Chernofski Nikolski Attu Atka .

extracted by Coleen Mielke  2019

The following letter was written 6/15/1919 by the Commanding Officer of the U.S. Revenue Cutter TAHOMA, reporting the conditions in the Aleutian villages of Chernofski, Nikolski, Atka and Attu, as reported by D. J. Duffey, assistant surgeon. It is rare to find village information as early as 1919.

In general, the natives of these villages live in small huts, 1/2 underground, called barabara's. Each consist of 2 rooms and a window that is sealed tight and never opened. One room is used for smoking and cooking fish and in most cases, the floor is dirt. The other room is for living purposes where usually three to six people live. They sleep on the floor and go to the bathroom right outside of their barabara. The habit of smoking is common among men and women.

Tuberculosis is more prevalent amoung the female natives because they remain indoors almost all of the time, nursing the young and making baskets, while the men are out in the fresh air hunting and fishing.

There are 45 natives in the village of CHERNOFSKI: 10 men, 20 woman and 15 children under the age of 12. This village is very poor. Often times during the winter they are in dire need of food due to the absence of salmon in their immediate vicinity.

I treated the following people in Chernofski Village in 1919

Innocent Burinin           age 10     male         Favus of scalp
John Gordef                age 12     male         Favus of scalp
Basil Burinin              age  6     male         Favus of scalp
Sophia Burinen             age  4     female       Favus of scalp
Evfing Burinen             age  1     male         TB


There are 87 natives in the village of NIKOLSKI: 31 men, 27 women and 29 children under the age of 12. This village is better off than Chernofski.

I treated the following people in Nikolski Village in 1919:

Peter Surorof              age 40     male         TB
Anestasia Ermetop          age 52     female       TB
Rulinia Charkasn           age 36     female       TB
Vassa Charkasn             age 39     female       TB
Agrapp Surorof             age 42     female       TB
Peligia Cherkasn           age 49     female       TB
Nathalia Krukof            age 27     female       TB
Eudokia Dorofef            age 29     female       TB
Hartinia Surorof           age 37     female       TB
Exgenia Brukof             age 33     female       TB
Evodiak Charkasn           age 24     female       TB
John Surorof               age 48     male         Trachoma
Vassa Bezyazikof           age 48     female       Trachoma
Alexander Charcasn         age 76     male         Trachoma


There are 77 natives in the village of ATKA: 25 males, 22 women and 30 children under the age of 12. The hygiene condition of the natives of Atka is the best of any village. Their barabara's are on ground level and nearly all have plank floors, due to the effort of the school teacher.

I treated the following people in the village of ATKA in 1919:

Fionin Neozorof            age 31      female       TB
Agafia Peskenkof           age 34      female       TB
John Nevorof               age 38      male         Sprained wrist
Theovor Dolia              age 38      male         TB


There are 55 natives in the village of ATTU: 18 men, 21 women and 16 children under the age of 12.

I treated the following people in ATTU in 1919:

Nataly Hudiokof            age 41      female       Blind **
Auisia Prokopiof           age 23      female       TB
Metroplay Golodof          age 47      male         Rheumatism
Vassa Prokopiof            age 36      female       Rheumatism
Vera Kourof                age 47      female       TB
Marey Prokopiof            age 45      female       TB
Neudodora Golodof          age 59      female       TB
Cathenni Kudikof           age 34      female       TB
Eufocenea Prokopiof        age 63      female       Heart

**Nataly Hudiokof is completely blind, but does remarkable basket work.


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