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Solano County Civil War Draft Lists Data Base


The first national draft in U.S. history was signed by President Lincoln with the Enrollment Act on March 3, 1863. It was created to supply men to fight for the Union after the number of volunteers continued to dwindle. The length of the war, severity of wounds, and care of the wounded all contributed to the lack of volunteerism. Under the new draft bill, all eligible males between the ages of 20 and 45, both white citizens and aliens, who had declared their intent to naturalize, were eligible for the draft. Males 20 to 35 were to be drafted first, followed by all married men between the ages of 36 to 45. Males ages 17 to 20 could serve with the consent of their parent or guardian. The records of the draft include men born between 1818 and 1843 who did not serve as well as those who served in the Army during the Civil War. The draft applied only to men residing in states of the United States under Union control.


The Consolidated Lists are the draft registration records that resulted from the Civil War draft. All males between the ages of 18 and 45 who were residing in Union states were to sign up. The Consolidated Lists can provide useful data on males born between 1818 and 1843. Information requested of draft-eligible men found in the Consolidated Lists include full name, place of residence, age, occupation, marital status, place of birth, and prior military service. The Consolidated Lists are contained in Record Group 110 at the National Archives and Records Administration I. The records of the Consolidated Lists are available by mail request from the National Archives and Records Administration. It is necessary to provide the Archives with the Congressional District in which the male was residing at the time. Following are the Consolidated Lists from Solano County, California. Solano County Genealogical Society purchased microfilm copies from the National Archives of the Civil War Draft, Consolidated List. The list which survived is Class I, which contained all men ages 20 to 35 and unmarried men to age 45. Solano County’s Class II List, (married men age 36 to 45) did not survive. The Class I list is arranged in three subdistricts. The names are copied as they were from the original list. They are somewhat alphabetical to the first letter of the surname. If your name started with an L, check T and F as a possible spelling, if started with an M check N, etc. Be sure to check each list as people were mobile in this time period. The ancestor may not have been listed in the township where you believed he was residing. Copies of the original page are available for the usual research charge.

Sub District 41:  This district included men who resided in Benicia and Vallejo. However, there were eight men who resided in San Francisco and one who resided in Napa. There is a notation next to those nine names.

Sub District 42:  This district included men who resided in Fairfield, Green Valley, Rockville, Suisun City & Suisun Valley.

Sub District 43:  This district included men who resided in Denverton, Maine Prairie, Rio Vista, Silveyville, Tremont, & Vacaville.