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Hello and welcome to Dolores County, Colorado!  This site is available for adoption.  If you are interested in adopting this county please contact the State Coordinator.

This web site was created to help you with your genealogy research.  I hope you find many pleasant surprises as you browse the pages.  I will be adding new information on a regular basis, so check back often!  Many thanks to Teri Cleaveland for her years of hard work getting this website started.

If you have any old letters, documents, yearbooks or even old photos, just let me know, and we'll get them online to share with others.   

I don't live in the area, so won't be able to do personal research for you, or answer questions about real estate or other non-genealogy type questions.  I do have a personal interest in the area, as my great-grandparents came to this area in 1885 and my grandparents lived outside Dolores for over 80 years.


Dolores County, Colorado is situated in south - western corner of Colorado, in the center of some of Colorado’s richest ranch land. In 1877 Ouray is carved out of Gunnison County, and in 1881 Dolores is sectioned out of Ouray. The county seat is Dove Creek. Check out the  Colorado County Evolution map to see a timeline of how the counties were formed.

Dolores County's name comes from the Dolores River, the Rio de Nuestra de los dolores reported by Father Escalante in 1776. Rico, the only town in the county in 1881 was named county seat. It lost the designation to Dove Creek in 1941 because of the latter's increased population and business activity, and the formers mining decline.  Today, the town of Dolores is in Montezuma County.

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