William Cheyne

M, #2079, b. circa 1650
FatherUnlinked Cheynes in Aberdeen before the 1696 Poll
      John and William Cheynes residing in Midmar Parish were probably closely related. John was mentioned as "of Ballogie" and was the clerk and collector of the poll for the parish of Midmar. But on his particular entry he was a servant to Alexander Forbes of Ballogie, younger. His two entries read in List of Pollable Persons in Aberdeenshire 1696, reads as follows: Page 180,"...John Cheyne of Ballogie, Clerk and Collector of poll ...".
Page 182, "Item, John Cheyne, his servant (Laird of Ballogie, younger), his fee 20 merks per annum, the fortieth pairt whereof and generall poll is...12s 8p".

William Chein was mentioned twice as a tennant of Alexander Forbes of Ballogie, elder, in List of Pollable Persons in Aberdeenshire 1696. His first entry at Mayns of Ballogie reads as follows: "William Chein, tennent ther, is...1s 6p".
The second at Brays of Ballogie, "Item, William Cheyne, tennent ther, his proportone of his masters valued rent is 1s 4d, and generall poll for himself and wife is ...13s 4p".1


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