Elizabeth Cheyne

F, #9477, b. circa 1670
FatherUnlinked Cheynes in Aberdeen before the 1696 Poll
     Elizabeth Cheyne married Alexander Taylor, in Old Machar Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland. No marriage record was found, but they probably were, possibly in a parish that had not yet begun to record marriages.

Elizabeth Cheyne, in Calgony, witnessed the christening of her son, William Taylor, on 6 February 1698, at Calgony at Old Machar Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland. The following is a transcription from the Register of Baptisms, Parish of Old Machar, 1673-1699, Page 218/Frame 257: "Febr. 6th (1698) Alex'r Taylor (9478), cufonen (entered Calgony) & Elizabeth Chein (9477), his Spouse, a fon bap: named William (9480), W'm Baxter, baillie in old Ab'd, Mr. W'm Pryfrie, mr. O gal yr newsrib fchool yr, Mr. William (Smuch?) & W'm moir witt."1


Alexander Taylor b. c 1670


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