Deaths In Jefferson County


This is an index of all probate records issued in Jefferson County. These are currently held at the Colorado State Archives. Unfortunately, I must ask a tiny fee if you request such records as they are a little pricy. I do apologize.

Obituaries Home Page

This is a page for submitting obituaries, viewing copies of obituaries that I have or have digitized for you and not merely an index




Obituaries of FHGS

This is a compiled record of obituaries for people who have died in Jefferson County. I will also try to keep current obituaries as well, but for now these are older obits from the FHGS. If you contact me, you can request a copy of the obituary.

Cemeteries & Burials

This is a list of cemeteries with the boundaries of Jefferson County. In the beginning I will only link the burials to the cemetery name and later on will add history and other links to the name.


Coronerís Records

This is an index for the coronerís records from 1892 to 1907. This index only includes the names and the dates around it. I will give you full transcript if you contact me.