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St. Gertrude's Academy

Student Surname Index

St. Gertrude's Academy in Rio Vista 1876-1930

Solano County Genealogy Society's Library is proud to list among its holdings, the Roster of the Alumni Association of St. Gertrude's Academy. The Academy was an educational institution in Rio Vista from 1876-1931. The original copy of the roster of the association was found at the Rio Vista Public Library. Volunteers from the society copied the volume with the Public Library's permission in about 1989. The Rio Vista Library burned several years after the copy was made making the Alumni Roster a possible one-of-a-kind copy. The academy was an academic boarding school as a result from donations from Mr. Joseph Bruning, a large landholder, laundry business owner, and lumber businessman. Usual academic instruction was provided as well as religious instruction. Students came from the Mother Lode, Williams, Willows, Chico, Red Bluff, San Francisco, and Sacramento as well as other locales.

St. Gertrude's Alumni Association and the Index

The St. Gertrude's Alumni Association was founded in 1925 by Sister M. Ursula at a gathering of former pupils of the Academy. It was created to perpetuate the friendships between the boarder, day students, and teachers of St. Gertrude's. The Roster was created during the years 1948-1949 by former pupils through personal exchange of letters, personal interviews, phone interviews, or interview of close relatives of those who attended the Academy. The roster is in sections, with additional data being added, as more data was available. Another index was prepared listing the staff of St. Gertrude's Academy as well as the working officers and committee members of the Alumni Association. All efforts should be made to get a copy of the original page from the roster. Copies of the original page are available for the usual research charge.