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This section will always be UNDER CONSTRUCTION as newspaper articles will be added as they are found or donated.  If a photo accompanies the article, or if you have a photo that you would like to have posted with the article I will happily include that, too.
Please send any obituaries or questions to Denise Wells, Arapahoe County GenWeb Coordinator

Vital Records (Odds & Ends) from Arapahoe County Newspapers

Newspaper Headlines

   HORSE THIEF VALUED MORE HIGHLY THAN HORSE, The Daily News, Denver, Colo., June 15, 1880 page 8

  EGG THROWERS ACQUITTED, The Denver News, Denver, Colo., March 14, 1894

  HE HAD ANOTHER NAME, The Daily Times, March 15, 1894

  DROWNED IN THE PLATTE, Rocky Mountain News, June 1, 1894

   ORPHANS BY THE SCORE, The Denver Times, January 1, 1895

  LONG SEARCH FOR A CHILD, Denver, The Denver Post, January 1, 1899

  A JUNE DAY IN JANUARY, Denver, The Daily News, January 18, 1901

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