Osberto de Caisneto Lord of Caenby & Glentham (Lincolnshire)

M, #3871, b. circa 1010
Father(?) Pre Cheynes and Cheneys found in Le Fief de Quesneto
      From R. W. L. Chesney, Le Fief de Quesneto, page 3: "It has been stated that, inscribed on the Dives Roll are the names of Raoul and Osbern de Quesnai. Genealogists are agreed that the Raoul is synonymous with the Radulfus de Caisned (12628). Osberto de Caisneto (3871) has been mentioned in relation to the Leger Book of Barlings Abbey. It is not possible to say whether this Osberto is the Osbern de Quesnai; or if he came to England before the Conquest, as stated in the Leger Book. It may be assumed that an Osberto existed - there was no need to mention him otherwise - and that he was Lord of Caenby. A continuation of the statement in the Leger Book reveals that there was, in the time of the Conqueror, a Sir William de Caisneto (3873) lord of Caenby and Glentham, who begat, by Constance (3872) his wife, an only daughter, Adelidis (3874), whom he gave in marriage to Sir Osbert (but possibly a Sir Robert) de Cundi (3875). According to C. W. Foster [19], the facts which are certain in this story are that Alice married Robert de Condet, and that she and Roger, their son, had a lordship in Caenby and Glentham [20]. He says that while it would be easy to allow too much weight to the ‘Stemma’, it is possible that it contains a substratum of fact; and that while it may be concluded that Caenby and Glentham belonged to the de Casneto family, whose heiress married a de Condet, there is considerable confusion in the generations [21]. No relationship is given between Osberto and William de Casneto; but as they were both lords of Caenby, it may be inferred that they were of the same family [22]. No other information is available regarding the Osberto branch.
[19] Foster, C.W. The Condet Family and Chesney Relationship. Lincoln Record Society, Vol. 27. 1931.
[20] Foster, C.W. ibid- He says that the statement in the “Stemma” that Alice de Condet and Roger her son held Caenby and Glentham is confirmed by Roger’s grant to the canons of Licques, near Boulogne, of his toft of five acres with two bovates and pasture for 700 sheep in Glentham and Caenby; by the descent of the manor of Caenby to Roger’s daughter, Agnes de Condet, who married Walter Clifford senior;by the fact that Walter Clifford junior, son of Walter and Agnes, presented to the rectory of Caenby in 1235 and 1244; and by the gift to Barlings Abbey, by Maud de Clifford and William de Longspee her husband, of their manor in, and advowson of Caenby. (Mon. vii.918)
[21] Stapleton, T. Rot. Scacc. Norm. Tomus II, pp. clivv-cliv.(f) States that Emma Crispin, sister of Hesilia Crispin, was the mother of Peter de Conde, whose decendant, Robert de Conde, rendered accompt, 31 Henry I, 1131, ‘sub. tit.’ Lincoliescira of 30 marks of silver for relief of land of father.
[22] In 1086, the bishop of Lincoln held four carucates in Couenebi which were inland of his manor of Stow, and three carucates and six bovates in Glentham which were sokeland of the same manor. In 1115-18, the bishop had in the two places seven carucates and six bovates, of which Martel de Taneio held two carucates and four bovates. With this exception, the names of the bishop’s tenants in these villages are not given in any of the feudal surveys. (Linc.Rec.Soc., Vol. 27 - “Condet Family”).1

He was found styled, Lord of Caenby and Glentham "long before the the Conquest". He founded Saint Nicholas Church, Caenby (see Chartulary of Barlings Abbey possibly held of William Maiei before 1066.).2


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