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27 Oct 1939
Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colo., September 6, 1860, Vol. 1, #10 Page 1

On the evening of the 4th inst., at Smith's ranch, six miles above Denver, by Rev. P. Rankin, Capt. Wm. Smith of this city and Miss Eliza Branstetter, formerly of Mo.

With the above we received a delicious bridal cake from the hands of the fair bride. We wish the happy couple a long life of unalloyed pleasure.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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The News, March 19, 1873 Page 3

MARQUIS—In this city, March 13, to the wife of Robert Marquis, a daughter.
WILLIAMS-CATLIN--In this city, March 18, by Rev. T. E. Bliss, Mr. Daniel E. Williams, of Golden, and Mrs. Maggie Catlin of Denver.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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The News, March 26, 1873 Page 3

SANBORN--In this city, March 17, to the wife of C. W. Sanborn, a son.
TEETER--At Edgerton, Colorado, March 19, to the wife of W. M. Teeter, a son.
KELLEY-SLAUGHTER--In this city, March 19, 1873, by Rev. E. P. Wells, Mr. James A. Kelley of Frankstown, and Miss Sarah A. Slaughter of Denver.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Denver Tribune, Denver, Colo., April 23, 1873 Page 3

April 15, by Rev. B. T. Vincent, Mr. Peter Werley of Caribou, and Miss Nellie Day of Boulder.

In Denver, April 16, Ed. Cavanaugh and Nannie Norman.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Denver Tribune; Denver, Colorado; November 12, 1873

COREY-STEVENS--October 10, 1873, by Rev. Winfield Scott, Mr. Albert W. Corey and Miss Amelia Stevens.

COCHRAN-STINSON--Oct 11, 1873, at Belvidere House, by Rev. Winfield Scott, Wilson Cochran and Miss Sarah Stinson.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Denver Tribune, Denver, Colo., November 17, 1873

WALTERS--In Denver, November 15, Mrs. Chas. F. Walters, aged 20 years and 1 month.
BROWN--In Denver, November 15, to the wife of Geo. W. Brown, a daughter.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Denver Tribune, Denver, Colorado, November 25,1873

SLATER-WILSON—At the residence of Wm. Cowell, Esq., in Denver, Colorado, by the Rev. W. Y. Brown, Nov. 24, 1873, Seth S. Slater, Esq., of Park County, Colorado, and Miss Martha J. Wilson, of Denver.

MCMASTER-BOOTH--November 22, 1873, by Rev. W. Y. Brown, Mr. Dougald McMaster and Mrs. Jennie Booth.

SHOUT-ASHFORD--In Denver, Col., November 22, 1873 by Rev. Mr. Shaffer, Mr. E. H. Shout and Miss Mollie E. Ashford.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Denver News, Denver, Colo., November 16, 1889 Page 2

BRANNEN-WELLS--On November 14, Robert S. Brannen to Lula T. Wells, by Dean Hart.

HESSE-GRIFFIN--At the residence of Mr. Smith, 2511 Ogden Street, November 13, 1889 by Rev. A. Schwimley, Mr. Henry Hesse to Miss Nellie Griffin, both of Denver, Colo.

HOWE-WOODS--On November 5, James Frederick Howe to Matilda L. Woods, by Dean Hart.

KURTZ-KERN--At the English Lutheran parsonage, 2209 California Street, November 14, 1889, by Rev. C. J. Kiefer, Mr. Josiah Kurtz of Denver, Colo., and Miss Louisa Kern of Catawissa, Pa.

ROYLE-CROSS--On November 9, Sinclair K. Royle of Rancho Chosa, Utah, to Mary E. Cross of Newark, N. J., by Dean Hart.
Whereas, Our beloved brother, M. J. Murnan, through the dispensation of All Wise Providence, has recently suffered sore affliction by the loss of two beloved children:

Resolved: That we, his brothers of Unity No. 38 Plumbers and Steam Gasfitters' Association, do tender him and his esteemed wife our most heartfelt sympathy.

George F. McDonnel
E. J. Isham
J. A. Smith

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 1, 1901

Marriages Births and Deaths:
Manner, Harvey, @ 8 AM, Monday Dec. 31, 1900, 1781 Larimer St.
Lamb, on Dec. 27, Mrs. Margaret Lamb, 70 yrs, of Platte Canyon, Jefferson Cnty, int. Calvary
Troxell, Helen Marie, age 8 yrs, 22 days, d/o Mr. & Mrs. F. L. Troxell
Funeral Notices:
Pries, George, interment Riverside.
Lamb, Mrs. Margaret from McGovern's, int Calvary.
Shabouh, Mrs. Abraham, 2229 Blake, a son
Jesmer, Mrs. Joseph Edward, 868 S. Ninth, a son.
Fallico, Mrs. Salvatore, 2219 Blake, a son.
Allen, Mrs. Harry, 609 Santa Fe, a son.
Watkins, Mrs. Frank, 1235 Lafayette, a daughter.
Burial Permits:
Gestering, Thea, 6 yrs, 2711 Market, maligant scarlet fever.
Raedel, Henry G., 67 yrs, 1528 Glenarm, cirrhosis of liver.
Ball, Della A., Mrs., 78 yrs, Palmer Lake, pneumonia.
Lyons, Jennie, 46 yrs, broncho-pneumonia.
Gesterling, Margaret, 2 yrs, 2711 Market, malignant scarlet fever.
Sursher, H. D., 23 yrs, county hospital.
Barry, Joseph D., 33 yrs, St. Joseph's Hospital, consumption.
Purington, James A., 65 yrs, 641 Washington, ruptured artery.
Armstrong, Isabell Agnes, 87 yrs, 635 Twentieth Ave, arterio-sclercois.
House, Mollie Myrtie, 34 yrs, 1125 Twenty-third Ave., consumption.
Bates, James, 49 yrs, 1917 W. Twenty-third Ave., pneumonia.
Sales, Isabella F., 75 yrs, Lakewood, NJ, apoplexy.
Turner, Ellen, 52 yrs, Cotton Mills, consumption.
Snow, Norma G., 22 yrs, 1749 California, mitral insufficiency.
Davidson, William G., 16 yrs, country hospital, scarlet fever.
Terry, James Cyrus, 61 yrs, 768 S. 9th, pneumonia.
Lumley, Mary, 75 yrs, 500 S. Tenth, pneumonia.
Condon, James, 4 yrs, Steele Hospital, scarlet fever.
Rolin, Infant G. A., 9 days, Second and Jospehine, trismus neonaturiun.
Carver, Elizabeth A., 75 yrs, 8000 Newton, pneumonia.
Lynch, George H., 30 yrs, 1618 Pennsylvania, consumption.
Hale, Janette I., 80 yrs, 2718 W. Thirty-second, consumption.
Stone, Willis, 56 yrs, 2640 Lincoln, nephritis.
West, Francis O., 33 yrs, 1337 Race, Bright's disease.
Lamb, Margaret, 70 yrs, Payetta, Yds, (see under *died) general decline.
Fredland, Albert Gustave, 29 yrs, 3200 W. Twenty-sixth Ave., consumption.
Kilbride, James, 34 yrs, St. Anthony's Hospital, pneumonia.
Marriage Licenses:
Alice Gordon Plested to Isaac F. Downer.
Dorothea Miller to William H. Seymour.
Ida Emily Geagan to John Frank White.
Eunice C. Seymour to Harry M. Williams of Harris.
Martha J. Wilfe to Charles E. Donnelly.
Emma Ramer to Peter Greenwold.
Carrie K. M. Wilhelmi and William E. Hawley.
Hanna Nolan to Julian A. Dingley.
Bertha Doan to Joseph T. Conkey.
Hannah Dougherty to Carl Whitney.
Jessie Schnabel to Francis J. Eccles.
Alice M. C. Marrington to Edward T. Gartley of Morrison.
Leah A. Rogers of Leadville to Charles J. Decker of Cornall, Iowa.
Sadie Shockley to John Stainton.
Angie Murray to James Lathan of Lake City.
Mamie J. Roberts of Lake City to Hiram Johnson of Buffalo, NY.
Josephine Sisco to Antonio Guaranci.
Minnie Campbell to Charles B. Hooper of Telluride.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 2, 1901
Marriages, Births, Deaths.
Richardson, Carrie Lyle, on Jan. 1., at St. Anthony's Hospital, wife of Dr. D. A. Richardson, 2200 Williams St., funeral from residence.
Herriott, William, at his home 2470 Larimer, 12-31, age 70 yrs, 10 mons, from Rogers' Undertaking, GAR invited. Crocker, Mrs. Marietta, on Jan. 1, 2 PM, services from residence 2230 Ogden, Thurs. 1-3.
Card of Thanks:(Excerpt)
For kindness and sympathy at death of husband, from members of city gov't, members of the council. Signed: Mrs. M. D. Currigan.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 3, 1901
Marriages, Birth, Deaths
Hamilton, on Jan 1, 1901, Lutie H., wife of Hugh T., funeral from 532 Clarkson.
Funeral Notice:
Gray, Mrs. Elinora, wife of Captain Clark Gray, today 1 p.m., at 217 W. Eleventh Ave.
Marriage Licenses:
Claudia B. Barber, to Harry E. Nelson of Spokane.
Grace Seeley to Fred Griffith.
May Bell Strong to Michael A. Abbott.
Grace Munson of Aroola, Ill, to George E. Mitchell of Detroit.
Sara B. Holden of Montreal, Can., to William A. Hunter.
Addie M. Cramer of Encampment, Wyo., to Edwin J. Smizler of Battle, Wyo.
Grace L. Moore to William Katenbrink.
Louisa Wayson to Herbert Wilkins, both of Carbondale.
Clara Bertha Steinke to William Henry Ryer, Jr.
Burial Permits:
Condon, James, 4 yrs, Steele Hospital; scarlet fever.
Heinrich, Sophia, 76 yrs, St. Anthony's Hospital, broncho asthma.
Nipp, Mollie, 18 yrs, 2251 Lafayette, consumption.
Holmberg, Mrs. Emma A., 38 yrs, 1075 University Ave., typhoid.
Nerrin, Annabelle, 2 months, Josephine near First, pneumonia.
Haywood, Sidney, 25 yrs, County Hospital, consumption.
Bigger, Joseph H., 48 yrs, 48 Logan Ave., intestinal paresis.
Tuxell, Helen Maria, 6 yrs, 2517 Curtis, purpurn hemmorrhagica.
Bartels, Charles L., 57 yrs, Homeopathic Hospital, pneumonia.
Jackson, Thomas J., 50 yrs, 543 Pearl, locomotor ataxia.
Anderson, Earl, 6 months, 2724 Decatur, marsamus.
Guthrie, Rhoda M., 30 yrs, St. Luke's Hospital, peritonitis.
Stelegy, Isadore H., 44 yrs, 1553 11th St., consumption.
Pries, George, 44 yrs, County Hospital, concusion of the brain.
Guinn, Joseph, 82 yrs, 1740 Market, consumption.
Seburndman, Earnest, Nineteenth & Blake, consumption.
Currigan, Martin D., 53 yrs, 2152 Lawrence [cause: illegible]
Fowler, W. B., St. Luke's pneumonia.
Hirrott, William, 70 yrs, 2470 Larimer, apoplexy.
Selinsky, Morris, 31 yrs, St. Luke's Hospital, appendicitis.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 4, 1901

FIRTH - Entered into rest Jan. 3, at St. Joseph's Hospital, Rena M., w/o F. W., Services from residence of Mr. A. A. Bowinsky, 21?0, High St.
GREENWAY - Frederick J., age 60, at 93 W. Byers St., burial private.
Funeral Notices:
CASLEY, Walter C., from Walley & Rollins, interment Fairmount.
MADEIN, Fred, s/o late William Mandein, from Roger's Undertaking, friends and family invited.
Burial Permits:
HAMILTON, Hattie, 30, 532 Clarkson, consumption.
RICHARDSON, Carrie E., 38, St. Anthony's Hospital, peritonitis.
WILKINS, H. B., 32, 4804 W. Twenty-sixth Ave, cerebal abcess.
GRAY, Elmita M., 39, Columbus, Neb, pneumonia.
CROCKER, Mariette, 88, 2230 Ogden, influenza.
WATERBURY, L. W., 60, Warren and Clayton, consumption
LEVY, Fanny, 26, 575 Twelfth St., consumption.
BAKER, Irene L., 34, St. Luke's, suppression urine.
MEYERS, Frank W., 69, 2734 Franklin, clot on heart.
LONG, Mary Ann, 40, Lafayette, Colo., ptomane posioning.
BURNSIDE, Jennie, 24, Overland, consumption.
AMES, N. S., 65, Queen City Hotel, apoplexy.
CROASDELL, Charles, 40, 1957 Curtis, consumption.
SULLIVAN, M., 32, 1870 Eleventh St, suicide.
BRISTOW, Catherine, 40, St. Joseph's, pneumonia.
MAGINNIS, John, 81, 516 eE. Seventeenth Ave., peritonitis.
PETERS, Gideon, 30, St. Anthony's, abscess of the brain.
Birth Reports:
Mrs. E. Paulin, Argo, son.
Mrs. L. Sabert, 2933 Lafayette, son.
Mrs. W. Kelley, 1221 W. Thirteenth Ave., daughter.
Mrs. H. P. Dahl, 363 S. Twelveth St., son.
Mrs. B. E. Lilley, 224 S. Fourteenth St., son
Mrs. C. W. Worshaw, 1357 Seventh St., son.
Marriage Licenses:
Jospehine Persichetta to Rocco Veccniafetta
Celia Oietzki to Andrew Kowaiezky
Emma Bordeau to Charles E. Wallick

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 5, 1901 Page

THAYER, Mrs. Catherine McKie Thayer, Colorado Springs, widow of Francis S. Thayer, Fri. at residence of her daugher, Mrs. Henry W. Hobson, 933 Pennsylvania.
LEVI, J. B., at residence of his sister, Mrs. Lee Keyser, 625 16th aged 44 yrs.
STEVENS, Lory Z., died Jan. 4, 1901, 9 p.m.. Burial at St. Phillip's Church, West Plum Creek, Sun. 11:a.m.
BROWNE, A. D., of Delta, Colo, died in Denver, Fri evening 8:30 o'clock, interment Delta, Monday.
JACKSON, Mrs. Julia Jackson, died at 3:30 p.m., Jan. 3, funeral Jan. 5, from 2352 Blvd. F.
EMGE, William H., Jan. 3, aged 48 yrs, funeral from family residence 2134 Welton, to St. Elizabeth's Church, by carriage to Mt. Olivet.
MCLAUGHLIN, Emma L., wife of Dr. H. W. McLaughlin, at residence 1832 Marion, age 53 yrs, notice later.
Burial Permits:
IRVING, Edwar[d] R., 2507 Fifteenth St., 23 yrs, pneumonia.
DOUGHERTY, Rachel, 75 yrs, 1745 S. Logan, senile exhaustion.
NOCK, Hannah, 67 years, 3917 W. Thirty-fifth, obstruction of bowels.
JOHNSON, infant, 9 days, 2026 Arapahoe, heart failure.
UNKNOWN, 45 years, Fifteenth and Bassett, injury to head.
FIRTH, Rena M., 36 yrs, St. Joseph's, gastric ulcer.
PIERCE, Lydia, (bad read/ 59 or 89 yrs), 1076 S. Fourtheenth, senility.
DENEY, William L., 65 yrs, Sedalia, cardiac disease.
CRAWFORD, Charles H., 11 months, Rocky Ford, pneumonia.
SMALL, Henry, 51, 56 Archer, consumption.
REED, Mabel E., 21 yrs, 329 Thirty-third St., valvular heart disease.
PEERS, George, 36 yrs, 411 Eightenth, Berkeley, pneumonia.
NOEL, Fannie, 21 yrs, 343 Julian, consumption.
RENFREE/RENFROE, John, 68 years, University Park, miner's consumption.
RYAN, Frank, 41 years, St. Joseph, pneumonia.
PURCELL, Queen, 21 years, St. Joseph's pneumonia.
WINTERBAUR, Edward, 21 yrs, county hospital, gunshot.
GOODMAN, 40 yrs, 1898 Arapahoe, consumption.
MC GILLEY, Harvey, 43 yrs, St. Anthony's, consumption.
MONTGOMERY, George, 1148 South Evans, nephritis.
DERRY, Ellen M., 3 yrs, 3816 Marion, scarlet fever.
Birth Report:
Mrs. J. L. Fosdick, 2485 Wolfe St, daughter.
Mrs. Rodney J. Burdwell, 1437 Washington, daughter.
Mrs. Edward Paulin, Argo, son.
Mrs. Benjamin Lilley, 294 S. Fourtheeth, son.
Mrs. J. Sebert, 2933 Lafayette, son.
Mrs. William Kelley, 1321 W. Thirteenth, daughter.
Mrs. M. T. Dahl, 363 S., (unreadable), St., son.
Mrs. O. F. Anderson, 2116 Curtis, son.
Mrs. Fred Youngstrom, 809 W. Eleventh Ave., daughter.
Mrs. Lee M. Burns, 2045 champa, son.
Mrs. Carl A. Berglund, 1023 W. Thireenth Ave., son.
Mrs. Charles Newcomb, 1551 S. Washington, daughter.
Mrs. John Woodley, 2380 S. Lincoln, son.
Mrs. John C. Davis, 1268 Hamlin, son.
Mrs. Elmer E. Riddle, 848 Emerson, son.
Mrs. C. F. McCurdy, 136 Clark, son.
Mrs. J. W. Brown, 33 W. Eight, daughter.
Mrs. John Lucas, daughter.
Mrs. Jesse Scobey, 1172 Vine, son.
Mrs. E. L. Rugg, 2413 Stout, son.
Mrs. Thomas Rae, 2024 Boulevard, daughter.
Mrs. W. C. Brady, 500 S. Tenth, daughter.
Mrs. A. G. Ward, 2801 Olive Ave., son.
Mrs. William McKay, 1831 W. Thirty-fourth Ave., son.
Mrs. George Dunn, 720 W. Colfax, son.
Mrs. Louise Marrlott, 1019 S. Fifteenth, daughter.
Mrs. Allen White, 1988 Blake, son.
Mrs. Francis Richards, 1019 S. Fifteenth, daughter.
Mrs. Eugene Richardson, 1045 St. Charles, daughter.
Mrs. John Winron, Second & Monroe, daughter.
Mrs. Albert Otter, 2919 Gilpin, son.
Mrs. John Lawrence, 428 Santa Fe, son.
Mrs. Charles Sasse, country, son.
Mrs. G. F. Wolfe, 118 S. Water, daughter.
Mrs. Clough, 1015 W. Ninth, son.
Mrs. John Osborne, 910 Wazee, son.
Mrs. Waven, 2625 California, son.
Mrs. Cunningham, 2249 Logan, son.
Mrs. Benneeke, 1465 S. Tremont, son.
Mrs. L. F. Alexander, 1218 Welton, daughter.
Mrs. J. W. Hanay, 2454 Califronia, daughter.
Mrs. W. D. Anderson, 3451 Larimer, son.
Mrs. Lon/Loh?, Drake, 2346 Lawrence, daughter.
Mrs. Rupp, 1436 Eleventh St, daughter.
Mrs. Howard Lloyd, 2634 S. Lincoln, son.
Mrs. D. B. Koby, 242 W. First Ave., son.
Mrs. Adelbert L. Emerson, 725 W. Eighth Ave., son.
Mrs. J. Kundon, 3306 Franklin, son.
Mrs. Harry A. Triggs, Twenty-second and California, son.
Mrs. M. Cohn, 1412 Second St., son.
Mrs. Satlin, 855 Welton, daughter.
Mrs. Rogbin, 945 Sante Fe, son.
Mrs. W. B. Bilis, 14 W. Eighth Ave., daughter.
Mrs. Peterson, 3906 Wynkoop, daughter.
Mrs. Kennedy, 1195 or 1165, S. Sixth St., daughter.
Mrs. Fortior, 1262 South First St., son.
Mrs. Samuel Hobson, 2027 Stout St., daughter.
Mrs. B. E. Glazier, 2442 Wainot, son.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 6, 1901

GEAGAN-WHITE - New Years's eve at rectory of St. Barnabas Church, Ida Emily Geagan and John Frank White, were united in marriage. Rev. Charles Marshall officating.
BARTELS, Irma Louise, daughter of Louis F. & Carrie S. Bartals, at residence 722 Clarkson, Jan 5, 1901, 12 yrs, funeral from residence, Monday, Jan.7.
BEEBE, Thomas William, son ofMr. & Mrs. Thomas Beebe, 351 Clarkson, age 4 months, funeral from residence.
CRANE, Frederick A., in his 52nd yr, died Jan 5, 1901. Longmont papers please copy.
FRANTZ, Miss Mary E., at residence, Cherrelyn, burial at Fairmount.
LEPPLA, Minnie Keiner, wife Charles H. Leppla, at residence 2227 Blvd, Saturday eve.
TIEDEMAN, Jennie Marie, beloved wife of Edward Tiedeman, and youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell McNerney of 1425 Thirty-sixth St., age 18 yrs. Funeral from parents residence, to Annunication Church, interment Calvary.
NORDQUIST, of Mr. Emil Nordquist, from Roger's Undertaking, friends invited.
LEVI, I. B., will take place from residence of his sister Mrs. Lee Kayser, 625 16th Ave. Friends invited.
THAYER, funeral of Mrs. Catherine McKie Thayer, at residence of Mrs. Henry W. Hobson, 933 Pennsylvania, today.
MC LAUGHLIN, Emma L., wife of Dr. H. W. McLoughlin, from residence 1832 Marion St., Monday, 1:30 p.m.
CURTIS, Mr. Nathan S., from family residence 1065 Josephine St., Sunday, interment private.
Card of Thanks - (Excerpt)Officers and members of W. C. O. F. St Anthony of Padus Crt, 477, members of visiting courts pls accept my sincere thanks, on death of my dear wife, Signed: David Fitzsimmons.
Burial Permits:
CASLEY, Walter C., 29 yrs, Bessemer, Colo., murdered.
BATES, Bianche V., 26 yrs, St. Joseph's, nephritis.
MANHERS, Harry, 79 yrs, 1781 Larimer, old age.
JACKSON, Julia, 71 yrs, 2325 Eliot, angina pectoris.
MAUDLIN, Fred, 88yrs, Victor, Colo. asphyxiation.
GREENAWAY, F. J., 59 yrs, 28 Byers St. diabetes.
LOUIS, Carl, 88 yrs, 1424 Thirteenth St., Ia grippe.
GOATER, Walter F., 46 yrs, 271 N. Sherman, pericarditis.
LEVI, Isaac B., 45 yrs, 625 16th Ave., coma, (diabetes).
PETERMAN, Isaac, 26 days, 291 W. Twelfth, pneumonia.
HORN, Marguerite, 25 years, Boulder, Colo., consumption.
GOLDSTEIN, John, 32 yrs, county hospital, consumption.
SEGER, Marguerite, 5 yrs, Steele Hospital, scarlet fever.
EMGE, W. H., 48 yrs, 2134 Welton, consumption.
ALLAN, Edgar, 24 yrs, 539 Eighteenth St., pneumonia.
JONES, Mary, 25 yrs, 233 S. Evans, cirrhosis of liver.
BREMAN, Emma L., 6 months, 655 S. Pennsylvania, erysipelas.
BARTLETT, Belle Fremont, 20 yrs, Tremont hotel, pneumonia.
HOVER, Fleming S., 49 yrs, 3122 Williams, asthma.
Birth Reports:
Mrs. F. L. Barttell, 1045 S. Fourtheenth, son.
Mrs. A. A. Desch, 1825 Santa Fe, son.
Mrs. J. M. Sapek, 1427 S. Tremont, daughter.
Mrs. George E. Rehm, 3327 W. thirty second Ave., son.
Mrs. F. McConnell, 2034 Marion, daughter.
Mrs. G. W. Stoddar, 107 E. Dakota, son.
Mrs. Grinawell, Bur Flats, son.
Mrs. P. Yot, Argo, son.
Mrs. P. P. Bradberg, Twenty-ninth & Lawrence, daughter.
Mrs. Frank Thorp, 3779 High, daughter.
Mrs. W. Johnson, 3768 High, daughter.
Mrs. Dennis Gibbons, ??? Arapahoe, daughter.
Mrs. Crede, 2939 Market, daughter.
Mrs. Ferguson, 2929 Market, son.
Mrs. Tailor, 2920 Bert, son.
Mrs. William Hosie, 2435 Walnut, daughter.
Marriage Licenses:
Mary A. Knapp to William T. Gulliver.
Cecelia M. Vooday to John B. Farrell.
Chrissie M. Bromley to Benjamin W. Glass of Starkville.
Alice M. Monahan of St. Louis to Henry E. Harriman.
Stella Hughes of Kansas City to Joseph George.
Sarah C. Reily to Wayne L. Range.
Leota M. Gardner to Martin J. Brennan.
Minnie Johnson to Chris Boner/Roher? (dark read).
May Burk to Joseph H. Rieopelln/Bieopelln (dark read).

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

Rocky Mountain News, January 7, 1901
Marriages, Births and Deaths.
Funeral Notices.
McLauthlin, Emma L., wife of Dr. H. W. McLauthlin, from residence, 1832 Marion St.
Stokes, S. Stanley, will be buried this afernoon at Boulder. Services from residence 2245 Julian St., auspices of Christian Scientists.
WILCOX, to Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Wilcox of 1230 Elizabeth St., a boy.
EDWARDS, Mrs. Alice Edwards, at St. Luke's hospital on Jan. 5, 1901, funeral today from Logan Ave. Chapel, by carriages to Mt. Olivet.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 8, 1901
HURD, Fred J. Hurd, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Hurd, on Jan. 6, funeral from residence 650 S. Grant, interment Fairmount.
THOMAS, funeral services for Mr. William C. Thomas from family residence, 1905 Grant Ave, interment private.
HAWKINS, Lizzie N., to WEBSTER, Henry Clay.
HARRIS, Joe A., to COMPTON, Charles C.
KING, Nancy, to FELTS, Virgil D.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 9, 1901

KINNAVEY, John P., on Jan 8, 1901, age 22 yrs, at residence of parents, 1428 Glenarm, notice later.
O'DONNELL, Patrick J., age 36 yrs, member Salva Regina Council Knights of Columbus, New York City, funeral from Logan Ave. Chapel, by carriages to Mt. Olivet, New York papers please copy.
MCKINZIE, Miss Kate McKenzie, age 50 yrs, at her residence, 53 S. Sherman Ave, notice later.
BLONGER, Fred L., Jan. 10, from Logan Ave. Chapel, interment Mt. Calvary.
DORR, John L., remains were shipped last night to Fremont O., by McDonald & Sutton, 1740 Champa.
BAIN, C. J., members of Silver State Lodge No. 97, I. O. O. F., meet at Walley & Rollins, remains to be shipped east.
MILLER, Nellie to HATHAWAY, Harry C.
CAULFIELD, Margaret E., of South Bend, Ind., to KELSEY, Louis C., of Salt Lake City.
WOODCOCK, Louise B. to MERRILL, Solomon B., of Boulder.
CARROLL, Margaret to BEGAN, George C.
BRYANT, Daisy M., to LATTA, William R., of Colorado Springs.
TRACY, James, 35 yrs, Nineteenth & Central, gunshot wound.
EDWARDS, Alice, 31 yrs, St. Luke's Hospital, pneumonia.
BROWN, Alfonso D., 44 yrs, Steele Block carcinoma.
PAYLINE, David, 1 month, St. Vincent's Home, pneumonia.
ALLENSON, Simon, 3 months, 1162 S. Ninth St., tubercular meningitis.
FRANTZ, Mary E., 47 years, Cherrelyn, Colo., valvular heart disease.
CURTIS, Nathan S., 51 yrs, Pueblo, rheumatism.
HILLIAR, Robert K., 10 months, 2600 Merrill; pneumonia.
BURCH, Richard J., 52 yrs, 5410 Clear Creek, pneumonia.
ARLI, Lizzie, 44 yrs, 939 S. Ninth, asthma pneumonitis.
TIEDEMAN, Jennie, 18 yrs, St. Anthony's Hospital, pyosaiphinx.
BEESA, Joseph A., 40 yrs, 1260 S. Tenth St., pneumonia.
CHASE, infant, 1 month, 2640 Walnut, capillary bronchitis.
STOKES, Stephen S., 31 yrs, 2245 Julian, gastric ulcer.
PEASLEY, Heloise V., 1 yr, 3616 Homer Blvd., scarlet fever.
CRANE, Frederick A., 51 yrs, 2234 Stout, lobar pneumonia.
MCLAUTHLIN, Emma, 53 yrs, 1832 Marion, consumption.
SMALL, William, 43 yrs, 1755 Welton, pneumonia.
RYAN, Agnes J., 4 months, 1445 Market, broncho pneumonia
BARTELS, Irma L., 12 yrs, 722 Clarkson, pulmonary congestion.
THOMAS, William C., 38 yrs, St. Luke's tubular peritonitia.
NORDQUIST, Emil, 38 yrs, St. Joseph's hospital, pneumonia.
THAYER, Catherine M., 73 yrs, 933 Pennsylvania, pneumonia.
MARTIN, Thomas F., 45 yrs, 54 Washington, pnuemonia.
CONNALLY, William O., 23 yrs, 1645 Welton.
DORR, John L., 20 yrs, 2133 Curtis, consumption.
BEEBE, Thomas William, 4 months, 351 Clarkson, pneumonia.
KIRK, William J., 68 yrs, 503 S. Twelfth, gall stone.
KNIGHT, Benny, 6 yrs, 830 Clark, scarlet fever.
BLONGER, Fred L., 22 yrs, 411 Twenty-first ST., rheumatism of heart.
CRAFTS, William C., 27 yrs, 1123 Sherman, consumption.
Mrs. S. L. Field, 3521 Walnut, son.
Mrs. John King, 3045 Filmore, daughter.
Mrs. George Niess, 2153 Lincoln, daughter.
Mrs. B. B. Dunn, San Francisco Ave, daughter.
Mrs. William L. Chase, Central Court, son.
Mrs. John F. Weber, 1856 Holden, son.
Mrs. F. W. Helting, 2478 W. Twenty-third Ave., son.
Mrs. William Collette, Elyria, son.
Mrs. Mark Simpson, 929 S. Tenth, daughter.
Mrs. F. P. Johnson, 2738 Gilpin, son.
Mrs. Welsh Miller, 612 Broadway, daughter.
Mrs. L. B. Hainey, 1211 Twenty-sixth St., daughter.
Mrs. W. S. Moffett, 1349 California, son.
Mrs. A. ?, Scott, 3634 Lafayette, son.
Mrs. H. D. Bartlett, 3??5 Clayton, son.
Mrs. G. B. Baker, Eighth and Franklin, son.
Mrs. C. J. Blakeney, 1330 Williams, son.
Mrs. Thomas G. Little, 1854 Lafayette, son.
Mrs. William E. Hanson, 3046 champa, son.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 10, 1901

Death News Article:
LAWRENCE, Dr., commits suicide at home of brother-in-law Jesse Dickey., 3628 S. Evans. Despondent over wife's illness, recently returned from California, formerly in dental practice with Dr. A. C. Keeper, in the Tabor Block.

DOHRING, Wm. F., died at home for consumptives, remains to New York from McGovern's Undertaking Parlors. Brother of G. H. Dohring of Singer Sewing Machine Co. Was an engraver excellent family conections. Member of Peoples Choral Union in NY.

STINER, Wm., age 39, parents at Eau Claire, Wis. killed at Consolidated mine @ New Castle.

HOOD, Wm., parents at Pittsburg, PA, killed at Consolidated mine at New Castle.
CROOKS, Rev. John W. secretary of the Baptist State of pneumonia at Monte Vista, last Monday. B. Jan 16, 1862, London, England. Interment Fairmount.
MULLARKEY, Frank, on Jan. 9, 1901, services from Sacred Heart Church, to Mt. Olivet.
Funeral Notice:
KIRK, W. J., services at Fifth Ave., M. E. Church, on Jan. 10.
KINNEAVY, John P., from residence of father, John P. Kinneavy, 1428 Glenarm, interment Calvary.
Marriage Licenses:
Bertha E. Henneman to John W. Hildebrand of Leadville.
Nettie M. Ireland to Arthur E. Stansbury.
Lucia Arrowsmith to Walter H. Halney.
Anna Kroeger to John Ditte.
Mary Kuykendall to Ger. H. Greenslit.
Agnes Instrick to Frank Byers.
Pluma L. L. Hadsell to James L. Miller.
Lelah M. Smith to William H. Black.
Mary E. Rhodes to Charles L. Harker.
Birth Report:
Mrs. E. L. Murry, 1713 Larimer, son.
Mrs. C. Judelowitz, 833 11th St., son.

Mrs. Joe Goldstein, 302 S. 1st St., son.
Mrs. D. J. Goldstein, 1920 W. 14th Ave., son.
Mrs. David Cohen, 1331 11th St., daughter.
Mrs. Chas. Westman, 1843 W. Colfax, son.
Mrs. M. Walenz, Asland Block, daughter.
Mrs. C. F. Spencer, 3453 Justina, son.
Mrs. C. Weisensee, 612 S. 11th, daughter.
Mrs.E. C. Gard, 638 S. 9th, daughter.
Mrs. Sidenberg, 1818 Stout, daughter.
Mrs. W. McCarthy, 3603 Clifton, daughter.
Mrs. Foster, 713 Larimer, son.
Mrs. T. W. Hoyt, 1205 Vine, son.
Mrs. Walker Young, Harman, son.
Mrs. W. D. Miller, 44 S. Sherman, son.
Mrs. Daniel Massara, 405 Gerspach, son.
Mrs. F. C. Newell, 3156 Marion, daughter.
Mrs. E. E. Freeland, 3260 W. 30th Ave., son.
Mrs. X. Fessler, 1246 S. 4th St., daughter.
Mrs. Jos. Lowenhhaar, 1315 Lawrence, son.
Mrs. T. V. Jessup, 1234 W. 14th Ave., son.
Mrs. Henry Hoffman, 2128 California, son.
Burial Permits:
HURD, Fred J., 1 mo, 650 S. Grant; pneu.
BENNETT, Jas. M., 50, county hospital, uremia.
SANNISKY, Wm., 3, Globeville, diptheria.
SHERMAN, Ferd. O., 2, Montclair, pul. cong.
ADLER, Alex, 40, St. Anthony Hospital, meningtis.
O'DONNELL, Pat J., 36, 1165 S. 15th, con.
WARD, Al E., 22 402 N. Grant, pneu.
MERYWEATHER, Lillian, 15, 2218 Clksn (Clarkson), diph.
ERICKSON, Martha, 43, 441 S. 15th, pneu.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 11, 1901

PRICE, Mrs. Elizabeth, at 1667 Dowing Ave., notice later.
ROBINSON, Mrs. May A. beloved wife of Percy A., from residence 132 S. Grant.
MARKI, Benedict Marki, on Jan. 9, at Western Hotel, from McGovern's, interment Fairmount.
ROGERS, Eureka R., on Jan. 10, 40 yrs, at residence 684 S. Twelfth St., notice later.
Marriage Licenses:
Mary Brennan of San Francisco to Charles A. Johnson.
Ruida Walhstadt to George Karsten.
Bessie M. Barnes to Henry H. Ketcham.
Julia Wyllie of Topeka, Kan., to Samuel A. Bragumier.
Nellie R. Pray of Downer's Grove, Ill., to Martin E. Irving.
Birth Report:
Mrs. Charles M. Davis, 163 W. Dakota, son.
Mrs. Jacob Schaetzel, 2214 Arapahoe, daughter.
Mrs. Nicholas Lurwig, 756 S. Sherman, daughter.
Funeral Notices:
MC CUNE, Esther A., youngest daughter of John & Lilllie McCune, from residence 4616 Josephine St, interment Calvary.
MULLARKEY, Francis, member of 3rd order of St. Francis, Sacred Heart Church members requested to attend.
Burial Permits:
COYLE, Mrs., county hospital, senlity.
SOMERS, F. S., 35, St. Anthony, consumption.
LESLIE, Alice, 20, county hospital, mit. regurg.
THOMAS, Ann R., 29, Lafayette, septic.
CROOKS, J. W., 37, Monte Vista, pneu.
SEPPLA, Mrs. M. K., 32, 2227 Hgid B., consum.
BRADY, Lilah, 20, 1434 Stout, consum.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 12, 1901

Death News Article:
At Telluride, Jan. 11, Buried Under Snowslides, Two other Accidents in or Near Telluride: TEMMAAT, William, at Tomboy Mine, to Spearville, Kan. where his brother lives, abt 35 yrs, a miner. Page 3

GRIFFITH, RICHARD, abt 35, at Smuggler Union mines, misstep while walking by a manhole, a brother in Central City, remains to be sent there. Page 3.

SCOVEL, Oliver, died by falling tree, he was out getting firewood, abt 26 yrs, hard working, parents have conducted dairy near Telluride for a number of years, interment Lone Tree cemetery. Page 3.

COLLIER, J. H., reported missing at Ouray, believed caught in monster snowslide, between Camp Bird Mine and the mill. Search party sent out, he was due back on Tuesday and has not returned. Page 3.

WYMAN, Mrs. George, at Greeley, wife of George Wyman, at a late hour last night, 66 years of pneumonia. Born in Warren County, Pa., in 1834, to Greeley 16 yrs ago., survived by son, daughter and husband. Page 2.
ROGERS, Eureka R., on Jan. 10, wife of John W. Rogers, at residence 684, S. Twelfth, services from residence 1/13.
SWIFT, Mrs. A. M., 2832 Arapahoe, Jan. 10, notice later.
GAUL, J. R., at No. 131 S. Tenth St., eighty-first year, heart trouble, notice later.
KROPP, Joseph, at residence 53 Larimer, Fri. morning at 4 o'clock. From Miller's Undertaking, members of Pontiac Tribe No. 22, I. O. r.M and Mozart Lodge #1, O.D. H. S., Brooklyn, NY papers pls copy.
Funeral Notice:
PRICE, Mrs. Elizabeth, mother of Mrs. D. S. S Seerie and Mrs. H. G. Morgan, of Pittsburg and J. R. Price, from Mr. Seerie's residence, 1667 Dowing.
Burial Permits:
NICKOLLS, Maggie J., 43, 211 S. Water, mit. reg.
YOUNG, J. S., 70, 3 Union Terrace, stricture.
CLOUGH, W. E., 24, Gd., Cnetral, phthisis.
SWIFT, Anna M., 75, 2832 Arapahoe, B.'s dis.
KEHAN, Anna, 30, 12th and Newton, consump.
HELLBORN, L., 46, 1501 W. 12th, cir. liver.
MC CUNE, Esther A., 3, 46th and Jos. sc. fev.
MARYNISSEN, H., 39, country hospital, gunshot.
Birth Report:
Mrs. T. Mc Govern, 1735 W. 39th Ave., son.
Mrs. Henry Quirk, 3939 Converse, son.
Mrs. C. O'Donell, 1449 California, son.
Mrs. T. Souden, 3543 Clifton, son.
Mrs. L. Casner, 3745 Justina, son.
Marriage Licenses:
Annie M. Ward to Wiliam Schunter, both of Erie.
Juliette W. McClure to Lewis Myers of Emporia Kan.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 13, 1901

Death News Articles:
BRANCH, James, at Black Hawk, at Puzzle Mine on Bobtail Hill, fell off bucket to bottom of shaft. Parents, Mr. & Mrs. George Branch residents in this city, was member of Co. F., Colo Natl Guard will have charge of funeral.

CHAPMAN, John, has resided this city twenty years, died this evening from miner's disease. Age 55, leaves wife, two sons and a daughter. Member Rocky Mountain Lodge No. 2 & Colo. Encampment No. 1, I.O.O.F.

PRICE, Mrs. Elizabeth, age 70, succumbed to grip and meningitis, one of the few cases that prove fatal, reports, Dr. C. N. Hart of the health office. She resided at 1607 Downing Ave.

HOLLEY, Mrs. Martha A., wife of D. W. Holley, 2721 W. Twnety-ninth Ave., last night at 11 o'clock of pnuemonia after 11 days. She was 67, several years had been prominent in circles of Asbury M. E. Church. Survived by son, S. S. Holley, County Commissioner of Jefferson Cnty, funeral not yet arranged.

CROWE, Mrs. Clara, many friends will be pained to hear of her death at Florence Jan. 5. She was wife of G. W. Crowe, Superintendent of Sedalia Copper Mines, born Missouri, 1866, came to Colo. 1884. Survived by two daughters attending Miss Wolcott's School in this city.

JOHNSON, O. J., Falling Revolver Kills the Owner.
Revolver slipped from its holster, the hammer struck the wall at the family home O.X.J. ranch, 20 mil. south of east of the city.
STITES, John M., died yesterday at his home 419 W. Second Ave, of pneumonia. Was Mason and Woodman, funeral will be attended by those bodies tomorrow, from H. D. Martin Undertaking.

MC EWEN, Charles, funeral attended by Pioneer Society in body. C. R. Hartman, A. G. Rhodes, Andy Smith, C. S. Semper, W. W. Hull and E. A. Willoughby, members acted as pallbearers, interment Riverside.

DOSTROM, Mrs. Mary, at 1268 Evans St., in her final hours her six children stayed with her, neighbors realized her proverty and helped with food and fuel. Husband and father had deserted family, she prayed her children would come into good hands, Dean Peck and the good women with him will give the mother's remains respectable burial and comfort the 6 little orphans.
SWIFT, Anna M., age 75, on Jan. 10, from residence, 2832 Arapahoe, to Sacred Heart Church, interment Calvary.
JOHNSON, Mrs. Mary J., at residence of daughter, Mrs. Dan W. W. Tate, 39 Archer St., age 83, notice later.
ROCHE, Mary E., 80 yrs, on Jan. 12, wife of O. M. Roche, mother of Mrs. H. B. Allen, at residence of her daughter, 2835 High St. Notice later, Washington, D. C. Baltimore, Philedelphia, Bellefonta, Pa., and Portland, Ore., papers pls copy.
Funeral Notices:
KROPP, auspices of Pontiac Tribe, No. 22, I. O. R. M., Miller's Undertaking, all invited.
PRICE, Mrs. Elizabeth, from residence of Mr. Seerie.
LAWRENCE, Dr. Robert, Denver Camp, No. 1, Woodmen of the World, requested to attend, from McGovern's Undertaking.
WHALEN, J. W., on Jan. 11, 48 yrs, interment Calvary, from McGovern's, Irish-American Progressive Society members requested to attend.
GAUL, Jacob R., died at residence of his son, G. B. Gaul, 131 S. Tenth, from Waters & Simpson. Hudson, NY papers pls copy.
Burial Permits:
STAVENSON, J. Eloise, 3, 2229 Stout, sept. pois.
ROBINSON, Mrs. M. A., 23, 152 S. Grant, tub.
PRICE, Elizabeth, 70, 1667 Downing, grip.
PALMER, infant, 2435 W. 33rd., icturus neon.
MCEWEN, C., 61, St. Luke;s, brain softening.
KINNAVEY, J. P., Jr., 22, 1428 Glenarm, pneu.
MARKI, B., 62, Western Hotel, nephritis.
MULLARKEY, F., 50, St. Joseph's, consumption.
HEALY, Mary, 34, 634 Broadway, consumption.
HUFFMAN, L., 20, county hospital, pneumonia.
Marriage Licenses:
Ora B. Fillman to John Lattimer.
Anna Irene George to Frank E. Ryerson.
Rosie Sage to Edward Lewis, both of Lafayette.
Evaline Williams to Hubert A. Dodge.
Card of Thanks:
GOATER–Heartfelt thanks to Harmony Camp No. 45 W. of W. for great kindness and attention, neighbors of Gloveville, who came to my aid in my bereavement, signed: Mrs. Mary A. Goater.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 14, 1901

VAIL - Died at Indianapolis, Jan 5, of pneumonia, Mrs. Margaret McKim Vail. Her son Robert Vail is in Colorado or adjacent states. Family wish to find and communicate with him.

KERKER, Charles Lester, aged 8 yrs, son of Peter C. Kerker, funeral from family residence 3938 Merrill St., to Mt. Olivet, by carriages. Champagne, Ill., papers pls copy.

CURTICE, William J., Sun. Jan 13, at his home 800 Thirteenth St, in 76 year. Services I. N. Rogers' Undertaking, Monday.

CURRY, Cordelia, Mrs., mother of late Ed W. Curry, of firm of Anthony London & Curry, beloved sister of Scott J. Anthony, died at her home in Union Springs, NY on Sunday afternoon.
Funeral Notices:
STITES -- All Woodmen of the World are request to meet at 419 W. Second, Mon. Jan. 14, to attend funeral of Neighbor John H. Stites, deceased member South Side Camp No 71.

JOHNSON, Mrs. Mary J., widow of late F. P. Johnson, formerly of Coldwater, Mich., and mother of Mrs. C. S. Abbott, Mrs. W. F. Hoadley and Mrs. Dan W. W. Tate of Denver, Colo., from residence, 39 Archer St, Jan.15, interment, private.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 15, 1901

BURGHARDT, Mrs. Lizzie Burghardt, wife of John Burghardt, at her home 758 S. Ninth St., at 1:30 a.m. Sunday Jan.13.
Notice later - deceased was valued member of Silver State Council No 152 Fraternal Aid Assoc.

PEYSER, Robert, age 55, at family residence 2614 Arapahoe, notice later.

FELL, Leonard W., son of Harry F. and Isabelle, funeral Wed. Jan 16, at residence 545 S. Gilpin, interment, Fairmount, Chicago papers please copy.

FRITZ, Mrs. Sarah Ellen, on Jan. 13, aged 38 yrs, Sterling Colo., papers please copy.

REED, Philetus, age 8 yrs son of Mr. & Mrs. E. P. Reed, Sunday night, Jan. 13, remains East for burial.

GILL, Arthur Thomas, son of Arthur and Bunnie Gill, aged 4 years, pnuemonia at 5 p.m. Jan. 13, funeral Jan. 15, interment Fairmount Cemetery.
Funeral Notices:
MOE--Edwin C. Moe, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. L. L. Moe, from 2234 Homer Blvd, Wed, 10:30 a.m.

ROCHE--Mrs. Mary E., today from residence of her daugher 2835 High St., Logan Ave. Chapel interment Mt. Calvary.

KERKER--Charles Lester Kerker, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Kerker, from family residence 3988 Merrill St., to Mt. Olivet, by carriages.

HOLLEY--Mrs. M. A. Holley, will be buried from Asbury M. E. Church, 1 p.m. today, interment Fairmount.

PEYSER--All members Denver Lodge, 171 I.O.B.B. are requested to met to attend funeral of our late brother Robert Peyser, Milton L. Anfenger, President.

PEYSER--To Knights of Pythias; Brother Robert Peyser of Rathbone, No 59, will be buried Wed., meet at Masonic Temple, Frank H. Lott, Chancellor Commander.
Marriage Licenses:
Matilda P. Dohl to Thomas Holm of Golden.
Mamie Duncan to John Hawkins.
Lovena Hall to Lee G. Armour.
Emily M. Smith to Charles A. Esty.
Lulu Velmer Nolan to Ellis G. Phillips, both of Alliance, Neb.
Hedwig France to August Klein.
Kate A. Doge to James A Dalziel.
Annie E. Graves to William H. John.
Birth Report:
Mrs. Gilser, 424 W. 18th, son.
Mrs. Morris, 2531 Edmonds, son.
Mrs. L. Specforsky, 31 W. 11th Ave., daughter.
Mrs. H. H. Frumes, 315 23rd St., daughter.
Card of Thanks:
Relatives of Joseph Kropp, deceased wish to express their sincere thanks to Pontiac Tribe, No. 22, I.O.R. M., Mozart lodge, No. 1, Hermanda Lodge, No. 1., O.D.H.S. and Silver State Circle W. of W. and many friends, signed Add STEAMERS.
Burial Permits:
ROCHE, Mary E., 60, 2835 High; pneumonia.
PHELPS, Lee, 45, 17th St., fractured skull.
SCOTT, C., 25, 19th and Blake, gunshot.
MASON, F., 26, St. Luke's, pneumonia.
WESMAN, Martha, 32, 1843 W. Coll; mit. insuf.
DOHRING, W., 25, The Home, comsumption.
KROPP, J., 70, 53 Larimer, grip.
KEMP, Grace, 13, County Hospital, endo-card.
MOE, E.C., 5 mo., 2234 H. Boul; tub men.
MACKENZIE, Catherine, 50, 53 So. Sher., pneu.
FRITZ, S. E., Mrs., 39, St. Anthony's ov. absc.
CURTICE, W. J., 76, 800 13th St., grip.
BOHANNA, T., 3, 720 W. 4th, diphtheria.
PLANCK, V. B., 30, The Home, consumption.
HAHN, C. J., 10 months, 333 Sherman; pnue.
EVANS, A., 56, 14th and Platte; pneumonia.
WHITE, J. W., 33, St. Elmo, hemorrhage.
GAUL, J. R., 80, 121 S. 10th; senility.
DEMING, Maud, 25, Valverde; consumption.
FIGARY, J. H., 63, 1866 Downing, alcoholism.
WHALEN, J., 48, St. Joseph's sarcoma.
ROGERS, D. R., 40, 684 S. 12th, diabetes.
LAWRENCE, R., 37, 3028 S. Evans, gunshot.
FIELDS, Max, 39, Aurora, consumption.
ALLAN, William, 30, 17 E. 24th, consumption.
WATERS, Edith M., 1, 2067 Blake, pneumonia.
SAUNDERS, W. H., 35, 918 W. 14th, consump.
HUBER, J. D., 26, St. Joseph's; consumption.
MAYA, Elsie, 1, 3768 Perry; pneumonia.
TAPPAN, infant, 1948 Lawrence, inanition.
STILES, J. H., 38, 419 W. 2nd, pnuemonia.
FEIL, L. W., 13, 430 S. Gilpin, pnuemonia.
SNAPP, L. 2, 525 S. 11th, grip.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 17, 1901

BOARDMAN, at Point Loma, Cal., on this 15th inst., Frederick Hall Boardman of Denver, Colo.

BANKS, Mrs., wife of James D. Banks, at their residence 808 S. Logan, Wed. Jan. 16, services from residence, interment Fairmount.
Funeral Notice:
MARBLE, Fannie Rose, today from Walley & Rollins, 1408 Larimer St., friends invited.
Card of Thanks:
Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Kerker to express to many friends appreciation of kindnesses to them during bereavement on death of son, Charles Lester Kerker.

J. W. Rogers and family thank friends and neighbors for kindness during sicnes and death of Mrs. E. R. Rogers.
Marriage Licenses:
Lena M. Marshall to Richard H. George.
Anna Sicka to Oswald Schellenberg.
Edith P. Smith to William H. Brooks of Fort Collins.
Nellie Emmons of Heron, Ill., to Fred S. Hartzell.
Anna P. Keith to Fred G. Gruba of Cripple Creek.
Mayme J. Mc Laughlin to Geroge F. Marman of Pocatello, Idaho.
Lillian E. Walker to J. Elton Rocke.
M. Birdie Whitaker to Thomas Middlemiss.
Birth Report:
Mrs. Walter Searle, 4125 Bert, daughter.
Burial Permits:
MOLL, W. H., 29, St. Anthony's Hospital, nephr.
SPILLER, T., 45, w. 12th, min, cons.
JOHNSON, Mary J., 82, 39 Archer, senil deb.
JOHNSON, Amanda, 18, 2704 California, cons.
FOLEY, B., 21, County Hospital, cons.
WAHL, G., 56, St. Anthony's Hospital, card. dll.
SHIGLEY, Bette, 51, 1526 Sher. B., opium pois.
GRUBERT, F., 45, 1427 Market, suicide.
CROKE, M., 81, 1160 Vermont, pneu.
BAIRD, J., 50, St. Joseph's Hospital, pneu.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, Denver, January 18, 1901

HOWARD, Lucy Kathleen, Jan. 17, infant d/o Edw. E. and Lucy A., from 1130 Santa Fe, interment Riverside.
ENGLISH, Paul Rowland, on Jan 5, age 17 yrs, son of Helen E. English, 894 14th St.
HARWARD, Mrs. Ellen M., at residence 425 Twenty-ninth, on Jan. 17, notice later.
WORTHY, Lucy, age 4, at residence of parents, 200 S. Ogden St., funeral private.
Marriage Licenses:
George E. Knelp of San Francisco to Floyd Miller of Chicago....(???)
Anna Cappa of Eldorado Springs, MO., to Aaron Lewis of Kansas City, MO.
Laura B.Ehrhart of Ottumwa, Iowa, to Herman Willareth.
Burial Permits:
KOTWOSKI, J., age 8, Elyria, meningtis.
MARBLE, Fannie R., age 28, 3525 W. Twenty-second, cons.
JENKINS, H., age 15, 2211 S. Evans, cere. men.
CHASE, R., age 1 mo., 2437 Cent; pneumonia
YEMIA, Lena, age 43, 1520 Clay, cons.
ENGLISH, P.R., age 17, co. hosp., pericar.
BANKS, Annie, age 30, 808 S. Logan, exop. goitre.
JEWEL, E. C., age 21, 9th and St. Paul, pneu.
PEYSER, R., age 54, 2614 Arapahoe, menin.
WYME, J. E., age 31, 1140 12th, cons.
CROOKE, Lily, age 40, 3423 W. Twentith, pneu.
MASON., L., age 9, 510 W. Third, endocar.
Birth Report:
Mrs. F. C. Emerle, 2446 17th, son.
Mrs. W. M. Easton, 1306 S. 7th, daughter.
Mrs. J. H. Bishop, 420 W. 8th, daughter.
Mrs. R. Richmond, 234 S. Water, son.
Mrs. Mary P. Skerritt, “Last Honors to First Woman Who Crossed Snowy Range”, b. Ireland, 1839, came with husband Thomas, to Colorado in 1858, located at the Skerritt Ranch.

Remains of Lt. J. L. Kennedy to be sent for military burial to Fairmount, from San Francisco, wife in Denver, at 1225 Evans St. Pallbearers: [not listed]

At Las Animas, Bent County Pioneer Dead, Maj. George H. Hill, one of the most prominent citizens, verteran of the Civil War. volunteered at Phila., then as sergent in Fifty-fifth Penna. infantry, discharged as major at end of war.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, Denver, January 19, 1901

CAMPBELL, Thomas, youngest son of Mrs. Ann Campbell, at 1116 Fifth St., Thurs, notice later.
HARWARD, Ellen M., age 50, at 425 Twenty-ninth St, funeral from residence Sun. and Sacred Heart Church, interment Calvary, Independence, Iowa, papers please copy.
O'GARA, Mamie A., wife of Michael J. O'Gara, age 28, 1716 W. Thirty-fourth Ave., Jan. 18, interment Portland, Ore.
CAVER, John, on Jan. 17, at 1424 Champa, funeral Sun. from Farmer and Hales' Undertaking.
Marriage Licenses:
Annie Corby to James P. Hanson Hattie E. Swenson to Elmer H. Black
Funeral Notice:
HARWARD, Members of Women's Catholic Order of Foresters are request to meet at church, Scared Heart court #383.
Burial Permits:
TEBER, J., 5, Globeville, menin.
BRAY, J. M., age 26, St. Anth., Hos., cons. >MC DONALD, J., age 23, County Hos., cons.
HANNIGAN, J., St. Anth Hos., cons.
HARTWELL, T. A., age 64, 1420 S. 13th, cons.
HOWARD, Lucy K., age 1, 1130 Sante Fe, pneu.
PALMER, Mary E., 851 Sante Fe, cons.
SEYMORE, J., age 77, St. Anth. Hosp, pneu.
PINEGAR, M. A., age 42, 938 W. 5th, pneu.
MC COWAN, Ada, age 29, St. Jos. Hosp., perit.
VORNUN, I., age 63, 1740 Market, pneu.
JACOBSON, Cecella, age 73, Winne; senility.
Death News Articles:
MONELL, Mrs. Mabel, wife of Cnty Clerk Towsend W. Monell, after lingering illness of many months. Leaves one child, a daughter, funeral from Methodist Episcopal Church, under auspices of Rathbone Sister, was a Montrose girl, very popular and loved by all.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, Denver, January 20, 1901; Pages as noted

VIDAL--to Mrs. Numa F. Vidal, of Holly, Colo, Jan. 16, a son.
SHAFFROTH, Maggie, Jan. 19, ddaughter of Harry and Ann Shaffroth, of pneumonia, age 8 yrs, services from residence, 3749 Wynkoop St.
COVER, John, on Jan. 17, at 1424 Champa St., Funeral Jan. 20 from Farmer & Hale's Undertaking.
GILCHRIST, Grace, at Arvada, only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harry B. Cilchrist, funeral Monday, interment Fairmount, age 23.
CAMPBELL, Thomas, at residence 1116 Fifth St., Jan. 18, Funeral Monday Jan. 21, St. Leo's Church, interment Mt. Olivet, by carriages.
ENYARD, Mrs. Annie, formerly Annie Lane, on Jan. 19, at residence, 360 Argo St., funeral today from McGovern's interment Riverside.
Funeral Notices:
HARWARD, Mrs. Ellen M., today, at late residence Sacred Heart Church, interment Calvary.
HARWARD, Sister Ellen, all members of Women's Catholic Order of Foresters requested to attend.
MC CAFFREY, Thomas B., from McGovern's Undertaking, Jan. 20, interment Fairmount.
VANDERSARL, John H., of Court Pride, No. 4, Foresters of America, from McGovern's today, interment Fairmount.
HAWKINS, Mrs. W. A., late of 871 S. Tenth, from W. P. Horan's Undertaking, at St. Joseph's Church.
SWARTWOOD, Arthur, from W. P. Horan's, interment Fairmount, friends invited to attend.
Marriage Licenses:
Lela Parmalee to Oliver W. Moll.
Carmele Libonati to Filippo Depagelis.
Eileen M. De Pedrolein of San Francisco, to Earl G. L. Weing of Wichita, Kan.
Mary Ellen Hammer to Andrew J. Olson.
Burial Permits:
RICKLEY, Ida, 12, Watkins, scarlet fever.
SWAN, Belle, 38, 1538 Welton, cons.
KEENAN, J., [B. or D.], 82, 4005 Palmer, pneu.
FLOSS, G., 54, Berkeley, asthma.
MC CAFFREY, T. B., 31, 2203 Stout, menin.
HARWARD, Ella M., 50, 425 S 20th, pneu.
METCALF, C. M., [73 or 78], 3841 Arlington, pneu.
SKERRITT, Mary, 61, Sherman Ave., heart dis.
Card of Thanks:
Mrs. C. D. Sharrah extends thanks expecially to Mason, B. of L. F. and B. of L. E.

Extending sincere thanks to members of Silver State Council, No., 152, Fraternal Aid Assoc., signed:  John Burghardt, Husband, Mrs. Luis York, Sister, Otto York, nephew.
Death News Articles:
SMARTWOOD, Arthur, former railroad man who has been ill in a little room of Broker Jeffrey's ticket office on lower Seventeenth St. Burial from Horan's by ticket brokers. For many years a railroad man, came to Colo. 16 yrs ago, employed on nearly every railroad at different times, considered an excellent man, also a Mason. Old friends cared for him as best they could, and he led a precarious life until pneumonia seized him.

Lt. Kennedy's body has not arrived. He was killed near Manila in a railroad accident while in the United States Signal Service, Nov. 24, 1900, his body with with 398 others was shipped to San Francisco.

WILLIAMS, John H., (Special to the News), Russell Gulch, “Dies at Central City”, native of Wales, age 61 yrs, long time an employee at the Topeka and other mines in Russell district, died of miner's disease. Leaves wife, and seven children, all of who reside here excepting a married daughter in Chicago. Member Russell Gulch Lodge No 41, I. O.O. F. who will conduct services. Page 7

WORDEN, M.C., “DEATH COMES TO KLONDIKE GOLD MINER”, Pulmonary Troubles Contracted in Making Fortune End of Life of M. W. Worden. (Special to the News), Boulder, Colo....Jan. 19, telegram rec' here today from wife of M. C. Worden, latter had died at Phoenix, Ariz, whither Mr. and Mrs. Worden went from Boulder a few week since in the hope of the betterment of Mr. Worden's health. Located in Boulder after 2 yrs of successful mining in Klondike. Had an elegant home in the Cheney Block. Contrcted pulmonary trouble while in Klondike, body to New York for interment. Page 11.

SKEELS, Charles: “Death Leave One of Family, Mrs. Skeels Sees Husband Die as Her Brother and Sister-in-law.”
Offers of Families to Adopt Orphans will be ddeclined by courageous boy with dying woman's injunction to greatly strengthen him. Mrs. Skeels lost Mr. and Mrs. John W. Crooks and now Mr. Skeels. Funeral at the First Baptist Church. Mrs. Skeels has two children of her own, age 15 and 13, besides five orphaned by death of her brother. Clement Crooks, age 16, does not wish his brothers and sisters to be adopted. Page 12.

KERKER, Charles Lester - only son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Kerker, 5938/3938 Merrill ST., admired by Armour Packing Co. employees. Age 8, remains interred at Mt. Olivet. [Article includes warnings to parents of children who could choke, death in such a manner is unusual.] Page 12.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, January 21, 1901

Died: WATTS, Frank M., formerly connect with Board of Underwriters, and Colo. Packing Co., on Jan. 18, at Phoenix, Ariz. Interment at Jefferson, Iowa.
JANSSEN, Captain J. J., Jan. 20, age 68, Milwaukee papers pls copy.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, Denver, January 22, 1901

RICE, Mrs. Jane Crysler, Jan. 21, residence of her daughter, Mrs. M. Allen, 1521 Vine St. notice later.
MANN, Thomas, Jan. 21, 12:30 p.m., pneumonia, age 51, leaves wife and two daughers, Mrs. E. L. Milner and Mrs. S. H. Fike, of Denver, Indianapolis, Ind., papers pls copy.
LYFORD, Agnes McLean, age 16, Jan. 21.
LYFORD, Agnes McLean, (Miss),daughter of James O. Lyford of Concord, N. H. and niece of Mrs. R. R. Williams, of Denver, services at Y. M. C. A., interment Concord, N. H.
GARDNER, Miss Emma, of pneumonia, at residence 1440 Larimer, age 46, on Jan. 21, from Rogers' Undertaking, interment Fairmount.
Funeral Notice:
JANSSEN, Capt. J. J. from residence, Willa Park, today.
VALLEY, William, from residence of parents, 3775 Williams, Annunciation Church, interment Mt. Olivet.
Marriage Licenses:
Emma Leisenberg to Philip Landfried
Dora A. Warver of Burlington, Kan. to Lous G. Homfeldof Black Hawk
Evelyn B. Golding to George T. Retize
Claire Silver to Harry Campbell of St. Louis
Lorena M. German/Gorman to Oscar W. Hurlburt of Lead, S. D.
Birth Report:
Mrs. H. M. Hyde, 2800 Williams, daughter.
Mrs. A. Rolin, Harman, son.
Mrs. Smith, 1204 Santa Fe, son
Mrs. T. H. Baker, Valverde, son
Mrs. Henry Newman, 122 Raven, daughter
Mrs. G. E. Linnb, 3735 Bryant, son.
Mrs. E. Verhofstead, 1350 Sante Fe, daughter
Mrs. John Reedy, 3545 Williams, daughter.
Burial Permits:
GILBERT, P., 33, 713 Larimer, pneu.
O'GARRA, Mary A., 28, 1716 W. 34th, cons.
COVER, John, 61, 1424 Champa, heart dis.
ENYARD, Annie, 60, 360 Argo, neuvas.
SMARTWOOD, A., 54, County Hos, cons. >MC KINNIE, Cora, 18, 804 18th, or 13th, pur. eclam.
SHAFFROTH, Margaret, 7, 3749 Wynkoop, pneu.
HUGHES, Leroy, 3 mons., 51 Winne; convul.
SMITH, D., 70, 1230 W. 11th, pneu.
GILCHRIST, Grace, 22, Arvada, bronch.
SKEELS, H. B., 58, 3950 Bell, pneu.
Death News Articles:
PEDRICK, Albert - employee of Brown Palace, elevator accident. [Description of accident], resides at 2330 Washington Ave. page 5

VALLEY, William - Father is Summoned To Attend Son's Funeral, Death Comes in Friendly Scuffle. Funeral arrangements delay, pending arrival of father E. J. Valley, from Reno, Nevada.

GARDNER, Miss Emma, of pneumonia, at residence 1440 Larimer, age 46, on Jan. 21, from Rogers' Undertaking, interment Fairmount.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

Rocky Mountain News, Denver, January 23, 1901

Funeral Notices:
RICE, Mrs. Jane Crysler, from resdience of daughter, Mrs. S. M. Allen, 1521 Vine St.
CARROLL, William, from residence 517 Nineteenth St., Berkeley, interment at Fairmount. Member A.O.U. W., Woodmen of the World, Forresters, Knights of Pythias and Wood Carvers' Union.
CLIFFORD, John P., age 7 yrs, at resdience of parents, Mr. & Mrs. P. H. Clifford, 506 Twenty-ninth. Funeral from residence, Sacred Heart church, interment Calvary.
MC CARTY, Catherine, at Victor, Colo., of pneumonia, age 57. Funeral from residence of son W. H. McCarty, 3603 Clifton St., interment Scranton, Pa.
Burial Permits:
KENNEDY, J. L., age 36, Manila, frac. skull.
LYFORD, Agnes M., 16, YWCA, pneu.
MOOK, H., 45, County Hos., consump.
VANDERSARL, G. H., 40, 1639 Blake, par. heart.
WORTHY, Lucy, 4, 2000 S. Ogden, bronch.
SISTER TRESA, St. Clara's con., pneu.
Birth Report:
Mrs. A. Rescher, 1810 Marion, son.
Mrs. A. W. Carpenter, 2424 Bearce, daughter.
Marriage Licenses:
Jennie A. Hughes of Grand Junction to William A. Mazey of Pensacola, Fla.
Beulah Charirand to Charels F. Johns.
Lucy Kingsbury of Hardin to Charles E. Telt.
Margaret Lewis to Daniel R. Lucy.
Alice Hawkins of Grand Junctio to Milton Gilbert of Salida.
Lola F. Breeze to Marshall M. Browning.
Marie E. Puckett to Charles W. Towsley.
Fredericka Fridborn to Walter S. Taylor
News Articles:
GALBRIETH, George M., shot and killed by C. E. Cox, at Pueblo at his home. Cyrus E. Cox is charged after coroner's warrant is served.

JANSSEN, Captain John J., funeral, yesterday, at Fairmount. Age 68, well known resident. Engaged in honey growing, formerly lived in Milwaukee.

CARROLL, William, runaway claims victim. A woodcarver, died as a result of a team and wagon, was struck by a car. Many people witnessed the accident but where powerless to save him from his injuries. Employed at McPhee & McGinity's, was 39 years old, member of Wood Carvers' Union. Respresentative of coroner's office called on Mrs. Carroll.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Rocky Mountain News, Denver, January 24, 1901

ARUNDEL, Mabel Alice, wife of Walter C. Arundel, and daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Laundon, 33 yrs. Residence 3101 Homer Blvd, on Jan. 23, notice later.
Funeral Notice:
REED, Kenneth Gardner Reed, aged 6, son of Mr. & Mrs. B. C. Reed, Jan. 22, funeral private from residence, Midland Hotel.
CARROLL, William, from residence 517 Nineteenth St., Berkely, interment Fairmount.
TURCK, John, today from Walley & Rollins, 1408 Larimer St., pioneers and friends invited.
MC CARTY, Catherine, (Mrs.), owing to sickness in family, no funeral from her son's residence, 3603 Clifton St., at Jan.29, interment at Scranton, Pa.
Marriage Licenses:
Lizzie Ostermiller to George Ostermiller.
Margaret A. Martindale of Fort Scott, Kan., to Geo. F. Ream.
May L. Hodge to Frank A. Pettee.
Julie R. Lamoreaux to Leslie A. Small.
Mamie O'Halloran of Milwaukee, Wis., to Joseph P. Vall of Freeport, Ill.
Georgiana Longacre of Hot Springs, Ark., to Frederick Hesp of Empire.
Anna Elizabeth Julius to Peter Rahn, both of Omaha, Neb.
Mary F. Pilkington of Clevelnad, to Arthur L. Williams of Syracuse, N.Y.
Nessie A. Maher to Joseph Hearty.
Myrtle Metcalf to John W. Tarlton of Chaiton, Ia.
Delliah A. Forbes to James M. Taylor of Longmont.
Burial Permits:
ALLEN, J., 50, 1637 S. Boradway; gas. ent.
SMITH, G., 41, 3108 Blake, pneu.
ACKER, Margaret, 22, Steele Hosp., scar fever.
GARDNER, Emma, 47, 1449 Larimer, pneu.
ROSS, Agnes M., 1, 1440 S. Logan, pnue.
RICE, Jane, 81, 1521 Vine, pneu.
MANN, Thos., 50, 1845 Champa, pneu.
GRANT, Pat, 49, County Hosp., consum.
HELM, Geo., 58, County Hosp., cirr. liver.
RAE, L. H., 24, 3458 Franklin, consum.
REED, K. G., 6, 1108, 17th, scar. fever.
RIEDT, Katie, 19, St. Jos. Hos., perit.
CARROLL, Wm., 38, 517 17th, accid.
BROWN, James, 50, St. Jos. Hosp., pnue.
GREEN, Emma, 48, Stout, consum.
Birth Report:
Mrs. J. Greenwald, 2027 Golden Ave., dau.
Mrs. Frank Kinsley, 3324 W. 26th, dau.
Mrs. R. J. Parson, 21 Ogden St., dau.

Transcribed & contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

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Littleton Independent, Littleton, Colo., October 27, 1939

Divorces Filed:
Dorothy Imogene Cox vs Lonzo Cox
Blanche Mathews vs Wilburn Mathews
Margaret Morley vs Raymond Morley
Myrtle Frank vs Willam Frank
George W. Bradley vs Helene Chapman Bradley
Esther H. Armstrong vs. Theodore Armstrong

Transcribed & contributed by: Cheri Brillhart [email protected]

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