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Frequently Asked Questions List

NOTE: This software and associated documentation are
Copyright © 1997-1998 Patricia A. Lindsay.
Except for the CCHelper Manual written by Carol A. Haagensen

URL is too long to fit in the Researcher's URL field

The fix to this requires a change in the database structure, not just a change to the code, unfortunately.

To workaround, add a link to the URL in the researcher's Note field. You'll need to supply the HTML for the link when you add it to the Note field.

When FTPing my CCHelper files, I get a "permission denied" message.

Problem summary:

  1. duplicate filenames generated
  2. FTP message = "553 query001.htm, permission denied, (filename (accept)"
If you look closely, you'll see that one set of files starts with a space instead of a letter. Win95 sees them as different file names (problem 1 solved).

Since UNIX won't allow filenames to start with a space, you can't upload the files (problem 2 solved).

This FAQ courtesy of Tracey Morris.

I'm having trouble with getting CCHelper to run on my Windows 95 PC. I installed CCHelper to the D: drive.

There is currently a problem with the Windows 95 install package when installing to a drive besides C:. Some people have gotten this to work, I have not pinned down why it works sometimes and doesn't others.

When I try to run CCHelper for the first time, I get the message "OLEPRO32.DLL not found".

I fixed it by copying the OLEPRO32.DLL from another Windows 95 PC to the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory . Click here to contact me to get a copy of this file.

I tried to use the "Custom" option when installing CCHelper to specify another drive. I was never prompted to put in another drive.

The problem may be that you pushed the Advanced button instead of the Details button. Try the install and make sure you use the Details button instead of the Advanced button.

Right now all the files are in one directory. To use CCHELPER, do I have to move the counties to separate directories?

All counties being in one directory wasn't planned for. The file names are generated for all counties with the same file names. Be SURE you create different directories on your machine and specify the correct one for each county or CCHelper will overwrite the files for one county on top of the files of another.

I have multiple counties and the "common return" links me back to just one county. What can I do?

This is a problem in the 1.05 release. See the upgrade page for the 1.06 upgrade and step #10 on the Getting Started page for the changes to make.

On some Web browsers the 'A thru M' on my pages looks like 'A&nbspthru&nbspM'. How do I fix this?

This is problem in the default control settings. To fix, choose "Manage", "Control Settings", select "AlphaSep" and then "Edit". In the "Value" box, add semicolons so that &nbspthru&nbsp is changed to  thru 

I have generated my HTML and looked at the results. Which files do I have to transfer to my server?

To make your pages work correctly, you need to transfer all of the files except the "EXPORT" files. I created the EXPORT files so that if a county coordinator who us using CCHelper wants to give away some of their counties to someone who will also use CCHelper, the receiver can import the export files for the applicable county into CCHelper. This will import the query, researcher and surname data for the county, it will not import the HTML definitions.

A side benefit of the EXPORT files is that they backup the query, researcher and surname data for you. If you FTP them to your server whenever you FTP the other files, you will have offsite backup of the data in case something happens to your PC.

Do I have to re-transfer every file if I make changes and regenerate the HTML?

If you have not added a new month to your query page since the last time they were transferred and you have not changed any of the surname, researcher or query breaks, or HTML sections, you only need to re-transfer the query pages (eg query001.htm) that had new posts and all of the "sur" and "res" files.

I get requests to post a surname without a query, how do I load these to CCHelper?

CCHelper calls this type of request a "Surname registration". If you import a request and you do not include the QRYTEXT: tag, CCHelper will load it as a surname registration. If you use the "Add Post" button to load this type of request, you can choose "Register" in the "Type" box.

I want to add some text to every page that is generated by CCHelper, where do I do this?

If you want to add the text to the top of every page, add it to the "common header" HTML section. To do this choose "Manage", "HTML Sections", "common header" and then "Edit". If you want to add the text to the bottom of every page, add it to the "common trailer" HTML section.

I want to add some text to just one page, where do I do this?

You will need to add the text to the body section for that page. To do this choose "Manage", "HTML Sections", the section name and then "Edit". For the "res", "sur" and "query" pages, add your instruction text to before the first "REPEAT FOR EACH" line or after the last "END REPEAT" line

How do I add a new page, like a lookup page, to CCHelper?

To create a lookup page (or any other page) in CCHelper where you want the top and bottom to look the same as the rest of the pages do the following.

  1. Do Manage, HTML Sections, Add

    Enter the section name, eg "lookup body" and press OK.

    In "Default Order" enter a "3".

    In the "Text:" box, enter or copy and paste the middle part of you lookups page into this box.

    Press OK.

  2. Do Manage, Page Definitions, select "howtoqry" page and press COPY.

    Enter the page name, eg "spencer lookup page" (spencer is the county name in this example) and press OK

    In the title box, enter what you want

    In the DOS file name box (at the bottom) change "howtoqry" to "lookup" or whatever the file name of your lookup page is.

    In the right-hand box, select 'howtoqry body" and press "Delete Section". (This deletes the section from this page, not from the database - it will still be on the 'howtoqry page'.)

    Now press "Add Section" and select the 'spencer lookup body' section.

    Press OK

  3. Do Manage, Counties, select Spencer county and press Edit. Then press Add Page and select "spencer lookup page".

    Now when you generate your HTML for Spencer you should get a lookup page.

    Note that I included Spencer in the names of the HTML section and page because a lookup page will be different for each county. If you have multiple counties you would want to setup an HTML section and page definition for each counties lookup page.

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