Chitina, Alaska Census Records

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*Only Alaska Native Families are listed here.
Original records had tons of spelling errors in them...beware
I've listed them here, just as they were spelled in the census records.



Billy Shushana  age 40  born Upper Tanana
Maggie Shushana age 35  born Upper Tanana
Jessie age 10 born Upper Tanana

Little Frank  age 22  born Upper Tanana

Billy Enoch  age 50 born Upper Tanana
Mary Enoch age 30 born Upper Tanana
Emma Enoch age 16 born Upper Tanana
Tom Enoch age 10 born Upper Tanana
Un Enoch age 8 born Upper Tanana
Susie Enoch age 6 born Upper Tanana
Peter Enoch age 4 born Upper Tanana

Bill Kie born 45  born Upper Tanana
Elsie Kie   40 born Upper Tanana
Andrew Kie  13 born Upper Tanana
Stephen Kie 2 born Upper Tanana

Chief Johnson 70 born Upper Tanana
Eva Johnson 52 born Upper Tanana
Haiti Johnson 20 born Upper Tanana
Barbara Johnson 17 born Upper Tanana
Irene Johnson 12 born Upper Tanana

Little John  35 born Upper Tanana
Maggie John 40 born Upper Tanana
Nora John 18 born Upper Tanana
Walter John 12 born Upper Tanana


Chief Luke 56  born Copper River
Helen Luke 48 born Upper Tanana    father born: Canada     mother born: Upper Tanana

Alfred Adams 30  born Canada    father born: Canada   mother born: Upper Tanana
Lucy Adams 27 born Upper Tanana            fathr born: Copper River     mother born: Upper Tanana
Mary Adams 7 born Upper Tanana
Anna Adams 4 born Upper Tanana
Ruth Adams 7 months born Upper Tanana

Paul  Tom 47  born Upper Tanana
Ellen Tom 32 born Upper Tanana
Martha Tom 10 born Upper Tanana
Jimmy Tom 7 born Upper Tanana
Maggie Tom 4 born Upper Tanana
Susie Tom 2  born Upper Tanana
Un-named Baby  6 months  born Upper Tanana

Ada Paul  50 widow born Copper River

Old John 70  widower born Upper Tanana

Old Albert 71  born Upper Tanana
Gert  65 (wife) born Upper Tanana


Paul Joe  45   born Upper Tanana
Annie Joe 20  wife  born Upper Tanana
Mary Joe 4  daughter born Upper Tanana
Stella Joe 1½ daughter born Upper Tanana

Big John 63 born Upper Tanana
Jessie John 55 born Upper Tanana
Alfred John 14 born Upper Tanana
Tallessa? John 12 born Upper Tanana   (?first name hard to read)

Joe John 33 born Upper Tanana
Jessie John 25 born Upper Tanana
Stephen John 8 born Upper Tanana
Edward John 1 year 4 months born Upper Tanana

Kitty David 23 widow  born Upper Tanana
Jonas David 4 son  born Upper Tanana

Singleton, John A. 62  (white)  divorced  born Iowa
Singleton, Theodore 13 (Alaska Native) Adopted son  born Upper Tanana

Peter Joe 50 born Upper Tanana
Eva Joe 42 born Upper Tanana
Stanley David 8  adopted son  born Upper Tanana

Senior Joseph 66  born Upper Tanana
Agnes Joseph 17 daughter born Upper Tanana
Edna Joseph 15 daughter born Upper Tanana
Alice Joseph 13 daughter born Upper Tanana
Bella Joseph 6 daughter born Upper Tanana

Jimmy Joe 28 born Upper Tanana
Jenny Joe 33 born Upper Tanana
Clara Joe 5 born Upper Tanana
Jessie Luke 17 lodger born Upper Tanana

Martha David  40 born Upper Tanana
Titus David 20 son  born Upper Tanana
Lily Joe  13 lodger born Upper Tanana

Walter David 23 born Upper Tanana
Lena David 17 born Upper Tanana
Earl David 1 born Upper Tanana

Andrew David 38 born Upper Tanana
Lucy David 20  (2nd wife) born Upper Tanana
Rachel David 12 born Upper Tanana
Myra David 4 born Upper Tanana
Carl David 1 born Upper Tanana


John Justin 50  Athabascan Tinneh
Lucy Justin 40  Athabascan Tinneh
Jack Justin 22  Athabascan Tinneh
?Manret? Toby 79 widow  mother  Athabascan Tinneh

John Titus 45  Athabascan Tinneh
Jesse Titus 60 wife Athabascan Tinneh
Charles Titus 19 Athabascan Tinneh
Edward Titus 12 Athabascan Tinneh

Joseph Justin 55 Athabascan Tinneh
Pauline Justin 35 Athabascan Tinneh
Mary Justin 4½ Athabascan Tinneh
Susie Justin 1½ Athabascan Tinneh

Andrew Toby 38 Athabascan Tinneh
Lulabel Toby 23 Athabascan Tinneh
Mary Toby 1½ Athabascan Tinneh
Godfrey Toby 6 months Athabascan Tinneh

Buster Brown 21 Athabascan Tinneh
Jennie Brown 17 Athabascan Tinneh
Chief Nicholi 61 Athabascan Tinneh
Jesse Nicholi 40 Athabascan Tinneh
Susie Nicholi 23 Athabascan Tinneh
Joseph Nicholi 18 Athabascan Tinneh
Lula Nicholi 12 Athabascan Tinneh
Thomas Nicholi 10 Athabascan Tinneh
Irene Nicholi 3 Athabascan Tinneh

Jack Nicholi 32 Athabascan Tinneh
Daisy Nicholi 23 Athabascan Tinneh
John Nicholi 2 years 1 month Athabascan Tinneh
Freddie Nicholi 1 year 4 months Athabascan Tinneh
Baby Girl not named yet age 2 months Athabascan Tinneh


Chief Jim Second 35  born Alaska   
Joe Second 34 born Alaska
Chief Tyone 80 widower
Jim Tyone 35
Jack Tyone 28
Jessie Tyone 26 daughter in law
Johnie Tyone 22
Carl Tyone 19
Sammy Tyone 10  grandson
Palmer Tyone 4 grandson
Bobbie Tyone 2 grandson
Elizabeth 3 granddaughter
Peter Tyone 7 months grandson
Mary Tyone 1½ granddaughter


Jack Nicholi 32 Tinneh Tribe
Daisy Nicholi 23 Tinneh Tribe
John Nicholi 2 years 1 month Tinneh Tribe
Freddie Nicholi 1 year 4 months Tinneh Tribe
Baby girl (no name) 2 months Tinneh Tribe

Chief Nicholi 61 Tinneh Tribe
June Nicholi 40 Tinneh Tribe
Susie Nicholi 23 daughter Tinneh Tribe
Bob Joseph Nicholi 18 Tinneh Tribe
Lula Nicholi 12 Tinneh Tribe
Thomas J. Nicholi 10 Tinneh Tribe
Irene Nicholi 3 years 5 months Tinneh Tribe

Buster Brown 21 Tinneh Tribe
Jennie Brown 17 Tinneh Tribe


Frank Charles 38 Tinneh Tribe
Minnie Charles 27 Tinneh Tribe
Cabam Charles 4 years 9 months (son) Tinneh Tribe
Meena Charles 3 (daughter) Tinneh Tribe
Jennie Charles 7 months Tinneh Tribe

Theodore Sanford 30 Tinneh Tribe
Avis Sanford 23 Tinneh Tribe
Walter Sanford 6 years 8 months Tinneh Tribe
Harlan Sanford 3 years 2 months Tinneh Tribe
Milo Sanford 10 months Tinneh Tribe
Chestak Charles 89 widower (dependent indigent) Tinneh Tribe

Adam Sanford 36 Tinneh Tribe
Kate Sanford 28 Tinneh Tribe
Ralph Sanford 11 years 9 months Tinneh Tribe
Howard Sanford 3 years 3 months Tinneh Tribe
Frank Sanford 3 months Tinneh Tribe
Margaret Nahlen 68 widow (mother-in-law) Tinneh Tribe
Margaret Nahlen 20 (sister-in-law) Tinneh Tribe


Lawrence J. DeWitt  47   (white)  born at sea  (father: Ohio   mother: South Carolina)
Bell DeWitt 24 Tinneh Tribe
Angus DeWitt 2½ Tinneh Tribe

Chief Sam 49 Tinneh Tribe
Lucy Sam 45 Tinneh Tribe

Big Frank  50 Tinneh Tribe
Jessie Frank 35 Tinneh Tribe
Peter Frank 21 (son) Tinneh Tribe
Nellie Frank 18 Tinneh Tribe
Bob Gattsey?  (adopted son) 12  Tinneh Tribe
Mary Fanny (step-granddaughter) 3½ Tinneh Tribe

Jesse John 40 widow Tinneh Tribe
Guy John 17 son Tinneh Tribe
Oliver John 9 Tinneh Tribe
Stephen John 6 Tinneh Tribe

North bank of Tanada Creek
and .9 miles SE of its junction with Copper River

William Jean 39 Tinneh Tribe
Jessie Jean 34 Tinneh Tribe
Jean Jean 16 (son) Tinneh Tribe
John Jean 13 Tinneh Tribe
James Jean 11 Tinneh Tribe
Bessie Jean 9 Tinneh Tribe
Killie Jean 7 (daughter) Tinneh Tribe
Indebond Jean 3 years 5 months (son) Tinneh Tribe

Charles Sanford 47 Tinneh Tribe
Elisa Sanford 47 Tinneh Tribe
John Sanford 23 Tinneh Tribe
Frank Sanford 16 Tinneh Tribe
Kitty Sanford 13 Tinneh Tribe
Justin Sanford 7 Tinneh Tribe
Venice Sanford 3 years 5 months (daughter) Tinneh Tribe

Thomas Jackson 30 Tinneh Tribe
Susie Jackson 24 Tinneh Tribe
Paul Jackson 10 months Tinneh Tribe

Lucy Albert 50 widow Tinneh Tribe
Annie Albert 20 Tinneh Tribe
Sargent Albert 17 Tinneh Tribe
Alfred Albert 16 (grandson) Tinneh Tribe
Andrew Albert 9 (grandson) Tinneh Tribe
Oscar Albert 5 (grandson) Tinneh Tribe

Shorty Frank 28 Tinneh Tribe

1930 Teikhel to Lower Tonsina 

Tenas?, Charley age 48 widower  Athabascan
Tenas?, Anna age 10 daugher  Athabascan

George, Willow Creek  age 50  Athabascan
George, Lonnie?  age 40 wife Athabascan
George, Ina age 7 daughter
George, Ema age 4 daughter
George, Paul agd 12 son
George, Eva age 8 daugher

George, Henry  age 25  Athabascan
George, Lucy age 21 wife Athabascan
George, Ada age 3 daughter
George, Freda age 2 daughter


Wilson Bell 21       

Dick Mack 25  Alaska
Fanny Mack 21 Alaska

Eva Brown 25 Alaska
Agnes Brown 8 Alaska
Mary Brown 4 Alaska
Steven Brown 1½ Alaska

Frank McKinely 23 Alaska
Jennie McKinely 38 wife Alaska

Douglas Billum  50 Alaska   (Chief)
Mary Billum 42 Alaska
Jeanie Billum 14 Alaska
Paul Billum 9 Alaska
Evan Billum 3 Alaska

Andy Allen 31 Alaska

Natilia Brown 65 widow Alaska

H. Bell 50 widower  Alaska

Billie Bell 18 Alaska
Arthur Bell 12 (brother) Alaska
Adam Bell 8 (brother) Alaska

John Billum 55 Alaska
Mattie Billum 55 Alaska
Alice Billum 23 Alaska

Cap Goodlataw  30  Alaska
Maggie Goodlataw 20 Alaska
John Billum Jr. 15  (son)
Frank Billum 11 (grandson)
Alex Billum 8 (grandson)
Harry Billum 4 (grandson)
Helen Billum 3 (granddaughter)
Baby Billum 3 months


Wahalita (Ewan) 55  married 28 years
Onatnaithna 48 wife      7 children/5 living
Kabeena-achi  (Dry Creek Preston?) 26 
Tansrainich (Ewan George) 22 son
Stansilna (Annie) 20 daughter
Staholna (Yadda) 18 daughter
Sedasnachen (Bandy) 17son (this is a guess on this first name)
Nahilytna 45   married 20 years   SECOND WIFE    5 children/3 living
Elachen  (Oscar) 12 son
Ewan John 25  son
Emma 23 daughter-in-law          2 children/2 living
Katie 3 granddaughter
Potsilna (Potsy) 16 daughter
Nestelna  (Jennie) 13 daughter

Telehni  30


William R. Barnett 27  born Kentucky
Stanley Resler 33  born New York
Elizabeth Griffeth 54 born England  came to USA 1884
Anna Leak 35  born Colorado
Hans Ditman 36 born Norway  came to USA 1903
Alexander Keenwald  45 born Russia   came to USA 1896
George Belfontain 40 born Canada

Frank Ewan  31   born Alaska          
Alexandra Ewan 22 born Alaska                              
Pete Ewan 5  born Alaska
Marson Ewan 2  born Alaska

Oscar Ewan 28 born Alaska
Mrs. Oscar Ewan 19 born Alaska
Shorty Ewan 2 1/2  born Alaska
Mamie Ewan   3 months born Alaska

Tom Neeley  35  born Alaska
Mrs. Tom Neeley 25 born Alaska
Harry Neeley 10 born Alaska
Ben Neeley 7 born Alaska
Hame Yeh   70  father    widower  born Alaska  (note first name Hame? Home?)
John Ewan  35
Mrs. John Ewan 30
Topsy Ewan 9
Fred Ewan 4
Jake Ewan 1 month
Billie Sava  65 widower  father
Ed Blind Man 45 widower  lodger
Dahlia 10  lodger
Snell   45              
Annie   30
Minnie  13
Paul     9
Suslota Nicolie  19  cousin

Suslota Charlie 30
Yetta Charlie 25 wife
Jessie  70   mother  widow    

Ewan Charlie  45
Mrs. Ewan Charlie 35
Elsie Charlie 16
Lucy Charlie 14
Rena Charlie 13
Bessie Charlie 11
Esther Charlie 1
Billie Sober 23  boarder

Chief Ewan  70
Nit Chest Nah 65  wife
Hilda 20 wife

George Ewan 30
Lulu Ewan 28 wife
Emma Ewan 7
Mark Ewan 7

Old George 50 widower
David George 20  son       


Henry Allen 42  Copper River Tribe
Mary Allen 50 Copper River Tribe

Charley Nicholie 50 Copper River Tribe
Lucy Nicholie 54 Copper River Tribe

H. Eva Allen 25 Copper River Tribe

Joe Taslena 50 Copper River Tribe
Elsie Taslena 35 Copper River Tribe
Elizabeth Taslena 20 (daughter) Copper River Tribe
Evan Taslena 10 months Copper River Tribe
Bolis Taslena 5 (daughter) Copper River Tribe
Lucy Taslena 7 Copper River Tribe
John Taslena 4 Copper River Tribe

Bob Joe Taslena 26 Copper River Tribe
Elizabeth Taslena 20 Copper River Tribe

Jack Tenas 30 Copper River Tribe
Annie Tenas 22 Copper River Tribe
Floyd Tenas 5 Copper River Tribe
Andrew Tenas 3 Copper River Tribe
Gus Tenas 2 Copper River Tribe

Billie Sabo 35 Copper River Tribe
May Sabo 20 Copper River Tribe
Phillip Sabo 7 months Copper River Tribe
Stickwan, Sabo 5 (son) Copper River Tribe

Jennie ?Ginzara? 42 Copper River Tribe
John ?Ginzara? 4 Copper River Tribe
Peter ?Ginzara? 3 Copper River Tribe

Charley Snell 55 Copper River Tribe
Anne Snell 35 Copper River Tribe
Paul Snell 19 Copper River Tribe
Yaco Snell 6 Copper River Tribe

Charley ?Suslito? 60 Copper River Tribe
?Yesta? ?Suslito? 40  wife Copper River Tribe

Arthur Jackson 39 Copper River Tribe
Martha Jackson 26 Copper River Tribe

Borcella George 25 Copper River Tribe
Nettie George 21 Copper River Tribe
Annie Stickwan 5 (daughter) Copper River Tribe

Frank Stickwan 30 Copper River Tribe
Elsie Stickwan 20 Copper River Tribe

Patty Stickwan 18 Copper River Tribe
Peter Stickwan 13 (brother) Copper River Tribe
Mary Stickwan 6 (sister) Copper River Tribe
Lloyd Stickwan 5 (brother) Copper River Tribe
Alice Stickwan 10 (sister) Copper River Tribe

Johnie Craig 26 Copper River Tribe
Lloyd Craig 1 month Copper River Tribe

Tenas Stickwan 65 widow Copper River Tribe

Frank Hobson 40 Copper River Tribe
Alasandre Hobson 30 wife Copper River Tribe
Pete Hobson 14 Copper River Tribe
Niarco Hobson 13 Copper River Tribe
Coragy Hobson 8 Copper River Tribe
Eddie Hobson 3 Copper River Tribe
Baby Hobson (son) 8 months Copper River Tribe

Oscar Evan 39 Copper River Tribe
Billy Jo Evan 20  (2nd wife) Copper River Tribe
Shorty Evan 14 Copper River Tribe
Dick Evan 10 Copper River Tribe
Denny Evan 8 Copper River Tribe
Hazel Evan 6 Copper River Tribe
Irene Evan 1½ Copper River Tribe
Katy Evan 35 (lodger) Copper River Tribe
Fred Evan 35 (lodger) Copper River Tribe


Leak, Anna  50 divorced   born Colorado                roadhouse
Griffeth, Elizabeth (mother) 70 divorced born England  roadhouse
Danielson, Lily  (cook)  31 divorced born Minnseota    roadhouse
Newman, Chas A.  (lodger) 72 born Pennsylvania         roadhouse

Corigie, John  54 Minnesota   gold mine

Charlie, Salota  49  born Alaska  Trapper
Charlie, Yada wife 47

Sinyon, Jimmie  44  gold mine
Sinyon, Rena  wife 44
Sinyon, Paul  son 14
Sinyon, Johnny son 12
Sinyon, Freda daughter 8
Sinyon, Olga  daughter 5
Sinyon, Alec  son 3
Sinyon, Mona  daughter six months

Ewan, John 52         Trapper
Ewan, Katie 49  wife

Ewan, Fred 19
Ewan, Stella 19  wife

Elmer, J. M. 52  born Oregon    gold mine
Elmer, Mary  50 wife born New York
Elmer, Moore 31 son  born Washington
Elmer, Lewis 27 son  born ? 

Norris, Robert 23 born Washington   gold mine
Gillespie, Robert 24 born Montana   freighting/truck driver


Tekatch, Ed R.    40 born Pennsylvania      trading post
Tekatch, hazel Warchter  56 wife  born Ohio trading post

Panting, Frank L.  58  born England         placer mine

Ewan, Oscar  51        Trapper
Ewan, Billigo wife 49
Ewan, Clifford son 26
Ewan, Dick son 20
Ewan, Denny son 18
Ewan, Hazel  daughter 15
Ewan, Mova   daughter  8
Ewan, Billy son  6

Ewan, Frank  55    Trapper
Ewan, Alexandra 51
Ewan, markle 24  son
Ewan, George 22  son
Ewan, Annie   8  ?
Ewan, Tom     5  ?

Ewan, Charlie  69 widower  Trapper
Ewan, Fred  son  15

Ewan, Pete   28     Trapper
Ewan, Annie  wife 20

Neeley, Tom   61    Trapper
Neeley, Mary  25  (wife?)
Neeley, Harry 30
Neeley, Ben 26
Neeley, Frances 8  
Neeley, Bedilia 4
Neeley, Mary 1                   


Freeman, Emil age 29  Eyak/AleuT  father: Finland    mother: Eyak/Aleut

Clock, James B. age 35  b. Minnesota  father: New York      mother: Michigan
Clock, Alice agae 34  Athabascan/Aleut   father: Minnesota     mother: Alaska
Clock, Thomas G. age 7 son
Clock, James J. age 6 son
Clock, Nellie F. age 4 years 5 months daughter
Clock, Ray age 2 years 11 months son
Clock, Dorothy V. age one month  daughter

Flemming, George A. age 27  Aleut  father: New York          mother: Alaska


Sam, Chief  age 65  b. Upper Tanana          parents born Upper Tanana
Sam, Bessie age 30  wife b. Upper Tanana  parents born Upper Tanana
Sam, Fred 23 son
Sam, Helen age 8 daughter
Sam, Mary age 6
Sam, Andrew age 1½  son

Ketchemstock, Charley age 70  widower  born: Forty Mile         Parents born Upper Tanana
Ketchemstock, Esan age 18 son  born: Forty Mile
Ketchemstock, Emma age 14 daughter born: Forty Mile
Ketchemstock, Sam  age 12  born: Upper Tanana
Ketchemstock, Martha age 8 born: Upper Tanana

Ketchemstock, Joe age 21 born: Forty Mile               father: Forty Mile         mother Upper Tanana
Ketchemstock, Laura age 18 wife  born Upper Tanana
Ketchemstock, Louise age 1 year 10 months

Sam, Frank age 40 born: Upper Tanana   Parents born Upper Tanana
Sam, Annie age 24 wife  born: Upper Tanana
Sam, David age 6 son
Sam, Susie age 3 daughter
Sam, Julius age 1 year 3 months son

Isaac, Follet age 37   born: Upper Tanana  Parents born Upper Tanana

Albert, Peter age 50  Upper Tanana    father born: Batsanita??  mother born: Upper Tanana
Albert, Elsie age 40 wife born Upper Tanana
Albert, Oscar age 11 son
Albert, Northway age 9 son
Albert, Ada age 7 daughter
Albert, Danny age 6 son
Albert, Abraham age 3 son
Albert, Alice age 1 year 1 month  daughter

Northway, Walter age 43 born Upper Tanana
Northway, Lily age 30 wife born Upper Tanana
Northway, Eva age 11 daughter
Northway, Celia age 7 daughter
Northway, Eva age 4 daughter
Northway, Harry age 2 son

Northway, Grandma  age 75  widow  born Upper Tanana   Parents born Upper Tanana
Northway, Lea  age 26 son  born Upper Tanana
Northway, Maggie age 15 daughter born Upper Tanana

Northway, Stephen age 25 born Upper Tanana
Northway, Edna?  age 18 born Upper Tanana
Northway, Arthur age 3 son
Northway, Alfred age 1 year 1 month  son

Elisha, Jack  age 55  born Upper Tanana
Elisha, Bertha age 27 born Upper Tanana
Elisha, Fred age 6 son
Elisha, Tom age 3 son
Elisha, Jessie age 1 year 1 month

Johnny, Annie  age 70 widow  born Upper Tanana   Parents born Upper Tanana
Johhny, Martha age 24 daughter born Upper Tanana

David, Ada age 53  widow  born Upper Tanana     Parents born Upper Tanana
David, Charley age 5 son born Upper Tanana

Northway, William age 50 born Upper Tanana
Northway, Elina age 40 wife  born Upper Tanana
Northway, Sarah age 15 daughter

1930 PAXON

John Paxon 75  born Mantaska

Jean Sourdough 48 born Gulkana
Annie Sourdough 30 born Gulkana
Stella Sourdough 15 Alaska
Mary Sourdough 13 Alaska
Alice Stickwan 16 (niece)  born Gulkana

Buster Jean  21 born Dry Creek
Billy Jean 19 (brother) Alaska
Eva Jean 17 (sister) Alaska
Joan Jean 9 (brother)       Alaska     (gender possibly a mistake?)
Smithie Jean 7 (brother) Alaska
Ruth Jean 5 (sister) Alaska

Charley Evan 55 Alaska
Della Evan 41 Alaska
Louise Evan 19 Alaska
Sonny Evan 5 Alaska
Rena Evan 18 Alaska


Sundt, Arne N.  50  born Norway  roadhouse
Sundt, Herna    31  born Norway  roadhouse
Sundt, Arne N. Jr.  6 born Alaska
Sundt, Roy H.       4 born Alaska
Sundt, Margurite    2 born Alaska

Paulson, John M.  55 born Sweden   Alaska Road Commission
Johnson, Gus F.   64 born Sweden   Alaska Road Commission

Joe, Bill  34  born Alaska         Trapper
Joe, Maggie 32 born Alaska
Joe, Joyce   4 born Alaska
Joe, Catherine 3 born Alaska

Snell, Paul  32  born Alaska      Trapper
Snell, Eva   30  born Alaska
Snell, Kelsey  5 son  born Alaska

John, Skookum  61  widower     Trapper

John, Little Nicoli 41      Trapper
John, Jessie  37  wife
John, Andrew N. 18  son
John, Violet 12 daughter

Tyone, Jack 38      Trapper
Tyone, Elsie 28 wife
Tyone, Elizabeth 13
Tyone, Florence 11
Tyone, Franklin 9
Tyone, Robert 7
Tyone, Roy 5

Jean, Sourdough 59     Trappr
Jean, Annie 54 wife
Jean, Herman 22
Jean, Smitty 18
Jean, Helen 12
Jean, Billie 5  son

Jean, Buster 31   Trapper
Jean, Alice 29
Jean, Joe 7
Jean, Mary 5
Jean, Curly 2  (son)

George Gakona 67  Trapper
George, Happy 64

Andrews, Ralph  44  Iowa    Trapper

Bellfontain, George 59  born Canada   Placer Mine laborer

Cameron, William P.  27 born Alaska gold mine
Cameron, Frances L.  27 Michigan  wife
Cameron, Helen M. 3 daughter born Alaska
Cameron, William P. Jr. 1 son born Alaska

Lubbe, William J.   39  born New York   road building foreman


George Gakona 50  Tinneh Tribe
Happy Gakona 40 wife Tinneh Tribe
Lula Ewan 40 (lodger) Tinneh Tribe
Mary Ewan 16 (lodger) Tinneh Tribe

Buster Brown 20 Tinneh Tribe
Jennie Brown 18 Tinneh Tribe

Sourdough James 45 Tinneh Tribe
Annie James 30 Tinneh Tribe
William James 19 Tinneh Tribe
Eva James 18 Tinneh Tribe
Stella James 16 Tinneh Tribe
Mary James 14 Tinneh Tribe
Ione James 9 Tinneh Tribe
Smithy 6 years 9 months Tinneh Tribe
Ruffus James 5 years 8 months Tinneh Tribe
Etlegitna Wilson 70 widow (mother-in-law) Tinneh Tribe

Skookum John 56 Tinneh Tribe
Annie John 30 (wife) Tinneh Tribe
Mark John 11 Tinneh Tribe
Mari John 6 years 3 months Tinneh Tribe
Silvia John 2½ Tinneh Tribe
Baby Boy (no name) John 1 month Tinneh Tribe

Harry Hobson 26 Athabascan    father: Oregon mother: Athabascan

Jack Tyone 27 Tinneh Tribe
Elsie Tyone 20 Tinneh Tribe
Elizabeth Tyone  1½ Tinneh Tribe
Andrew Tyone 4 months Tinneh Tribe
Stickwan 65 widower (father-in-law) Tinneh Tribe
Mary Stickwan 18 (sister-in-law) Tinneh Tribe
Baby girl Stickwan 2 months  Tinneh Tribe

Margaret Stickwan 20 Tinneh Tribe
Elizabeth Stickwan 65 (mother) Tinneh Tribe

Jean Nicholi 40 Tinneh Tribe
Stewart Nicholi 12 Tinneh Tribe

Skookum John 56 Tinneh Tribe
Annie John 30 Tinneh Tribe
Mark John 11 Tinneh Tribe


Reeves, Robert W.  49   born Nova Scotia immigrated 1890
Doyle, James F. 65  divorced  born Iowa    roadhouse manager
John, Charlie 28
John, Susie   23
John, Paul     1
Sis, Chootnah  50  widow  boarder

George, Gakona 55
George, Happy 38
Yeh, Hame  80 widower   boarder   (Hame? Home?)

John, Skookum  35 widower
Neh Nee Zeeck Nah  70 widow   mother

Adam  27  head   only one name
Kate  20  wife
Jake  23  brother
Avis  18  sister
Maggie 12 sister
Lazy  48 widow  boarder

Stickman  45   head
Nee Day Dell  Nah  40 wife
Stickman, Minnie 16 daughter
Stickman, Emer?  14 daughter
Stickman, May    12 daughter
Stickman, Helen  10 daughter

Gene  35  head
Yetta 30  wife


Frank H. Carroll  48  born Kansas
Walua Caroll 27   Athabascan Tinneh
Frank Carroll  7  Athabascan Tinneh
Fred Carroll 5   Athabascan Tinneh
Cathrene 2 years 1 month Athabascan Tinneh
Janie Carroll 1 year 1 month Athabascan Tinneh
Lizzy John  20  lodger  Athabascan Tinneh

Pete Mantaska  45    born Mantaska         Parents  Copper River Tribe
Taha Mantaska 35   Copper River Tribe
Larson Mantaska 17 Copper River Tribe
Stewart Mantaska 15 Copper River Tribe
Nelson Mantaska 12 Copper River Tribe
Michael Mantaska 8 Copper River Tribe
Mary Mantaska 5 Copper River Tribe
Marca Mantaska 1 (son) Copper River Tribe

Estaco Ewan 31 Copper River Tribe
Jessie Ewan 30 Copper River Tribe
Ruth Ewan 8 Copper River Tribe
Irene Ewan 5 Copper River Tribe
Andrew Ewan 3 Copper River Tribe
Lena Ewan 1 Copper River Tribe

Tony Jackson 45 widower Copper River Tribe

Harvey John 20 Copper River Tribe

Louie Lincoln 35 Copper River Tribe
Sophie Lincoln 25 Copper River Tribe
Nicholas Lincoln 9 Copper River Tribe
Calvin Lincoln 4 Copper River Tribe
Mary Lincoln 2 Copper River Tribe
Jackson Lincoln 5 months Copper River Tribe

Charlie Underwood 42 Copper River Tribe
Nellie Underwood 25 Copper River Tribe
Marco Underwood 7  Copper River Tribe
Mary Underwood 3 Copper River Tribe
Lena Underwood 5 Copper River Tribe

Jim McKinley 38 Copper River Tribe
Elfina McKinley 26 Copper River Tribe
Henry McKinely 4 Copper River Tribe
Yaco McKinely 1 Copper River Tribe

Big Charlie 55 Copper River Tribe
Walua Charlie 60 wife Copper River Tribe

George McKinely 58 Copper River Tribe
Lena McKinely 45 Copper River Tribe
Nina McKinely 7 Copper River Tribe
Willis McKinley 5 Copper River Tribe

Bobbie Jackson 23 Copper River Tribe

John Copper Center 62 Copper River Tribe
Walua Copper Center 32 Copper River Tribe
Mary Copper Center 9 Copper River Tribe
Elizabeth Copper Center 7 Copper River Tribe

Big Jack 60 Copper River Tribe
Anna Jack 45 Copper River Tribe
Hans Jack 11 Copper River Tribe

Pete Jackson 40 Copper River Tribe
Georgia Jackson 40 Copper River Tribe
Edna Jackson 18 Copper River Tribe

Pete Jordan 40 Copper River Tribe

Skookum John 65 Copper River Tribe
Phella John 40 wife Copper River Tribe


Chief Andrew  70         Chief of Village
Mrs. Chief Andrew 62     wife
Enna Allen  32     Head of house
Enna Allen    1    daughter
Mrs. Lazy Charlie  66   Mother of Enna Allen
Alice Craig   25  Head of house
Aleine Craig 7 daughter
Annie Craig 4  daughter
Albert Craig 4 son
Estaco Ewan 40 Father
Jessie Ewan 39 Mother
Senia Ewan 11 daughter
Joyce Ewan 2 daughter
Andrew Ewan 12 son
Hector Ewan 6 son
Roy Ewan 3 son
Irene Ewan 14 daughter
Ruth Ewan 16 daughter
Tennas Jack 40 Father
Annie Jack 30 Mother
Floyd Jack 13 son
Andrew Jack 12 son
Harold Jack 9 son
Jean Jack 6 daughter
Anna Jack 3 daughter
Otto Jackson 46 Father
Martha Jackson 26 Mother
Offenda Jackson 6 daughter
Ellick Jackson 2 son
Nana Jackson 22 Mother  (living with Nicolie)
Niga Jackson 2 daughter
Gilbert Jackson 4 son
Bacella Jackson 16 orphan (living with Otto Jackson and Jim McKinley)
Harry Jahns  29 Father
Harry Jahns Jr. 3 son  (mother is dead)
Copper Center Jahn  72  Father
Mrs. Copper Center Jahn  68 Mother
Mary Jahn 19 daughter
Mrs. Phela Jahn 66 Mother
Hans Jahn 23 son
Peter Jordon 47 Father
Edna Jordan 36 Mother
Peter Jordon Jr. 8 son
Franklin Jordon 4 son
Edna Jordon 6 daughter
Louie Lincoln 40 Father
Sophia Lincoln 37 mother
Mary Lincoln 11 daughter
Pauline Lincoln 2 daughter
Anna Lincoln 6 daughter
Ralph Lincoln 9 son
Stanley Lincoln 4 son
Calvin Lincoln 14 son
Nicholas Lincoln 18 son
James McKinley 39 Father
Elfena McKinley 33 Mother
Flora McKinley 9 daughter
Celia McKinley 6 daughter
Patrick McKinley 4 son
Thomas McKinley 3 son
Eulina McKinley 66 Mother of James McKinley
Ewan Nicolie 15 orphan living with James McKinley, mother dead
Jean Nicolie 50 Father
Stewart Nicolie 22 son
Annie Nicolie Annie 29 daughter
Andrew Pete 16 orphan  (lives here and there through the village)
Mantasta Pete 27 Father
Elizabeth Pete 19 Mother
Jean Pete 2 daughter
Copper Center Pete 69 Husband
Mrs. Copper Center Pete 58 Wife
May Sobon 28 Mother
Marie Sobon 1 daughter
Johnny Sobon 6 son
Ewan Sobon 3 son
Jack Sobon 7 son
Phillip Sobon 9 son
Tanas Stickwan 61 Father
Anna Stickwan 28 daughter
Andrew Stickwan 13 son
Pete Stickwan 16 son
Paddie Stickwan 27 son
Charles Undewood 48 Father
Nellie Underwood 36 Mother
Lena Underwood 13 daughter
Violet Underwood 5 months daughter
Raymond Underwood 2 son
Merkle Underwood 16 son  (blind and paralytic)


Andrew, Big Jack     born 3/4/1859 Copper Center    (widower)       CHIEF

Charlie, Tenas          born 12/15/1878 Copper Center  (widower)

Ewan, Pete born 5/6/1915 Copper Center
Ewan, Annie  (Stickwan) born 10/4/1918 Tulsona
Ewan, Nellie daughter born 1/4/1944 Copper Center

Fleury, Amos       Father born 4/22/1892  Born U.S.A. (French) (has white wife, not divorced)
Fleury, Leona born   Mother  7/24/1912 Copper Center   (unmarried)
Fleury, Thelma  daughter born 3/18/1934 Copper Center       (El Nathan Home, Valdez)
Fleury, Victor  son born 6/24/1937 Copper Center        (El  Nathan Home, Valdez)
Fleury, Forrest son born 4/5/1941 Copper Center         (El Nathan Home, Valdez)
Fleury, Palmer  son  born 1/23/1944  Palmer
Fleury, Amos    son  born 2/17/1945 Copper Center
Fleury, Leo     son  born 1/21/1946 Palmer

George, Bacilla        Father   born 2/27/1904 Kenny Lake
George, Nancy (Stickwan)       Mother  born 9/11/1905 Dry Creek
George, Nicholas  son born 11/1/1932  Dry Creek
George, Sameul    son born 5/5/1935 Dry Creek
George, Mary      daughter born 12/11/1938 Dry Creek
George, Mollie    daughter born 6/25/1944 Copper Center
George, Glena     daughter born 4/8/1946 Palmer

Jack, Tenas    Father born 2/16/1899 Copper Center
Jack, Floyd    son born 1/1/1925 Copper Center
Jack, Jeannie  daughter born 1/10/1932 Copper Center

Jackson, Arthur  Father    born 5/27/1887 Copper Center
Jackson, Martha   (Stickwan)  Mother   born 8/14/1903 Dry Creek
Jackson, Abraham   son  born 4/23/1932 Copper Center
Jackson, Ellick    son  born 11/8/1937  Copper Center
Jackson, Carolyn   daughter born 3/8/1940
Copper Center (mother Irene died 2/22/1946)  (Carolyn in El Nathan Home in Valdez)
Jackson, Francis    daughter born 2/18/1942 Copper Center (in El Nathan Home in Valdez)

Jackson, Tony Father     born 12/15/1890 Copper Center
Jackson, Mary   (Stickwan)  Mother born 2/16/1917 Dry Creek
Jackson, Marina daughter born 10/9/1934 Copper Center
Jackson, Nicholas     son born 10/26/1936 Copper Center
Jackson, Herman son born 9/13/1939 Copper Center
Jackson, Shirley  daughter born 1/5/1944 Copper Center
Jackson, Bacille  nephew  born 12/5/1922 Copper Center

Joe, Bobbie     Father born 12/20/1906 Knik
Joe Jessie (Ewan)   Mother born 5/11/1899  Upper Tonsina
Joe, Andrew  step-son born 6/5/1926 Copper Center
Joe, Senia  step-daughter born 10/7/1928 Copper Center  (Eklutna School)
Joe, Hector step-son born 12/23/1933 Copper Center
Joe, Roy step-son born 2/25/1935 Copper Center
Joe, Joyce (Ewan) step-daughter born 12/28/1936 Copper Center
Joe, Herbert son born 10/9/1931 Copper Center
Joe, Lillian daughter born 12/15/1932 Copper Center
Joe, Wilbert son born 5/21/1941 Copper Center

Johns, Harry   Father  born 2/24/1908 Copper Center
Johns, Ruth (Ewan) Mother born 10/30/1921 Copper Center
Johns, Harry Jr.  son born 12/2/1934 Copper Center
Johns, Norman  son born 4/13/1939 Copper Center
Johns, Violet  daughter born 5/18/1941 Copper Center
Johns, Alfred son born 10/5/1943 Copper Center

Johns, Hans     Head of house born 8/15/1915 Copper Center

John Mary     Mother born 9/1/1919 Copper Center
John, Ellick    son  born 3/15/1940 Copper Center

Jordan, Peter   Father born 3/27/1890 in Spain
Jordan, Edna  (Jackson) Mother born 2/17/1909 Copper Center
Jordan, Virginia daughter born 10/28/1932 Copper Center
Jordan, Franklin son born 7/1/1935 Copper Center

Lincoln, Louis   Father  born 3/15/1898 Gulkana
Lincoln, Sophia   (Charlie) Mother born 5/28/1902 Copper Center
Lincoln, Nicholas    son  born 7/4/1920 Copper Center
Lincoln, Calvin   son born 11/15/1924 Copper Center  Army
Lincoln, Mary daughter born 7/29/1927 Copper Center
Lincoln, Ralph  son born 6/19/1929 Copper Center
Lincoln, Annie  daughter born 1/23/1932 Copper Center
Lincoln, Stanley son born 7/18/1934 Copper Center
Lincoln, Pauline daughter born 12/23/1936 Copper Center
Lincoln, Albert son born 1/5/1939 Copper Center

McKinley, Jim     Father  born 3/14/1898 Copper Center
McKinley, Cecelia daughter born 10/18/1932 Copper Center
McKinely, Patrick son born 1/5/1935 Copper Center
McKinely, Thomas son born 12/25/1937 Copper Center

McKinley, Elena     Mother born ? Chitina  (approximately 67 years old)

Nicolai, Stewart  Father  born 2/20/1914 Copper Center
Nicolai, Gilbert   son born 3/15/1934 Copper Center
Nicolai, Nija daughter born 12/28/1936 Copper Center   (at El Nathan Home Valdez)
Nicolai, Fay daughter born 12/11/1939 Copper Center     (at El Nathan Home Valdez)

Pete, Copper Center   Head of house born 4/18/1868 Copper Center

Pete, Mantasta   Father  born 1/17/1898 Mantasta Lake
Pete, Elizabeth (Nicolai)   Mother born 12/27/1920 Copper Center
Pete, Markle   son born 3/20/1929
Pete, David son  born 2/20/1940 Copper Center
Pete, Howard son born 7/17/1942 Copper Center
Pete, Florence daughter born 2/25/1945 Copper Center
Pete, Andrew    brother   born 1/20/1921 Copper Center     (remarks just say "Valdez")

Sabon, Richard    Head of house born 2/24/1925 Gulkana
Sabon, Phillip  (half-brother) born 11/7/1928 Copper Center
Sabon, Jack    (half-brother) born 10/7/1931 Copper Center         Eklutna school
Sabon, Johnny (half-brother) born 3/3/1933 Copper Center          Eklutna school
Sabon, Ewan    (half-brother) born 4/23/1935 Copper Center        Eklutna school

Stickwan, Pete     Father  born 10/17/1914 Dry Creek
Stickwan, Mable  daughter born 12/22/1941 Copper Center

Stickwan, Andrew   Head of house born 10/20/1924 Dry Creek

Underwood, Lena  born 1/18/1925 Copper Center        Eklutna school


Chief Big Jack Andrew   born 3/4/1859 Copper
Nicholas Brown born _______ Chitina
Tenas Charlie born 12/15/1878 Copper
Pete Ewan born 8/14/1915 Dry Creek Father
Annie Ewan born 11/20/1920 Tulsona  Mother
Arthur Ewan born 6/26/1948 Copper son
Andrew Ewan born 6/5/1926 Copper     (mother: Jessie Ewan Joe died 12/14/1946)
Senia Ewan born 10/7/1928 Copper       sister
Hector Ewan born 12/23/1933  Copper  brother
Roy Ewan born 2/25/1935 Copper          brother
Joyce Ewan born 12/28/1936 Copper     sister
Amos Fleury born 1/30/1889  Father born USA  (French blood) (has white wife, no divorce)
Leona Fleury born 7/24/1913 born Copper Mother
Thelma Fleury born 3/18/1934 Copper  daughter  (El Nathan Home in Valdez)
Victor Fleury born 9/10/1937 Copper   son           (El Nathan Home in Valdez)
Forest Fleury born 4/3/1942 Copper    son           (El Nathan Home in Valdez)
Amos Fleury born 2/17/1945 Copper    son
Leo Fleury born 1/21/1946 Palmer       son
Bacille George born 12/17/1905 Kenny Lake  Father
Nancy George born 10/15/1906 Tulsona        Mother
Nicholas George born 11/1/1932 Dry Creek   son
Samuel George born 5/5/1935  Dry Creek     son
Mary George born 12/11/1937  Dry Creek     daughter
Mollie George born 6/25/1944 Copper  daughter
Glena George born 4/8/1946 Palmer     daughter
Tenas Jack  born 2/16/1899  Copper   Father
Floyd Jack born 1/1/1925   Copper      son
Jeannie Jack born 1/10/1932  Copper   daughter
Arthur Jackson born 5/27/1887 Copper  Father
Martha Jackson born 8/14/1903  Tulsona  Mother
Abraham Jackson born 4/23/1932  Copper   son
Ellick Jackson  born 11/8/1936  Copper  son
Carolyn Jackson  born 3/8/1940  Copper daughter (Mother Irene died 2/22/1946) (child in El Nathan Home in Valdez)
Francis Jackson born 2/18/1942  Copper daughter
Tony Jackson born 12/15/1890 Copper  Father
Mary Jackson born 2/16/1917 Tulsona Mother
Marina Jackson born 10/9/1934 Copper daughter
Nicholas Jackson born 10/26/1936 Copper  son
Herman Jackson born 9/13/1939 Copper  son
Shirley Jackson born 1/5/1944 Copper daughter
Bacille Jackson born 12/4/1922 Copper nephew  (in prison for murdering Fleury baby)
Herbert Joe born 10/9/1931 Copper  (Father: Bobby Joe doed 10/10/1946)
Lillian Joe born 12/15/1932 Copper  Sister
Wilbert Joe born 5/21/1941 Copper  Brother
Harry Johns Sr. born 2/24/1908 Copper  Father
Ruth (Ewan) Johns born 10/30/1921 Copper Mother
Harry Johns Jr. born 12/2/1934 Copper   Son by first wife
Normal Johns born 4/17/1939 Copper  Son
Violet Johns born 4/8/1941 Copper Daughter
Don Johns born 12/31/1946  Copper  Daughter
Dorothy Johns 1/6/1948 Copper Daughter
Rebecca Johns born 2/6/1949 Copper  Daughter
Warren Johns born 2/25/1950 Copper  Son
Hans Johns  born 8/15/1915  Copper
Mary Johns born 9/1/1919 Copper   (unmarried) Mother
Ellic Johns born 3/15/1940 Copper  son
Peter Jordan born 3/27/1890  Mexico                 Father         (Spanish)
Edna (Jackson) Jordan born 2/17/1909  Copper  Mother
Virginia Jordan born 10/28/1932 Copper             Daughter
Franklin Jordan born 7/1/1935    Copper             Son
Louis Lincoln born 3/15/1898 Gulkana   Father
Sophia (Charlie) Lincoln  born 5/28/1902  Copper   Mother
Calvin Lincoln born 11/15/1924  Copper    son
Ralph Lincoln  born 6/19/1929  Copper     son
Annie Lincoln born 1/23/1932   Copper     daughter
Stanley Lincoln born 7/18/1934  Copper   son
Pauline Lincoln born 12/23/1936  Copper  daughter
Albert Lincoln born 1/5/1939  Copper  Son
Jim McKinely born 5/3/1899 Copper   Father
Cecelia McKinley born 1/18/1932 Copper  daughter
Patrick McKinley born 1/5/1935  Copper  son
Thomas McKinely born 1/25/1937  Copper   son
Elena McKinley born ________ in Chitina   Mother         (age approximately 71)
Stewart Nicolai born 2 / 20/1914  Copper   Father
Gilbert Nicolai born 3/15/1934  Copper  Son
Nija Nicolai born 12/28/1936 Copper  Daughter  (at El Nathan Home in Valdez)
Fay Nicolai born 12/11/1939 Copper    Daughter  (at El Nathan Home in Valdez)
Copper Center Pete born 4/18/1868  (receives pension)
Mantasta Pete  born 1/17/1888 Mentasta Lake   Father
Elizabeth (Nicolai) Pete  born 4/14/1917  Copper  Mother
Markle Pete born 10/27/1928 Copper  Son
David Pete born 2/20/1940  Copper    Son
Howard Pete born 7/17/1941 Copper  Son
Florence Pete born 2/25/1945  Copper Daughter
Carl pete born 7/31/1946 Copper Son
Paul Pete born 4/4/1949 Copper  Son
Phillip Sabon born 11/7/1928  Copper
Jack Sabon born 10/7/1931 Copper  Brother
John Sabon born 3/3/1933 Copper   Brother
Ewan Sabon born 4/23/1935  Copper  Brother
Pete Stickwan born 10/17/1914  Dry Creek   Father
Mable Stickwan born 12/22/1941  Copper  Daughter
Andrew Stickwan born 10/20/1924  Dry Creek    (doesn't list relationship)
Lena Underwood born 1/18/1925  Copper

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