John Cheyne

M, #2164, b. circa 1585
FatherUnlinked Cheynes in Aberdeen before the 1696 Poll
      George Chein (2163) and John Chein (2164), both in Crimond were mentioned in an action in Littlejohn, Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire. The entry for the said action reads as follows: "July 7 (1621). Loosing of Arrestments. George Johnestoune of that Ilk v. John Leslie, elder, of Petcaple, John Leslie, Fiar thereof, George Chein in Auld Mylne of Creimond, Andrew Leslie in Hill of Creimond, John Chein in Creimond, Thomas Tailzeour there and John Leslie in Hill of Creimond and the other tenants of Creimond and Thomas Tailzrour in Calff-fauld. Cautioner Alexr. Leslie of Auchquhorsk. Peats, etc., in the moss of Creimond."
George and John Chein were probable either, father and son, or brothers.1


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