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Getting Started Checklist

NOTE: This software and associated documentation are
Copyright © 1997-1998 Patricia A. Lindsay.
Except for the CCHelper Manual written by Carol A. Haagensen

Getting Started:

  1. Subscribe to the CCHelper support/discussion list (optional) and the CCHelper announcement list (strongly recommended)

  2. Install CCHelper

  3. Upgrade CCHelper to the 1.06 release.

    See the Upgrade page..

  4. Start using CCHelper

    See the well-done CCHelper documentation created by Carol Haagensen. Please note the "fast track" steps that she has identified for getting started with CCHelper.

  5. Register with Surname Helper

  6. Backing up your database.

    It's very important to back your data. Please read the Backing up the database section in Carol Haagensen's CCHelper documentation.

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