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 Welcome to California

Welcome to the California Division. We are a Lineage (Genealogical) Organization for women only, who are descendants of military and civilians who were involved with the southern perspective of the  War Between the States, also called the American Civil War.  Our members are not only deeply interested in genealogy, but also interested in the historical times in which our ancestors lived.

The objectives and purposes of California Division are:


Our organization is divided into local chapters, and California has 14 within our state.  As you look through our objectives and purposes above, these are the kinds of areas in which our individual chapters do their work.  Chapters donate money and do volunteer work to support our troops, maintain historical records and sites, care for the elderly, award scholarships and more. 

How do you join/? We offer membership to women only with a direct or indirect (collateral) ancestor, as well as to women who may not have a qualifying ancestor, but are interested in studying this historical period.

If you are interested in Genealogy...History...the War Between the States...joining a lineage group is a good way to bring all of these interests together and meet new people. If you have further interest or any questions, please contact us.

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Updated on 23 Aug 2017

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