for price of pipe and deflector shipped by the U. S. B. Works Seattle.  Wrote the U. S. B. Works about missing giant.  Self troublesome with 1st cold of this ‘winter’.  Mamma and babe doing well.

December 14, 1904 SS Santa Ana arrived with cargo of freight and a few court people from Valdez.  

December 15, 1904  Snowed 2”.  Bought ½ hind quarter of moose 32½ lbs. at 20¢ = $6.50.  

December 16, 1904 Temperature 30 to 36 above, December 1st to date.  Cold wave tonight, down to 22 above - change of weather. Baby seems to have slight cold doing well babe and Mattie.

December 17, 1904 Fell a tree in front of cottage and sawed it up into stove wood. Evening gave Elmer a bath and took one myself.  Mamma and babe doing well.

December 18, 1904 Mamma Mattie got up, was in bed 12 days.  Got K. B. books posted up to date.  Now ready to take off balance sheet and make out annual report of business at Willow Creek mines for this season 1904.  Elmer attended both church and  Sunday School.  Evening clear and colder.

December 19, 1904 Paid Dr. Sleem $75 for attending Mattie during confinement.  Nurses time up tomorrow AM.

December 20, 1904 Closed up K. B. books for this season.  Total amount of biz. $13,617.68, 1st report of biz $19,489.11, total to date $33,106.79.  Liabilities $3,195.15 (due Herning) - assets (left blank).  Mrs. E. G. Stokes, nurse for Mattie, finished (2 weeks for $30).  Cut up one tree into blocks for heater.  Mamma now chief cook, nurse, etc. I am the bottle washer, flunky, wood chopper, papa “2 times” etc.  All at 3rd Avenue Seward, Alaska.

December 21, 1904  Fell and cut up another tree in front of cottage.  Started to make typewritten copy of annual report to K. B. Company.  Mrs. Gheder visited on Mattie.  Very clear and colder this evening.  Mrs. Schalk gave  Elmer a checker board for Xmas present.

December 22, 1904 Cut down another tree and sawed up ½ of same.  Got report segregated, ready to finish bill out to K and B Co.  Evening SS Dora arrived on return trip from Westward via Valdez 10 days overdue.  Evening Mattie went downtown, self attended my “new baby boy”.

December 23, 1904  Did washing for Mattie and the baby.  Evening self and Elmer attended Masquerade Ball, proceeds to go to the Seward school fund.  Self played 2nd on the piano.  Mrs. (Hawkins) Brown won the ladies prize, Mr. Deremis won the gents prize for best sustained characters.

December 24, 1904  Very cold all day with 30 mile wind.  Xmas tree tonight for the children.  Elmer got a box of Barnums cracker animals, bag each of nuts and candy, cards, etc.  SS Portland arrived on westward trip.  Our trunk left in storage with Seattle Transfer Co. arrived on SS Portland.  Mamma attended Xmas tree exercises while Dad minded the baby.  

December 25, 1904  Christmas, had trunk delivered at house 50¢.  Made out inventory of assets at mines.  Ice froze 4” in 36 hours on the glacier stream.  No turkeys in the market had roast moose meat, vegetable, etc. and lemon pie for dinner.  Elmer got pail of candy from Hildreth’s and box candy from B and H, cup and saucer from Mrs. Sexton and 75¢ in his stocking this AM. Mamma found $10 gold piece in her stocking.

December 26, 1904 Got letter with report ready to forward to K and B Co.  Got  location notices from the recorders office at Seward 3 more yet to come.  School vacation.  Mamma and babe doing well.  Mattie wrote home for trunk and clothing.  Cut wood for the usual supply.

December 27, 1904  Snowing.  Made out lumber list to be sawed at Willow Creek for elevator and mailed same to F. H. Whitney in charge at Knik Alaska. Geo Buzzard and wife visited us  on their way to Hope.  Elmer helped me saw up a log.

December 28, 1904 Snowed about 3”, then rained most all day.  Mailed copy of report to J. O. May, Pres.

December 29, 1904  Snowed 10” today heaviest fall of winter.  Mattie had quite a few callers.  Evening SS Santa Clara arrived.  My supplies from National Grocery Co. and Medicine arrived on this boat.

December 30, 1904 Had supplies delivered at the house, stored them in the attic chamber.  Evening and PM started to make out mining deeds of claims relocated on Willow Creek to the K and B Co.  Groceries $168.27 , supplies self $13.92, freight $21.25, wharfage and ctg. $4.90,  medicine from Quaker Drug Co. $3.10, Exp. on med. $2.50.

December 31, 1904 Made out deed of Martha claim to K and B Co.  Paid freight and express bills.  Dance tonight at Moose Hall, Herning  on music.  Self and Elmer attended New Years Ball got home at 12:30.  Snowing hard, total fall for the past 48 hours 24 inches and more coming.

Addresses in back of 1904 journal:
W. N. and S. C. Ruble  The Ruble Elevator Golden, Oregon
J. F. Riley 470 Duglass St. San Francisco, Calif. (Placer and quarts man Mr. Heggland his foreman season of 1903 Kenai Lake)
Judge O. E. Sauter 524 N. Y. Block  Phone White 51 Seattle
Clark Davis Alaska Petroleum and Coal Co. (manager) 730 NY Block Seattle
The Leppy Co.  Kayak

Purchases 1904:  Columbia river boat $80, Ruble elevator $180, Native labor for May $90.38, 80 lb. flask of quicksilver $52, June boating Affinassa $4, Simeon for trip to Hope 7 days $10.50, July, Nicholai 6 days $12, Evan 6 days $12, 152 lb. moose meat from Billy and Andrew $15.20, 8 lb. moose meat from Negifal 80¢, Paid Stephan for 3 days on trail $5 and 18 lb. bear meat $1.80, paid Ephim for rabbit robe $7.50, caribou skin $1.25, paid Andrew $1 for 5 ducks, paid Nakeeta for mail $3, paid Prince $1 for 6 ducks, paid Stephan wages of $10.80, paid Chief wages of $10.80, three fares Knik to Seldovia $25.  Received $2,000 cash from K and B Co. for Gilbert claim

1904 Clean Up before melting:  Gross:  hydraulic hose run 62-4-16 giant 109-6-20 total gross 171-11-12.


Inside diary cover: This diary commences the year with O. G. Herning and family living in their own home at Seward, Alaska, Elmer attending the Seward school, Miss Kurtz teacher.

January 1, 1905 Happy New Year came in with 2’ of snow in the past 48 hours. My family living in our own cottage at Seward District of Alaska. Mattie attended the reception given by the Kenai Club.  Elmer attended Sunday school.  Evening figured up net cost of supplies landed at Seward.  Save $1 on barrel of flour, 10% on sugar 25 to 100% on can goods.  Reliance Oyster Cream Soup for supper and raspberries.

January 2, 1905 Had Sexton and Leonard sign as witness to the Martha, Boulder, and May Group of placer claims as deeded to the K and B Co.  Made out deed for the Gopher claim to the K and B Co.  The SS Portland now one week overdue from her westward trip to Seldovia and Kodiak.  Evening Mattie visited on Sextons, Elmer on Barthold's.  Self minding the baby now 1 month old.

January 3, 1905 Cloudy.  Made out deeds of the Balm and Herning placer claims to the K and B Co.  Elmer wrote a letter to his grandmother on the typewriter.  Evening played some on the flute.  Not much doing.

January 4, 1905 Had Doremus and Schalk sign as witnesses to the deeds of the Balm, Herning and Gopher placer mines.  Did washing for Mattie.  Mrs. Gabriel visited.  Evening answered Mallory letter about his outfit at Knik. Read the Mining and Scientific Press which contained a write up about Herning’s at Seward and about the Mine at Willow Creek.

January 5, 1905 Put up medicine box in attic chamber.  Set up electric battery.  Showed Miss Sexton photos taken at mines and Knik. Rev. Mr. Sly visited.  Evening Arthur Gray and Elmer played checkers.

January 6, 1905 G. H. Mallery loss on gold after melting $3, cottage supplies $2.50, ½ cord wood $2.50.  Sent Ruble the Juneau paper with write-up of Herning at Willow Creek and about the Grizzly. Left deeds (6) to be recorded at Hildreth’s.  Evening looked over funny sheet with Elmer.  Baby 1 month old today.

January 7, 1905 Light rain for the past 60 hours clear tonight.  Started to make clothes closet in kitchen bedroom. Collect from SS Tyonek - cost 1 wood rail $1.57,  freight 37¢, total $1.94.  Freight on giant 8’ $1.20, freight on deflector 1’ 15¢, total $1.35.

January 8, 1905 Mattie took baby out for first time visited on Sexton’s.  Evening played flute.

January 9, 1905 Finished upper part of clothes closet.  On again off again the Seward electric lights.

January 10, 1905  Made out blank power of attorney for 12 names to send to Jos. to have signed up for Lode and Placers.  Wrote Jos. about having him get signers for power of attorneys.  

January 11, 1905 Bought ham 19 lbs. at 20¢ and 1 qt. turp. at 40¢. Took a walk up 4th Avenue and up RR other side of lagoon.  Evening talked with Nelson Bros. about their placer claims 9 miles from Alaska Central Railway near summit with a view to sell to a stock company.  Wrote to Bates about Nelson Bros. placer mines.

January 12, 1905 Sunrise mail arrived got no word from Knik.

January 13, 1905 Natives started to saw up trees on lot.  Evening Rev. Sly visited to get donations to buy organ for reading room, gave him $2.  Dr. Sleem used my typewriter.  

January 14, 1905 Piled up 2 cords of wood and split up ½ cord.  Evening toned out 26 prints, views of giant and mining etc.  Evening self and Mattie attended Ball given by M. Eide, self played the piano got $3.00.  Mattie came home 10:30, Mrs. Stokes looked after the baby.  

January 15, 1905  Several callers today to see the baby.  Showed McNeilly plan of elevator.  Made shade frame for electric light in sitting room.  Elmer attended Sunday school as usual.

January 16, 1905 Got K and B Co. deeds from recording office at Seward, Alaska.  Six deeds cost to record $23.85, 3 location notices $7.30, total $31.15,   sixteen notary seals $6.00.  Got above ready to register and forward to K and B Co.  Paid old Native 3 hours at 20¢ = 60¢, young Native 8½ hours at 20¢ = $1.70 total $2.30.

January 17, 1905 Mailed deeds to K. B Co., 6 deeds and 8 location notices covering 33 claims on Willow Creek and Grubstake Gulch.  All were recorded at Cook Inlet Precinct at Seward, Alaska.

January 18, 1905 Put bread drawer in china closet.  Figured up lumber list made out 6,480’ cuts by whipsaw at 3¢ = $194.40, one inch boards not included.  Mail arrived from Crow Creek but none from Knik.

January 19, 1905 No boat now for 20 days.  RR supplies getting short.  Self OK six months grub in attic.

January 20, 1905 Invited to play piano at ladies social tomorrow evening.  Alaska Central Railway Co. started to put in another wharf for RR purposes only.  Elmer crazy for a coronet.

January 21, 1905 Received first mail from Knik by a Mr. Strong from the Big Sushitna, all OK at Knik,  December 31st only 2” of snow.  Frank cut 6 tons hay on Meadow Creek in December, lost 1/3 of hay at Knik by high tide.  Evening played for the Ladies Athletic Club social big crowd good time got home 2:45.

January 22, 1905 SS Bertha due today.  No boats in port since December 30th.  

January 23, 1905 Evening developed 2 film rolls, ½ dozen size, of giant at mines, got 9 out of dozen roll that were OK. The Ladies Athletic Club gave me a box of cigars for playing flute and piano at their social Saturday evening.

January 25, 1905 with Neil Sexton left home 6 AM walked up to Resurrection River to hunt ptarmigan,  saw none,  saw wolverine and porcupine tracks, shot duck at lagoon on return. SS Portland arrived. Old Wortman and King drew on Puget Sound Bank $40.15.  Jos. wrote that J. O. May died on Xmas day 1904.  

January 26, 1905 Mr. W. A. Langell left for Knik 6 AM. Printed and toned out 15 views of mines on trail etc.  Evening cleaned up my flute.  Baby wide awake from 8 to 11 every night (works for night shift).

January 27, 1905 The new Electric Power Co. wanted to buy the K. B. Launch. Talked with Engineer Colonel Swanitz about Knik Harbor as a landing place for ACRR supplies.  Paid balance for recording deeds and claims $5.15.  Bought cot off Miss Gorder, $4.50, to make lounge.  Evening posted up K. B. books to date.  Mamma and Elmer attended church social at Mission.  Self minded the baby.

January 28, 1905  Got vouchers ready to send to W. A. Farnsworth at K and B Co.  Asked for $500 to pay Native labor in the spring and $2,000 to pay off help. Evening kids had a ball at Moose Hall, ice cream etc.  SS Dora and SS Portland arrived last night, Portland for Seattle - Dora for the Westward. SS Dora bought Alaska Central Railway powder.

January 29, 1905  SS Santa Ana arrived this morning.  Received letter from Cramer, wants to come back to Alaska.  Received box dry goods on SS Santa Ana from Portland, Oregon. Right tonsil badly swollen this evening.  Sent for 2 Lobo horses for Elmer $1.65.  Evening unpacked dry goods wall paper etc.

January 30, 1905 Paid freight on box dry goods from Portland freight RR 25¢, freight Seattle to Seward $1.80.  Freight cost 13% of cost of goods.  Paid for commode to match our dresser $7.50, was $14.00.  Started to tack on lining in 2 rooms to be papered.  Self got mild attach of tonsillitis right side.

January 31, 1905  SS Santa Clara arrived 10 days from Seattle, outside course.  Sent order to Quaker Drug Co. Seattle, things for baby.  SS Santa Clara left port at 10  PM Col. Swanitz and Bellaine went out.  Safe for Seward bank arrived.

February 1, 1905 Got wall cloth in ½ of sitting room.  Made copy extracts from Frank’s letter from Knik for the Gateway. Met Mr. Hale the new Seward banker.  Started to read “Frenzied Finance” by Tom Lawson of Boston who is showing up the “system” and Standard Oil, copper, etc. as “watered” and sold to the public.

February 2, 1905 Mr. Strong visited said that he would leave for his placer mine at the Forks on Big Sushitna via Knik in the morning, he  sent my mail to Frank by Langill so had no mail for Knik.  

February 3, 1905 Evening the school kids gave Miss Kurtz their teacher a surprise party,  held same at Dr. Sleem’s Hall.  

February 4, 1905 Official report came that Alaska Central Railway had changed official heads and management.  The 8 heads sold out to Osbourne and his gang with Poland Chief Engineer.  All the old officials let out but Ballaine.  Will build 100 miles this season to Knik.  All invited to attend a surprise party for Miss Sexton and Mr. Crosby being their birthdays.  Mamma and Elmer attended, self minded mine baby boy.

February 5, 1905 Played the flute at the Sexton party. Elmer attended Sunday School. Plum pudding for dinner.

February 6, 1905 Evening gave Herman Person 4 pictures of giant etc. at mines 1904.  Baby 2 months old today and weighed 9 lbs. a gain of 3 lbs. in 2 months.  Evening wrote to A. B. Smith New York about my work at mines last season, the ACRR and the proper time to put a boat on the Sushitna River.

February 7, 1905  Took picture of 4th Avenue.  Evening dried prints on ferrotype.  Sunrise mail arrived 3rd mail overland this winter.

February 8, 1905 Saw Ballaine about deed to my lot, could get same Monday next. Received register from W. A. Farnsworth Boston dated may 31st 1904 containing  first mortgage $20,000 bond at 6% per annum interest payable January 15th by Puritan Trust Co. Boston 6 payments last 1909.  This bond to be recorded here.

February 9, 1905 Got blacksmith to make sheet steel grate for cook stove, evening put it in.  Gave $5 toward public school fund.  

February 10, 1905 Got pictures sealed up and  wrote W. A. Farnsworth to send $20 to pay recording fee on bond mortgage.  Bond contained 4,000 words. Evening all went over to Sextons.  Self practiced music for the barn dance tomorrow night with violin and piano.  Took baby out for the first time.

February 11 1905 Huff and Tak arrived from Knik received letter from Frank.  Only 4” of snow at Knik, hadn’t done any sledding.  Reported Mrs. Squaw Palmer dead.  Evening played flute at barn dance.  Proceeds to go to Seward School.  Paid $1.50 toward street light Adams and 4th.

February 13, 1905 Tak visited to talk over sale of his Matinuski Coal Mine, wanted $5,000 down as bonus and $100,000 for his 14 claims.  Evening visited and said that Mrs. Smith had formed a company in Boston - he to get $25,000 cash they to make a stock company to handle the property.  This news came the 12th by inquiry of Judy and Hildreth about the property.  My option declared off. Was to get deed of my lot but they didn’t have the blank forms, had to send to Seattle.

February 14, 1905 Visited at Gateway office and walked out as far as the new Y to be.  Evening Tak visited said “Mother Smith” was liable to get into trouble over his coal deal.  Evening attended party at Sleem’s Hall given in honor of Dr. Dagget the dentist.

February 16, 1905 Made new wood box for kitchen and stained it.  Got all the trees cut down in street in front of cottage. SS Dora overdue 4 days from Westward trip.  Mattie put up pictures on wall in sitting room.

February 17, 1905  Fell last of trees in front of house. Seward Gateway had notice of Mr. May’s death.  Evening wrote letter of condolence to Mrs. J. O. May.

February 18, 1905  Made out order for 2 pair shoes “Alp” high leg with 2 buckles at top in russet $3.50 and  pair medium shoes in black  Sent $8.75 to Regal Shoe Co., $1.75 allowed for postage. Bought corn popper and toaster. Invited to play for the Whist Club. Evening made diagram of pipeline auxiliary on bench for next summers work.  Wrote J. B. Agent about his bum opener on butter cans.

February 19, 1905 Elmer attended first Episcopal services held in Seward.  Evening Tak visited,  had been sick all week with the grip.  Evening clear as a bell, thermometer about 30 above.  Burr and his expert arrived from Sunrise, also Native Affinassa came over from Hope.  

February 20, 1905 SS Dora arrived on return trip from Westward. Helped Mattie with washing and sledded 1½ cord block wood from street in front of house to woodshed in back yard.  Evening wrote to Dr. McCullogh of Seattle about babies navel and sent check for $5.  

February 21, 1905 Snowed 6” last night. PM minded the baby, while Mattie attended Washington school exercises, Elmer was dressed to represent George Washington.  Took 3 snaps of school kids marching down street, Elmer led with drum. SS Santa Clara arrived but little mail.  Got medicine for babe by mail from the Quaker Drug Co. Seattle.  Mail to arrive on the SS Bertha expected in port tomorrow, SS Clara left port 8:30 PM.

February 22, 1905 Printed a few pictures, getting them ready to send to Osbourne, head man of the ACRR.  Evening self and family attended Whist Club Ball,  came home at 11:15, Mrs. Stokes minded the baby.  Snowing again tonight.  

February 23, 1905  Snowed 5 more inches wet snow.  Made paths, split wood, met Buzzard from Hope going to Seattle.  Evening 8:30 SS Portland arrived, left for the Inlet at 11 PM.  

February 24, 1905 PM visited on Seward (Mr. Hale) Bank,  their corresponding banks are Chase Nat. NY and Puget Sound National Seattle.  Wrote letter to Frank at Knik - said I had arranged for a camp cook - would give Morris work.  Sent introduction letters to Mr. Atwood, at head Alaska Central Railway Engineers, via to Forks on Sushitna.  Wrote W. A. Farnsworth that I would bank at Seward, to send funds through Chase Nat. of New York.

February 25, 1905  Deposited balance of gold dust 12-8-3 with Seward Bank to be melted and assayed by Gateway Assay Office. PM minded baby while Mamma went out calling etc.  Evening saw Tak, he wanted me to get him a job as guide for the engineering party up the  Sushitna.  Had tinner make 2 blowers for the Seward Bank, copper 9½ inch $1.00, copper 6½ inch 85¢.

February 26 ,1905 SS Santa Ana arrived 8 AM, received letters from W. A. Farnsworth and wire stating he had deposited $1,000 in the Puget Sound National to my credit on the 8th. The SS Santa Ana bow at water line was badly cut up with the ice in Valdez Harbor.  Answered F. A. Farnsworth letter about operating this season.  Sent to Puget Sound Nat. Bank for $1,000.

February 27, 1905 Bought Billy Burns carriage for our baby. Saw Buzzard, sent order by him for Elmer’s boots and rubber coat and box of  Solio prints.  Made out itemized statement to use for vouchers for labor mining etc. which classifies labor cost of operating provisions etc.  Evening Tak visited and gave us his experience while working for the oil and coal English Syndicate at Kayak.  Wants to go as guide for engineering party up Matanuska and Sushitna.  Called on Seward Bank, said I could draw all money needed through them.

February 28, 1905  PM printed pictures and toned out 4 dozen to send to Osborne.  Evening ferrotyped prints.  6 AM  SS Portland arrived, Buzzard went out on her. SS Dora arrived on trip to the Westward.  Wrote Capt. Shaw about lost giant, sent copy to U. S. “Blowhole” Co. Seattle.

March 1, 1905 Fell last of trees in alley back of cottage.  Got cloth on all but one end kitchen bedroom.  Huff visited said he was going to Knik tomorrow.  Evening Tak visited, talked over the mineral lands in the Matanuski Valley. Elmer started to read from first reader.

March 2, 1905 Finished tacking cloth on kitchen bedroom now ready to paper same.  Evening made out list for store supplies at Knik.  Huff left Seward for Knik via overland with dog team.

March 3, 1905  Having the usual beautiful spring weather.  With hand sled, sledded 1¼ cord wood from street to woodshed. Started to paper kitchen bedroom got on ceiling time 2 hours.  Evening got Knik views ready to mail to Osborne in Toronto Canada.

March 5, 1905 Elmer attended Sunday School.  PM Mattie went out calling, also had callers.  Evening chimney flue burned out.  Tak visited.

March 6, 1905 Made out order for provisions to be sent up on April SS Bertha from Nat. Grocery Co. Seattle.  Made out order for 500 letterheads, 500 bill heads, and 500 personal cards.  Sent order to Lowman and Hanford Printing Co. Seattle to ship with Nat. Grocery Co.s order.  Evening Mr. Foster visited, hired him and partner for the mining season on Willow Creek.  Guaranteed them 100 days work at $3 and board.  Evening Elmer attended birthday party for Irving’s.

March 7, 1905 Made out order for seeds, camp, and hardware supplies.  Sent same to Sylvester Bros. Seattle to ship on April SS Bertha.  Ordered wagon and new saddle blankets for horses etc.  Rained all day.  Sent Sylvester Bros. check signed in blank on Puget  Sound National Bank to pay for supplies.

March 8, 1905 I  was summoned as juror on the Young trial for selling supplies without a license, was foreman of jury, Young was acquitted.  Wrote Buzzard about camp cook.  Any arrangements made by him would be satisfactory to me.

March 9, 1905 Checked up wood cut in front and back of cottage, total 12½ cords cost $2.75 per cord cut and split into 16” blocks.  12½ cords net $34.37 paid to “ Old Man”, $24.40, balance due $10. Kemp melted 12-8-3 gold dust into brick, after melting weighed 11-16-9 loss in melting 4  4/5%.  Was first gold melted and assayed in Seward.  Evening SS Bertha arrived had no mail.

 March 10, 1905  A most perfect day.  Split up ½ cord into shape for cook stove, put same under shed.  Noon took picture of baby and Elmer.  Three houses being moved in town.  Evening developed 12 exp. film rolls.  Mailed registered 40 views to  H. C. Osborne Toronto.

March 11, 1905 Elmer helped me pull in cord of wood from street to back yard.  Printed 24 pictures taken at Seward, school kids, streets, dog team, etc.  Called at bank they didn’t have amount assay on gold as yet.  Evening the school kids gave a Ball to get funds to start a library.  Self and Bartholf played for them, guitar flute and violin.  Had ice cream and cake for lunch.

March 12, 1905   SS Excelsior arrived.  Three letters from K and B Co.  W. A. Farnsworth said I could depend on $1,000 March 15th and $2,000 more June 1st.  Letter from Bates.  First copy of Mining Scientific Press arrived.  Letter from Cramer said he would come to work at the mines.  

March 13, 1905  SS Santa Clara arrived, had 110 passengers lots of freight and engineer for the Alaska Central Railway  The Chief, Mr. Pollan, arrived also Mr. C. E. Chalk . Wrote to Buzzard to get me a good hat $5. Our box of dry goods etc. arrived from Conn. 40 days on the road.  Evening wrote Frank a few lines to get out 6 logs at Knik and extra flume stock for 12 boxes.  Sent him check for $100 on Puget Sound. SS Clara left 3 PM.  Wrote Sylvester Bros. to send man to run the launch.

March 14, 1905  Paid freight on box dry goods from Naugatuck, $5.60 from Seattle, $5.17 by rail to Seattle, $10.77 Naugatuck to Seward.  Paid J. Hienmiller balance on cutting wood $10. Evening fixed up Johnston and Herning map of Knik country for the RR engineers.  But baby into short clothes.  Opened account with the Seward Bank.

March 15, 1905 Self nursing cold. Evening made out hardware list for store supplies.  Had to pay $2 to have mainspring put in watch.

March 16, 1905  SS Dora arrived on return trip from the Westward.  Had a lot of fur specimens for Portland fair.  Evening compiled hardware list for store “to be” at Knik.    

March 17,. 1905 Talked with Nelson Bros.  about future prospects of Matinuski country.  Evening played for Ball given by Williams and Cavanaugh, Moore Hall.  Had to take the lead all evening on the flute, guitar for a 2nd.

March 19, 1905 Groceries ordered April boat $356, hardware ordered for April boat $274, total $720.  Answered Mrs. A. Culvers letter about her son in law and prospects of K and B Co. (at Rockland Mass.).  

March 20, 1905 Ordered lumber to complete veranda.  Hired Morris to help do the work at old price 50¢ per hour.  Graded lot on south side.  4 PM lumber arrived and commenced to build back veranda.  Got down foundation and laid the floor.  Nails for veranda 50¢.

March 21, 1905 Building back porch on cottage at Seward, got it almost completed.  Evening ordered 200’  of ¾ Manila rope and one bale 3/8 rope from Sylvester Bros. to come on April SS Portland.

March 22, 1905 Commenced on foundation on front veranda, got down foundation floor and posts up.  Cost to build back porch 26 hours at 50¢ = $13.30.

 March 23, 1905  Got front porch about completed ready to shingle put on hip roof.  Had first halibut steak 10¢ lb.  SS Portland 1 day overdue.

March 24, 1905  Got front veranda finished  except dormitory roof for ornament in front. Nails 40¢, hinges 20¢, 32 tin shingles 64¢, 8’ flashing 50¢.  

March 25, 1905 Took one day to put on dormitory roof.  Had Morris help to make frame for springs - folding bed.  SS Portland arrived, got cable message from W. A. Farnsworth of Boston dated March 21,  $1,000 deposited Chase Nat. New York to my credit.  Wire to Seattle would deposit $1,000 March 20th and $2,000 by June 1st.  

March 26, 1905  Sent to Loeb Cutter Lumber Co. Seattle for 10,000  shingles, 12 - 1 x 14 x 14 fir D 4’s, 12 - 1 x 3 x 12 sized,  4 window sill 20 x 24 (41) to draw on Puget Sound Nat.  Answered Bates letter time is worth money.  Sent answer to his questionnaire about hydraulic pipe freight etc.  Wrote A. Beverly Smith about prospects up here what doing etc.  

March 27, 1905 Wet snow storm all day.  SS Santa arrived, had considerable freight, some passengers, from Valdez and Skagway.  4 PM SS Dora arrived.  Sent order for goods.

March 28, 1905 Wrote Hanmore that I would buy 8 coal claims on the Matinuski.  Wrote Sylvester Bros. about the steamboat and trading business on the Sushitna.  Got write up of the steamboat enterprise ready to have published in the Gateway and Seattle Times.  Wrote Cramer to come on April SS Portland or the SS Santa Ana. Could draw on me for fare, Seattle to Seldovia.  Paid Graff for his shingles.  Lumber for verandas $41.61.

March 29, 1905 Met C. E. Keesler rep. for Puget Sound Duck Co.  Saw (Gateway) Kemp about publishing write up of Sushitna country and about steamboat to be put on the river.  Evening started to correct drawing up to date of the Johnston and Herning map of the upper Cook Inlet country.

March 30, 1905 About 6” of snow fell the past two days, only snow fall in March.  Got steamboat write up in “Gateway” after making several corrections. Evening worked on Johnston and Herning map of Alaska, got it nearly revised.  

March 31, 1905   SS Portland returned from Kodiak 3 days late (head winds).  Painted posts etc. on veranda.  Evening cut Elmer’s hair.  Finished revising Johnston and Herning map of Alaska.  The Gateway came out with column write up about the steamboat to be run on Sushitna River, Yentna and Beluga.  

April 1, 1905 SS Santa Clara arrived, 151 passengers and 400 tons freight.  Got Johnston and Herning drawing ready to mail to Johnston.  Sent Johnston and Hovey the Gateway, sent A. B. Smith N. Y. 70 copies no. 33 Gateway, 30 copies to my friends.  Wrote J. N. Johnston 2511 15th Avenue West Seattle to have new drawing made of Johnston and Herning map and plate and have printed  1,000 copies.  Ordered no. 3 giant through Sylvester Bros.  Evening W. H. Foster visited told him he could come to Knik by April 25th via Sunrise.

April 2, 1905  Noon the SS Santa Clara departed for Valdez, left 400 tons at Seward had only 60 tons for the “hot air city”.  Ordered 200’ 12-0 Woodbury seamless hose (6”) at 38 and 2/3¢, 40% off from Puget Sound T. and D. Co., E. C. Keesler  agent.  Wrote Dr. McCulloch why he didn’t acknowledge letter February 20th about baby and $5 check.

April 3, 1905 Built wall along south side of lot graded same.  Evening started to typewrite order for store supplies at Knik.

April 4, 1905 Morris helped to raise front veranda floor 2”, had too much grade. Paid recording fee on 8 coal claims $18.40, 2 copper claims $4.60, total $23.00.  Paid the above for James Tak also $2 for assay total $25.00.  Received all above location papers etc. from Bank of Seward.  

April 5, 1905    Snowed 3” last night big wind. Evening Mrs. Morrison visited her husband.  Marshal Sexton looking for lost son near English Bay Cook Inlet.  

April 6, 1905  Weather fine.  Mixed up 6 gallons of paint for 2nd coat on cottage.  Got out one stump by back veranda.  Cleaned stove and pipe.  Evening started to typewrite hardware supplies for store at Knik.  Funeral today RR employee, first death, had stomach trouble, RR doctors fault.  

April 7, 1905 Another house going up, making the 4th since we built in this block.  Baby weighed 15 lbs. 4 months old.  Dance tomorrow night invited to play piano.  

April 8, 1905 SS Bertha arrived had Singers hydraulic outfit for Six Mile.  Capt. Shaw came up, visited, said the new agent for AC Co. would write about lost giant.  Painted ceiling of front veranda and end of house. Evening played for Ball at Moore Hall, given by Misses Sexton and Stokes.

April 9, 1905 Got order completed for hardware etc. for Knik store.  Evening clear sky.  Took Mattie’s measure for a raglan coat.  Elmer and door made a pile driver.  Evening all took usual bath.

April 10, 1905 Mamma had stomach trouble, think it came from eating can peaches. SS Bertha got back from Seldovia, Blodgett was aboard on crutches.  Told Heinmuller that I would give him a job at Knik at $50 month.  

April 11, 1905  SS Excelsior arrived had freight for Seldovia.  Received letters from Osbourne, $4 for views.  Cramer said he would come, wanted to bring his daughter. Lowman and Homford bill for printing bill heads etc. $12.25.  

April 12, 1905 Gray’s moved into their new house next door above us. Bill’s rend. Seattle:  groceries $346.40, freight $54 to  Seldovia, hardware $274, freight $28 to Seldovia,  check F. H. W. $100, check Dr. McC $5, check L. and H. $12.25, check lumber $30, maps $15, total     $864.65.  Hydraulic hose 200’ $75, giant $140, Cramer $47.50, Knik store groceries, etc., $1,600.

April 13, 1905 Finished order for supplies for store at Knik: Groceries $1099.38 hardware 289.70 total $1389.08.  Sent draft for $1400.  Wrote Nate White would pay $5 month for 5 months for rent of his storehouse at Knik must answer by May 1st at Knik.  Wrote to W. H. Foster Lake Kenai.  Sent agreement for working at Willow Creek $3 and board for 100 days.  

April 14, 1905   Snow squalls.  Statement Puget Sound bank January 11, 1905 balance $1166.59 drew since: Groceries $346.40, hardware $274, hose $76, lumber $30, giant $140, F. H. W. check $100, Cramer $47.50, freight $120.  Cut wood.  Saw Seward Bank about draft on Seattle for $1,400.  Left mtg. bond K and B Co. to be recorded at Seward H. H. Hildreth office. Wrote W. A. Farnsworth about bond.

April 15, 1905  SS Excelsior got back from Seldovia and Cold Bay.  Got letter from Riley says he had to go to goldfield again couldn’t come before middle of May better get another man.  House at Seward painted 2nd coat except drawing the windows.  Elmer cut his knee with double bladed axe no harm small cut.  

April 16, 1905  Made potty chair for G. Stanley Herning.  Wrote Sylvester Bros. to ship hardware, clothing, tent orders at once on SS Excelsior $300.70, sent draft for $350 told them they could ship grocery order if funds were in the Puget Sound Bank.

April 17, 1905 Painted water closet and got out stump by back veranda.  Evening Dr. Sleem examined me for insurance in N. Y. L.  Took out $5,000 endowment policy $265 a year.

April 18, 1905 Finished cherry trimming on front veranda.  Painted south side of cottage 2nd coat.  Painted front veranda floor  drew sash on attic windows.  Loaned Miss Sexton my camera to take pictures out at Kenai Lake.  W. H. Foster visited said they would go to Knik via Sunrise in a few days (by trail).  PM Mrs. Herning and Mrs.Gray went out calling.  

April 19, 1905 Two men visited wanted work at mines.  Evening got hair cut and whiskers (only $1).  Wrote A. B. Smith about putting in store at Knik, for him to let me know at once if the new company wanted to take charge next September and put in a large stock.

April 21, 1905  SS Santa Clara arrived had 60 men for Alaska Central Railway.  Received dress shoes from Regal Shoe Co., Alp Miner shoes yet to come.  Packed up ready for trip to mines via Knik.  Sent draft $350 to Sylvester Bros. for hardware clothing tools etc.  Received word from Ed Sylvester that Fred was on his way to Seward via SS Santa Ana. Foster and partner to leave Seward for mines 22nd.

April 22, 1905 Got packed up ready for trip to Knik. Man finished splitting 5 cords stove wood. Drew cash from bank, personal for paying K and B Co. bills at Knik, freight, etc. $750. Talked with Engineer Kyle about route Alaska Central Railway around Knik Arm via Chickaloon to Talkeetna.  Took out trading license for merchandise business at Knik ($4,000).  SS Portland due today.

April 23, 1905  Seward to Seldovia.  SS Portland arrived 9 AM. SS Cramer came, also Jap cook from Seattle - Hanmore, Girdwood, and Mr. Ominy were aboard.  SS Portland left Seward at noon big load of freight and passengers for the Inlet.  Met Mr. Wetherby, salmon man.  Mamma and Elmer came down to see me off on boat.  Sent Arcola oil stock 960 shares and draft for $9.60 to be transferred to the Arcola Crude Oil Co. through W. A. Farnsworth Boston.  Got room 31 on Portland.  Turkey dinner but not much eat.

April 24, 1905 SS  Portland discharging Cook Inlet freight on schooner Eve and barge, got through at 10 AM.  SS Tyonek on trip to Sunrise expected on morning tide.  Capt. posted notice that passengers could remain aboard until 6 AM Thursday, coffee etc. 5:30.  Bought case eggs $7.50, bought case apples $2, total $9.50 from steward.

April 25, 1905 All visited 5 AM had coffee and rolls went ashore 6 AM.  SS Portland left 7 AM for Homer.  SS Tyonek arrived 9 AM went out to meet SS Portland and transfer mail and Palmer outside Seldovia Harbor.  Twenty six took in quarters at Native Hotel,  Mr. Block proprietor and Scotty Watson cook,  Jap boys waiters,  had clam chowder dinner.  Drew cuts for first seat at table.  PM checked freight from scow to Tyonek.  Evening went aboard the Tyonek.

April 26, 1905  Left Seldovia 2 AM for upper Inlet via Homer, went up to Homer to coal up.  Towed schooner out of Seldovia, loaded with freight for Hope - 2#  butter, 2 cases roast beef $18, 2# butter, 2 cases corn beef $5, 1# butter, 2 cases hamburger $7.40 from steward of  SS Portland. Arrived Kenai evening, left Kenai 4:15 AM, temperature 27.  Self and Girdwood had no stateroom, sit up all night, slept daytime.

April 27, 1905  Left Kenai 4:15 AM via Tyonek. After midnight slept in engineers bunk.  Arrived Tyonek AM.  Bought gold scales off AC Co., $15, was $25, bought one 38# anchor $2.80. Met Churchill, was in on small river boat and trading business on the Sushitna.  Left  Tyonek 5 PM for Hope, smooth water.

April 28, 1905 Arrived at Hope 4 AM bought 630’ 2 x 4 and  1 x 5 from Buzzard $14.50.  Bought from Roll of Hope 6 lbs. grain leather $3.90, 1 adze $2, 1 adze handle 40¢, total $6.30, chalk twine 10¢.  Paid G. Buzzard $5 on hat.  Hat on schooner, agreed to send same by Shaw to Knik.  2 PM left Hope for Sunrise.  Hanmore and self superintendent of discharging of cargo.  Capt. Shaw slept, finished 10 PM.  Wind and snowing.  My men overland from Seward had not arrived.

April 29, 1905 Left Sunrise 4 AM arrived at Fire Island 8 AM.  Anchored for flood tide to Knik.  Arrived at Knik 3 PM.  Huff and party were there, helped to discharge my freight took 1 hour.  Paid (white) labor discharge freight $2.50, paid (Native) labor discharging freight $1.  Frank and Natives at mines sawing lumber.  Cramer put groceries in cache.  Paid balance on freight.  At Knik, Cramer commenced work.  

April 30, 1905 Huff and party left by boat for coal fields.  Geeder  and Richards left with packs for coal fields. PM started to put shelving and counters in store cabin.  Sold Huff pair leather top over for man up river $5. Simeon returned fly his brother stole 2 years ago. Harry 1 day cooking.

May 1, 1905  Clear but cool.  Got 18’ shelving up and completed (4 shelves) and frame ready for counter.  Sold 1 lb. tea 50¢, apples 40¢. Foster and partners and Murphy arrived, had to go back to Seward, trail too soft,  came by water on SS Neptune to Hope,  from Hope to Knik in dory.  Paid Native $12 for Foster.  Cleaned out little cabin and put in bunks,  

May 2, 1905 Got shelving up and stained cherry.  Counter about completed and side counter frame made.  Sales:  apples $1.80, 3½ dozen eggs $1.10 , 20 lbs. (left blank) $3.60, 2½ lbs. pilot 25¢, box 22 cartridges 35¢, apples $1.60. Harry 10 hours cooking.

May 3, 1905 Got 8’ counters made all ready except 8’ shelf.  Received $2.40 for giant powder  sold to J. P. Downing, left with Palmer.  Sales: apples 20¢, 2 dozen eggs 80¢, 1 tablet 20¢.  Bahrenberg and Palmer arrived from Knik River.  Two Natives came out from Willow Creek, said Frank was coming out with horses over winter trail.  Foster and Murphy went to Goose Bay for geese and ducks.  

May 4, 1905 Raised spring ceiling in store cabin.  Had to cut birch post in woods.  Had kids help to clean dirt off ceiling.  Opened trap door and started to make stairs up to attic.  Stained sales counter.  Frank and Hall arrived from Willow Creek brought out horses, brought sleds to ridge cache then came down to river cache by RR trail thence summer trail to Knik - was out of horse feed.  Natives cutting saw logs at Jifkin camp, not whipsawing as yet.

May 5, 1905 Got stairs completed. Fixed back window to swing inside of cabin.  Started to put on ceiling.  Sold 4 cream 50¢, apples 10¢, oil 10¢.  Frank cleaned and looked after horses.  Tak arrived from coal fields turned over his locating papers.  Bought Frank’s gold dust 2 oz. $32.00.  Got copy of bills paid and received by Whitney at Knik winter 1904  - 1905.

May 6, 1905 Moved everything in cabin up stairs except beds.  Put some goods on shelves. Frank and Foster left for Willow Creek to line up saw logs for Native sawyers (8 men).  Settled up with A. W. Hall March 1 to May 5, worked 62 days at $2 = $124 charges total 85¢.  Sold Hall ankle overshoes $3, self pair gum boots (old stock) $6.50.

May 7, 1905 Murphy worked today, 1st work at Knik.  SS Tyonek and schooner arrived with RR engineer party and 13 horses and 60 tons of freight.  Got 1st letter from Mattie from Seward. Got Stetson hat from Hope.

May 8, 1905 Cramer finished casing in center beam, started partition. Murphy relaying floor in attic. SS Tyonek loaded Blodgett’s horses to take them to Sunrise.  SS Tyonek and schooner left Knik at 9 AM.  Looked over Alaska Central Railway map with engineers as to best route.  Marked goods and placed on shelves.

May 9, 1905 Had McQuarrie start to clean up yard and widen out garden Murphy helped him.  Got partition in except hanging door. Marking goods and placing them on shelf.   Got attic floor re-laid, started to raise collar beams.  H. R. McQuarrie commenced work 7 AM.  Talked with Hall about locating placer claims near Knik River.

May 10, 1905    Cramer set side counter, made trap at end.  Put half round molding around ceiling in store part.  Had Murphy plough garden, ploughed new ground for Billy Morris (time 2½ hours).  Had boys start to clear bank for potato ground by Stephan’s garden on tide flats.  Got ready for trip to Knik River and coal fields.

May 11, 1905 Myself, Cramer and Hall left for Knik River to locate dredger placer.  Crossed the Arm, waited for tide across the Arm from Knik.  Left at 8:30 PM arrived at mouth of Knik River 2 AM Friday, camped, river very low.  Left McQuarrie in charge store, he and Murphy to plant potatoes in garden at Knik and near Stephan’s old place.

May 12, 1905 Left mouth of Knik River at 10 AM got Sea Otter boat up as far as Indian Jims place, river low.  Took camp outfit up in Hall’s boat 2 miles above Jims house, made camp.  With Hall went up river 4 miles just below Cache Point and prospected gravel bar, got fine colors.  Cramer camp cook had rabbit stew.

May 13, 1905 Made out 30 locations, in 5 groups, to be located on Knik River between Cache Point and the glacier.  Made 8 locations for Young on Metal Creek above 3rd canyon, 1 for Cramer, 1 for Frank W.  Evening decided to go back to Knik and leave Hall to stake off the claims.  Matanuska River too low to boat up to new town “to be”.  Decided to go by trail from Knik.  Made out 40 locations (800 acres).

May 14, 1905 Left camp on Knik River at 8:30 for Knik.  Hall brought Cramer, self and our camp outfit down to Indian Jims then Cramer and self came down to mouth of river opposite A. C. Co. old warehouse, waited for tide.  Bucked tide over to warehouse, left warehouse 3:45 PM.  Couldn’t cross bar went down to Fish Creek Pt., arrived 7:30 PM supper at 8 PM left at 11 PM arrived Knik at midnight.  Boys had finished gardens and fenced in same - were cutting wood.

May 15, 1905 At Knik, boys cut firewood. AM had them shingle gable end of store cabin. Cramer hung counter trap, made window frame and jointed in piece under counter.  Self did some cherry staining and put more goods on shelves.  RR engineers have moved camp from Knik to the fish camp above Cottonwood.

May 16, 1905 Boys finished shingling end of store cabin.  Cost to shingle same, 1 man 15 hours at 25¢= $3.75, 3 bunches shingles $2.63, 3 lbs. nails 12¢, total $6.50.  Started to fix up scow, raised up and leveled same. Murphy and I boated up 24 bunches shingles 40 - 1x6 x12 and 10 - 1 x 4 x 12 and 10 - 2 x 4 x 16, 457 ft. at 3¢ = $13.71, 6M shingles $21, 25 lb. nails $1 - material for hayshed.  

May 17, 1905 Had Hec paint on scow and launch.  Cramer made new trap door stove to attic and table for hardware.  Murphy fixed up the pack saddles and bags.  Patchell came from Hope, received 2nd letter from Mattie, one from A. B. Smith, one from Puget Sound D. and T. Co. Patchell brought over hydraulic hose and mail, cost $1.  RR boy upset dory load of hay Knik to Cottonwood lost same.  Old Butler came up from Knik left on same tide for Eagle Creek.  Trees leaved out grass well started.

May 18, 1905 Got up 3:30 left Knik, all hands and cook, for Cottonwood to put up  hayshed.  Decided to abandon Cottonwood and put  shed near Stephan’s old place above Knik.  Bought 3 pair moccasins $1.60, sold $2.35 grub.  Evening Cramer and Murphy went up inside channel to Cottonwood, recovered 4 bales of hay that was lost by RR men boating.

May 19, 1905 Men got out balance of poles for hayshed and got all the posts set. I finished painting launch, Murphy dug sod from under bottom.  Sold Palmer 100 lbs. g. sugar at 8¢.  Sold Evan $3 order provisions on Creek - he to make snow shoes for Cramer and Murphy.  Used the wagon, first time and first wagon used at Knik.

May 20, 1905  McQuarrie and I boated up to Cottonwood to bring back 24 bunches of shingles, landed them at hayshed at Stephan’s old place.  Got plates up and posts braced and rafters up ready for sheeting.  Murphy shot a mallard duck on way to supper.  Harry cooked camp fire dinner at hayshed.   

May 21, 1905  Got sheeting on hayshed and half shingled. I made out original location notices for Young’s locations on Knik River.  Bought my first fur, 1 lynx skin.  
May 22, 1905  Got hayshed finished.  Labor $37, team $8, lumber $37.71, nails $1.72, cost to build $84.43.  Ploughed drain ditch on tide flats near hayshed.  Tore out cupboard and shelving in back room of store and rearranged bed etc.

 May 23, 1905  Boys finished fence around hayshed.  Murphy cleaned old hair off horses then gave them a bath.  All packed up  for mines.  Credit sales $53, cash $4.25.  Made out small order for store supplies to Sylvester Bros.  Ordered lumber for hayshed and hayrack off Buzzard of Hope.

May 24, 1905  Left Knik for the mines - all hands, the cook and 4 horses - boated supplies up to the Cottonwood.  Left  Cottonwood at 12:30  four horses packed.  Had 2 men cut out wind falls.  Arrived at the Little Sushitna  7:20.  

May 25, 1905  Sent Murphy and Hec back to Knik for another pack.  Self and Cramer and the cook crossed over Mt.  Sushitna to mines arrived at lumber camp at 3:25 PM.  Foster laid off sick, got us a lunch.  Sam and I went up to mess house to sleep.  Shot 2 ptarmigan, snow all gone on Willow Creek bottom but there was 1’ on Wet Gulch.  

May 26, 1905  Cramer and I had ptarmigans for breakfast at mess house.  Packed down grub to lumber camp.  Cramer made 4 go-devils to skid logs and lumber on.  Frank and Foster peeling and lining up saw logs.  Natives had 85 logs sawed.  Noon, left for Sushitna cache via by mountain on right of Wet Gulch. Murphy and Hec arrived at Sushitna when I did, with 4 horses and 800 lbs. of horse feed and grub.

May 27, 1905  Myself, Murphy and Hec at  Sushitna cache.  Heavy rain and foggy so had boys  clean out trail from Sushitna to timber line.   

May 28, 1905 Self with 4 horses, Murphy and Hec left the Sushitna cache at 8:30, on Bald Mt. at noon.  Put Nig through snow 4’ deep for ¼ mile to bare ground on Wet Gulch side then all came through OK.  Arrived lumber camp at 5 PM wet from knees down.  Cramer had the go-devils made and swamped out part of skid trail up Willow Creek to mines from lumber camp.  Myself, Frank and Cramer went up to mess house to sleep.

May 29, 1905  Murphy with Hec and 4 horses hauled out 26 saw logs to saw pit, Cramer and myself helped.  PM Cramer started to hew out elevator stringers.  Foster and Frank lining up saw logs for Natives.  One foot snow on Wet Gulch bottom, none on Willow.

May 30, 1905 Cramer, Murphy and Hec swamped on skid trail lumber camp to mines.  I located 16 claims on Willow from canyon below Wet Gulch to Boulder, K. B. claim on Willow and 8 claims on Wet Gulch.   Evening had all but Frank, Foster and cook move up to mess house.  Grass enough for horses on Willow near Boulder.  Charged Harry to 1 cob pipe.

May 31, 1905  Boys finished trail lumber camp to mess house at mines. I did the cooking at mess house.  Harry came up to mess house PM to do the cooking.  Frank and Foster lining saw logs.  Flume about clear of snow and ice, no snow on Gilbert basin nor in reservoir dam.  PM with Maud and Dan packed up 4 sacks of oats from lumber camp to Gilbert cabin.  

June 1, 1905  Started to skid lumber from lumber camp to Gilbert basin, got up 1,000’, hauled up the new cook stove  from  my cabin to mess house,  Rival Acorn A-820,  Cost $34 at Holmes Furniture House Seattle.  Cramer hewing on foundation timbers for elevator.

June 2, 1905  Murphy and Hec got up 3 loads of lumber and 1 load of fire wood lumber camp to mines.  Cramer hewing elevator timbers.  Frank and Foster lining up saw logs.  Self made galvanized iron stove pipe for new cook stove.  

June 3 1905  Murphy and Hec skidding up lumber with 4 horses on go-devils singled out.  Cramer hewing timbers for elevator.  Frank and Foster tending Natives whipsawing lumber.  Self set up  new cook stove put up shelf in bunkhouse.

June 4, 1905  Murphy and Hec skidding lumber and fire wood.  Cramer and Foster hewing elevator timbers.  Frank tending Natives. Natives finished lumber and left PM for Knik. I swamped out brush around mud holes on skid trail.  Foster moved up to mess house from lumber camp.  

June 5,  1905  Had Foster clean out hydraulic ditch.  Frank came up from lumber camp at noon  on hydraulic ditch.  Cramer started to make 10 new flume boxes.  Hec and Murphy skidding up lumber.  Hauled Gilbert sawhorses up to mess house to sit lumber on. Left for Knik to pay off the Natives for whipsawing etc.  Camped at Little Sushitna overnight.

June 6, 1905 Left for Knik 5 AM, arrived Cottonwood at 10:30.  Went down to Knik in boat arrived 1:45 PM.  Found 20 tons provisions and supplies for Knik Cash Store piled up on the beach.  Sylvester Bros. shipped order sent in to be placed on file, subject to wire from Valdez.  Left Cramer in charge at mines.

June 7, 1905  At Knik, had Natives cache store supplies.  Paid Natives for handling invoice no. 2 $4.60.  Paid Morris for looking after freight invoice no. 2 $1.  Paid Natives part on account of whipsawing.

June 8, 1905  Opened up new goods and marked same.  Sold Natives about $100 worth of goods.  Made out Natives time and paid them off.

June 9, 1905  SS Tyonek came in with Palmer and his store supplies.  Jacob Hienmiller arrived from Seward to run my Knik Cash Store.  Two windows arrived on Tyonek from Leob Cutter Lumber Co. Seattle.  Paid Tyonek freight bill on invoice no. 2, $321 by check.  Busy marking goods until midnight.  

June 10, 1905  Jacob Heinmiller commenced work at $50 per month and board for the summer.  Busy opening up and marking goods for store until midnight.  Paid for recording K. B. bond $18.30.

June 11, 1905  Busy checking down goods and marking same up until 2 AM.

June 12 1905  Busy marking goods everything checked OK except adjuster and handles for coffee mill.  Up until 3 AM.   Left cash in till for change $50.

June 13, 1905  Got everything in shape so Heinmiller could run the Knik Cash Store.  Left Knik at 2:30 PM for the mines.  Had Native take me up to Cottonwood by boat.   Left Cottonwood with a  pack afoot.  Arrived at Sushitna cache 9 PM, camped for the night took camera with me.

June 14, 1905 Left Sushitna 7 AM arrived at the mines  at noon.  Sam had 8 flume all jointed ready to set up.  Boys had lumber  about up to mines from lumber camp. Had 3 men clean out hydraulic ditch and put in big gate at  reservoir dam.

June 15, 1905 with 3 men, finished clearing hydraulic ditch 2 hours then ballasted up pipeline, set no. 2 giant.  Had boys haul up no. 1 giant and pipe from foot of hill to Gilbert basin.  Boys finished skidding up last of lumber to mines. Charged Foster, Murphy, Hec, Frank and Cramer each 2 pair of gloves 25¢ each.

June 16, 1905 Cramer, Frank and self reset no. 2 giant.  Murphy and Hec got up last of foundation timbers for elevator.  Foster sick with sore eyes.

June 17, 1905 Hec and Murphy started to help at mine work and we started no. 2 giant today.

June 18, 1905 Murphy and Hec started to help on set-up giant.  Got ditch in order, piped in 2 hours PM.  Started up giant for the season of 1905.  Got canyon ditch wall in order and all gravel piped in, ready to bottom-up last of set-up left undone last fall.

June 19, 1905 Reset both giants at noon now bottoming up ready to add more flume.  Found good pay in clay bedrock  Evening self piped in 2 hours. Charge Foster to gloves 15¢.

June 20, 1905 Got ditch wall completed to protect flume on next setup.  Got bottomed-up ready to clean up and add 8 more flume boxes.  Had Cramer make sluice gate to fit into sluice dam to shut off water in flume.  Evening piped 2 hours.

June 21, 1905  Turned water out of flume and cleaned up front boxes got 5-9-10 for 3 days work all piped in from old dump left by Gilbert.  Pete Donnelly arrived to work in Hall’s place at the mines.  Took pictures of 4 horses skidding lumber.  Evening moved down bunk house to my private cabin to sleep.  Evening heavy rain.

June 22, 1905  Creek high.  Myself, Frank and Cramer back-walled canyon ditch to keep it from breaking through on to flume - high water.  Foster and Pete sawed riffle boxes.  Murphy and Hec hauled up fire wood.

June 23, 1905 First setup flume this season.  Sam and myself jointed in 5 flume.  Foster, Frank and Pete dug bedrock grade for flume.  Murphy and Hec hauled up poles, firewood, provisions, etc. Charged Frank pair gum boots $8.

June 24, 1905 Jointed in 8 flume shear boards up and riffle blocks in 5 boxes. First  set-up 1905, took picture of jointing on flume blocks etc.

June 25, 1905  AM got riffle blocks in.  Had to repair hydraulic ditch.  

 June 26, 1905  Started to work shifts.  Cramer in charge AM shift, 2 AM to noon.  Whitney in charge of PM shift, noon to 10  PM. I instructed boys how to operate giants, handle water, etc .  Ephim and boy came in to hunt moose.  Ephim charged 4# pork 60¢, 5# flour 30¢, 2#  peaches 25¢,  total $1.15.  Donnelly charged gum boots $7, 2 pkg. red bell 20¢.

June 27, 1905  Started to install pipeline on bench.  Put in 2 gates.  Self worked all night with  both shifts.

June 28, 1905 Got pipeline installed on bench at noon.  Had Murphy haul down hose boxes from Homestake to Gilbert basin to use to sluice off bench.  Self worked 34 hours straight to get pipeline up  and things in working order.

June 29, 1905 Piping off bench.  5:30 to 10 PM reset gates and pipeline in bench. Myself up until midnight.

June 30, 1905  AM cleaned up 2 boxes got 13 oz. 7 dwt.  Staked off ground to be piped in.  Got ready to leave mines for Knik and Seward to get money for summer payroll that Farnsworth promised to send to Seward by June 1st.  Instructed Cramer about what ground to pipe in etc.  Left Cramer in charge of mining operations.

July 1, 1905  Left mines for Knik.  Had Murphy come over to Sushitna cache for pack flour and fruit to be  packed back to the mines with Dan and Maud.  Self with Nig and Tony arrived at Knik 8 PM. SS Neptune was on beach unloading RR freight.  Caswell at Knik hired Scotty for camp cook.  Tak had paid at store amount due for recording his claim by me $25 also for Cramer’s shoes $5.

July 2, 1905  At Knik took stock of goods wanted.  Ordered parts that didn’t come with the coffee mill, handle, set screw, etc.  Left Knik 7:30 PM on SS Neptune for Seward via Sunrise trail to ACRR.  Fare on the SS Neptune - Knik to Sunrise - $5.

July 3, 1905 Arrived at Sunrise 7 AM.  Bought grub for trip on trail.  Left Sunrise 7:45, had 25# pack, robe and grub.  Went via Six Mile, East Fork, Bench Creek, down Johnson Creek, Trail Lake, Kenai Lake to Alaska Central Railway  Made 22 miles, stopped at cabin near divide.  Overtook a Finn on trail bound for Seward traveled with him.  Grub 90¢.  4 PM light rain.  Met 5 men bound for Sunrise.

July 4, 1905  Left camp 7 AM.  Water on trail on summit Bench Creek.  Had to crawl through the alders around  lake on summit, grass and brush wet.  Arrived at Trail Lake 5 PM met three men bound for Knik.  Arrived at Roosevelt at 1l PM.  Railway partly graded, Roosevelt  to Trail Lake.  Camped for the night on lake bank where RR men had a barn.  Bench Creek to Roosevelt 17 hours.

July 5, 1905  Ate breakfast at Engineer Jones camp gave cook $1. No train up from Seward, telephone wire down.  Walked down track to camp 16, repaired telephone wire then talked with Young at Seward.  Train came up arrived at Seward 5 PM.  SS Bertha had sailed for Seldovia 4 PM so will have to wait for the SS Excelsior on the 12th.  Wood along Alaska Central Railway all afire.

July 6, 1905  At Seward to get K. B. funds to pay off help but none came, had hair cut. Tired for want of sleep on trail.  Baby a big lad doing fine Mamma glad to get a “fellow”.

July 7, 1905  At Seward.  Called on bank, had balance of $59.  Sent Eagles Seattle $10 for Hec.  Sent Vina Cramer $125 for her dad.  Made out order for supplies for Knik Cash Store.  Sent Sylvester Bros. check for $200 on Scandinavian American Bank to pay for supplies ordered.  Wrote Scandinavian American  Bank to transfer $350 in savings  to my open account.

July 8, 1905 Bought clothing for help at K. B. mines.  Had bill heads printed for the Knik Cash Store.  Bought myself a coat $3, bought 1 dozen towels $1.50,  box cigars $2.50, supplies for help $15.75.  Deposited 15 oz. 6 dwt. 17 gr. at Seward bank, got credit for $230.

July 9, 1905 Fixed up 4 dozen my maps of Alaska, sold two.  Had many callers asking about Knik.  Young’s visited, paid for locations on Knik River and Metal Creek  $72.

July 10, 1905  Bought drugs for help at camp,  500 bill heads Knik Cash Store  $3.50, 500 envelopes $1.50.  Left 25 maps on sale at Owl Drug Store,  sale price 35¢, net 20¢, also maps at Hildreth news stand at same rate.  Trunk packed ready for Knik, Elmer will go along to mines.

July 11, 1905 Bought 6 pair leather shoes off Richard and Co. for $15, two  6” elbows 50¢, tickets Seward to Seldovia $15, express on trunk 50¢.  Left Seward 6 PM on SS Excelsior for Knik took Elmer along.

July 12, 1905  Arrived Seldovia at 10 AM, left Seldovia on SS Tyonek 8 PM for Knik. Bought case of  eggs and oranges off of  steward on SS Excelsior for Knik Cash Store.

July 13, 1905  Arrived Tyonek at noon, waited for flood tide via to Knik.  Left at 6 PM.  Fare on Tyonek $10, Elmer $5.

July 14, 1905  Arrived at Knik at 4 AM.  Posted up day book cash sales today $62.  Got pack ready for mines.  Sent Matanuska Mining Co. Seward, Huffs bill rendered.  High water at mines. Rain.

July 15, 1905  with Elmer left Knik with 400 lb. pack on Nig and Tony for mines at 10:30.  Near river met Murphy with Dan and Maud coming out to Knik for grub.  Had to swim horses across Little Sushitna.  Arrived at Sushitna cache 8 PM had to camp at RR cache, river too high to cross.

July 16, 1905  with Nig and small pack crossed river OK then came back for Elmer and Tony and balance of pack.  Left Sushitna cache 1:30, heavy rain, arrived mines 7 P M,  no rain at mines.  Boys had 1st setup of flume worked out and 8 more boxes set.

July 17, 1905 Had Sam make head box for flume with extra wide mouth, used grizzly rails for riffles.  Had boys reset giant and shovel in gravel around shear boards.  Inspected bedrock and flume got $1.38 from hole between 1 riffle block.  Average clean up for first box estimated at $800.  PM Elmer set up his midget sluice boxes and took out 1 dwt. 8 gr. = $1.06.

July 18, 1905  Got 2nd set up of flume (8) boxes completed.  PM had Frank and Foster cut hay.  Noon Murphy arrived from Knik 4 days trip.  Packed in 300 lbs. grub on Dan and Maud.  5 PM to 10 Sam and myself cleaned up flume got 51-10-09 = $1,038.  Fine gold in flume for 10 boxes below.

July 19, 1905  Started shifts on 2nd setup. I piped gravel off bench.  Had PM shift clear rock etc. from canyon ditch. Elmer and Murphy went up the gulch a hunting. Weather fair.

July 20 1905 Piping off bench reset both giants.  Mosquitoes and sand flies bad.  PM had Frank stack hay cut near boulder.  Self worked until 10 PM.

July 21 1905  Piping off bench at foot of bench road from mess house to Homestake.  Took out good pans at foot of 2nd bench.  Self piped some and cleaned gold from last clean-up.  Elmer and Murphy went hunting up gulch.

July 22, 1905  Got 1st setup of giant on bench worked out.  Ready to move pipeline and giants.  Self worked until 9:30 PM.  Charged Hec boots $8.

July 23, 1905  Got giant set on bench. Piped across old channel, panned well.  Put in 4 blasts.  PM aired my bed and weighed up gold dust 64-17-19. Elmer, Sam and Murphy went out hunting got 4 ptarmigan and 2 whistlers.  

July 24, 1905 Got part of bench piped off.  Bottomed up south side.  Gravel in old channel averages 5¢ to the pan.  Worked until 10:30 PM.

July 25, 1905  Bottomed up balance of bench, found 5¢ pan on rim of 2nd  bench.  Had Sam start to get out material for 12 more flume boxes.  PM had Frank and Foster rip out penstock material.  PM Elmer and Murphy went hunting on Wet Gulch.

July 26, 1905 Sam, Frank and Foster jointing up flume.  Evening had Hec pipe in dump. 1st rain in 10 days.

July 27, 1905  Finished piping down bench 2nd setup.  Sam, Frank and Foster jointing up 12 flume.  Murphy hauled up grizzly rails, moved elevator lumber 5 hours with Nig and Tony.

July 28, 1905  Reset both giants, no. 1 on left of creek and no. 2 on bench.  Creek very low only 6” water in flume.  

July 29, 1905 Got up 3 AM, Murphy caught the 4 horses. Six, with Elmer and the 4 horses left mines for Knik.  Arrived at Knik 6 PM no boats in for 2 weeks past.  Garden looking fine.  Grass very short on tide flats.

July 30, 1905  At Knik, posted up store accounts.  Set up mower and ground scythe.  Evening Elmer wrote to his Mamma.

July 31, 1905 Started to cut hay on tide flats.  Evening wrote to Mattie and Mr. Hale.

August 1, 1905  Finished letter writing, wrote Hovey about the large windows sent in mistake of small ones.  Wrote Farnsworth about work at mines. Evening helped Ulanky to make out location papers for a homestead on Fish Creek. Sent Sylvester Bros. $26 to pay for my Alaska maps.

August 2 1905 Mowed grass on tide flats.  Evening made out bills for goods sold to K. B. help on creek.  No steamboat as yet.  Elmer wrote another letter to his mother at Seward.

August 3, 1905  Got packs ready for mines.  PM raked up hay on tide flats, now ready for the mines.

August 4, 1905 AM got ready to leave Knik for mines. Packed Nig and Tony with 375# of supplies, left Knik 11:30 arrived Sushitna cache at 7 PM.  Elmer rode Maud and I rode Tony.  Had  roast beef, peas, strawberries, biscuits and coffee for supper.  Retired 9:30.  Bought 5 salmon at Fish camp off Theodore 60¢.

August 5, 1905 Got up 3 AM horses came into camp and got into RR oats under my cache.  Breakfast at 5.  Got 3 horses packed 400# and left for mines at 7 AM.  Arrived at mines 11:30 AM quickest trip ever. Elmer rode Tony and I walked.  Boys at mines had out big dump, run 5¢ to the pan piped down off bench.  Water very low, very small sluice head, bench prospected good.  

August 6, 1905 Piped in until 5 PM then had PM shift clear and burn willow brush on bench.  Elmer dressed up “all same” as brown bear, scared the dogs into their holes then had his picture taken.  Took picture of both shifts and bench gravel.  Murphy finished work - time: May 169 hours at 25¢ = $42.25, 80 hours at 30¢ = $24, June 300½ hours at 30¢ = $90.15, July 333½ hours at 30¢ = $100.05, August 60 hours at 30¢ = $18.  Charged at Knik Cash Store $9.10, cash balance $265.35. Evening wrote Mattie to send me a Seward bank book.

August 7,1905 Murphy left for Knik,  took out Nig and Tony. Sent out horses so Miller could stack hay.  Started to clean up.  6 AM cleaned 8 boxes got 26-5-00 = $420.  PM started to bottom up bench and pipe off in rear.  Evening cleaned part of gold dust.  Paid Foster on account, $14, paid McQuarrie on account $7.70.

August 8, 1905  Reset no. 2 giant to bottom up bench channel.  Evening had PM shift reset no. 2 giant on north side of canyon ditch to pipe in ditch and gravel on that side.  Coarse gold on bedrock on ditch side.  Self working with both shifts.  Got up at 5 AM knocked off at 7:30 PM.  Water too low to pipe in properly.

August 9, 1905 Got  upper end of ditch piped out and started ditch wall.  Piped in with no. 1 until 5 then worked on ditch wall.  Creek began to rise 7 PM, at 10 PM,  flume full and part of ditch.  Self up until 11 PM minding water flume etc. got wet.  2nd high water. Retired 1 PM Thursday.

August 10, 1905 First snow on mountains.  Reset no. 2 giant on left of canyon ditch. Got up about half of ditch wall on this setup, double wall with sods between.  Creek on Gulch normal today with a full sluice head.  Elmer sluiced with his midget boxes got 0-1-02 = 86¢ for half days work 2nd clean up.

August 11, 1905  First frost, got 2/3 of ditch wall up.  Piping in from ditch side -piped in some of bench dump.  Creek normal with a full sluice head.  Evening retorted 24 oz. of gold dust. Sam made Elmer two small sluice boxes 6” wide by 6’ long each so he could shovel in gravel.

August 12, 1905 Got canyon ditch bottomed up at upper end.  Pay on clay bedrock.  Reset both giants, put in 3 blasts.  Elmer shoveled into his boxes 2/3 of day got 3 dwt. and 17 gr. = $2.97.

August 13, 1905  Reset no. 2 giant at foot of ditch.  Got ditch bottomed up and started to close in wall.  Piped in with no. 1 found 25¢ pans on bedrock by ledge.  Piped after supper until 9 PM.  

August 14, 1905 Got ditch wall completed, put hydraulic hose on to no. 1 giant and bottomed up part of bench around ledge.  Piped in on bench dump.  Creek 6” lower in flume. Had Frank cut hay near boulder on Willow Creek.  Elmer made his 4th clean up got 9 dwt 21 gr. - now has $12.80 for part of 4  days work with midget boxes on bedrock worked out by giant.  

August 15, 1905 Piped in with no. 1.  Evening had PM shift reset no. 2 giant to drive in last of bench dump.  Blew 4 large boulders out of canyon ditch. Did Elmer’s and my washing, aired blankets, etc., cut wood.  

August 16 1905  Still piping in dump about 2/3 run through.  Got canyon ditch cleaned out and in fine condition for high water.  Evening Elmer wrote his 5th letter to his mother at Seward.  Sent G. Stanley a little poke with two nuggets.  Mosquitoes “done gone” on Grubstake.

August 17, 1905 Got upper end of pit bottomed up.  Reset both giants.  Cramer done up with crick in his back.  Found coarse gold on rim creek bottom and bench.  Evening Elmer drew picture of mess house.

August 18, 1905 Moved no. 2 nearer to flume in pit.  Got about ¼ of gravel in pit piped in - lots of rock in bottom of pit near bedrock  About another day will finish this 2nd set up of flume 16 boxes.  Got 12 more ready to set for 3rd  set up.  Two shifts working 19 hours getting dark on both ends again.

August 19, 1905 Got pit bottomed up on right side, very rocky near bedrock  Put in several blasts.  Elmer added a 4 lb. stone hammer to his tool list now interested in mauling rock.  

August 20 1905  Got about half of pit bottomed up - reset no. 1 giant from bank down into pit.  Piped down bedrock for flume way. Took level of flume grade, got 5” to the box. Elmer caught a weasel in parky trap under tool house. Evening put new rivet into my jackknife.  

August 21, 1905  Found gold below clay bedrock, picked up a $ nugget.  Reset no. 2 and piped in gravel on left of pit. Elmer and Pete went fishing down Wet Gulch they caught 25 trout.  Sam went out for grouse got all of 1.

August 22, 1905  Had to use hydraulic hose attached to giants to bottom up and pipe in gravel on corners. Put shifts on day work. Hec and Foster cut 12 riffle logs 16’ long.  Frank went after horses gone all AM couldn’t find them.  

August 23, 1905 Got bottomed up except along right hand shear board.  Have to reset no. 2 giant to finish up.  Creek bottom on bedrock shows that the creek ran down over the bench, part clay and part rock bedrock.  Took Frank until 10 AM to find horses.  Hauled up 8 riffle logs more 4 to come. Evening Elmer took a bath, did it himself.

August 24, 1905 Found good pay on rim in bedrock, many boulders in bottom of pit.  Reset no. 2 and got piped in all of gravel.  Evening self finished about all of bottoming up.  Now ready for a good clean up.  Cleaned up Elmer’s boxes got 1 dwt. 15 gr. = $1.30.  Evening set in for heavy rain.  Frank and Hec hauled up last of 12 riffle logs.

August 25, 1905  Found rich pay below top clay so reset no. 2 giant and bottomed up whole of pit again.  Right hand shear board tipped over because rock piled behind it.  Put in 5 shots to open bedrock channel.  Pete cut sod, Frank and Hec sawed riffle blocks.  Sam and self bottomed up until 8 PM.

August 26, 1905 Cleaned up this PM found a quartz nugget 11 dwt and 6 gr. = $9.00, another all gold $1.02.  Evening cleaned and weighed up 12 oz. coarse gold, clean up 96-03-16.  Sam and self worked on bottoming up and clean up all day and evening.  PM had Frank and Hec put hay near boulder on Willow Creek.

August 27, 1905  Shoveled in some in front of head box that was left.  Sam put back the riffle blocks.  Foster and Pete sawed riffle blocks.  Frank and Hec cutting hay near boulder. Cleaned sand out of silvered dust.  PM retorted 3 bricks of gold dust.  5 PM self and Elmer on Dan and Maud left mines for Knik.  Arrived Sushitna cache 9 PM camped for the night evening cloudy.

August 28, 1905  Left Sushitna cache 7 AM arrived Knik 1:30 PM brought out 108 oz. gold dust from the mines.  Miller had 2/3 hay under cover.  PM read mail from Mattie, Sylvester Bros., Seward Bank.  Got $1.75 check rebate on Carnation cream, got $750 cash sent from Seward Bank.  Banker Hale had been at Knik for 4 days. On trail Sushitna to Knik 7½ hours for grub for mines.

August 29, 1905  At Knik, posted up store books and checked down and marked goods just arrived invoice no. 3. Rain.

August 30, 1905  At Knik made up a 300 lb. pack for the mines.  Wrote to Mattie, made out order for provisions clothing and hardware sent to Sylvester Bros. Co. Seattle.  Wrote Mattie and bank that I would send gold dust, to send draft to Sylvester Bros. Co. $1000, to Seattle Hardware Co. $100.  Had a duck dinner.

August 31, 1905  Knik to Shushetna.  5:30 AM SS Tyonek arrived, mail from Mamma.  Sent postals to Mamma and bank by Hawkins.  Sent Seward Bank 108 ounces of gold dust by SS Tyonek.  Left Knik 10:30 AM Elmer self and 4 horses for mines.  Arrived at Sushitna cache 6:15 PM camped for the night.

September 1, 1905 Up at 5:30 left Sushitna cache at 8:45 arrived at mines 1:30 unpacked goods.  Brought in 50 lbs. of new potatoes and 5 # lettuce.  Boys had 12 more boxes added to flume, started to  pipe in 8 AM today 3rd set up of flumes.  Brought in 5 pair gum boots charged to K.  B. Co. for help so as to keep them until season closed.  

September 2, 1905  Snowed on Craigie, Martha and peaks off Grubstake mountains today.  PM built dam to turn creek out and into flume.  Reset gates and giants so as to pipe out this set up also part of pipeline. Dark at 8:30 PM was cloudy.

September 3, 1905  AM got no. 2 set, turned creek into bench channel up at Homestake.  Piped in all of PM.  Self set up no. 1 to drive bench gravel into flume.  Now 17 hours daylight to work in.  Cooler with fresh snow on mountain peaks.  Donnelly charged 1 pair of wool mittens.

September 4, 1905 Piping down bench on 3rd set up of flume. Had boys cut brush off bench.  This season set in 28 flume - 3 set ups.  Last season jointed up 25 flume.  Total in line 53 (12½’) flumes.  Set up Elmer’s small sluice boxes for him along shear board wall of last set up.  Snowing on mountain peaks warm in valley.  

September 5, 1905 Cleaned up my cabin.  PM with Maud hauled up 5 fire logs.  Elmer went up the gulch for horses came back with Maud.  Evening wrote to Mattie ready to leave mines for Knik for misc. supplies and mail.

September 6, 1905 with Maud went to head of Grubstake Gulch for other 3 horses.  With Elmer and 4 horses left mines for Knik at 8:30 AM arrived at Knik at 8:30 PM.  Shot 9 ptarmigans and 1 grouse on trail.  Check books and Seward papers arrived, was left at Hope.  SS Tyonek expected tomorrow.

September 7, 1905 Hauled load of hay cut on tide flats.  Put same in barn at Knik.  Made out order for hydraulic pipe to be wired to U. S. Blow Pipe Co. Seattle as follows:  96’  20”, 96’  18”,  96’  16”,  16 gauge, 144’  7”,  144’  8”  14 gauge, 1 - 24 to 20 1 taper, 1 - 20 to 18  taper, 1 - 18 to 16  taper, 1 - 16 to 14 inch taper.  Answered Farnsworth letter.  Tyonek didn’t arrive at Knik.

September 8, 1905 Waiting for mail at Knik, SS Tyonek didn’t show up.  Big wind.

September 9, 1905 No mail boat.  Judge Goodell and several left Knik for Sunrise in sloop.  Watson at Knik waiting for SS Tyonek, claimed he chartered her to come in on the 7th.  

September 10, 1905 No mail boat.  Left Knik at 10 PM for the mines with 300 lb. provisions, packed  Dan and Maud.  Elmer rode Nig, self rode Tony, arrived at the Sushitna cache at 6 PM camped.  Knik Cash Store doing well.  Done over $1000 cash business in 3 months, profit 50 to 100%.

September 11, 1905  At Sushitna camp, got up 4:30 got ready to leave camp 7:40 AM very cold on mountain,  Elmer cried, got off and walked and soon got warm.  Along Wet Gulch Maud fell down slid on back 30’ down bench turned over twice came out alright pack and all.  Arrived at mines at 12:30 noon.  PM with Nig and Tony, Elmer and self hauled up 4 fire logs.  Many big boulders in pit.  Boys  blasted all day - good pay around boulders.  All mountain peaks covered with new snow today.

September 12, 1905  Commenced snowing 6 AM kept it up until noon ground white on creek bottom.  Got bench piped in on right hand side of gulch.  Reset no. 2 giant to drive in to flume.

September 13, 1905 Froze hard this morning.  Got about 2/3 of bench gravel in pit piped into flume. PM had Sam knock down old 1902 sluice boxes to use for sand boards in flume,  Elmer helped him.  

September 14, 1905  Big wind and warmer, plenty of water, flume 2/3 full.  Self got gravel in pit piped in, worked until 8 PM.  Had Sam joint up sand boards.  Knocked down last (5) of Gilbert boxes for sand boards.  Had Frank and Hec with Dan and Maud haul up sand boards, 1 load poles and slab from lumber camp to make annex to Gilbert cabin for store room.

September 15, 1905  Got pit bottomed up in front of flume ready to clean up in the morning, the whole of the flume 53 boxes.  PM had Sam, Hec and Foster build on 12’ to Gilbert calidoor to use to house hay etc.  Evening cleaned up Elmer’s boxes didn’t get much.  Self fell in pit, got boots full of water. Told cook to boil the brine on the butter, he boiled the butter instead.

September 16, 1905 Took down giants. cleaned up 27 boxes. Hec and Foster packed up and cached tools. Frank cleaned up calidoor around mess house.  Pete Donnelly finished and left for Knik 8 AM.  Snowing all day, mountain peaks white down to brush line.

September 17, 1905  Snow squalls.  Finished last clean up of season 1905.  Had Frank and Hec haul down hay from boulder on Willow Creek and put it under Gilbert calidoor.  Boys got riffles back in 19 boxes, 34 boxes yet to riffle.  Expect to go to Knik tomorrow with all hands.  Evening run off 2 retorts of gold dust.  Packed up gold dust.

September 18, 1905  Clearing, froze hard last night. Got riffle blocks and new 1” sand boards back in flume.  Removed big flume gate in hydraulic reservoir dam. Left mines at 1:30 PM all hands for Knik.  Arrived at Sushitna camp 6 PM.  Sam and Foster shot 2 dozen ptarmigan.  Bill Morris came along on way to Knik from the Kashwitny.

September 19, 1905 Left Sushitna at 8:30 arrived at Knik 3:30.  Elmer walked most of the way, had 3 horses packed with baggage, rode Nig.  Paid off McQuarrie balance $351.70, paid off Whitney balance $309.  Everything quiet at Knik. Agreed to give Foster work at $2.50 per day what work I had to do.

September 20, 1905 Getting accounts posted and billed out.  Settled up with Frank Whitney for years contract ending June 1st 1905 check to balance $81.48.  Contract was for $152 in money and 3,000 shares of K and B Co. stock.  I paid him the $150 and gave order for the stock on the Boston office.

September 21, 1905 Settled up with Cramer cash $12.53, check $200, draft $100 sent to Vivia.  PM took a cruise through woods with Sam to find poles for new cache.  Packed trunk with 75# cranberries, 1 dozen low moccasins, 6 pair long moccasins, 7 money pouches.  Arranged to send 3 men over to Fish Creek to cut hay.  Paid 75¢ moccasins for Elmer.

September 22, 1905 Foster and Hec and Reese left Knik for Seward via Sunrise on Goosmar sloop.  No steamboat as yet.  Got trunk packed ready for trip out to Seward.  Goosmar and Natives on a drunk.  Posted up bills and day book Knik Cash Store.  Noon sent Frank and Sam over to Fish Creek to cut hay took Dan and Maud to do the packing.

September 23, 1905 Got ground leveled off for cache 12’ x 16’ near K. B. cache.  Started  to dig the potatoes, took out 1,000.  Bought Evans dory (15’) for $2.50.  Got board ready for Knik Cash Store sign.  Evening Geter and Watson men arrived from the coal fields.  Frank came back with horses couldn’t cross swamp by Fish Creek.

September 24, 1905 Dug potatoes,  painted sign and hung it up, Knik Cash Store.  Frank left for Fish Creek to join Cramer and cut hay. Took Nig’s picture.  Posted up day book.  No steam boats in and no sloops to go out on - anchored at Knik waiting for a boat. Evening took a bath.

September 25, 1905 Tore down porch in front of store door.  Noon Frank came in from Fish Creek after scythe, Sam broke his.  Made agreement with D. Harris to pack 700 lbs. provisions Cottonwood to coal fields for Watson, consideration $75 for one man and 4 horses they to feed our horses and man.  Evening Elmer took a bath.  Dug last of potatoes 2,200 lbs. on one eleventh of an acre.

September 26, 1905 Miller and myself cut logs for foundation of new cache. Got ready to haul in logs when we sighted a steamboat.  SS Tyonek arrived had freight for Railway party.  Got ready to go out, left Knik at 5 PM via Seward expect to catch SS Santa Ana at Seldovia.  Left Hienmuller in charge of Knik Cash Store.  Sam and Frank cutting hay over at Fish Creek.

September 27, 1905 On SS Tyonek arrived at Tyonek about midnight last night.  Waited for ebb tide. Waited for ebb tide at Kenai, 9 PM off Anchor Point.  Paid off Harry Oda check $200, cash $41.40.  Capt. Shaw wanted to hire Harry for waiter for balance of fall.  Fare Knik to Seldovia $10 no charge for Elmer.

September 28, 1905 Arrived at Seldovia 3 AM.  8 AM SS Santa Ana arrived with freight for RR engineers at Knik and Turnagain Arm.  Had dinner on “Ana” Elmer and I got room 17.  Bought off Herbert: 8 bunches shingles $8, 1 case Pacific cream $4.75, 1 box apples $1.75,  shipped to Knik Cash Store.  Bought Elmer new cap 50¢.  Watson in route for Knik, 2 schooners loaded with freight for Knik also 2 local steamboats.  Fare Seldovia to Seward $10.

September 29, 1905  At Seldovia.  SS Santa Ana got RR freight discharged all but cattle and 200 bales of hay which will have to go back to Seward for want of transportation via Seldovia to Turnagain Arm.  Made out my manifest for provisions for Knik Cash Store - hardware and clothing - yet to make out order.  SS Santa Ana left Seldovia midnight via for Seward.  Fare Seldovia to Seward $10 no charge for Elmer.

September 30, 1905 Got away from Seldovia just after midnight.  Laid up 1½ hours near Cape Elizabeth for daylight to go on inside passage.  Had wind all day rough sea.  Arrived at entrance of Resurrection Bay at midnight at Seward 3 AM Sunday morning.

October 1, 1905 SS Santa Ana arrived at Seward 3 AM no one heard her blow or come in.  Elmer and self found Mamma asleep.  Held interview with Kyle, Alaska Central Railway, about supplies at Knik for their engineer parties, agreed to furnish them with clothing etc. SS Santa Clara at Valdez, due tonight at Seward.  Had haircut 50¢.  Evening Mamma and Elmer attended church while dad minded the boy.

October 2, 1905 Collected for first OGH maps on sale at Owl Drug Co. 25 at 20¢ = $5.  Left 2 dozen more on sale to be paid for when sold.  Looked over samples of clothing at T. D. Corlew Manager for Pacific Coast Trading Co.  Sold Brown and Hawkins 38# cranberries at 8¢ = $3.04, 6 pair moccasins $6.50, 11 pair low moccasins at 60¢ = $6.60, 14 money pouches at 25¢ = $3.50.  7 PM SS Santa Clara arrived.  Paid Yakutat Lumber Co. for window pane 75¢.

October 3, 1905 Left gold dust at bank 74-12-0. Sent cable to Farnsworth total cleanup gross $4,000 - day labor 24 h  70.  Made arrangements for winter help at mines.  Any funds sent to Seattle - answer.  Evening made up order for hardware etc.

October 4, 1905 Light frost last night. Banked last of gold dust 73-1-4. SS Portland and SS Santa Clara expected in port tomorrow.  Wrappers and waists for Knik Cash Store 18 wrappers at 25¢ = $4.50,
14 Waists at 25¢ = $3.50, bought off Mrs. Corlew.  Received wire from W. A. Farnsworth Boston no funds, use gold dust, would try to wire $1,000 if needed.

October 5, 1905  Helped to mark goods bought off Mrs. Corlew for Knik Cash Store.  Paid for goods Pacific Trading Co.: Groceries $443, coal oil $12.20, clothing $171.10, total $626.30.  Paid for lumber Yakutat Lumber Co. $66, developing and printing $5.75, $100.35, fare Seward to Seldovia $10,  2# burnt sienna 75¢, total $809.15.  Sent order to Loeb Cutter Lumber Co. for 10,000 star shingles.  12 midnight left Seward on SS Portland for Knik via by Seldovia.

October 6, 1905 In route Seward to Seldovia and Knik on SS Portland.  At 5 PM arrived at Seldovia no boats in.  SS Tyonek had left for the upper Inlet AM.  SS Portland has 140 tons to discharge tomorrow morning.  Wind and high surf in the Inlet.

October 7, 1905 Paid purser of the Portland freight bill on pipe provisions etc.,  $88.  Bought provisions off steward on the Portland $36.40,  got about all her cargo discharged then decided to wait for the  Tyonek to catch the passengers to come down to take the SS Excelsior.  

October 8, 1905 On SS Portland at Seldovia waited for the Tyonek to arrive from the upper Inlet.  Schooner came in port this evening, Welch and wife aboard had turkey dinner.  Bought box cigarette papers off Herbert $1.50 for Knik Cash Store.

October 9, 1905 At Seldovia on SS Portland.  Local boat the Tyonek expected to arrive this evening.  Found error in billing lumber Seward to Seldovia overcharge of 800 ft.  Purser agreed to make it good at Seward.

October 10, 1905 At Seldovia. The  Tyonek arrived 10 PM got transferred from SS Portland, which left at once for Seward.

October 11, 1905 The Tyonek loading freight for Knik and Sunrise, got loaded at 4 PM left at once.  S. E. Wind came up too rough to round Anchor Point so put back to Seldovia arrived 6:30 PM.  All the passengers were sea sick except Dr. and myself.

October 12, 1905 High surf outside the Shelikof on the Dora’s run, arrived 9 AM from the west on way to Valdez.  Evening the Excelsior, the Neptune and the  Eva arrived.

October 13, 1905 The Tyonek left Seldovia - run out - surf too high came back to port.  Hardware and provisions and clothing and grain came on SS Excelsior.  Hydraulic pipe and wheat hay left behind.  Wrote Mattie another letter.  Ate dinner on shore.  Excelsior left 9 PM.  Expect to leave on morning tide.  The 2 schooners loaded freight for the Arm.  Evening clear and freezing.

October 14, 1905 A-1 day at Seldovia.  High seas rolling remained in port.

October 15, 1905 Wind dying out.  The Valanta got loaded 3 PM; the  Tyonek towed her out of Seldovia Harbor,  sea quieting down. The Tyonek left Seldovia 3 PM via Knik with full cargo and passengers list.

October 16, 1905 In route on the Tyonek, arrived at Tyonek at 11 AM took on Caswell’s men.  Left Tyonek 1:30 arrived at Hope 5:30.  Put off passengers Welch, Thomas, Chester and a few others.  Arrived at Sunrise at 8 PM light rain.  Discharged Sunrise freight and laid over one tide.  Saw Dr. Sleem, was ready to hit the trail for Seward.  Wrote to Mattie and sent order for clothing and provisions to come on the SS Bertha from the Pacific Trading Co.

October 17, 1905 Cloudy with cold rain at Sunrise.  Took on Mr. Wieble and passengers for SS Bertha.  Run over to Glacier Creek with Mr. Purenton and wife and were to take on engineer party Alaska Central Railway for Knik, tide ebbed so pulled out without them.  Arrived at Fire Island 2 PM was rough crossing Chickaloon Bay.  Arrived at Knik at 6 PM, found Sam sick.  Frank was on 2nd trip to coal fields for Watson, packing grub with 3 horses.  Got scow alongside and took on my freight and 4 tons of Palmer’s.

October 18, 1905 Unpacked clothing, sales were good sold $112.35.  Evening rough surf.  Unloaded scow except lumber and hydraulic pipe.  Sam had new cache 12’ x 16’  up and ready to shingle. Evening wrote to Mattie, sent order to Seward for more clothing, also $151.35 in checks to apply on same to Corlew.  Agreement made with Kyle (Alaska Central Railway) to lighter 23 tons and 4 horses from Knik to Knik Harbor for $50, they to handle all the freight.

October 19, 1905 Had lumber and pipe discharged from scow, cash sales at Knik Cash Store $45.60.  Sam started to shingle cache.  Kyle and Poland left on morning tide for Seward via Alaska Central Railway from Knik River.  Sold old Russian knife to Poland for $5.

October 20, 1905 Sam with helper got roof of cache, door to be hung, then ready for storage.  Self puttied up cracks in scow.  Engineer Blakely, Alaska Central Railway Co., visited said they were ready to move freight to Knik Harbor tomorrow. Store sales $61.05.  Showed Foster and Joe how to pack a horse and throw the diamond hitch.  They hired to Alaska Central Railway as packers.

October 21, 1905  AM launched scow, left Knik 1 PM for Knik Harbor with 16 tons of RR provisions.  Had 5 white men and 10 Natives to help tow scow.  Arrived at Knik Harbor at 6 PM.  Midnight run scow up to high tide mark.  Evening light rain.

October 22, 1905 9 AM discharged scow, 1 hour. The Tyonek passed by in route to Knik. Sent up 5 Natives and 1 white man to help discharge freight from the Tyonek.  Anchored scow out at low tide mark.  Evening all ready to bring scow back to Knik when a man arrived and said the Tyonek would bring down a load of RR freight and they wanted scow to discharge at Knik Harbor so we remained.  Self slept on scow.  Midnight the Tyonek failed to show up.

October 23, 1905 Clearing and cooler. The  Tyonek got stuck on Knik beach so couldn’t come down to Knik Harbor until PM tide. Left  Knik Harbor in Sea Otter boat for Knik head wind arrived at Knik 3 PM. The  Tyonek just leaving with 160 bales of hay for Knik Harbor for the Railway crew.  Invoice no. 4 from Seattle arrived marked and priced goods.  Frank arrived yesterday from coal fields with our horses, returned to wait for Watson as packer.  Sam completed the store cache.

October 24, 1905 Clear 1st hard freeze came last night. Sam started to put more shelving in store.  Evening posted up books.  Store sales $43.90, 50% profit.

October 25, 1905 Railway crew loaded scow for Knik Harbor with 4 horses, sleds etc.  4 PM I left Knik on Stephan’s sloop for Turnagain Arm to buy clothing, shoe packs, etc. for the Knik Cash Store and in route to Seward, Mr. Tully went along via to Seward.  Made it down to lower end of Fire Island in 4 hours anchored for flood tide to Turnagain Arm.  Boat dragged anchor 4 miles, got rough, weighed anchor at midnight for Hope.

October 26, 1905 Wind blowing out of Turnagain Arm so went under lee of Lee Island only 1 mile away.  PM Nicholai arrived with moose meat for Hope.  Saw the Neptune on way to Knik Harbor with Scurry’s camp.  Mr. Tully seasick.

October 27, 1905 Sailed out to mouth Turnagain Arm too rough so put back to Lee Island.  Mr. Tully very sea sick  Got moose meat off Nicholai.  At Lee Island, Chickaloon Bay.

October 28, 1905 Stephan and Evan Nicholai went a hunting.  Stephan shot a porcupine and Evan got one shot at a moose but missed him.  PM both sloops started for Rainbow Creek, got very rough but  Nicholai made it over to Rainbow Creek OK. Our boat wouldn’t lay up to wind, landed 1 mile below Rainbow.  Put Mr. Tully ashore then dropped down 3 miles to lee and anchored as wind came from Pt. Campbell.  Decided to give up trip to Hope and return to Knik.  Impossible to make Hope due to head wind.

October 29, 1905 Anchored near Rainbow Creek, 7 AM sailed along shore of Campbell flats to Pt. Campbell.  Not much wind tide leaving flats, couldn’t reach the Knik Channel so sailed clear around Fire Island.  No wind in Knik Arm.  Had to boat up from lower end of Fire Island to Knik Arm. Reached Goose Bay when tide started to ebb so anchored for the night at Goose Bay.

October 30, 1905 Chinook wind at Goose Bay.  Got up 5 AM weighed anchor for Knik, head wind, arrived at Knik 8 AM.  Sam had front room in attic of store about ceiled up - room 10’ x 12’, beach view.  Settled Alaska Central Railway account with engineer Blakely.  Evening tide hauled out scow launch didn’t float.

October 31, 1905 Blakely decided to use our winter trail - Knik to ridge near Willow Creek - to get supplies over to Sushitna River for winter survey by Alaska Central Railway up the Sushitna.  Frank Whitney came down from the coal fields and gave time for horses packing for Watson as follows:  Oct. 1 to 7 - 4 horses 1 trip Knik to Chickaloon mines $75, At Cottonwood 7th 8th 9th 10th -October 11th 12th 13th 3 horses 1 trip Cottonwood to Moose Creek at $90, per day $30.00 Nig packed on return 1 day 15th to 21st 3 horses Cottonwood to Chickaloon 6 days at $10= $60, total $165.  Frank delayed at Cottonwood 5 days Frank’s time 20 days at $2.50 = $50.

November 1, 1905 Ordered sail for Stephan (diagram shows a sail that is 27’ across the bottom – 16’ high on the left side - continuing another 8’ to a point). Light warm rain, boat expected in.  Bought first martin skin $4. Contract no. 2 made agreement with Duke Harris (Watson’s time keeper) to let our four horses go up to Chickaloon coal mines to pack via Moose Creek to Chickaloon at $10 per day, they to feed horses and furnish packer.    Columbia river boat sail diagram (20’ at its widest 14’ tall additional 7’ to peak) Sunde and Erland Co. Seattle.

November 2, 1905 Snow on mountain last night. The Tyonek arrived, received bill ordered from Seattle Hardware Co., hay and balance of large hydraulic pipe.  Sam and myself cached hardware, hay and pipe with Nig and Tony.  Sam hauled down load native hay.  Unpacked and marked hardware, invoice didn’t come.  Rented front room over store to Whitney and Watson’s man at $5 per month. Told Hienmuller I wouldn’t want him for the winter.

November 3, 1905 Warm, no ice running in Knik Arm as yet.  Railway Co. boating up to the Cottonwood.  Watson’s man “Sam” shoeing our horses.  Sam hauled in logs for new cabin.  Self posting up store books.  Cigarettes and gun shells got wet a little.

November 4, 1905 Sales cash $51.40 and credit sales to Railway Co. also.  Sam hauled in more logs for cabin.  Bought 1 lynx skin, 1 parky coat, 2 pair snowshoes.  

November 5, 1905 Sam got up balance of logs for cabin.  Railway Sam finished shoeing our 4 horses.  Squared up with Frank Whitney for haying and packing with K. B. horses: haying 6½ days $16.25, packing 15 days $37.50, total $53.75.  PM Frank left Knik for coal fields with our 4 horses to pack for Watson, Moose Creek to Chickaloon, for $10 day net for horses.  

November 6, 1905 Snow line half way down mountain, no ice on Knik Arm. Natives started to whipsaw house logs.  Up until midnight on books for past 3 days.  Pacific Trading Co. case eggs short 3 dozen $1.20.  Short on whale skin shoes: 1 right size 9 and 1 right size 10.

November 7, 1905 Helped Sam tear down store water closet.  Let contract to Indian Jim to grade off place where closet sat for new cabin.  Andrew and Prince whipsawing logs for new cottage.

November 8, 1905 A-1 not freezing yet.  Got store books posted up took off cash balance sheet as follows:  cash sales $1,450.31, received from cash $1,253.33, cash in drawer $196.98, Miller had $291.85 more in drawer than cash visited for but claimed his personal cash was short about $10. The Neptune arrived with Watson’s sawmill.  Said there was 1½ tons of freight at Seldovia for Knik Cash Store marked OGH.  Bacus came up to work for Watson.

November 9, 1905 Checked down cash balance at Knik Cash Store.  Paid off J. Hienmuller for 5 months work, by check $125 and $125 cash = $250, also paid him $10 extra for money he claimed was short on his personal cash.  Hienmuller claimed to have paid freight $50 out of his personal money, check, J. H. to OGH, $24, total $74.  All he could account for cash over balance in till was $94.87 which I find bum.  Also paid him $10 more for shortage he claimed on his personal cash total $104.87. The Neptune left 5 PM sent letter to Mattie and dress sent.  Hienmuller went out to Seward

November 10, 1905 Evan (White Eye) took contract to level off ground for new cottage west of store.  Cramer jointing up cottage material.  Frank hauled Watson’s sawmill off beach with Nig and Tony. Mr. M. Kast  arrived from Sushitna Station via by river across tide flats up Knik beach, was a week, had very wet trip.  Made out price list of goods to prospectors for Mr. Kast.  Evening posted up store books.

November 11, 1905 Helped Evan grade cottage lot.  Filled shelves up with canned goods.  Bill Morris and Stephan got back from trip to canyon on Willow Creek, looking up sled trail for Railway Co.  Bought 1st mink skin.  Frank left with Nig and Tony to pack for Watson at coal fields.  Dan and Maud at Cottonwood. Frank’s 2nd trip on 2nd contract to pack for Watson, came back this trip to have pack saddles fitted to horses.

November 12, 1905 No freezing weather.  Got goods straightened out and rearranged hardware on shelves.  Put perishable goods into root house.  Sam laid foundation for new cottage west of Knik Cash Store size 11’ x 13’ 2” x 12’ high.  Let contract to Stephan to clear and grub 3 lots north of Palmer’s garden, consideration $20.  Saloon man caught Goosmar’s girl for his Bobbie, all the Natives and several whites were drunk.  Palmer was celebrating the event also.

November 13, 1905 Made  T to connect stove in room over store with main flue and set up new airtight heater.  

November 14, 1905 Big wind. Set up airtight heater in back room of Knik Cash Store and made galv-zincs for attic room stove. About ready to start for Seward to join my family and home there.

November 15, 1905 Eberhardt and Shorty arrived from  Tyonek.  Got letters from Mattie, Corlew and Seattle Hardware Co. about goods shipped. Let contract with Kast and troop to grub and dig balance of K. B. corral ground, consideration $25. Goosmar started in to help clear ground for 3 cottage lots.

November 16, 1905 Natives finished sawing logs for new cottage, cut 124 cuts at 40¢ = $49.60.  Morning did my washing. Store trade fair today. Eberhardt left for Tyonek via Hope.  No ice in Arm up to date.

November 17, 1905 Helped Sam to lay up cottage logs. Talked with Cramer about signing for 1 year with K and B Co. and  jointly for myself,  consideration $900 or $1,000.

November 18, 1905 Froze last night, ice forming on Knik Lake. Chas Miller arrived from Hope with my freight shipped from Seward shipped Oct. 28th landed at Hope by SS Tyonek.  Goods repacked at Hope to ship on sloop.  Freight charges Hope to Knik $40 advance charges, Seward to Seldovia $13.30, paid Miller $53.30.  Short 3 blankets, 1 G. S. pack hub, 1 shirt jumper, 24 oranges, 25 lb. rice, 5 lb. prunes, 100 lbs. rice soaked with coal oil.,  freight 71¢ ft.  Got goods on shelves checked up and priced.  Evening Miller with sloop left Knik for Hope.

November 19, 1905 First anchor ice seen on Knik Arm this season, froze quite hard last night.  Frank came down and returned from Knik to Cottonwood with dory.  Helped Sam on new cottage part of day got wall up to ceiling height.  Paid Stephan and Goosmar $21 for clearing C and H lots of stumped brush etc.  Evening showed Sam about bills and run of store in general.  About ready for trip to Seward by boat to Knik Harbor, via Railway trail around Turnagain Arm and trail pass to Alaska Central Railway track.

November 20, 1905  Chinook wind, much warmer. Got price list made out for Sam and everything checked up.  Frank came to town had only packed with K. B. horses as far as Vasilla’s place thus far.  Let contract to Billy to dig out back of store for a 16’ addition, consideration $9. Kast and Trook  got ground grubbed in for K. B. corral.  Expect to leave for Seward PM tide tomorrow.  Trook decided to go along with me.

November 21, 1905 Knik Arm clear of ice yet.  Railway men came up from Knik Harbor and 2 men boated over to Old Knik.  Intended to leave Knik on PM tide but couldn’t get ready on account of store trade, cash sales $47.05.  Wind came up 4 PM and Railway men couldn’t make it down to Harbor so returned to Knik.  Paid Kast and Trook $25 for grubbing and digging K. B. corral lot.  Evening got packed up ready to leave in morning on 4 AM tide if favorable.  Midnight earthquake shook store quite hard.

November 22, 1905  Light rain, not freezing.  One boat arrived from Old Knik today no ice on Knik Arm.  PM on ebb tide wind and rain so decided it was better to wait at Knik than to go to the Harbor and wait for clear weather to leave for Seward.  Railway boys making skates.  Knik Lake partly frozen over but opening up again.  Knik boys handed in-mail for Seward and outside.

November 23, 1905  Cloudy big S. E. wind, Arm got quite rough.  Evening clearing fog bank over Knik River way.  Wind blew Railway Co. and Watson’s saloon storehouses down.  Natives finished whipsawing last of logs for cottage no. 1.  Basement for annex back of store about excavated.  Already to leave for Seward when weather clears.  Alarm set for 5 AM tide.

November 24, 1905  Warm cloudy and 34 above so decided best to wait for clear weather.  Watson’s men boated grub Knik to Cottonwood.  Got Sea Otter boat ready for trip to Harbor on morning tide.  Had Trook burn balance of brush in K. B. corral.  Evening talked with Sam about store business and renting new cottage.  Sam agreed to work for myself and K and B Co. for 1 year for $900, Oct. 1, 1905 to Oct. 1, 1906.  Expect to leave on 5 AM tide for Seward by boat to Knik Harbor.  

November 25, 1905 Got up at 5 AM visited Evans and Trook and got ready to leave Knik in Sea Otter boat at 7.  Arrived at Knik Harbor 10 AM took dinner with engineer Scurry.  Pulled boat out of water and walked up Ship Creek on Railway trail to Scurry’s trail camp.  Had supper and camped with Railway boys for the night.  Freezing all today no ice on Knik Arm when we came down.

November 26, 1905 Ship Creek froze over so we could cross it.  Left Scurry’s trail camp on Ship Creek at 9:30, 1½ miles up creek, struck Alaska Central Railway survey via to Turnagain Arm.  At 2 PM met Caswell and party bound for Knik, had mail for me. They were out of grub, so I gave them 2 pilot crackers each. Made it out 7 miles to end of Blakely survey, got dark before we could find end of other line. Evans myself and old John made camp. Trook got behind and didn’t make to our camp.  Met a Swede bound for Scurry’s camp.  Evening cloudy and warmer under a spruce tree at Railway survey.

November 27, 1905 Left camp 8:30 found Squires survey and hiked for Turnagain Arm.  Many side lines on survey trail, got off trail several times.  Struck beach 2 miles below Railway camp on Potter Creek near mouth of Turnagain Arm. Engineer C. C. Donavan invited us to stay over for the night, was too late to make Rainbow Creek so remained.  Donavan party shot a moose.  Had a good supper and camp to bunk in.  Big wind on Turnagain Arm.

November 28, 1905 Sleet and snow.  Left Potter Creek at Donavan’s Railway camp at 10 AM walked on beach, to steep bank, then had to take to the bench couldn’t find trail.  Left beach too soon after crawling through the brush and over ledges for 2 hours.  Found Railway trail made up to Welch’s camp (Kennedy’s) by 2 PM wet from head to foot couldn’t make Rainbow.  Was invited to stay so camped for the night.  Only a watchman at Kennedy’s camp.

November 29, 1905 Left Kennedy’s camp arrived at Welch’s main camp at noon had dinner.  Visited Dr. Grieves until tide was out far enough to walk up beach to Scotty’s cabin at Indian Creek.  Took out-mail for engineer Kyle and party.  Supper at Indian Creek fine treatment at all of Railway and Welch’s camps.  At Indian Creek saw tracks of two lynx on trail.

November 30, 1905  Indian Creek to Glacier.

December 1, 1905  Glacier Creek to Twenty Mile.

December 2, 1905 Twenty Mile to camp 49.  Arrived at camp 55 at 2 PM.  Weaver and myself at dinner at Riley’s camp.  Weaver had to wait for Railway mail, so I crossed over Portage Glacier down to Bartlett’s camp no. 49.  Called at Bartlett’s office,  Cameron was there and several Railway officials, ate supper with them and bunked in the engineers bunk house.  Duke Harris in camp on way to Knik.

December 3, 1905 Left 49 camp with sleigh team, rode down to Railway grading camp no. 3, ate lunch with Cavanaugh.  PM came to end of track, train arrived about 2:30 PM.  Arrived at Seward 6:15.  Elmer was at train to meet me.  High wind at Seward was none out on the line.  Brought down Railway mail.

December 4, 1905  At Seward,  high wind and cold 8 above at summit.  Delivered Alaska Central Railway mail at office.  Deposited $60 at Bank of Seward and left bank book to be entered up.  Cleaned up yard.

December 5, 1905  Second day big wind. Got express order for $50 payable to Mr. Albert Barrett, Rossland, B. C., as per request of Duke Harris for her husband Albert Barrett at Knik.  Collected 1st Alaska Central Railway bill run by the barn crew at Knik Cash Store $18.52.

December 6, 1905 Wind dying out, ending with light snow fall about 1” at Seward.  Colder weather than any time last winter.  Froze vegetable  etc. in kitchen, none were froze last winter.  J. Hienmuller visited.  Made arrangements with Bank of Seward for a 60 day loan.

December 7, 1905  Fair and cold 2 above.  Got loan 60 days from Bank of Seward for $1,000. Paid Pacific Trading Co. bill invoice,  total amount of bill: provisions $95.55, clothing $193.15, boots and pacs $167, total $455.70.  Was allowed for 2 pair boots short $16 no allowance for 3 dozen eggs etc. short.  Got 2 rolls oil cloth to cover kitchen ceiling and side walls.

December 8, 1905 Sent draft $21 for 10M  shingles from Loeb Cutter Lumber Co. shipped to Seward in October to replace 10M borrowed from Yakutat Lumber Co.  Bought 50’ ¼ round molding for kitchen 50’ for $1.  Ordered an airtight heater made at McNeilly’s tin shop, full size 26”, at $9.  PM started to put oil cloth on ceiling and side walls of kitchen.

December 10, 1905  Bad day, wind, wet snow turning to rain.  Covered half of side wall of kitchen.  Wrote W. A. Farnsworth to pay U. S. Blowpipe Co.  bill $412.31 send funds to Puget Sound National Bank.  Wrote to Scandinavian American Bank to close up my open account, send certificate of deposit for amount due me in bank.  Wrote to Cramer would come up after holidays.

December 12, 1905  Both the Santa Clara and the Oregon arrived last night. Filled out list of business men at Knik.  Gave Chief Engineer Poland the old Russian sword bought off me at Knik.  Put molding around ceiling in kitchen.  Bought $17.80 supplies for house at Seward.  Evening minded baby while his mother attended debating society.

December 13, 1905  About 6” of snow on the level.  Started to post up K and B Co. accounts. Made out vouchers for Native labor whipsawing at mines.  Total amount paid Natives $451.98, received for grub $215.80, total $667.78.

December 15, 1905  Wet snow 6” fell.  Got bill made out for K and B Co. at Knik Cash Store, total draft $1,061.02,  total credit $259.35, balance due $801.67.  PM went downtown with Mattie and baby.  Called on Alaska Central Railway locating engineer, said my 2 bills were OK and ready for payment.  Told assistant Horrec about charges on scow etc.  Paid Gateway balance due on weekly, 50¢, and cut out the weekly and subscribed for the daily.

December 16, 1905  Light rain all day.  Called at bank to get statement of gold dust, they couldn’t find the first assay report.  Paid McNeilly’s man for stove pipe collar 30¢.  Bought dozen and half coat hooks and put them up in kitchen and bedroom closet. Write up about OGH and Yentna Gold District in Gateway news paper.  Evening my family attended, church fair sale at Moore Hall, Mattie sang.

December 17, 1905 Went downtown to meet Hale at bank to trace up assay on dust, failed to see him.  Met D. E. Huyck, prospector for Tecklenburg going to Chulitna via Knik.  Gave him prices at Knik Cash Store.  Varnished molding around ceiling in kitchen.  Evening Mattie and myself attended Methodist Church while Elmer minded his brother.

December 18, 1905 Posted up K. B. ledgers to September 27th.  Tightened up springs on front bed.  Not thawing today but cloudy about six” of snow at Seward, slushy walking.

December 19, 1905 Visited at bank got statement for gold deposits September - 108 oz., assay return 97.83 oz., net value $1,606.55.  Exp. Ins. charges $61.40 net $1,545.15.  October deposit 74.68 oz., after melting 68.18 oz., net value of gold $1,116.23,  exp. ins. charges $33.30, net value of gold $1,082.93.  Finished posting up K. B. mining books.  Now ready to take off balance sheet and make out 1905 report to Boston office.  Evening Mrs. Bill Morris and son visited.  E. R. Gray said a box of mauls and wedges marked OGH were at the wharf lost last shipment invoice 5 Seattle Hardware Co.

December 20, 1905 Railway Co. paid last two bills rendered 11/21/05,  $41.48.  Bank furnished assay report on first 2 consignments of gold total amount 65.36 oz., assay 59.59 oz., cash $977.62, banks charges $26.25.  Banks weight of seasons output 247 oz. 18 dwt. 07 gr.,  U. S. Assay office gross 248.04 oz., net 225.60 oz., cash $3,700.40, bank charges $120.95,  net to  K and B Co. $3,579.45.  Got ledger posted up, took off balance sheet.  Debit account $3,9715.64 K and B Co., $3,5453.39.  Due OGH $4,262.25.

December 22, 1905  Rain sleet and snow.  Snowed a foot on the summit of Alaska Central Railway today.  Typewrited off my K. B. report, December 20, down at bank.  Report ready to send in, some vouchers to be segregated.  Evening Mattie, babe and myself visited on contractor Houle’s.  Chimney burned out.  Bought x-mas gift for neighbor $3 who had been good to Mattie while I was away from home.  Got crystal put in Sam's watch cost 75¢.

December 23, 1905  Cloudy and soft.  Got word that the Portland was wrecked on a reef near Ketchikan on down trip, no lives lost.  Made out duplicate vouchers K. B. labor etc.  Bought x-mas presents for family.

December 24, 1905 AM took baby out for a sled ride.  Had our x-mas turkey today.  Mrs. Morris and son from Knik took dinner with us.  Evening Mattie and Mrs. Houle attended church, papa minded the baby, Mr. Houle visited. Oregon overdue at Seattle 5 days, sent out $271 on her.  The Dora one week overdue at Seward on return trip from the Westward.

December 25, 1905 Xmas day turkey dinner family and myself in our own home at Seward Alaska.  Gave Mattie a Gund ring and $25, gave Elmer a book and $2.50, gave Stanley rubber shoe doll, fire wagon, horn etc.  All got presents from Sextons - baby and Elmer from Mrs. Capt. Morris.  All attended x-mas tree and exercises at Moore Hall.  Santa arrived all very good.  Evening the Santa Ana arrived with 2 weeks mail and x-mas presents freight etc.  Evening got K. B. report and voucher ready to mail to Boston office.  Matanuska Mining Co. paid bill balance $13.85.

December 26, 1905  Received letter from Hanmore, Bridgman and W. A. Farnsworth.  Farnsworth said they would pay a dividend of ¼ of 1% and he would raise 5 to 10 thousand for to equip the mines.  Mailed 1905 report and vouchers K and B Co. to Boston office.  Evening wrote to father. Mattie answered Mrs. N. S. Culver's letter about Farnsworth.  Kidder paid $3.80 due for 19 my maps left on sale, balance 5 to sell.

December 27, 1905  Doc Herndon and Mr. Briggs visited, also Capt. Depew who is planning to put a river boat on the  Sushitna River in 1906.  Evening answered Farnsworth letter see copy December 27, 1906, $1,000, Feb. 1st $4,000 April 1st.  Answered Hanmore letter nothing doing about river boat and trading Co. N.Y.  Got Seattle Hardware Co. bill to balance $193.36.  Applied for apple trees and currant bushes at Sitka Agricultural Station for Knik garden.

December 28, 1905 The Santa Ana left 11 AM and the  SS Bertha arrived 4 PM.  Fixed up 2 dozen my maps of Alaska ready for sale.  SS Bertha left for Kodiak and Seldovia at midnight. Clear and much colder.

December 30, 1905  Colder and windy, 10 above.  Called on Horric, Kyle’s assistant, got order for Railway Yukon horse sled at Knik to use for a short time.  Took up my maps at drugstore 14, 11 sold, collected for 11 $2.20,  left on sale 2 dozen and display map to be paid for when sold.  Evening fixed up 15 maps trail Seward to McKinley gold fields.  Map account at Seward: Owl Drug Co. 1st lot 25 = $5, 2nd lot 11 = $2.20 Sound News Co., 1st lot 19 $3.80, self sold two 70¢.  Total sales 1905 $11.70.  My price 20¢. sell 35¢.

December 31, 1905  Windy and freezing 20 above.  This year closes with family and myself living in our own home at Seward Alaska, with about 6” of snow on the level.  December was a windy month.  Had a duck dinner.  Our home worth double that of one year ago.  Beside store at Knik, stock worth $3,000, buildings $1,000, house at Seward $1,500, net worth $5,500 ,bills due $4,262.25, total $9,762.25, bills payable $1,500, total worth $8,262.25 and 80,000 shares of stocks valued at 30¢ a share.

Actual cost of lot and cottage at Seward  October 1904 to April 1905: Cost of lot special price $250, cost to clear and grade lot $56.45, first lumber bill $290.83, second lumber bill $17.86, third lumber bill veranda $46.41, labor to build house $150, labor to build veranda $50, cost for sidewalk $5.50, cost to wire house $11.50, cost to build wood shed $11, nails, inside fittings and locks $36.85, cost of paint and labor for 2 coats outside house $75, papering, closets and varnishing $83.90. Total $1,085.30.  Additional value lot $500.  Cost of putting water into house $45, cost of cesspool (October 1910)  $25.50. Total cost $1,653.80.

Left Knik for mines via winter trail to get saw logs, fire wood and blocks for riffles. Pay each Native 20¢ per cut, 50¢ to sled logs up to Gilbert claim.  If 2 men sled on one log pay 75¢ for log 37½¢ each man at mess house.  Pay $1 for 3 logs for blocks delivered to saw pit.  Natives board themselves.  Natives that I would employ from Knik: Stephan, Andrew, Ephim, Affinassa, Prince and young Nakeeta.  From Old Knik: Chief Nicholai, Evan (about 25 years old), Murphy, Theodore.  From Sushitna Station: Little Evan, Evan and Nakeeta good sled men.

Addresses in 1905 journal:
J. Girdwood  28 White Street New York
W. N. Ruble   Golden Oregon
J. F. Riley  470 Douglas Street San Francisco
Judge O. E. Sauter  524 NY Block Seattle
Clark Davis 730 NY Block Seattle
J. O. Buzzard  Box 13702  Seattle
H. C. Osborne 40 Cluny Ave. Toronto Canada
A. Beverly Smith  31 Union Sq. West New York

1904 Clean up Gross: Hydraulic hose run 62-4-16, giant 108-6-20, Total gross: 171-11-12.
1905 Clean up gross before melting:  giant only 246-8-0 time 70 24 hour days = $57.14 per day.

This diary commences the new year with OGH and  family living in their own home at Seward Alaska with general merchandise store at Knik Alaska.  This diary closes the year with OGH and family living in their 3 room annex to store at Knik with the exception of our dear boy Elmer who died August 13th and is buried in lot back of store at Knik.  

January 1, 1906 At Seward working on new map of central Alaska showing gold fields, boat routes, trails, etc.  Old maps 1898 selling well at 50¢ each.  

January 2, 1906 Called on E. R. Gray of Seward Kenai Lumber and Fuel Co. said they would run boats to Knik Harbor next season and would handle my freight.  J. O. Buzzard in town.

January 3, 1906 Left 24 maps with the Seward News Co. to sell at 50¢, each net to me 25¢.

January 4, 1906 Sent to A. M. Bridgman, K and B Co. treasurer, views of work done at the KB mines season of 1905.

January 5, 1906  Clear, 3 to 12 above, coldest day of winter thus far.  The Oregon arrived at 2 PM.  Placed 2 maps in the Hotel McNeilly  and Coleman offices to advertise central Alaska and new gold fields around Mt. McKinley District.  Young said he had a deal on to sell our Knik River placers for $6,000 cash and 1/10 interest.

January 6, 1906  Snow blocked Alaska Central Railway at summit, around zero all day now 10 below.  SS Bertha arrived from the Westward, was gone 9 days very windy.  O’Riley came in from Twenty Mile.

January 7, 1906  High wind.  The Oregon and SS Bertha sailed for Seattle.  Split up ½ cord wood.  Worked on new drawing map of central Alaska.

January 8, 1906  High wind zero temperature.  Harold Dollar arrived with cargo of lumber for the Kenai Lumber and Fuel Co.  Jerry O’Dale got back from Knik.  Received letter from Cramer, was doing well in Knik Cash Store, sent checks from Chas Ulanky $42, W. J. Murphy $1,702.10.  Murphy wanted his money brought to Knik when I come.  Dr. Grimes arrived from Rainbow  Creek, Turnagain Arm.  

January 9, 1906 Deposited $1,744.10 in bank.  Dr. Grimes visited. Evening Mattie attended the Seward Debating Club.

January 10, 1906  Everybody at Seward excited over the Yentna Gold District.  Several mushers arrived, George Gibson and others.  Many buying outfits to go in.  Evening wrote to Cramer at Knik, manager of my store there.  Received letter dated December 9th and Alaska Central Railway bill $57.93 no. 9539 November 15, 1905 indorsed A. F. Sprague.

January 11, 1906  Worked on map tracing of my new map of central Alaska.

January 12, 1906 zero degrees. SS Santa Clara arrived got statement from Scandinavian American Bank Seattle and draft for balance of cash due me, $59.58, which closes our account.  Received letters from Hovey and F. S. Sylvester and duplicate of Seattle hardware bill.

January 13, 1906  Big wind. Bought ton of coal $13.52 and wood $4.50.  Paid Nakeeta $5 for his lot at Knik with all right to the same.

January 14, 1906 Evening Elmer and mother attended church while Dad minded the baby.

January 15, 1906 Clear, big wind.  Saw many that wanted to buy outfits at my Knik Cash Store via the McKinley gold fields.

January 16, 1906  Very windy day. Took my map of central Alaska over to Railway office to have Smith make a neat tracing for etching.  Evening Mattie at Debating Club, subject “Married and didn’t know it”.

January 17, 1906  More wind. Called Ballaine and paid balance due on lot, $150,  got deed to same.  Saw Watson, his man, Duke Harris, due from Knik, not heard from, said he sent 2 men out on the line to look him up.

January 19, 1906 Saw Teck's man about supplies he wanted at Knik.  Several ready to hit the trail for the new gold fields via Knik.

January 20, 1906  Temperature 7 below zero.  Duke Harris reported at end of track with feet frozen, was 40 below at the summit.  Made out bill cost of material to build cottages at Knik.

January 21, 1906  Temperature 10 below zero.  Duke Harris arrived from Knik with dog team, got letter from Cramer with bills due.  Harry Oda check $6.67, Watson bill December $57.30 net, K. B. horse account $330.  Palmer’s clerk came over to Seward with Duke. Several KP’s went to head of bay to search for Matt Miller who started from Seward the 11th to go to the logging camp but failed to show up.  Found no trace of him.

January 22, 1906  Watson settled up his account to January 1, 1906.  Bill due November 22nd $38.85, credit for shoeing horses $10, net due $28.85.  Sold J. G. Grimes outfit, paid $25 cash, on same.  The Oregon reported to have left Seattle for Seward today with 300 passengers.

January 23, 1906 Deposited $416.15 in bank. The Valencia reported boat struck a rock near  Vancouver Island.  Evening visited at Railway office to inspect tracing of my map of central Alaska.

January 24, 1906 Bought 2 cords wood off Mr. Leonard for $7.50.  Mail left for Knik, wrote Cramer to let Watson use horses to finish moving his machinery.  Wrote Bridgman that I would supply K. B. mines without pay until the mines were in shape to pay a dividend if they would pay up my back salary by April 1st.

January 25, 1906  Temperature 9 below zero.  The Farallon arrived, got mail from Seattle and Naugatuck  Got letters for Cramer from Edmunds.  Got letter from Hanmore at Tenakee near Sitka.  

January 27, 1906  Snowed 6”, temperature 30 above. Met Mr. Ellsworth druggist and assayer wanted to know about Knik for a location.  The Oregon is due tomorrow.

January 28, 1906 The Farallon got back from Kodiak.  Mattie got presents for myself and kids from Mrs. Wharf at Seldovia.  Baby got quite a bad cold.

January 29, 1906  Elmer and myself, with Yukon sled, hauled 1 cord wood from  Leonard’s to woodshed.   Matt Miller’s body was found at head of bay.  Evening the local KP’s met at Jeater's to take action to bury the body as he was a KP in good standing.

January 30, 1906  Elmer and myself finished hauling down the stove wood.  The Oregon arrived with 180 passengers and 600 tons freight, got no mail.

 January 31, 1906 Attended funeral Matt Miller at Methodist Church with KP’s.  Paid Bank of Seward $1,000 note due February 5th.

February 1, 1906  with K. P.’s, buried Matt Miller north of Seward town site was 50 years old, left wife.  Lost his life on January 11th crossing tide flats at head of Resurrection Bay.  Evening the Excelsior arrived, received this diary from Seattle through kindness of Mr. C. E. Hovey.  Telegram states that many are interested in central Alaska and a big boom will soon be on, 10 to 15 thousand have the gold fever on the Pacific Coast.  Portland and Frisco reaching out for future Alaska trade.

February 2, 1906 Minded baby most of day, baby sick with cold.  Paid for Jan. light 10% net $3.15, 1 lamp 25¢ total $3.40.  Paid January daily Gateway $1. The Santa Clara reported left Seattle with 225 passengers for Seward.  SS Excelsior left Seward last night for Seattle.  Evening posted up K. B. time book from segregated labor book.  Evening Houle's visited.  Got invite to Miss Sextons birthday party February 5th.

February 3, 1906 Baby quite sick with cold, minded him most of the day evening much better. Building operations lively at Seward.  Elmer stayed with Kit Irving last night.  Evening took usual bath.

February 4, 1906 Bought a few supplies from Pacific Trading Co. Seward to take to Knik Cash Store.  Baby very much better.  Evening Mamma went to church. SS Bertha due tomorrow then ready to make trip Seward to Knik by winter trail and Alaska Central Railway.

February 5, 1906  Several business blocks and cottages going up. Baby about all well took him out for an airing.

February 6, 1906 Finished buying dry goods to take to Knik.  Bought from Pacific Trading co. $55.20, bought from Brown and Hawkins $26.15, bought outside $1.35.  Saw several who were going to the Yentna gold fields via Knik.  Got pass on Railway line.  SS Bertha due tonight arrived 8 PM.

February 7, 1906 Got letter from Hovey and prospectus of Alaska Central Railway, sent him 44¢ balance due on this diary.  Bought 3 - 1906 diaries from Owl Drug Co. to take to Knik $4.50.  Got self new hat $3.50,  bought snow glasses from Bronell's Hardware $2, bought snowshoes from Hicks $4.  Saw Nelson about water.  Wired Fransworth, no mail yet, going to Knik on 9th, anything doing answer paid $3.80.  Mattie hemmed ends of fly. Packed bags ready for trip to Knik.

February 8, 1906 Packed up ready to leave for Knik tomorrow morning via Alaska Central Railway to mile 43.  Evening wrote to Mr. Harry about my new map to have L. and H. get out 1,000 and folders and etching made.  Drew $700 from bank.

February 9, 1906  Left Seward 8:30 AM on Alaska Central Railway via Knik.  Arrived at end of track mile 43 at 1 PM, had dinner, started out with sled.  Got ride over to camp 49 with McClure, Sexton and Attwood.  Invited to stop with engineer in charge.  

February 10, 1906  Left Bartlett’s  camp 49  8:30 AM, followed team to summit of the glacier, there rode down to camp 55, left camp 55 at 11:30 arrived at camp 63 at 1:45 ate dinner arrived at camp 67 (Cavanaugh) at 5 PM.  Went in to Railway camp.

February 11, 1906 Left Twenty Mile camp at 8:30, tide drove us off the beach.  Made it over to Kern Creek 10 AM, arrived at Alder camp at noon, had dinner.  Sexton and McClure were there ready to go back to Seward.  Jack Campbell hauled us over to Glacier Creek and up to Girdwood’s camp.  Duke Harris, Bernard Nane's partner, and 2 other mushers, Girdwood’s men got us a good supper then camped in bunkhouse.  Met Jerry O’Dale, got letter from Sam and 4 checks and Alaska Central Railway bill.  Sent checks and bill to Mattie by Jerome and O'Dale.

February 12, 1906 Left Girdwood’s camp 8 AM arrived off foot of Crow Creek summit at 10:30 lined up sleds to summit.  Started to cross summit at 3 PM, arrived at Dukes Eagle Creek camp at 7 PM.  Tea, bacon, bread, soda crackers and pork sausage for supper.  At camp Duke Harris, Bernard Nane’s, Alfred _______ (left blank) and OGH via Seward to Knik.

February 13, 1906 Left camp at foot of Raven Creek 7 AM arrived near mouth of Eagle River 4 PM. camped at Lewis Alaska Central Railway camp, made 20 miles today.

February 14, 1906 Left Alaska Central Railway Lewis camp at 7:30 AM arrived at Old Knik 2 PM camped in Elliott’s cabin, Elliott away from home.  Clear this evening.

February 15, 1906 Left Old Knik 8:30, arrived at Cottonwood at noon, ate dinner at the McKennon Homestead paid for 4 meals $2.  Had Natives haul my sled to Knik.  Rode down with Watson’s men.  At noon Watson’s man arrived at Cottonwood with Maud and Dan.  Arrived at Knik 4 PM.  All going well.  Knik Cash Store 2/3 sold out, no bacon or rice.

February 16, 1906 Started to post up store books.  Mills and Wilson left Knik for Yentna District.  Bacon all sold out at Knik.  Watson’s man returned Maud and Dan at noon,  Maud lame in knee.  Started to board at McNeil’s and Whitney’s, Hash House in our new cabin.  Many left Knik on way to Yentna District with gold on their brow.

February 17, 1906 Had Hugo Fels make new runner for light bobsleighs that Watson’s men demoralized.  Tek's men left with last load for the Forks.  Duke left for the coal fields.  Made out list of supplies to sled to K. B. mines.

February 18, 1906 Six prospectors arrived on way to Yentna gold fields.  Sent word to Duke to send in Nig and Tony and the bobsleighs.  Got light bobsleighs fixed up.  PM Hugo hauled in stove wood.  Labor on bobsleighs $6.

February 19, 1906  Posted on store books, sold last of riffles.  Agreed to move 3 prospectors Newton, Dr. Grimes and partner from Knik to Big Lake for $8.  Watson sent in for bill of goods, all out.

February 20, 1906 Six prospectors arrived on way to Sushitna Forks.  Sold one outfit, 3 men over $100.  Store sales $66.45, total about $175. Sledded 3 outfits Knik to Fish Creek and had boys bring back load hay, creek to K and B Co. $8.  Sent letter to Mattie by prospector cost $1.  Sent Watson 4 axe handles. Labor, Hugo Fels 1 day, Albert Andrews 1 day, hauling hay Fish Creek to Knik.

February 21, 1906  Agreed to haul 6 outfits from Knik to Fish Creek for $14.  Sent Mrs. Morris letter to her hubby.  Hugo hauled wood.  Store cash sales $161. Labor Hugo Fels 1 day hauling fire wood.

February 22, 1906 Hauled out 6 prospectors outfits from Knik to Fish Creek Lake.  Boys brought back another load of hay. Evening Reed arrived from lake reported good prospects.  Only sugar and milk left at Sushitna Station.  Our beans and flour sold out.  1¼ ton sugar, some canned goods, tools and clothing on hand.  

February 23, 1906 Noon O'Dale and Kyle arrived, got letters from Mattie, said Jos. fell and broke his arm.  Reed and Otto arrived late last night from Lake Creek,. claimed they staked good ground for Sam and Frank.  Grimes arrived at Knik, outfit ready for him.  Gave Sam check for $8 to pay recording fees.  

February 24, 1906 Kyle and O'Dale left for Seward, sent letter to Mattie.  Sent letter to Murphy that his money was here.  Would pay him 10% on a 3 month loan or 1% for 1 month if he wanted to loan it.  Reed and McNeil went moose hunting.  Indian Jim brought in one moose.  

February 25, 1906  Packed Grimes order, sold 2 outfits. Bought 1 oz. 7 gr. gold off  Mast__ Bros. came from Lower Willow Creek paid $16.00.  Bought more supplies from Railway Co. to sell to prospectors, fruit and spuds etc.  

February 26, 1906  Joe Anderson visited on way to Yentna, cashed his check $186.  J. W.  Hamilton, Watson’s foreman, visited,  brought down Nig and Tony and bobsleighs wanted them again March 7th to move sawmill boiler.  J. G. Grimes took away balance of outfit.  Now ready to open trail Knik to mines.  

February 27, 1906 Got ready for 1st trip Knik to mines for season.  Cooked beans and fruit packed trail grub.  Got 2 sets double enders from Railway Co.  Watson arrived this evening got letter from Mattie all quite well, snow about gone at Seward.  Evening made out McNeil’s and Whitney’s grub bill $343.70 net for 2 months.

February 28, 1906  Left Knik 8:30 with 2 men and 2 teams, 1 load hydraulic pipe and load of camp gear and horse feed.  Left load of pipe at Meadow Creek put, both teams on one sled and drove through to Sushitna camp arrived 6:30 PM.  Twin Lakes flooded snow about 15” deep.  Had supper 8:30 retired at 11.

March 1, 1906 At Sushitna camp.  Drove go-devil over trail to Meadow Creek then sent Hugo on to Knik for load of  hydraulic pipe and more supplies.  With Nig and Tony hauled in load of hydraulic pipe Meadow Creek to Sushitna (2,250 lbs.).

March 2, 1906  At Sushitna camp.  AM drove up to top of ridge and cut out windfalls on trail, got back 1:30 then fixed trail, river to bench, by camp.  3:30 Hugo arrived from Knik with load of pipe.

March 3, 1906 Hugo went back to Knik for another load of hydraulic Pipe.  Myself and Albert hauled 1 nest of pipe to the ridge then broke trail to summit.  Brought back go-devil no. 2 to the Sushitna camp got back 7:30 PM.  Trail very good now Sushitna to summit.

March 4, 1906 Andrew and self moved up to the summit camp, took up Yukon horse sleds and grub and horse feed to last 2 days.  Arrived at summit 2:30 put up fly, trail was heavy for Yukon sleds.  Snow 2’ deep at summit.

March 5, 1906  At summit camp.  Andrew and self broke trail over to Little Creek near Willow.  Hugo hauled load pipe Sushitna camp to summit Ridge.  PM all built brush barn at summit camp.

March 6 1906 with 4 horses, broke trail over to canyon 1 mile below lumber camp on Willow Creek.  Heavy snow all day snowed 1’ on Willow Creek was about 2’ deep on level.

March 7, 1906 All hands drove out to Knik for last load of hydraulic pipe and provisions.  Left summit 8:30 fed horses and ate lunch at Sushitna camp left Sushitna camp 2 PM arrived at Knik 7 PM.

 March 8, 1906  Hugo and Andrew left Knik with 2 loads for Sushitna took last of hydraulic Pipe.  Red visited for Nig and Tony wrote Hamilton that the horses would return March 14th weather  favorable could then have one team. McNeil and Whitney paid on January and February bill $242.70, balance due $99.45.

March 9, 1906  Frank paid his personal bill.  Simeon came in from ridge, had shot a moose, bought hind quarter from him.  George Sutton got back from Yentna on way to Seward.

March 10, 1906 Cloudy.  Boys moving K. B. outfit Sushitna to ridge.

March 11, 1906 Got ready for trip to Seward.  Drew $964.85 from Knik Cash Store.  Left $1,200 and check to W. J. Murphy for $750 at store.  Bacus and Briggs were down from Old Knik will go with them in morning.

March 12, 1906 Left Knik 9 AM arrived at Old Knik 2:30 PM got dinner at Elliott’s cabin, Bacus and Briggs was there.  Tide flats were bad on account of full moon tide. Was rather sore, had 27 lb. pack so remained at Old Knik overnight at Elliott’s cabin.

March 13, 1906  Left Old Knik 8 AM arrived at Eagle River 2 PM. Lewis engineer party had moved so mushed on up Eagle River about 12 miles, was quite cold only slept 2 hours kept fire going to stay warm.  Paid Ellsworth partner $2 for day board.  Passed 4 mushers on way to the Forks via Knik all had their outfits.  Trail on tide flats very bad.

March 14, 1906  Mushed up Eagle River  to Raven Creek Pass to Crow Creek.  Arrived 3 PM too late to go over Crow Pass so camped at Dukes campground and fire, someone had just left camp AM.  Eagle River opening up in many places trail not good since the last snowstorm.

March 15, 1906 Left Dukes trail camp on Eagle River at 8 AM.  Met 19 prospectors between Eagle Creek and Crow Creek summit with outfits for McKinley gold fields.  Arrived on summit 1 PM met Wilson and Party.  A snow slide caught one party and buried 3 men the boys dug them out all OK.  Arrived at Glacier Creek 5 PM.  Weaver and O’Riley just arrived also Sprague.  Bunked with Railway store keeper.

March 16, 1906 Glacier Creek to Railway camp 63.  Stopped at camp 71 gave McCabe, Palmer’s letter, waited there for Weaver the mail man until 3 PM.  Ate dinner.  Atwood and Moore arrived got news about the new Inlet boats for the coming season.  Arrived at camp 63 at 6:30.  Sexton and Doc Allen arrived on way to Glacier all had supper together.  Sexton, Weaver and myself bunked together on timekeeper Tyler’s floor.  Hard bed and cold around the edges.

March 17, 1906 Camp 63 to camp 46 via Alaska Central Railway to Seward.  With mail carrier, Weaver, walked 17 miles to end of track by 1 PM.  3 PM train left for Seward, arrived 7 PM.  Stanley not very well, “teething”.  Minded baby while Mattie sang at the Methodist Irish concert.

March 18, 1906 Found a months mail, took all AM to read it.  Farnsworth wrote that he sent $1,000 and $600.  The $600 was at bank, nothing heard from the $1,000, paid through the Chase National of New York.  Got letters from father wanted us to come there.  Felt bum today right ankle lame from 300 mile mush.

March 19, 1906 Deposited at Bank of Seward $1,089.10.  Called on engineer department of Alaska Central Railway and presented December bill that was lost in transit for $57.93.  My order to collect $204.20 on Yentna Restaurant bill was refused as they had sent check in for that amount to McNeil.  Evening minded baby while mamma and Elmer attended the Barn Dance.  Got hair cut etc.  Evening made out lumber order for store annex and cottages at Knik.

March 20, 1906  Sent C. E. Hovey at Seattle, message about maps: 1,000 in blue mount, 500 in cloth mount, wholesale 60¢. Jake Heinmuller visited.  Saw Kenai Lumber and Fuel Co. about freight and lumber they were to ship to Knik nothing doing.  Made out lumber order for 1 cottage $250 and store annex $100 at Knik.  The Farallon expected tonight.

March 21, 1906 Collected Blakely’s January bill Alaska Central Railway Co. $30.75.  SS Farallon left for Kodiak.  Made out hardware order for Knik Cash Store.  Cut Stanley’s hair.  Sold bed cot for $4.  

March 22, 1906 Took up rug in front room cleaned same and relayed it.  Capt. White who owns the Valanta and now is discharging a big cargo of lumber here at Seward said he would put gas engine in the Valanta and run her on the Inlet and Knik Arm. Mattie started to have her teeth fixed up.

March 23, 1906  Wrote W. A. Farnsworth and AM B  about trip to mines and supplies on ridge, left $1,000 at Knik to push K. B. work, credit for only $600 here.  Minded baby while Mattie had her teeth filled.  Tried to trace O. Remington check $9.70 at Railway office.  Elmer bought new set school books starting in 4th reader.  Advertised cottage and launch for sale or rent.

March 24, 1906  Paid New York Life Insurance $265.50. Wired A. M. Bridgman nothing doing on credit for $600, you trace $1,000 supplies at mines.  Left Seward for Seattle 7:30 on the SS Farallon.  Boat crowded bought ticket to Juneau. Mattie came down to the boat to see me off.  

March 25, 1906 Cloudy with snow.  In route near LaTouche heavy sleet and snow.  Arrived at Ellamar 11 AM loaded 200 tons copper ore.  Left Ellamar 5 PM and arrived Fort Liscum 7:30 PM. First storm in one month.  Wrote to Mattie and sent horse bill to leave at Bank of Seward with instructions not to receive any money from Watson except for the full amount $445.50.  Left Valdez 11 PM.

March 26, 1906 Cloudy.  Arrived at Kayak 4 PM left 5 PM.  Took on Tracey, manager English Oil Co., on his way to England.  Night watchman moved our grip from room 14 to room 5 dumped contents of my grip in gangway over boiler room lost this diary fell through grating, didn’t find same until next day.  Gave fireman $1 for finding diary.

March 27, 1906 Arrived at Yakutat  5 PM, after leaving Yakutat run into squally weather quite rough.

March 29, 1906 Arrived at Juneau 2:30 AM.  Mailed letter to Mattie at Seward.  No boats at Juneau or above so stayed on the SS Farallon - Juneau to Seattle.  6 PM passed through Wrangle Narrows.  Worked on orders for supplies wanted at store at Knik. Expect to reach Ketchikan 5 AM tomorrow.

March 30, 1906 Arrived at Ketchikan. After breakfast entered Dixon Entrance in smooth water again 5 PM.  Passed SS Bertha at noon on her way to Seward.  Met Mr. Jamison, coal expert, who was at Knik to examine Matanuska coal Aug. 1904.  Passed the Jefferson 10 PM.

March 31, 1906 Passed through Millbank Sound, not rough.  Passed tug with a tow and a British boat.  Noon passed Bella Bella, British town.  PM passed through Queen Charlotte Sound, long swell not rough.  Evening in social hall McCormack gave his experience as a Christian Scientist. Now sailing along Vancouver Island.  

April 1, 1906  Passed through Seymour Narrows, 7 AM, aft wind made good time. Evening had long talk with V. A. Paine Onaiga, Illinois  - just from Fairbanks.

April 2, 1906  Arrived at Seattle 5 AM partly cloudy.  Located at Hotel Seattle.  Called on Puget Sound National Bank found balance of $157.29, deposited draft $1650, total $1,807.29. Called on Sylvester Bros. invited me to stay at their house while in Seattle.  Ordered bill heads etc. at Lowman and Hanford’s, had map etching made. SS Santa Clara left for Seward sent letter and note to Mattie by Dr. Sleem.  Had Turkish bath.

April 3, 1906  Met Hovey, went over map business and ate lunch. Visited on Washington Rubber Co., goods ordered will be shipped 10th.  Bought a Hall fireproof safe from Norris Safe and Lock Co. $90, paid cash $30, balance $15 per month.  

April 4, 1906  Bought doors and windows off O. B. Williams $36.12 and gave Hovey order for lumber for store annex.  Noon invited to luncheon with Mr. Noval Washington of Rubber Co., ate lunch at Butler Cafe.  PM bought clothing and notions from Western Dry Goods Co. Hovey gave me back draft for $25.  

April 5, 1906  At Seattle. Finished buying dry goods at Western Dry Goods Co. and bought hats and caps from J. T. Hardeman Hat Co. Bought shoes from C. Gotzian and Co. St. Paul.  N. M. Singleton manager 501 Washington Bldg.  Evening gave Sylvester Bros. order for provisions for Knik Trading Co.
April 6, 1906  Bought bill of drugs from Pacific Drug Co. and hardware from Seattle Hardware Co. Evening went down to dock mailed letter to Mattie on SS Farallon.  

April 7, 1906  Finished buying goods off Seattle Hardware Co.  Bought store supplies from Lowman and Hanford and settled for maps. Bought furniture from Carman Mfg. Co.  Left 50 maps on sale at Lowman and Hanford’s, sale price 50¢ net to me 30¢.  Got letter from Mattie, wire from Farnsworth, $600 sent to Seward.  Wired Farnsworth leaving 10th going to pay salary or not? Pay Puget Sound.  F. S. Sylvester’s silver wedding.

April 8, 1906  Went down with Sylvester Bros,  to office, with Ed, took a look at G. W. new depot and tide flats etc.  PM read Sunday papers and visited with the Mrs. Sylvester’s then mother and father Ed and Fred took a nap.

April 9, 1906  Bought wallpaper $11.92, butter and eggs $58.80, garden seeds $9.20, tents etc. $145.90, lumber for store $133.45.  PM  found out the Jeanie wouldn’t sail until 13th.  The Oregon arrived with letter from Mattie dated March 31st.  Evening took a bath.  Booked orders for fall shipment on shoes and shirts.

April 10, 1906  Bought small order of shirts $35.07, ton of seed spuds and 2 boxes oranges $28.87, rugs, matting etc. $30.58, telescope grip $1.50, stencil and brush 50¢.  Bought barber supplies for Albert Andrews.  Saw purser of the Neptune, he wanted my freight.  Poland and Welch arrived in town on way to Seward.  Bought fountain pen for Cramer $3 for one.

April 11 1906  Bought barber chair and supplies for Albert Andrews at Knik, $29.45.  Called on Hovey and industrial department of Alaska Central Railway Co.  Helped Ed Sylvester unpack goods.  All ready to go north but  no boats ready.

April 12, 1906  Had copyright fixed up for my map of central Alaska.  Hovey ate lunch with me at Olympus.  Got hardware bill, paid $150 on same.  Asked to inspect boat to be sent to Sushitna River by prospective buyer.  Evening talked over ranching business with Fred Sylvester.  Met Mr. Houle on 2nd Avenue.

April 13, 1906  Went down to foot of Battery Street to inspect F. C. Woolsey gas boat which he intended to take to Cook Inlet.  Offered to sell my launch for $600.  Had my teeth cleaned, found 1 cavity.  Bought few things for Mattie Elmer and baby. Evening took dinner with Mr. Hovey and attended the show. Got column write up in Daily Times about Knik and Seward, the 13th.

April 14, 1906  Got up at 5:30 took  grip down to Sylvester Bros. store, got trunk ready at Western Dry Goods Co.  Had express man take baggage to pier 4.  The Oregon didn’t leave until 11 AM.  Gave Sylvester Bros. Co. two checks $500 each on Puget Sound so they could draw if Farnsworth sent any funds.  Hovey saw me off,  Hawkins and Brown was there, also Mr. and Mrs. Houle.  Seattle to Seward on SS Oregon stateroom no. 30.  10 PM out of Straits.

April 15, 1906  In route Seattle to Seward on SS Oregon via outside route weather fair. Only a few took their meals, not rough but most all sea sick. Had a fine dinner with Colonel Swanitz and Ed Butler of Seward Light and Power.

April 16, 1906  In route on SS Oregon partly cloudy.  A little rough today off Queen Charlotte Sound.  Evening smoother sea. Out 600 miles at noon today.

April 17, 1906  On SS Oregon 922 miles from Seattle at noon today. Smooth today all sick passengers at dinner today. Expect to arrive at Valdez PM tomorrow.  Sold 1 map of central Alaska 50¢.

April 18, 1906  On SS Oregon partly cloudy.  Arrived off mouth of Copper River early this AM.  Very smooth sea, got inside Prince William Sound 10 AM arrived Valdez 3 PM and learned of the terrible earthquake that swallowed up a portion of the business section of San Francisco.  Sent Mattie message would have week in Seward before goods on Portland arrived.

April 19, 1906  Left Valdez 4 AM, arrived at Seward 4 PM.  Mattie and Elmer and baby were at dock to meet me.  No funds in bank from K and B Co.  Sent Washington Rubber Co. a check Puget Sound $4.30 for insurance on rubber goods.  Snow most all gone at Seward.

April 20, 1906 Got credit at bank, checks sent by Cramer from Knik Cash Store $154.90.  Borrowed $1,000 from Bank of Seward for 3 months.  Whitney returned McNeil’s check to pay restaurant bill.  Railway Co. promised to pay same 23rd.  Took out $10,000 trading license for $25 and tobacco license $15.  Left on consignment at Owl Drug Co. 6 dozen maps, Seward News Co. 6 dozen maps, to sell at 50¢ each net 25¢ each to me.  Sent Washington Rubber Co. draft to balance $560.50.

April 21, 1906  Got packing box ready and arranged things in attic.  Sold cook stove and last of cooking gear.  Sent Vivia Cramer of Tacoma, $50 by request of her father at Knik.  Paid $40 for trading and tobacco license to U. S. Attorney Glegg. Mattie busy packing trunks.  Found another tooth needed fixing.  Streets in Seward clear of snow a month later than last spring.

April 22, 1906 Packed medicine and Elmer’s tools.  One more box to pack - babies chair ,bed, clothing, etc.  Answered fathers letter last night, invited him to come up for a vacation June and July at Knik.  Some of Seward people excited over new railroad at Orca and moving over there.  Purches and wife visited will go to Knik to live.

April 23, 1906  Collected Alaska Central Railway bill for December cash $50.33. Paid Alaska Central Railway for supplies left at Knik $107.49.  Received McNeil check $204.20 payment on restaurant bill rendered at Knik Cash Store January and February 1906.  Subscribed for weekly Gateway for six months $1.50.  Put ad in daily advertising Knik Trading Company 14 times in 1 month cost $2,  paid to advertise cottage for sale or rent $1.15.  Mattie had her teeth fixed tooth crowned.

April 24, 1906 All packed up ready for the Portland from Seward to Knik.  Left deed of Gilbert Claim with Hildreth to be recorded and mailed to K. B. Co.,  recording fee $3.55, notary $1.  Deposited in bank $254.53.  Kenai Lumber and Fuel Co. wanted me to act as their agent at Knik to sell lumber etc.  Took dinner with neighbor J. S. Morris.  Sold grub on hand for $30.

April 25, 1906  The Portland reported in Valdez 10 AM, due here tomorrow noon, everything packed ready for Knik.  Ate supper with neighbor Morris.  Put ad in Gateway for one month weekly 4” $6.   Another ad in daily for one month $2.  Evening had hair cut.  Elmer slept on Mrs. Morris.

April 26, 1906  The Portland arrived, got ready to leave for Knik via Seldovia.  Saw Watson about horse, wanted to settle at Knik.  Rented Seward cottage $30 per month to M. Dickey of Snider and Dickey firm,  Bank of Seward to collect rent at 5%. Left Seward 6 PM on SS Portland for Seldovia, 3 fares $25, paid express man $1.50.  Took consignment of lumber from Kenai Lumber and Fuel Co. to sell at Knik.

April 27, 1906  On SS Portland very rough trip, arrived Seldovia 10 AM cloudy.  Invited to Mrs. Woofs house.  Mattie stayed with Mrs. Whoof, Elmer and myself at Hotel Kafory's.  Neptune on beach so gave my freight to Tyonek 80 tons.  Ate lunch with Woofs.

April 28, 1906  The Portland discharging freight all day, left at midnight.  Elmer and myself slept at hotel.  Hotel room $1, meals $3. The Tyonek and the Toledo loaded for Knik and Glacier Creek.

April 29, 1906  At Seldovia partly cloudy. The  Excelsior arrived at 2 PM  - more for Knik.  The Toledo left for Turnagain Arm 8 PM and the Neptune left for Woofs coal mine to coal up. The  Excelsior had cannery supplies and help for Uyak cannery. The  Tyonek will leave AM tomorrow.

April 30, 1906  At Seldovia  rain showers. The Jeannie arrived, anchored outside of harbor. The Tyonek went out with scow, took on 6 head cattle and 2 horses for Government farm at Kenai, also 150 barrel of beer and 15 tons for Sleeper. The Tyonek left Seldovia for Knik, was too rough to land mail at Homer very good navigating to Kenai.

May 1, 1906  On SS Tyonek, arrived Kenai 7 AM.  Put off mail and a few boxes freight.  S. E. wind anchored above east foreland for flood tide to cross over to Tyonek.  Snow squalls this AM, same thing happened 1 year ago today.  Arrived at Tyonek 8 PM took on coal and left off Woolsey and family.  Anchored for AM flood tide tomorrow.

May 2, 1906   Left Tyonek 6 AM for Knik, smooth tide.  Got all my mail from purser.  Passed Fire Island, arrived Knik 1 PM.  The Tyonek lay on beach, discharged part of cargo on scow.  Got all discharged by 9 PM, 71 tons lumber yet to come. The Neptune arrived at 11 PM. Palmer and Squaw went out on Tyonek. Mattie and sons slept in my bed, myself on a cot.

May 3, 1906  At Knik partly cloudy.  Had 2 men cache balance of freight left on beach.  Filled both caches and rented corner in Railway storehouse to store balance of provisions and hardware.  Self busy opening up goods.  Sam had 2 men laying up logs to store annex.  Elmer slept with Sam over at store.  Mattie and myself  used back room of store.  Hamilton, Watson’s foreman, was down bought oil, elbows, etc., for coal mines.

May 4, 1906  Busy all day marking goods and selling goods.  Sold one outfit for Yentna District and one for Matanuski.  Sales over $100.  Evening talked over business with Sam he had lumber sawed and everything delivered at the mines.

May 5, 1906  Busy checking down goods.  Sold one  $100 outfit.

May 6, 1906  Busy unpacking goods.  Side wall to annex up, ready for 2nd story when lumber arrives.  Started to fix up front room over store for Mattie’s room until store annex is finished.

May 7, 1906  Tides increasing, raising ice out of rivers and sloughs causing considerable ice in channel.  Ice cut line on scow, beached her at spring, evening brought her back in front of store.  Harry Watson came over from Old Knik.

May 8, 1906   Waiting for lumber to arrive to finish store annex.  Boys ploughed garden in front of store and started to clean up Cramer and Herning lots.  Evening wrote to Bank of Seward, sent 5 checks for deposit $159.25.  Sent Norris Safe and Lock Co. balance due $60.  Sent order for provisions to Pacific Coast Trading Co. Seward.  Eight men arrived on dory from Glacier Creek.

May 9, 1906 Self finished laying matting in room over store.  Boys set new posts around store garden.  Moved part of freight into store annex.  Stephan left with his sloop for Turnagain Arm.  Showers last night same tonight.  Self caught cold.

May 10, 1906  Hugo and Bert graded road  from K. B. barn to annex to store.  Laid off 3 men, waiting for lumber to arrive. Boys had to give up plowing gardens on account of frost.  Store garden ready to plant to spuds.  Evening moved into room over store until annex is finished.

May 11, 1906 Finished grading in rear of store annex.  Wrote to Washington Rubber Co. for credit on boots and supplies. Sent order to Western Dry Goods Co. for duck hunting overalls etc.

May 12, 1906 Sam started to make show case for store counter.  Boys started to build fence back of new cabin.  Evening the Tyonek arrived,  brought only part of lumber and case sporting powder, 5 cases coal oil and case turp., 1 can short and box wedges that laid at Seward all winter.  Sent out-mail.

May 13, 1906 Started upper story on store annex

 May 14, 1906 The Toledo arrived, brought lumber shipped from Seward, was short 10M shingles.  The Toledo got stuck on the beach, had to layover until evening tide.  Got our horses to scrape dirt from under buildings - 4 hours.  J. W. Davis, I. L. Burks and Otto Halstrom, purser, engineer and mate on the Toledo, wanted to buy the launch terms $600,  they to fix her up and  pay $300 in July or return boat,  balance 3 months later $300.

May 15, 1906  Sam finished closet.  Boys hauled lumber from scow to yard. (Kenai Lumber and Fuel Co.)  Delivered 1,508’ shiplap for Yentna Restaurant Co.  Got lot back of store cabin about cleared and dug up for garden.  

May 16, 1906  The  Neptune arrived with a dozen prospectors for Yentna gold fields (McDonald and party).  Got sheathing on roof ready for shingling store annex.  PM busy in store sold $87 worth.  Evening put up order for McDonald for trip to Glacier Creek and return.  Busy day at Knik, mushers in town.

May 17, 1906  Hugo and Andrews quit  to get ready for Yentna gold fields.  Planted “Moms” garden. McDonald and party left on Stephan’s sloop for Glacier Creek.  Baby cross last night, “teething”.  Sold small dory $5.

May 18, 1906  The Toledo arrived.  Watson came in with men and freight. Shipped Yukon stove to Ballaine - Seldovia $8.  Two horses came on the Toledo for O’Brian.  Sold $80 supplies.  Mrs. Wheatly arrived on the Toledo.  Watson used our scow to discharge on,  Bacus and Briggs arrived and Tom Geter.

May 19, 1906  Started to plant garden in front of store, put netting on fence.  Howse and Cosser arrived with oil boat from Sushitna Station.  Store sales $41.55 beside 1 outfit put up for Yentna to go tomorrow.  

May 20, 1906  Sold C. A. Schonacker and party supplies for Yentna gold fields $342. Bought from Alaska Central Railway Co. 1 gallon molasses ,15 lbs. coffee, 20 lb. box dried corn.  Oil boat left for Yentna with party of six men.  Sam and myself up until 3 making out Hugo and Bert's time and bill for station supplies.

May 21, 1906  Had 3 men move store supplies out of Railway cache into store annex and our new cache.  McDonald and party got back from Glacier Creek.  Paid off Hugo Fels and Bert Andrews.  Evening they left for McKinley gold fields  by boat, Knik to Sushitna River.

May 22, 1906  Real warm today trees leaved out at Knik.  Sold McDonald a $200 outfit.  McDonald and party left Knik on evening tide for Yentna gold fields.  Scow dragged anchor down to spring, got tangled up with Stephan’s sloop.  Evening held first “Ball” at Knik,  five white women present, had dance in Whitney’s new restaurant building  Purches and wife played.

May 23, 1906  Sewed oats and planted potatoes in K. B. corral.  Store sales $40.  Started to put in partitions in rooms over store annex. Some of Watson’s men arrived from the coal fields.

May 24, 1906  Finished planting gardens.  Ready to hang doors and windows in annex over store.  Balance of Watson’s men arrived for coal fields.  Busy in store all day sales $91.90.  Paid Phil Denzer $25 for minding store in April while Sam was at the mines.

May 25, 1906  Watson paid for use of K. B. horses for January and February $366.  Busy all day in store sales $35.  Sam jointed up doors and windows in cottage over store annex.  Laid off men, work on gardens about done.  Evening looked up hardware orders etc.  Agreed to trade lumber etc.  With Purches for 20’ x 35’ tent and 24’ x 30’ fly.  Baby not feeling well teething and stomach bad.

May 26, 1906 Miller hung outside door to store annex store room, Sam hung windows.  Sold Purches and Peterson small outfit.  Graded ground around cache and store garden fence.  Mrs. Wheatly left Knik with her husband for the Matanuska coal mines.

May 27, 1906  Cut door through annex - store room to store.  Delivered lumber sold to Purches.  Evening the Tyonek arrived, got eggs, butter and vegetables from Seward and shoes from St. Paul.  Sent out orders for provisions, drugs, hardware etc.  Sent Seward Bank deposit: checks $664.25, cash $150, total $814.25.  Told them to send Seattle Hardware Co. draft for $800, got mail from W. A. Farnsworth,  Denzer and Watson went out.

May 28, 1906  Much needed rain arrived this evening gardens very dry.  Worked on flue for store annex,  got safety part up. Yentna Restaurant moved from store cabin to their new building on Duffy Avenue.  

May 29, 1906  Got flue finished and in place in rooms over store annex.  Evening Stephan got back from trip to Sushitna Station with McDonald and party. Store sales $27.

May 30, 1906  Clothed Elmer’s room store annex.  Evening the  Neptune arrived with U. S. Geological Survey to survey Knik and vicinity.  Sent out orders for clothing and rubber coats.  Sent to Bank of Seward checks $65 cash $50, total $115 for deposit.

May 31, 1906  In store all day.  Made out Kriedler's and Whitney’s account for balance of May, $302.05.  Evening they presented their board bill had it all balled up.  Trees all leaved out at Knik.

June 1, 1906  Started to fix store over,  tore out partition put stairs in annex,  Sam and Mr. Rowe helped.  Store expense, moving freight and cleaning horses, 14 hours one man $5.95.  Settled account with Kriedler and Whitney.  Mrs. Purches took charge of Yentna Restaurant today.  

June 2, 1906  U. S. Geological Survey left on tide for Knik and Matanuska Rivers. Remodeled counters and got shelving on counters up on west side of store.  Party of 6 men left on Stephan’s sloop for Glacier Creek.

June 3, 1906  A few mosquitoes around.  Store sales $37.83.  Got shelving up on east side of store and one counter made.  Had bottom of Sea Otter boat corked and painted.  Had Boyd wash the K. B. horses.  Put drugs on shelf.  Had blankets and canvas sweat covers hemmed for pack saddles.

June 4, 1906  Got counter finished, made nail counter.  Boyd fixed up packing gear and packed supplies for mines.  Launched Sea Otter boat.  Chas Miller arrived with his sloop had king salmon.  Bacus and Briggs left for upper Matanuska to prospect.  Evening made out Native account for  K. B. Mines.  Made out Henry Rousseau's May account  $63.30 balance $3.10.

June 5, 1906  Got up 4 AM started to rain  so the boys didn’t leave for K. B. Mines.  The Tyonek arrived, had mail but only went down to Goose Bay to lay over a tide for Watson’s men - expected down from the coal mines tomorrow.  Evening sent $333.62 in checks for deposit at Bank of Seward and $102.60  to post at Puget Sound National Bank Seattle.  Wrote Farnsworth we were ready to leave for mines.  Sent inventory of K. B. property at Knik.  Mattie sent box of goodies to Mrs. Whoof at Seldovia.

June 6, 1906  Got up 4 AM away to mines by 5 AM.  Rowe and wife, Henry,  Miller and Shorty went in boat to Cottonwood, Cramer and Boyd rode up on horses.  Help for mines - 5 men, Mrs. Rowe is cook,  Cramer foreman. Evening balance of Watson’s men arrived to go out on the Tyonek.  Sent Kenai Lumber and Fuel Co.  checks $102.70.  Supt. Hamilton came down from coal fields.

June 7, 1906  Natives preparing to go to Old Knik to attend  Church got all their trade.  Palmer’s man doing nothing.  Scotty Watson came over from Old Knik for supplies.  Tyonek took out  last of coal companies help.

June 8, 1906  Sold one outfit to Sam Dunlap.  Natives left for Old Knik to attend Church.  Took picture of Stephan’s family on sloop.  Baby not well seems to have the croup.

June 9, 1906  PM tide the Neptune arrived had 2 horses and 3 men.  Evening U. S. Geological Survey men came down from Cottonwood, sold them small bill of provisions.  Morning tide Dunlap and partner left for Knik Harbor to build a boat via Sushitna River.  Phil Denzer arrived on the Neptune from Seward.  Russian Priest arrived to hold services at Old Knik.

June 10, 1906  Got oilcloth on ceiling and one side of kitchen over store annex.  Sent Seward bank the Alaska Central Railway Co. bill February 1st to May 8th  for $37.49.  Yentna Restaurant board bill $103.50 to Seward Bank for collection.  Also 2 checks for deposit $148, total $288.99.  Erickson and partner here with horses to outfit for Sushitna gold fields also Denzer and partner.  

June 11, 1906  Worked in kitchen, got it almost covered with oilcloth. The Tyonek arrived with mail and Railway Co. dogs from Sushitna, got 1½ dozen tents.  W. J. Murphy was on the Tyonek on its way to Seward.  Paid him $300 cash and check $700 on account  of $1,702.10 borrowed money not for balance due.  Evening hoed mom’s garden and planted more lettuce seed.

June 12, 1906  Sold Erickson and partner $20 outfit.  He has 2 horses going to upper Sushitna via Chickaloon Pass.  Evening sold Denzer and partner $75 outfit bound for Lake Creek.

June 13, 1906 Harry Watson came over from Old Knik.  Elmer planted some spuds.  Evening cloudy, rain needed for gardens.  Erickson and partner left Knik with 2 horses to prospect at head of Sushitna  via Chickaloon and Talkeetna Rivers.

June 14, 1906  Potatoes are up.  Store sales over $100.  Sold Chas Miller $17 outfit and contracted with him for 2 barrel salmon bellies at 8¢ and 1 ton smoked salmon at 4¢ lb. delivery last of September.  Boxed up Schonacker's stove fittings that he left behind.  Got Phil’s outfit packed ready to ship on first boat to Sushitna Station.  Evening started to put shelves in pantry.

June 15, 1906  Store sales $45. Geter and last of Native men came down from coal mines - closed down.  The Neptune came in at noon, had Bartholf with 4 horses.  Sent Schonacker his fittings for old stove.  Wrote O. Remington that no checks came here.  Wrote Murphy at Tyonok and Seward that he could have the launch, to wire for gas engineer if he wanted her.  Hubbel and party went out on the Neptune.

June 16, 1906 Phil Denzer left last night for Lake Creek, Yentna District.  J. W. Hamilton, Watson’s superintendent, arrived from coal mines, paid Watson’s bill in full to date.

June 17, 1906 Frank Whitney left for Lake Creek.  Babies whooping cough much better.

June 18, 1906  Had Paul Owens help  on kitchen,  got all ready except setting up stove. Boyd arrived with 4 K. B. horses from Willow Creek mines for more grub.  Evening packed 600 lbs. grub for K. B. mines.  Gas boat came from Lake Creek reported $10 and up to the man.  

June 19, 1906  Sent Paul Owens as far as Sushitna cache with K. B. pack train.  Boyd left Knik with horses and 700 lbs. supplies. Evening started to mark goods and rearrange goods on shelves in store.  Sowed clover seed on K. B. corral ground.

June 20, 1906 Paul Owens got back from Sushitna cache with Dan and Maud.  Glen Names out for  Tyonek on Stephan’s sloop.

June 21, 1906  Had Paul Owens hoe gardens.  Placing goods on shelves all day.  Four prospectors arrived from Sushitna Forks good reports.

June 22, 1906  Had Paul Owens help place goods on shelves.  Got packed ready for mines.  Evening Geographic Survey party got back from Knik River.

June 23, 1906  Got away to the mines at 2 PM with Maud and Dan and rode Paul Owens pony.  Arrived at the Little Sushitna 9 PM.  Henry Rousseau was there on way from mines to Knik.

June 24, 1906  Horses left camp for Knik in the night, went as far as lake no. 4 to look for them.  Elmer and self left Sushitna camp 12:30 afoot, and arrived at mines 6:30.  Sam had setup half worked out.

June 25, 1906  Arranged to put in pipeline on bench.  PM piped with no. 2 giant.

June 26, 1906 with Nig, Tony and Boyd left mines for Sushitna cache.  Arrived at 6 PM.  Bought Nordick’s outfit for Boyd - boots Shorty $5.00, gun Boyd $20.00, tent Boyd $5.00, supplies $17.00, packsaddle for myself $8.00, total $55.  Nordick lost his horse, got cold feet and decided to quit his prospecting trip.

June 27, 1906   Got up at 4:30 breakfast 6:30.  Boyd got away with 2 packs on Tony and Nig for mines 7 AM.  Myself and Nordick left for Knik, U. S. G. S. party were at RR cache on way back from head of Little Sushitna. Arrived Cottonwood 12:30 noon found horses had been there. Arrived Knik at 2:30 PM.  Mattie had sold 1 outfit, store sales fair.  Boat was in, some supplies arrived.

June 28, 1906  Bartholf started out for Kashwitna, very heavy thunder storm PM.  Scotty Watson got back from trip with scow to Old Knik.  Made arrangements with Nellie Howard to help Mattie in house and store for one month at $25 and board.  Agreed to give Mr. Miller work at the mines.

June 29, 1906  Miller went up in O’Brian’s boat as far as Cottonwood, Knik to Sushitna.  Got ready to go to mines 2nd trip with Dan and Maud.  Packed Dan at the Cottonwood, rode Maud between creek crossings.  Bees stung Dan, he shook his pack and put back for Knik.  I followed him 3 miles but gave it up. Put Miller pack and grub on Maud, arrived at Sushitna cache 11 PM.  Had Vienna sausage and sauerkraut for supper.

June 30, 1906  Left Sushitna camp 9 AM caught up to Bartholf Bros. on Wet  Gulch they went on to my camp at mines.  Not ready to clean up and add flume boxes.

July 1, 1906  At mines.  Self started to bottom up and get ready for another setup.  Sam jointing up flume boxes.  Laid out line for new pipeline to run al along bench.  More freight arrived at Knik for store.

 July 2 to July 7, 1906 Working at the mines. Got 36 oz. and 16 gr. Got one $2.75 nugget.

July 8, 1906   Arranged work to leave for Knik Monday.  Evening Stephan arrived with letter from Mattie, thought I was lost not returning on time.  Stephan reported they had found coarse gold at the head of Little Sushitna.  All in camp were excited.  All Knik left for new strike on Saturday.

July 9, 1906  K. B. help appointed Boyd to go to new strike on Sushitna.  With Boyd, Stephan and 3 horses, left mines for head of Little Sushitna via Windy Pass on Willow Creek.  Arrived on Sushitna 2 PM had lunch.  Started to pan, got black sand but no gold, panned all PM.  Evening found Patchell’s and Miller’s stakes and Handsome Jim’s camp who reported the strike.  No one there could raise but 2 pin point colors so abandoned the creek, camped near canyon for night.  Skeeters quite lively.

July 10, 1906  7 AM started for Knik over new trail via down Little Sushitna to Vasilla’s hunting cabin -
there met Miller coming in, also Forty Mile Miller and Townsend with pack horses also Purches and McDonald party.  Got out to Watson’s Matanuska trail 2 PM arrived Knik 10 PM.  All very tired and tender behind.

July 11, 1906 Evening the Tyonek came in, stayed 10 minutes. Sent to Bank Seward 37 oz. and 16 dwt. Dust, didn’t have time to get off letter mail.  Box clothing arrived from Black Mfg. Co.  

July 16, 1906  AM got  up wood and water, fixed water barrel Had Natives saw wood 6¼ hours.  Wrote Seward Bank that I might want a loan of $2,000 November 1st for 90 days.  Got letter mail ready to send out.  Willard Hall got back from Upper Matanuska River.

July 17, 1906 Evening caught Dan and Maud for trip to mines on the 20th if weather OK.

 July 18, 1906  Busy in store all day sales very good.  Evening Bartholf’s son got back from head of Little Sushitna.  Evening  rain, gardens looking fine, store garden skookum.

July 19, 1906  Marked all the hardware and arranged same on shelves.  Bartholf Bros. got back from trip to Kashwitna, picked up Nordyke's horse on Willow Creek shot 2 brown bear.  Evening rain.

July 20, 1906  Got ready for trip to mines.  Left Knik at 3 PM with Dan and Maud and 175 lbs. of grub.  Arrived at Sushitna cache 10:30.

July 21, 1906  Left Sushetna cache 7 AM arrived mines 11:45.  Sam had old pipeline taken out and 300’ new line in, PM helped to joint pipeline.

July 22, 1906  At mines, jointed pipeline all day.  Took grades and found that Sam had part of line above grade 13½”.

July 23, 1906  Worked on new pipeline got same jointed to bank of creek, cleaned up head box.  After supper went to head of Grubstake for Dan and Maud.  Left Mines for Knik 8:30 PM. Light rain evening.

July 24, 1906  Arrived Sushitna cache 1:15 AM got feet wet, made cup coffee and dried out.  Left 5 AM for Knik brought extra pack saddle and Henry’s war bag.  Arrived Knik 12:30 noon - no boats in.

July 25, 1906  Very quiet at Knik, mail boat due.  Mattie ready for trip to Seward on account of baby - Stanley beginning to walk.  Took picture of Mamma and baby in kitchen.  Oats heading out.

July 26, 1906  Had Native hoe potatoes for last time, garden looking fine.  Bert Andrews got back from Yentna gold fields.  The Tyonek arrived on PM tide, got $100 order for supplies from Archie McDonald. Mattie and baby left for trip to Seward.  Oranges, butter, eggs arrived on Tyonek also mail.

July 27, 1906  Painted sign KNIK TRADING COMPANY.  Henry the cream-eater left Knik in small boat for Glacier Creek.  Mattie gone to Seward to have Stanley circumcised.

July 28, 1906  AM got pack ready for mines, sent Bert Andrews in with Dan and Maud, left Knik 11 AM.  Bartlett and Dirty Al all got back from Kashwitna.  Watson’s copper-gold mine no good.  Paid Mrs. Howard for 1 month ending today, clerking in store $25 and $10 for previous work.

July 29, 1906 Duffy gave Mrs. Howard a 3 hour earache.  Very quiet in store, sales zero.

July 30, 1906 Birthday, 38 years old, oh how time does fly.  Mattie and baby at Seward. Elmer at KB mines, myself at Knik managing Knik Trading Co. store.

July 31, 1906 Elmer and Bert arrived with 4 horses from the mines, came through in 12 hours.  Elmer had been sick 2 days with biliousness and dysentery.

August 1, 1906  AM got Bert off with pack for mines, sent Maud and Dan.  PM wrote to Mattie at Seward about reducing rent on our house until April 1, 1907.  Elmer troubled with his urine.  

August 2, 1906  Set up a dozen. kitchen chairs for Duffy $18. Started Elmer on treatment of rhubarb soda and calomel for liver and kidney trouble.  Ate first salmon caught at Knik.  Elmer waited on customers in store. Store sales very light.

August 3, 1906 Bartholf Bros. sent Chas Isaac in from Willow Creek for grub.  Got Elmer’s urine checked and back to natural color, was clear as water, appetite good.  Elmer picked mess of raspberries.  Evening Elmer helped me hang up store sign KNIK TRADING COMPANY.

August 4, 1906  Cleaned out balance of attic room over store and finished setting up chairs.  Sold Bartholf small order.  Evening washed my khaki clothes and underwear.  Indians all sick with bad cough, been sick since May.  Elmer not well but eats hearty - around with me about my work.  Evening played on flute Elmer on drum.

August 5, 1906  Varnished 2 dozen chairs.  Evening tide Hugo Fels and 3 others got back from Yentna gold fields reported Lake Creek no good.  Evening Glen Names and Palmer had words over a dog fight.  Palmer smashed Glens dog with a club, Glen had to shoot the dog and quit trading at Palmer’s and came to Knik Trading Co. store.

August 6, 1906 Evening answered Fitzsimmons  about Schonacker’s supplies.  Sent Kenai Lumber and Fuel Co. order for lumber to come on consignment.  Evening Elmer and self re-anchored scow.  Had 1st new spuds, were as large as goose eggs.

August 7, 1906 Elmer not very well troubled with his kidneys.  Evening gave Elmer a bath and took one myself.

August 8, 1906 Evening Red Jack arrived from Tyonek with McConahay and family.  Paddy arrived from Knik River had  fair sample of copper ore.  Elmer quite bad with kidney trouble.

August 9, 1906 Got McDonald’s overalls, 12 pair, ready to send with Red Jack to Lake Creek, paid 25¢ freight on same Knik to Station.  Store sales fair. Miller came out from mines said there was no water.  Sam wrote he would have to shut down the mines unless it rained.  Elmer in bed most all day, evening some better.  Red Jack left for Tyonek evening tide,  Elmer up to see boat leave.

August 10, 1906 Made out Miller’s time and account at store.  Looked after Elmer.  He ate eggs, toast, and Postum. Got Native to go to Willow Creek with letter to Sam about work while water was low. Elmer in bed all day first time since sick

August 11, 1906 K. B. help arrived  from mines on account of no water.  Paid off Sam Miller. PM got Frank Whitney to come and nurse Elmer,  condition normal up to evening, heart beginning to weaken, gave whiskey and  strychnine for heart, gave him sponge bath.  At times he’s not right in mind.

August 12, 1906  Elmer very weak, refused to take food, in a coma, pulse 120, no fever.  In evening gave injection egg through rectum.  Midnight the Tyonek arrived, Mattie and baby got back from trip to Seward.  Tents and box of dry goods came. Paid off 3 of K. B. help, they all left on the Tyonek and Hugo Fels for Seward and Sunrise.  Self nursed Elmer evening.  Frank sick.

August 13, 1906  Up all night with Elmer, temperature was normal up to 7:30 AM, when his heart action began to grow weak and heart stimulants would not revive him.  Gave him 4 hypodermics  of whiskey and strychnine.  He gradually grew weak and the poor little fellow breathed his last at 8:30 AM.  The poor little man was unconscious the last 36 hours, he died very peacefully age 10 years, 9 months, 26 days.  Cause of death heart trouble and diabetes.  Never forgotten.

August 14, 1906  Very sad day for Herning family.  Had 40 Mile Miller make Elmer’s casket stained walnut and varnished.  Bobby Kreidler acted as undertaker and knew his business.  Lined casket with white satin and ribbon.  Had Elmer’s grave dug at NE corner of lot in  back of store, lot covered with oats.  Had grave lined with canvas and flowers.

August 15, 1906  Got ready for Elmer’s funeral.  Lined store with white cloth and Elmer’s friends viewed him in the store AM.  Had casket sealed in galvanized iron case which set inside another case finished in walnut.  Buried Elmer at 3:30 PM. Judge  Goodell read the service, Mrs. Rowe and Howard and Goodell, Glen Names, Kreidler, Whitney, Will Rowe and the Judge sang.  This event will never be forgotten.

August 16, 1906  Opened store and removed white lining.  Started to move back east counter to make more room for dry goods hardware etc.  Evening rain.  The Tyonek arrived late last night to take out RR horses.  Self up until 1 o’clock writing home about Elmer’s sickness and death.  Got statement from bank on balance over $500.

August 17, 1906  Mrs. Howard took day off for a rest.  Eugene Bartholf son and wife arrived from Willow Creek.  Got letter from K. B. mines plenty of water.   The Tyonek took out RR horses.  Phil Denzer arrived from Lake Creek.    O'Brian and McDonald went out on the Tyonek also Bacus and Kreidler all bound for  Seward.  Dr. Cook, Mt. McKinley climber, was on the Tyonek, said one party would land here.

August 18, 1906  Put up two outfits for Bartholf  Bros.  Traded 10’ x 12’ wall tent with Bartholf for his tent with calidoor.  Arranged shelving under counters to store clothing.  Bought  6 oz. 13 dwt.  Lake Creek gold.  Palmer visited and paid for  cream I consigned to him 3 years ago $10.

August 19, 1906  Made agreement with Eugene Bartholf to put up hay, made hay rack  Let him have  Tony and Nig and use of mower rake and wagon.  PM Woolsey came in with Wilson and party on Naphtha launch via to Sunrise.  Bartholf family moved up to near Cottonwood to make hay with my machinery.  PM took stitches out of babies penis.  Stanley walked across the kitchen for the 1st time.

August 20, 1906 Cloudy with heavy rain.  Put more shelving under counters to make room for dry goods.  Unpacked box of dry goods, short on order 2 dozen shirts and 1 dozen mackinaw coats.  Miller and McHenry came down from Burr Point where they had been haying, they burnt up their tent.  

August 21, 1906  Heavy rain all day. Marked clothing lately received and arranged same on shelves.  Had tight fence made around Elmer’s grave.  Opened up new lot of tents.

August 22, 1906 Sold Names large tarp to cover roof and ceiling of his cabin.  Not much doing in store.

 August 23, 1906  Rain over, evening clear.  Henry McKinnon came down from Cottonwood, sent order of writing materials to Eugene Bartholf.  Rowe got Maud to haul in Mrs. Howard’s house logs.  Picked out all views of Elmer to have pictures made of same by Phil Denzer.  Evening clear with indications of frost.  Evening let Miller have Sea Otter to go to Burr Point after their haying tools.

August 24, 1906  Natives started to pick cranberries, brought in 2 barrel today.  Phil printed pictures of Elmer. Stanley with me in store, walks around quite good.  Picked out art squares for two front rooms.  Looking up goods for winter trade.

August 25, 1906 Bought in 2 barrel of cranberries.  Got 4 barrel of cranberries ready to ship to Sylvester Bros. Seattle, 304 lbs. net.  Sold Names $20 worth of lumber.  Frank Whitney got back from trip to Matanuska coal mines.  Mrs. Howard clearing ground for a cabin.

August 26, 1906 Natives still bringing in cranberries.  Eugene Bartholf and wife came down from hay camp to go out on the Tyonek to Seward.  Mrs. Purches visited and settled June store bill.  Store trade good today.  Evening made out order for notions, shelf goods, etc., to Western Dry Goods Co. Seattle.

August 27, 1906   Weather cloudy. The  Tyonek arrived on AM tide, towed in Palmer’s gas boat and scow.  River steamer Caswell reported disabled on beach at Fire Island.  Got several consoling letters from Seward friends on account of Elmer’s sudden death.  Received butter, eggs and oranges on the Tyonek.  Shipped Sylvester Bros. 5 half barrel cranberries prepaid the freight.

August 28, 1906 Made out another drug order.  Sent order for apples and lemons to come with last produce order Oct. 10th.  Marked all the new lot of tents.  Gibson wanted me to order 1,000’ of 10” conveying hydraulic hose.  Evening moved bed from Bartholf’s tent into front room.  Self not feeling very well, grip like feeling.  Took big treatment went to bed early.

August 29, 1906 Mrs. Howard started to work in store after 11 day vacation.  Bartholf Bros. finished haying, turned over Nig and Tony.  Sold one $30 outfit.  Self not feeling well got grip symptoms.  Started to make out hardware order for winter trade.  Baby much better walks everywhere (8 months old).  Judge Goodell gave us 2 mallard ducks result of hunting trip.

August 30, 1906  Heavy rain all day.  Worked on hardware order, got same listed and about typewritten up.  Self feeling much better today.  PM tide Neptune launch arrived from Turnagain Arm,  said belong to Railway Co.  Had roast duck dinner.

August 31, 1906  Got ready for Knik to Willow Creek Mines.  Left Knik 12 noon with Dan, Nig and Tony, packed in 2 large Dietz search light lanterns.  Arrived at river at 8 PM.

September 1, 1906  Left Sushitna cache at 7 AM arrived at mines 1 PM shot 2 ptarmigan.  Sam had setup finished, ready to clean up.

September 2, 1906  Bottomed up pit and started to clean up.  Ditch would only carry water.

September 3, 1906  Finished cleaning up AM and retorted gold.  Left mines 5 PM with Dan for Knik.  Started to haul down flume for last setup this season.  Arrived at river cache 9 AM.  Slept 3 hours by campfire had no blankets.

September 4, 1906  Left river camp 7 AM arrived at Cottonwood 11:30, in Knik 1:15 PM.  Light frost last night.  U. S. G. S. party was at Knik.  Collected some bills.

September 5, 1906  In store part of time.  Weighed up gold dust had 72 oz. 16 dwt.  Elmer’s gold weighed 6 dwt.  Store sales and collections over $100 today.  Nels Johansen arrived got his outfit stored in cache.  Old John from Girdwood’s camp arrived in town on way to Lake Creek.

September 6, 1906 Got hardware order etc. ready for mail and 76 oz. gold dust, ready to send to bank.  Sent Miller and McHenry to Willow Creek to work in mines.  Had snipe dinner.

September 7, 1906  Worked on grocery order all day got same ready to mail and part to wire from Seward.  Judge and Capt. Glenn and  Whitney got back from duck hunt.

September 8, 1906  Duck dinner.  Barrett and Watson’s men arrived from Kashwitny copper mines.  Good day in store on clothing.  Got orders ready and mailed.  Sent Kenai Lumber and Fuel Co. $75 on account of lumber.  Sent Bank of Seward check to cover draft for produce Miller Reed Pease Co and  Smith and Bloxom.  Sent Capt. Nichols 2 wool shirts by Barrett to coal mines. Will Murphy arrived in town.

September 9, 1906 Mrs. Howard not well, at home most of day.  Barreled 245 lbs. cranberries to ship to Pacific Coast and Trading Co. at Seward.  Chas Krefton in town from Seward, ate supper with us, said our house at Seward was vacated September 1st.

September 10, 1906 Made out order for store supplies etc. to Lowman and Hanford Co.  McHenry came in from K. B. Mines to go with Krefton to coal fields.  Sam wrote, saying boxes in, commenced piping on 8th, water low again.  Evening made out T. G. Gerdine U. S. G. S. bill run since June.  Evening beginning to get cool.  Mrs. Howard laid off, sore throat.  Talked with Murphy about buying the Dr. Cook launch.

September 11, 1906 Got all orders and mail ready to send out with Mattie to Seward.  Evening roped one of Mattie’s trunks – she is all ready to move to Seward.

September 12, 1906 Jointed up stove and pipe in store.  Wades arrived from Sushitna, run located in Bartholf camp.  Had fair sales on clothing today.  Evening made out order for windows and doors to O. B. Williams.  Several Natives left for fall hunt.

September 13, 1906 Had Rowe start to cut oats on K. B. corral.  Made out order for rubber goods from Washington Rubber Co., wrote Bank of Seward to send them a  draft for $98 to balance account.  R. H. Sargent and party got in from Talkeetna they stopped at K. B. Mines.  T. G. Gardine settled U. S. G. S. bill, bought 32 sacks oats from him for $43.20.

September 14, 1906 Wrote to Bridgman that I would resign after close of season.  Wrote to Hovey about Elmer’s death sent 2 dozen maps.  Mail boat overdue.  Mattie all packed up ready to go to Seward.  

September 15, 1906  The Tyonek arrived PM.  Took off Harry Watson’s lumber on scow, Rowe helped.  Mattie and baby left on the Tyonek for Seward.  Medicine order came from Portland.  Got ready to go to K. B. Mines.

September 16, 1906 Left for mine with 2 horses.  Eugene Bartholf went along with 2 horses via for Willow Creek.  U. S. G. S. under T. G. Gardine sold their 14 head pack horses, bought one sorrel for $51.  Got dark on us at Little Lake made over to river 10 PM, light rain after.

September 17, 1906 Left Sushitna cache 7:30 AM.  On summit of Bald Mt. met Will Bartholf and Charley on way to Knik, Eugene Bartholf went back with him. Arrived at mines 1 PM.  Water low again only half a sluice head.  Sam run into fair pay on bench.  Started to bottom up part of pit.

September 18, 1906 Self piped in all day, flume clogged, took 3 men to keep it cleared.  Had Sam clean up bedrock around last setup.

September 19, 1906 Bottomed up pit 50’ x 70’ part piped in ready to clean up. Sam went up gulch to shoot ptarmigans found Nig very lame on right front leg.

September 20, 1906 Got all into sluices possible.  Started to clean up, very poor showing.  Sent Sam and Bert up after horses.  Nig managed to hobble down to camp very lame.  Bert and Miller started to haul in hay to Gilbert calidoor.

September 21, 1906 Finished cleaning up and closed down mine, got 24 oz. 17 dwt.  I  retorted gold dust.  Men put back riffle blocks, took gate out of big dam, disconnected giants and packed up tools.  Took inventory of grub and tools.  Evening big wind with rain.  Gross clean up for this season 138 oz. 2 dwt. 17 gr.

September 22, 1906 Very stormy, got ready to leave mines for Knik.  Left mines 2 PM with 3 horses and 3 men.  Left Sam with Nig, Nig too lame to bring out.  Arrived Sushitna cache 6:15 PM, boys shot 5 ptarmigans, put them in dogs pack  Dog chased rabbit and lost his pack

September 23, 1906 Left Sushitna cache at 8:15 AM arrived Knik 4:15.  The Tyonek had been at Knik on the 20th.  Mrs. Howard did well in store during mine trip to K. B. Mines.  Got letter from Mattie dated at Seldovia  on her way to Seward.  Fixed flowers on Elmer’s grave.

September 24, 1906 First hard frost at Knik.  Busy making out men’s time and marking drugs.  Paid Bert Andrews balance of cash deposit $87.  Paid McHenry for his labor at mines.  Names got notice to move out of Palmer’s building and started to build saloon building back of K. B. cache.  Bartholf Bros. putting up hay at Cottonwood on tide flats.

September 25, 1906 Rode Kid down to Fish Creek to look at Ulanky’s hay.  Dan was there, brought him to Knik.  Settled up with Boyd and Andrews account. K and B Co., paid Boyd $360 and Andrews $171.  Cashed in 24 oz. 10 dwt. gold dust at $15.25.  Bartholf Bros. back from haying on flats.  Started to dig spuds.

September 26, 1906 First heavy frost last night killed potatoes vines.  Dug 500 lbs. spuds, put 100 lbs. in K. B. barn to feed horses. No mail boat yet, overdue one day.  Names Bros. rafted up logs for new saloon.  Sold E. Bartholf 19 dwt. Willow Creek gold for sample.  Wrote to Mattie at Seward.

September 27, 1906 Dug spuds.  McDonald and party arrived from Yentna last night.  Sam arrived 6 PM from mines with Nig.  Nig still lame.  Quite a few prospectors in town.

September 28, 1906 Light frost nights.  Bartholf’s left on Stephan’s sloop for Seward via Turnagain Arm.  McDonald and Ulanky left in dory on PM tide for Seward via to head of Turnagain Arm and thence Alaska Central Railway.  Doctored Nig’s leg.  Dug spuds.  Sent letter to Mattie at Seward via Sunrise and trail by mushers.  The Tyonek expected on any tide.

September 29, 1906 Made spout for water funnel.  PM the Tyonek arrived eggs, oranges, butter, came.  Oregon reported on rocks at Henchinbrook Island, passengers and mail saved. The  Tyonek took out horses to be wintered at Homer. Got letters of condolence from Clara, Jos. and Sylvester family.  Sent them to Mattie at Seward.  Got letter from Mattie, she  arrived at Seward 11 AM  on the  21st she left Knik 16th.  No mail from bank.  Wire condolence from W. A. Farnsworth Boston about death of Elmer.

September 30, 1906 Rode Kid up beach looking for horses, wanted to mow grass.  Dug 1 row of spuds.  Evening got chairs and mirror from Whitney borrowed since last winter.  Evening made out Names Bros. bill.  Had trout for supper, Cramer ate with us.

October 1, 1906 Morning tide Bob Woolsey and Thayer arrived from Sushitna Station.  Bid on orders for supplies - Station and Lake Creek - and got $337 out of $344.  Palmer got $7 order out of the bunch.  Busy all day packing goods.  Up at 2 AM making out bills and packing goods orders from Station.  J. S. Mills arrived from upper Lake Creek had sample gold.  Had located Sam and myself in a 160 acre group on gulch on Mills Creek at head of Lake Creek.

October 2, 1906 Got balance of orders up, sold 1,200 lbs. Native spuds to go to Sushitna Station.  Bob ready to leave on evening tide but Cramer and party not quite ready so laid over one tide.  Cramer decided to go to upper Lake Creek to look at ground located by Mills.  Paid Cramer $110  on account  labor at mines.  Sales $223, cash $114 credit (Kenny).

October 3, 1906 Cramer Mills and Wilson left on “Bob” for Lake Creek.  Store bills paid $100.  Evening packed 2 cases Gotzain shoes to send back.  Dug a few spuds.  Posted bills on daybook late sales $500.

October 4, 1906 Evening wrote to Bank of Seward.  Sent for deposit $106.45 and check to cover draft for Seattle Hardware Co. $75.85, Woodard Clarke Co. $27.50.  Wrote to Mattie included $20 bill.  Willard Hall bought outfit for trip to Metal Creek.

October 5, 1906 Cleaned up K. B. cache, assessed flour, beans, etc.  Got up 2 barrel water.  Evening horses came in, been gone 1 week.  Quite heavy snow on mountain, down to timber line.  Names Bros. got their new saloon building covered in.  Hall left for Metal Creek to do Cramer’s assessment work and trap.

October 6, 1906 Started to dig spuds in C. and H. garden.  Horses came up, Nig lame as ever.  Evening wrote to John Miller about the check he lost.  Also to Farnsworth about total clean up and I would resign.  Evening clear and freezing.  Made out Howard’s bill ending September 29th.

October 7, 1906 1st hard frost.  Had Miller and McHenry help dig spuds in C. and H. garden.  Self worked until 8 PM wheeling spuds to root house.  Names Bros. moved into new saloon building, corner Front street and Lake Avenue.

October 8, 1906 Dug turnips and  cleaned out scow and started to repair inside bottom.  Evening up until 12 making out bill and accounts for year ending September 31st, balance due about $600. Point Possession Nicholai arrived with coal from Tyonek.  Duffy invited me to his birthday dinner tomorrow.  Store sales good $20 before breakfast.

October 9, 1906 Duffy gave a dinner to his friends - event his 52nd birthday.  Sent regrets with cigars and grape juice, Mrs. Howard and Judges folks went.  PM horses came to barn, Nig lame as ever.  Ready to make out K and B Co. bill.  Bought 3 tons Tyonek coal off Nicholai at Point Possession.

October 10, 1906 Started to close in open space left between floor and basement store annex.  Posted up K and B Co. bills rendered with Knik Trading Company.  Took a bath retired at 12.

October 11, 1906 Finished chinking and fitting around store annex.  Sold Duffy 1904 white bed spring and mattress for $20.  Evening got K. B. bills posted up to April.  Stitch in back about well.  Retired 11:30.  PM Mrs. Howard chinked her cabin.

October 12, 1906 Cleaning up caches ready for new goods to arrive.  Everybody on the warpath with Duffy about Mrs. Grover Cleveland’s maiden name.  Duffy lost $6 on bet, claimed it was Florence.

October 13, 1906 Had Will Rowe put K. B. hay oats into barn and haul in spuds off C. and H. lot also hauled up 3 tons coal off beach to back of store annex.  Got up 2 barrel water.  Got store cottage in shape to receive more goods and store cache pretty cleaned up.  Worked on K. B. bills until midnight.

October 14, 1906 First snow at Knik.  Snowed 3” this evening, wet storm.  Got caches all arranged for new goods, sacked up balance of C. and H. spuds 1,150 lbs. and 100 lbs. culls.  Cleaned out scow and put down floor that had been stolen out.  Evening wrote to Mattie about coming to Seward.  All depends on mail and if I could get out K. B. report.

October 15, 1906 No steamboat. Wrote to Dr. L. A. Gates 1610 12th Avenue Seattle Washington about locating at Knik - answer to inquiry.  Sent order to Rainbow Creek Mining Co. for 4 tons forage and 1M lumber etc.  Evening freezing. Duffy gave Mrs. Howard a genuine old fashioned “earache” a 3 hour session.  Preachers son said he was going to fix up Morris cabin and live in it on his own accord.

October 16, 1906 Froze last night ½”.  Made step in front of store cache door, cleaned out root house.  PM tide Red Jack arrived from Sushitna Station.  Joe Anderson came in with him said all had left Yentna District but 4 men.  Doc Herndon took out 100 lbs. gold, Billy Morris $6,000.  

October 17, 1906 Froze ¼” last night.  Evening Will Murphy came in from Glacier Creek for snowshoes, sold him all I had, 7 pair, and a parky coat.  Murphy reported that many were coming over trail in February via Glacier Creek to Knik.  The Tyonek reported at Glacier Creek due here AM tide tomorrow.  

October 18, 1906 No boat today.  Worked on K. B. accounts.  Total bill paid by Knik Trading Co. for K. B. Mine Co. $4,065.40, received cash $765.65, balance due $3,299.75.  Credit dust $2,072.03, Boston $1,100.00, balance $3,299.75.  Fixed up box spuds for ad to send out to Seward with Rowe.  Worked on books until midnight.  Wrote a letter to Mattie at Seward to go by trail with W. Rowe.

October 19, 1906 No mail boat today, overdue 2 weeks.  Worked on books until 11 PM.  McNeil came down from Knik River said he shot a moose and 3 sheep, he cached them because there was not enough water in Knik River to boat down the meat.

October 20, 1906 Cut wood, dug 2 rows spuds, “skins” much better leaving in ground to this date.  Balance due OGH October 20, 1906 with salary 1906 added $7,828.52.  Total amount business May 18th 1901 to date $3,9037.73.  Total amount of gold 618-12-19 =$9,512.18, average $15.40 per oz. The Tyonek reported to have left Turnagain Arm for Seldovia.  Mrs. Goodell gave us a duck.

October 21, 1906 Bought ¼ moose and 1 black bear skin.  

October 22, 1906 Bought 2 black and one brown bear skins, 3 for $21.  Natives returning from fall hunt with moose and sheep meat and bear skins.  Mrs. Howard washed and scrubbed kitchen floor and windows.  

October 24, 1906 Dug spuds left to ripen, were fine, skins hard.

October 26, 1906 Mailed K. B. report for season ending October 20, 1906.  PM rode Dan to Cottonwood to look after hay and horses.  Found horses and rode Kid home. Evening wrote to Mattie sent $25 more.  Bought 3 black bear skins off Nekeeta.

October 27, 1906   Made out price list of provisions for Will Rowe 10% to Jan. 1st.  Noon the Tyonek arrived, Mattie and baby came back from Seward also Will Bartholf, Judge Hildreth and others.  Got 27 tons freight, 15 tons yet to come.  Finch from A. C. Co. at Tyonek was on boat bought small order pickups.

October 28, 1906 Busy all day caching freight, short  1 barrel beef, 5 bags sugar. Both caches and two cabins and storeroom full up.  Store sales fair bought 6 bear skins $30.

October 29, 1906 Store sales $50.  Got goods from Western Drygoods Co. on shelves.  Arranged canned fruit in store storeroom. Sent Nicholai and Baer over to Hope for forage for the Bartholf Bros.

October 30, 1906 Put up shelf in new cabin for clothing.  Mattie’s birthday, “cranky all day”.  Store sales $27.  Sold Palmer lumber to make saloon bar.

October 31, 1906 Monroe Kast arrived from Poor Mans Gulch on way to Seward.  Evening Nicholai got back from Hope with 60 sacks chopped feed from A. C. Co. in Hope.  Harry Watson was over from Old Knik.

November 1, 1906 I took 20 sacks of feed from Hope, let Bartholf Bros. have 40 sacks, freight charges $29.  

November 2, 1906 Made out Names bill, store sales and collections $137.  Got all freight checked down,  short barrel beef, 1 bale flour, 1 sack beans, 6 boxes candy, found goods at D_________.  Evening packed 14 bear skins to ship to Seattle Fur Sales Agency.  Made out N. Howard’s bill and time to October 30th.  

November 3, 1906 Started to put in stall for Kid horse.  Palmer opened his saloon opposition to Names Bros., ex-partners.  Evening wrote a few letters.  Evening cloudy and felt like snow.

November 4, 1906 Snowed 1” last night, second snow storm. Mrs. H and Mrs. H  took a horse back ride on Maud and Tony.  Evening made out advertisement for weekly Gateway for Knik Trading Co.  Wrote Finch, at Tyonek, would allow him 10% on rubber goods, 10% on tents, 15% on all other goods, flour, bacon, sugar, net.  Evening much colder will freeze quite hard.

November 5, 1906 Froze hard last night. Mended Mattie’s glasses.  Made potty chair for baby.  Made threshold for door at head of stairs.  Evening took a bath.  First slush ice running on Knik Arm this fall.  

November 6, 1906 Froze hard last night.  Considerable ice on Knik Arm.  Got up 2 barrel water. Sam Cramer, Mills and Conkling arrived from Lake Creek via Sushitna Station, winter trail to Knik.  PM arranged provisions in men’s cabin so Cramer could use it.  Evening talked with Cramer about Lake Creek and prospects.  Glen Names gave me a 2 hour earache about Palmer.

November 7, 1906 Froze hard last night, slush ice running, chances poor for arrival of another boat.  Started to put trap door over back stairs.  Evening talked with Cramer about his account and gave him his bill.  Got $52.50 cash on Kenney’s bill.  Got 1 mink skin on McManus bill.  

November 8, 1906 Cold weather came 17 days earlier than last fall.  Finished threshold head of stairs and put one in front of store door.  Beached scow.  Considerable ice on Arm, not enough to stop navigation.  Two men came in row boat today. Mattie sick all day, bilious spell that worked both ways, evening some better.  Baby got a bad cold in head.

November 9, 1906 Warmed up with a N. W. wind this AM. Mattie about over bilious spell, babies cold much better.  Cramer decided to go to Tacoma via overland to Seward.  Cramer made out $150 order for supplies to sled to Cache Creek next February.  Lidell and partner came over from Station.

November 10, 1906 Got Cramer’s account fixed up, allowed him $2 extra for our time in labor in store.  I own cottage next to store, allowing Cramer $100 extra for labor there on.  Cramer retained ½ interest in garden back of Palmer’s.

November 11, 1906 Paid Cramer off cash and dust $500.  OGH note 3 months $395.72, got mail ready to send out.  Cramer and Conklin left for Seward.  McNeil took them to Knik Harbor in boat.  

November 12, 1906 Partly cloudy and 30 above.  Store sales $20.  Worked some on Kids stall in barn.  McNeil got back from Knik Harbor on account of Cramer and Conklin.  Turned down Arthur Baer’s proposition to go to Chickaloon to locate placer.  Evening boy sick, feverish.  Sent Frank Dunn at Station letter, with Lidell, about his future order.  Bought 4 bear skins from Sushitna Natives $17.

November 13, 1906 Finished Kids stall, rearranged hooks to hang harnesses on.  Evening opened up  box from L. and H.  Bought 3 black bear cub skins.  Baby some better, got indigestion from eating peanuts. down in store.  Horses came up to barn - were away last night.  Store sales fairly good.

November 14 1906 Indications of snow around Knik. Considerable slush ice on Knik Arm.  Laid linoleum on kitchen floor.  Baby not well, breathing bad.  Talked with Sam Mills about prospecting trip to Lake Creek by Cramer in October.  Mills said all the grub or expense he owed me for, was a jar of apple butter - said Cramer located 2 claims for himself.  Evening sold 1 $50 order.

November 15, 1906 Put up $50 order sold to Patchell.  Put flour in men’s cabin that we had to leave outside for want of room.  Put dressed lumber in loft of barn.  Horses away last night, came to barn tonight, Kid gone for 10 days.  Mrs. Howard made dust cover for clothing counter.  Baby not well, dumpish all day, seems to have bronchitis.  Evening covered his chest with antiphlogestine.

November 16, 1906 with Tony hauled logs, left over last spring, in place to saw up for fuel.  Evening tide pulled out Sea Otter boat.  Tomorrow night expect to float scow on high bank.  Put feed box in for Maud, barn now in A-1 shape.  Baby very sick all day, head heavy, giving him Grays Tonic and nitre every hour, has no appetite giving him MM cream.  Started to wear felt shoes.  Evening retired early.

November 17, 1906 Warm just at freezing point.  AM put down timber to run scow on.  Fixed tarp over stern of launch to keep out snow.  Evening biggest tide of season but not the limit.  With Tony pulled scow out in front of K. B. cache only got her half on bank on account of too much ice on her bottom.  Names rope sawzed me into the water, got wet on starboard side.  Baby very much better.

November 18, 1906 Started to paper bedrooms.  Tried to pull scow up with her winch but too much ice on her bottom aft, cut off all ice forward.  Sold Names barber mirror for show mirror in front of his bar.  Bartholf tried to go to Cottonwood after hay, too much water in flats so had to give up-trip.

November 19, 1906 Snowed 3” last night, first snow come to stay.  Ground bare up to this time around Knik.  AM got up two barrel water.  PM papered on bedroom.  Evening put two shelves in one under tobacco department one under drug department. Nakeeta said Palmer had cut price on sugar 12# for $1.  

November 20, 1906 Friend told me that Palmer offered him a “job”. Miller to repair my scow so she would go to pieces when we loaded her.  Found that Palmer had cut tea from 50¢ to 40¢ a pound.  Evening made latch door in front of tobacco shelf.  Bought bear cub skin $2.  Retired midnight.  Baby much better, teeth bothering him.

November 21, 1906 Evening put another latch door under drug department counter.  Evening raining.  Baby beginning to eat and feels much better.  Horses didn’t come to stable this evening.

November 22, 1906 Snow all went last night, light rain PM and evening. Nine  men arrived from Valdez Creek via down Matanuska River.  Store sales fair $35, profits today $14.  Baby real well today for first time since November 12th.  Mattie full of “dumps”.  Bartholf and Whitney drove to Willow Creek to hunt moose.

November 23, 1906 Cash sales profits $6.40.  Evening a little cooler just at freezing point.  Palmer and Shorty on a drunk.  Lined up kitchen store to make connections with heater from other rooms.  Baby all OK again.  Retired 10 PM.

November 24, 1906 Mail arrived.  Nine men from Valdez Creek left for Valdez via Seward.  PM tide Dick Richardson, Foster and 2 other men arrived by small boat from Glacier Creek.  Got $350 order for supplies for Dick Richardson, paid for by James Girdwood. Evening made selling price list for fall and winter goods.  First  overland mail arrived, self got $3,000 worth of goods left at Seldovia.

November 25, 1906  Took part of Richardson order $42 - bal. to come in February by Foster.  Fixed mess house door and door between store and back storeroom.  Smith, a  Valdez Creek man, who forgot his blankets with $1,400 in gold inside them, came back on PM tide.  

November 26, 1906 Evening worked on selling price list.  Talked with Capt. Glenn Names about launch.  Names wanted to fix up launch for next summers business, wanted to go in on halves.  Just enough snow for light sledding on good trails.  Store sales fair cash profits $4.80 today.

November 27 ,1906 Put up Richardson’s order on account for James Girdwood.  O'Brian from Cottonwood was down to trade.  Indian Jim came by trail from Knik River, reported Knik River open up near his cabin.  In store most all day cut fire wood for house and store.

November 28, 1906 Ed O'Brian came over from Old Knik.  Boozers around town on a drunk.  Evening colder 2nd cold spell of winter.  Cut babies hair, Mattie cut mine.  

November 29, 1906 Cold 2 above zero, cut firewood. Mattie and Mrs. Howard went for a walk up beach.  They drove down 3 horses, thought one was our Kid but was mistaken.  Oiled wall bed frame did one window.  Evening took smoke and chew tobacco out of straps and packed away same.  Built fire in mess cabin was 22 above in cabin and 32 above in root house dept.  We ate sauerkraut and “dog” for our Thanksgiving dinner, pumpkin pie for dessert.  Bartholf got back from Willow Creek he shot 2 moose.  Forty Mile Miller offered to locate us on Valdez Creek.

November 30, 1906 Partly cloudy 10 to 18 above zero.  Sand papered and oiled one bedroom.  Evening Wilson visited, told a different story than Cramer about trip to Lake Creek,  said Cramer invited the boys to eat on him then charged it on bill.  Evening Bartholf gave us nice piece of moose meat shot at Willow Creek.

December 1, 1906 Partly cloudy windy and 26.  Store sales fair $40.  Made new feed box for Nig.  Cut firewood.  Put small heater in mess house.  Evening made out Names Bros. and Howard’s bill for November.  Mattie helped me sled up two barrel water.  Got order from Dunn at Sushitna Station.

December 2, 1906  Mrs. Howard took day off. Evening McManus and Kenny arrived from Lake Creek.  Made out agency to 40 Mile  Miller to locate placer and lode claim in Sushitna Valley and tributaries.  McManus wanted to give me security on claims for bill rendered, said Cramer promised to pay.

December 3, 1906  Temperature zero.  Store trade fair today.  Evening wrote to Bank of Seward enclosed $100 in bills and order to send Clendening Anglem Co. $100 draft to apply on account.  Gave O. C. Miller and McHenry each box Fastido cigars as x-mas presents, they ready to leave for Valdez Creek.  Bartholf moved into Pump Miller’s cabin today.  

December 4, 1906 Clear big wind zero to 16.  Wash day.  Made out location notices for O. C. Miller.  McManus and Kenny left Knik for Station.  Report goes that Richardson and Foster took the Blakely trail for the Valdez Creek, diggings, to beat Miller there.  Bartholf hauled out one load Miller’s outfit to Big Lake.  Horses didn’t come to barn now 10 PM.  Smith and LaClair left Knik for Seward sent $100 to bank at Seward.

December 5, 1906   O. C. Forty Mile Miller and Chas McHenry left Knik for Valdez Creek head of Sushitna River via Blakely’s trail Knik to Forks.  Will Bartholf took their outfit on double enders.  Filed and cut saw and cut usual amount wood.  Sold 8 pair sled shoes.  Days shortening fast.  Light lamps 3:30, use lamps AM to 8 o’clock  Let Wilson use Jack dog to go for a hunt up Matanuska.

December 6, 1906  Mattie helped to get in 2 barrel water. About zero weather all day.  Evening talked with J. S. Mills about mining.  Took snap of store and Knik.  No snow around Knik, big wind blew it all away on 4th lakes glair ice.  Stanley 2 years old.

December 7, 1906 Cold 8 below zero last night. Cut usual amount firewood.  Gave McNeil contract to cut firewood at $3.50, 16” - lengths split once.  Two men came over from Station, reported Richardson and Foster there, they got lost out 6 days Knik to Station.  Kid horse showed up at RR barn.  Bill Hughes wanted to buy K. B. launch.  Evening worked on selling price list.

December 8, 1906 Cold 12 below zero white fog.  Very quiet in store.  Got door ready to hang between kitchen and bedrooms. Mattie went with me to hay shed to get neck yolk and doubletrees and grindstone - someone had stolen 2 monkey wrenches and draw rod out of pole on wagon.  Took a tour on Kid horse through woods back of Stephan’s old garden.  Evening took a bath.  

December 9, 1906 Clear and cold all day, 6 below northern lights visible.  Mills claims he saw our Kid horse today at RR barn - been gone a month.  Store sale profits today $6.

December 10, 1906  Perfect weather around zero, 6 below at 9 PM.  Got light bobsleighs ready and hauled in ½ cord birch wood.  PM fixed around annex to cut out Jack Frost.  Evening got selling price list about completed now ready for the overland rush on provisions, hardware, clothing, etc.  Kid horse came up to RR barn, got him and cached him in K. B. barn.  No snow around Knik, a little ice on trails.

December 11, 1906 Weather moderating, 12 above.  Made trap door over stairway -  store to living rooms.  Mattie helped me get 2 barrel water.  Traded Nakeeta 20’ door jam, 14’ window jam, for whipsawed lumber.  O'Brian from Cottonwood was down to trade.  

December 12, 1906 Temperature 12 last night - 20 above tonight.  Paid McNeil for 7 cords wood $24.50.  Big Stephan and family got back from 3 month hunt, bought 3 black bear skins, under bid on 2 poor skins. Store trade fair, took in $41, profits today $16.  Natives from Station report 1’ snow there.  McNeil and Stephan paid their bills.

December 13, 1906  A most perfect spring like day.  Had Mills shoe Nig and Tony forward, couldn’t find shoes used last winter.  Bought a silver gray X fox $15.  Store sales fair.  Dan, Maud and Kid didn’t come to board this evening.  Elmer dead 4 months.

December 14, 1906  AM cut road to wood cut by McNeil.  Mills was all day trying to put up 2 pair horse shoes.  Fixed bed for bobsleighs. Evening Bartholf and Mills were in store “chewing the rag”.  Got up barrel water.  Store profits $8.  

December 15, 1906  Getting down to zero weather again. Hauled in half cord of birch for heaters and put down rug in front bedroom.  “Sushitna Chief” agreed to bring us 7’ x 8’ rabbit robe to cost $9.  Evening Capt. Glenn Names said he was going to sell their saloon to Frank Miller.

December 16, 1906  Got up barrel water.  Mills put shoes on aft Nig and Tony. Mattie and Mrs. Howard walked to summit landing on winter trail,  each ate a quart of beans for their supper. Evening 10 PM,  22 above indications of snow, no snow at Knik and much needed.  Took a bath.

December 17, 1906  Indications of snow.  John Headburg came over from Old Knik.  Capt. Glenn Names sold his saloon to Frank M. Miller for $2,500.  Put up couch in front room.  Evening Mattie put up portiers between bedrooms.  House about fixed up inside.  Sales slow in store.  Got up barrel water.  Allowed Mills $1.50 for shoeing Nig and Tony on K and B Co. account.

December 18, 1906  with Mills drove to Cottonwood for load of hay - beach covered with ice but no snow got back 3:45 PM (load tipped over). Evening adjusted door to tobacco bin.  Got order from Dunn Station for a ton of provisions.  Also order from Kenny Jamestown on Yentna.  Two men came over from Sushitna Station today.

December 19, 1906 Snow came this PM 2”.  AM hauled up 2 barrel water and ½ cord wood.  Wilson got back from Moose Creek no moose.  Otto came in from our cache on Little Sushitna.  Sent Dunn word about the spuds.  Knik people formed a “Bee” to swamp out trail from our road on Fish Creek to Station,  I agreed to furnish the grub for the swampers.  Evening put case price on canned meats.

December 20, 1906 with Mills drove down to Fish Creek,  swamped out trail from government camp down to bank of creek in 1 hour, one mile approach to creek was covered with fallen burnt timbers.  Mills broke his axe handle so we didn’t get trail quite finished,  brought back dry wood, got back 2:30 PM.  Evening put coffee grinder at end of counter and moved paper cutters.  Store sales light.  Got small order from Station.  Mattie put up window curtains in front room and kitchen.  Rooms about finished and look fine.

December 21, 1906  Snowed 7” last 24 hours, first snow come to stay.  Hughes started to move boiler for sawmill at Lake Creek today.  A party of 7 men got ready today to swamp trail from Fish Creek to Station,  I furnished the grub $30.50.  Cash sales light, credit sales $11.

December 22, 1906  Snowed 2” last night, 9” total.  Cleaned 1½ cases of ham. Packed 100#  on order.  AM swamping party of 7 men left Knik to cut team road through to Sushitna Station.  Hughes got  boiler from beach to Knik Lake.  Evening unpacked fire extinguishers, got same ready to hang  up, one in store and one in house.  Bill Elliott came over from Old Knik.

December 23, 1906 First team left Knik for Sushitna Station.  We sent $66 order over to Frank Dunn.  William Hughes sent out the team with Frank Miller.  PM took the ladies out for a sleigh ride over to Big Lake on winter road and back, 2½ hour trip not enough snow for good sledding,  Stanley’s 1st sleigh ride.  Evening made shelf for fire extinguishers - by safe in store.  Weather clearing and colder.  Snowed 1” last night total this storm 10”.

December 24, 1906 Hauled up 1 cord of firewood.  PM busy putting up x-mas goods.  K. T. Co.  gave away $51.75 in Fastido cigars and  provisions as x-mas presents to customers.  Gave Natives candy and oranges.  Harry Watson drove over from Old Knik to get on a “x-mas jag”.  Chief Nakeeta was drunk in evening.  Most everybody away from Knik this x-mas.  Store sales over $30.  Indications of rain.

December 25, 1906  Xmas. Forty above and raining, caught 2 tubs rain water.  Evening thermometer at 32 and snowing.  Densmore and 3 other mushers arrived at Knik from Cache Creek Tokashetna River.  Natives hung around store all day looking for handouts, gave them all candy and oranges.  Matanuska Stephan arrived, had 3 X fox and bear and another skin - my bid $20 – he sold them to Palmer.  Had canned turkey and lobster salad dinner.  Evening retired 9:30.  Mattie got pin cushion and box writing paper, baby got a rubber doll and dog, myself R and Railway

December 26, 1906  Total fall of snow 1’, about 6” left around Knik after the rain yesterday.  High-you time at Purches last night, champagne and supper for Names, Miller and Ed O’Brien.  Store sales light today.  Made alarm for store door so we could hear it in kitchen at meal times.  Put up coat hooks in kitchen.  All of Palmer’s crowd on a drunk today.

December 27, 1906  Cleaned case of hams.  Mrs. Howard posting up accounts kept by Cramer last winter.  Evening colder down to zero.  Midnight northern lights visible.  Capt. Glenn Names struck Mrs. Howard for a $200 loan to help pay his license and store bill.  Names getting signers for his license for 1907.

December 28, 1906  Stiff weather all day.  Not much doing in store.  Natives reported a Native froze to death near Big Lake on winter trail, he was out hunting and got feet wet.  Sushitna Station trail swampers got back this evening.  O’Brien from Cottonwood was down sent McKinnon his x-mas box cigars.

December 29, 1906  Working on old accounts getting ready to post up day book journal and ledger.  Got up barrel water.  Hughes started to move sawmill boiler.  On first bench across Knik Lake they tipped it over.  Had to use 3 teams to move it.  Last winter, Tony and Nig moved a large boiler, Knik to coal fields.  Mattie talking of going over trail with me to Seward about middle of January 1907.

December 30, 1906 Snowed 5” last night total fall 17”.  Hauled up 2 loads birch firewood and 2 barrel water.  Store sales very light, $7.50 today. Frank Miller returned sled shoes - got a job to move boiler for Hughes.  McNeil discovered that one rick was not a cord of wood, got to saw 3½ cords more to make the 7 cords paid for.

December 31, 1906  Cleaned another case of hams.  Store sales fair.  Evening wrote to Bank of Seward about loan due 30th and Frank Dunn (Station) about supplies. Midnight, Evan (2 kids) arrived with 4 quarters moose meat from Willow Creek, bought 84 lb. hind qtr. at 10¢ a pound.  Names bought 4 qtrs. at 5¢.  Harry got one, Duffy one.  Old year closes with self and family living at Knik.  Poor Elmer dead 4½ months.


O. G. Herning:  This diary commences the year with OGH and family living in new annex over store at Knik.  OGH manager and proprietor of the K. T. Co. store at Knik Alaska.

January 1, 1907  Fall of snow at Knik 18” to date.  Made out bills due January 1, 1907.  All attended dinner given at the Yentna Restaurant by Frank Whitney dinner was A-1.  Stanley’s first visit in society.  Had a great time until 9 PM, 7:30 his usual bedtime.  Hughes left Knik with feed and freight expecting to break road through to Sushitna Station.  

January 2, 1907 Collected $117 on Names bill.  Not much doing.  Got quarter of moose meat for Whitney Yentna Restaurant Co.  Clyde came in trapping at mouth Little Sushitna, going to Knik River to stake dredger placer.  Mrs. Howard loaned  Names $200 - 60 days - so he could pay his license money and store bill.

January 3, 1907  Evening warming up. John Headburg came over from Old Knik.  Harry Watson sent over a box of cookies for Stanley.  Headburg said Watson had drove through from Old Knik to Eagle River with team.  Bartholf got back from Willow Creek, went through to  relocate claims.  

January 4, 1907  Store sales fair got money Palmer paid Natives for fur.  Got day book posted except  invoices from Seattle.  Fixed Dan’s feed box.  Evening snowing hard, wet heavy snow

January 5, 1907  Snowed 5” last night total 23”. Clear and colder midnight 2 below.  Judge Hildreth in town from Chickaloon coal fields.  Through Native, Palmer tried to “job me” on black fox skin, “it didn’t work”.

January 6, 1907 Evening made out bill, balance due on C. and H.  lot,  clearing lot $21, cutting poles for fence $6,  hauling poles for fence $2, 8# nails 65¢ = $29.65 (Cramer dr. ½ = $14.82½).  McNeil got crook to make jumper bobsled for a run about.  Prince paid his bill and bought flashing to make door for his cabin.  Mattie got the “dumps”.

January 7, 1907 First mail due today but didn’t arrive (overland).  Opened up barber supplies and put same on shelf, sold $2 worth. Temperature 30 above indication of rain.

January 8, 1907  with Mills drove to Cottonwood for 2nd load hay for K. B. horses. McNeil got runners sawed out for one horse jumper bobsled.

January 9, 1907  First U. S. overland mail arrived, got big bunch.  Railway Co. sent check $25.46 for lost anchor.  Phil Denzer sent $50 on William McManus account.  Got order from W. J. Morris and several others for future delivery.  Frank Miller got back from Station, Dunn sent money to cover bill $65.  Evening much colder.

January 10, 1907  Got another bunch of mail from Tyonek, October mail left off there by the Tyonek.  Got deposit on several orders, got bill of goods from Seattle, October dating.  Evening Judge Hildreth gave us a nice order.  Coldest of winter, myself up until 1 o’clock keeping fires going.

January 11, 1907  Ross Paden, Stewart and Rice and 2 others arrived today from Seward.  Got orders for outfits from E. Nordyke and Harry Ellsworth of Seward.  Cramer took Nordyke’s order.  Letter from Cramer. Cash sales $31.95, business looking brighter.  Priced out Judge Hildreth order.  Retired midnight.  Got another order from Dunn Station.

January 12, 1907   Clear and cold 8 below zero.  Busy putting up orders for Station, sold one order.  Three more prospectors came in making 8 thus far this winter.  Cash sales to date - January over $800.  Mattie not very well.  O’Brien was down, got up 2 barrels water.  Dan didn’t come to barn this evening.

January 13, 1907   Clear and warmer 12 above zero.  Three more prospectors arrived from Seward, total 11 to date, outfitted all but 3 thus far.  Sold 3 outfits today - cash sales $250.  Had Judge Hildreth at dinner, roast moose.  Reardon Anderson and partner bought outfit today also Paden and 2 partners. Bought Indian sled off Andrew 10’ for $4.

January 14, 1907  Hughes left, 2nd trip with supplies for Station.  Send Dunn and Kenny grub etc

January 15, 1907  Matanuska Natives arrived at Knik.  Evening until 3 o'clock night very busy in store took in over $100 and bought $45 worth of furs.

January 16, 1907  Store full of Natives all day, cash sales over $100, bought $139 worth of furs. Mailman got back from Tyonek.  Wrote to Cramer at Seward about McManus and trip to Lake Creek.  Mattie not feeling well.  Profit today $90.

January 17, 1907   Colder 12 below zero. Matanuska Natives moving their grub out on trail.  Had Mills haul in load of wood for Mrs. Howard.  McNeil working on bobsled jumper.  Bought a few skins today.  Arthur Baer ready for trip to Chulitna River.  Got $200 order from Wilson and Taylor of Seattle.  

January 18, 1907  Coldest day of winter, 22 below zero.  Sent Sam Mills out to Fish Creek for load of hay from last years stock.  Hauled out Arthur Bears outfit to Big Lake. McNeil worked on sled.  

January 19, 1907   Cold 15 to 18 below zero. Hughes teams got back from 2nd trip from Knik to Sushitna Station.  Got another order from Frank Dunn.  Natives about through buying, now getting ready for a Potlatch.  Hall and Ed O'Brien got back from trip to Matanuska.  McNeil worked on sled.  Mills hauled me in load of firewood.

January 20, 1907  Not much doing in store today, bought 3 lynx skins.  Packed balance of Judge Hildreth’s order to go by freight to Station.  Natives having a warm time - getting the booze somewhere.  Evening took a bath.  McNeil worked on sled. Two below.

January 21, 1907 Light snow, 10 above. Filled Dunn’s order at Station for 1.10#  hams.  Got Station bills ready to  mail.  McNeil got sled about ready to put on box.  Evening made out price list for Dunn.  Natives holding Potlatch at Stephan’s gave them box cigars. Total snow fall 25”.

January 22, 1907  Judge Hildreth came in from his camp at Big Lake. Sent McManus a statement.

January 23, 1907   Warming up 10 to 30 above zero, first January thaw.  Five more mushers arrived from Seward, Monroe Kast among them.  All had their outfits delivered in Yentna District, going in light.  Bartholf took grub to Station. Kast reported that in October he met a man by name of Chas Nicholson near Knik Harbor on way to Knik - was out of grub - he never arrived at Knik so must have perished for want of food.  Gave Natives box of oranges for Potlatch at Stephan’s.

January 24, 1907  Took in $125.  Sold Kreidler a $200 outfit.  O’Brien from Cottonwood down, went on a spree.  Headburg left for Old Knik with Scotty Watson’s team.  Richardson and Foster got back from Cache Creek trip.  Taylor and partner arrived from Cache Creek on way to Sunrise.  Bob Wyman in town on way to Station.  Palmer on a drunk.

January 25, 1907  Matanuska Natives moving their outfits out of town.  Got mail ready to send out by Kriedler who is going to 49 for hydraulic hose.  R. C. Richardson wanted to cancel part of Girdwood grubstake order.  Gibson went to Knik River to relocate Young’s dredge ground.

January 26, 1907   Zero degrees.  Sam Mills hauled in load long birch. Evening wrote to Palmer about the moccasin order.  Sent Corlew bill of Palmer Co. order to handle at Seward if agreeable, goods supposed to be at Seward.  John Hedburg came over from Old Knik.  

January 27, 1907  Kriedler and Reed left Knik for Railway camp 49 to get their hydraulic hose.  Let them take our Jack dog.  Bartholf got back from the Station.  Got cash for Dunn’s order in January.  Settled up with R. C. Richardson on his $350 grubstake order on James Girdwood account.  LeClair left for Station.  Groat Bros. left for Forks on Sushitna.  McNeil worked on bobsled.  

January 28, 1907   10 to 20 above zero.  Store sales $71. Mushers all left for gold fields.  Hildreth came in last trip to Knik on way out to Thunder Creek, Cache Creek District.  McNeil got bobsled about finished.  Evening wind.  Richardson left, alone, for Yentna District.  Foster remained at Knik.  

January 29, 1907   Zero degrees.  Helped McNeil on bobsled got it finished and painted.  Mills hauled one load firewood for store and had birch poles for Mrs. Howard. Found two drunks in hayloft this morning, Pete and  “White Eye” Nicholai.  Names bought Purches horse feed and harness they are going to Peters Creek.  

January 30, 1907   Zero degrees .  McNeil got jumper sleigh finished. Mattie, baby and Mrs. Goodell took a ride up Cottonwood trail.  Three more men arrived from Seward, got their orders,  total to arrive 24.  Talkeetna Natives arrived, bought part of their fur.  Evening got Dunn’s order ready to ship to Station.  Henry Bahrenburg came over from Station.  

January 31, 1907  Warming up 20 above zero.  Busy all day in store. Cash sales $116.20.  Davis didn’t go to Station, took Dunn’s grub this evening, ready to go in the morning.  Reardon came in for 160 lbs. more beans, said they were camped on Big Lake Blakely trail, other side of Little Sushitna.  Judge Hildreth sent Nakeeta in for more grub and 2 crowbars.  Indian Jim caught a wolf.  Mills hauled in 2 loads firewood.  

February 1, 1907   Zero degrees. Behrenberg left Knik for Glacier Creek.  January net cash business $204.82.  Mattie took baby out for a ride in new sled.  Davis left for Station, sent grub to Dunn.  Mills got 1,000 lbs. to haul to Fish Creek.  Two more mushers in town, total 26.  

February 2, 1907  Colder, 8 below zero.  Two more mushers arrived from Glacier Creek, total 28.  O’Brien from Cottonwood was down.  Sam Mills left Knik for Station with load freight for George Purches.  Indian Jim caught another wolf down at Fish Creek.  

February 3, 1907  Colder, 18 below zero.  Store sales fair $20.  George Purches and wife left Knik for the Yentna District. Harry Watson sent over for a small order.  Evening took usual bath.  Carter came over from Station.

February 4, 1907   Cold  16 below 4th day below zero. Got up 2 barrels water.  Cleaned flue to stove and store.  Evening made out Names bill.  Cash taken in $51.  Sushitna Natives arrived.  

February 5, 1907  Midnight 4 above zero.  Hughes and Miller arrived from Station.  Davis only got as far as river, left Dunn’s freight and came back. Natives on a drunk down at spring.  Dutchman reported to have frozen his feet out on Sushitna trail.  

February 6, 1907 Second U. S. overland mail arrived.  Got statement from bank and letters from K and B Co. about future development of mines.  Eight more mushers arrived from Seward, total 36.  Hughes left for Station, sent Dunn sack sugar.  Store sales $21. Clara wrote father had been sick for 3 weeks.  Mattie got news that her Aunt in Naugatuck was dead.

February 7, 1907  Midnight 4 below zero. Store sales cash $26. Took orders for 3 outfits.  Mailman left for Tyonek.  Evening answered Walkers letters on K and B Co. business.  Sam Wells got back from trip to Fish Creek.  Bartholf and Hughes left for a moose hunt.  Retired 1:30, wash day in AM.  Foster was over from Old Knik.

February 8, 1907  Zero degrees.  Cash sales $22.90. Wells came in for grub from Valdez Creek.  Got promise of three orders for tomorrow.  Mills hauled in last of wood.

February 9, 1907   10 below zero last night, nothing doing today.  Outfitted 5 men, Wells Bros. Valdez Creek and four men for Kuskokwim.  Total sales $387.  Up until midnight packing balance of outfits and posting up books.  Mills hauled in another load of wood.  Supplies getting low.  Credit McNeil 1 rick 3½’ x 8’ firewood.

February 10, 1907  Zero degrees. Kriedler and Reed got back from trip to Railway camp 49 with hydraulic hose.  Mills left for St. Claire camp on Little Sushitna.  Wells left for Station he bought 24 sacks flour from us and turned it over to Palmer.  Up until 3 o'clock getting mail ready to send out.  Snowed 1” last night total snowfall 26”.

February 11, 1907  Evening blizzard 25 above.  Sam Wells got back from river.  Frank Miller got back from Station got big order from Frank Dunn.  Evening put up Dunn order - sent him statement of bills rendered to date.  Allowed Richardson’s due bill on Dunn’s order amount $100 on account of Jas. Girdwood’s order.  Mattie, Mrs. Howard and baby took a ride in new sleigh.  Mailed $800 deposit to bank.  

February 12, 1907  Second Chief from Matanuska in town.  Bought lynx, martin, beaver, only $50, had 1 summer silver grey was of no value.  Wind with snow last night, sifted snow through cracks everywhere.  Evening finished letter to Walker, K. B. counsel, and wrote several other letters.  Bad cold on chest not feeling well.  Thirty inches of snow to date.  Mailman got back from Tyonek.

February 13, 1907  Old fashioned Dakota storm today, south-eastern.  Got mail ready to send out, sent bank Girdwood’s bill for collection.  Bad cold didn’t get up until 1l o’clock.  Hughes didn’t leave for Station on account of storm.  Mailman laid over.  Evening posted up cash book.  Kriedler and Reed getting ready for trip to Clear Creek near Forks Sushitna. Got bad cold.  Got ½ dozen letters carried to Tyonek.

February 14, 1907  Snowed heavy this evening.  Bartholf came in with a moose.  Hughes went out with part of load for Station.  Whitney hauled part of Kriedler’s outfit to summit landing.  Busy writing all day.  Answered Stevens and Bridgman’s letters about K. B. affairs.  Wrote to Denzer about funds sent to McManus.  Sent for Taylor samples Rogers Blake Co.  Cold some better.  

February 15, 1907  Genuine old fashioned Dakota blizzard, snowed 18”, snow drifted to top of fence in front of store.  Nothing doing in store today.  Cut Stanley’s hair.  Mailman started for Seward.  Frank Miller came in from Big Lake had to leave bobsled, snow 18” deep.  Howard took PM off on account of snow on roof of her cabin.  Evening wind went down clearing and colder. Cold much better.

February 16, 1907   16 below zero, snowed 18”.  Last storm unusual for this time of winter.  Making a total of 48” of snow at Knik with winter trails all blocked.  Sent out our four horses, broke trail to Big Lake other side of Fish Creek, self went to summit.  Store sales very light.  Five men reported due tomorrow from Susitna Station for supplies.  Howard took AM off, took several pictures around Knik today.  

February 17, 1907  Coldest snap thus far this winter 26 below this morning.  Five men came in from the Station for supplies.  Cash sales $31.  Had to saw firewood today.  Evening before sundown 10 below, midnight 22 below zero.  Sushitna Natives came back from Old Knik Potlatch.  Took Big Stephan’s picture for costume.  

February 18, 1907  Midnight 22 below zero,  7 AM 30 below zero.  Indications of coldest weather of winter.  PM broke road to woods near spring and hauled in 1 load.  Doing a little biz with Sushitna Natives.  Cash sales $50.55.  Evening kept fire going.  Report came that Will Foster lost one of Harry Watson’s horses crossing head of Knik Arm to Old Knik.  

February 19, 1907 Not quite so cold midnight 22 below.  Started to pack up February orders.  Took bunks out of mess room cleaned up same to store outfits for future delivery.  Whitney and Mills with Nig and Tony and Names team hauled Reed and Kriedler’s outfit out to Big Lake.  Hughes sent team to Station.  Otto came in with 400 lbs. moose meat.  

February 20, 1907  Midnight 20 below AM 30 below.  Store sales fair.  Packing goods for future delivery.  Joe Anderson in town on way to Seward.  Kept fire going until midnight.  Talkeetna Pedro in town who found copper ledge for Judge.  Nakeeta going with him to put up notices for Judge.  Retired midnight.  Fourth very cold day.

February 21, 1907  Midnight 6 below - moderating some.  Packing up orders for future delivery.  Drift ice in channel stayed in one tide.  Mills hauled in load firewood 1½ hours,  McNeil cut same. Got some fur today - one X fox. Siwash dance at Yentna Restaurant.

February 22, 1907  Midnight 5 below zero.  Packing outfits.  Evening Hughes team returned from the Station.  Horses worn out and not much feed.  McNeil cut wood.  Palmer on another drunk.  Talkeetna Natives left Knik for home.  Sushitna Natives left for Station.  

February 23, 1907  Midnight 16 below zero.  Seventh day of zero weather coldest of winter.  Mills hauled in 2 loads birch poles cut by McNeil.  McNeil made sawhorse.  Packing on orders for future delivery.  

February 24, 1907  Warming up, cloudy this evening and 10 above.  Sent two teams to Fish Creek for balance of hay.  Packed goods for delivery.  Lidell came in from Cache Creek.  All orders for future delivery about packed.  Evening I unloaded hay, put same in barn.  Frank Miller got back,  left Dunn’s provisions at Fish Creek 10 miles from Station.

February 25, 1907 Warmer, 20 above  at midnight.  Packing orders for future delivery.  Figured up inventory, over $10,000 worth of goods on hand.  Hauled up 1 barrel water with Jack dog.  

February 26, 1907  Warming up 26 to 40 above zero.  Mills hauled in 2 loads of poles for firewood.  Sold Frank Watson an outfit for J. W. Hamilton and Harris trip to Kashwitna Copper Mine.  Ross Padon and 2 partners got back from trip to Forks Sushitna their cache was missing.  Ten mushers from Seward long overdue.  

February 27, 1907   Partly cloudy light snow. Sold $40 order to Lidell.  Anderson and Stuart left Knik for Glacier Creek.  Prince shot 2 moose near town, Pete got one also. Bill’s - COD over $800 -  bills on time $400.  Mattie got a stitch in her side. Names started to put up ice.

February 28, 1907  Very fine day, thermometer 56 in the sun 6 above at midnight. PM hauled in 2 barrels water,  Mattie and baby went along, Mattie got out of sled and got feet wet in overflow on lake.  Evening busy posting up February bills rendered.  Names filled his ice house.  Very mild today cold weather broken.

March 1, 1907  Zero this morning 16 above at 10 PM.  Mills hauled in 2 loads birch wood. Evening 8 PM snowing.  Bought 2 caribou skins and 1 rabbit robe.  Mattie troubled with stitch in her side.

March 2, 1907  Thermometer in sun reads 50 above at midnight 16 above zero.  Collected $76 on February bills rendered.  Mrs. Howard decided to lay off until more was doing in store.  Duke Harris leaves tomorrow for Glacier Creek to get dog feed.  Wrote to Murphy, sent inventory of goods in stock  Wrote Cramer at Glacier Creek.

March 3, 1907  Snow 22 above zero.  Mrs. Howard quit.  Myself in store all day sales light.  Duke Harris and J. W. Hamilton left Knik for Glacier Creek with dog team.  Bartholf wanted to get flour to feed to his old skates.  Nelson and Whitney took balance of their order.  McNeil gave us a moose rib roast.

March 4, 1907 Evening 17 mushers arrived from Seward on way to Yentna gold fields, Bill Morris and Mr. Peterson among this party also Drees and Nordyke.  Wilson, Whitney and Sam Mills ready to leave for Wagner Gulch at head of Lake Creek.

 March 5, 1907 Several more mushers came in.  Store sales good, took in $260 cash and booked 2 new orders. Whitney, Wilson and Mills left for Yentna - Lidell hauled their outfit from Knik to Big Lake. Henry Bahrenburg back from Glacier Creek on way to Station.  Evening busy packing orders until midnight.

March 6, 1907  Busy in store all day packing outfits until 4 o'clock morning.  Got Barton and Arlington order ready also Morris order.  Bill Morris and Jacobs left for Cache Creek.

March 7, 1907  Sent McNeil out with a load of freight to Big Lake, other side of Fish Creek, Barton and Arlington outfit.  Let Drees haul load to Cottonwood with Maud on new jumper sled.  Hughes took out two double ender loads.

March 8, 1907 Got Kershaw and Ballaine outfit and Stoll outfit ready to send out, up until 2 o’clock.  McNeil hauled in 2 loads wood.  Nakila and boy came in, got one A-1 lynx skin.  Put in new pipe flue in store - was all burned and full of holes.  Hughes came back on account of overflow couldn’t cross Big Lake.

March 9, 1907 Last of mushers got away for Yentna of the late arrivals.  Let Stoll use Maud on jumper sled to haul his outfit from Knik to Big Lake. Kershaw and Ballantyne left with last load and tent outfit.  Fur coats and canned goods men yet in town. Mattie and Mrs. Howard went for a walk PM.  

March 10, 1907  Mailman overdue.  AM hauled in load birch wood for Mrs. Howard.  O’Brien down from Cottonwood agreed to let me have some hay. Had Lidell cut load of birch wood.  Checked up flour, 29 sacks unsold.  

March 11, 1907 Drove up to Cottonwood for load of O’Brien’s hay, got about 7 cwt.  No mailman today.  Evening made out Ellsworth’s additional bill.  Mattie looked after store today store sales very light.

March 12, 1907  Total snow fall at Knik to date 54”.  Let Frank Miller use Jack dog to haul in moose meat, he gave us a rib roast. Mattie and baby went out for a ride with Maud on jumper sled.  Paid N. Howard her deposit money $473.30.  Wash day.  Evening posted up cash book.  After paying deposit over $800 on hand.  Amount of business since January 1st $4,000.

March 13, 1907   Thawing temperature 12 to 40 above zero.  Mattie baby and Mrs. Goodell took a sleigh ride with Maud. Duke Harris and 2 new mushers arrived from Glacier Creek. Mushers reported 3 boats on the rocks - 3 men on trail to Knik. Railroad running trains Seward to camp 49.  Contract to build tracks from camp 49 to Camp 75. Tom Lane left for Glacier Creek.

March 14, 1907   Colder 2 above to 32 above.  Let Harper use Maud to haul part of their outfit from Knik to Big Lake.  Got inventory ready to send to  R. G. Dunn rating agency. O'Brien came down, paid him $12 for about 7 cwt. hay.  Evening store full of mushers.

March 15, 1907 Mailman arrived from Seward, reported 14 mushers on trail,  Wilson and Cramer among the bunch.  Got inventory of stock and statement for rating ready to mail to R. G. Dunn Seattle and Portland.  A. C. Co. sold store to Alaska Coast Co.  Woolsey bringing another boat for Sushitna River.  

March 16. 1907   Clear and colder.  Anderson, Lake Creek man, arrived from Seward,  reported Clarence Whitney at 49 with sore feet via Boston to Knik.  Lidell hauled in load logs for storeroom addition.  Wrote to Seattle Hardware Co. sent draft to cover goods received $209.64.  Anderson wanted me to move boiler to Lake Creek.  St. Clair came to town from Sushitna Roadhouse.

March 17, 1907   Warmer 18 to 32 above.  Lidell finished hauling in logs for new storeroom. Balance of 14 mushers arrived - Cramer, Eberhardt and Wilson among the bunch, they took possession of Yentna Restaurant. Got part of mail ready to send out. John Headburg married the Talkeetna slave woman.

March 18, 1907 Busy in store all day sales $150. Duffy got sore on Palmer because he let Mayor Sam and the mushers into the Yentna Restaurant so he paid his  bill and quit Palmer and came to trade at the K. T. Co. store.  Cramer cut his $200 order down to $65 and will go in with Lidell on Cache Creek.  Boiler Anderson and party left for Station.

March 19, 1907 Got N. Howard to help pack orders, put up 3 outfits.  W. J. Murphy and Clarence Whitney arrived.  Mushers ready to leave for Station tomorrow. Evening windy clear and colder.  George Eberhardt visited.  

March 20, 1907   Colder evening down to 2 below zero.  Sent McNeil and Lidell out to Big Lake with two small loads for prospectors. Two more mushers arrived also 2 fur men.  PM talked over K. B. affairs with Clarence Whitney.  K. B. wanted to pay  $1,000 now and $1,000 in July on my account.

March 21, 1907  Sent out load of grub for mushers Knik to Big Lake.  Mailman got back from Tyonek.  Sent moccasins to Kidder and Owl Drug Co. and $425 cash to Bank of Seward by mailman Lowell.  Most all the mushers left for Station.  Sold my furs to Hubbard’s agent.

March 22, 1907   Cold, 15 below zero.  Made out bill of sales for scow and launch.  W. J. Murphy took K. B. launch for $200,  self took scow for $50.  Had talk with C. E. Whitney who K. B. M. Co. sent to represent them.  Told him that my terms for settlement had to be accepted by April 20th or I would attach K. B. property.  Made out order for supplies needed for launch.  Murphy to go below for same.

March 23, 1907  Lidell hauled his and Cramer’s outfit to Big Lake with Maud.  Murphy and Whitney left Knik for Seward.  Whitney to wire K. B. about a settlement with me.  Date fixed at April 20th.  Had 3 days  zero weather now warming up.  Sent out-mail.  Furguson arrived on way to Lake Creek.  Had outfit with him, bought $10 worth here.

March 24, 1907  Cloudy 16 to 30 above, indication of snow.  Cramer and Lidell left Knik for Cache Creek.  PM with Tony on small sleigh drove down to Fish Creek for hay.  Got up 2 barrels water. Evening Harry Watson arrived from Old Knik via on way to Falls Creek to cook for Eberhardt and Anderson.

March 25, 1907  J. H. Christman arrived from Cache Creek sold him a $35 outfit.  Store sales fair.  Mrs. Howard and Mattie did washing, snowed 2”.  Total fall of snow at Knik 56”.

March 26, 1907  Big wind last night, blew chimneys down and board roofs off of houses south-eastern.  Let Harry Watson use Maud on small sleigh to go as far as Big Lake.  Watson and Kelly left for Falls Creek to work for Eberhardt and Anderson.  Christman left for Station.  Sent letters to Frank Dunn to say balance due  to fur man en route.  

March 27, 1907   Cold 30 below zero, very quiet in store. Wrote C. E. Whitney to come or send me a word from Seward result of wire to K. B. at Boston wouldn’t wait later than April 20th for a settlement.  

March 28, 1907  Freezing all day.  J. Griffin came back from Yentna for more grub, also Mr. Anderson.  Got word from Dunn and Kenny also McManus.  McManus sent order $50 grub to deliver to Kenny, charge to Phil Denzer.  Duke Harris got back from Kashwitna also boiler Anderson from Lake Creek.  Five men left Knik for Seward.  Hubbard went out with the gang.  Sales $48.

March 29, 1907 Sold two small outfits today - Peter of Peters Creek and Mr. Anderson from Lake Creek.  H. J. Griffith took out 350 lbs. to Big Lake.  Answered Dunn’s, McManus and Kenny’s letters.  Sent statements of bills rendered.  Skidednation Nicholai reported to have arrived at the Station and sold his furs there.  McNeil got jag of hay from Fish Creek.

March 30, 1907  St. Clair came in from Roadhouse for supplies.  Jake and Elic came over from Station.  Peters, Anderson and Griffin left with supplies via Station to Yentna District.  McNeil hauled up another jag hay on small horse sled.  Evening windy.  Four men left for Seward.

March 31, 1907  Easter Sunday.  Had fair day in store trade with Sushitna Natives.  Made out bills rendered in March, hauled up 2 barrels water.  Evening old man Nordyke arrived gave up-trip to Caribou District with Drees - were 20 days moving their outfit Knik to Moose Creek 40 miles, got 60 miles more to make.

April 1, 1907 Got J. L. Reeds mail from Post Office.  Old man Hunter in town went as far as Raven Creek, too windy to cross Crow Creek Pass.  Headburg hauled in wood with our team for Duffy.  Palmer sobering up from a spree.  Baby fell cut gash over left eye.

April 2, 1907   Warming up, thawed today. Helped McNeil haul in 4 poles to make gangplank to use on beach.  Store sales fair took $50.  Won 30-30 riffle for $1,  drinks cost $1.50 extra.  Sold Sushitna Native $7 worth cube sugar, all out of sugar and flour at Station.  Gebron got back from trip to Clear Creek.

April 3, 1907  with double team started for Cottonwood for load of hay.  Trail drifted so bad had to give up-trip,  Mattie and baby went along.  Got up 2 barrels water.  Two of Watson’s men arrived from Seward, got some mail. Elic Vacilla was down from Old Knik paid his bill.  Baby not well, liver trouble, passed white stool.

April 4, 1907  Bare ground beginning to show up around Knik. O'Brien was down.  Watson’s men left Knik for Chickaloon coal camp.  Baby ok today.

April 5, 1907  with small sled drove to Cottonwood for jag of hay, six hours. Frank Dunn arrived from Station, paid his debt and bought $22 more.  Sales today $68.  Bartholf, Hughes and McNeil went down to Goose Bay in boat for moose meat.  First boating this spring on Arm.

April 6, 1907  Got up 5 AM to let Dunn have his supplies for Station. Frank Crab, Booth, McHenry and Old Hunter left in row boat for Turnagain Arm via to Seward.  Crab coming back with boat and our 12 sacks feed left in Hope. Evening Odukirk's partner got back from Chulitna, got letter from Kriedler.  Bartholf and Hughes got back from moose hunt got no moose.

April 7, 1907  Thawed a little today.  Had a run on sugar by Natives today, 4 barrels left.  Got board ready for another K. T. Co. sign also head board for Elmer’s grave.  McNeil hauled wood for himself with Tony.  Very quiet in town.  Evening took a bath.

April 8, 1907  Not much doing in store sales $25. Two mushers came in from Yentna.  Mr. Matt got back from Squentna.  Kenny sent over $35 to apply on his account by Mr. Mat.  Bartholf and Names left in boat on PM tide for moose hunt around Goose Bay.  Hauled up 2 barrels water and lumber from Nakeeta, 17 barrels in exchange for shingles.  Evening developed 3 rolls film.

April 9, 1907  Thawed considerable today, bare ground in gardens and in front of store.  Monroe Kast came in with Matt last evening got the rheumatics going outside.  Churchill sent Natives over for sugar.  Headburg came back from trip to Metal Creek, afraid someone would get his squaw. Evening finished developing 5 film rolls.  

April 10, 1907 Matt getting Palmer’s gas boat ready for trip to Seldovia.  Printed picture on velox, developer no good, only got a few.  Beldick and Prince shot 5 moose over on ridge of  K. B. trail.  Baby started to wear jr. overalls.

April 11, 1907 Hot time in Indian town last night, Natives drunk.  Judge called out, put Nicholai and McNeil in irons.  Names out of town.  Where did they get the whiskey?  Packed 100#  cube to send to Churchill.  Sent Dunn the 3 bottles catsup left, belong on his late order.  Sent C. A. Neslin a bottle liniment.  Mattie and Mrs. Howard took a walk to government camp PM.  Hauled up 2 barrels water.

April 12, 1907  Very quiet in store.  Sent Churchill 100# cube sugar by Native.  McNeil started to hew out stringers for gangplank.  High tide taking ice off beach at Knik. Mattie and Mrs. Howard took another walk to government camp.  Smith and wife arrived from Chickaloon.  Nakala came to town bought 1 lynx from him.  Bartholf returned the K. B. bobsleighs.

April 13, 1907  Snow about all gone on gardens.  Started to ceil up front end of little room over store.  McNeil finished hewing stringers (4) for gangplank.  Otto made hotbed for early vegetables.  Palmer got his gas  boat fitted up for trip to Seldovia.  

April 14, 1907 Helped McNeil on gangplank.  Mattie and the  women folks took a walk to summit on Station trail. Wrote Hale if he would protect me in case K. B. Mine was sold.  Wrote to Jos. about K. B. affairs.  Cloudy and cold all day. Two mushers from Cache Creek arrived.

April 15, 1907  Helped McNeil on gangplank.  Hauled up 2 barrels water.  Palmer’s crowd ready to leave for Seldovia on morning tide. Sent order for ½ ton oats and hay to Chas Lilly Co.  Snow 2/3 gone around Knik.  Mattie made donuts.

April 16, 1907 Palmer launched his gas boat on AM tide for trip to Seldovia, boat leaked so bad they had to pull her out and cork her up.  Evening Frank Crab got back from trip to Turnagain Arm, brought back 12 sacks chopped feed left last October with A. C. Co. at Hope.  Joe Palmer and  Johnny Petallin brother came over with him.  All of Palmer’s crowd drunk today.

April 17, 1907  AM tide Palmer left with gas boat for Seldovia, had 8 passengers.  Sent mail to bank and letter to Jos.  Got gangplank about finished except laying floor.  Mattie cleaned house.  Evening Duffy came in and gave us a 2 hour earache about his cooking experience in San Francisco.

April 18, 1907  Snow all gone off store garden and in lot back of house. Natives got back with moose meat from Little Sushitna on K. B. trail.  Paid Anton Jefeson bill rendered by Cramer for his riffle and shoes $19.

April 19, 1907  Hauled up 2 barrels water with Nig on stone boat. Finished frame work on gangplank  4’ x 31’.  Got to have flooring whipsawed. Nakeeta came back from trip to Copper on Talkeetna - said McConahay was sick at Chickaloon couldn’t go any farther.

April 20, 1907  Duke Harris arrived from Seward overland brought Seward mail. Got letter from Murphy, left Seward on April 3rd for Seattle.

April 21, 1907  Snow all gone off around buildings at Knik and on trail beach to lake.  Started to paint another K. T. Co. sign.  Sold R. Butler of Seward small outfit on his way to Cache Creek District.  Shoveled snow drift off Elmer’s grave.  Foster left at noon with dory for Turnagain Arm with Mr. Eaton who just arrived from Kuskokwim.  Sent order to A. C. Co. Hope for 10  sacks oats for Bartholf and Hughes.

April 22, 1907 Butler and partner last to leave Knik with dog team for Cache Creek.

April 23, 1907  Trade fair, $20,  had a run on sugar.  Several Natives came in from Little Sushitna to trade before the breakup, bid on 2 lynx and 1 otter $12,  Palmer’s man got them for $14.50,  1 lynx summer pelt. Got log ready to saw on.  Chief Nakeeta brought  lumber  for gangplank.  Duke Harris left for coal mines.  

April 24, 1907  Marked and plumbed log to whipsaw for lumber for gangplank. Hunter Smith arrived from Eagle River had a small catch.  Old man Zorn and son arrived from trip Seward to Knik, 1 month on trail, had to cache their grub at head of Knik Arm came in with only camp outfit.  All out of hay, horses getting some grass.

April 25, 1907  First rain of spring. Cut ice around stern of scow.  Geese flying over all evening.  Put up wash bench in kitchen, evening fixed clock that was out of order.

April 26, 1907  Frost out of store and barn gardens.  Natives finished sawing lumber for gangplank floor, 150’ cost $4.80 and $1 for log = 4¢ per ft.  Frank Miller leaded and corked up Sea Otter boat.  Mattie and Mrs. Howard walked to Fish Creek and back (4 miles).  Palmer overdue on trip to Seldovia 3 days.  Hauled 2 barrels water.

April 27 1907 Big tide partly covered ice on flats.  Cleaned Old hair off horses.  Miller finished corking Sea Otter boat, time 5 hours.  Cleaned out potato pen in root house.  McNeil finished sawing firewood.  Painted sweep oars.  Cleaned off store garden.  Got most of ice out of stern of scow.

April 28, 1907  Lots of ice afloat.  Made bracket to hold fire extinguishers, to place in front room over store.  McNeil finished sawing wood, got credit for 3 1/3 cords for April, 3 cords on hand. McNeil helped me fix wench on scow, took out roller, put on tackle to pull her up on bank.  Evening Affinassa arrived  from Tyonek.  Reported the Tyonek came as far as Tyonek, too much ice, so  went back to Seldovia.  Fed horses last of frozen potatoes.

April 29, 1907 Jacked up scow off ice. McNeil jointed up flooring for gangplank. Palmer got back from trip to Seldovia on 5 PM tide.  The Tyonek at Fire Island, too much ice to come into Arm.  Palmer delivered   mail at Sunrise and Hope and Knik with his gas boat.  Foster got back from Hope, brought 8 sacks feed.  Clothing for Stanley came by mail.  Got letter from Stevens only K. B. mail.

April 30, 1907  Finished gangplank, painted floor of same.  Hauled up 2 barrels water.  Palmer went to Fire Island for grub left there by the Tyonek.  Foster left by boat for Old Knik via Goose Bay route.  Got big bundle paper mail that accumulated since last October.  Ice in Knik Arm 2 weeks later than last spring.  

May 1, 1907  Collection day.  Made out local trade bills, collected $119.  Matt and old Hughes, Palmer’s hooch dispenser, had scrap over a dog in Palmer’s saloon.  Hughes pulled a club then a rifle on Matt but was properly disarmed.  Flood tide quite free of ice flow.  Bartholf moved up to Cottonwood to
commence fixing trail  to Willow Creek.  Duffy gave a 3 hour earache.

May 2, 1907  McNeil went to Goose Bay Point to cut poles and sills for hardware  annex.  Headburg left by row boat for Old Knik. Wrote Seattle Hardware Co. I would furnish 5½’ snowshoes for $3 and  6’  for $3.50, F. O. B. Knik.  Evening picked a goose.

May 3, 1907   Not freezing at night. Rode Kid up to tide flats let O'Brien have job to grub piece of land to plant rutabagas.  Painted Sea Otter boat.  Registered letter to A. C. Co. Hope and bank at Seward. McNeil rafted up rafters and sills for hardware annex.  Put screens on 2 windows, a few mosquitoes presenting bills.  Snow all gone in woods.

May 4, 1907 First real rain of spring. Landed raft of logs.  Put pull rope in gangplank.  Had goose dinner.  Jap boy got back from hunting trip around Goose Bay, gave us a goose. Got 2 oz. 5 dwt . 20 gr. gold dust ready to send to bank of Seward.  Put up fire extinguishers in front room.

May 5, 1907 with Tony hauled pole rafters and sills - beach to store.  Started to clean out to build hardware  annex between store and new cabin.  Evening Admiral Duffy visited, gave me a 2 hour earache about his restaurant business in Seattle.  Blind Miller arrived after all winter on trail Seward to Knik.

May 6, 1907 William Murphy got back from trip to Seattle for a gas engine for his launch, came from Seward via Glacier Creek,  Wallace came over with him to do carpenter work on boat.  PM  jacked up scow above ice on beach.  Started to build hardware annex.  Put K. T. Co. sign on roof of store.  Evening wrote to Phil Denzer sent statement of his account.

May 7, 1907  Murphy started to remodel K. B. launch for gas engine, Wallace doing the carpentry work.  Got logs laid at rear of hardware annex.  Talked with Judge about K. B. affairs said I would have to apply to District Court to cover the mining property.  Otto came in for grub for Bartholf on account  of trail work Knik to Willow Creek.

May 8, 1907  Got floor sills laid and part of floor in hardware annex.  Hauled up 2 barrels water.  Murphy got launch all stripped ready for new house etc.  Evening wrote C. and T. Co. not to deliver lost October freight.  Answered Mr. Stevens letter about K. B. affairs.  Evening horses failed to come for feed.  Headburg and bride left for Glacier Creek, also Old John Miller.  Evening horses failed to come for feed.

May 9 1907  McNeil laid off.  Laid part of floor  hardware annex.  Matt started to cut out for shaft log in launch.  Murphy hewed out shaft log and bored same.  Paddy and 3 men arrived via Old Knik from Glacier Creek on way to Knik Copper.  Horses failed to show up at barn tonight 2nd night away.  Noon Palmer left for Tyonek - Names and Smith went with him in gas boat.

May 10, 1907  Finished laying floor in hardware annex.  Got up a few front logs.  Murphy went to Goose Bay Point  to get timbers for launch.  Mrs. Howard drove up horses from Fish Creek.  Evening Palmer got back from trip to Tyonek, brought  no mail.  Clyde arrived by boat said the Tyonek was at Glacier Creek, wouldn’t call here for 2 weeks.

May 11, 1907 Got most of logs up on front of hardware annex.  Put in pier to run scow on - to cork, paint, etc., same.  Launch all ready to set engine.  Palmer started to build crib for wharf.  Names packing up to move his saloon to Tyonek.

May 12, 1907 Tide too small to float scow.  Got hardware annex front completed, part of rafters up.  Zorn launched his dory.  Murphy waiting for engine and house material for launch.  Palmer filling in crib for wharf.  Got sore throat.

May 13, 1907  Rain most all day.  Got up balance of rafters on hardware annex.  Took in $330 deposits.  No work on launch today waiting for engine to arrive - left off at Tyonek.  Evening Duffy visited, gave a 2 hour earache.

May 14, 1907 AM tide Murphy left for Turnagain Arm to get iron for launch.  Put in gutter and started to shingle hardware annex.  Palmer finished building wharf - 4 days work.  Evening got $750 ready to send to bank. Delivered 30 bunches shingles to Duffy by Duke Harris.

May 15, 1907  Put on 4 bunches shingles on hardware annex, covered balance of roof with canvas on account of being out of shingles.  Red Jack and the Tyonek expected in on any tide.  Evening cleaned up front yard.  Duffy visited with his usual earache.  Mailed $400 gold and $350 currency to Bank of Seward - 2 registered packages.

May 16, 1907  Jacked up scow and nailed on mud guard.  Put door frame in hardware annex.  The Tyonek arrived first trip to Knik,  got groceries hardware clothing.  Palmer’s wharf no good, unloaded freight on gangplanks.  Whitney arrived, no word from K and B Co. about settlement.  Up until 2 o'clock talking with Whitney.  Red Jack arrived, brought Murphy’s engine on way to Station.  Palmer went to Sunrise.

May 17, 1907  The  Tyonek left for Seldovia.  Mrs. Howard went out on the Tyonek also Smith and wife and Clarence Whitney went back to Seward.  Murphy got engine into launch.  Wallace getting out material for house on launch, Matt setting engine.  Morning tide Palmer got back from Sunrise with load of beer.  Palmer and his squaw drunk.

May 18, 1907  Unpacked some hardware and marked same.  Wallace got the frame up for pilot house on launch.  Evening helped to set engine in launch. Palmer moved Names saloon outfit to Tyonek. Stephan got back from Tyonek with his new sloop.  Horses came up from Fish Creek.

May 19, 1907 Bartholf  put in small order for mine supplies.  Matt got engine lined up.  Wallace got up frame to house on launch and part of siding on.  Murphy caulking up launch.  Evening horses came to barn.  Bartholf planted 40 Mile Miller’s garden.

May 20, 1907  Ploughed garden in front of store.  Hauled up sleds, beach to annex.  Put up $40 worth of supplies for Bartholf to take to Willow Creek.  Evening painted house on launch.  Bought 8 pair snowshoes, store sales fair.  Evening took a bath.  Evening tide Bartholf left Knik for Willow Creek.

May 21, 1907  First real warm day of spring. Everything about completed on launch.  Sent to Sunrise for lumber to cover roof of house on launch, by Palmer’s gas boat.  Opened up box of guns, all in good condition.  Duke Harris went to Seward via Sunrise to bring around horses to Knik.  

May 22, 1907  Palmer launch got back from Sunrise, got no lumber.  Planted store garden to spuds etc.  Boat reported at Goose Bay, probably the Ida May.

May 23, 1907  Helped to put roof of house on launch and did some priming. PM made first ice cream.  Evening Matt, Wallace and Murphy ate ice cream with us.  Store sales fair $30.  

May 24, 1907  The Tyonek arrived, 2nd trip to Knik, got no freight.  Ploughed C and H garden.  Took top off hardware roof to cover roof on launch.  Evening made red paint to paint roof on launch.  Painted pilot house and hatch.  One passenger arrived.  Zorn left by boat to get his winter cache at head of Arm.  Forty Mile Miller got back from trip to Valdez Creek.

May 25, 1907 Ready to launch the launch but got no oil.  Palmer started to plant spuds.

May 26, 1907  Worked on scow all day put in 5 new sills.  Set glass in pilot house window primed doors of pilot house on launch.  Murphy finished laying floor in launch.  Port windows rudder and sail gear yet to go on.  Hughes lost 4 of his horses on Cottonwood flats.  Beldick arrived from Willow Creek.

May 27, 1907  Got scow ready to launch. Let Duffy have horses to plough up his garden spot.  Hauled up 2 barrels water.  Snowshoes coming in every day, 30 pairs on hand.  Wash day.

May 28, 1907  Up at 5:30 launched scow, tide came 1’ over bank.  Painted waterline on launch and doors etc. in pilot house.  Did some work on rudder.  Evening Wallace set dynamo and put in center post to stiffen roof of launch.  Launch all ready to run except connecting up cable to rudder, waiting for oil to arrive.

May 29, 1907  Painted most all day on launch.  Cut glass for windows and Wallace put them in.  Murphy connected up cable to rudder etc.  Evening tide Ryn of Kenai arrived with his sloop.

May 30, 1907  Cleaned 2 cases of ham.  Fixed bank - back of hardware annex.  paid Wallace $100 for 20 days labor remodeling launch.  Evening tide the Tyonek arrived - disc harrow and forage came.  Evening set up disc harrow got no mail.  Murphy put in shelf lockers in pilot house and molding around top of house inside. The  Ida May reported at Seldovia.

May 31, 1907  Run disc harrow over C and H garden.  Morning tide launched K. B. launch.  PM tide, the Ida May arrived with gas oil for launch,  also the Bat arrived.  Finch brought 4 Natives over from Tyonek on account of  drinking booze.  Evening unloaded oil on scow. The  Bat caught fire finally put it out.  Miss Woolsey came on Bat, guest at our house.

June 1, 1907  Paid freight on oil.  The Ida May left on AM tide.  Started to paint ceiling in launch.  Ploughed K. B. lot.  Murphy put mast in launch.  Evening painted trimmings on pilot house.  The Bat got fixed up, got  electric wire from  the Ida May.  Had Woolsey and daughter and Mr. Finch at dinner.

June 2, 1907  Launch wouldn’t float AM tide. The  Bat also got stuck on Knik beach.  Murphy and Wallace rolled launch into deep water.  Left Knik at midnight with Jim Wallace for Sunrise went along as pilot, left Mattie to run store - up all night.

June 3, 1907  Ate breakfast on Fire Island.  AM tide started out for Sunrise heavy head wind north of Turnagain Arm had to run back to Fire Island.  Slept on Fire Island on beach.  Red Jack visited at Knik brought Matt back and 2 passengers.

June 4, 1907   Cloudy.  AM tide went back to Knik for more oil and to lengthen out rudders.  Got orders from Kenny and Rice, Lake Creek, for supplies put up same to go on launch.

June 5, 1907  Left Knik midnight for Hope and Sunrise with ton of freight and 5 passengers.  Arrived Fire Island 5 AM.  AM tide went to Hope, head wind very rough arrived Hope 2 PM left off 1 passenger.

June 6, 1907  2 AM left Hope for  Sunrise,  Mr. Sleeper a passenger - left off 3 passengers.  3 AM left Sunrise for Tyonek was a little rough in Chickaloon Bay.  Arrived at Tyonek 1 PM on half flood.  Evening tide rough Turnagain Arm wind.  Short of fuel - leak in tank and pipe.  Decided to go back to Knik then to river.  Engine wants overhauling. Tyonek.

June 7, 1907  Left Tyonek 11 AM, arrived Knik 5 PM.  Evening mosquitoes very bad.  Murphy cleaned out bilge in launch, found leak in feed pipe.  Brought 4 box pilot for Palmer - del. first king salmon at Knik.  Store sales light.  Got order from Names for future delivery.

June 8, 1907  Made out McNeil and Bartholf’s bills rendered in May.  Unpacked hardware.  Murphy overhauling gasoline tank and feed pipe also engine.  Watson’s men came down from coal camp to get horses - to arrive from Seward.  Evening checked down and marked hardware.  Most everyone got light colds.

June 9, 1907 Got Names order ready.  Painted bow on launch where tide rips, ripped off plates.  Evening Murphy got launch ready for trip up river.  Anderson, of Lake Creek, arrived with his gas boat on way to Tyonek.  McNeil got logs for oil house.  

June 10, 1907  Got up 6 AM left Knik - voyage 2 with launch for Sushitna River at 8 AM.  Arrived at bar off river at noon anchored for flood tide. Got into mouth of river at 5 PM, high tide mark on East Fork, couldn’t find channel up East Fork got aground many times.  Crossed over to Barrel Island got hung up on sand bar went dry 10 hour waiting for tide.

 June 11, 1907  Left mouth of river 7 AM arrived at Station 11:30.  Took dinner at Dunn’s left Station 2 PM arrived Kahiltna 10 PM anchored 1 mile above Kahiltna.

June 12, 1907  Arrived Lake Creek 10 AM took 10½ hour run Station to Lake Creek.  Collected freight bills, delivered freight to Kenny - Rice and Co. and McHenry.  Left Lake Creek 1 PM,  stopped at Kahiltna no one there.  Arrived Station 5 PM.  Took on two passengers and old man Van Buren from Lake Creek.  Passed Red Jack at mouth of river.  Laid over  at Barrel Island windy outside.

June 13, 1907  Barrel Island to Tyonok and Knik.  AM tide went to Tyonek, strong wind off shore.  Woolsey followed with the Bat had to put in at Beluga.  12:30 left Tyonek for Knik strong wind, heavy seas off Fire Island very rough, arrived at Knik 7 PM.  The Tyonek was in on the 12th brought Duke Harris and Watson’s horses.  McNeil had oil house up and gas stored therein.

June 14, 1907  Murphy had to line up engine.  Bartholf came in from Willow Creek for more grub, paid his bill. Evening Palmer tried his gas boat after resetting engine.  Store trade fair mosquitoes quite bad.  Murphy hired to take Duke Harris to Sushitna Forks at $20 per day.

June 15, 1907  Warmer, mosquitoes very bad.  Murphy left Knik with Duke Harris via to Sushitna Forks.  Put up $132 order for Bartholf to take to Willow Creek. Palmer left with scow and gas boat for coal.

June 16, 1907  Rode Kid up to grass flats and planted rutabaga seed on lot there.  Bartholf left for Willow Creek.  Hamilton left for Knik River Copper Mines.  Forty Mile Miller returned from Knik River.  Unpacked hardware  Mattie made ice cream.

June 17, 1907  Checked down hardware replanted lettuce and radishes. Three boats arrived on evening tide from Knik River.  Small mosquitoes very bad.  Oats up on K. B. lot.  Bought bear cub skin off Forty Mile Miller.  Evening cloudy.

June 18, 1907  Mosquitoes bad.  Unpacked sleds, saws and shovels and put them in hardware annex.

June 19, 1907  First real rain of spring.  Worked on books all day.  Forty Mile Miller  soldered eve trough on hardware annex.

June 21, 1907 Hamilton Chandler and Foster got back from Knik River.  Joe Palmer arrived from Hope.

June 22, 1907 PM tide both Palmer and Murphy arrived at Knik.  Murphy gone 7 day trip to Forks.  Store sales fair.  Got order from Dunn from Station.  Mosquitoes quite lively again.

June 23, 1907  Put Knik Trading tarp on roof of hardware annex.  Made arrangements to send Tom Longtree to Willow Creek to look after water and flume and property and care for K. B. horses.  Put up small order for Dunn, G. S. Swan and K. B. Mines.  Up most all night getting ready for trip to Seward via with the Swan to Sunrise, then trail to RR.

No diary entries from June 24 through July 15 while Herning was on a trip