Sutter County 1850 Census Transcription
Sutter County Census
1850 Sutter County Census Transcription

Reels M432-36. Note: this transcription contains all persons listed in Sutter County during the 1850 Census. Spelling may not be accurate as old handwriting can be difficult to read, census takers wrote phonetically, and pages can be faded.

This transcription is presented in two formats, by Surname and by Page Number. It may be beneficial for you to look up the person you are researching in the Surname list and then look up the Page Number they are on to see who they were living near. Transcription by Jay Bond.

1850 Sutter County Census Transcription by Surname

1850 Sutter County Census Transcription by Page Number
  19a 19b
20a 20b 21a 21b 22a 22b 23a 23b 24a 24b
25a 25b 26a 26b 27a   28a 28b 29a 29b
  30b 31a 31b 32a 32b 33a 33b    
    36a 36b 37a 37b 38a 38b 39a 39b
40a 40b 41a 41b 42a 42b 43a 43b 44a 44b
45a 45b 46a 46b 47a 47b 48a 48b 49a 49b
50a 50b 51a 51b 52a 52b 53a 53b 54a 54b
55a 55b 56a 56b 57a 57b 58a 58b 59a 59b
60a 60b  

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