Alexander Cheyne

M, #3878, b. circa 1660
FatherUnlinked Cheynes in Aberdeen before the 1696 Poll
      Alexander Chein (3878) and Elspet Cheyne (3879) were both found on the same page of the List of Pollable Persons in Aberdeenshire 1696. They probably were siblings. They were both on the Lands of Brucklay and Ironside belongin to the Factor of Drum.
Alexander Chein, servant to Andrew Taylor, at Over Ironside and Walk Milne. The entry reads "Alexander Chein, servant, fee per annum 10 merks, fortieth pairt and generall poll is ... 9s 0p".
Elspet Cheyne at Whytecairns was mentioned with little other information. Her entry reads "Elspet Cheyne ... 6s 0p".1

Alexander Cheyne at Broomhill in Auchredy Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Alexander Cheyne was buried 23 September 1698, at Auchredy Kirkyard, in Auchredy Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland. The following is a transcription from the Register of Burials, Parish of Auchredy (now New Deer), 1690-1700, Page 277, "The Sd day (23 Sep 1698) Allex'r Chein a young man in broom hill Was Buried Witnefses William Duncan and Wm Leg both in broom hill.”.2


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