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I received an email from Carol Sturdevant, nee, Callaway, from New York.  She asked that we input the Siskiyou County portion of her family as well as parts of the same family from the state of California.  That's one of the reasons we decided to add this User Contribution section.  We'd like to thank Carol for her information and hope we get it up nice enough to do it justice.

In her email, Carol stated: "Here, as promised, is
what I have on the BRICE family. The USA part of this was compiled by Mabel Alvina BROWN nee BRICE and sent to me by one of her best friends. The Channel Islands part comes from my own family records and copies of church records and census figures sent to me by helpful people who live in Alderney.

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Brice Family Marriages

William Brice

Elizabeth James

Born Tiverton, Devon, England


William Henry Brice


Elizabeth Duckham

Born c. 1805, probably in Tiverton, Devon, England


Frederick James Brice


Elizabeth Ann Cutler

Born, South Hampton, England

Frederick was Harbor Master and Chief Custom Officer of Alderney and Guernsey, Channel Islands 1877-1887.

Frederick Brice

c. 1853-Mar 6, 1881

Lillian Brewer

Born in Alderney, Channel Islands


Frederick William George Brice

Born on Isle of Jersey Mar 25, 1870.  Died Jan 24, 1949, in San Francisco, CA

Emma Marie Hanson

Born Sep 25, 1881, in San Francisco, CA




Children of Frederic William George Brice

and Emma Marie Hanson


Mabel Alvina Brice (Brown) 1905 in San Francisco, CA 1996
Freda Emma Brice (Hofmann) 1907 in San Francisco, CA 1995
Norman Frederick Brice 1908 in Callahan, CA 1961
Irwin Charles Brice 1910 in Callahan, CA 1988
Walter William Brice 1913 in Callahan, CA 1959
Edwin George Brice 1915 in Callahan, CA 1980
Lillian Elizabeth Brice 1918 in San Francisco, CA 1918
Winston Ralph Brice 1920 in San Francisco, CA 1943
LaVerne L. Brice 1922 in San Francisco, CA 1922



The following information is from Carol's email:
Frederick William George BRICE sailed from Liverpool, England on the ship Umbria (Cunard Line) to New York in  April of 1882.  He would have been 12 years old and his father had been dead just about 1 year.  He left in Alderney a brother, Walter BRICE, 2 sisters, Mabel Brewer BRICE, and my grandmother Lillian Adele Marcomb BRICE as well as his mother Lillian (Elizabeth?) BRICE, nee BREWER, who ran a small candy store.

My grandmother, Lillian, was an infant of 1 yr. when Frederick sailed to the USA.  She sailed to New York, herself in July 1912, just after the Titanic had sunk.  She came to marry the Rev. George N. CALLAWAY, who had left Alderney as a young man and entered the ministry in Canada and the US.


They had 2 children; my father, Warren George CALLAWAY, who is now 87 years old and my aunt, Sheila Mae CALLAWAY.  For some reason, we did not know of Frederick's existence and this makes me very sad.  


You see, we were in California in 1942 in Monterey while my father was stationed there prior to going to Hawaii with
the US Army Corps of Engineers.  His uncle and cousins were close by and we never knew!

I have the names of many other BRICES if anyone is interested, but it's too long for an email and I don't know how to condense it. The

Family Search site also has a lot of information.

By the way, Frederick's application for US citizenship was made in Superior Court, Siskiyou County, CA.



Carol STURDEVANT, nee CALLAWAY, Finger Lakes area, NY