William Cheyne

M, #2136, b. circa 1650
FatherUnlinked Cheynes in Aberdeen before the 1696 Poll
      William Cheyne, servant to James Pirie in Mill of Potertone, who was a tennent to the Earl of Panmure, was found in the List of Pollable Persons in Aberdeenshire 1696. The entry reads in part as follows: "MILN OF POTERTONE. James Perrie, tennent ther .... William Cheyne, servant, of fee £15 6s 8d, fortieth pairt wherof and generall poll is ... 13s 8d".1

William Cheyne (2136), James Chyn (2137) and James Chyn (2138), all found on the 1696 Poll in Belhelvie Parish were probably related.


  1. [S130] List of Pollable Persons in Aberdeenshire 1696, Volume 2, Presbytery of Aberdeen, Parish of Belhelvie, Page 526. Image obtained from Google Books.