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Katone of Switzerland
Switzerland consists of 23 Kantone (singular Kanton, cantons or states), 3 of them are divided into Halb-Kantone ("split states"). 

Katone of Switzerland are listed below in several languages. Language is indicated by (Ger.) Swiss-German; (Fr.) French; (It.) Italian; (Eng.) English and (Rom.) Romansch. 
Name Short Term Capital Entry Date Language SwissGen Link
Aargau (Ger.), Argovie (Fr.), Argovia (It). AG Aarau 1803 German Adopt me
Appenzell AP (none) 1513 German Adopt me
Appenzell Innerrhoden (Ger.), Rhodes-Interieures (Fr.) 
AI Appenzell 1513 German Adopt me
Appenzell Ausserrhoden (Ger.), Rhodes-Exterieures (Fr.) 
AR Herisau 1513 German Adopt me
Basel BA (none) 1501 German Adopt me
Basel-Land (Ger.), Bale-Campagne (fr.), Basilea-Campagna (It.) 
BL Liestal 1501 German Adopt me
Basel-Stadt (Ger.), Bale-Ville (Fr.), Basilea-Citta (It.) 
BS Basel 1501 German Adopt me
Bern (Ger.), Berne (Fr.), 
Berna (It.)
BE Bern 1353 French, 
Adopt me
Fribourg (Fr.), Freiburg (Ger.), Friborgo (It.) FR Fribourg 1481 French 
Adopt me
Geneva (Eng.), Geneve (Fr.), Genf(Ger.), 
Ginvera (It.)
GE Geneva 1815 French Adopt me
Glarus (Ger.), Glaris (Fr.), Glarona (It.) GL Glarus 1352 German Adopt me
Graubunden (Ger.), Grischun (Rom.), 
Frigioni (It.), Grisons (Fr.)
GR Chur 1803 German, 
Adopt me
Jura (Fr.), 
Jura (Ger.)
JU Delemont 1978 
(was part of Bern)
French Adopt me
Luzern (Ger.), Lucerne (Fr.), Lucerna (It.) LU Lucerne 1332 German Adopt me
Neuchatel (Fr.), Neuenburg (Ger.), 
Neuchatel (It.)
NE Neuchatel 1815 French Adopt me
Unterwalden UW (none) 1291 German Adopt me
Nidwalden(Ger.), Niwald (Fr.), Sottoselva (It.) 
NW Stans 1291 German Adopt me
Obwalden (Ger.), Obwald (Fr.), Sopraselva (It.) 
OW Sarnen 1291 German Adopt me
Sankt Gallen (Ger.), Saint Gall (Fr.), S. Gallo (It.) SG Saint Gall 1803 German Adopt me
Schaffhausen (Ger.), Schafhouse (Fr.), Sciaffusa (It.) SH Schaffhausen 1501 German Adopt me
Schwyz (Ger.), Schqyz (Fr.), Svitto (It.) SZ Schwyz 1291 German Adopt me
Solothurn (Ger.), Soleura (Fr.), Soletta (It.) SO Solothurn 1481 German Adopt me
Thurgau (Fer.), Thurgovie (Fr.), Turgovia (It.) TG Frauenfeld 1803 German Adopt me
Ticino (It.), Tessin (Ger., Fr.) TI Bellinzona 1803 Italian Adopt me
Uri (Ger., Fr., It.) UR Altdorf 1291 German Adopt me
Valais (Fr.), Wallis (Ger.), Vallese (It.) VS Sion 1815 French 
Adopt me
Vaud (Fr.), Waadt (Ger)., Vallese (It.) VD Lausanne 1803 French Vaud
Zug (Ger.), Zoug (Fr.), Zugo (It.) ZG Zug 1352 German Adopt me
Zurich (Ger.), Zurich (Fr.), Zurigo (It.) ZH Zurich 1351 German Adopt me


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