Alexander Skeyne

M, #3194, b. circa 1500
FatherUnlinked Cheynes in Aberdeen before the 1696 Poll
      James Skeyne of Auquhorsk (3217), Patrick Skeyne in Carnglas (3238), James Skeyne in Bandodill (3008), and Alexander Skeyne (3194) were probably closely related.

An Alexander Chene, probably (2606), and Alexander Skeyne (3194) were witnesses to an instrument concerning a James Skeyne in Bandodill (3008). In Protocol Book of Sir John Christisone, 1518-1551, dated, 28 August 1543, was found: "373. Instrument narrating that James Skeyne in Bandodill compeared personally on the ground of the sunny third of the lands of Blakhall, in the regality of Gareaucht and sheriffdom of Aberdeen, holding in his hands a precept of sasine from William Blakhall of that Ilk, which he presented to John Reche, bailie, who, after the notary had read the precept, gave possession to James S. in due form, in token of which possession the bailie chose an ox of a black colour, "skwrrit" (with short horns), valued by trustworthy persons on oath at 2 merks money. Done as above 28 Aug 1543. Witnesses, Alexander Skeyne, Ingram Mortymar, Alexander Farchar, Alexander Chene, and Sir John Cristisone, notary. 130a."1


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