Siskiyou Cemetery Project


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Steve and Laura Melton indexed many of the cemeteries in Siskiyou county. They read only the stones and markers and used other cemetery records if they were available. There are certainly people buried in these cemeteries who have no marker of any kind. If a person is listed on one of the cemetery pages, that person has some sort of marker, be it stone, concrete or just a metal stake. So if you do not find a person listed on one of our pages it isn't because that person is not buried may be simply because there is no marker and other records have not been located.

Be assured that as records become available I will update the pages as necessary. If you do not find someone you know is buried in a specific cemetery, please email me and I will do what I can to find that record and add that person to the page.  Note also that there were several persons buried in this county back in the 1800's, not in cemeteries, but on hillsides and in meadows. I will do what we can to identify those burials as well.

PLEASE NOTE You will find that on some pages the birth date is preceded by an asterisk. On those records you will also find an age in the comments sections written as Years, Months and Days. Where this occurs, there was no birth date on the stone. We have calculated the birth date according to the death date and that person's age at the time of death.

Again, if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to email me.

Rhonda Hammer