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Name Birth Date Death Date Remarks Submitter
Raymond, Gipsie*   Nov 23, 1885 age 21  
Reichert, David H.* 1886 1957 SW4 block 16   
Reichert, David, Jr.* 1911 1937 E Lot 3A Block 9   
Reichert, Johann George* 1877 1953 W Lot 137 Block 15   
Reichert, Katharina Elizabeth (Miler)* 1881 1940 W Lot 137 Block 15   
Reichert, Mollie* 1891 1954 SW4 block 16   
Reidmuller, Frank E. Dec 13, 1923   age 6 months; son of Helen Vormelker Reidmuller; Block 8, Lot 117, Section 1/4 Diane Mattingly
Richards, Blanch M (Kranchi) Apr 5, 1880 Apr 9, 1975 age 95; wife of Clarence Richards Laurel Campbell
Richards, Clarence M. Nov 5, 1870 Feb 10, 1936 age 65; son of J. W. & Elizabeth Richards Laurel Campbell
Richards, David M. Mar 1836 Apr 3, 1905 age 69; CO First Family 1858 Laurel Campbell
Richards, Effie Louise Sep 29, 1874 Jul 7, 1931 age 56; daughter of J. W. & Elizabeth Richards Laurel Campbell
Richards, Elizabeth (Wightman) Oct 18, 1839 Jan 4, 1903 age 64; wife of J. W. Richards Laurel Campbell
Richards, Frankie Apr 5, 1868 Jul 4, 1868 age 3 months; son of J. W. & Elizabeth Richards Laurel Campbell
Richards, James W. Mar 4, 1839 Mar 22, 1883 age 44; CO First Family 1858 Laurel Campbell
Richards, M.   Jan 21, 1879 age 40, buried w/David & Samantha; relationship unkn. Laurel Campbell
Richards, Samantha (Grice) Aug 7, 1838 Jan 20, 1879 age 40; wife of David M. Richards[ Laurel Campbell
Roark, Edward B.* Dec 29, 1856 Jan 2, 1908 Woodmen of the World  
Roberts, Mettie (Ireland)   Jun 19, 1901 age 49; source: her death record Nanci Hobart
Robertson, J. W.*   Apr 28, 1905 age 46; Woodmen of the World  
Roesch, Elizabeth* 1839 1926    
Roesch, Geo. Rud.* Apr 7, 1835 Apr 17, 1886 Born Forst St. Palatinate, Rhine, Germany  
Routt, Eliza     Block 6, Lot 14
Wife of Gov. John L. Routt
Routt, John Long Apr 25, 1826 Aug 13, 1907 Block 6, Lot 14
Territorial & State Governor
Rueter, Arthur H.* 1875 1905    
Rueter, August F.* 1836 1900 Woodmen of the World  
Rueter, Mary* 1841 1905    
Ruffe, Udora L.* Nov 28, 1861 Dec 3, 1905 Women of Woodcraft  
Rupeter, Anna Maria Hartwig* Feb 9, 1870 May 10, 1906 Wife of A. E. Rupeter   



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