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If you contributed a query and your email is not listed and would like for it to be, please contact: Maggie, Baca County Coordinator.

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George Chatham CHATHAM, CHENOWETH, BICKFORD Elmer Chatham's homestead was proved 12 Jan 1917. Fred Chatham's homestead was proved 4 May 1909. James Bird Bickford's homestead was proved 8 Jan 1895. Question: Does nyone know: - How long were homesteaders required to live on their claims before it was "proved" - became theirs? (The date that appears on the land patents) - What kinds of improvements were they required to make on the land in order to "prove" it? -- Are there any records showing whent hey actually "filed" their homestead claims.

Ruth Smith HUGHES I am researching Geroge Hughes, b. Johnson County, Indiana, 3 June 1862; d. 31 Jan 1935 in Walsh, Baca, CO. He was buried in the Minneapolis Cemetery, Walsh, Baca, CO. He was survived by four children, Frank and Ward, of Walsh, Elbert of Cotaway, CO and Mrs. Medley of Walsh. He is also survived by a half-sister, Mrs. James Douglas of Centerville, IA and two half-brothers, Dwight Hughes of Centerville and Marley Hughes of Huntley, WY. Marley Hughes is the father of Mrs. Ruth Hughes Smith of Cheyenne, WY. I am looking for any information of this family including obituaries and other family members of George Hughes.

Pat Morris SHAW Request information on a Warren Shaw of Springfield, Baca Co, CO. Could possibly be a W. R. Shaw buried in Springfield Cemetery. Moved to Baca County around 1900's to 1920's and apparently lived there all his adult life. He is my paternal great uncle. Any information would be helpful.

Stephanie Langston Branham family of Baca County, CO I would like to thank everyone whom sent me information on the Branham family of Baca County, Colorado. It helped me to get to know a little more about my GreatGrandfather and GreatGrandmother and other relatives. If anyone comes across any information I would love to have it. Thank You again.

Mel West BRANHAMS in Baca County There are the following buried in Campo (originally Coe Cemetery): Branham, Alice Mar 26 1933 to June 24, 1935; Branham, Amanda Muir May 24, 1874 to June 26, 1951; Branham, Bur Levi Apr. 7 1929 to Nov 30, 1980; Branham, Eddy May 13, 1930 to Sept 23, 1930; Branham, Levi Thomas Aug 2, 1872 to Nov 27, 1923; Branham, Sam Levi June 16, 1905 to Oct 11, 1982.

Mary (McKinley) Murray BRANHAMS in Baca County I don't know the Branham family but the Baca County History book states that Sam Branham came to Baca County in 1916 to his father's homestead near Edler. His father passed away in 1923. Sam and his wife Esther Salisbury were married in 1927. Edler is a community southwest of Springfield.

Joseph Boren Town of Pride in Baca County My wife's father, Roy Lash Mitchell, was born and lived his early childhood in Baca County. Reference is made in family papers to a town they lived in or near by the name os Pride. I found on the Colorado GenWeb site that there was a post office in Pride from 1914 to 1920. Does anyone have any information about Pride? Any little bit of info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Stephanie Langston Branham family of Baca County, CO I am looking for information on Levi and Amanda Branham of Baca County, CO. They moved to Colorado from Oklahoma about 1915. Any information on my family would be helpful.

Harold V. Martin, Sr. Land Deeds of Families un 2001 \par Trying to trace the ownership of land in Colorado for the above family. Baca County is my home and looking for my roots. Thank you.

Patti Hacker NEWBERRY, JOHNSTON family of Monon Thanks again, Mel. I'll look at the websites you mentioned and will write to Ike right away. I'd love to have his book. Is there a local person who might be able to help me find the site of Louisa's land if I made the trip to CO? I'd love to walk the area. Just a sentimental thing. Anyplace to stay in the area? I have a friend in Durango so could drive over from there on one of my visits. Thanks so much for your help.

Mel West NEWBERRY, JOHNSTON family of Monon Minneapolis sets out in the open plains almost exactly 8 miles North of Walsh, Colorado (Walsh is still on map). It is a very well kept cemetery for the region. When I take pictures of the gravestones, I' ll send one of the cemetery. It might take me a few days to get over that way. I did look up Newberry in the Baca Co book but they do not mention this Newberry. Yes, there are a few books about the area. The best one is by Ike Osteen called "A Place Called Baca" . It tells about the old Baca county with maps and tells of the different old towns and schools. You might write him for the book and at the same time ask if he ever heard of Newberry. He grew up not too far from that area. Try these on the Web. They have some of the Baca Co info. His address is: Ike Osteen 380 Kansas St. Springfield, CO 81073. I think the price is $10.00.

Patti Hacker NEWBERRY, JOHNSTON family of Monon Thanks so much for responding to my Baca Co. query. Where is the Minneapolis cemetery you mention? I had no idea that Willis B. Newberry was buried in Colorado. I have a telegram sent by my grandfather from Richfield, Morton Co., in 1906 when he went there to settle his father's (Willis) affairs . My grandfather was the last surviving child and only heir. I thought Will was probably buried near Richfield. As to a photograph of the headstones, I appreciate beyond words your offer and would share them with all of the family. I will certainly reimburse you for your efforts including gas, film, etc. I will also offer to do the same for you if you have any burials in Southern California. Thank you so much for your kind offer. I'll wait to hear from you. Can you recommend any books which give more on the history of Baca County?

Mel West NEWBERRY, JOHNSTON family of Monon Patti: I show that Louisa V. Newberry (Jan. 19, 1812-June 15, 1905) and Willis B. Newberry (Jan 6, 1839-April 15, 1906 ) are both buried in Minneapolis Cemetery. There was an old town called Monon that was very close to the Kansas Colorado border. No trace of town left. Also found Louisa V. Newberry filed on land at 4 30S 41W in Baca Co. This is right next to town that is at 5 30S.41W. This is in extreme Southeastern Colorado just a few miles from Kansas border. The people that homesteaded here farmed the homesteads. Let me know if you would like pic of headstones.

Patti Hacker NEWBERRY, JOHNSTON family of Monon My great-great grandmother, Louisa Vernon Eubank-Newberry, is said to have died in Monon, Baca County, CO on June 14 , 1905 according to old family Bible. She is also presumed buried in that area. At the time of her death she was living with her daughter Lucinda Bradford Newberry-Johnston, wofe of Jonathan M. Johnston. My great grandfather, Louisa\rquote s son, Will B. Newberry died in Richfield, Morton Co, KS. Family story has it that the families homesteaded adjoining property on the CO-KS state line and that they had an underground tunnel which went from one homestead in KS to the other in CO. Tunnel used to escape Indian at t acks? Seeking any info on these families and also info about the area. How would they have made a living? I have one old photo of Louisa sitting in front of a sod house in KS or CO. She was born 19 Jan 1812 in KY so was quite old when she died and in the photo. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Dickie (TOLMAN) Stewart WILEY My grandfather was Robert Lee WILEY, b. June 30, 1874, d. Sept 14, 1953, buried Springfield Cem. Baca Co, CO. His first wife was Hu lda TINGLER. His second wife was Leora Katie ORMISTON. His father was Enoch WILEY and his mother was Minerva THOMAS. Her father was William ORMISTON and her mother was Clara DODGE. My mother was number seven from the first marriage: Sybl Hope WILEY. My fa ther was John Marion TOLMAN. I have more details, let me know what you need.

Florence Palmer Herring ORMISTON families Am interested in Ormiston and allied families in Baca Co., Co. The allied names are Wiley, Suhler, Peters, and Palmer.

Tami Dean Stanley BAKER Again Mary thank you. I will try to get a hold of Bill Mundell. Thank you again for taking the time out to help me. I REALLY appreciate it, and I will try those other leads in Baca County.

Mary (McKinley) Murray Victor Stanley BAKER Glad that I could help you. Someone that you might like to write to is Bill Mundell, Walsh, CO 81090. I don't have the correct address for him but I think that a letter will reach him unless the computers now days toss it our before it reaches Walsh. He is a cousin of Stanley's on their mothers' sides. I don't live in Baca County any more but I have an old phone book and his phone #719-324-5713 was his number about 20 yrs. ago and probably is the same. I am sure the Baca County History book is in the libraries in Springfield or Walsh.

Tami Dean Victor Stanley BAKER Mary: Thank you so much! You found my Grt Uncle Victor & my 2nd cousin Victor. Thank you so so much. I did not know my Grt Aunt's name or that "Stanley" was actually Victor Stanley. I did hear he was a lawyer and was killed in an air race. Now I have a lot more clues in my search for Victor G. Baker's parents (my grt grandparents) and I have great news for my father who has been looking for sixty years! Now I also know that the Bakers and the Cockrells must have met up in Baca County. I didn't know where my grt grandparents met until now. You were so helpful. Is that History Book in a library somewhere? I can hardly wait to check it out! Thanks again.

Robbie Sanders John Cameron MOORE Mel, thanks for the offer to take pix. I' ll be happy to reimburse your for your time and expenses. You may have found the correct John C. Moore for me. Where is the Walsh Cemetery (County? and/or City?) I wrongly wrote John's birth date as 1871. I should have written 1868. The first date I wrote is the death date of his father, George Washington Moore who died in Bastrop Co, Texas. I believe John was in Kansas in 1923, but I don't know how long he lived there. I have the obit of John's brother who died in Texas in 1932. The obit said that John C. Moore was living in Richards, Colorado. Mary, thanks to you, too. I still need to follow through on all leads and appreciate any help offered. I have a lot of genealogy on John's ancestors and would like to share it with his descendants. Hopefully there are some. There is no marriage or death record of John C. Moore in Bastrop Co, TX so I'll be traveling to Colorado to try my hand ar research there. I am from the line of John's uncle who was also named John Cannon Moore. Mel, contact me at so we can make arrangements for mailing. Thank you very much.

Mary McKinley Murray John Cannon MOORE Robbie, the John C. Moore and Mary H. Moore that Mel wrote about are buried in the Walsh Cemetery is the one you are looking for. Walsh is approximately 20 miles north of where their ranch was. Otha Moore was not a relative of theirs I don't believe. Richards was our post office until about 1935 I think and then our mail came out of Walsh.

Mary McKinley Murray BAKER, Stanley Victor Stanley Baker is listed in the Baca County History Book. It states that his parents were Victor George Baker and Hannah (Herbert) Baker. He died in a plane crash in California in 1971. He was a graduate of Loyola Law School and was married to Anna Bell Ensser of Bayard, NE and they had one daughter Victoria Lynne. He is buried in Minneapolis Cemetery near Walsh in Baca County. I believe he was an only child.

Mel West John Cannon MOORE There is a John C. Moore (1868-1941) buried in Walsh Cemetery. Also a Mary H. Moore (1873-1949) and a Della Moore (1884-1975). Be happy to take pics of headstones for you.

Robbie Sanders John Cannon Moore I'm seeking information about John Cannon Moore who was born in Texas in 1871 and lived in Kansas in 1923. He was living in Richards, Baca Co, CO in 1932. (Is Baca Co the same as Park Co?) I don't know who he married, if he had children, or when he died. Sorry there's so little to go on. Thanks.

Mary McKinley Murray John Cannon MOORE I just reread your message, no, Baca County and Park County are separate counties and are not close in proximity. I doubt that the John Moore that was our neighbor lived in KS in 1923 as he was a prosperous rancher at about that time. (As prosperous as any one at that time).

Mary McKinley Murray John Cannon MOORE I read your inquiry about John Moore whose address was Richards, Baca County, CO. He was a rancher whose wife was Helen and they had no children but raised a girl who they called " Daughter" and her name was Marjorie. She married a man named John Spell. Both are deceased but she does have children who live in Springfield, CO. John was living on his ranch when my father proved up on his homestead in about 1914. They were very good neighbors, the only ranchers who lived near our farm.

Tami Dean MEL! WOW! Are you serious? Baca County. Mel, would it really be possible to obtain a photo of my grt grandmother's grave? I think you actually made me cry. I tried to fine her grave via internet to no avail. If it would not be a huge burden, of course I would love a photo. I would GLADLY in fact, insist on the cost of your time & energy. I wish you knew how much people like you, mean to people like me. I just find it so wonderful that there are people out there willing to take so much time out to help us. I can't thank you enough. Perhaps someday I will have enough info to help others too. Thanks again.

Mel West THANK YOU MEL WEST! Happy to help. Let me know if you need help here in Baca Co. Would be happy to take pic of headstone.

Mel West Farming and mining in Baca County I checked the site for BLM records of homesteading in Colorado. Quite a few Phepps. This area was probably farmed at some time. Most of this country in Southwest Baca Co is hilly with some deep canyons. They call it the canyons or the Cedars. It has had some mining. There is what they call the old copper mine in the area. Now it is mostly just used for cattle grazing. The Feds bought a lot of land and turned it into the National Grasslands.

Darcy Schultz Farming and mining in Baca County Do you know if this area would have been farmed back in 1887 or if they might have tried to do any mining in this area, or was just a homestead to live on? I just wondered what they may have done for a living there at that time or what the remainder of the land in the claim is used for now; thanks again. If you would know who owns it I could maybe contact them to see if they have an abstract or if they know if there ever was a building on the site. Thanks so much. I am so excited to find this!

Darcy Schultz Copper mine in SW Baca County If Phepps was spelled correctly when the settlers first applied for their homestead, they would not be related to our Phipps. I wonder approximately how far the copper mine was located from Joseph Phipp's homestead? This may be the reason he moved to Baca County in 1887. It is very interesting to know the copper mines was in that area. I should probably try to do some further investigating to see if he had filed any mineral claims in Baca County, CO. My daughter is writing a book about our family for her PhD writing class, and is researching how they migrate from the east coming on the Mayflower and moving west as pioneers. So we are trying to find out what their work was later, as they were farmers in IA, lived in KS, OK panhandle near Kenton, and were miners near Trinidad, CO and Red River, NM later, where he was also deputy sheriff. He never got the land patent on this property since he moved on before the 5 years of required time had expired. We are not sure when he moved exactly to Kenton, OK, but we do know his wife Charity Ellen died after a child was born in Jan 1891 at Kenton and she is buried in that area, but we are not certain in what cemetery at this time. So either it was too wild and wooly in this area, or he was not having any luck at mining or farming near Carrizo Springs and moved on.

Mel West Copper mine in SW Baca county Lester Burleigh and Margaret Lair own the land that your ancestor homesteaded. You might want to call the assessor's office and get their addresses. The assessor's number is 719 -523-4332. According to the Baca County Historical Book there were other mines in the area. Most of them were copper, gold and sliver were also found. Like I said the area is quite desolate and a long way from towns. Pritchett and Kim are the closest. The one Copper mine that they talk about was close by. I will ask someone just where it is located. There are very little of any towns left. I have made it my task to film all old town sites and school sites. May take me a while. I have pretty much found their locations. I am also going to propose that the historical society put some sort of plaques showing where they were. We do have a couple that were semi-famous. They say a lot of crooks and robbers hid out in the canyons. Next time I'm down to Kenton I'll see if I can find the cemetery and look up your kin. There were many schools in Baca county. Education was one teacher per school. Some of the teachers are in the Baca book. Some pics but I couldn't find one of Carrizo.

Darcy Schultz Photo of homestead near Carrizo Springs This is wonderful that you found where it is and can take a photo of it for me! Good to know some of it is in the National grasslands. Some day I would like to visit it if that is possible. Thank you so much. I will pay you for any photographs you take. Thanks again for your help.

Mel West Carrizo Springs photos, history, schools I looked up the land. It doesn't show any structures on it. 1/4 of the section is now under the Commanche Grasslands, the other 3 sections are still privately owned. I will try to get a pic of the area for you.

Tami Dean THANK YOU MEL WEST! Baca Co. Thank you so much Mel for the information, I was so lost that I was beginning to think that my family stories were flawed. You gave me some hope and I really appreciate you giving your time and knowledge t o us who are searching. Thank you.

Mel West BAKER, Cockrell of Lamar/Springfield There is a Florence Cockrell (1872-1942) buried in the Fairmount cemetery in Lamar. Lots of Bakers.

Tami Dean BAKER, COCKRELL of Lamar/Springfield Baca County: Lamar, Springfield, Colorado Springs. HELP! I am searching for my family. M. L. Cockrell married Florence and they had two daughters Veleta and Calata Louise " Peggy" born in 1899. Calata married Frank Baker and they had twins: Maralyn & Melvin Frank Baker born in Colorado Springs in 1926. Frank's father was George Baker and George had other children: Civtor (who had a son Stanley), Earl and Nellie. The Bakers were in the grocery business. The Cockrells were into cattle. Can anyone help?

Mel West Joseph Milton Phipps family research Phipps, and Carrizo area in Baca Co: I think the proper name for the are is Carrizo. There is a Carrizo Flats school. There is some info on this area in local books. One is by Ike Osteen. The other is info on Baca Co.

Darcy Schultz Joseph Milton Phipps family search I am searching for any info on Joseph Milton Phipps and his wife Charity Ellen Bellis Phipps and their children. We believe they had a daughter born in the Cirriso, Baca County, CO area in June 1887. We are not sure how long they lived in that area but had moved on to Kenton, OK by 1890 where Charity died and is buried. Joseph Phipps traveled on to Red River, NM where he later settled and was a deputy sheriff and mine owner . We are not sure what his occupation was in Baca County. He had previously been a farmer in IA around 1880. Any information on the history of the Cirriso area would be very helpful or if there are any borth records or churches that may have been there in those early years. An older brother and sister, Tom and Alice may have been in school if there are school records. My daughter is writing a paper for her PhD and would appreciated any help you can give us on the type of schools and education available in that area about 1887 and possible sources of info for this family and their immigration on the Santa Fe Trail. Thank you for any help you may give me.

Mel West History of Baca Co., CO If one becomes available I will let you know. The Ike Osteen book is available. Ike Osteen 719-523-6590 or at 380 Kansas St. Springfield, Co, 81073. Erma Hall Williams has another small book, I think it is available, too. I checked it out of the library and am reading it to see if I want to buy it. It has a lot about the Two Buttes area.

Ron McIntire History of Baca County, CO Mel, Thanks for your response. Yes, it's okay to use my name and I would be interested if a book on the History of Baca Co is available.

Mel West History of Baca Co, CO Great. I will inform the Librarian that you are interested. Is it okay to use your name? It just names him as the first sheriff. Article is on the start of Baca Co. Ike Osteen wrote a book on the history of Baca Co and has a chapter that mentions him. Another person has asked if this book is available. Would you be interested in one if I find they are available?

Mel West Looking for family records No Leo Martin mentioned in Baca book or cemetery listings. There are some Martins. No Hirum Lunsford. No Frank or Edmund Kiras. Higgins buried in Walsh Cemetery: Higgins, Cora 1892-1956; Higgins, John G. 1888-1985; Higgins, Oris D. Nov 20 1911-April 16, 1975; Higgins, Ronnie 1951-1965; Higgins, Ruth I. Feb 3, 1905-open. There are a lot of Higgins mentioned in the Baca book. Any one in particular?

Harold V. Martin, Sr. Looking for Family records I having been born in Baca county, in the town of Walsh. I'm looking for any information on the following family names: My grandfather Leo Martin, My Gr Great grandfather Hirum Lunsford, Gr Grandfather Frank Kiras or Edmund Kiras, The Higgins Family. I would be pleased with any help I may receive. Thank you.

Ron McIntire History of BACA County, CO I would be happy to contribute an article on my great grandfather, George Henry McIntire to update the history of BACA COUNTY, CO. Please keep me posted on the particulars of when (or if) the article is needed, who to contact, scope of what's needed, etc. If at all possible, please contact me and let me know how I can get a copy of the information in the history book on BACA COUNTY. Thanks.

Mel West Baca Co History Your g grandfather is listed in the Baca Co History book. He is listed as George McInture with a (u) instead oa an (I). Our local librarian is doing a survey to find out if there is enough people interested in writing articles on Baca Co people for an update to this book. Your G Grandfather\rquote s info would be great. Let me know if you would be interested in writing your info for this book. I have been researching cemeteries and old schools in Baca Co.

Ruby Davidson Wilde Baca County History The book "A Place Called Baca" by Ike Osteen includes a chapter entitled "Lawmen and Bootleggers" . It states that the first Sheriff was G. H. McIntire who was appointed by the Governor in 1889. The rest were put in office by the people of the county. Lists G. H. as serving 1889 to 1890. Does anyone know if the book "Baca County History" is still available and, if not, could someone provide the author, publisher, and date of publication.

Ron McIntire BACA County History My great frandfather, George Henry McIntire, was the first sheriff of BACA county, CO and was said to be the founder of Springfield, CO. He was born in NH and lived for a while in MA and ME before moving with his family to the Kansas Territory in 1854. He served as sheriff of Cowley County, Kansas from 1884 to 1888 before moving to Springfield in '88, apparently to start some sort of resort. I have been researching the genealogy of G. H. McIntire and would like to share any information I have with anyone who is researching the history of BACA County or G. H. McIntire and his family.

R. J. Patterson JACKSON In 1935 a letter was received into this family from Bernice Jackson of Springfield, Colorado in Baca County. Bernice was the daughter of Margaret L. Jackson who was still living at that time. I believe that Margaret has passed away but that Bernice may possibly be alive. And I believe that descendants of Bernice may be alive and living today in Colorado, since they were property owners. Any family contacts or leads will be appreciated as we do have history and data to share. Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Virginia.

Calayne Stanton David N. PETTY I am seeking information re: David N. Petty b. 7 May 1859. He died 19 Oct 1902 and is buried in Springfield Cemetery, Baca CO, CO. Possibly, this is my gr gr uncle. Married to Nellie and one son James E. Petty. They lived also in Grand, Day Co, OK. Parents are Abraham and Mary Jane (Eoff) Petty. Siblings include: 1. Malinda Frances Petty married Royalton H. H. Jeffries 2. Kezziah Isabel Petty married 1) Hyrum A. J. Donica 2) Stovers 3. William Jackson Petty married Clarissa A. Martin 4. Joshua Alexander Petty (Alex) 5. Josephine Melana Petty married John W. Overman 6. James M. Petty married Bertha Dell 7. Seaborn Columbus Petty married Mamie E. Weathers 8. John Ode or Odus Petty married Ella ? James and David lived in Colorado 1880's to early 1900's. Family originally migrated from Carroll Co., AR, McDonald Co., MO, and Brown Co., TX. Would like to share information with any descendants of this family. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jen O'Steen Ike O'STEEN I have an Okley O'Steen listed as the son of Suraida Wyatt and Samuel Harrison O' Steen! So, this helps me confirm that Ike is a relative! Thanks especially for telling me where they were buried, those records aren't available on the net just yet. The spelling of Osteen is used by many people in the family especially the oldre generations. I am not sure who started the O'Steen or why...just another mystery! Thanks for your help.

Mel West OSTEEN in Baca Co Baca Co here: I have read Ike Osteen's book. I did notice that in what I have read it is just spelled Osteen without the apostrophe between the O and the S. There is a Okley Osteen (1885-1926) and a Surelda M. Osteen (1861-1916) buried in the German Dunkard Cemetery that is Osuth of Midway. Ike lives in Springfield at 380 Kansas. Only Osteen listed. From info I have gathered Ike is probably the most knowledgeable person about Baca Co here in Baca Co.

Jen O'Steen OSTEEN - Samuel Harrison and Zephany, etc. I am looking for a Samuel Harrison O'Steen who lived in Baca County. He was born 1860 in Tennessee? and married Saralda Matilda Wyatt before 1882 (about 1880) in Scott County, Arkansas. The only information that I have ever seen that links O'Steen's to Baca County is a book written by Ike (IRA) O'Steen "A Place Called Baca" written about 1979. In this book, Ike says his father was O.K. O'Steen??? (I would love to know what these initials stand for) and his grandfather was S. H. O' Steen, who I believe to be the same Samuel Harrison O\rquote Steen that I am looking for. I have a copy of this book that was given to my great-grandmother Gladys Mary Hume Bitner by Ike himself. The book mentions many other Baca residents and includes some great photos of the area... I come from the Hume/Bitner Line while my husband is from the illusive O'Steen bunch. I have quite a bit of information on the local Hume and Bitner families if anyone is interested! I would love to find out anything about the O'Steen's in and around Baca County, including those still living! I look forward to any response! I am willing to look for names in my Baca County Book if anyone would like me to...just contact me via email and I will do my absolute best to find your relative! Thanks anf Good Luck! Jennifer Elizabeth Brown O'Steen daughter of Sandra Elaine Bitner and Bruce Austin Brown. Grand-daughter of Jerald Bitner and Velma Youeth Brown. Great-Granddaughter of Harvey Olin Bitner and Gladys Mary Hume.

Pat Morris SHAW - Warren Request information on a Warren Shaw of Springfield, Baca Co, CO. Could possibly be W. R. Shaw buried in Springfield Cemetery. Moved to Baca County around 1900's to 1920's and apparently lived there all his adult life. He is my paternal great-uncle. Any information would be helpful.

Ron McIntire Passing on information I am researching the genealogy of my great-grandfather, George Henry McIntire, often called G. H., George, Judge or Sheriff McIntire. From what I understand, George Henry and maybe two or three other men moved to what is now Springfield, CO in about 1888, apparently to start a resort of some kind in the Springfield area. Eventually, George became the first sheriff of Baca County and either helped or became the founder of Springfield. I am told that his picture may be in the Baca County Courthouse or sheriff's department. He lived in Springfield until about 1890 or '91 before he returned to his previous home in Arkansas City, Kansas. If you know of anyone who is researching the history of Springfield or G. H. McIntire and his famiy, I would be happy to provide any information and three pictures I have. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Deborah Waddell WHEELER, LEE - My mother was born in Durango, Colorado. She was born from Wilma (Wheeler) and Homer Lee. My great-grandparents (Wheelers), homesteaded in Baca County in the late 1800's. How can I obtain information and/or documentation on when they came to Colorado? It is very important to my mother to know the date that they homesteaded, and any information that you can give me would be appreciated.

Jamie Tanner Fence Law, Open Range Law I am interested in the impact that fence and open range laws have had on the people of Baca County. If you have any information or know where I might finad any, I would greatly appreciate your contacting me with the information.

Ruth E. Hughes Smith HUGHES - We are searching for information on the family of George W. Hughes, b. 3 Jun 1862 in Johnson County, TN, d. 31 Jan 1935 in walsh, Baca Co, CO and was buried in the Minneapolis Cemetery in Walsh. Colorado. His wife was Emma B., who was born Apr 1860 in MO. They had 5 children named: Frank, b. Aug 1883; Albert, b. Jan 1885; May, b. Jul 1887 and married to Henry MEDLEY; Ward, b. Feb 1899; George, b. 29 Mar 1900, d. 10 Mar 1901 in Centerville, Appanoose Co, IA. We would appreciate knowing anything else about this family. George W. was a brother of Marley Franklin Hughes, who moved with his family in 1928 to Goshen County, Wyoming. I am the daughter of Marley F. Hughes and am doing extensive genealogical research. This is one of the remaining families that I need more information on.

Barb Hehnke STREETER - I was raised in Baca County and now live in Iowa, I haven't been back to Baca County for several years. I was inquiring about information you can give me about A. J. Streeter, buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery in SE Colorado (Sept. 1999), along with his mother, my great-grandmother, Annie Streeter (d. approx. Nov 1979 or 1980).

Kenneth Mellott MELLOTT - We are looking for information on MELLOTT. My grandfather, Francis Marion Mellott, owned land south of Springfield many years ago. An uncle, Wesley Mellott, taught school somewhere areounf Springfield many years ago, also.

George Chatham BICKFORD, CHENOWETH, CHATHAM -According to Millican's book, "The Homestead Years", Benjamin Bickford hometeaded the following land: NW4, Sec. 13, Twp. 29S, Rang. 47W. In later years, Lynn Bickford, Donald Chenoweth, and Vernon and Mary Chatham lived on this same piece of land. Question: Does anyone know what relationship, if any, is Benjamin BICKFORD to James B. BICKFORD and Charles BICKFORD?


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