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Name Interment
Birth/Death Age Remarks
Neff, Maurice David   28 Jul 1906-23 Mar 1958   Lot 13
Contact: Karen Sue Teague
Neff, Rose Heady Ann (Landaman), wife of Maurice D. Neff   died 24 Feb 1957   Lot 13
Contact: Karen Sue Teague
Nichols, Catharine M. (Duggan) (Thayer) (Lipkaman) (Photo) 29 Jan 1936 31 Oct 1861-26 Jan 1936   Married 3 times; 2nd hus., John Lipkaman
Contact Ida F. Hall
Nelson, John E.*   1865-1903   Woodmen of the World
Nicholls, Laura M.*   died 5 Oct 1892 3y 9m  
Nicholls, Walter T.*   died 20 Jul 1892 6 wks  
Norton, Loretta Jane*   13 Jul 1868-10 Aug 1896    

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