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Extracted from Colorado Pioneers in Picture and Story,
by Alice Polk Hill, copyright 1915, number 12 of 200 printed, page 104

Contributed by:  Shirley Flanagan

J.F. Brown came to Denver in 1860, and, with his brother, J.S. Brown, established a wholesale grocery house. For fifty years it ranked among the firms transacting immense business.

The brothers gradually invested vast sums in their line, and, in the course of time, engaged in enterprises incident to the development of a new commonwealth, which will make them live in the history of the State.

They passed through some trying periods in the growth of Denver; saw the town depleted in population; same men become discouraged and leave to seek other locations, but they possessed determination & energy of purpose till the clouds passed by.

They accumulated an immense fortune and Mr. Junius F. Brown retired from active business at the age of seventy, but not like the average American who retires from business-to die from lack of interest in living. Mr. Brown found an outlet for his energy in the study of art. He turned his quick intelligence which had been employed in the accumulation of wealth to the task of finding pleasure in the fortune which he had amassed. The strain of commerce was thrown off in time to cultivate the aesthetic side of his nature, and he became a fine judge of art.

He was never happier than when showing his pictures and talking about them.

One day I visited him in his art gallery, and he said frankly: "I bought pictures at first because they had bright bits of color in them, and, after studying them for a while, I outgrew them, so I exchanged them for others which I liked better. Continuing this study I found myself growing in taste, judgment and understanding. I became the despair of picture vendors he laughed, and went on. I knew what was good and I insisted upon getting it. I preserved in this way until I have one of the best small collections in this country."

Mr. Brown's daughters, Mrs. J.W. Douglas, Mrs. F.S. Titsworth & Mrs. J.J. Benedict are prominent in the social life of Denver. His only son, Harry K. Brown, is occupied with affairs of importance.

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