Isobel Cheyne

F, #2145, b. circa 1650
FatherUnlinked Cheynes in Aberdeen before the 1696 Poll
      Issobell Cheyne, servant, in the household of John Sandilands, late provost in Aberdeen was found on the List of Pollable Persons in Aberdeenshire 1696. The entry reads as follows: "John Sandilands, late provost, stock above 10,000 merks, for himselfe and lady, James, Peter, and May, his children; servants, James Milne, William Strachan, George Hadon, William Collisone, 20 merks yeirly each, Methline Walker, Agnes Baxter, and Issobell Cheyne, 15 merks yeirly each ... £15 14s 0d".1


  1. [S130] List of Pollable Persons in Aberdeenshire 1696, Volume 2, Presbytery of Aberdeen, Burgh of Aberdeen, Page 632. Image obtained from Google Books.