Andrew Cheyne

M, #8427, b. before November 1817, d. after 6 February 1866
FatherJames Cheyne b. a 1766
MotherElizabeth Robertson b. Jan 1796, d. 3 Feb 1870
     Andrew Cheyne was baptized, November 1817, in Northmavine Parish, Shetland Islands, Scotland. Andrew Cheyne (8427) was the illegitimate son of James Cheyne (8426) and Elizabeth Robertson. He was also the nephew of John Cheyne of Tangwick (2545), thus James was John's brother.1

In February 1830. John Cheyne was the first person named on a hand written list of persons in the Eshaness quarter February 1830, the author of which is unknown. He resided at Tangwick. This list contains fourteen hand written pages. Also with John was noted Andrew Cheyne, John Cheyne's nephew, and father of Sir Watson Cheyne. John appears to have had four servants and Andrew, two.2

There was a Captain Cheyne of the Brig Naiia mentioned in an article in the New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, 25 September 1845. He was in the port of Amatam and took on cargo from the Rover's Bride for the China Market.3

Andrew Cheyne (14850) found on the 1851 census in the household of James Cheyne (7538) may have been Andrew Cheyne (8427) whose age was probably mis-indexed as 11, rather than 21.

Andrew Cheyne obtained his master's certificate on 2nd December 1851 at the port of London. He wrote two books and a journal, "Islands in the Western Pacific Ocean", 1852 and "Sailing directions from New South Wales to China, Japan etc.". (Shineberg, Dorothy ed. The Trading Voyages of Andrew Cheyne, 1841-44).4,5

Andrew Cheyne married Elizabeth Margaret Bruce Watson 19 February 1852, in Fetlar Parish, Shetland Islands, Scotland.6

Andrew Chayne was named the father of William Watson Chayne at his christening on 10 January 1853 at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.7,8

There is an interesting WebPage with a biography of Andrew Cheyne. The address is:

Andrew Cheyne died after 6 February 1866 in Koror, Palau. A date of 7 April 1866 was recorded in a letter from the British Consul at Manila to Henry Cheyne, W.S. for Andrew’s date of death. However, the log book of Andrew Cheyne's ship Acis shows that the last entry he made in it was dated 6 February 1866. The next entry is made by a relief captain who had been sent to recover the ship; this is dated 17 March 1866 and in it he refers to the death of Andrew Cheyne. So it seems likely that Andrew Cheyne was killed shortly after 6 February 1866. (Edited from material at the Shetland Family History WebSite.).10


Elizabeth Margaret Bruce Watson b. c 1825


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