In Memory of the Children of Columbine High School
In Memory of the young lives lost
20 April 1999

The night has grown too long.
Let me take your hand.
And make your burden gone.

If the road seems wrong.
I will lift you up.
Together we will be strong.

Let not your heart Mourn long.
I will walk with you.
Think of me you will hear my song.

Keep the candle bright.
I will be there.
Let love win the fight.

By -- Mary Ann Hetrick

April 21, 1999

This Page is to allow the loved ones and others to leave messages in memory of all of the students of Columbine High School, who lost their lives on April 20, 1999.

All the letters will be sent to the high school as well as being placed here on these pages. We hope to show the love and support to the friends and families of these young people.

The Response has been wonderful! I have the letters all posted! Please Keep sending your letters I am sending them to the School District and they will hopefully be seen by some of the families.

I am so thankful for the love and support this page has generated for Columbine High School.

I will also be updating this page with links to other memorial sites as I learn of them. If you know of some Please send me the URL for it by using the add a tribute link.

It has been two years, and the memory still lives. Please continue to support the memory of thoes young lives cut so short.

Thanks ~ Mary Ann Hetrick 5-25-2001

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