My Two McCoy Families

My Two Ancestral McCoy Families

John Wingate McCoy and Elizabeth Smith

My first McCoy family came from Maryland about 1815 to Adams County, Ohio, where John Wingate McCoy met his bride, Elizabeth Smith, daugther of Reuben Smith and Sarah Beach Clark. After a few attempts to find a new home in Indiana, they finally settled in the early 1840's in Brown County, Illinois. John Wingate McCoy was probably the son of Alexander McCoy by his first wife. Alexander's children by his second wife, Hannah McCullough, did settle in Adams Co., Ohio and Brown Co., IL, where many of them appear in county records.

John Wesley McCoy and Louisa Adelaide Whitesides

My great-great-grandparents were married in Brown Co., IL August 14, 1856. Because Louisa was a descendant of a different McCoy family (see below), their marriage linked two of the several McCoy families of Brown Co.

The Other Ancestral McCoy

The story of the other McCoy family in my ancestry requires some explanation. In 1805, Jean Pierre Samuel Marcel and his wife Anne Jeanne Georgette Mayor arrived at Philadelphia from Switzerland. They settled first in Georgetown, DC, then moved to Lexington, KY by 1810. Their daughter Louisa Marcel apparently married a Mr. McCoy there at an early age. His given name might have been David, but all we really know about him is that he was dead by 1832, when Louisa McCoy, widow, gives permission for her 16-year old daughter Georgette to marry my ancestor Isaac Whitesides in Warren Co., OH. Louisa Marcel McCoy had several other McCoy children besides Georgette. With the exception of Oscar McCoy, who died in Butler Co., OH about 1844, all the rest of the McCoy children went with Louisa and her second husband, Thomas O'Hara, to Brown Co., IL about 1844. To complete the link between the two McCoy families, Louisa A. Whitesides, daughter of Isaac and Georgette, married John Wesley McCoy, son of John Wingate McCoy and Elizabeth Smith.

This story accounts for two of the McCoy tribes in Brown Co., IL. Another one came early from Kentucky, and at least one later Irish McCoy family also lived there. None of these families appears to be related to the feud family of Pike Co., KY.

For a report of the descendants of John Wingate McCoy, look for my "Descendants of Alexander McCoy" pages on my Family Tree Maker web site. For a report of the descendants of Louisa McCoy, look for my "Genealogy in French-Speaking Switzerland" pages on my Family Free Maker web site, choosing "Descendants of Jean Pierre Samuel Marcel" from the table of contents under that heading. Click here to go to my Family Tree Maker pages!

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