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Volume 2 - (1926 to 1934)
Newspaper Vital Records Extractions

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The publication "San Fernando Valley Vital Statistics - Newspaper Extracts, Volume II" was produced by the efforts of many of the members of the San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society over a period of years. The volunteers extracted the vital records from vintage local newspapers.

The following information came from the Lankershim Press and the North Hollywood Press newspapers which were published between the years 1926 and 1934.

Please do not send queries for more information, as this is all of the data that was extracted from the newspapers. The actual papers are held in the archives of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


Abbott, Charles 24-Jan-33 North Hollywood   Brother Of H.U. Abbott 26-Jan-33 1
Acree, Mrs Hettie E. Nov-29 Los Angeles 59 Yrs Aunt Of Mrs Flo 0. Johnson 26-Nov-29 1
Adams, Dr. C.R. 13-Feb-29 North Hollywood   Chiropractor; Died Of Gas Fumes 15-Feb-29 1
Adams, Edgar D. 14-Jan-31   32 Yrs Leaves Widow Mary C. Adams 16-Jan-31 1
Adams, James 9-Nov-29 North Hollywood 68 Yrs Died In A Sanatoriun; Lvs Widow 10-Dec-29 2
Adams, Mrs Mina S. 29-Jan-33 North Hollywood 75 Yrs B.Mass; Leaves 4 Daughters 31-Jan-33 1+
Adoree, Miss Rene Oct-33 Tujunga   Died Of Tb In A Nursing Home 10-Oct-33 3
Alderet, Herman Aug-33 North Hollywood 2 Months Son Of M/M Ben Aldaret 29-Aug-33 1
Allen, Charlotte J. Apr-33 North Hollywood 9 Months dau Of M/M Lawrence B. Allen 18-Apr-33 1
Allender, Robert Lincoln May-33 Roscoe 67 Yrs Lvs Wife Jenny Bell/3 Dau 16-May-33 2
Ambrose, Elmer G. 12-Feb-34 North Hollywood 43 Yrs Accident-Cranking Car 12-Feb-34 1
Angler, Charles Edwin 25-Jun-34 North Hollywood 63 Yrs Lvs Wife Sue Esther;Son,Dau 28-Jun-34 8+
Arbuckle, Roscoe (Fatty) 29-Jun-33 New York 46 Yrs Movie Actor/Director 29-Jun-33 1
Archer, Mrs Bonner 15-Jan-29 North Hollywood B.7-14-1901 Born Texas, Wife Of W.P. Archer 18-Jan-29 2+
Argabrite, Mrs Joseph M. 9-Sep-31 Fillmore, CA   Auto Accident 11-Sep-31 1
Armstrong, Burl 14-May-33 Salt Lake City 52 Yrs Political Newspaper Writer 18-May-33 1
Armstrong, Le Roy 29-Mar-27 Lankershim 73 Yrs Retired Newspaper Man 29-Mar-27 3++
Arnold,Mrs Evelyn De Lane 2-Nov-31 Los Angeles 22 Yrs Husb.Harvey; Dau Of C. De Lane 6-Nov-31 3++
Arviles, John 24-Jul-27 Lankershim 7mo, 24days   26-Jul-27 9
Asher, James Maddison 16-Mar-31 North Hollywood 77 Yys B. Indiana; Lvs Son,2 Dau 17-Mar-31 1++
Ashford,Ms Bertha Christi 19-May-33 North Hollywood B.Jan4,1862 Widow For 5 Yrs, Lvs 7 Child 23-May-33 1
Askew, William A. 25-Jan-34 North Hollywood 38 Yrs Lvs Widow Hazel, Son, 2 Dau. 1-Feb-34 1+
Atkins, Mrs Alice M. Nov-33 North Hollywood 58 Yrs Lvs Husb Thomas/2 Bros/1 sis 7-Nov-33 1+
Aurand,Rev Andrew Raymond 30-Nov-31 Tucson, AZ   Son Of M/M Harrison G. Aurand 4-Dec-31 1+
Austin, Becky 8-Aug-34 Bakersfield, CA 17 Yrs Auto Accident 9-Aug-34 1
Axline, Mary Elizabeth 21-Dec-26 Lankershim 76 Yrs Born In Marshall Co, Illinois 21-Dec-26 10+
Ayo, Mr. A.J. Nov-33 Mint Canyon 22 Yrs Car Accident; Sailor In U.S.N. 14-Nov-33 4+
Baake, Herman 25-Nov-26 Hollywood 53 Yrs Wife Ann E. And Son Chester 26-Nov-26 2
Babcock, Howard H. 30-May-27 Los Angeles 50 Yrs Heart Attack 3-Jun-27 2
Bagarich, Robert 19-Dec-27 Lankershim 33 Yrs Crushed In Cave-In 20-Dec-27 1
Bailey, Joseph A. 31-Mar-30 North Hollywood 61 Yrs Van Nuys Pioneer, Wife Nan 4-Apr-30 1+
Baird, Alonzo L. 30-Aug-31 Glendale 51 Yrs Lvs Wife, 2 Sisters, Brother 1-Sep-31 1
Baker, John 24-Jun-34 North Hollywood 51 Yrs Suicide 25-Jun-34 1
Baker, Mrs 17-Jan-34 Los Angeles   Mother Of Mrs C.C.Dillon 23-Jan-34 1+
Baker, Mrs Anna 21-Dec-29 Pennsylvania 82 Yrs Aunt Of Edith Dolan/Ida M.Brown 24-Dec-29 1+
Baldwin, Edward I. 6-Feb-34 Los Angeles 84  Yrs Widow Augusta S. (Nee Santee) 8-Feb-34 1
Bales, Leslie A. Aug-30 North Hollywood 52 Yrs Leaves Widow, 6 Brothers 12-Aug-30 1+
Banet, Joseph Louis 20-Mar-31 North Hollywood 42 Yrs Widow Lena, Brother Clarence 20-Mar-31 1+
Bankston, Hettie 2-Apr-33 North Hollywood   Injured In Auto Accident 13-Apr-33 1
Barrett, John Reuben 11-Feb-31 North Hollywood 83 Yrs Father Of Spencer W. Barrett 13-Feb-31 1
Barstow, Mrs George E. 24-Nov-29 Hollywood   Auto Accident 26-Nov-29 1
Bartlett,Charles Hartford 18-Sep-33 North Hollywood 65 Yrs Lvs Wife Doris C.; 2 Daus, Son 19-Sep-33 1+
Barton, Mrs Clara Drew Nov-29 North Hollywood 77 Yrs Auto Accident 3-Dec-29 1
Basore, B.B. 26-Mar-31 Los Angeles 57 Yrs Widow, dau Isabel, Son Britton 27-Mar-31 1+
Bates, Leslie A. 8-Aug-30 North Hollywood   Actor 8-Aug-30 I
Baxter, Mrs 5-Nov-30 San Diego   Died In San Diego; Husband Fred 7-Nov-30 1+
Baxter, William 9-Jun-34 North Hollywood 63 Yrs   18-Jun-34 1+
Beach, Lamont B. 26-Jun-30 Pasadena 65 Yrs Widow Della 27-Jun-30 1
Beardsley, Curtis 19-Dec-29 Owensmouth 14 Yrs Killed In Auto Accident 20-Dec-29 1
Beatty, Robert F. 24-Sep-33 North Hollywood 64 Yrs Son - Harry E. Beatty 26-Sep-33 1+
Beckwith, Frank L. 6-Dec-31 Rosemond   Hit By Train; Son-Ward Beckwith 15-Dec-31 1
Beeker, Mrs 28-Jun-34 Springfield,IL   Mother Of Harry Beeker 2-Jul-34 1
Beeridge, Will 21-Jun-27 Oklahoma 15 Yrs Drowned In Toluca Lake 21-Jun-27 3
Beery,Ms Margaret Frances 9-Apr-31   74 Yrs Husband Will; Sons Noah,Wallace 10-Apr-31 1
Belarde, Angel 5-Sep-29 Roscoe 28 yrs Brother Of Carmen/Fell At Party 10-Sep-29 4
Bell, William 23-Jul-31 Hollywood     24-Jul-31 1
Belmour, Mrs L.F Jan-34 San Francisco   Mother Of Mr.H.P.Belmour 30-Jan-34 3
Bennett, William F. 16-Nov-29 North Hollywood 62 Yrs Born Indiana, Wife Is Eleanor 19-Nov-29 1
Benson, Evelyn 14-Dec-31 North Hollywood 19 Yrs Daughter Of Carl Benson 15-Dec-31 1+
Benson, Lt. Ralph A. 24-Jul-29 Venice 34 Yrs Died In Plane Crash 26-Jul-29 1+
Bentley, Dorothy Oct-33   30 Yrs Car Crash, Husb Nelson Bentley 12-Oct-33 6
Berman, Sam Nov-30 North Hollywood   Struck By Car 7-Nov-30 1+
Berry, Charles S. 5-Feb-33 Covina   Father Of Charles H. Berry 7-Feb-33 1
Berry, Jack Richard May-31 North Hollywood 5 months Son Of M/M Jack Berry 19-May-31 1
Bertch, Charles H. Jan-30 Reseda 63 Yrs Leaves Widow & Grown Children 28-Jan-30 6+
Bever, Earl A. 27-Apr-34 Van Nuys   Dropped Dead At Boxing Match 3-May-34 1
Birch, Christian 3-Nov-31   B. 23-2-1868 Denmark;Wife Emma,Son Ernest 3-Nov-31 1++
Birker, Frederick T. May-33 Santa Monica 69 Yrs Father Of Inez Hyde 4-May-33 1
Bitting, Mrs Rose L. Jun-33 Canoga Park 70 Yrs Auto Accident 29-Jun-33 1
Blackshear, Charles Sep-27 Los Angeles   In Valley Real Estate 20 yrs Ago 20-Sep-27 8
Blair, William Shirrell 6-Jan-31 North Hollywood 76 Yrs Born Avalon, West Virginia 9-Jan-31 1++
Blix, Anna 4-Jun-34 North Hollywood 73 Yrs Widow Of Carl; Lvs 2 Daughters 7-Jun-34 1+
Blotcher, Mrs J.B. 10-Feb-27 Magnolia Park 62 Yrs Leaves Husband And 3 Children 15-Feb-27 3+
Boag, Mrs Josephine 20-May-29 North Hollywood 61 Yrs Wife Of C.E.Boag; 1 Son & 1 Da 21-May-29 1+
Bock, John V. 3-Oct-34 Los Angeles 56 Yrs B.Kankakee,Ill;Lvs Wife Rita P 11-Oct-34 1++
Body, Mrs Sarah E. 10-Mar-30 North Hollywood 80 Yrs Died On Birthday; Son Herbert 11-Mar-30 1
Boerner, Mrs Ralph Jun-29 North Hollywood 36 Yrs Left Husband And 5 Children 7-Jun-29 1
Boffey, Mrs Lavinia 3-Dec-29 California 60 Yrs Sister Of Mrs W.H. Bothalmey 6-Dec-29 1+
Bogardets, Royal Sep-26 Gouveneur, NY   Suicide Over Bobbed Hair 17-Sep-26 2+
Bohny, Charles 16-Sep-34 North Hollywood 62 Yr's B.Switzerland;Lvs Wife Bertha 20-Sep-34 1++
Bonadiman, Mary J. 20-Feb-34 North Hollywood 62 Yrs Leaves Husband Florian 26-Feb-34 2
Boole, Leonard Henry 1-Feb-34 North Hollywood 84 Yrs   6-Feb-34 1
Booth, Herman H., Sr. 30-Sep-29 North Hollywood 68 Yrs Leaves 3 Sons & 3 Daughters 1-Oct-29 3+
Booth, Robert William 28-Aug-34 Ogden, Utah   Half Bro Of J. Earl Booth 3-Sep-34 1+
Borgurana, Jesus 29-Jan-27 Lankershim 30 Yrs Crushed By Truck 1-Feb-27 2
Born, Valentino 19-May-30 Van Nuys 89 Yrs 10 Children,21 Gr.Chilbren,Etc 20-May-30 3++
Borngesser, Mrs Margaret 21-Sep-30 North Hollywood 90 Yrs Mother Of Mrs William Pickens 23-Sep-30 4
Bosworth, Mrs May Gill 14-Oct-34 North Hollywood 49 Yrs Lvs Husband Osmer, 2 Daughters 18-Oct-34 1+
Botsford, Jesse Apr-31 North Hollywood 76 Yrs   1-May-31 4
Bottler, Joe 1-Sep-29 Boyle Heights   Auto Accident 6-Sep-29 11
Boulter, Mrs Cloey E. 1-Sep-34 North Hollywood 49 Yrs Husb Roscoe I.; 3 daus, 1 Son 3-Sep-34 1+
Bouttier, Hector Jul-34 Los Angeles   Lvs Brother, 3 Sons, 1 Daughter 9-Jul-34 6+
Bouttier, Mrs Lily Urania 26-Dec-31 Los Angeles   Husb.Hector, 5 Children 29-Dec-31 1+
Bovard, Warren Bradley Dec-30 North Hollywood 45 Yrs Suicide; Son Of Finley Bovard 19-Dec-30 1+
Bowen, James Edwin 7-Apr-30 North Hollywood 49 Yrs Wife Olive, 4 Sons, 2 Daughter 11-Apr-30 3+
Bowlan, John C. Nov-33 North Hollywood   Lvs Wife Laura L.; Son Jack Jr 14-Nov-33 1
Bowling, John L. 31-Jul-31 Van Nuys   Husband Of Julia Bowling 4-Aug-31 1
Bowman, James E. 31-Oct-31 North Hollywood 41 Yrs Wife Harriet;4 Chldrn(1 Marr'd) 3-Nov-31 1+
Boyer, John Henry 29-Aug-29 Van Nuys 79 Yrs Widow Frances, Son D.C., 2 Dau 3-Sep-29 7++
Bradshaw, Fred R. 7-Nov-26 Sawtelle 29 Yrs Former Local Chrysler Dealer 9-Nov-26 2
Brandenberger, Mrs Carrie 20-Dec-26 Halstead ,Kansas 54 Yrs Wife Of Gustave Brandenberger 21-Dec-26 10++
Branot, Mrs Katherine Oct-33 North Hollywood 87 Yrs Daughter Of Mrs Lincoln Hart 19-Oct-33 1+
Bremer, Chris 21-Jul-33 North Hollywood 73 Yrs B.Chicago;Lvs Wife Ida C.Breme 25-Jul-33 1+
Bretz, John 16-Nov-29 Van Nuys 68 Yrs Son-In-Law Is Frank Mitchell 19-Nov-29 5+
Bridges, Mrs Elsie Kyle Dec-30 North Hollywood 47 Yrs Hus.Lt.Charles Laurence Bridges 19-Dec-30 1+
Brill, Flora E. 26-Jun-27 Hollywood 43 Yrs Wife Of Isaac Brill 28-Jun-27 3+
Brocking, Ralph Jun-29 North Hollywood   Transient-Died Of Wine Tonic 18-Jun-29 1
Brooks, Anna Elizabeth 1-Apr-30 Los Angeles   Husband Charles, 1 Son, 2 Dau 4-Apr-30 7+
Brown, Betty Joe 3-Nov-29 North Hollywood 3 Hours Daughter Of M/M R. Brown 5-Nov-29 8
Brown, Charles 2-Jul-31 North Hollywood 83 Yrs   3-Jul-31 1+
Brown, David Aug-29 Owensmouth 23 Yrs Hanged Self-Sis. Mildred In PA 6-Aug-29 2+
Brown, George N. Dec-33 North Hollywood 55 Yrs Shot Mysteriously; Leaves Widow 5-Dec-33 1
Brown, Hubert Jr. Oct-30 Roscoe 5 Yrs Hit By Truck (Halloween Eve) 28-Oct-30 I
Brown, Ida 28-Sep-30 North Hollywood   Sons Are Clyde & Ernest Brown 30-Sep-30 1
Brown, James 30-Jul-27 Lankershim B.8-22-1859 Lvs Wife12 Sons, 2 Daughters 2-Aug-27 1+
Brown, Lieut. Harold 2-May-30 Selfridge, MI   Army Flyer-Crashed In Mexico 6-May-30 3+
Brown, Mrs Agnes 19-Mar-31 North Hollywood 56 Yrs B.Canada/Lvs Husband, Children 20-Mar-31 1+
Brown, Mrs Lillian 20-Nov-34 North Hollywood   From Ohio;Lvs Husb William G. 22-Nov-34 1++
Brown, Mrs Marie M. Mar-34 North Hollywood 60 Yrs Murder-Suicide?;Lvs Husb.James 19-Mar-34 1+
Brown, William F.' 14-Apr-33 North Hollywood 63 Yrs Leaves A Widow 18-Apr-33 1
Browning, John M. December-26 Liege, Belguim   Father Of Mrs S.J.McCloud 7-Dec-26 7++
Browning, Kenneth S. April-31 Near Chico 35 Yrs Mine Blast, Former N.H.Resident 7-Apr-31 1+
Bruce, Rachel January-29 Pocatelo, ID 55 Yrs Mother Of Rachel Jackson 22-Jan-29 3+
Bryan, Vina May 4-May-30 Inorth Hollywood   Suicide-Hus. Philip, 5 Children 6-May-30 1++
Buchanan, Alonzo L. 19-Nov-29 Van Nuys 65 Yrs Dropped Dead At Work/S Brothers 22-Nov-29 4
Buck, Mrs Elizabeth 22-Mar-34 North Hollywood 20 Yrs Accident; Lvs Husband Virgil 22-Mar-34 1+
Buckles, L.G. 15-Dec-31 North Hollywood 69 Yrs Lvs Widow, 2 Sons, 1 Daughter 15-Dec-31 1+
Buckley, J.F. Dec-30 North Hollywood 55 Yrs Hit By Train 2-Dec-30 1
Burgess, George T. 1-Oct-29 Burbank 38 Yrs Son Of Mrs Anna Burgess 4-Oct-29 7++
Burke, August E. 24-Oct-31 Sedalia, MO 79 Yrs Father Of Fred J. Burke 27-Oct-31 1++
Burke, Daisy 15-Oct-33 North Hollywood 35 Yrs Wife Of William F. Burke 17-Oct-33 1+
Burnette, Leon 20-Jul-30 North Hollywood 85 Yrs Died In County Rest Home 22-Jul-30 1
Burr, William 2-May-31 North Hollywood 8 Yrs Gunshot, Son Of M/M Joe Burr 5-May-31 1
Burrell, Mr Francis C. 7-Sep-30 North Hollywood 52 Yrs B. Illinois, Wife Lela 9-Sep-30 1
Burroughs, Mrs Margaret Jan-31 North Hollywood 20 Yrs Nee Williams; Husband Fred 16-Jan-31 1+
Burt, Henry Mar-33 Jackson, MI   Brother Of Mrs R.B.Harris 4-Apr-33 1
Buss, Jess 8-Aug-34 Whittier, CA 16 Yrs Auto Accident 9-Aug-34 1
Buterrez, Maysinino 27-Apr-30 San Fernando   Auto Accident 29-Apr-30 I
Butterfield, Frank 27-Jul-29 Glendale   Brother Of W.I.Butterfield 31-Jul-29 5
Butterfield, W.J. 8-Oct-31 Glendale   Wife Mabel,Son Paul,Dau Barbara 13-Oct-31 1+
Byers, Thornton 31-Aug-34 North Hollywood 3 Months Son Of M/M Clar Byers 6-Sep-34 1
Byrd, Mrs Caroline 30-Jan-27 Lankershim 41 Yrs Wife Of William H. Byrd 22-Feb-27 1+
Byrne, William A. 7-Oct-30 North Hollywood   Widow Frances Evans Byrnes 10-Oct-30 1+
Calder, W.S. 14-Jun-30 North Hollywood 66 Yrs Widow Anna; Son And Daughter 20-Jun-30 5+
Callaway, Thomas 20-May-27 Burbank 66 Yrs Pioneer Citizen 24-May-27 3+
Callicotte, Mrs B.F. 25-Jul-34 North Hollywood   Long Tine Resident 26-Jul-34 1
Callison, James Sep-26   53 Yrs   1-Oct-26 8
Campbell, Daniel R. 25-Aug-27 Lankershim B.Sept 1858 Father Of Mrs Frank Desanniere 26-Aug-27 2+
Campbell, James 5-Apr-26 Hollywood "elderly" Past Mast Of Masonic Lodge 20-Apr-26 3
Cannon, Mrs Medora Aug-34 North Hollywood 61 Yrs Husb Earl;dau Ms Edith Ingraham 30-Aug-34 1
Cantlay, Rachel Rice 18-Jan-27 Lankershim 74 Yr 11 Mo Born Chilicothe, Mo;Son Wallace 28-Jan-27 2+
Carlson, Carl J. Feb-30 Battle Creek,IA 83 Yrs B.Sweden; Son Is David Carlson 11-Feb-30 5+
Carlson, Mrs Sophia 2-Feb-31 North Hollywood 67 Yrs B. Sweden, Hus. Dr Adam Carlson 3-Feb-31 1++
Carns, Mrs Mary 24-Mar-29 North Hollywood 66 Yrs Wife Of Charles Wesley Carns 26-Mar-29 1+
Carpenter,Jesse Fairfield 28-Sep-27 Arizona B.7-2-1918 Son Of M/M J.F.Carpenter 30-Sep-27 3+
Carr, Mrs Caroline Grace 14-Dec-31 North Hollywood 74 Yrs Lvs Husb.Luther A. & 2 Children 15-Dec-31 1+
Carroll, Joseph T. 15-Jan-29 North Hollywood   Suicide Over Death Of Daughter 18-Jan-29 1+
Carroll,Ms Alice(Ashford) 8-Aug-33 San Fernando 8.10-30-83 B.Chicago; Wife Of Edward 10-Aug-33 1
Carson, Mrs Chloe 16-Nov-29 Glendale 81 Yrs Mother Of George Carson 19-Nov-29 1
Carter, Frank Louis 12-Oct-30 North Hollywood 39 Yrs B. Kansas, Wife Ruth H. Carver 14-Oct-30 1++
Carver, Edward W. 12-Aug-33 North Hollywood 85 Yrs B.Pa;Father Of Mrs Laura Brown 15-Aug-33 2+
Carver, Mrs Martha 11-Apr-31 North Hollywood 79yrs ,8mo Hus.Edward; dau Lora, Son C.C. 14-Apr-31 1+
Case, Mrs Charlitte B. Oct-30 Palo Alto   Neice Of Mrs J.B.Ayres 28-Oct-30 1+
Caslow, Barton 8-Oct-30 Toluca Lake 4 Yrs Hit & Run; Son Of Sam Caslow 10-Oct-30 1+
Cassels, Rankin B. 20-Nov-31 North Hollywood Born 1855 Came To Valley In 1891 20-Nov-31 1++
Cassels, Sarah 1-Aug-31 North Hollywood   Wife Of Rankin B. Cassells 4-Aug-31 1++
Cassidy, William E. 6-Jan-31 North Hollywood   Member Of B.P.O.E. 9-Jan-31 1
Cassovoy, H. 19-Dec-27 Lankershim   Killed In Scaffolding Accident 20-Dec-27 1
Castle, Mr. F.H. 15-Jan-30 Pacoima   Married; Dau Is Lillian Castle 17-Jan-30 1+
Castro, J.A. 9-Nov-26     Laborer At Consumer Rock&Gravel 12-Nov-26 1
Catherman, Bob 10-Nov-29 North Hollywood 34 Yrs War Wound; Wife Myrtle Mae C. 12-Nov-29 1
Caulley, J.J. 11-Aug-29 Los Angeles 57 Yts Hit By Car 13-Aug-29 1
Cavanee, Paul W. Feb-34 Idaho   Br-In-Law Of Ms Earl Farnsworth 26-Feb-34 6
Cecil, Mrs Stella 20-May-34   53 Yrs Lvs Husband George, Son Paul 21-May-34 1++
Chacanaca, Jose 1-Mar-31   70 Yrs Indian; Soledad Canyon Pioneer 6-Mar-31 1
Chairodit, Cecile 15-Dec-27 North Hollywood Almost 64 Wife Of George, Born France 16-Dec-27 1++
Chamberlain, "infant" 29-Mar-31 Fresno 3 Days Son of M/M Lee Chamberlain 31-Mar-31 5+
Chambers, Mrs Blanche J. 18-May-34 Reseda 71 Yrs Mother-In-Law Of Capt. H.H.Parr 21-May-34 3+
Chambers, Viola 16-Sep-33 North Hollywood Teens Lvs Father Harley; Bro.& Sister 19-Sep-33 1+
Chandler, Hazel A. 21-Mar-34 North Hollywood  44 Yrs Lvs Husband Hiram Chandler 22-Mar-34 1
Chandler, Moses K. 22-Mar-30 North Hollywood  93 Yrs Lvs 3 Sons & Dau Mrs J.W.Lewis 28-Mar-30 1+
Chaney, Lon 26-Aug-30     Leaves Wife And Son Creighton 26-Aug-30 1+
Charles, Sgt. Gorman A. 10-Nov-30 San Francisco  Abt. 40 Yrs Army Sgt; Former N.H. Resident 14-Nov-30 1
Charleston, Milton Albert Jan-34 North Hollywood 51 Yrs Born NY;Lvs Wife Carrol,Son,Dau 18-Jan-34 1+
Charleston, Russell C. 5-Jul-29 Pasadena 22Yrs Drowned In Reservoir 9-Jul-29 1
Charmichael, Roy 7-Dec-29 Los Angeles 2 Yrs Son Of M/M Harrison Charmichael 10-Dec-29 2
Chase, Ward 5-Jul-34 North Hollywood 50 Yrs Lvs Wife Nellie; Mother Emma 9-Jul-34 1
Chatfield, Lynn 2-Sep-30 North Hollywood   Chicken Farmer - No Relatives 5-Sep-30 9+
Chow, Gin 17-Jun-33 California   Well Known Weather Prophet 20-Jun-33 1
Christiansen, Orville 15-Apr-31 North Hollywood   Auto Accident 17-Apr-31 1
Christopher, Mrs Clara C. 9-Jun-34     Lvs Husb E.D.H. Christopher;Son 11-Jun-34 5
Chumaro, George Sr. 12-May-31   77 Yrs Pitched For Cincinnati Reds 12-May-31 1
Clark, Eli P. 16-Jan-31   83 Yrs   16-Jan-31 1
Clark, James 4-Dec-31 Roscoe 71 Yrs B.Canada;Lvs Wife Mary & 2 Sons 8-Dec-31 2
Clark, Morton ~Dad" 20-Jun-34   70 Yrs Killed - Famous Story Teller 21-Jun-34 1
Clarke, Lydia Emma Aug-31 North Hollywood B.11i1o/79 Born England, In Usa 48 Years 18-Aug-31 1
Clawson, Mrs Alice 18-Nov-29 Glendale 40 Yrs Wife Of Elliott J.; 2 Children 22-Nov-29 1
Cline, Earl Jr. 2-Jun-31 Los Angeles 13 Yrs Earl Cline, Father 5-Jun-31 1
Cline, Mrs Catherine 30-Mar-33 North Hollywood 72 Yrs Husb William, Son And Daughter 4-Apr-33 1++
Coates, David C. 27-Jan-33 North Hollywood 63 Yrs B.England,Lvs Wife, Dau, 3 Bros 31-Jan-33 1++
Coates, Henry 16-Sep-29 Long Beach Born 1884 Lvs Wife, Son And 2 Brothers 17-Sep-29 3+
Cobler, George C. Apr-34 Los Angeles   Lvs Wife Rhoda, Son George, Jr. 16-Apr-34 3+
Coffey, P.H. 10-Oct-30 Glendale 52 Yrs Leaves Wife, Son, Daughter 14-Oct-30 1
Coffin, Mrs. 17-Oct-31 Pasadena   Mother Of Mr Harwood Coffin 20-Oct-31 3
Coffman, Virgil R. 8-Jun-34 Los Angeles 21 Yrs   11-Jun-34 1
Cohn, Lewis B. Aug-30 Los Angeles 20 Yrs Killed In Accident 8-Aug-30 I
Cole, Ellen 9-Sep-26 Lankershim 69 Yrs Stepsister Of Martha Hively 10-Sep-26 2+
Cole, Fred, Jr. 13-Jan-30 North Hollywood 5 Yrs Died With Mother (Suicide?) 14-Jan-30 1+
Cole, Mrs Betty 13-Jan-30 North Hollywood 28 Yrs Suicide?; Wife Of Joseph Cole 14-Jan-30 1+
Coleman, Frank 0. Oct-31 Los Angeles 64 Yrs Wife Mary, Son Earl (Deceased) 6-Oct-31 4+
Coleman, N.L. 9-Mar-31 Los Angeles 45 Yrs   10-Mar-31 1
Coleman, Thresa Oct-33 Van Nuys 38 Yrs Hit By Trolley Car 2-Nov-33 1
Coleman, Warren Oct-33 Van Nuys 40 Yrs Hit By Trolley Car 2-Nov-33 1
Collins, Anna 4-Jun-34 North Hollywood 73 Yrs B.Scotland; Lvs Dau And Son 4-Jun-34 1
Colwell, Mrs Minnie M. 30-Mar-34 North Hollywood 49 Yrs Nee Wallim; Husb. W.H. Colwell 2-Apr-34 1+
Canine, Mrs Fannie 27-Oct-31 North Hollywood 9oyrs, 8mo B. Ohio,Widow Of Col J.W.Conine 30-Oct-31 6+
Connelley, Irwin 12-Feb-31 North Hollywood 50 Yrs   13-Feb-31 1
Conner, Dortie (Male) 24-Aug-31 Los Angeles 49 Yrs Auto Accident 25-Aug-31 1
Contraes, John 14-Nov-29 North Hollywood 1 Day Son Of M/M Gregory Contraes 15-Nov-29 5
Coolidge,Mrs Naomi Taylor 9-Nov-30 North Hollywood 71 Yrs Auto Accident, Mother Of Ernest 14-Nov-30 7
Cooper, Mrs Oneta 21-Aug-29 North Hollywood 19 Yrs Nee Boulter-Wife Of Robert E. 23-Aug-29 11++
Cord, Mrs Myrtle Mar-34 North Hollywood 40 Yrs Murder-Suicide?;Fmr Husb.Elmer 19-Mar-34 1+
Corder, William Nelson Jul-30   65 Yrs Leaves Wife And Son William 18-Jul-30 3
Corning, Harold 11-Jun-27 Lankershim   Motorcycle Accident-Sacramento 17-Jun-27 1+
Cornwell, Dorcas Ann 11-Mar-30 Riverside   Son Frank J.; Husband Joseph W. 14-Mar-30 5+
Cornwell, Joseph W. 21-Apr-31 Riverside, CA 71 Yrs Father Of Frank Cornwell 24-Apr-31 1
Coronado, Mrs Eduvijes L. Dec-29 North Hollywood   Catholic 10-Dec-29 1
Cory, John Mahlon 19-Apr-33 North Hollywood 58 Yrs Lvs Widow Mrs Mary Cory 20-Apr-33 1
Cory, Martha 19-Jun-30 Glendale   Mother Of Mrs A.P. Stockwell 20-Jun-30 I
Cory, Mrs Maggie Ford 29-Dec-28 North Hollywood 68 Yrs Born Indiana, Wife Of Nathan 1-Jan-29 7+.
Cota, Epifano 3-Feb-30 North Hollywood 2 Yrs Parents-M/M Exsezvel Cota 4-Feb-30 4
Coulter, Charles H. 4-Jan-31 Los Angeles 50 Yrs Pneumonia, Leaves Widow Margery 9-Jan-31 1
Courtney, Arthur H. May-29 North Hollywood 44 Yrs Suicide; Manager Of Vons Market 21-May-29 I
Cox, John W. May-29 North Hollywood 72 Yrs From Missouri, No Relatives 21-May-29 8
Cox, Sandford C. 13-Aug-34 North Hollywood 71 Yrs B.Ind;Son Percival,Brother Paul 13-Aug-34 1+
Craft, William 30-Jun-31 Hollywood     3-Jul-31 1+
Crandall, Fremont M. 4-Oct-34 North Hollywood 79 Yrs Fatherof George,Ms Carl Hanson 8-Oct-34 1
Crane, Tom Dec-30 Los Angeles 15 Yrs Car Accident 19-Dec-30 1
Crawford, Charles H. 20-May-31       22-May-31 1
Crenshaw, Alice Marie Jun-27 Lankershim 19 Yrs Nee Lorenz, Wife Of Lawrence 17-Jun-27 1++
Cronemiller, William F. Aug-34 North Hollywood 78 Yrs Heart Attack While Driving 9-Aug-34 1
Crosby, Jack May-30 Pasadena   Brother Of Mike Crosby 9-May-30 4
Crouch, Mrs Katherine W. 20-Mar-34 North Hollywood 71 Yrs Mother Of R.C.Crouch 22-Mar-34 1+
Crouse, Rex 1-Sep-29 Los Angeles Youth" Student Pilot 3-Sep-29 6
Crumrine, Mrs W.C. 15-Mar-31 Roscoe   Auto Accident,Dr & Mrs D.S.Pobst 17-Mar-31 1+
Culver, La Fayette 19-Sep-26 Lankershim 82 Yrs B. Little Rock, Illinois 21-Sep-26 1+
Cunningham, Mrs Mary D. 23-Jul-29 North Hollywood 66  Yrs Burial In St Louis 23-Jul-29 1
Curtis, James Jr. 11-Sep-29 North Hollywood 11  Yrs Fell Down Stairs At School 13-Sep-29 12
Curtis, Mary A. 20-Dec-26 Lankershim 78 Yrs B.Harrisonburg, Penna 21-Dec-26 10++
Cushman, C.W. Oct-30 Burbank Airport 43 Yrs Widow And Her Family In Oakland 21-Oct-30 1+
Cushman, Ernest Harmon Nov-33   75 Yrs Lvs Wife Ida, 3 Children 7-Nov-33 1+
Czalkowski, Irene 30-May-29 North Hollywood 18 Yrs Mother-Martha; Father-Stanley 31-May-29 10+
Czolkowski, Stanley 17-Nov-27 North Hollywood   Accident:Lvs Sons Edward/Joseph 22-Nov-27 2+

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