Siskiyou Gazelle Cemetery photos


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Many thanks to Becky Platou for taking and donating all of these photographs!

Bill & Mary Baum

Albert Beltramo

Beverly Beltramo

Anna Billings

Silas Billings

Annie Black

Jane & Irvin Black

Abel Bourges

Alfred Bourges

Cleatie Bozworth

Lloyd Bozworth

Ernest Bridwell

Julie Bridwell

James Ray Brown

James Ray Brown, Jr.

John Raymond & Irene Mae Campbell

Don & Nora Ann Cash

James & Goldie Casterline

Morris D. Casterline

Frank S. Chastain

Vernon H. Chastine

Annie Crechriou

Barry Crutchfield

Lauraine Curtis

Herbert & Mildred Dawson

Martha Dellinger

Clinton Edson

Mary Edson

Charles Etchison

Dale Etchison

Delbert Etchison

Lura Etchison

Ronnie Etchison

Sharon Etchison

James Evans

Margret Evans

Betty Fuller

Elmer Hammer

Clyde & Hattie Harter

Douglas Hayes

Joe Hayes

Tony & Marge Hayes

Dave & Katie Hein

Edwin & Kathryn Heinsen

Joseph Howell

Betty Jackson

Mark Jackson

Frederick Johnson

Ruth Johnson

Betty Keizer

John Keizer

Clarence Lacy Jr.

Glenda Lowary

Edna Maxwell

F. Roland Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell

William & Allie Maxwell

Bill McCoy

Bud McCoy

Charles & Ruth McCoy

John McCoy

Lisa McCoy

Margaret McCoy

Molly McCoy

Ott McCoy

Vicki McCoy

John & Marjorie McCracken

Bill Nickle

George Njaa

Leonard Earl Norris Jr.

Leonard Earl Norris Sr.

Lulubelle Norris

James Payton

Gwen Probst

Wanda Quigley

Carl Ramsey

Willie & Bertha Ramsey

Blanche Robertson

Boyd Robertson

Ruth Robertson

Donna Scheller

William & Mary Scoggins

James Simpson

Rose Simpson

Thelma Tschida

Frank & Mildred Whitsett

George Williams

Orville Wilson (2nd marker)

Orville & Pauline Wilson

Elva Wright

Floyd Wright

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