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9 Jan 2002 Wilda Sweigard HANES - - The Baca County Cemetery Book shows that in the Konantz Cemetery there are 4 Hanes buried: Peter O., 1853-1926; Kate, 1859-1944; Bert, 1880-1894; and John, 1875-1928. Plus Alta, 1890-1962. Does anyone remember this family? I am interested in where they came from. I did not find them on the Census of 1880 and have not had a chance to look at 1900. I have many Hanes ancestors who came into Kansas and wonder if this Peter is related to them.

8 Feb 2002 Mary Hackworth GOEDEKE, SIMMONS, PATTERSON - I am looking fo any information on my father's ancestry. His name is Leonard Goedeke, and he lived in Baca COunty for many years in the 1940's. Please notify me if you can assist.

22 Feb 2002 Carol Lynds FLOWERS, HALL, NEWTON, BROWN - Am looking for a death record of Lallie Bird FLOWERS BROWN, wife of Seth BROWN. She died during the influenza epidemic of 1819 on Dec 18. Maybe only lived a year or two before that. She was brought back to Erick, Beckham County, OK for burial. Nearby relatives may have been Jim and Patty HALL FLOWERS and/or Bill and Eunice NEWTON FLOWERS.

25 Feb 2002 Joe Baca BACA - We believe to be related to Don Felipe Baca as members of our family traveled from Spain to Mexico, New Mexico and COlorado, and settled in the South East of the then Territory. I received a copy of the Colorado Prospector Newspaper which was kindly sent to me by a lady at the Colorado Historical Society. Unfortunately, I mislaid it in my travels and would be grateful for a copy or photocopy of same: Joe Baca, 34 Oakside Close, Cheadle SK8 1EE, UK.

1 Mar 2002 Patrick Mason MASON, TABOR, SNOWDEN - I am looking for information on Masons in Baca County. My great-grandfather was Murray Mason, son of Henry James Mason; information I have states his father was James Mason. Murray and his father Henry homesteaded near Kirkwell, south of Pritchet. Murray married Ruby Tabor, my great-grandmother, in Springfield, on April 22, 1922. Grandmother Ruby's parents, George Washington and Allie (Snowden) TABOR also homesteaded very close to Kirkwell. Allie (Snowden) Tabor had a brother, Theopilus, who was shot and killed by his neighbor near Maxey, Colorado on May 16, 1919. It is said that it was around the time of WW I, and the neighbor, a Mr. Doan, came to their house after one of his cows that had come there, and pulled a gun and shot Mr. Snowden. He died later that same day of his wound at his home near Maxey. There was a trial, but info I have states that nothing became of it. My grandfather, Murray Mason, had several brother who also lived in Baca County: Carl 'Blackie' Mason, John James, Clyde, Ora Mason, Other brothers and sisters were Cecil, Myrl June, Cleo, Acme Rosella, Lucy Alpha and Ora Mason. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated, as I am trying to trace this family back but have hit a brick wall. Would also like to know if anyone knows where Maxey Cemetery would be located, if it helps, they said they had to go to Deora to get their mail, as there was no Post Office in Maxey.

15 Mar 2002 Bill Brinkley BRINKLEY, OGDEN, WALLACE - Looking for the descendants of Orren BRINKLEY and Lucy M. WALLACE who brought their family to Springfield, Baca Co from Black Rock, Lawrence Co, AR. They had 5 children: Elvis ORen BRINKLEY, b. 1902 AR; Brooks Millard BRINKLEY, b. 1893 TN; Ewing Charles BRINKLEY, b. 1896 TN; Eugene Bowen BRINKLEY, b. 1899 d. 1919; Vela G. BRINKLEY, b 1910 AR. Elvis m Veanas L. Moody and had 5 children. Brooks m Naoma Corbet and had 3 children. Two of them married OGDENS.

23 Mar 2002 Peggy CAPLES, LYLE - Searching for Marion Caples and his sister, Jane Lyle, who had patents for 'timber culture,' 1873 and 1898. Any help would be appreciated.

24 Mar 2002 Peggy Britton BRITTON / BRITTEN - Britton or Britten families and descendants in and around Baca County. I'm trying to track down info on Ira and Aree E. BRITTIN, b. about 22 Dec 1853 in Stone Co, MO to Riley Britton & Julia STRONG. Throughout the generations, various members of my family have run onto descendants, then lose those contacts. Help! As our stories go, there was a Homer Edward or Edwin Britton who used to live at Springfield area who is a direct descendant of Ira. Homer had two daughters, Sharon and Ruth. Apparently there was a Sharon Porter of Los Angeles, CA who is also a direct descendant of Ira. Sharon said that Ira (who was on one of the Chreokee Land Run of 16 Sep 1893 in Oklahoma), stayed in Okalhoma for a while, then went to Liberal, Kansas. Then he or his descendants homesteaded near Springfield, Colorado. A newspaper article indicates that some of Ira's descendants went to Burdette, Kansas. My father was in the mountains of Colorado hunting, and sat down to rest against a tree. There was another man sitting there. His wife is a descenant of the same Ira Britten or Britton, He was living at Las Vegas, Nevada. I got the idea somewhere, too, that perhaps some of Ira's descendants may have moved to somewhere in New Mexico. My direct line of Brittons (spelled with an 'on', rather than an 'en'), moved to near Pritchett, CO. They knew there were other Brittons, in Baca County, but since they apparently spelled their name with an 'en', never checked it out. My line is from Riley Britton and then his son, Cass Britton, and on down to William I. Britton, Lewis is Ira's brother. There is also another brother called Perry Eldridge Britten, and I believe he spelled his name with an 'en'. Please, anybody having any history on the Brittons, Ira descendants or how I can contact any descendants, please email me. Ira and his descendants have remained elusive to me and others of my cousins, as we cannot quite find information on him or his descendants. We, the Brittons and Brittens are trying to come together as cousins.

24 Mar 2002 Peggy Britton BRITTON / BRITTEN - Does anyone know of a nearby cemetery where there might be any Brottons buried there? If so, could anybody give me the contact for the person in charge of this cemetery? Also, if there is anybody who might be willing to take tombstone photos for me, please let me know.

3 Apr 2002 Ray G. Collins COLLINS - I am searching for information about my great-grandfather Sam COLLINS, who I understand owned and operated a ranch near PRitchett, Colorado in Baca County. Any information will be appreciated.

13 Apr 2002 Tom Konantz You can probably guess from the return address why I might be interested in Konantz Cemetery. I suspect that there is some connection between Konantz, CO and my ancestors. I found your email address at I have visited the Konantz Cemetery and the former Konantz school, as well as doing some reserch in Denver (looking at Baca County marriage records). There are 3 Konantzs buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs, though I know nothing else about them. Originally my ancestors immigrated to Quincy, IL in the 1840's and moved away from there. One of my great-great grandfather's brothers was named Anton, as is one of the people buried in Colorado Springs, so I suspect a connection, beyond the relative rarity of the Konantz name. I would appreciate any information you may have though I suspect that no one now living knows how Konantz, CO got its name.

27 Apr 2002 Cindy Kelly LAKE - I am researching my great-grandfather, Sampson (Sam) Lake. I was told by my grandmother (his daughter), that they lived in Twop Buttes about 1910-1914 and that Sampson owned a store. He was a widower with three daughters. My query is: Would tax records or another source of info indicate when and where they lived?

28 Apr 2002 Lee Pullins PULLINS - Trying to find information on John Frederick PULLINS - born 16 Mar 1856, death 12 Jun 1926, with burial at Stonington, Baca Co, CO (Stonington Cemetery). Also information on Benjamin Franklin (Frank) PULLINS born approximately 1891 in IL. Both residents of Baca County, CO and adjacent Stanton County, KS. I am the son of Benjamin Franklin and grandson of John Frederick PULLINS. Looking for any information available on the PULLINS famly. Especially need data on parents of John Frederick and spouse of John Frederick. Are there any historical sources of this family, newspaper references, or other links?

6 Jun 2002 Michelle Blankenship Worthington Have searched your web site and could ot find the exact date of county formation (month and day, not just the year). Can you help me with this inf? Thanks in advance for your help.

12 Sep 2002 Karen WIckman I am creating a family tree for my nephews, and am interested in getting information on the Ladd family. They lived in Stonington, where the last of the nine children was born in 1922 - William M. Ladd. Would you kow where I could get some further information.

13 Sep 2002 Karen WIckman My Uncle William M. Ladd was born in Stonington, CO back in 1921/22. Our relatives had a ranch there, with 9 children. I've checked the historical web sites, which are amazing and extremely helpful, and found my great-great grandfather on one 1880 Census! I'll check the Springfield area, too.

23 Oct 2002 Mary Hitchcock I have a marriage license that says the groom, Aubrey COOLEY was from Hatleyville, Baca Co, CO in 1919. Does anyone know this family or where Hatleyville was located?

25 Dec 2002 Norah Wait Hendershot I'd like to know of any Waits I might be related to that came to Colorado earlier than 1900. My grandparents were Henry Thomas and Martha Davis Wait and they are buried in Campo Cemetery.


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