The following photos are from the Fritzler - Edlund family of Wasilla, Alaska.  
All were taken pre-1950 (some much earlier than that).

Mark Fritzler, Gloryjean Fritzler and George Hanson were kind
enough to send me the following  photos
with hopes of identifying these early Matanuska Valley faces.

Please feel free to share this link with anyone you think might
be able to contribute names to these photos.  If you would like
to help, please contact me at:

Some of the following photos appear "fuzzy", but, with the small
photos that I have, I had to choose between "clearer but smaller" photos,
and "fuzzy but larger" photos.  I went for the larger photos with hopes
that someone might see something in the photo that would help them
identify a face.  I will post high resolution photos when I get them.

Grandma Lillie Edlund with youngest daughters, Hilda, Lily and Vicky

July 4, 1937
People identified by
Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
 George Hanson
Jim Fox

1. George Eric Edlund
2. Carl Fritzler (husband to Hedvig Mabel ("Vicky") Edlund Neilssen Fritzler
3. Oscar Ernest Anderson (Second husband of Lillie Rosella Mead Edlund Anderson)
4. Alton Edlund (son of Anton Edlund)
5. John Fremont ("Monty") Edlund  (in 1937 he was husband to Lillian (Virginia) Grantham Edlund
6. Jack Urban (husband of Edith ("Dee Dee") Edlund McCambrdige Urban
7. Virgil Frances Hanson (husband of Josephine Mary (Lila) Hugh Hanson
8. Ernest Oscar Ohlin (husband to Lily May Edlund Ohlin and nephew to Oscar Anderson)
9. Anton Edlund (brother to John Fredolph (Fred) Edlund
10. George (August) Strigga (husband to Florence Evalina Edlund Strigga (later Fleckenstein)
11. Asa Alonso "Jack" Wilkinson (husband to Roselie Frances ("Rose") Edlund Hugh Wilkinson)
12. John David ("Johnny") Urban  son of Jack Urban

Putting foundation under the porch of Wasilla Community Hall?
Who is the man?

Mark Fritzler  photo
 Chet Liebing (left) and Carl Fritzler (right) in 1934
 information from back of photo


Photo identified by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson:
Left to right: Alton Edlund, Monty Edlund, Carl Fritzler
Photo taken in Anchorage while Carl Fritzler was carpenter on Fort Richardson

Vicky Edlund
 (married Carl Fritzler)

Photo identified by Mark Fritzler

Wasilla School  Who are these kids?

1.  Marie ("Mickey") Snider Betts  (identified by Gloryjean) (also identified by Carol Carney)
2.  ??
3.  Jane Cadwallader ( married name Browne)   (identified by Gloryjean)
4.  Stewart Vail  (identified by Gloryjean and  Jim Fox)
5.  ??
6.  ??
7. Rosie Peck  (identified by Allayne Dinkel)
8. Mary Cadwallader  (married name Bergman) (married name Johnson) (identififed by Gloryjean)
9. ??
10. ??
11. Ernie Peck (identified by Allayne Dinkel)



Who are these men?
Number 3  is "Shorty" Emil Gustafson  (identified by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson and Mark Fritzler and Arlene Fox)

A couple of people have said that  person # 2 is  Peter Nelson, father of Erling and Allayne Nelson,
however, Allayne Nelson  Dinkel says # 2 is NOT her father)

It has been suggested that the tallest man is  Stanley Herning.



Gloryjean thinks the second girl might be Pat Snider?
and the girl on far right might be Ann Snider?

Carol Carney thinks the girl farthest left is Ann Snider
and the girl in the middle is Pat Snider and the larger boy is Peter Snider.

Gloryjean says the taller boy is not Peter Snider; she says the face shape is
wrong and doesn't match school photos.

Allayne Dinkel says that #4 is Pat Snider and #5 is Ann Snider


Allayne Dinkel says  #1  is Bill Tryck  (her brother-in-law for 60 years)
Who are the other two?


Any names for these faces?

1.  Fred Edlund (suggested by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson)
2.  Arnold Edlund ? (suggested by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson)
3. ??
4. ??
5. Alice Snider, wife of Heinie Snider (?)  Suggested by Jim Fox
6. ??
7. ??
8. ??
9. ??
10. ??
11. ??
12. ??
13. ??
14. Annie McNeil, mother of Myrtle and Victor McNeil?  (suggested by Coleen Mielke)
15. ??
16. ??
17. Billy Tryck  (suggested by Jim Fox)
18. Hilda Edlund (?)  (suggested by Jim Fox)
19. ??


Note from Coleen: The writing on this photo confuses me. Center (almost out of the picture) it says Wasilla School. To either side of that is 1917 Class and  1925 Class.  There was no "Class of 1917" in Wasilla. The School wasn't even built until November of 1917, so that first class would have (technically) be the Class of 1918  
no Class of 1917 either.  I'm guessing this photo was mis-labeled at a later date (?)

Wasilla School  
Any names for these faces?

1. ??
2. ??
3. ??
4. ??
5. ??
6. ??
7. Annie McNeil, mother of Myrtle and Victor McNeil  (suggested by Coleen Mielke)
8. Monty Edlund ? (suggested by Jim Fox)
9. Unknown female with mandolin  (suggested by Jim Fox)
10. Myrtle McNeil ?  (suggested by Jim Fox)
11. ??
12. Vicky Edlund ? (suggested by Jim Fox)
13. ??
14. Stewart Vail  (suggested by Jim Fox)
15. Billy Tryck     (suggested by Jim Fox)
16. Hilda Edlund ?  (suggested by Jim Fox)
17. Hilda Edlund ?  (suggested by Jim Fox)
18. Elizabeth "Pat" Snider ?  (suggested  by Jim Fox)
19. Lily Edlund (same dress as in photo 13 person #3) (suggested by Jim Fox)   (great eyes, Jim!!)
20. ??
21. Charlie Tryck  (suggested by Jim Fox)
22. ??
23. Peter Snider  (suggested by Jim Fox)
24. ??


1.  Myrtle McNeil
2. Monty Edlund
3. Lily Edlund
4. Vicky Edlund
5. Hilda Edlund
6. Elizabeth "Pat" Snider
7. Victor McNeil
8. Billy "Beanie" Tryck   (confirmed by Allayne Dinkel)
9. Stewart Vail  
10. Peter Snider
11. (????)  
12. Ann Snider ??  Mary Vail??
13.  Charlie "Collie" Tryck   (suggested by Allayne Dinkel)

NOTE from Gloryjean:  "Mom never went to high school in Wasilla, in fact, she barely went to high school.  When my gramma Lillie went to Anchorage to get her divorce, she worked at washing dishes at an Anchorage hotel.  The "three little girls", as Vicky, Hilda and Lily were always
called, stayed at different sisters, the "big girls", while gramma lived in a room behind the kitchen where she worked.  While they were living in
Anchorage, mom went to school in Anchorage, and just one week of the 10th grade.  When gramma and the girls moved back to Wasilla, when
gramma married Oscar, mom never went back to school again."

Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson identified:  Left to right: Ed Fries and Fred Edlund

Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson wrote: "George Edlund on left and his brother Monty Edlund on the right. They were building on George's house on Knik Road 1950. Of the 20 acres dad bought from Sharon Fleckenstein in 1949, two of the acres were on the north side of Knik Road.  Dad deeded one acre to Uncle George and the other acre to Lila and Virgil Hanson.  George built and lived on his acre until his death. After his death, his daughter Alice moved up from California and moved into George's place. The Hanson's never did anything with their one acre and in the late  1960's or early 1970's, Lila deeded it back to Carl and Vicky [Fritzler]. About 1970, Carl cleared a small portion of ground and moved a small building onto the property and Mark moved into that, so that was Mark's first home."

Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson identified: Vicky Edlund Fritzler on left; her sister Hilda Edlund Sears on right.
Gloryjean took this photograph at the Sears  home on Fairview Loop, across the road from the Edlund homestead 1944-1945.

Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson and George Hanson  identified left to right:  
 Rose Wilkinson, "Jack" Wilkinson, Vicky Edlund Fritzler with daughter Gloryjean (front center)
Photo taken in Washington

Photo identified by Gloryjean as:
Wenter Donald and wife Mary Harvey
with children Donna Marie and Kenneth ("Kenny")
Pastor of the Wasilla Church of Christ

Inside of the Fairview School

1. Lily Edlund  (identified by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson)
2. Hilda Edlund  (identified by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson)
3. Velma Soper (identified by Louise Loberg Bidondo)
4. Vicky Edlund  (identified by Gloryjean)
5. Pearl Soper (identified by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson and Mark Fritzler)
6. Wanda Soper (identified by Mark Fritzler)
7. Kenny Soper (identified by Mark Fritzler)

(see photo # 150 for larger version of this same photo)
Oscar Anderson's house in the background "Shorty" Emil Gustafson's house in the foreground Today, they would sit on either wide of Seward Meridian Road near Sears and the old camper park, but close to the road (info from Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson).

"Dad told me that Shorty and my grandfather [Oscar] Anderson, hand dug a well on the property line between the two cabins, 80' down, and did not get any water. So, Shorty took his cabin apart and pulled it to Wasilla with some draft horses.  Oscar took his cabin apart and pulled it over to the edge of the hill across from the car dealership where it is now. Then, Oscar dug a road down the hillside to the bottom of the hill and dug another well down there, 15' down, and hit water.  I think it was just surface water, but he carried two buckets of water up the hill every day.  Oscar's old cabin is what my father built his milking parlor out of.  He just finished the outside and inside and that's why the walls were 2' thick, then, he added the milking parlor onto the back side of the cabin.  He put the bulk tank and the pump equipment in the cabin part.  I always wondered why the walls were 2' thick there.  When we were on the farm, it was my job to throw the dead calves down the well, so every time you drive up Seward Meridian, you're driving over about 20 dead calves, 80' down.  Mom was always scared I was going to fall in and made dad cover it up every time.   [written by Mark Fritzler 11/8/2013]

Vicky Edlund Fritzler and Joe Fleckenstein, youngest son of Florence Fleckenstein  1950

Grandpa Fred Edlund with son George Edlund


Carl Fritzler  age 11

Vicky Edlund  and Pearl Soper at the Fairview School

Left to Right:  Vicky Edlund, Pearl Soper and Florence Shaw  1925

Identified by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson:  Vicky Edlund Fritzler and sister Lily Edlund Ohlin in their
mother's (Lillie Mead Edlund Anderson's) flower garden in Port Angeles, Washington. Gloryjean took
this photo in 1944

Shirley and Loraine Strigga Fleckenstein
Daughters of Florence Edlund Strigga Fleckenstein
(identified by Mark Fritzler)

Hedvig Mabel "Vicky" Edlund


PHOTO  # 34

PHOTO  #  35

PHOTO #  36

PHOTO  #  37

Mark Fritzler identifies:  Carl Fritzler with son Mark Fritzler at Roadhouse in Wasilla
Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson identifies:  Carl Fritzler with daughter Gloryjean in Anchorage, or one of the camps,
or RR section houses, not the Cadwallader Roadhouse, which she remembers the interior of?

It has also been pointed out by two people that photo #29 and #37 have the same border on them, which
was common practice in the early 1930's to the mid-1940's (which would lean towards it being Gloryjean being in this photo since Mark was born in 1951) ?


PHOTO # 40
Fairview School 1927-1928
Per Mark Fritzler's request, I've super enlarged photo # 40  (below)
with hopes it will make it easier to ID people

In the next photo, I cropped the photo and added numbers to the people to make identification easier
Jim Fox suggests this photo was taken 1923-1924

Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson identifies:
#1  as Lily Edlund
#2  as Vicky Edlund
#3  Velma Soper
#4 Kenny Soper
#5  as Hilda Edlund
#6  as Pearl Soper
#7 Ora Dee Clark  (teacher)
#8 Wanda Soper


PHOTO #  42
Fairview School House 1920

Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson identifies:
#1 Mabel Spybrook  (teacher)
#2  as Pearl Edlund
#3  as Monty Edlund
#4  as Vicky Edlund
#5  as Hilda Edlund
#6  as Lily Edlund


PHOTO # 44
Fairview School before it was restored

PHOTO # 45
Fairview School 2013
Note from Coleen Mielke: Mark Fritzler told me that LeRoi Heaven got a grant to rebuild the old school (which was in very bad shape, see photo #44) in about 1983.  LeRoi and a team of volunteers rebuilt the old school and hoped to keep it in its original location, however vandals have discovered the building and have broken windows and doors.

Mark said he is "on a mission" to get the historic building moved to a permanent and safer place. He has managed to
get the curator of the Wasilla Museum, the President of the Historical Society and the Wasilla Mayor all interested
in moving the old school house as soon as a location is secured. Mark says, "I will be very happy when it is in a safe place and
can last another 100 years".  Thank you Mark!!

PHOTO #  46
Fairview School

PHOTO # 47
Fairview School

PHOTO #  48

Wasilla High School Girls Basketball Team   (between 1934 and 1937)

Mark Fritzler suggests:  
#3  is one of the Browne girls
#6  is Mary Cadwallader (Bergman)
#7  is Marie Betts
#8  is one of the Snider girls
#9  is one of the Snider girls

Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson suggests:

#3  is Jane Cadwallader (Browne)
#4  is Mary Cadwallader (?)
#6  is Mary Cadwallaader (Bergman) (Johnson)
#7  is Marie "Mickey" Snider (Betts)
#9  is Elizabeth "Pat" Snider (Hjellen)

Allayne Dinkel suggests:

#3  Jane Cadwallader  (Browne)
#5  Coach Dorothy Hill (Nelson) (Carson)    see note below
#6  Mary Cadwallader  (Bergman)
#8  Ann Snider (?)
#9  Pat Snider (Hjellen)
#12  Rosie Peck  (Selk)
NOTE FROM ALLAYNE DINKEL:  "My mother never played basketball and when she was asked to coach, she agreed, thinking that she could read the rule book and figure it out. I'm not sure if she coachced all three years, but I know she came to Wasilla in 1934 and taught until she married my dad, Peter Nelson, in 1937."

PHOTO # 49

Gloryjean identifies: Carl Fritzler with Gloryjean Fritzler; Mrs. Cohan and 2 sons and Sylvia and "Van" Vancurler (RR Conductor)
Canyon, Alaska 1939

PHOTO # 50

Gloryjean identifies: (left to right) Elsie Edlund, Carl Fritzler and Maxine Edlund
(the girls are the daughters of Arnold Edlund)
RR Camp at Canyon, Alaska


PHOTO # 53

Gloryjean identifies: Lillian "Virginia" Grantham Edlund (married to Monty Edlund for a while)
and Gloryjean Fritzler  Spring of 1939  Wasilla

PHOTO # 54

She describes the photo as: Lillian "Virginia" Grantham Edlund, Gloryjean Fritzler and Vickey Edlund Fritzler
Wasilla    winter 1939

PHOTO # 55
Described as (left to right): Elsie Edlund, Gloryjean Fritzler, Vickey Edlund Fritzler and Maxine Edlund
Elsie and Maxine are the daughters of Arnold Edlund
Wasilla   Spring of 1938

PHOTO # 56

Described as: Eddie Edlund and Florence Edlund Strigga

PHOTO # 57

Described as Carl Fritzler 1934 age 22 Alaska
Gloryjean says, "The hill makes me think he was clearing for our homestead house."

PHOTO # 58
Photo provided by Mark Fritzler
He describes it as:  Second grade class Wasilla Grade School
1958  Mary Bergman Teacher, Mr. Ernie Lion Principal
Identified by Mark Fritzler:
1.  Ron Belden
2.  Danny  Minnick  (has passed away)
3.  Wesley West  
4.  Susan Lucas
5.  Bonnie Coghlan
6.  Gerri Ann Lemon
7.  Harry Harris
8.  John Combs   (was Mayor of Palmer for a number of years)
9.  Terry Toomey
11.  Colleen Blissard  (her father was Mark Fritzler's music teacher)
12.  Mary __________
13.  Connie Beldon
14.  Paula Mielke
15.  Dixie Adcock
16.  Pat Coffee ??
17.  Paula  Hubert
18.  Donna Kneff
19.  Amy Lion   (principals daughter)
21.  Norma Newby
22.  Nancy Carney
23.  Robert  Yadon
24.  Tom  Green
25.  George Engelman  (has passed away)
26.  Mark Fritzler
27.  John Nunley
28.  Vernon Otcheck
29.  Frank Froelich  (has passed away)
30.  Billy Johnson


PHOTO # 60

She describes it as;  Fredolph Hugh, Vicky Fritzler, George Edlund, and Florence Fleckenstein
at Florence's house in about 1951 or 1952   Wasilla

PHOTO # 61
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Described as: Monty Edlund, Joe Fleckenstein, Gloryjean Fritzler, Dan Fleckenstein   1949
Note from Gloryjean:  Danny Fleckenstein's house is in that spot now on Cottonwood Creek Knik Road

Note from Gloryjean:  "...shows house of Joseph B. Fleckenstein in the background. When dad, mom and I moved back to AK from CA
in '49, we lived in this old house for the summer until dad got a cabin built on the 20 acres he and mom bought from Sharon and Florence
Fleckensein.  The part of the house that faces the people in the picture was quite rotten and no one went into that area afor fear the floor would
cave in.  Later, Sharon tore the house down and built he and Florence's retirement home in this same spot.  When Aunt Florence died, "little Danny", Dan and Joni Fleckenstein's oldest son, inherieted that house and lives there still with his's nice when five generations of a family
still live on the same property and three generations in the same house. I don't think that happens often in a  'new' place like Alaska."

PHOTO # 63
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Described as: Vicky Fritzler and Evelyn Wentworth on the road that went from Spenard to downtown. Now it goes down to
Westchester Lagoon, no road there now, it came out on L Street. (taken same day as photo # 62)

PHOTO # 64
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Described as: Vicky Fritzler and Indian girl Delma, taken by old Anderson home 1934

PHOTO # 65
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Described as: Danny Hugh and wife Bertha with grandma Lillie Anderson in Apron  (California)

PHOTO # 66
This photo was provided by Mark Fritzler

Gloryjean's description:  "At our house in Spenard 1941-1942. This is a group of young wives that would
go to each others houses for a morning coffee ever so often.  Number 3 is Vicky Fritzler, #4 is Aunt Lily, #5 is Evelyn Wentworth
#6 is Helen Curry (Helen moved to Tacoma many,  many years ago and she kept in touch for over 50 years).  Dad and Uncle Ernest Ohlin both
built their family homes in Spenard while they were working at building Ft. Richardson.

PHOTO # 67

Cadwallader's Roadhouse on Main Street in Wasilla

PHOTO # 68
Photo provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wiilson
Identified as Wilmoth's General Store on Main Street in Wasilla,  It burned down in 1932.

PHOTO # 69

July 4th at Herning's general store  



PHOTO #  69   CLOSE UP 1

This is a close up of the people on the left side of photo # 69
Do you recognize anyone?
4.  Fred Edlund?  (identified by Gloryjean)
10.  Mary Marsh Cornelius Edlund ?  (identified by Jim Fox)
14.  Mattie Vail  (identified by Jim Fox)
(not numbered) Vicky Edlund Fritzler (no hat)  is peeking over the shoulder of man # 15.
#17  Maxine Fleckenstein ?  (Gloryjean says "just a guess")

This is a close up of the people on the right hand side of photo # 69
Do you recognize anyone?

2.    Hilda Edlund
7.  Elizabeth Oberg  (identified by Jim Fox)   Elizabeth was the wife of Hilmer Oberg
14.  Shorty Gustafson  (identified by Gloryjean)
24.  Charlie Tryck (identified by Jim Fox)
26.  Billy Tryck  (identified by Jim Fox)

PHOTO # 70
Photo provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Herning's store on Main Street in Wasilla


PHOTO # 72
Photo provided by Mark Fritzler
He describes the photo as Vicky and Fred Edlund  1945

PHOTO #  73
Provided  by Mark Fritzler
He describes this photo as Carl and aVicky Fritzler 1934



PHOTO # 76
Photo provided by Mark Fritzler
Written on back of photo:  Monty Edlund and Eddie Edlund 1925

PHOTO # 77
Photo provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
She describes the  photo taken in 1924 or 1925??
4.  Fred Edlund
6.  Lily Edlund
7.  Vicky Edlund
8.  Pearl Soper
16.  Hilda Edlund??
17.  Grandma Lillie Edlund

PHOTO # 78
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
July 4, 1937

Described by Gloryjean:
1.  Lillie Edlund Anderson
2.  Lily Edlund Ohlin
3.  Margie McCambridge
4.  Delma  (foster daughter)
5.  Vicky Edlund Fritzler
6.  Edith Edlund Urban
7.  Merle McCambridge
8.  Rose Edlund Wilkinson
9.  Lila Hugh Hanson
10.  Lillian Grantham  Edlund
11.  Lorraine Strigga
12.  Florence Strigga
13.  Shirley Strigga
14.  Ruby Ohlin

PHOTO # 79
Provided by Mark Fritzler
Hunting party, Eureka, Alaska  1952

1.  Barney Anderson ?  (identified by Mark Fritzler
2.  Carl Fritzler    (identified by Gloryjean)  (identified by Mark Fritzler)
3.  Henry Jensen  (identified by Gloryjean)  (identified by Mark Fritzler)
4.  Jack Knutsen   (identified by Gloryjean)
5.  Rex Kibbe       (identified by Gloryjean)  (identified by Mark Fritzler)

PHOTO # 80
Provided by Mark Fritzler
Hunting party at Eureka   1952
1.   Ted Knutsen   (identified by Gloryjean)
2.  Carl Fritzler    (identified by Gloryjean)
3.  Henry Jensen  (identififed by Gloryjean)
4.  Rex  Kibbe      (identified by Gloryjean)
5.  Jack Knutsen  (identified by Gloryjean)

Comment by Gloryjean: "I think the year was 1952 because we were already living at g-pa Oscar's old homestead (Parks and Seward Meridian now) and it was before I got married.  Mom and I and other wives were there at Ted Knutsen's (on Fairview Loop) while the men were sighting in their guns for the hunting trip (photo 81).  Jack let me shoot his 22 and I surprised everybody when I hit the bulls-eye with my first shot.  I thought, "well, isn't that what you're supposed to do!"

PHOTO #  81
Provided by Mark Fritzler
Hunting Eureka, Alaska  
Mark Fritzler comment:  Dad said they hired someone at Eureka with a dozer to take their
 equiment in and out of hunting camp 1952
2.  Jack Knutsen (identified by Mark Fritzler)

PHOTO # 83
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Oscar and Lillie Anderson in Red Bluff, California

PHOTO # 84
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Description:  Florence Edlund about 1920 in Anchorage


PHOTO # 88
Family Reunion 2002
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Left to right:  Joe Carson (son of Gloryjean),  Carl Fritzler,  Sam Carson (son of Gloryjean)
In front is:  Nate Carson (son of Sam Carson)

PHOTO  #  89
Family reunion 2002
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler
Description:  2002  Kelso, Washington    Hilda Edlund Sears (87) and Pearl Edlund Oberg Farr (94)

PHOTO  #  90
Family reunion 2002
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Identified by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
1. Joan Holly Oberg Russell   (parents Pearl and Gilbert Oberg)
2. Shirley Jean Strigga Malar  (parents Florence and George August  Strigga)
3.  George Dennis Hanson  (parents  Lila and Virgil Hanson)
4. Vernie May Sears Roland   (parents Hilda and Harry Sears)
5.  Don Arthur Sears  (parents Hilda and Harry Sears)
6.  John David Urban (parents Edith and Jack Urban)
7.  Vonnie Lou Ohlin Pfeffen  (parents Lily and Ernest Ohlin)
8.  Margie McCambridge Garnhart (parents Edith and Merle McCambridge)
9.  Ruby Ann Ohlin Wilkerson  (parents Lily and Ernest Ohlin)
10.  Lois May Ohlin Early  (parents Lily and Ernest Ohlin)
11.  Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson (parents Vicky and Carl Fritzler)
12.  Maxine Edlund Lemke  (parents Arnold and Hulda Edlund)

PHOTO # 91
Family reunion 2002
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Left to right:
Molly Toth  (daughter of Kay)
Kay Hoff      (daughter of Gloryjean)
Holly Carson (wife and 2nd cousin of Joe Carson)  (mother is Vonnie Ohlin Pfeffen)
Joe Carson  (son of Gloryjean)
Vaughan Wilson  (husband of Gloryjean)
Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson  (daughter of Vicky and Carl Fritzler)
Carl Fritzler
Jackie Carson (wife of Sam Carson)
Sam Carson (son of Gloryjean)
Children in front row:   Samantha and Nate Carson  (children of Sam and Jackie Carson)

PHOTO #  92
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Left to right:   Gloryjean, Carl and Mark Fritzler  (at Carl's house)


PHOTO # 94
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Photo taken at Wasilla RR Depot (1928-1930)

Photo from Gloryjean
1.  Sharon Fleckenstein
2.  Maxine (Crocker) Fleckenstein
4.  Billy Tryck
5.  Charlie Tryck
6.  Peter Snider
7.  Ann Snider
8.  Marie Snider
13.  Elizabeth "Pat" Snider
14.  Heini Snider


PHOTO #  96
Provided by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Left to right:  Pearl Soper Loberg and Vicky Fritzler Edlund
Front: Gloryjean Fritzler
Photo taken at Fritzler homestead

PHOTO #  97  (much clearer photo below, see photo # 148)
Provided by: Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Fairview School

Identified by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
1.  Kenny Soper
2.  Wanda  Soper
3.  Lily Edlund
4.  Velma Soper
5.  Hilda  Edlund
6.  Pearl Soper
7.  Vicky Edlund
8.  Ora Dee Clark (teacher)

PHOTO #  98

Identified by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
1. Wanda Soper
2. Kenny Soper
3. Stewart Vail
4. Pearl Soper
5. Lily Edlund
6. Velma Soper
7. Hilda Edlund
8. Vickey Edlund

PHOTO # 99
Class of 1952  Wasilla High School
Identified by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
1.  Pat Carson
2.  Willie Osborn
3.  Charlotte Nelson
4.  Rodney Cottle
5.  Barbara Carter
6.  Laddy Dinkel
7.  Joyce Dinkel
8  Billy Kortila

PHOTO # 100
Edlund kids on the Edlund Homestead  1920 or 1921
Identified by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
1.  Monty Edlund
2.  Vicky  Edlund
3.  Lily  Edlund
4.  Hilda Edlund

PHOTO # 101
Left is Clara Slumburger (teacher)  Right is Gloryjean Fritzler
Possibly taken in front of the first Wasilla Library which was once Gus Swanson's cabin

PHOTO # 102
Two grades per class, this was 5th and 6th grade 1949-1950

Photo from Gloryjean

1.  Clara Slumburger  teacher
2.  Dewey Chastain
3.  Ronald Jensen  (son of Colonist Henry and Edna)
4.  Jerry Cottle  (top of head)
5.  Edna Hillyard
6.  Daniel Shrock  (Shrock Road named for his father)
7. Lewis McDonald  (son of John and Geneva)
8.  Jerry Sorensen
9.  Bobby Gershmel  (son of Harold)
10.  Herbert Theodore   (Note from Coleen:  son of Wasilla Theodore and his 2nd wife Katie Stephan)
11.  Gloryjean Fritzler
12.  Alice Church (daughter of Colonist John Church)
13.  Annetta Sawby
14.  Jimmy Hilburn
15.  Tommy Mazy
17.  Rita Nicholes
18.  Doris Hillyard
19.  Jean Ann Wilson (daughter of Jim and Claudia and granddaughter of Ty and Annabelle Wilson)
20.  June Gershmel
21.  Freddie Nunley
22.  Jimmy Vicarious

PHOTO # 103
Portage Alaska Railroad bridge gang 1938
From Mark Fritzler

PHOTO # 104
Carl and Vicky Fritzler  at daughter's wedding 1953

PHOTO # 105
Carl Fritzler and daughter Gloryjean  1953
Photo given to Mark Fritzler by Charlotte (Nelson) Adleman


PHOTO # 107
Dan and Mary Donovan, early homesteaders
(Note from Coleen:  Dan Donovan appears in the Herning journals as early as 1916)
From Mark Fritzler

PHOTO # 108
Arnold and Hulda Edlund  with daughters Maxine and Elsie
Photo from Gloryjean, she says: "House on left Arnold built, the front side, you see here, faces a side street facing east.
The Hilburn's lived in it in 1949+

PHOTO # 109
(Note from Coleen: The Hilmer Oberg family moved to Wasilla in the fall of 1926, so this photo must have been
taken after that).
Any help with names?
3. Elizabeth "Pat" Snider  (identified by Charlie Tryck)
4.  William  "Beanie" Tryck
5.  Stuart Vail
7.  Lincoln Peter Snider
8.  Charles Warren "Collie" Tryck
10.  Mr. Hilmer Oberg
11.  Hilmer J. Oberg
12.  Blanch Tipping Tryck
13.  Florence Oberg  
14.  Mattie Vail
15.  Mrs. Elizabeth Oberg   (she was a Russian-Native born in Unga)
16.  Alice Snider
17.  Elizabeth "Pat" Snider  (identified by Gloryjean Fritzler)
24. Margaret _____________ (had red hair and freckels)
25.  _______ Bunge   (teacher)?
26.  Elizabeth Oberg
27.  Arvid Oberg
28.  Gerrit  "Heinie" Snider

PHOTO # 110
Photo from Gloryjean
JM Bryant and wife Cecil, Jackie Slumburger Betts and husband Thur Betts and Vaughan Wilson  (1950's)

PHOTO # 111
Photo from Gloryjean
1. Vaughan Wilson
2. Fred Beyers
3. Clair Stock
4.  Carol Ann Byers
5.  Wilma Wilson
6.  Carla Duff
7.  Neta Stock
8.  Larry Stock


PHOTO # 115
Gloryjean Fritzler and Mary Cornelius Edlund 1951

PHOTO # 116
Harry and Hilda Sears family
Child on left is Vernie, boy on right is Donny, and Harry is holding Rosella

PHOTO #  120

PHOTO # 121

PHOTO # 122

PHOTO # 124  

PHOTO # 125
WASILLA SCHOOL 1957-1958  
1.  Vernon Otcheck
3. Gerri Ann Lemon
8. Robert Yadon
10. Tom Green
11. Norma Newby
12. Susan Lucas
13. John Combs
16. Steve Behnke
17.  Colleen Blissard
18. Mark Fritzler
21. Danny Minnick
22. Nancy Carney
23. Bonnie Coghlan
26. Donna Kneff
27. John Nunley
28. Paula Hubert

PHOTO # 126
  3rd  GRADE  WASILLA SCHOOL  1959-1960
2. John Nunley
3. Mark Fritzler
5. Norma Newby
6. Robert Yadon
7. George Engelman
9. Tom Green
10. Steven Behnke
11. Dixie Adcock
13. John Combs
14. Harry Harris
15. Terry Toomey
17. Billy  Johnson
18. Pat Coffee
19. Mary __________
20. Danny Minnick
22. Terri Minnick
24. Donna Kneff
25. Nancy Carney
26. Paula Mielke
27. Colleen Blissard
28. Connie Beldon
29. Ron Beldon
30. Wesley West
31. Susan Lucas
32. Bonnie Coghlan
33. Gerri Ann Lemon


PHOTO # 128
Photo from Gloryjean, she describes it: "This picture was taken years after Cecil "Blackie" Wilson's garage/shop was abandoned after he died in 1948.  It was on 15 acres he bought from Fred Nelson in 1945. Corner of Swanson, Main Street and Bogard Streets.  The building and Quonsets were hauled down from Glenallen area when the military closed down a facility up there.  Harry Sears and others also bought buildings from that site.  This
shop sat  about where the Credit Union is now.  In the 1970's, the black truck was salvaged by Cecil's oldest son Vaughan, restored and passed down
to one of Blackie's great-grandsons that was named after Cecil."

PHOTO # 129
Photo from Gloryjean, she describes it as: "Anchorage about 1941-1942.  Front:  children Glorjean Fritzler standing in front of Vicky Fritzler. Tall girl in white dress is maxine Edlund, Ruby Ohlin, small boy behind her?, Rosella Sears, Vernie Sears, Vonnie Ohlin, Donnie Sears, boy?  The adults are, Vicky, by Glorjean, George Edlund, Lily Ohlin, Lillie Anderson, Edith Urban, Rose Wilkinson, Gilbert Oberg, Pearl Oberg, Hilda Sears. I don't remember who those two little boys are."
1. Vicky Edlund Fritzler
2. George Edlund
3. Lily Ohlin
4. Lillie (Mead) Edlund Anderson
5.  Edith Urban
6. Rose Wilkinson
7. Gilbert Oberg
8. Pearl Oberg
9. Hilda Sears
10. Gloryjean Fritzler
NOTE: Gloryjean pointed out a little boy standing between/behind #12 and #13, she thinks it might be George Hanson?
16. Alan Hansen ?

PHOTO # 130
Photo from Gloryjean, she describes it as: "Vernie and Rosella Sears on the tractor about 1942."

PHOTO # 131
Barn Dance 1924  taken at the Experimental Farm?
Musicians, left to right are:   Arnold Edlund, John Fredolph Edlund and Ed Fries
Gloryjean says the three little girls between the first two musicians are: Agnes Snodgrass, Betty Krueger and Vicky Edlund
The woman with the RED asterisk is Johanna Olivia Frydenlund
The man with the RED asterisk is Hans F. Frydenlund


PHOTO # 133
This rare photo was shared  by George Hanson;
 he describes it as Amalie and Rosalie Edlund

PHOTO # 134
Photo shared by George Hanson
He describes it as Rosalie Wilkenson and Rosemary, Alan and George Hanson
1943 Anchorage

PHOTO # 135
Photo shared by George Hanson
He describes it as Rosalie (Edlund) Wilkinson and Alan Hanson
Anchorage 1938

PHOTO # 136
Photo shared by George Hanson
He describes it as Alan and Josephine Hanson
Anchorage 1962

PHOTO # 137
Photo shared by George Hanson
He describes it as, Virgil and Josephine Lila Hanson
Anchorage 1962

PHOTO # 138
Photo shared by George Hanson
He describes it as Rosalie and "Jack" Asa Wilkinson with Carol and Rosemary Hanson
Paradise, California

PHOTO # 141
Photo shared by George Hanson
He describes it as Carol Lynn, Rosemary Joan, George Dennis and Alan Virgil Hanson  

PHOTO # 142
Photo shared by George Hanson
He describes it as  Alan Virgil Hanson and George Dennis Hanson
Probably in Juneau 1941

PHOTO # 143
Photo provided by Mark Fritzler
Vicky Edlund Fritzler with daughter Gloryjean

PHOTO # 144
Photo provided by Marka Fritzler
Vicky Edlund Fritzler and daughter Gloryjean

PHOTO # 145
Photo provided by Mark Fritzler
Vicky Edlund Fritzler  1942  Spenard

PHOTO # 146
Photo provided by Mark Fritzler
Edlund house

PHOTO # 147
Photo provided by Mark Fritzler
Vicky Edlund Fritzler

PHOTO # 148
Photo provided by Mark Fritzler
Fairview School
Identified by Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson
Back row left to right: Pearl Soper, Vicky Edlund and Ora Dee Clark (teacher)
Front row left to right: Kenny Soper, Wanda Soper, Lily Edlund, Velma Soper and Hilda Edlund

PHOTO # 150
Provided by Mark Fritzler
(see photo # 21 for description)
Oscar Anderson cabin in background, Emil "Shorty" Gustafson cabin in foreground.

Photo shared by George Hanson
1. Lila Hugh
3. Hilda
4. Florence
5. Pearl
6. Dee Dee
7. Rosie
8. Merle

There are more EDLUND photos at: