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Hart, Edith Mary
Heatley, Frank
Hedge, Emma J.
Holland, Eveline

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Rocky Mountain News, Denver
January 15, 1897

Edith Mary Hart; Daughter of the Rev. Dean Hart, Died Early This Morning of Typhoid Fever.

Edith Mary Hart, daughter of Rev. H. Martyn Hart, died at 1 o'clock this morning. Miss Hart had been a sufferer for several weeks of that dread disease, typhoid fever, and has been very low several times during the illness, so to her parents and host of friends the shock was not unexpected. She was born in London in 1867 and has had a most successful career as a musician, having been a graduate of the conservatory at Leipsic. She was supposed to have contracted the disease from which she died while on a charity visit to the county poor house. She was conscious to the last, and died a painful but peaceful death. She was beloved by all her acquaintances, of whom she possessed an infinite number, and was very active in charitable work in Denver. The funeral services will probably take place from St. John's Cathedral on Sunday afternoon.

Contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colo.
September 16, 1870 Page 5, col. 1


Notice of Frank Heatley's death

Mr. Edward Chase received a cable telegram from Queenstown yesterday, announcing the death, at sea, on the second of this month, of Mr. Frank Heatley, of this city. His health has been failing for some time and hoping to be benefited by a trip to Europe, he sailed from New York in the steamer City of Washington, on September First and died the next day. His family, who accompanied him, will return to Denver immediately. Mr. Heatley was forty-two years of age and had been a resident of Denver over ten years.

Contributed by: Mary Miller, great-granddaughter of Frank Perrin Heatley.

Denver Tribune, Denver, Colo.
November 14, 1873


HEDGE--In this city, Nov. 14th, Allie, infant daughter of Julius and Emma J. Hedge, aged 6 months and 21 days.

Funeral tomorrow, Nov. 15th, at 10 a. m., from the residence of Wm Hodgson, 503 Arapahoe Street. Friends of the family invited.

In her innocence, our Heavenly Father thought best to remove this little lamb, and she now reposes in the arms of our Savior--safe from the storms and troubles of this wicked world, and this, although a very great loss to the parents (it being the only child) is certainly a great gain to the dear little one.

Contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

Rocky Mountain News, Denver
January 29, 1901 Page 5

(Original includes photo)

Mrs. Eveline Holland of 2842 Franklin Street, who died very suddenly at the home of her son, C. G. Holland, Sunday morning at 10 o'clock, was a remarkable woman. She was born in Greencastle, Ind., on August 5, 1821, and up to the time of her death she attended to all her extensive business affairs. She was seized with neuralgia of the heart Sunday morning at 7:30 and three hours later passed away. She was conscious up to within ten minutes of her death and believed she would recover.

On the night before the presidential election, Mrs. Holland rode in the parade with three other aged women. On the banner was written; "This is probably our last vote and we will cast it for Bryan." In front of them was a carriage containing three young girls, with the words; "This is our first vote and we cast it for Bryan." The prophecy came true with Mrs. Holland, although she was so vigorous no one thought she would be the first to go.

When she was young she was a strong Abolitionist at a time when it cost something to be one. She was well read in science, literature, politics and religion and was a woman of very strong convictions and deeply religious. She was 16 years old when she was married. Thirteen years ago her husband, Granville Holland, died; shortly before they had celebrated their golden wedding. Mr. Holland, a merchant and speculator, had been very wealthy. They came to Colorado in 1872, from Des Moines, and after a short stay in Denver went to Longmont, where Mr. Holland put much money in land, and where Mrs. Holland was a large landholder at the time she died. She leaves four children; Mrs. L. B. Houston of Crawfordsville, Ind.; Mrs. K. S. Williams of Chicago, Mrs. M. H. Cochran of New York and C. G. Holland of Denver. A service will be read at her late residence this afternoon at 2:30, Rev. C. M. Cobern of Trinity M. E. Church, of which she had long been a member, officiating. The remains will then be taken to Des Moines and placed beside those of her husband.

Contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver