(For international calls to Australia start with the prefix 0061.
For New South Wales follow that with 02 and for Victoria 03.
Then the phone number as quoted)

Scottish Australian Heritage Council (S.A.H.C.)
G.P.O. Box 495, Chatswood, N.S.W., 2057
e-mail:[email protected],

Celtic Ring of Standing Stones, Glen Innes, N.S.W.
P.O. Box 354, Glen Innes, N.S.W., 2370
Tel: 067.322.397; Fax: 067.325.175

Royal Caledonian Society of Melbourne
President: David Thomson
Secretary: James Rattray
6 School Lane, Ferny Creek, Vic., 3786
Tel:/Fax: 9.755.3193

Robert Burns Club of Melbourne
Secretary: Bev Tait
P. O. Box 734, Melton, Vic., 3337

Council of Clans Australasia
email: [email protected]
Chief: Doug McLaughlin
61 Commercial Road, Ferntree Gully, Vic., 3156
Tel: 9.758.2594

Scots of Victoria Co-Ordinating Committee
President: Ian Murdoch
68 Brighton Club Street, Frankston, Vic., 3199
Tel: 9.787.5961

Victorian Scottish Union (V.S.U.)
Secretary: Bill Schrank
Unit 2, 4 Lyell Parade, Greensborough, Vic., 3088
Tel:/Fax: 9.444.9590

Australia Day Council, Victoria
Glenice Abbott
P. O. Box 1402 S, Melbourne, Vic., 8001
Tel: 9.663.1669
Fax: 9.857.0248

First Fleet Fellowship, Victoria
President: Rick Stonehouse
Tel: 9.318.1813

Pioneers' Association (1788-1820)
P. O. Box A 1121, Sydney South, N.S.W., 1235
Tel: 9.262.7049

Port Phillip Pioneers' Group Inc.
President: Bronwyn Quint
c/- G. S. V., Level 6, 179 Queen Street, Melbourne, Vic., 3000
Tel: 9.808.1980

Scottish Knight Templars Secretary: John Cornell-Reilly
69 Elgar Road, Burwood, Vic., 3125
Tel: 9.808.4001

Honorable Company of Armigers
Max Milton Macalister
Unit 2, 24a Rattray Road, Montmorency, Vic., 3094.
Telephone: 0061 (03) 9435 9914
Fax: 0061 (03) 9432 2550
Mobile: 0418 337 795

Armoral & Heraldry Socity Australasia
Secretary: John Cornell-Reilly
P. O. Box 352, World Trade Centre, Melbourne, Vicitoria, 8005

Lord Lyons Court
New Register House, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH13 YT
Tel: 0011.44.1583.42.1247

Scottish Nationalist Party (S.N.P.)
Isle of Skye, Scotland

Clan Donald Centre
Armadale, Isle of Skye, Scotland, IV458 RS

Scots Link Magazine
Editor: Glenda Dickson
P. O. Box 477, Melton, Vic., 3337
Fax: 9.747.0822

Scotts Magazine Editor: Susan Cromarty
P. O. Box 675, Bowral, N.S.W., 2576
Tel: 4885.1553
Fax: 4885 1047

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