By Coleen Mielke

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Shaska, Martin
Age: 53
Died: 11/8/1926 Karluk
Wanka, Evan
Born: 4/21/1925 Karluk
Died: 8/1/1925 Karluk
Father: John Waska b. Karluk
Mother: Okolina Waska b. Karluk
Antonson, Harry
Born: 6/3/1925 Karluk
Died: 9/5/1925
Father: Gus Antonson b. Sweden
Mother: Lizzie Antonson b. Karluk
Collegium, Larry
Born: 10/25/1925 Karluk
Died: 2/2/1926
Father: George Collegium b. Afognak
Mother: Nastier Collegium
Brown, John
Born: 3/10/1926 Karluk
Died: 8/15/1926 Karluk
Father: Alex Brown b. Karluk
Mother: Julia Brown b. Karluk
Evan, (girl )
Born: 8/17/1926 Karluk
Died: 4/29/1927 Karluk
Mother: Pressinia Evan b. Karluk
Noya, Polly
Born: 7/13/1927 Karluk
Died: 8/5/1927 Karluk
Father: John Noya b. Afognak
Mother: Zenia Noya b. Karluk
Charliage, John
Born: 4/29/1926 Karluk
Died: 9/17/1926 Karluk
Father: Anton Charliage b. Afognak
Mother: Matrona Charliage b. Karluk
Born: 1817
Died: 10/6/1927 Karluk

Old Age
110 years old

Children: Daria Sashka of Karluk
Malutin, Baby
Born: 12/22/1927 Karluk
Died: 12/22/1927 Karluk
Father: Nick Malutin b. Afognak
Mother: Mary Malutin b. Karluk
Evan, Alex
Born: 2/25/1905 Karluk
Died: 2/13/1928 Karluk
Ambrosia, Roman
Chief of Tribe
Age 78
Died: 6/20/1925 Karluk
Kidney issue
Wife: Anitia born Karluk
Children: Carpa Amabrosia of Karluk
Other: Matfay Ambrosia
Peterson, Tania
Age 62
Died: 9/8/1925 Karluk
Husband: Charles Peterson of Karluk
Reft, Sophie
Born: 9/16/1925 Karluk
Died: 10/27/1925 Karluk
Father: John Reft  b. Russia
Mother: Katie Reft
Brown, Oleana
Age about 20 b. Karluk
Died: 4/26/1928
Husband: Alex Brown
Son: Alex Brown Jr.
Saderstrom, Axel Emanuel
Born: 3/20/1876 Finland
Died: 9/18/1928 Karluk
Daughter: Minnie Engstrom
Noya, Tim
Born:   blank
Died: 9/29/1928 Karluk
Ulcered vericose vein
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Sava, Zinia
Born: 11/3/1925 Karluk
Died: 1/18/1929 Karluk
Father: Jack Sava
Mother: Jennie Sava
Yakanak, Stephen
Born: 1/5/1929 Karluk
Died: 1/22/1929 Karluk
Father: Paul Yakanak b. Afognak
Mother: Fannie Yakanak b. Kodiak
Sisters: Minnie and Agusta
Brothers: Abraham and Pete
Anderson, Olof Helmer
Born: 3/22/1866 Sweden
Died: 2/14/1929 Uyak

Fell off
125' Cliff
Father: Andres  Johanson b. Sweden
Mother: Olena Bernsdotter b. Sweden
Sister: Maria Anderson
Norell, Dora
Age about 43 b. Uganik
Died: 2/14/1929 Karluk
Husband: Oscar Norell of Karluk
Children: Minnie, Mary, Willie
Clyda, Annie, Martin, Oscar and
Lunstron, Jennie
Age about 85
Died: 3/31/1929
Brights Disease
Nick and Philip Rastopsoff
Antowak, Matfay
Born: 8/22/1877 Karluk
Died: 12/20/1929 Karluk
Father: Sava Antowak
Mother: Julia Antowak
Wife: Fedosia Antowak
Children: Lizzie, Lucy and Tecon
Sava, Jennie
Born: 1/7/1908 Karluk
Died: 1/7/1930 Karluk

Father: Evan Signuk b. Karluk
Mother: Fannie Signuk b. Karluk
Husband: Jackie Sava
Children: Oklena Sava
Naumoff, Tania
Born 1885 Afognak
Died 8/25/1930 Karluk
Father: Alex Knagen b. Afognak
Mother: Julia Knagen b. Afognak
Husband: Moses Naumoff of Larsen Bay
Children: Julia, Ned, Martha, Annie Mary,
Jacob, Alfred, Emil and Ella all of
Larsen Bay
Paul, George
Born: 11/8/1909 Karluk
Died: 5/13/1931 Karluk
Father: George Paul b. Finland
Mother: Julia Evan b. Afognak
Wife: Mary Laktonen
Children: Tatiana
Other Relatives: Matrona Green
and Stella Carlson of Karluk
Melcolie, Temofay
Age 54 b. Karluk
Died: 5/15/1931
Father: Melcolie b. Karluk
Mother: Lucaria b. Karluk
Wife: Katie Melcolie
Matrona Necanov
Dora _________
Malutin, Toney? or Foney?
Born: 1878 Afognak
Died: 9/17/1931 Karluk
Father: Philip Malutin
Mother: Mary Stephanoff
Wife: Katie Malutin of Afognak
Children: Florence, Ralph, Anna and Tim
Brother: John Malutin of Afognak
Cousin: Sinafont Malutin of Kodiak
Gunderson,  Peter
Born: 10/25/1846 Norway
Died: 9/3/1930 Karluk
Father: Gunder Gunderson
Mother: Qurie Gunderson
Immigrated to Ameria 1887
Came to Karluk 5/2/1889

Son: Alfred Gunderson
Erikoff, Paddock
Age 70 b. Karluk
Died: 10/26/1930
Wife: Polly Erikoff (dead)
Other: Sasha Kemak of Karluk
Naumoff, Temofay
Born: 12/28/1929 Karluk
Died: 1/24/1931 Karluk
Father: Neketa Naumoff b. Karluk
Mother: Marina Naumoff b. Karluk
Sister: Sophie Naumoff
Nicholi, Gregorie
Born 2/9/1931 Karluk
Died 3/9/1931 Karluk
Father: Cresia Nicholi
Mother: Sophie Knagin
Antowak, Tecan
Born: 8/23/1928 Karluk
Died: 4/22/1931 Karluk
Father: Matfay Antowak
Mother: Fedosia Antowak
Gregorioff, Okleana
Born 6/26/1879 Wood Island
Died 4/27/1931 Karluk
Father: Simeon
Husband: John Gregorioff
Children: Alexandra, Zenia, Stephen
Paul, Tecon
Born: 8/26/1930 Karluk
Died: 5/5/1931
Father: George Paul b. Karluk
Mother: Mary Laktonen b. Karluk
Aunt: Fedosia Laktonen
Christenson, Mary
Born 6/27/1931 Karluk
Died: 11/21/1931 Karluk
Father: John Carl Christenson b. Norway
Mother: Alexandra Gregorioff b. Afognak
Andrevitch, Alex
Born: _____ South End
Died: 12/31/1931 Karluk
Father: Andrew Andrevitch b. South End
Wife: Mary Andrevitch of Karluk
Norell, Andrew
Born: 11/22/1930 Karluk
Died: 3/15/1932 Karluk
Father: Willie Norell b. Karluk
Mother: Olive Norell b. Karluk
Brother: Carpa Norell of Karluk
Charliaga, Simeon
Born: 2/15/1931 Karluk
Died: 4/6/1932 Karluk
Father: Antone Charliaga b. Karluk
Mother: Matrona Melcoli b. Karluk
Ambrosia, Maria
Born 2/5/1931 Karluk
Died 4/29/1932 Karluk
Father: Manuska Ambrosia b. Karluk
Mother: Julia Bicoon b. Afognak
Other: Anezia Romanoff of Karluk
Malutin, Paul
Born: 7/20/1904 Afognak
Died: 5/15/1932 Karluk
Father: Zakar Malutin
Mother Nastasia Malutin
Wife: Fedosia Malutin
Children: Lizzie, Lucy and Moses
Norell, Nicholas
Born 5/22/1932 Karluk
Died 5/23/1932 Karluk
Pre-mature birth
Father: Willie Norell
Mother: Olive Gregorie
Other: Carpa Norell
Mellacknack, Suzan
Born 8/21/1931 Karluk
Died 5/24/1932 Karluk
Father: Ewan Mellacknack b. South End
Mother: Fay Gregory b. Karluk
Laktonin, William
Born 1/14/1932 Karluk
Died 9/28/1932 Karluk
Father: Jacob Laktonin b. Afognak
Mother: Fedosia Laktonin
Other:  Jacob, Nick, Andrew
Natalia and Alexandra
Nicholi, Sophie
Born 4/15/1916 Afognak
Died 11/24/1932 Karluk
Father: Knagin
Mother:  Annie Knagin
Husband: Cresia Nicholi of Karluk
Children: Zoya Nicholi
Other: Lucy Knagin, Pete Knagin,
Vera Knagin
Waselie, Ella
Born 3/8/1932 Karluk
Died 12/4/1932 Karluk
Father: Pete Waselie b. Larsen Bay
Mother: Mary Waselie b. Karluk
Other: Willie, John, Philip, Senar?
and Larry
Brown, John
Born: 4/8/1932 Karluk
Died: 1/27/1933 Karluk
Father: Alex Brown b. Karluk
Mother: Maska Colligium
Brother: Willie Brown
Johanson, Ruth Gustova
Born 4/21/1932 Karluk
Died 2/18/1938 Uyak
Father: J. E. Johanson b. Sweden
Mother: Vera Reft b. Karluk
Charliaga, Matrona
Born 4/3/1932 Karluk
Died 3/17/1933 Karluk
Father: Antone Charliaga b. Karluk
Mother: Matrona Melcolie b. Karluk
Johansen, Robert
Born 6/2/1933 Karluk
Died 6/2/1933 Karluk
Father: J. E. Johansen b. Sweden
Mother: Vera Reft
Knagin, Fred
Born:  unknown
Died: 8/10/1933 Karluk
Father: Alex Knagin
Mother: Helen Alpiak
Brother: Robert Knagin
Ewanovich, Belligaya
Born 5/12/1883
Died 11/2/1933 Karluk
Husband: Pete Ewanovich
Brother: Egnatu Nicholi of Karluk
Peterson, Carl (Chas)
Born 5/26/1880 Sweden
Died 10/12/1933 Uyak Bay
Father: Carl Peterson of Sweden
Mother: Marie Peterson of Sweden
Naumoff, Nora
Age about 68 (widow)
Died: 10/13/1933 Uyak Bay
(Near Browns Lagoon)
Father: Waselie Nekrasoff born Russia
Mother: Tatiana Naumoff born Alaska
Serafim, Pete and Mike
Malutin, Simon
Born 11/25/1932 Karluk
Died 12/19/1933 Karluk
Father: Herman Malutin
Mother: Tania Sava
Carlson, Carl Robert
Born 5/22/1923
Died 1/2/1934 Carlson's Lagoon(
Uyak Bay)
Father: Harry C. Carlson b. Norway
Mother: Margrett Larionoff b. Alaska
Malutin, John
Born 12/26/1933 Karluk
Died 5/22/1934 Karluk
Father: Herman Malutin born Afognak
Mother: Lania Sava born Karluk
Gilbert, Capt. John
Born 3/12/1863
Died 5/24/1934 Halibut Bay
Occupation: Beach Miner
Sheratine, John
Born 6/6/1893 Afognak
Died 6/7/1934 Karluk
Fell in the water
then run over by
launch - hit by a
Buried in Afognak
Father: Nicholas Sheratine b. Afognak
Mother: Heona Katalnikoff b. Spruce Island
Uncles: Tecon and Andrew Sheratine
Ambrosia, Gerasim
Born: 3/1/1934 Karluk
Died 6/13/1934 Karluk
Father: Manuska  Ambrosia b. Karluk
Mother: Julia Bicoon born Afognak
Shanigan, Andrew
Age about 39   b. Mainland
Died: 11/10/1934 Uyak Bay
Fell off Cliff at
Martin Lagoon in
Uyak Bay - broken neck

Antonsen, Sadie Reca
Born 4/16/1934 Karluk
Died 1/29/1935 Karluk
Father: Gust Antonsen b. Sweden
Mother: Lizzie Reft
Agnes, Gust, Elizabeth, Harry,
Freddie and Anna
Evanovitch, Pete
Born 7/12/1894
Died 2/18/1933 Karluk
Father: Ewan Evanovitch
Anderson, Capt. Antone
Born: 12/11/1860  Norway
Died: 3/5/1935 Karluk
Old Age

Christensen, Alexander
Born: 3/27/1935 Karluk
Died: 3/27/1935 Karluk
Premature Birth
Mother: Alexandra Christensen
Petersen, Helen
Born: 6/3/1934 Karluk
Died: 4/30/1935 Karluk
Unknown Cause
Father: Tecan Petersen b. Chignik
Mother: Apricinia (Ewan) Petersen b. Karluk
Calligmew, Nastia
Born: 1896 Wood Island
Died: 7/16/1935 Karluk
Unknown Cause
Father: Demetri Chinoff b. Wood Island
Mother: __________ b. Kodiak
Husband: George Calligmew of Karluk
Children: Mary Simeonoff
Rastopsoff, Lucy
Born: 9/30/1935 Karluk
Died: 9/30/1935 Karluk
Premature Birth
Father: Nick Rastopsoff b. Afognak
Mother: Mary Norrel    b. Karluk
Brother: Zakar
Sister: Julia
Waselie, Melita
Born: 2/23/1935 Larson Bay
Died: 11/24/1935 Karluk
Father: Capt. Pete Waselie b. Larsen Bay
Mother: Mary Gregorie Waselie b. Afognak
Siblings: Willie, John, Philip, Senoy, Larry,
Lawrence, Mary Ann
Simeonoff, Jacob Jr.
Born: 4/23/1935 Karluk
Died: 12/5/1935 Karluk
Father: Jacob Simeonoff b. Alitak
Mother: Marcia Collegium b. Afognak
Simeonoff, John
Born: 3/1/1936 Karluk
Died: 3/1/1936 Karluk
Premature Birth
Father: Jacob Simeonoff b. Alitak
Mother: Marsha Collegium b. Afognak
Laktonen, Tecan
Born: 5/29/1935 Karluk
Died: 3/3/1936 Karluk
Father: Jacob Laktonen Sr. b. Afognak
Mother: Fredosia Anaknook Laktonen b. Douglas
Siblings: Jacob Jr., Nick, Andrew, Alexander
Sergie and Nadia
Hanson, George
Born 4/19/1936 Karluk
Died: 4/28/1936 Karluk
Mother did not call
when baby was sick
Father: Willie Hanson b. Afognak
Mother: Bella Hanson b. Karluk
Waselie, Peter Jr.
Born: 5/12/1936 Karluk
Died: 6/6/1936 Karluk
Cause Unknown
Father: Pete Waselie  b. Larsen Bay
Mother: Mary (Alexie) Waselie b. Afognak
Antoninch, Gregorie Cresha
Born 10/23/1882 Uyak
Died 12/24/1936 Karluk
Father: Nicanor Gregorie
Mother: Irene
Wife: Polly Antoninch (sister of Mrs. Phillip Rastopsoff
Children: Olive Norell, Fay Malicknak and Natalie
Melcolie, Dora
Born 3/29/1920 Karluk
Died  1/26/1937 Karluk
Father: Timatfay Melcolie
Mother: Katie Melcolie
Noya, Zenia
Born: 1910 Afognak
Died: 2/16/1937 Karluk
Father: Leon Quesnikoff
Mother: Oklena Gregorioff b. Wood Island
Husband: John Noya
Children: Flora Noya
Melcolie, Alice Alexandra
Born: 4/21/1936 Karluk
Died: 2/19/1937 Karluk
Unknown Cause
Father: Nicanor Melcolie
Mother: Clyda Norell
Rastopsoff, Mary
Born: 2/4/1910 Karluk
Died: 5/1/1937 Karluk
Father: Abraham Nicoli
Mother: Daria   ____ b. Uganiak
Husband: Nick Rastopsoff
Children: Zachar and Julia
Ambrosia, Selma Helen
Born 12/17/1937 Karluk
Died 3/1/1938 Karluk
Whooping Cough
Father: Manuska Ambroska b. Karluk
Mother: Julia Ambroska b. Afognak
Alpial, Paul
Born: 7/12/1895 Afognak
Died: 3/5/1938 Karluk
Father: Esia Alpiak b. Uganik
Mother: Fabronia Alpiak b. Uganik
Wife: Paraskovia Alpiak
Children: Mary and Jacob Alpiak
(Jacob was a Foster Son)
Brother: Zachar Alpiak
Malignak, Evan
Born: 9/12/1901 Eagle Harbor
Died: 9/22/1938 Karluk
Father: Michael Malignak
Mother: Malania Malignak
Wife: Fay Malignak
Children: Polly F. Malignak
Brothers: Nick and Stephen
of Woody Island
Norell, Billy W.
Born 2/3/1938 Karluk
Died: 3/16/1938 Karluk
Father: Willie Norell
Mother: Olive Antonich Norell
Laktonen, Sergie
Born: 7/30/1933 Karluk
Died: 11/4/1938 Karluk
Unknown Cause

Father: Jacob Laktonen b. Afognak
Mother: Fedosia Laktonen b. Uganik
Siblings: Mary, Jacob, Nick, Andrew,
Nadia and Alexander
Reft, John Jr.
Born 9/9/1926 Karluk
Died: 7/15/1939 Karluk
Father: John Reft Sr. born: Esthonia
Mother: Katie Reft
Siblings: Annie Anderson and
Albert Reft
Malutin, Mary
Born 2/22/1907 Karluk
Diwed 5/27/1939 Karluk
Father: Chas. Donker born Norway
Mother: Martha Alpiak b. Uganik
Husband: Nick Malutin of Karluk
Children: Olga Panamarioff, Nick
and Marcia Malutin
Peterson, Deacon
Born: 5/5/1939 Karluk
Died: 5/31/1939 Halibut Bay
Cause Unknown
Father: Teacon Peterson  b. Chignik
Mother: Aphricinia Evan b. Karluk
Uncle: David Peterson in Alitak
Siblings: Mary, Jennie, Marie, Senafont,
Arthur and Annie (all of Halibut Bay)
Pikoon, Rika
Born: 5/19/1939 Karluk
Died: 7/15/1939 Karluk
Cause Unknown
Father: Herman Pikoon b. Afognak
Mother: Lizzie Antawak  b. Karluk
Sister: Alexandra
Aunt: Lucy Antowak
Grandmother: Fedocia Rastopsoff
Alpiak, Mary
Born 4/1/1920 Karluk
Died: 7/19/1939 Karluk
Father: Paul Alpiak  b. Uganik
Mother: Pariscovia Alpiak
Children: Theodore
Sister: Pauline
1/2 Sister: Zoe Reft
Ambrosia, Anesia
Born 1/12/1877
Died: 7/19/1939
Cause Unknown
Children: Manuska, Ole,
Emil and Carpa
Pikoon, Helen
Born: 2/15/1938 Karluk
Died: 7/21/1939 Karluk
Cause Unknown
Father: Herman Pikoon b. Afognak
Mother: Lizzie Antowak Pikoon b. Karluk
Sister: Alexandra
Aunt: Lucy Antowak
Grandmother: Fedosia Rastopsoff
Ambrosia, Inez
Born: 1/8/1939 Karluk
Died: 7/30/1939 Karluk
Father: Manuska Ambrosia b. Karluk
Mother: Julia Bicoon  b. Afognak
Siblints: Willie, Olga, Nick, Margaret
and Alex
Uncles: Ole Hansen and Emil and Carpa
Simeonoff, Wilmar James
Born: 5/16/1939 Karluk
Died: 8/13/1939 Karluk
Cause Unknown
Father: Jacob James Simeonoff
Mother: Marcia Collegium Simeonoff
Sister: Alice Mabel Simeonoff
1/2 Brother: Billy Brown
Cousin: Walter Simeonoff of Alitak
Norell, Mary
Born 4/14/1939 Karluk
Died 8/18/1939 Karluk
Father: Willie Norell
Mother: Olive (Antonich) Norell
Donker, Marfa
Born: 9/14/1892
Died: 9/30/1939 Karluk
Father: Esai Alpiak
Husband: Charles Donker
Other: Zachar Alpiak, Nick Malutin Jr.,
Mary Malutin and Olga Panamaroff
Norell, Clara Florence
Born 6/26/1937 Karluk
Died: 9/4/1939 Karluk
Father: Unknown
Mother: Minnie Norell
Sava, Jackie
Born: 5/5/1880
Died: 9/5/1939
Father: Abraham Stepanoff
Children: Tania Malutin and
Okalena Sava
Other: John and Steven Gregorioff
Reft, John Sr.
Born 1/19/1868 Esthonia
Died: 10/23/1939 Karluk
Old Age
Wife: Katie Reft
Vera Johanson
Annie Anderson
Lizzie Antonsen
Albert Reft
Gust Reft
Charles Reft
Reft, Vera Johanson
Born 10/25/1910 Karluk
Died 11/7/1939 Karluk
Father: John Reft  b. Esthonia
Husband: John Johanson of Karluk
Children: Gustov, Ludvig, Thelma
Ruth and Robert
Johanson, Robert
Born 10/16/1939 Karluk
Died 2/10/1940 Karluk
Cause Unknown
Father: John E. Johanson
Mother: Vera Reft
Malutin, Moses Herman
Born: 2/28/1938 Karluk
Died: 3/10/1940 Karluk
Cause Unknown
Father:: Herman Malutin b. Afognak
Mother: Tania (Sava) Malutin b. Karluk
Rock, Malhild Larso
Born: 11/22/1907 Afognak
Died: 5/2/1940
Father: Waselie Lacrosco
Mother: Oksena
Husband: Sam Rock
Children: Willie Rock
Other: Pete and Mike Naumoff
Kalmakoff, Annie
Born:  Unknown
Died: 6/27/1940
No Relatives
Boarded the M.S. Fern at Perryville,
bound for Kanatak, but died in route?
Ambrosia, Evprasia
Born 1/25/1940 Karluk
Died 6/29/1940 Karluk
Cause Unknown
Father: Manuska Ambrosia
Mother: Julia Pikoon
6 siblings
Simeonoff, Jacob James Jr.
Born 6/2/1940 Karluk
Died 6/11/1940
Cause Unknown
Father: Jacob Simeonoff Sr. b. Alitak
Mother: Marcia Callignew b. Afognak
Naumoff, Michael N.
Born 11/11/1939 Karluk
Died 7/23/1940
Cause Unknown
Father: Nekita Naumoff
Mother: Marina Nicoli
Malutin, Herman Jr.
Born 12/2/1936 Karluk
Died 8/17/1940
Father: Herman  Malutin b. Afognak
Mother: Tania (Sava) Malutin b. Karluk
Callegium (or) Callignew, George
Both surnames on document
Born 5/6/1869
Died: 12/4/1940
Old Age
Father: Walter Callignew
Mother: Waselesia
Children: Marcia Simeonoff
Other: Nick and Philip
Rastopsof of Kanatak
Agick, Leon Gust
Born 11/10/1940
Died 3/3/1941
Cause Unknown
Father: Gust Agick
Mother: Okalena (Sava) Agick
Uncle: Stevin Gregorioff
Other: Mrs. Herman Malutin
Nicoli, Egenate Nick
Born 1/31/1879
Died 4/10/1941
Cause Unknown
Daughter: Marina Naumoff
Chernikoff, Martha
Born 8/18/1860 St. Paul
Died 6/3/1941 Ouzinkie
Died in sleep
Husband: Ancifrie Chernikoff
Father: Nicholi Stepanoff
Mother: Alexandria Stepanoff
Grandson: Mike Chernikoff
Grandson: Ticon Chernikoff
Granddaughter: Parescovia Davis
Daughter-in-law: Fannie Chernikoff
Nicolai, Larionoff
Born 12/20/1866 Russia
Died 9/16/1941 Ouzinkie
Old Age
Angelie Levine of Ouzinkie
Alexandra Smith of Ouzinkie
Mary Calrson of Ouzinkie
Katie Daniels of Uganik
Jennie Valanis of Moose Pass
Lydia Cook of Washington
Helen Tarsen of Ouzinkie
Pete Larionoff of Karluk
Capchan, Feodor
Born 4/16/1881 Kaluta Bay
Died 12/1/1941
Father: Boris Capchan  born Kaluta Bay
Mother: Mary Capchan  born Eagle Harbor
Children: Stephan, Willie Capchan and
Nadya Stanley
Brothers: Tim Capchan, Simeon Chadula and
Herritone Chokwak
Squartsoff, Nadia
Born 12/17/1886 Cordova
Died 1/11/1941 Ouzinkie
Father: Simeon Rippleoff
Children: Simmie Squartsoff and
Dunia Squartsoff
Panamarioff, Waka
Born 10/21/1865
Died 9/29/1940 Ouzinkie
Father: Aplone Panamarioff
Wife: Mrs. Lashinsky of Kodiak
Children: Abram, Johnny and Aplone
Simeonoff, Natalie
Born 6/9/1890
Died 1/16/1941 Kodiak
Cause Unknown
Father: John Orloff born Russia
Mother: Tatiana Chichenoff
Mildred Simeonoff, Anna Simeonoff
Louise Gregaroff and Marten Larsen
Anderson, Christian August
Born 12/1/1859 Norway
Died 2/7/1941 Kodiak
Wife: Sophia Pestrikoff
Children: Mary Thorsheim, Jennie
Anderson, Ann Holland and Verna Anderson
Other: William Nome, Herman Nome and
Christian Anderson
Nekrasoff, Alek
Born 4/3/1914 Afognak
Died 3/???1941
Father: WAseli Nekrasoff born Afognak
Mother: Afanasia Peterson b. Nushagak
Nickita, Samoska
Born 9/1/1900 Aiaktalik
Died 8/17/1940 Lazy Bay
Father: Ephranasinickita  born Aiaktalik
Mother: Fedocia Nikita  born Aiaktalik
Children: Spiridon Nikita born Aiaktalik
Efhranasi Nikit born Aiaktalik
Other: Nicolai Nickita
Squartsoff, Richard
Born: 5/14/1899 Ouzinkie
Died: 10/23/1941 Ouzinkie
Father: Wassili Squartsoff
Mother: Mary Squarsoff of Seward
Children: Pauline Squartsoff
Lukia, Nicolai Nick
Born 5/21/1905
Died 3/8/1942 Afognak
Father: Alexander Lukia
Mother: Barbara Toshwak
Children: Victor, Emmanuel,
Agnes and Evelyn of Afognak
Toshwak, Katherine Noya
Born: 11/21/1899
Died: 7/28/1942
Father: Tim Noya
Mother: Daria Anaknak
Husband: Michael Toshwak of Afognak
Children: Mrs. P.L. Ungen of Kodiak
Annette Malutin, Tim Malutin
Gregarioff, Willie
Born 3/12/1908 Afognak
Died 4/13/1943 Afognak
Father: Stephan Gregaroff
Mother: Grace Gregaroff
Children: Billie and Anton
Other: Sosphie Nelson, Johnnie
Gregaroff, Augusta Gregaroff
Katelnikoff, Polly Squartsoff
Born 5/17/1899 Ouzinkie
Died 6/8/1942
Husband: John Katelnikoff
Father: Fred Squartsoff
Mother: Mary Rastipsoff
Children: Bill Katelnikoff,
Flora Boskofsky,
Tina Katelnikoff
Other: Mary Pestrikoff, Pette
Squartsoff, Wassili Squartsoff
Philip Rastopsoff
Gregoroff, Peter
Born 4/12/1896 Afognak
Died 12/26/1943 Kodiak
Father: Senafont Gregoroff b. Afognak
Mother: Louise Chichenoff b. Kenai
Sister: Mrs. Albert Naughton of Kodiak
Sister: Mrs. Gerald Harman of Seattle
Brother: Ben Gregoroff of Seattle
Tunohun, Andotia
Born: 3/1/1889 Eagle Harbor
Died: 12/22/1943 Near Woody Island
Husband: Konstantine Tonoshun
Father: ______ born near Dutch Harbor
Mothers Maiden Name: Paterachin
Children: Pete, Elaine, Nick,
Alexandria of Woody Island
Mike Tonohun  - US Army
Anita Tonohun of Kodiak
Dora Inga of Old Harbor
Tonohun, John
Born 7/5/1910 Woody Island
Died 12/22/1943 near Woody Island
Father: Konstantin Tonohun
Mother: Antotia  born near Eagle Harbor
Children: William Tonohun Woody Island
Other: Costia, Pete, Elaine, Alexander,
Nick, Anita, Mke, Dora Inga
Nekrasoff, Julia
Born: 7/19/1910 Afognak
Died: 12/22/1943 near Woody Island
Husband: Pete Nekrasoff
Children: Ida Nekrasoff of Ouzinkie
William Tunohun of Woody Island
Moon, Mary Inga
Born 12/4/1914 Eagle Harbor
Died 3/28/1943 Kodiak
Husband: Reuben I. Moon
Children: Phyllis Moon of Kodiak
Other: Polly Swanson, Mike Inga,
Stephan Anderson
Kahutak, Juliania Shugak
Born: 7/4/1916 Old Harbor
Died: 3/1/1943 Old Harbor
Husband: Pete Kahutak
Father: Innokenty Shugak
Children: Herman and Paul Kahutak
Kaguyak, Boris Chokwak
Born: 8/12/1884 Old Harbor
Died: 7/30/1944 Old Harbor
Wife: Fedosia Kaguyak
Father: Frinar? Chokwak  born Old Harbor
Mother: Anisia Sangnok Kaguyak b. Old Harbor
Children: Philip Chokwak Kaguyak of Old Harbor
Other: Willie Capjohn of Old Harbor
Stephen Capjohn of Old Harbor
Nadya Stanley Capjohn,
Oleana Kagusyak Ashwak of Kaguyak
Shugak, Innokenty
Born 12/31/1885 Old Harbor
Died 10/15/1944 Old Harbor
Blood Poison
Wife: Xenia Shugak
Father: Drofim  born Eagle Harbor
Mother: Juliana born Eagle Harbor
Children: Senafont and Julia Shugak of Old Harbor
Michael, Cagtherine and Willie of Old Harbor
Alpiak, Parascovia Kuke
Born: 10/19/1890 Kodiak
Died: 7/17/1944 Ouzinkie
Husband: Paul Alpiak
Children: Pauline Nelson of Kodiak
Mrs. Fred Wood of Seward
Stanley, George (adopted name)
Born: 1921 Eagle Harbor
Died: 2/4/1944 Old Harbor
Father: Evan Karahkin of Old Harbor
Mother: Oleana Karahkn of Old Harbor
Children: Walter Stanley
Uncle: Pete Kahuta of Old Harbor
Notation on death certificate says:
"This mans natural father was Evan Darahkin of
Old Harbor. He was adopted by the Stanley's
of Wood Island. Later came here and married
Nadya Longjohn".

Kelly, Katherine Nickerfer
Born: 1893 Eagle Harbor
Died: 5/29/1944 Old Harbor
Complications from
extended drinking of
sourdough beer
Husband: Tim Kelly
Father: Taleshok Nickerfer born Eagle Harbor
Mother: Agrafinia Taleshok born Eagle Harbor
Children: Sasha Christianson, Raymond Kelly,
and Jennie Alexandroff
Torsen, William
Born: 2/12/1909 Ouzinkie
Died: 7/14/1944 Ouzinkie
Wife: Dora Katelnikoff
Father: Albert Torsen born Norway
Mother: Tatiana Pestrikoff
Children: Phil Torsen of  Ousinkie,
Julia Negrette of Kodiak, Mary Sears
of Kodiak,  Jennie Chernikoff of Ouzinkie,
Fred and Albert Torsen of Ouzinkie
Malutin, Julian
Born 8/21/1929 Kodiak
Died: 1/11/1944 Kodiak
Ruptured Liver
Father: Senafont Malutin born Afognak
Mother: Pauline Laktonen born Afognak
Sisters: Annie Huey and Valentine Laurel
Brothers: Moses and John
Malivedoff, Alexandria
Born 4/15/1938 Old Harbor
Died: 10/21/1945 Kagueak (Kaguyak?)
Ate Poison Berries
Father: Walter Malivedoff
Mother: Dunia Joam born Alitak
Siblings: Victor, Vasillia and Makerena
Other: Sally, Nida and Joe
Malevidoff, Lawrence
Born: 8/7/1939 Alitak
Died: 10/15/1945 Kagueak (Kaguyak?)
Father: Walter Malivedoff
Mother: Dunia Joam born Alitak
Siblikngs: Victor, Vasillia and Makerena
Other: Sally Malovidoff
Anderson, Nick William
Born: 5/1/1891
Died: 10/30/1945 Afognak
Father: William Anderson born Denmark
Mother: Fedosia Deranoff
Children: William, Nick Jr. and John
Brother: John Anderson of Ouzinkie
Yamada, Gaverilla
Born 4/8/1916
Died 7/11/1945 Alitak
Step-father: George Yamada of Japan
Repatriated to Japan

Nelson, Sophie Gregorioff
Born 7/13/1916
Died: 3/25/1945 Afognak
Father: Stepan Gregorioff born Afognak
Mother: Agripena Melaskin  born Kodiak
Children: Jackie, Margie, Cecil and  Jerald
Gregorioff, August
Born 11/26/1925
Died: 3/25/1945 Afognak
Father: Stepan Gregorioff born Afognak
Mother: Agrepena Melaskin  born Kodiak
Nelson, Jessie Agatha
Born: 2/18/1926
Died: 3/25/1945 Afognak
Father: Alfred Nelson
Mother: Irene Petellin
Children: Zoe Bernice and Nicholas Laverne
Baumann, Betty
Born: 10/9/1894 Kanatak
Died: 8/18/1945 Terror Bay
Shot by John E. Strickler
Husband: William E. Baumann
Father: Simeon Kalmakoff born Russia
Mother: Annie
Children: Mary and William Jr. of Kodiak
Strickler, John E.
Born: 2/13/1868 Switzerland
Died: 8/18/1945 Terror Bay
Wife: Imelia Christiansen (divorced)
Children: Ernest Strickler
Alpiak, Efim Jr.
Born:  blank    Uganik
Died: 12/13/1946 Afognak
Wife: Dunia Alpiak
Father: Efim Alpiak born Uganik
Mothers maiden name: Alexander born Uganik
Children: Pauline Selig of Kodiak, Mrs. Walter
Kewan of Afognak and Olga McCormick of
Brandal, Arthur
Born: ;7/2/1907 Chignik
Died: 11/22/1946 Kkodiak
Bone infection
Father: Severd Chas. Brandal
Mother: Eugenia Osbecott
Knagan, Lester
Born 10/7/1926 Afognak
Died: 7/22/1946 Shelikof Strait
Drowned when the
M.V.Cougar sank
(body not found)
Mother: Amy Christina Knagan born Afognak
1/2 sister: Mrs. Pete Olsen of Kodiak
1/2 sister: Julia Lukin of Afognak
1/2 brother: Afony Lukin Jr. of Afognak
1/2 brother: Jacob Lukin of Afognak
Shugak, Valentine Marie
Born: 5/4/1945 Old Harbor
Died: 2/10/1946 in cabin belonging
to Cecil King
Father: Willie Shugak
Mother: Flora Inga Shugak
Sisters: Jenny and Mabel
Brother: Tommy
Alluguk, Nick
Born: 4/19/1901 Katmai
Died: 9/13/1947 Kodiak
Wife: Katie Alluguk
Father: Nekita Alluguk born Katmai
Mother: Katie Yagie born Katmai
Step-son: Elia Yagie of Perryville
Step-daughter: Martha McKean of Kupreanof Harbor
Step-daughter: Annie Lind of Chignik
Sister: Natalie Kuchenoff of Perryville
Shougak, Haratone
Also known as:
Kagueyak, Shoushekek
Chokwok, Boris
Born: 10/11/1902 Kagueyak
Died: 4/29/1947 Old Harbor
Father: Willie Chokwok born Kagueyak
Mother: Fedosia Shoushekek born Old Harbor
Other Relatives: Phil Chokwok of Old Harbor,
Sarah Chokwok of Old Harbor and
Andrew Chokwok of Mt. Edgecumbe School
Shadula, Simeon
Born 3/20/1879
Died: 4/23/1947 Old Harbor
Wife: Marsa Shadula
Father: Shawa Shadula born Old Harbor
Mother: Marie Shadula born Kodiak
Other Relatives: Nick Ignation of Old
Harbor, William Ignation of Old Harbor
and Costia Peninjohn of Old Harbor
Arsenti, Fedosia Chokwok Kagueyak
Born: 6/11/1886 Eagle Harbor
Died: 4/16/1947 Old Harbor
Husband: Peter Arsenti
Father: Alex Nanshook born Eagle Harbor
Mother: Narie Nanshook born Eagle Harbor
Children: Phil Chokwok of Old Harbor
Other: Sarah Chokwok of Old Harbor
Andrew Chokwok of  Mt. Edgecumbe
Berestoff, Simion Jacob
Born 8/16/1865 Kodiak
Died 5/31/1947 Afognak
Old Age
Father: John Berestoff born Kodiak
Mother: Yevdokey A. Kongoff born Kodiak
Children: Nick S. Berekoff of Afognak,
Mrs. Pete Gunderson of Afognak, Dodra
Wilson of Bristol Bay
Other: Efrem Shuravloff of Kodiak
Alvedoff, Feodocia
Born: 6/11/1883 Old Harbor
Died: 4/16/1947 Old Harbor
Feodocia was a mid-wife
Husband: Peter Aalvedoff
Father: Alexander Ashonwak born Old Harbor
Mother: Mary Ashonwak  norn Eagle Harbor
Children: Harritone Shoushak of Old Harbor
and Philip Kaguljak of Old Harbor
Inga, Alexander
Born 9/3/1880 Old Harbor
Died 4/14/1947 Old Harbor
Wife: Fedosia Inga
Father: Gabriel Inga
Mothers maiden name: Wassilecsa
George Inga of Old Harbor
Alec Inga of Old Harbor
Peter Inga of Wrangell Institute
Barbara Inga of Old Harbor
Polly Inga of Old Harbor
Ephraim Inga of Old Harbor
Sophia Ignatin of Old Harbor
Peninjohn, Costia
Born 5/21/1899 Eagle Harbor
Died 9/20/1948 Old Harbor
Wife: Axenia Pninjohn of Old Harbor
Father: Alexander  born Kagueyak
Mother: Shasha     born Kagueyak
Children: Phil Peninjohn of Old Harbor
Sister: Marcia Shadula of Old Harbor
Step-son: Senafont Shugak of Old Harbor
Step-son: Willie Shugak of Old Harbor
Panamarioff, Martin
Born: 4/22/1904 Ouzinkie
Died: 3/28/1948 Kodiak
Father: Sergay Panamarioff born Ouzinkie
Mother: Mary Toshwak born Afognak
Sisters: Polly  Torsen of  Ouzinkie and
Alice Katelnikoff of Ouzinkie
Wallin, Luba Josephine
Born: 8/12/1915 Chignik
Died: 4/28/1948 Kodiak
Baby deliveredf at Chignik
by mid-wife - post partem
Husband: Iver Wallen
Father: Gregory Osberkoff born Kodiak
Mother: Martha Phillilps born Kodiak
Children: Alvin, Eleanor, Mabel and Iver Jr.
Nekeefer, Dunia
Born 8/17/1910 (or 1911)
Died: 1/29/1948 Old Harbor
Husband: Evan Nekeefer
Mothers maiden name: Polly Konduck
Mother also listed as Polly Anonga of Old Harbor
Mahle, Mary
Born 2/19/1876 Kodiak
Died 11/12/1949 Kodiak
Husband: Otto Mahle (deceased)
Father: John Morrison born Iceland
Mother: Alexandra Chichenoff
Robert Mahel of Seattle
Paul Conrad Mahle of Anchorage
Margaret Magnusen of Kodiak
Mary Higgins of Kodiak
Martha Swanson of Kodiak
Andrew Mahle of California
Lyudia Burnham of California
Ida Bergetrom of California
George Mahle of Chignik
Cohen, Dunia
Born 3/14/1904 Afognak
Died 10/3/1949 Kodiak
Burns from house fire
Husband: Edward A. Cohen
Father: John Orloff
Mother:  ?  born Afognak
Children: Alvin, Juliette, Relta,
Walter, Enrid and Louise
Sundberg, Cathrine Edith
Born 11/27/1910 Kodiak
Died 10/2/1949 Kodiak
Broke back falling down
Husband: Fred R. Sundberg
Father: John Norton born Finland
Mother: Phyllis Chernoff born Kodiak
Children: Gene, Marylin and Glenace Rae
Chernikoff, Agrifina (Fannie) Panamarioff
Born: 7/6/1879 Afognak (or) Ouzinkie
Died: 1/30/1949 Ouzinkie
Old Age
Husband: George Chernikoff
Father: Paul Panamarioff born Ouzinkie
Mother:  ?    born Ouzinkie
Children: Mrs. Gelena of Kodiak,
Mike and Teacon Chernikoff of Ouzinkie
Uncle: Sergey Panamarioff of Ouzinkie
1/2 Brother: Stepan Panamarioff of Ouzinkie
Shanigan, Sophia
Born: 9/6/1944
Died: 1/21/1951 Ouzinkie
Father: Trafeme Shanigin
Mother: Verna Squartsoff
Other relatives:
Chrisiana Walkoff of Ouzinkie
Walter Shanagin of Ouzinkie
Dennis Shanagin of Ouzinkie
John Shanagin of Ouzinkie
Yagashoff, Irene
Born 3/16/1870
Died: 5/19/1951 Ouzinkie
TB - Old Age
Husband: Seanfont Yagashoff (deceased)
Father: John Squartsoff
Children: Annie Squartsoff of Ouzinkie
Telesuk, Nick
Born: 1879
Died: 7/6/1951 Lazy Bay
TB -Old Age
Father: Taras Telesuk
Mother: Natalie
Children: Fedot Telesuk (Taliskak) of Alitak
Yericaloff, Anna
Born 8/15/1881 Woody Island
Died 10/16/1951 Kodiak
Husband: Jacob Yericaloff
Father: Prokopy Pestriakoff
Mother: Marina Wologdin
Children: Stella Anderson and
Fred Fomin of  Kodiak.  Mrs.
Augusta Hamilton of California
Kalmakoff, Willie Fred
Born 1/14/1922
Died 7/1/1951 Port Williams
Father: Fred Kalmakoff
Mother: Feona Rueff
Children:  Kathleen Kalmakoff of Seward
Larsen, Laurito Peter
Born: 8/25/1878
Died 1/11/1937 Larsen Bay
Dropped dead getting
fire wood
Father: Larito Larsen  born Denmark
Mother: Marie Matson born Sweden
Wife: Fannie Larsen of Larsen Bay
Children: Lawrence, Rudolph, Karl and Emma
Laktonen, John
Age 8
Died: 2/28/1928 Karluk
Father: Jacob Laktonen born Afognak
Mother: Fedosia Laktonen born Mainland
Gregorioff, Oklena
Born 6/26/1879 Wood Island
Died 4/27/1931 Karluk
Father: Simeon _____ b. Wood Island
Husband: John Gregorioff of Karluk
Children: Alexandra, Zenia, Stephan and Karen
Cadnack, Nicholi
Born: 12/6/1878 Karluk
Died: 5/4/1931 Karluk
Wife: matrona Cadnack
Children: Bellagaya and Crescia
Ambrosia, Lucy (Love)
Born 8/20/1945 Karluk
Died 10/27/1945 Karluk
Unknown cause
Father: Manuska Ambrosia
Mother: Julia Ambrosia
Siblings: Olga, Willie, Margaret, Nick, Alex
Tina, Annie, Reka and Nadia
Alpiak, Bellagaya
Born 5/12/1879 Karluk
Died 12/14/1945 Karluk
Father: Ephraim Kamilak
Mother: Parasceva
Husband: Zachar Alpiak (deceased)
Children: Oscar (Norell) Alpiak - Adopted
Waselie, Vera Knagin
Born 9/30/1921 Afognak
Died 1/19/1946 Karluk
Father: Eli Knagin
Mother: Annie Knagin born Mainland
Husband: Willie Pete Wasilie
Children: Eli, Dennis, David, Susan
Other relatives: Peter C. Knagin in Navy
Lucy Knagin MacLeod in Seattle
Brown, Heritone
Born 10/4/1878 Karluk
Died 5/23/1945 Karluk
Mother: Tanya Brown born Karluk
Other relatives: Allex Brown Sr. and
Alex Brown Jr.
Pikoon, Lizzie Antowak
Born: 5/7/1921 Karluk
Died 5/31/1945 Karluk
Father: Matfa Antowak born Karluk
Mother: Fedosia Atchookook born Karluk
Husband: Herman Pikoon
Children: Alice and Jane Pikoon
Ulrich, Bella
Born 10/23/1917 Karluk
Died 6/12/1945 Karluk
Father: Nicoli Kataknen born Karluk
Mother: Mattie Charligo Nicoli
Children: Walter Hansen of Karluk
Ambrosia, Herman Vaska
Born 9/6/1944 Karluk
Died: 12/25/1944 Karluk
Father: Manuska Ambrosia
Mother: Julia Pikoon
Waselie, Annie
Born 10/13/1944 Karluk
Died  Blank
Father: Willie Pete Waselie born Karluk
Mother: Vera Knagin Waselie born Afognak
Relatives: John, Philip and Peter of Larsen Bay
Ambrosia, Katherine Christensen
Born: 11/28/1922 Karluk
Died: 8/13/1944 Karluk
Father: Carl J. Christensen born Norway
Mother: Alexandria Noya born Afognak
Husband: Carpa Ambrosia
Ambrosia, Carpa
Age 35 born Karluk
Died: 11/7/1949 Karluk
Father: Roman Ambrosia born Karluk
Mother:  ____ Waselli born Katmai
Wife: Katherin Christensen (deceased)
Other relatives: Ola Hanson and
Emil Ambrosia of Karluk
Malutin, Annie
Born: 7/28/1930 Karluk
Died: 6/24/1946 Karluk
TB + a fall
Father: Herman Malutin born Afognak
Mother: Tania Sava born Karluk
Other relatives: Kristeen, Elie, Carl, Mary
Malutin of Karluk and Irene Malutin
at the Childrens Hospital in Seattle
Rock, Willie
Born:  Blank date   Cape Douglas
Died: 7/22/1946 Shelikof Straits
He was on the tender
headed for Kodiak to
get medical treatment.
Boat sank north of Cape
Father: Sam Rock (deceased)
Other family: Ella Naumoff Rock - Adopted
sister and Larry Elanak family
Charliage, Antone
Born: 8/4/1889 Uganik
Died:; 10/30/1948 Karluk
Wife: Matrona (deceased)
Novikoff, Dick
Born: 2/16/1872  (race says Russian)
Died: 7/18/1942 Karluk
Children: Antone Novikoff of Uyak
Yakotak, Gregorie
Born 10/13/1865
Died 1/24/1944
Old age

Chernikoff, Constantine
Born: blank
Died: 4/14/1949 Kanatak
Ambrosia, Evelyn Cloudia
Born 5/25/1944 Karluk
Died: 10 months 13 days
Father: Carpa Ambrosia
Mother: Katherine Ambrosia

Rock, Sam of Karluk
Larson, Matrona of Karluk
Date left blank
Peterson, Tekan of Alitak
Evan, Pressinia of Karluk
October 1926 Kodiak
Noya, Antone of Karluk
Gregorioff, Zenia of Karluk
October 1926 Kodiak
Ambrosia, Manuska of Karluk
Bicoon, Julia of Afognak
October 1926 Kodiak
Nomoff, Nekita of Karluk
Nicolai, Marina of Karluk
October 1926 Kodiak
Johanson, John of Uyak
Reft, Vera of Karluk
October 1926 Kodiak
Norell, Willie of Karluk
Gregorie, Olive of Karluk
1/13/1929 Karluk
Evanovich, Peter of Karluk
Klaska, Susane of Karluk
1/13/1929 Karluk
Brown, Alex of  ?
Colleguim, Marsia of ?
11/15/1929 at ?
Malutin, Nick of Karluk
Gregorie, Knatalie of Karluk
Dale left blank  at Kodiak
Agick, Gust of Karluk
Sava, Okelina of Karluk
9/23/1940 Karluk
Norell, Martin of Karluk
Noya, Flora of Karluk
7/18/1946 Karluk
Squartsoff, Simeon of Carmel
Ambrosia, Julia of Karluk
9/11/1948 Kodiak


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